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Inventory of the Donald C. Stone, Jr. Papers, 1971-1983
GTU 2001-8-03  
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Series I Doctoral Dissertation, 1981

Physical Description: Box 1:1-6

Scope and Content Note

This series is the published doctoral dissertation of Donald C. Stone, Jr.


The arrangement is as published.
Box-folder  1:1-6

Enlightenment American Style: The Personal and Social Significance of est and the Human Potential Movement. Department of Sociology, University of California at Berkeley, 1981


Series II Correspondence, 1973-1983

Physical Description: Box 1:7-17

Scope and Content Note

This series contains correspondence.


The outgoing correspondence is arranged chronologically. The incoming correspondence is arranged alphabetically.
Box-folder  1:7-11

Correspondence, Out-going, 1973-1983

Box-folder  1:12-17

Correspondence, In-coming, 1973-1977


Series III Methodology and Planning, ca. 1971-1981

Physical Description: Box 1:18-34

Scope and Content Note

This series contains the project methodology and plans, including project correspondence, handwritten notes, notebooks, drafts of forms, reports, surveys, questionnaires.


The material is arranged by process.
Box-folder  1:18-34

Methodology and Planning.


Series IV Interviews, ca. 1971-1983

Physical Description: Box 1:35-49, Box 2:1-25

Scope and Content Note

This series includes Stone's set of interviews of est graduates, which were coded to secure confidentiality.
NOTE: Interview #38 is restricted to the year 2035.


Interviews #30, #35, #36 are missing.
Box-folder  1:35-49

Interview #1 to Interview #15

Box-folder  2:1-25

Interview #16 to Interview #29, 31-34, 37-43[?]


Series V Writings and Publications, 1974-1981, 2001

Physical Description: Box 2:26-37

Scope and Content Note

This series contains drafts, reviews, published interviews and publications. Also included is Stone's autobiographical statement.


The material is arranged chronologically.
Box-folder  2:26

"These lines from a song written by a 'graduate' of the est training" [rough draft], 1974

Box-folder  2:27

"Erhard Seminars Training"[draft], 1974

Box-folder  2:28

Spiritual and Political Interests of Encounter Group Participants: Results from the Psychology Today Questionnaire [draft],1974-1975

Box-folder  2:29

"Seeking Transcendence in Human Potential Groups" [draft],1975

Box-folder  2:30

Evaluation of the est Experience by a National Sample of Graduates, by Earl Babbie and Donald C. Stone, Jr., 1977

Box-folder  2:31

The Awareness Trap: Self-Absorption Instead of Social Change (Book Review), 1978

Box-folder  2:32

New Religious Consciousness and Personal Religious Experience, 1978

Box-folder  2:33

Donald C. Stone's transcript of his People's Temple interview, 1979


[See also, Series VIII, Folder 25-31.]

Box-folder  2:34

Social Consciousness in the Human Potential Movement, 1981

Box-folder  2:35

The Peril of the New Religious Movements in America by Donald C. Stone, Jr. and James McCarthy, 1980-1981

Box-folder  2:36

The Human Potential Movement, n.d.

Box-folder  2:37

Biographical Statement, 1977, 2001


Series VI Erhard Seminars Training, 1971-1981

Physical Description: Box 2:38-41; 3:1-8

Scope and Content Note

This series contains information on the formation of the est advisory committee, accrediation committee, taped lectures by Werner Erhard, est Graduate Survey and taped Hunger Project interview by Will Noffke.


The material is arranged alphabetically by format.
Box-folder  2:38

Ad hoc Steering Committee Meeting re: Formation of an est Advisory Board, Summary Reports, 1973

Box-folder  2:39

est Advisory Board Steering Committee, Agenda, 1973

Box-folder  2:40

est Accreditation Committee, 1973

Box-folder  2:41

Lectures by Werner Erhard (9 audiocassettes), 1973, 1975

Box-folder  2:42

Interview, seminar with Werner Erhard (4 audiocassettes), 1976

Box-folder  3:1

Lectures by Werner Erhard, #34 (7 ½ inch magnetic tape), 1973

Box-folder  3:2

Lecture on Love by Werner Erhard, #35 (7 ½ inch magnetic tape), 1973

Box-folder  3:3

Lectures, #36 (7 ½ inch magnetic tape), 1971

Box-folder  3:4

Lectures, Interview with Erhard, Bartley, Fuller, #37 (7 ½ inch magnetic tape), 1976

Box-folder  3:5

Lecture by Werner Erhard at Masonic Auditorium, #39 (7 ½ inch magnetic tape), 1974

Box-folder  3:6

Hunger Project interview of Werner Erhard by Will Noffke, New Horizons, KPFA-FM (script), 1979

Box-folder  3:7

est Graduate Survey, 1981

Box-folder  3:8

Articles by Others about est, 1972-1978


Series VII Related Research, 1973-1984

Physical Description: Box 3:9-36; 4:1-10

Scope and Content Note

This series contains research and in-depth interviews of est graduates conducted after the completion of the est Outcome Study.


This series is arranged by process.
Box-folder  3:9-10

" est Outcome Study" (draft), 1975

Box-folder  3:11-12

Self-Report Survey, Preliminary Study of Participants in Erhard Seminars Training, 1975

Box-folder  3:13-35

est Outcome Study


Methodology and Planning, 1973-1974


Project notes by Stone, 1973-1975


Report on Second Questionnaire Pre-Test, 1973


Evaluation, 1973-1974


Preliminary Survey of Results, 1974


Monthly Bulletin Project, ca.1974


Research Retrospective, 1974-1975


Notes by Others, ca.1975


Discussion, 1975


Master, n.d.


Notebook I-IV, ca. 1973-1975

Box-folder  3:36

Questionnaire, CATLA, Judaica Group, n.d. [legal size]

Box-folder  4:1-4

Codebook Guide, I-IV, n.d.

Box-folder  4:5

Transferring, Outcome Study Particle Count, 1974

Box-folder  4:6-8

Printouts, 1974-1984

Box-folder  4:9

Data Tape, labeled Donald C. Stone[1976?]

Box-folder  4:10

Data Tape, labeled Earl Babbie, n.d.


Series VIII Related Resources, ca. 1971-1974

Physical Description: Box 4:11-38

Scope and Content Note

This series contains related research resources.


The material is arranged alphabetically.
Box-folder  4:11

Abstract of the Behaviordyne Report on Psychological Changes Measured After Taking the Erhard Seminars Training, May 29, 1973

Box-folder  4:12

Bibliography of est, 1978

Box-folder  4:13

Changing Attitudes Toward Psychotherapy on the Part of Converts to Eastern Mysticism, 1977?

Box-folder  4:14

The Complex Forms of the Religious Life: A Durkheimian View of New Religious Movements. Doctoral dissertation by Frances R. Westly, 1978

Box-folder  4:15-16

Encounter Groups, ca.1971-1974

Box-folder  4:17-18

Erhard Seminars Training: A Longitudinal Study of its Psychological Effects, Using Selected Studies Measured by the California Psychological Inventory , by Leilani Lewis, 1973

Box-folder  4:19

Excerpts annotated by Donald C. Stone, Jr. from Changing Frontiers in the Science of Psychotherapy by Allen E. Bergin and Hans H. Strupp, 1972.

Box-folder  4:20-21

Human Potential Movement, 1971-1979

Box-folder  4:22

Human Potential Movement (Debunkers), 1969-1974

Box-folder  4:23

Large Group Awareness Training by Peter Finkelstein, Brant Wenegrat, and Irvin Yalom, 1982

Box-folder  4:24

Missionary and Cult Movements, A Mini-Course for the Upper Grades in Religious Schools. A Sixteen Unit Lesson Plan on Reform Judaism's Response to "Hebrew/Christian" Missionary Movements and the Cults, 1977

Box-folder  4:25-30

People's Temple, transcripts of interviews by Others, 1979


Note: This work was done as part of Stone's participation in the Center for the Study of New Religious Movements at the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA. See the Center's Collection: GTU 91-9-3.

Box-folder  4:31

People's Temple interviews (3 audiocassettes), 1979

Box-folder  4:32

Questionnaires, 1971

Box-folder  4:33

Radical Therapy, 1971-1974

Box-folder  4:34-35

Reported Changes in Personality, Self-Concept, and Personal Problems following Erhard Seminars Training (est). Doctoral dissertation by Jeffrey Weiss, 1977

Box-folder  4:36

Scientology, 1973-1974

Box-folder  4:37

Stillson Judah, lectures on Hare Krishna (2 audiocassettes), ca. 1974

Box-folder  4:38

Transcendental Meditation, 1972-1975