Guide to the Alameda County Tobacco Control Program Records, 1988-1997

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Guide to the Alameda County Tobacco Control Program Records, 1988-1997

Collection number: MSS 97-02

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Descriptive Summary

Title: The Alameda County Tobacco Control Program Records,
Date (inclusive): 1988-1997
Collection number: MSS 97-02
Creator: Alameda County Tobacco Control Program
Extent: 3 cartons

3.75 linear ft.
Repository: University of California, San Francisco. Library. Archives and Special Collections.
San Francisco, California 94143-0840
Abstract: This collection documents the activities of the Alameda County Tobacco Control Program (CTCP) from 1988-1997.
Physical location: Archives
Language: English.

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The Alameda County Tobacco Control Program Records, MSS 97-02, Archives & Special Collections, UCSF Library & CKM

Acquisition Information

The Alameda County Tobacco Control Program (CTCP) Records were given to the Tobacco Control Archives in increments by Sylvia Jimenez, CTCP Project Director, over the period of 1997-98.

Organizational History

The Alameda County Tobacco Control Program (CTCP) is one of the local lead agencies (LLAs) designated by the California State Legislature through the California Department of Health, Tobacco Control Section to create tobacco education programs and receive Proposition 99 educational moneys. Proposition 99 was a California statewide referendum passed in 1988 that raised the excise tax on tobacco sales. Proposition 99 added an additional 25 cent tax on each package of cigarettes and a proportional tax increase on other tobacco products. This tax raised California's tobacco tax to be among the highest in the United States and designated that a portion of the tax moneys would go for anti-tobacco health education projects.
CTCP has been active in disseminating information on the California Assembly Bill (AB 13) that banned smoking in enclosed places of employment (1994). CTCP is overseen by the Tobacco Control Coalition appointed by the Alameda County Board of Supervisors as an advisory to the County Board of Supervisors, the Alameda County Public Health Department, and the County Office of Education. CTCP's mission includes both the Tobacco Control Coalition's mission to "make tobacco use unacceptable in the community" and the Alameda County Public Health Department's mission to "ensure the optimal health and well-being of all people." CTCP has focused on reducing workers' exposure to tobacco (AB 13), and reducing youth access to tobacco products. CTCP's actions have included surveying liquor and convenience stores' willingness to sell to minors and the placement of tobacco advertisements in liquor and convenience stores, and reducing the appeal of tobacco products to minors. They have also served as a resource for tobacco information and provided referral information for tobacco cessation programs.

Scope and Content of Collection

This collection documents the activities of the Alameda County Tobacco Control Program (CTCP). Materials in the collection include administrative documents, correspondence, handouts, training materials, informational files, and newsletters. This collection contains a large number of documents relating to anti-smoking programs created by CTCP and other local lead agencies. Besides examples of program materials, there are also administrative materials, including Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and Requests for Applications (RFAs) documenting the grant distribution and evaluation process. Informational materials include information on other agencies, legislation, and newsletters. The materials are divided into two series: Administrative and Program Files and Informational Files. Both are organized alphabetically by subject title and chronologically within each folder.

Indexing Terms

The following terms have been used to index the description of this collection in the library's online public access catalog.
Tobacco--Taxation--Law and legislation--California
Health education--Law and legislation--California
California--Law and legislation--Proposition 99
California--Smoking--prevention and control
California. Department of Health Services

Collection Contents


Series 1. Administrative and Program Files, 1990-1997, n.d.

Physical Description: Cartons 1-3

Scope and Content Note

This series includes both general administrative documents and materials relating directly to a variety of programs created and used by Alameda County Tobacco Control Project (CTCP) and other Local Lead Agencies.


The materials in this series have been divided into several sections and are arranged alphabetically. Within each section the materials are arranged either alphabetically or chronologically.

Administration, 1990-96

Physical Description: Carton 1:1-34

Scope and Content Note

The Administration section includes both a general section and a Request For Proposals (RFPs) and Request for Applications (RFAs) section. The general section includes a disbound informational binder (folders 13-14) that includes mission statements and details the three major program categories: Exposure, Access, and Appeal. The RFP and RFA section includes information on the bid process and examples of RFPs and RFAs from a variety of local and statewide programs.


Box-folder  1:1

Agendas, miscellaneous, 1995-96

Box-folder  1:2

Alameda and Statewide -- Program/Progress Report Memos and Forms, February-April 1995

Box-folder  1:3

Alameda County Local Lead Agency Progress Report, 1994, 1996

Box-folder  1:4

Alameda County, The Planning Process Workplan, 1996

Box-folder  1:5

Alameda County Tobacco Team Meetings, 1996

Box-folder  1:6

BATS (Bay Area Tobacco Staff) Agendas and Minutes, 1995-96, n.d.

Box-folder  1:7

Bay Area Tobacco Control Regional Team Survey, March 1995

Box-folder  1:8

Correspondence, miscellaneous, 1995-96

Box-folder  1:9

Financial Correspondence, 1995-96

Box-folder  1:10

Grand Rounds, 1995-96

Box-folder  1:11

Local Lead Agencies Project Directors Meeting, 1993-96

Box-folder  1:12-13

Mission Statements and Informational Binder, 1996?

Box-folder  1:14

Memo -- Monitoring of Community Based Organization Contracts/Grantees, March 1992

Box-folder  1:15

Personnel, 1995-96, n.d.

Box-folder  1:16

Proposal Review Form -- Bay Area Urban League, n.d.

Box-folder  1:17

Tobacco Control Section Strategic Plan and Operating Procedures, 1995-96

Box-folder  1:18

TEROC (California Tobacco Education and Research Oversight Committee), 1996


Tobacco Use in California...Alameda County, 1990-1993

Box-folder  1:19

Draft, 1994

Box-folder  1:20

Master Copy, 1995


Request for Proposals (RFP) and Request for Applications (RFA)

Box-folder  1:21

Bidders Conference Information -- RFP Recipients, August 1990

Box-folder  1:22-23

RFP Applications Survey -- Completed Questionnaires, August-September 1990

Box-folder  1:24

Requests for Proposals for Community Tobacco Control Projects, September 1990

Box-folder  1:25

Tobacco Control Project -- RFP -- Letter of Intent--Alameda, September 1990

Box-folder  1:26

Tobacco Control Section RFP Review Process Country Analysis -- Alameda, January 1992

Box-folder  1:27

Requests for Applications -- Mini-Grant Funds -- Alameda, November 1992

Box-folder  1:28

RFP -- Alameda Youth Services, 1993

Box-folder  1:29

RFP -- Alameda County Tobacco Control Community-Based Intervention, August 1995

Box-folder  1:30

RFP 96-26169 -- Tobacco Education Clearinghouse of California -- Statewide, July 1996

Box-folder  1:31

Competitive Grants Program Letter - Renewal Application Addendum, August 1996

Box-folder  1:32-33

RFA 96-26256 -- Statewide Youth Tobacco Sales Survey and Regional Community Linkage Projects, August 1996

Box-folder  1:34

RFA 96-26256 -- Statewide Youth Tobacco Sales Survey and Regional Community Linkage Projects -- Addendum 1, September 1996


Programs, 1990-97

Physical Description: Carton 1:35-59; 2; 3:1-20

Scope and Content Note

The Programs section contains program materials including workbooks, publicity, teaching guides, correspondence and other records regarding general programs, followed by Ethnic Programs, Evaluation Programs, Lavender Americans, Media Programs, Restaurant and Bars, Smoking Cessation Programs, Women's Programs, Workplace Programs and Youth Programs. The Ethnic Program section is further subdivided into African-American, American Indian, Asian & Pacific Islander, and Hispanic/Latino Programs.
Box-folder  1:35

Programs, General -- Alameda County Food Bank, n.d.


Alameda County Employees Smoking Survey -- 1990 Health Fair

Box-folder  1:36

Blank Forms & Total Sheets

Box-folder  1:37

Smokers Forms

Box-folder  1:38-40

Non-smokers Forms

Box-folder  1:41

Bridging Health Education and the Arts Workshop, May 27, 1993

Box-folder  1:42

Camel Boycott, 1992, n.d.

Box-folder  1:43

CAMP (Community Advocacy Mobilization Project) -- "Tobacco War Stories: Case Studies from the Front Lines," 1996

Box-folder  1:44

Commit Follow-up Study, 1995

Box-folder  1:45

Contra-Costa -- Healthy Neighborhood Concept Paper, 1993

Box-folder  1:46

Developing Health Education Materials for Clients with Low Literacy Skills, November 1991

Box-folder  1:47

Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS), 1996, n.d.

Box-folder  1:48

Miscellaneous Anti-Smoking Materials, 1995, n.d.

Box-folder  1:49

Policy and Advocacy Workshop Handouts, October 23, 1995

Box-folder  1:50-51

Red Alert: Expose the Tobacco Industry Lies -- An Advocacy Kit for Local Health Agencies, August 1994

Box-folder  1:52

San Joaquin Valley Health Consortium Workplan, [1993?]

Box-folder  1:53

Tobacco Free Bay Area, 1995-96

Box-folder  1:54

Training Modules, 1991, n.d.

Box-folder  1:55

UATA II -- Steering Committee, 1996


Ethnic Programs

Box-folder  1:56

Ethnic Networks Mini-Grants Program (draft), [1995]

Box-folder  1:57

Ethnic Networks Grant Renewal Application Letter -- 96-03, July 1996

Box-folder  1:58

Ethnic Materials and Brochures, 1993, n.d.

Box-folder  1:59

United Against Tobacco Use, 1996, n.d.


African-American Ethnic Network

Box-folder  2:1

Tobacco Education Network Statewide Conference, December 1991

Box-folder  2:2

Task Force Report on the Year 2000, 1992

Box-folder  2:3

Tobacco Education Network (AATEN) Newsletters, [1996]


American Indian Ethnic Network

Box-folder  2:4

Tobacco Education Network Newsletter, June 1996


Asian and Pacific Islander Ethnic Network

Box-folder  2:5

Task Force Report on the Year 2000, May 1992

Box-folder  2:6

Tobacco Education Network News, 1994-95

Box-folder  2:7

American Health Forum Workplan, 1995

Box-folder  2:8

American Health Forum -- Migrants Program, n.d.


Hispanic/Latino Ethnic Network


California Conference on Hispanic/Latino Tobacco Control

Box-folder  2:9

(2nd), May 13, 1992

Box-folder  2:10

(4th and 5th), June, December. 1993

Box-folder  2:11

(6th), September 30, 1994

Box-folder  2:12

Evaluation Report for the University of San Francisco Hispanic/Latino Network for Tobacco Education, December 1996

Box-folder  2:13

Grant Applications, Tracking, Rapid Action Fund, 1996

Box-folder  2:14

Highland Hospital - "Concejos para dejar de fumer", 1993

Box-folder  2:15

Hispanic Network Advisory Committee Board Meeting, June 24, 1993

Box-folder  2:16

How to Access and Mobilize the Latino Community Around Tobacco Control Issues, [1993]


Network on Hispanic/Latino Tobacco Control

Box-folder  2:17

Operating Guidelines/Bylaws, n.d.

Box-folder  2:18

Advisory Committee, 1995-96, n.d.

Box-folder  2:19

Newsletters, 1996

Box-folder  2:20

RFP #94-20557-A -- Statewide Hispanic/Latino Education Network, January 1995

Box-folder  2:21

Hispanic/Latino Tobacco Education Network Grant Proposal, February 1995

Box-folder  2:22

Hispanic/Latino Tobacco Control Workplan 4/95-12/96, March 1995

Box-folder  2:23

RFA 92-26185 Addendum -- Statewide Hispanic/Latino Education Network, September 1996


Evaluation Programs

Box-folder  2:24

Document Your Success; Everything You Wanted to Know About Evaluation, November 1993

Box-folder  2:25

Document Your Success; Part II, April 1994

Box-folder  2:26

Building Successful Programs: Program Implementation and Evaluation in Community Settings (Alameda County), August 1995

Box-folder  2:27

Evaluation -- Outline, n.d.


Lavender Americans (Gay Lesbian Bisexual Organizations)

Box-folder  2:28

California Lavender Smokefree Network/Bay Area Resource Team, 1995

Box-folder  2:29-30

Alive With Pleasure: Prevention of Tobacco and Alcohol Problems in the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Communities, October 1996


Media Programs

Box-folder  2:31

Tobacco Education Media Campaign, 1988-96

Box-folder  2:32-34

California Dept. of Health Services 1990-91 Ad Planner, [1990?]

Box-folder  2:35

Oakland Community Anti-Tobacco Mural Dedication, April 1991

Box-folder  2:36

"Anti Tobacco Expression Through the Vision of Art", June 1991

Box-folder  2:37

Media Information, 1992, n.d.

Box-folder  2:38

New Additions to Marketing Planner, 1994

Box-folder  2:39

Cigarette Advertising Information, [1996?]


California Department of Health Services--Public Service Announcements

Box-folder  2:40

TV, n.d.

Box-folder  2:41

Radio, n.d.


Restaurants and Bars

Box-folder  2:42

"Clearing the Air: A Survey of Oakland Restaurant Smoking Policies" and "Smoking & Restaurants: A Guide for Policy-Makers", 1992

Box-folder  2:43

Smoke Free Restaurant Ordinances, 1992

Box-folder  2:44

100% Smoke-Free Asian Restaurant Campaign Data Summary, 1994

Box-folder  2:45

Smokefree Bars, 1996


Smoking Cessation Programs

Box-folder  2:46

Alameda County Quit-Smoking Programs list, 1995

Box-folder  2:47

Smoking Cessation -- Alameda County Tobacco Control, n.d.


Women's Programs

Box-folder  2:48

Women's Issues, Women's Lives -- sponsored by Congressman Pete Stark, August 1992

Box-folder  2:49

Maternal and Child Health Bureau Fact Pack, [1993]

Box-folder  2:50

Perinatal programs, 1994-95, n.d.

Box-folder  2:51

Network for Women and Children, n.d.

Box-folder  2:52-53

Women and Tobacco: The Drugging of the American Woman, n.d.


Workplace Programs

Box-folder  2:54

It Can Be Done: A Smokefree Workplace by Health at Work (Washington State), 1985

Box-folder  2:55

Promoting Voluntary Smokefree Workplaces Policies, 1995

Box-folder  2:56

Safe and Healthy Choices -- Hayward Smoke-Free Workplaces Project, n.d.

Box-folder  2:57

Workplace Smoking Complaint Letters, 1995


Youth Programs

Box-folder  3:1

Alameda County Tobacco-Free Schools Guidebook -- Workshop, May 1993

Box-folder  3:2

Alameda County Tobacco Use Prevention Education Project, 1996

Box-folder  3:3

Alameda County Tobacco Control -- Youth Tobacco Attitude Survey Blanks, December 1995

Box-folder  3:4

California Theatre Wing -- Request for funding (Alameda), July 1995

Box-folder  3:5

Healthy Kids Tobacco-Free -- Teachers Guide (Capitol Region), May 1992


Operation Storefront

Box-folder  3:6

Phase II, 1995

Box-folder  3:7

Phase III, 1996

Box-folder  3:8

Rock, Rap and Race Against Tobacco 5K Walk, April 1996


STAKE (Stop Tobacco Access to Kids Enforcement Act)

Box-folder  3:9

Planning and Background Materials, 1995-96

Box-folder  3:10

Information Kit, n.d.

Box-folder  3:11

STAT -- Stop Teenage Addiction to Tobacco, 1995-97

Box-folder  3:12

Tobacco-Free Bay Area -- Youth Summit, 1995

Box-folder  3:13-14

Tobacco Retailer Youth Purchase Survey (California Dept. of Health Services), January 1994

Box-folder  3:15

Together Against Tobacco (Alameda County), n.d.


Together Tobacco Free

Box-folder  3:16

Captain Clean-Air -- Preschool Curriculum, n.d.

Box-folder  3:17

Parent Education Workshop, June 1993

Box-folder  3:18

Various Youth Materials, 1992-96

Box-folder  3:19

What Wait Until 1996?: Tobacco Free Schools Now (Ca. State), 1994

Box-folder  3:20

Youth and Elders Against Tobacco Use -- National Town Meeting, March 1994


Series 2. Informational Files, 1992-1997, n.d.

Physical Description: Carton 3

Scope and Content Note

This series includes materials from a variety of related organizations, including the Alameda County Board of Supervisors, the American Heart Association and the Stanford Center for Research in Disease Prevention. Other documents include information on Federal tobacco control issues and information on legislative activities, as well as newsletters from a variety of organizations both inside of and outside of Alameda County.


The materials in this series have been divided into several sections and are arranged alphabetically. Within each section the materials are arranged either alphabetically or chronologically.
Box-folder 3:21

Alameda County Board of Supervisors -- PAL (Personnel/Administration/Legislation) Committee, June 1996

Box-folder 3:22

American Heart Association -- Pamphlet, Press Releases, Action Alert, 1994-96

Box-folder 3:23

California Budget Project -- Hot Button Issues, 1996

Box-folder 3:24

California Tobacco Control Resource Partnership (CTCRP) -- Correspondence and Articles, 1995

Box-folder 3:25

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Report on Smoking, 1995-96

Box-folder 3:26-27

Commercial Smoking Cessation Products (literature, audiotapes, etc.), n.d.

Box-folder 3:28

Community/Regional Network, n.d.

Box-folder 3:29

"Congressional Addiction to Tobacco" and "Tobacco Money, Tobacco People, Tobacco Policies", 1992

Box-folder 3:30

Evaluation of the Tobacco Industry's Response to the California Tobacco Education Program, 1994-95

Box-folder 3:31

Examining the Clinton Health Reform Plan -- American Public Health Association, n.d.

Box-folder 3:32

Fact Sheets/Action Alerts , 1995, n.d.

Box-folder 3:33

FDA Regulation of Tobacco, 1995-97

Box-folder 3:34

League of California Cities, 1995, n.d.



Box-folder 3:35

Assembly Bill 13, 1995

Box-folder 3:36

Local Ordinances, 1986-92, n.d.

Box-folder 3:37

Proposition 99, 1995-96

Box-folder 3:38

Senate Bill 493, 1995

Box-folder 3:39

Senate Bills 24167 and 949, 1995

Box-folder 3:40

Lobbying, n.d.



Box-folder 3:41

Alameda County, 1992-96

Box-folder 3:42

Outside of Alameda County, 1993-95, n.d.

Box-folder 3:43

PISE (Policy Information and Strategy Exchange), 1994-95

Box-folder 3:44

Stanford Center for Research in Disease Prevention Mailings, January-March 1996

Box-folder 3:45

Stanford Tobacco Control Advocacy Series, June 1993

Box-folder 3:46

Tobacco Control Section -- New Health Education Consultant Assignments, 1996

Box-folder 3:47

"Tobacco" -- Resource Guide -- Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (DHHS), 1993