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Ch'en (Shou-yi) Papers
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Series: 1 Correspondence 1931-1974, and undated

Box 1, Folder 1

Correspondence from Ch'en Shou-yi (陳受頤所寄書信)

Box 1, Folder 1, Item 1

Ch'en 001 (陳受頤致胡適信函) 1951 March 12 (民國40年3月12日)

Physical Description: 21.15 x 26.96 cm

Note - Chinese

陳受頤致胡適信函,內容提及幫忙何炳棣謀職一事已多方詢問,但進行不甚順利,目前僅有Linfield College和Occidental College尚未回信。另表示胡適於 「u.s.news & world report」登載的談話已拜讀,已當作學生時事討論班的讀物,且大都認為是有益世道人心的文章。 In this letter, Ch'en Shou-yi told Hu Shih that he had asked around for job offers on behalf of Ho Ping- ti, however, it did not go very well. He was still waiting for a response from Linfield College and Occidental College. Ch'en also said that he had read Hu's speech published on U.S. News & World Report, which he shared with students in his seminar on the current political situation and it was well received.
Box 1, Folder 1, Item 2

Ch'en 002 (陳受頤致胡適信函) 1956 August 9 (民國45年8月9日)

Physical Description: 21.55 x 27.7 cm


陳受頤致胡適信函,內容提及王兆熙(王景春)過世相關事情。 In this letter, Ch'en Shou-yi told Hu Shih about the last days of Wang Ching-chun and the preparation of his funeral.
Box 1, Folder 1, Item 3

Ch'en 003 (陳受頤致胡適信函) 1957 March 4 (民國46年3月4日)

Physical Description: 21.55 x 27.7 cm

Note - Chinese

陳受頤致胡適信函,內容為得知胡適動手術後慰問身體狀況。 In this letter, Ch'en Shou-yi wished Hu Shih a good recovery after surgery.
Box 1, Folder 1, Item 4

Ch'en 004 (陳受頤致張嘉森信函)

Physical Description: 21.55 x 28 cm


本件內容提及對臺政府的看法,以及關於張君勱至Claremont Colleges講學相關事情。
In this letter, Ch'en Shou-yi shared his opinions on the Taiwanese government with Chang Chia-sen. He also updated Chang on the progress of securing funding for Chang's lecture visit to Claremont Colleges.
Box 1, Folder 1, Item 5

Ch'en 005 (陳受頤致張嘉璈信函) 1961 June 6 (民國50年6月6日)

Physical Description: 21.55 x 28 cm


Ch'en's reply to Chang Chia-ao's letter sent on May 20th, sharing his thought on the Taiwanese administration's invitation to overseas scholars to return to Taiwan.
Box 1, Folder 2

Correspondence from Fu Sinian (傅斯年所寄書信) 1931 February 8 - 1948 February

Note - Chinese

Box 1, Folder 2, Item 1

Fu 001 (傅斯年致陳受頤信函) 1931 February 8 (民國20年2月8日)

Physical Description: 17.65 x 27.65 cm


In this letter, Fu Sinian invited Ch'en Shou-yi to take a teaching position at Peking University. He mentioned a few attractive terms including title, salary, benefits, and the abundant academic resources as well as the collegial harmony that Peking University had to offer.
Box 1, Folder 2, Item 2

Fu 002 (傅斯年致陳受頤信函) 1931 March 15 (民國20年3月15日)

Physical Description: 20.01 x 29.06 cm


In this letter, Fu Sinian told Ch'en Shou-yi how glad they are to see that Ch'en accepted Peking University's invitation. Fu also talked about a few details about the position they offered to Ch'en, including his title, salary, grant, and other benefits. He also gave Ch'en some suggestions on curriculum design.
Box 1, Folder 2, Item 3

Fu 003 (傅斯年致陳受頤信函) 1933-1934 (民國22年~民國23年)

Physical Description: 19.35 x 27.7 cm


本件為兼任國立中央研究院社會科學研究所所長傅斯年所寫信函,內容包括對於國家戰爭動亂以及北京大學學校計劃的看法。 In this letter, Fu Sinian shared with Ch'en Shou-yi his thoughts about the devastating chaos caused by war and his opinion on the future development of Peking University.
Box 1, Folder 2, Item 4

Fu 004 (傅斯年致陳受頤信函) 1944 May 29 (民國33年5月29日)

Physical Description: 20.62 x 21.52, 20.67 x 11.44, 20.62 x 23.36, 20.62 x 9.42 cm


本件內容為傅斯年說明自己近年病況,並感嘆國家面臨戰爭動亂時,相較於一般民眾如農民出錢出力協助國家,知識階級更顯無力等語,還提及史語所經費入不敷出及史語所未來組織設置等相關事項,文末另述及其妻兒等家庭成員。 In this letter, Fu Sinian lamented how weak and unhelpful the intellectuals were when confronting the national calamity. He talked about the difficulties of getting sufficient funding for running the Institute of History and Philology, and its future arrangement of research groups. He also spoke about his family members at the end of the letter.
Box 1, Folder 2, Item 5

Fu 005 (傅斯年致陳受頤信函) 1945 March 8 (民國34年3月8日)

Physical Description: 19.88 x 27.17, 19.57 x 27.08, 19.66 x 28.09 cm


In this letter, Fu Sinian updated Ch'en Shou-yi about his personal life. Fu once again expressed his wish that Ch'en could return to China and teach at Peking University, even though he understood Ch'en's difficulties in making such a decision. Fu also talked about a few young researchers currently working at the Institute of History and Philology.
Box 1, Folder 2, Item 6

Fu 006 (傅斯年致陳受頤信函) 1945 March 22 (民國34年3月22日)

Physical Description: 18.52 x 27.08 cm


本件為傅斯年為友人李惟果向陳受頤請求安排於舊金山會面商談國事,函中提及李惟果曾任蔣介石侍從秘書,時任外交部總務司長。 In this letter, Fu Sinian tried to arrange a meeting for Ch'en Shou-yi and Li Weiguo, the chief of general affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Box 1, Folder 2, Item 7

Fu 007 (傅斯年致陳受頤信函) 1947 July 15 (民國36年7月15日)

Physical Description: 15.94 x 25.37 cm


本件內容為傅斯年夫婦擬於9月初前往美國東部,此行目的為治療傅斯年高血壓,抵美後計畫先拜訪陳受頤等語,函中提及會帶獨子傅仁軌同行,詢問陳受頤在波莫納(Pomona)短期住宿小學以及房屋租賃等相關事項。 In this letter, Fu Sinian told Ch'en Shou-yi how much he was looking forward to meeting with him soon. Fu and his family would stay in Pomona until September, and then he would go to the eastern states to treat his hypertension. Fu also asked about a few logistical things concerning their stay in Pomona, such as short-term house leasing and finding a boarding school for his son.
Box 1, Folder 2, Item 8

Fu 008 (傅斯年致陳受頤信函) 1948 February (民國37年2月)

Physical Description: 20.32 x 27.7 cm


本件內容為傅斯年說明遲未寫信的原因,函中提及其身體狀況,並分析陳受頤應回國任教的理由等相關事項。 In this letter, Fu Sinian explained to Ch'en Shou-yi why he had not written to him for so long. He also mentioned his health condition. Fu tried to persuade Ch'en to stay longer in China. He told Ch'en that it would be more convenient to arrange his accommodation and teaching if he could visit for at least a year, rather than half a year as Ch'en had planned.
Box 1, Folder 2, Item 9

Fu 009 (傅斯年致陳受頤信函)

Physical Description: 8.58 x 19.98, 12.78 x 22.96 cm


本件為傅斯年寫信告知關於提補文化基金會講座將以著作來決定一事,函中煩請陳受頤將論文、文章以及未成之稿件統整後提供,以辦理提補手續。 In this letter, Fu Sinian asked Ch'en Shou-yi to provide his sorted theses, articles and manuscripts to go through the required paperwork to apply for a lectureship of the Culture Foundation.
Box 1, Folder 2, Item 10

Fu 010 (傅斯年致陳受頤信函)

Physical Description: 15.02 x 28.36 cm


In this letter, Fu Sinian complained about the severely cold weather and sent regards to Ch'en Shou-yi and his wife.
Box 1, Folder 2, Item 11

Fu 011 (傅斯年致陳受頤信函)

Physical Description: 15.37 x 19.89 cm


本件內容為傅斯年未能與陳受頤見面,文末問候其妻李瓌才等語。 In this letter, Fu Sinian told Ch'en Shou-yi that he felt sorry for not being able to meet him. He left Ch'en some gifts he brought from Peking including tea, a Chinese calligraphy brush pen, and ink-stone.
Box 1, Folder 3-5

Correspondence from Hu Shih (胡適所寄書信) 1933 January 22 - 1961 November 11 (民國22年1月22日~民國50年11月11日)

Note - Chinese

Box 1, Folder 3, Item 1

Hu 001 (胡適致陳受頤信函)

Physical Description: 16.94 x 24.94 cm


In this letter, Hu Shih sent his regards to Ch'en Shou-yi, who had the flu. Hu recommended Dr. Fang Shishan of Peking Shoushan Hospital to Ch'en and urged him to make an appointment for a home visit and to not go outdoors. Hu also offered to help with paperwork writing and told Ch'en not to worry about the matter he mentioned previously.
Box 1, Folder 3, Item 2

Hu 002 (胡適致陳受頤短箋) 1933 January 22 (民國22年1月22日)

Physical Description: 16.59 x 25.46, 14.97 x 22.09 cm


In the first short note, Hu Shih asked Ch'en Shou-yi and Li Huaitsai to take the ride sent by him and congratulated them for their wedding. The second slip of note is Hu Shih's public notice to family and friends of Ch'en and Li's wedding. He hosted the wedding as their chief marriage witness.
Box 1, Folder 3, Item 3

Hu 003 (胡適致陳受頤信函) 1933 November 12 (民國22年11月12日)

Physical Description: 20.54 x 27.35 cm


本件內容提及與香港大學副校長Sir William Hornell會面,談到聘請中文教師一事,希望陳受頤能協助提供對方意見。
In this letter, Hu Shih asked Ch'en Shou-yi to give advice to Sir William Hornell, the vice president of Hong Kong University, who was recruiting Chinese professors. In the marginalia, he mentioned three possible candidates, and he also expressed his concerns for their lack of English skills.
Box 1, Folder 3, Item 4

Hu 004 (胡適致陳受頤信函) 1934 March 5 (民國23年3月5日)

Physical Description: 20.4 x 26.96 cm


In this letter, Hu Shih sent Ch'en Shou-yi three articles on Cheng Tingzuo, and asked Ch'en to return one of his diaries titled "A day of discussing the origin of historical textual study method." He also congratulated Ch'en's wife and Chen Shoukang's wife for being pregnant, and sent his regards to them.
Box 1, Folder 3, Item 5

Hu 005 (胡適致陳受頤信函) 1936 March 19 (民國25年3月19日)

Physical Description: 20.45 x 26.82 cm


In this letter, to Ch'en Shou-yi, Yao Congwu, Qian Mu, and Pi Mingju, Hu Shih suggested throwing a birthday party for Meng Sen to celebrate his 70th birthday.
Box 1, Folder 3, Item 6

Hu 006 (胡適致陳受頤信函) 1936 April 8 (民國25年4月8日)

Physical Description: 20.4 x 26.96 cm


Hu Shih wrote this letter after a meeting with the acting president of the College of Chinese Studies, Dr. John Hayle(?). Hu told Ch'en Shou-yi that Dr. Hayle hopes Ch'en could visit him next Tuesday, and he wants to invite Ch'en to give an academic speech on any topic of Ch'en's choice, yet preferably about Jesuit missionaries in China.
Box 1, Folder 3, Item 7

Hu 007 (胡適致陳受頤信函) 1937 September 2 (民國26年9月2日)

Physical Description: 9.5 x 21.39, 15.85 x 26.56 cm


In this letter, Hu Shih told Ch'en Shou-yi that Ch'en's petition for extending his leave for one more year had been approved. He also mentioned that he might go to the U.S. in late September, but it had not been settled yet.
Box 1, Folder 3, Item 8

Hu 008 (胡適致陳受頤信函) 1938 November 15-16 (民國27年11月15日~16日)

Physical Description: 17.08 x 9.46, 18.3 x 27.52 cm


In this letter, Hu Shi talked about his hesitation about accepting the post of China's ambassador to the U.S. He shared his uncertainty with Chen Shou-yi that he does not have the diplomatic skill to do this job, and jokingly related it to his inability to play bluff or to put on a poker face when it comes to card playing. Still, Hu showed his resolution to take this post and to serve his country at a time of peril by halting his academic pursuits for a year or two. He also expressed his grave concerns about China's sharply deteriorating situation. At the end of the letter, Hu sent his regards to Chen Shou-yi's family and the families of his Chinese colleagues in Hawaii University.
Box 1, Folder 3, Item 9

Hu 009 (胡適致陳受頤信函) 1939 March 16-17 (民國28年3月16日~17日)

Physical Description: 11.91 x 9.16, 10.99 x 14.38 cm


In reply to the Ch'en Shou-yi couple's letter sent on March 10th, 1934, in this letter Hu Shih thanked them for their concerns for his health and told them he had been discharged from the hospital three weeks prior after a 77-day stay. He had a type of coronary occlusion, and the doctor forbade him from climbing stairs, meeting too many guests, giving speeches, or smoking. He also talked about the "mandarin for overseas Chinese" movement. Hu thought the approximately 19 hours per week of extra language learning time would be too much of a burden for young school kids. He asked Ch'en and Chao Yuen-ren to develop a more timesaving and efficient teaching method on behalf of the youth.
Box 1, Folder 3, Item 10

Hu 010 (胡適致陳受頤信函) 1939 July 17 (民國28年7月17日)

Physical Description: 16.42 x 8.94, 20.23 x 26.56 cm


This is a reference letter from Hu Shih to Ch'en Shou-yi, passed on by the Ms. Han Quanhua, a Peking University graduate and the younger sister in law of Hu and Ch'en's mutual friend Mei. The letter introduces Ms. Han to Ch'en's family. Hu told Ch'en that Ms. Han was recommended by Chao Yuen-ren's wife to teach Chinese in Honolulu. Hu asked Ch'en to take care of Ms. Han and to help introduce her to Chan Wing-tsit's family.
Box 1, Folder 3, Item 11

Hu 011 (胡適致陳受頤信函) 1940 March 17-18 (民國39年3月17日~18日)

Physical Description: 16.51 x 9.2, 19.92 x 27.7, 20.14 x 27.61 cm


In this letter,Hu Shih ardently suggested Ch'en Shou- yi consider returning to China to pursue his academic career. He argued that it would be much better to embrace Chinese academia, which was more "brilliant" and intellectually challenging, than to endure the petty office politics in Honolulu. Hu also lamented the lost years when he had to give up his academic pursuits in order to serve the country as an ambassador.
Box 1, Folder 3, Item 12

Hu 012 (胡適致陳受頤信函) 1940 October 8-9 (民國29年10月8日~9日)

Physical Description: 14.36 x 11.18, 20.14 x 26.43, 20.23 x 26.52 cm


In this letter, Hu Shih sent his regards to the Ch'en Shou-yi couple. He talked with them about the deteriorating situation of international politics, highlighting a speech given by the infamous hawkish Japanese diplomatist Y#suke Matsuoka (松岡 洋右). Hu Shih also talked about the presidential election in the U.S. Jokingly regarding himself as a mascot for the Democratic Party, he said he had witnessed three victories of the Democrats in 1912, 1916, and 1936, and he anticipated to see another, in which F.D. Roosevelt would win his third term of presidency. At the end of the letter, Hu Shih asked Ch'en Shou-yi to send some of his latest published articles to him.
Box 1, Folder 3, Item 13

Hu 013 (胡適致陳受頤電報) 1941 August 11 (民國30年8月11日)

Physical Description: 21.55 x 16.3 cm


本件為胡適致陳受頤之電報,內容為「Discussing your case justice department expect favorable decision soon」
Hu Shih's telegraph message to Ch'en Shou-yi, which read: "Discussing your case justice department expect a favorable decision soon."
Box 1, Folder 3, Item 14

Hu 014 (胡適致陳受頤信函) 1941 September 6 (民國30年9月6日)

Physical Description: 27.61 x 20.28 cm


In this letter, Hu Shih asked Ch'en Shou-yi's wife, Li Huaitsai for a favor. He wanted Li to send a gift on his behalf to Wang Keqin, the son of their friend Wang Jingchun, whose wedding would be held in Claremont.
Box 1, Folder 3, Item 15

Hu 015 (胡適致陳受頤信函) 1943 July 16 (民國32年7月16日)

Physical Description: 12.26 x 19.59 cm


本件內容為告知已寫信給Dr. Wilbur,並希望史丹佛大學一事能成。
In this letter, Hu Shih told Ch'en Shou-yi that he had sent a message to Dr. Wilbur, hoping this would be helpful with "the matter with Stanford University."
Box 1, Folder 3, Item 16

Hu 016 (胡適致陳受頤信函) 1943 July 18 (民國32年7月18日)

Physical Description: 15.15 x 9.94, 12.22 x 19.77, 12 x 19.77 cm


本件內容為告知寫信給Dr. Wilbur的相關事情,並詢問陳受頤在校薪水及建議Adirondack Mountain一帶為休養肺病最適宜區域。
In this letter Hu Shih told Ch'en Shou-yi why he wrote to Dr. Wilbur. He also asked Ch'en to wait for the development of the matter in question and "not to push it." Then he told Ch'en he himself was doing quite well. He asked about Ch'en's salary at Pomona College, and suggested Adirondack Mountain to Ch'en for his wife to recuperate from lung disease.
Box 1, Folder 3, Item 17

Hu 017 (胡適致陳受頤信函) 1943 July 22-28 (民國32年7月22日~28日)

Physical Description: 19.18 x 9.77, 20.28 x 27, 20.32 x 26.34 cm


本件內容提及Dr. Wilbur已回信,有關史丹佛大學一事宜聽其自然發展,待發展到相當程度時,彼方自會主動接洽。另建議陳受頤可撰寫「中國小歷史」,並表示書若寫成可介紹出版。另附上Dr. Wilbur來信。
In this letter, Hu Shih forwarded Dr Wilbur's reply to Ch'en Shou-yi (see the attached item), and told Ch'en that it was better to wait and see what would happen next. Hu also suggested Ch'en write a brief history of China. Once Ch'en finished writing, he would help it get published.
Box 1, Folder 4, Item 1

Hu 018 (胡適致陳受頤信函) 1943 August 16 (民國32年8月16日)

Physical Description: 19.13 x 9.64, 20.23 x 26.96 cm


This is Hu Shih's reply to Ch'en Shou-yi's letter sent on August 13th. Hu suggested Ch'en consider accepting the University of Michigan's offer if the they invited Ch'en to give a lecture. Hu also asked Ch'en to send him a copy of the first three chapters of Cultural History, a book Ch'en was writing at that time. Hu also mentioned his current service for the Army Special Training Program.
Box 1, Folder 4, Item 2

Hu 019 (胡適致陳受頤信函) 1944 February 22 (民國33年2月21日)

Physical Description: 12.22 x 19.68, 11.95 x 19.68 cm


In this English letter, Hu Shih introduced Mr. John Swingle to Ch'en Shou-yi, and asked Ch'en to provide guidance and encouragement for this young man's pursuit in China.
Box 1, Folder 4, Item 3

Hu 020 (胡適致陳受頤信函) 1945 September 12 (民國34年9月12日)

Physical Description: 20.19 x 26.91, 20.32 x 26.96, 20.19 x 26.91, 20.19 x 26.91 cm


This is a letter from Hu Shih to both Ch'en Shou-yi and Luo Changpei (or Shentian, as he calls himself). Hu told Ch'en and Luo that he had been appointed by the government to take the position of Peking University's presidency, which he felt reluctant to accept. He said he preferred to spend the rest decades of his life in historical study, rather than administrative works. Nonetheless, he had made the plan to return to China in the coming February. He also urged Ch'en and Luo to consider leaving the U.S. and return to China.
Box 1, Folder 4, Item 4

Hu 021 (胡適致陳受頤信函) 1946 April 26 (民國35年4月26日)

Physical Description: 20.19 x 26.91 cm


In this letter, Hu Shih told Ch'en Shou-yi that even though he understood that Ch'en couldn't decide to return to China due to his concern about his wife's health, he still wished Ch'en would be able to go back in a half or one year. He expressed his worries about China's lack of scholars in literary and historical studies. He mentioned that Chen Yinke unfortunately became blind recently, which worsens the deficiency of intellectual workforce. He also reported his own intellectual progress in recent years, as well as his research plan for his upcoming career at Peking University. He suggested once again that Ch'en should write an English introductory book about Chinese history to promote British and American readers' understandings of China.
Box 1, Folder 4, Item 5

Hu 022 (胡適致陳受頤信函) 1949 June 22 (民國38年6月22日)

Physical Description: 20.19 x 26.91 cm


本件內容為胡適寄上已簽好的「許可證明書」;說明近期行程,包括出席中華教育文化基金董事會的年會。並寫到梅月涵(梅貽琦)的病狀,表示與他同為「國家長 期發展科學委員會」的主席與副主席,故需趕回臺北。最後抱歉尚未讀完陳受頤所寫的「中國文學史稿」。
Hu Shih sent Ch'en Shou-yi some certificate signed by him. He told Ch'en he would go to Seattle from Taipei to attend the Sino-American Conference on Intellectual Cooperation in mid-July. He had planned to visit friends in California bay area afterward, but he had to change his itinerary and return to Taipei immediately after the conference for several reasons. One of them was that the vice president in Taiwan's National Council on Science Development, Mei Yiqi, was on sick leave and would not recover anytime soon. As the president of this council, Hu would need to go back to Taipei to take the lead. At the end of the letter, he apologized for not being able to finish reading Ch'en's Chinese Literature: Historical Introduction.
Box 1, Folder 4, Item 6

Hu 023 (胡適致陳受頤信函) 1949 July 25 (民國38年7月25日)

Physical Description: 20.19 x 26.91 cm


In this letter, Hu Shih introduced Ms. Li Wei to Ch'en Shou-yi. Li is the widow of Lin Liguang, a famous scholar of Sanskrit and Buddhist scripture studies. Hu mentioned that Li, who had earned her doctoral degree one year ago with a study of Wang Guowei, was from an educated family. She had been teaching at Institut national des langues et civilisations orientales (National Institute for Oriental Languages and Civilizations) in Paris for five years. During that period, she compiled her belated husband's manuscript, finished the draft and got the first volume published. Hu had Li send a letter to Ch'en. He hoped Ch'en could help Li find a job in the States.
Box 1, Folder 4, Item 7

Hu 024 (Dr. Robert J. Bernard致胡適的電報) 1950 November 13 (民國39年11月13日)

Physical Description: 20.93 x 15.12 cm


本件為胡適收到的電報,發件人為Dr. Robert J. Bernard。
This is an English telegram Hu Shih received from Dr. Robert J. Bernard.
Box 1, Folder 4, Item 8

Hu 025 (胡適致陳受頤信函) 1950 December 20 (民國39年12月20日)

Physical Description: 18.21 x 26.34 cm


本件內容為Claremont Colleges頒授胡適榮譽學位一事,寫給陳受頤的感謝函。
Hu Shih penned this letter of thanks after he had visited Ch'en Shou-yi's family at Claremont, Southern California, and had received an honorary degree from Claremont Colleges. Hu said that Claremont Colleges bestowing him this honor during the darkest hour of his nation is like what the traditional Chinese proverb says, "to provide charcoal in the heavy snow," making him feel extraordinarily pleased.
Box 1, Folder 4, Item 9

Hu 026 (胡適致陳受頤電報) 1950 December (民國39年12月)

Physical Description: 20.19 x 13.72 cm


本件為胡適致陳受頤英文電報,內容為表達對Dr. Bernard的謝意。
This is an English telegram from Hu Shih to Ch'en Shou-yi, in which Hu gratefully accepted Dr. Bernard's invitation.
Box 1, Folder 4, Item 10

Hu 027 (胡適致陳受頤信函) 1951 February 8 (民國40年2月8日)

Physical Description: 15.81 x 23.84 cm


本件內容為感謝來函及贈送的水果,並提到現於The University of British Columbia任教的何炳棣謀職一事,同時寄上該校的Prof. Schuyler來信與何君履歷,請陳受頤幫忙留意美國西岸各校是否有機會。另提到於1月19日出版的「 u.s.news & world report」上載有談話文章,請陳受頤能指教有無錯誤等事。 In this letter Hu Shih thanked Ch'en Shou-yi for sending him fresh fruits. Hu was hoping Ch'en could visit him on the east coast soon Hu also asked Ch'en to help Ping-ti Ho to find a university job on the West Coast as Ho's contract with the University of British Columbia was going to expire in the summer. Hu told Ch'en that U.S. News & World Report published his long talk recently, and he asked Ch'en to review it and let him know if he said anything wrong. Lastly Hu mentioned a new book published in Beijing titled "How My Ideology Reformed," which included twelve confessions from eleven "intellectuals" including Pei Wenzhong, Feng Youlan, Wu han, and Luo Changpei. Hu said Ch'en would enjoy reading this book when he comes to visit.
Box 1, Folder 4, Item 11

Hu 028 (胡適致陳受頤信函) 1954 February 4 (民國43年2月4日)

Physical Description: 20.45 x 27.61 cm


本件內容為提及收到來信,並表示已謝絕易生兄所邀請Von kleinsmidt的T.V.,告知將於周末到達 Los Angeles及其後各日的行程計畫。
In this letter, Hu Shih told Ch'en Shou-yi about his arrival to Los Angeles in the upcoming weekend and his itinerary. He said he had declined an invitation to attend a T.V. program and preferred to have private meetings with friends instead of any public appearances.
Box 1, Folder 4, Item 12

Hu 029 (胡適致陳受頤信函) 1956 February 3 (民國45年2月3日)

Physical Description: 20.36 x 27.61 cm

Note - Chinese

本件內容為胡適所寄英文信函。 This is an English letter sent to Ch'en Shou-yi.
Box 1, Folder 4, Item 13

Hu 030 (胡適致陳受頤信函) 1956 July 15 (民國45年7月15日)

Physical Description: 20.71 x 27.61 cm


In this letter, Hu Shih lamented the passing away of Wang Ching-chun. Wang used to take good care of Hu, treating him as a little brother. Wang and Hu used to be among the three Chinese members in a special committee created to advise the Sino-British Boxer Indemnity Commission. When Wang passed away, Hu became the only one of the three that was still alive. He also asked Ch'en Shou-yi about the publishing of a dictionary edited by Wang.
Box 1, Folder 4, Item 14

Hu 031 (胡適致陳受頤信函) 1956 August 15 (民國45年8月15日)

Physical Description: 20.14 x 27.79, 19.96 x 27.83, 19.44 x 27.88 cm


本件內容首先感謝8月9日的來信。並提到應儘快整理保存王兆熙(王景春)先生身後所遺留的珍貴文物,如信件、日記等,特別是中東鐵路時代、英庚款購料委員 會時代,希望陳受頤能協助與王夫人及其兒子、女兒、女婿詳談。另提到尚未得見中共印行的《胡適文存》,以及買不到《胡適思想批判論文彙編》第4冊一事。
In this letter, Hu Shih thanked Ch'en Shou-yi for his letter sent on August 9th. Hu suggested to archive and preserve Wang Chin-chun's private documents such as correspondence and diaries, especially those concerning Wang's work in the Chinese Railway Administration and the Chinese Government Purchasing Commission in London. Hu hoped Ch'en could talk with Wang's family and help to preserve Wang's documents and files in a trustworthy library. Hu also mentioned that he couldn't find a volume of a book set published by the Chinese Communist Party to criticize Hu's thought.
Box 1, Folder 5, Item 1

Hu 032 (胡適致陳受頤信函) 1957 January 15-16 (民國46年1月15日~16日)

Physical Description: 16.51 x 9.07, 20.45 x 27.74 cm


本件內容為提到先前會面相談甚歡,並描述遊覽Carmel & Monterey、演講,以及受李孟萍先生餽贈機票錢等事。最後請代為向Dr. Barnard、Dr. Lee等友人問好。
In this letter, Hu Shih recalled the pleasant visit in Los Angeles and told Ch'en Shou-yi about his subsequent trip to Carmel and Monterey. He also asked Ch'en to send his regards to Dr. Barnard and Dr. Lee.
Box 1, Folder 5, Item 2

Hu 033 (胡適致陳受頤信函) 1958 June 28 (民國47年6月28日)

Physical Description: 18.57 x 26.16 cm


In this letter, Hu Shih told Ch'en Shou-yi that he just returned from Taiwan. He apologized for not being able to attend Ch'en's daughter's wedding. With this letter, Hu and his wife sent a check to express a cordial congratulations.
Box 1, Folder 5, Item 3

Hu 034 (胡適致陳受頤信函) 1958 October 31 - November 6 (民國47年10月31日~民國47年11月6日)

Physical Description: 19.09 x 9.86, 17.69 x 26.38 cm


本件內容首先感謝10月24日的來信。得知陳受頤得前一年12月得了十二指腸瘍,祝福他早日康復。明日(11月1日)將飛回臺北,希望此行能待8個月試作 一些工作,並提到暫答應Charles A. Moore於隔年(1959年)7月到Honolulu參加十年一次的Philosophy East & West Conference。
This is a short letter Hu Shih sent to Ch'en Shou-yi right before he left San Francisco for Taipei. Hu thanked Ch'en's letter sent one week ago, from which he learned that Ch'en was diagnosed with duodenal cancer in December. Seeing that Ch'en had been doing better since then, Hu wished him to take care and to not wear himself out too much. He also told Ch'en that he had promised Charles A. Moore to attend the Philosophy East & West Conference at Honolulu in the next July.
Box 1, Folder 5, Item 4

Hu 035 (胡適致陳受頤信函) 1959 July 24-25 (民國48年7月24日~25日)

Physical Description: 16.55 x 9.2、15.59 x 25.16 cm


In this letter, Hu Shih thanked Ch'en Shou-yi for sending him the previous two messages. He told Ch'en that even though he would be staying at San Francisco from August 1st to 4th, they did not have to meet there because they would have a chance to meet at New York between August 10th and 17th.
Box 1, Folder 5, Item 5

Hu 036 (胡適致陳受頤信函) 1959 October 7 (民國48年10月7日)

Physical Description: 20.19 x 15.12、20.14 x 15.12 cm


In this short message, Hu Shih told Ch'en Shou-yi that he had read Ch'en's manuscript and made some comments on minor details.
Box 1, Folder 5, Item 6

Hu 037 (胡適致陳受頤信函) 1961 November 10-11 (民國50年11月10日~11日)

Physical Description: 10.68 x 22.96, 20.23 x 26.64 cm


In this letter, Hu Shih told Ch'en that he had just received Ch'en's diagnosis and he attached it with this letter. Hu himself had been following the doctor's order and stayed in bed for four days. He told Ch'en he was doing fine.
Box 1, Folder 5, Item 7

Hu 038 (胡適致陳受頤電報)

Physical Description: 20.36 x 14.64 cm

Note - Chinese

本件為胡適致陳受頤之電報,內容為「Wire approximate sailing date facilitate housing arrangements」。 This is a telegram message sent by Hu Shih to Ch'en Shou-yi.
Box 1, Folder 5, Item 8

Hu 039 (胡適致陳受頤信函) 1936 October 16 - 1958 June 20 (民國25年10月16日~民國47年6月20日)

Physical Description: 9.37 x 16.39, 9.54 x 14.5, 9.72 x 21.52, 8.67 x 14.77, 14.36 x 10.08, 15.06 x 10.03, 16.47 x 9.33, 19.18 x 10.03, 21.55 x 10.43 cm

Note - Chinese

This item contains nine envelopes of the letters from Hu Shih dated from 1936 to 1958.
Box 1, Folder 5, Item 9

Hu 040 (胡適致Dr. Bernard信函 ) 1950 December 19 (民國39年12月19日)

Physical Description: 21.55 x 27.7, 21.5 x 27.61 cm

Note - Chinese

本件內容胡適為Claremont Colleges頒授榮譽學位,寫給Dr. Bernard的英文感謝函。 This is an English letter of thanks from Hu Shih to Dr. Bernard of the Claremont Colleges.
Box 1, Folder 8

Correspondence from Chiang Monlin (蔣夢麟所寄書信) 1931 March 18 -1964 March 29 (民國20年3月18日~民國53年3月29日)


Box 1, Folder 8, Item 1

Chiang 001 (蔣夢麟致陳受頤信函) 1931 March 18 (民國20年3月18日)

Physical Description: 19.48 x 27.22 cm


In this letter, Chiang Monlin told Ch'en Shou-yi he was delighted to know from Fu Sinian that Ch'en had accepted to take the teaching position in Peking University. He also mentioned that he would nominate Ch'en as a chair professor of China Foundation for the Promotion of Education and Culture.
Box 1, Folder 8, Item 2

Chiang 002 (蔣夢麟致陳受頤信函) 1931 October 28 (民國20年10月28日)

Physical Description: 19.66 x 28.36 cm


本件內容為北京大學校長蔣夢麟函聘陳受頤出任北大文學院史學系主任。 This is an official offer letter from Chiang Monlin as the president of Peking University to appoint Ch'en Shou-yi as the department head of the History Department of the School of Liberal Arts.
Box 1, Folder 8, Item 3

Chiang 003 (蔣夢麟致陳受頤信函) 1933 August 5~7 (民國22年8月5日~7日)

Physical Description: 9.54 x 15.21、16.2 x 24.94、16.2 x 25.07、16.24 x 25.03、16.24 x 25.03 cm


本件內容為蔣夢麟對與陳受頤緣慳一面一事感到惋惜,函中提及近日北京大學教職聘任情形,其中如余坤珊突然婉拒聘用等相關事項。 In this letter Chiang Monlin said he felt sorry for not being able to meet Ch'en Shou-yi. He also talked about a few things concerning the recruitment of faculties for Peking University.
Box 1, Folder 8, Item 4

Chiang 004 (蔣夢麟致陳受頤信函) 1933 September 15 (民國22年9月15日)

Physical Description: 19.31 x 28.49 cm


In this letter, Chiang Monlin told Ch'en Shou-yi that Zhu Guangqian will come to Peking University to assume his teaching position on September 25th.
Box 1, Folder 8, Item 5

Chiang 005 (蔣夢麟致陳受頤信函) 1945 March 14-15 (民國34年3月14日~15日)

Physical Description: 16.03 x 10.47、17.21 x 28.49 cm


本件內容為蔣夢麟寫信說明其訪美行程,並告知陳受頤將至南加州波莫納學院(Pomona College)講演相關事項。
In this letter, Chiang Monlin told Ch'en Shou-yi about the itinerary of his upcoming trip to the U.S. He especially told Ch'en how he would like to spend his two intermittent stays in Los Angeles area with Ch'en and other people at Pomona college.
Box 1, Folder 8, Item 6

Chiang 006 (蔣夢麟致陳受頤信函) 1964 March 29 (民國53年3月29日)

Physical Description: 20.54 x 26.91 cm


In this letter, Chiang Monlin told Ch'en Shou-yi that he would attend a conference with the board of China Foundation for the Promotion of Education and Culture in the U.S. The conference would be over on April 18th, and he was planning to resign from the office of the director of the China Rural Revival Committee. He also said that he was willing to find some teaching opportunities in the U.S. if he had the chance.
Box 1, Folder 8, Item 7

Chiang 007 (蔣夢麟致陳受頤信函) ? January 29 (?年1月29日)

Physical Description: 13.35 x 18.23 cm


In this letter, Chiang Monlin briefly caught up with Ch'en Shou-yi and told Ch'en that he was going to take a tour of the most prestigious universities in the Eastern U.S.
Box 1, Folder 8, Item 8

Chiang 008 (蔣夢麟致陳受頤信函)

Physical Description: 20.32 x 27.57 cm


This letter contains two poems that Chiang Monlin wrote for the Ch'en Shou-yi couple, respectively.
Box 1, Folder 8, Item 9

Chiang 009 (蔣夢麟致傅斯年信函) 1931 (民國20年)

Physical Description: 17.69 x 21.69 cm


本件為蔣夢麟寄給傅斯年之信函,內容為告知陳受頤奉還聘書一事。 This is a letter from Chiang Monlin to Fu Sinian. Chiang told Fu that the contract of Ch'en Shou-yi was ready to send.
Box 1, Folder 6

Correspondence from Lin Yutang (林語堂所寄書信) 1936 June 26 - 1955 August 8 (民國25年6月26日~民國44年8月8日)

Note - Chinese

Box 1, Folder 6, Item 1

Lin 001 (林語堂致陳受頤信函) 1936 June 26 (民國25年6月26日)

Physical Description: 13.93 x 26.6 cm


In this letter Lin Yutang recalled a night tour with the Ch'en Shou-yi couple at Beihai, Beijing.
Box 1, Folder 6, Item 2

Lin 002 (林語堂致陳受頤信函 ) 1937 March 16 (民國26年3月16日)

Physical Description: 15.2 x 23.97 cm


本件內容為3月16日林語堂離開紐約前,寫信告知所搭船隻將於4月9日抵達檀香山,並於同日下午啟程離開,在譚香山停留時間過於短暫,恐無法演講亦未能與Sinclair Lewis餐敘,遂請陳受頤代為向Sinclair Lewis說明,另外其他應酬亦請陳受頤代為謝絕之。
Lin Yutang wrote this letter before he left New York. He told Ch'en Shou-yi that his ship would arrive at Honolulu on April 9th and take off again on the same afternoon. Such a brief stay would not allow him to give a talk, nor to have lunch with Sinclair Lewis as planned.
Box 1, Folder 6, Item 3

Lin 003 (林語堂致陳受頤英文信函) 1937 March 17 (民國26年3月17日)

Physical Description: 17.86 x 24.1 cm


本件內容為林語堂函詢陳受頤,包括與China Institute聯繫事宜、離開紐約後續計劃以及是否有意進行巡迴演講等,函中並述及林語堂婉謝密西根大學遠東研究暑期課程的邀請、寫書等工作近況。
In this letter, Lin Yutang asked Ch'en Shou-yi about several matters including getting contact with China Institute, his plan after leaving New York City, and whether he would be intended to give a lecture tour. Lin told Ch'en that he had declined an offer from the Michigan University's summer program of Far East Studies. He also mentioned about his recent progress with book-writing.
Box 1, Folder 6, Item 4

Lin 004 (林語堂致陳受頤信函 ) 1937 May 6 (民國26年5月6日)

Physical Description: 16.47 x 25.24 cm


本件內容為林語堂分析旅行演講、學校演講的工作邀約優缺點,並已與China Institute Dr.Meng代理人聯繫接洽演講事宜,China Institute 表示願意代發通知信給關係大學,另提及未能與專司美國教授交換事宜負責人碰面,實屬可惜等語。
In this letter, Lin Yutang talked about the relative merits of lecture tours and making speeches at colleges. He said that he had contacted the proxy of Dr. Meng of China Institute to discuss the arrangement of his lecture tour. China Institute had agreed to send notifications to the relevant colleges on his behalf. Lin also felt sorry for not being able to meet in person with the person in charge of the American professor exchange program.
Box 1, Folder 6, Item 5

Lin 005 (林語堂致陳受頤信函 ) 1940 April 28 (民國29年4月28日)

Physical Description: 15.24 x 21.56 cm


This letter is written by Li Rusi, the eldest daughter of Lin Yutang, on behalf of her father. They thanked Ch'en Shou-yi for his treatment in Honolulu and sent regards to his wife Li Huaitsai.
Box 1, Folder 6, Item 6

Lin 006 (林語堂致陳受頤英文信函 ) 1941 February 28 (民國30年2月28日)

Physical Description: 21.55 x 27.79 cm


本件內容為林語堂函覆恭賀陳受頤獲得南加州波莫納學院(Pomona College)的聘任,函中亦對於其妻李瓌才接受手術一事及術後復原情形表達關切之意。
In this letter, Lin Yutang congratulated Ch'en Shou-yi for being appointed by Pomona College. He also expressed concerns for Ch'en's wife, Li Huaitsai, who was then recuperating from surgery.
Box 1, Folder 6, Item 7

Lin 007 (林語堂致陳受頤信函 ) 1951 November 7 (民國40年11月7日)

Physical Description: 19.84 x 27.52 cm


In this letter, Lin Yutang introduced a monthly journal titled Tian Feng (Heavenly wind), the first issue of which was coming in February 1952. Lin told Ch'en Shou-yi that this new journal was supposed to provide a platform for Chinese scholars and writers to share their researches without involving political topics nor partisan inclinations. Lin's son in law Li Ming would be working as its editor.
Box 1, Folder 6, Item 8

Lin 008 (林語堂致陳受頤信函 ) 1955 August 8 (民國44年8月8日)

Physical Description: 14.67 x 22.75, 14.62 x 22.83 cm


In this letter, Lin Yutang told Ch'en Shou-yi that he would be traveling in Europe for a month and, as he had decided in July, skipping the Yangmingshan Forum held in Taiwan on August 20th. Lin also asked Ch'en for a favor to help his second son-in-law Li Ming, whose non-renewable contract with BBC had ended recently, to find a research or teaching position.
Box 1, Folder 6, Item 9

Lin 009 (林語堂致胡適信函) 1933 November 4 (民國22年11月4日)

Physical Description: 18.17 x 26.64 cm


本件內容為林語堂告訴胡適有關香港大學副校長(應為校長)康寧爵士( Sir William Hornell)北上邀請精通國學之人出任該校中文系主任一事。
In this letter, Lin Yutang told Hu Shih that Sir William Hornell, the principle of HongKong University, was traveling north to recruit some expert on Chinese civilization to fill the deanship of the Chinese department.
Box 1, Folder 7

Correspondence from Luo Changpei (羅常培所寄書信) 1946 July 5 - 1948 July 17 (民國35年7月5日~民國37年7月17日)

Note - Chinese

Box 1, Folder 7, Item 1

Luo 001 (羅常培致陳受頤信函) 1946 July 5 (民國35年7月5日)

Physical Description: 17.56 x 27.13 cm


本件內容為提到第一次與外國人辦理合約交涉想向陳受頤請教,並感謝先前與羅氏基金會(洛克菲勒基金會, Rockefeller Foundation)負責人斯梯文氏見面時,陳受頤從旁幫忙一事。
In this letter, Luo Changpei sought advice from Ch'en Shou-yi as the Rockefeller Foundation had informed Luo to expend the funds he received.
Box 1, Folder 7, Item 2

Luo 002 (羅常培致陳受頤信函) 1948 February 15 (民國37年2月15日)

Physical Description: 18.21 x 26.6 cm


In this letter, Luo Changpei asked Ch'en Shou-yi to send a description index of Ch'en's works to provide the government with an introduction of Ch'en as one of the best historians. Luo also shared his opinion about the Chinese academia.
Box 1, Folder 7, Item 3

Luo 003 (羅常培致陳受頤信函) 1948 July 2 (民國37年7月2日)

Physical Description: 18.57 x 25.86、20.4 x 26.08 cm

Note - Chinese

In this letter, Luo Changpei told Li Huaitsai about his itinerary from New York to Los Angeles. He also asked Li to have his checked luggage sent back to China.
Box 1, Folder 7, Item 4

Luo 004 (羅常培致陳受頤信函) 1948 July 11 (民國37年7月11日)

Physical Description: 15.06 x 23.76, 15.06 x 23.76, 20.23 x 26.52 cm


In these two letters that Luo Changpei wrote to the Ch'en Shou-yi couple respectively, he thanked Ch'en's wife for seeing him off, and asked her to help him look for his lost hat; and he told Ch'en about why Yale had declined to offer Ch'en a position.
Box 1, Folder 7, Item 5

Luo 005 (羅常培致陳受頤信函) 1948 July 17 (民國37年7月17日)

Physical Description: 20.36 x 26.38 cm


In this letter, to Ch'en Shou-yi's wife Li Huaitsai, Luo Changpei asked her if she had found his lost hat.
Box 1, Folder 7, Item 6

Luo 006 (羅常培致陳受頤信函)

Physical Description: 15.72 x 23.23 cm


In this letter, Luo Changpei recommended a few Chinese young scholars to Ch'en Shou-yi.
Box 1, Folder 9

Correspondence from Carsun Chang Chia-sen (張嘉森所寄書信)

Note - Chinese

Box 1, Folder 9, Item 1

Chang(1) 001 (張嘉森致陳受頤信函)

Physical Description: 15.24 x 22.7 cm


In this letter, Chang Chia-sen told Ch'en Shou-yi that he had sold the book collection of Mo to a university for forty thousand. He also talked about his recent lecture, as well as his refusal to translate the Blue Cliff Record, a collection of Zen Buddhist koans.
Box 1, Folder 9, Item 2

Chang(1) 002 (張嘉森致陳受頤信函)

Physical Description: 15.24 x 22.7 cm


In this letter, Chang Chia-sen asked for Ch'en Shou-yi's advice about the re-translation of his book on Zen Buddihsm, which was to be published in the U.S..
Box 1, Folder 9, Item 3

Chang(1) 003 (張嘉森致陳受頤信函)

Physical Description: 15.24 x 22.7 cm


In this letter, Chang Chia-sen talked about matters concerning Mr. Schneider's speech.
Box 1, Folder 9, Item 4

Chang(1) 004 (張嘉森致陳受頤信函)

Physical Description: 15.24 x 22.7 cm


In this letter, Chang Chia-sen thanked Ch'en Shou-yi for attending his speech in Los Angeles. He also talked about inviting scholars to visit Taiwan.
Box 1, Folder 9, Item 5

Chang(1) 005 (張嘉森致陳受頤信函)

Physical Description: 15.24 x 22.7 cm


In this letter, Chang Chia-sen recalled the pleasant meeting with Ch'en Shou-yi at Pomona. He also told Ch'en that his research interest might fit the requirements of one of the grants which could support his visit to Claremont Colleges. At the end of the letter, he told Ch'en that most of the invited scholars had declined to go to Taiwan due to the government's lack of respect for the intellectuals.
Box 1, Folder 9, Item 6

Chang(1) 006 (張嘉森致陳受頤信函)

Physical Description: 18.52 x 26.64 cm


In this letter, Chang Chia-sen talked about his plan to teach eastern philosophy in Stanford University.
Box 1, Folder 9, Item 7

Chang(1) 007 (張嘉森 致陳受頤信函)

Physical Description: 20.01 x 22.31 cm


In this letter, Chang Chia-sen shared his comment on Schneider's work "March for Mankind." He also thanked Ch'en's family for taking good care of his daughter.
Box 1, Folder 10

Correspondence from Chang Kia-ngau (張嘉璈所寄書信) 1960 December 2 - 1974 September 28 (民國49年12月2日~民國63年9月28日)

Note - Chinese

Box 1, Folder 10, Item 1

Chang(2) 001 (張嘉璈致陳受頤信函) 1960 December 2 (民國49年12月2日)

Physical Description: 18.26 x 26.43cm


In this letter, Chang Chia-ao told Ch'en Shou-yi that he just arrived in San Francisco. He asked for Ch'en's phone number and said that he would be expecting him in the hotel.
Box 1, Folder 10, Item 2

Chang(2) 002 (張嘉璈致陳受頤信函) 1961 January 13 (民國50年1月13日)

Physical Description: 15.24 x 22.75 cm


In this letter, Chang Chia-ao invited Ch'en Shou-yi and his wife to meet with him as well as the He Lian (Franklin Ho) couple, who just arrived at the U.S.
Box 1, Folder 10, Item 3

Chang(2) 003 (張嘉璈致陳受頤信函) 1961 May 20 (民國50年5月20日)

Physical Description: 21.55 x 27.65 cm


本件內容提及胡佛研究所(Hoover Institution)新主任W. Glenn Campbell邀請研究工作、一些朋友的近況,以及對蔣政府的評論等事。
In this letter, Chang Chia-ao talked about his recent research project commissioned by the new director of Hoover Institution. He also mentioned a few updates about some friends, along with his comment on Chiang's administration in Taiwan.
Box 1, Folder 10, Item 4

Chang(2) 004 (張嘉璈致陳受頤信函) 1972 April 7 (民國61年4月7日)

Physical Description: 17.56 x 22.88 cm


In this letter, Chang Chia-ao told Ch'en Shou-yi that he had got cataracts recently. He also attached a letter from Zhao Ziqiang (?) and asked for Ch'en's advice on how to reply.
Box 1, Folder 10, Item 5

Chang(2) 005 (張嘉璈致陳受頤信函) 1974 September 28 (民國63年9月28日)

Physical Description: 21.55 x 27.83 cm


本件內容提及因旅行勞累身體微恙,現以恢復健康。並談到對吳相湘治學之勤深感佩服,以及胡佛研究所(Hoover Institution)經費短絀恐將裁員,遂向加州大學中國研究中心和州立大學詢問能否安排職位未果等事。
In this letter, Chang Chia-ao thanked Ch'en Shou-yi's concern for his health and told him that he had recovered from the ailment caused by traveling. He mentioned his admiration for Wu Xiangxiang's meticulous scholarship. He also told Ch'en that because the Hoover Institute might start to lay off employees due to the shortage of funding, he was asking the Center for China Studies of UC Berkeley and the state universities for a research position, but had not got any result yet.
Box 1, Folder 10, Item 6

Chang(2) 006 (張嘉璈致陳受頤信函)

Physical Description: 12.52 x 19.81 cm


In this letter, Chang Chia-ao told Ch'en Shou-yi that he had just found his letter. He thanked Ch'en for paying for dining expense, and he would pay back in person.
Box 1, Folder 10, Item 7

Chang(2) 007 (張嘉璈致陳受頤信函)

Physical Description: 19.27 x 27.65 cm


In this letter, Chang Chia-ao set up a meeting with Ch'en Shou-yi. He also mentioned how he had unfortunately missed Ch'en's phone call and could not meet him earlier.
Box 1, Folder 11-14

Miscellaneous correspondence from Yao Congwu et al. (姚從吾等人相關書信) 1931 - 1977 March 24 (民國20年~民國66年3月24日)

Note - Chinese

Box 1, Folder 11, Item 1

Misc 001 (Jan Horak所寄英文信函)

Physical Description: 16.03 x 7.71、14.93 x 21.08 cm


本件為Jan Horak所寄英文信函。 This is an English letter sent by Jan Horak.
Box 1, Folder 11, Item 2

Misc 002 (□修致陳受頤信函)

Physical Description: 18.92 x 27.57、18.92 x 27.57、19.05 x 27.61、19.05 x 27.61、19.05 x 27.61 cm


This is a letter sent by Ch'en Shou-yi's student at Peking University. He reported a few administrative updates at school.
Box 1, Folder 11, Item 3

Misc 003 (□華致陳受頤信函) 1977 March 24 (民國66年3月24日)

Physical Description: 18.17 x 26.08 cm


In this letter, Ch'en Shou-yi's friend asked him to help review an essay he wrote to celebrate Wellington Koo's 90th birthday, which came with this letter.
Box 1, Folder 11, Item 4

Misc 004 (□叢致陳受頤信函)

Physical Description: 17.95 x 29.62 cm

Note - Chinese

In this letter, Ch'en Shou-yi's friend talked about the payment for editing English textbooks.
Box 1, Folder 11, Item 5

Misc 005 (丁東康致陳受頤信函) 1948 November 14 (民國37年11月14日)

Physical Description: 21.55 x 25.07 cm

Note - Chinese

In this letter, Ding Dongkang told Ch'en Shou-yi that he had returned to China in the last month. Ding also recalled the beautiful scenery in Los Angeles.
Box 1, Folder 11, Item 6

Misc 006 (丁聲樹致陳受頤信函) 1945 May 19 (民國34年5月19日)

Physical Description: 18.43 x 26.52 cm


本件為學生丁聲樹(1909-1989,中國語言學家,1932年畢業於北京大學,曾任中研院史語所專任研究員、中國科學院哲學社會科學部委員)所寄信函,內容為感謝陳受頤用洛氏基金會(洛克菲勒基金會, Rockefeller Foundation)等經費補助余又蓀的研究使其能完成著述。
In this letter, Ch'en Shou-yi's student Ding Shengshu expressed his gratitude for Ch'en's help to get financial support from the Rockefeller Foundation and other sources, which enabled Yu Yousun to finish his research project.
Box 1, Folder 11, Item 7

Misc 007 (毛子水致陳受頤信函) 1973 June 22 (民國62年6月22日)

Physical Description: 20.97 x 26.3 cm


In this letter, Mao Zishui told Ch'en Shou-yi that he was going to write an overdue article, which was supposed to be presented as a birthday gift for Ch'en. Mao said he had sent out the outline of this article and he was going to finish it within a few weeks.
Box 1, Folder 11, Item 8

Misc 008 (王毓銓致陳受頤信函)

Physical Description: 21.11 x 27.57、21.5 x 27.88、21.5 x 27.88、21.5 x 27.88cm


This letter is from Ch'en Shou-yi's student Wang Yuquan. He talked about his thoughts and feelings on Japan's invasion and occupation of his hometown, as well as his current situation of living and studying in New York City.
Box 1, Folder 11, Item 9

Misc 009 (朱文長致陳受頤信函) 1961 March 22 - 1969 September 25 (民國50年3月22日~民國58年9月25日)

Physical Description: 21.54 x 27.61, 21.01 x 27.61, 21.54 x 27.61 cm


These two letters are from Ch'en Shou-yi's student Zhu Wenchang. In the first letter, Zhu sent his poem titled "Jiezilou Za Chao," which was echoing to his teacher Kung-chuan Hsiao's poem "Xi Jian Pei Xian," for Ch'en's review. In the second letter, Zhu told Ch'en that he had settled down in Pittsburg, where he met with the president of the Nanyang University of Singapore and discussed future cooperation. Zhu also mentioned that Wu Xiangxiang was going to "hole up" for two years and he would not come to the States before his younger son could study abroad.
Box 1, Folder 11, Item 10

Misc 010 (朱光潛致陳受頤信函)

Physical Description: 17.51 x 27.35 cm


This letter is from Zhu Guangqian. Zhu told Ch'en Shou-yi that he had taken an administrative position in Wuhan University. He also urged Ch'en to go back to China and offered him the deanship of the School of Liberal Arts.
Box 1, Folder 11, Item 11

Misc 011 (江易生致陳受頤信函)

Physical Description: 20.14 x 26.69 cm


This is a letter from Ch'en Shou-yi's friend Jiang Yisheng, a diplomat of the Republic of China. In this letter, he shared his thoughts concerning the current political situation and his career with Ch'en.
Box 1, Folder 11, Item 12

Misc 012 (孝明致陳受頤信函)

Physical Description: 17.74 x 24.89 cm


This letter is from Ch'en Shou-yi's friend Xiaoming. Xiaoming sent Ch'en a copy of an article titled "the collected poems of Su Manshu," which was written by the editor of the magazine Da Hua (Great China) Gao Boyu. Xiaoming also told Ch'en that he was planning to take a trip to the U.S. after he retired at the end of the year.
Box 1, Folder 11, Item 13

Misc 013 (李伯嘉致陳受頤信函) 1948 June 5 (民國37年6月5日)

Physical Description: 17.91 x 26.47 cm


本件為上海商務印書館李伯嘉所寄信函,內容為告知廉價四部叢刊縮印本書價等事。 This is a letter from Li Bojia on behalf of the Commercial Press of Shanghai, telling Ch'en Shou-yi the price of the compact edition of Si Bu Congkan (series of the fourcategories).
Box 1, Folder 11, Item 14

Misc 014 (沈剛伯致陳受頤信函)

Physical Description: 15.67 x 20.21 cm


This letter is from Ch'en Shou-yi's friend Shen Gangbo. In this letter, Shen recalled their pleasant meeting and thanked Ch'en for his enlightening words. Shen also apologized for not being able to bid him farewell properly, but he left a small gift to express his gratitude.
Box 1, Folder 11, Item 15

Misc 015 (來青閣書莊致陳受頤信函) 1948 June 09 - 1948 June 17 (民國37年6月9日~民國37年6月17日)

Physical Description: 18.39 x 27.35、18.39 x 27.35、18.3 x 27.17、18.39 x 27.22、18.39 x 27.35 cm


本件為來青閣書莊所寄信函,共4封。第1封為1948年6月9日請陳受頤去電嶺南大書補匯書款;第2封為1948年6月11日告知已收到嶺南大學之書款;第3封為1948年6月16日告知廣州嶺南大學圖書館已收到所訂書籍,並詢問訂購書籍相關事情;第4封為1948年6月17日代購中華版古今圖書集成相關事項。 This item contains four letters from Laiqingge Bookstore.These letters are concerning the transactions between the bookstore and the Lingnan University library.
Box 1, Folder 11, Item 16

Misc 016 (來薰閣書店致陳受頤信函)

Physical Description: 16.29 x 24.67 cm

Note - Chinese

This is a price list of books from Laixunge Bookstore.
Box 1, Folder 11, Item 17

Misc 017 (孟慶皋致陳受頤信函)

Physical Description: 17.47 x 26.52、17.65 x 26.38、17.38 x 27.7、17.38 x 27.7 cm


These two letters are from Meng Qinggao on behalf of Wenjinge Bookstore of Beijing. Meng wrote to Ch'en Shou-yi to inform him about the shipping of orders and the price increase of some books.
Box 1, Folder 12, Item 1

Misc 018 (姚從吾致陳受頤信函) 1935 August 1 - 1944 May (民國24年8月1日~民國33年5月)

Physical Description: 21.54 x 29.58, 21.54 x 29.58, 21.54 x 29.58, 15.98 x 25.64, 15.98 x 25.64, 21.54 x 29.58, 21.54 x 29.58, 21.54 x 29.58, 21.54 x 29.58, 21.54 x 29.58, 20.45 x 27.48, 20.45 x 27.48 cm

Note - Chinese

In these four letters from Yao Congwu, Yao told Ch'en Shou-yi about administrative matters of the Peking University such as budget and personnel.
Box 1, Folder 12, Item 2

Misc 019 (洪業致陳受頤信函) 1955 - 1961 December 29 (民國44年~民國50年12月29日)

Physical Description: 20.89 x 27.91, 7.09 x 11.18, 7.09 x 11.18, 20.89 x 27.08 cm


These three letters are from Hung Yeh. In the first one, Hung told Ch'en Shou-yi that he would arrive at Honululu on January 31st and would go back to Harvard in June. In the second letter, he mentioned his indisposition and talked about a Peking University graduate Sun Bingru. In the third letter, Hung told Ch'en that he would like to refer Ch'en to another scholar.
Box 1, Folder 12, Item 3

Misc 020 (容肇祖致陳受頤信函) 1938 May 11 (民國27年5月11日)


This is a letter from Ch'en Shou- yi's friend Rong Zhaozu. Rong told Ch'en about updates of his life, mentioning the political situation of China and how he finally started to teach at the Southwest Associated University after a long trip.
Box 1, Folder 12, Item 4

Misc 021 (容肇祖致張全恭信函) 1936 September 13 (民國25年9月13日)

Physical Description: 17.34x26.47, 17.3x26.38cm


In this letter from Rong Zhaozu to Zhang Quangong, Rong asked Zhang to write a short article for the Journal of Historical Geography. Rong also told Zhang about his recent writings.
Box 1, Folder 12, Item 5

Misc 022 (徐中舒致陳受頤信函)

Physical Description: 12.92 x 23.18 cm


本件為友人徐中舒(1898-1991,歷史學家、古文字學家,曾任教於四川大學,著有《甲骨文字典》等書)所寄信函,內容提及關於殷周史料考訂課程一事。 This letter is from Ch'en Shou-yi's friend Xu Zhongshu. Xu talked about a class on the examination and correction of the historical materials of the Yin and Zhou dynasties.
Box 1, Folder 12, Item 6

Misc 023 (袁同禮致陳受頤信函) 1957 August 16 (民國46年8月16日)

Physical Description: 14.1 x 21.69, 14.1 x 21.69, 15.2 x 17.4, 15.37 x 17.49, 15.37 x 17.49, 15.59 x 23.36 cm


本件為友人袁同禮所寄信函,共4封。第1封年代不詳,內容為劍橋大學漢文講座繼任人選仍考慮中,冀望陳受頤可擔任此職;第2封年代不詳,內容為提及陳寅恪書籍贈與圖書館一事進度;第3封為1957年8月16日信函,內容為請陳受頤寫函至 Ronald Press推薦錢存訓論文"The pre-printing records of China : a study of the development of early Chinese inscriptions and books:(1957);第4封年代不詳,為請陳受頤將陳寅恪書籍贈給L.C.(美國國會圖書館)。
Box 1, Folder 12, Item 7

Misc 024 (袁守謙致陳受頤信函)

Physical Description: 21.06 x 29.41 cm


This is a letter for greeting from Yuan Shouqian. Yuan recalled the pleasant meeting with Ch'en Shou-yi and sent his regards at the end of the year.
Box 1, Folder 12, Item 8

Misc 025 (袁慧熙致陳受頤信函) 1965 May 11 (民國54年5月11日)

Physical Description: 21.55 x 27.65 cm


This is a letter from Yuan Huixi, Yuan Tung-li's widow. She asked Ch'en Shou-yi as well as other friends of Yuan Tung-li to write something for the special issue of the Biographic Literature magazine of Taipei in the memory of her late husband.
Box 1, Folder 12, Item 9

Misc 026 (張頤致陳受頤信函)

Physical Description: 21.11 x 27.57 cm


本件為張頤(1887-1969,曾任北京大學哲學系教授、四川大學校長)寄給周炳琳(1892-1963,曾任北京大學經濟系教授兼法學院院長)之信 函,內容為說明報考四川大學投考學生已破歷年記錄,並聘朱光潛為文學院院長,並請周炳琳代為接洽聘陳受頤為史學系主任一事。 This is a letter from Zhang Yi, then the president of Sichuan University, to Zhou Binglin. Zhang told Zhou that he was striving to develop the teaching force due to the unprecedented increase of new student enrollment and he asked Zhou to help contact Ch'en Shou-yi to offer him the dean of the history department.
Box 1, Folder 13, Item 1

Misc 027 (梅貽琦致陳受頤信函) 1940 May 20 (民國29年5月20日)

Physical Description: 21.41 x 27.74 cm


In this letter, Mei Yiqi thanked Ch'en Shou-yi for his donation. Mei told Ch'en that the university had formed a committee to use this donation to reward outstanding yet financially challenged students.
Box 1, Folder 13, Item 2

Misc 028 (郭有守致陳受頤信函)

Physical Description: 21.19 x 26.87 cm

Note - Chinese

本件為友人郭有守(為張大千表弟)所寄信函,內容為新春拜年並簡述近況。 In this letter, Ch'en Shou-yi's friend Guo Youshou sent his greetings for the Chinese Spring Festival. Guo also talked about his recent life.
Box 1, Folder 13, Item 3

Misc 029 (陳□□致陳受頤信函)

Physical Description: 21.55 x 29.24 cm

Note - Chinese

This is a letter from Ch'en Shou-yi's friend Mr. Chen. In this letter, Mr. Chen talked about the current situation of Hong Kong's academia. He also told Ch'en about the progress of editing the history of eight-part essays of Ming and Qing dynasties.
Box 1, Folder 13, Item 4

Misc 030 (陳□□致陳受頤信函)

Physical Description: 21.55 x 29.36 cm


This is a letter from Ch'en Shou-yi's friend Mr. Chen to Zhuoyuan and Rongjie concerning the editing and publishing of several books.
Box 1, Folder 13, Item 5

Misc 031 (陳衡哲致陳受頤信函) 1937 August 4 - 1950 November 25 (民國26年8月4日~民國39年11月25日)

Physical Description: 9.8 x 12.58, 6.47 x 25.6, 16.47 x 25.6, 21.06 x 24.98 cm

Note - Chinese

本件為友人陳衡哲(1893-1976,作家,筆名莎菲,芝加哥大學碩士,曾任教於北京大學)所寄信函,共2封。第1封為1937年8月4日信函,內容提 及希望陳受頤擔任北京大學歷史系主任;第2封為1950年11月25日信函,內容為其研究計畫想探討關於法國革命前及後來的哲學家,提出的理論多來自透過 耶穌會來到歐洲的中國哲學家之主題。
This item contains two letters from Chen Hengzhe. In the first letter, which is dated August 4th, 1937, he expressed his hope for Ch'en Shou-yi to take the directorship of Peking University's Department of History. In the second letter sent on November 25th, 1950, Chen asked for Ch'en Shou-yi's consideration on his research project, which concerns the dissemination of Western philosophical ideas via the Jesuits' activities in China.
Box 1, Folder 13, Item 6

Misc 032 (陶孟和致陳受頤信函) 1936 March 16 (民國25年3月16日)

Physical Description: 10.73 x 22.61, 18.61 x 27.08, 18.61 x 27.08 cm

Note - Chinese

This is a letter from Tao Menghe, then the director of the Institute of Social Science, Academia Sinica. Tao talked about Feng Ruqi's returning to China and matters concerning scholarship funds.
Box 1, Folder 13, Item 7

Misc 033 (湯用彤致陳受頤、羅常培信函)

Physical Description: 15.37 x 23.97, 15.59 x 24.15 cm

Note - Chinese

本件為友人湯用彤(1893-1964,國學名家,哈佛大學哲學碩士,曾任教於北京大學哲學系,獲選為第1屆中研院院士、中國科學院哲學社會科學部委員) 寄給陳受頤、羅常培(羅莘田)之信函,內容提及傅斯年已去函兩位盼能如期返國任教,並希望先推薦教授西洋史、波斯文等人選至北大。
This is a letter from Tao Yongtong to Ch'en Shou-yi and Luo Changpei. In this letter, Tao mentioned that Fu Sinian had sent letters to them to convey his hope that they would come back to China and teach. Tao also asked them to recommend scholars to teach Western history and Persian at Peking University.
Box 1, Folder 13, Item 8

Misc 034 (馮家昇致陳受頤信函) 1938 May 3 (民國27年5月3日)

Physical Description: 20.62 x 26.6 cm

Note - Chinese

This is a letter sent by Feng Jiasheng. In this letter, he mentioned the sequential retreat of the Palace Museum as well as most universities in Peking after the Marco Polo Bridge Incident. Feng also talked about his life in Washington DC.
Box 1, Folder 13, Item 9

Misc 035 (黃建中致陳受頤信函) 1958 October 21 (民國47年10月21日)

Physical Description: 19.96 x 26.96 cm

Note - Chinese

本件為友人黃建中(1888-1959,曾任教於臺灣省立師範學院教育系,並為第1屆立法委員)所寄信函,內容為其女黃淑蘭欲赴美留學,詢問陳受頤任教的Pomona College是否有獎助金或有無助教或圖書管理員等工讀機會。
In this letter, Ch'en Shou-yi's friend, Huang Jianzhong, told Ch'en that his daughter was going to apply for a graduate program at Pomona College. Huang asked Ch'en if there would be scholarship or opportunities to have on-campus jobs.
Box 1, Folder 13, Item 10

Misc 036 (黃覺民致陳受頤信函) 1936 July 20 (民國25年7月20日)

Physical Description: 16.68 x 25.72 cm

Note - Chinese

This letter is from Huang Juemin, the proprietor and editor-in-chief of the Education Magazine, which was affiliated to Shanghai Commercial Press. Huang informed Ch'en Shou-yi that Wang Yun-wu would be the new editor of the magazine.
Box 1, Folder 13, Item 11

Misc 037 (楊振聲致陳受頤信函) 1944 (民國33年)

Physical Description: 21.11 x 27.96, 21.41 x 27.74 cm

Note - Chinese

This letter is from Ch'en Shou-yi's friend Yang Zhensheng, an educator and writer. He reported the expenses on some calligraphies and paintings, and asked Ch'en about the handling of a few books.
Box 1, Folder 13, Item 12

Misc 038 (溫耀斌、王瑞芸致陳受頤信函) 1974 March 10 (民國63年3月10日)

Physical Description: 21.5 x 27.96 cm

Note - Chinese

This is an invitation sent by the Wen Yaobin and Wang Ruiyun couple. They invited Ch'en Shou-yi and his wife to join their celebration for their 50th anniversary of marriage.
Box 1, Folder 13, Item 13

Misc 039 (鈴木大拙致陳受頤信函) 1949 September 23 - 1950 April 19 (民國38年9月23日 ~ 民國39年4月19日)

Physical Description: 21.46 x 27.79, 21.55 x 27.83, 18.35 x 27.17, 21.55 x 27.83 cm

Note - Chinese

This item includes four English letters from Daisetsu Teitaro Suzuki.
Box 1, Folder 13, Item 14

Misc 040 (趙元任致陳受頤信函) 1938 April 27 (民國27年4月27日)

Physical Description: 21.55 x 27.52 cm

Note - Chinese

This letter from Yuen Ren Chao, Chao discussed with Ch'en Shou-yi about trivialities concerning life and work in the University of Hawaii.
Box 1, Folder 14, Item 1

Misc 041 (劉半農致陳受頤信函)

Physical Description: 19.01 x 27.35, 18.96 x 27.44, 19.01 x 27.35 cm

Note - Chinese

This short letter is from Liu Bannong. He talked with Ch'en Shou-yi about the recruit of a lecturer.
Box 1, Folder 14, Item 2

Misc 042 (蔣彝致陳受頤信函)

Physical Description: 14.4 x 22.7, 13.31 x 18.28 cm

Note - Chinese

本件為友人蔣彝(1903-1977,書畫家、詩人,曾任教於哥倫比亞大學,「可口可樂」一詞之翻譯者)所寄信函,共2封。第1封年代不詳,內容提及陳受頤之著作指定為授課之必修書等事;第2封年代不詳,內容報告拜讀陳氏「中國文學史略」之後,深感佩服,並吩囑哥倫比亞大學書局採辦,分冊作為「中國散文」及「中國詩」兩課用文及參考書目。 This item includes two letters from Chiang Yee. He wrote to Ch'en to express his admiration for Ch'en's works on Chinese literature. As a faculty member in Columbia University, Chiang told Ch'en that he had asked the university to order Ch'en's works; and he had appointed these works as required readings for his two classes.
Box 1, Folder 14, Item 3

Misc 043 (鄭天挺致陳受頤信函) 1947 March 21 - 1948 May 31 (民國36年3月21日 ~ 民國37年5月31日)

Physical Description: 16.86 x 29.41, 17.42 x 27.57 cm

Note - Chinese

This item includes two letters from Zheng Tianting. In the first letter, Zheng talked about his experience of moving and teaching. In the second letter, he informed Ch'en about the conference which would convene in the History Department of Peking University.
Box 1, Folder 14, Item 4

Misc 044 (學常致陳受頤信函) 1950 November 3 (民國39年11月3日)

Physical Description: 16.86 x 25.64 cm

Note - Chinese

In this letter from Ch'en Shou-yi's friend Xue-chang, he expressed his feelings and concerns about the fortune of China. He also proposed a meeting with Ch'en and Hu Shih in December.
Box 1, Folder 14, Item 5

Misc 045 (賴義輝致陳受頤信函)

Physical Description: 16.51 x 22.31 cm


This letter is from Ch'en Shou-yi's student in Lingnan University, Lai Yihui. Ch'en helped Lai to get admission to study in the U.S. In this letter Lai expressed his gratitude.
Box 1, Folder 14, Item 6

Misc 046 (錢正聲致陳受頤信函) 1960 December 1 - 1961 February 20 (民國49年12月1日~ 民國50年2月20日)

Physical Description: 21.55 x 29.67 cm

Note - Chinese

This item includes two letters from Ch'en Shou-yi's friend Ch'ien Chêng-shêng. In the first letter, Ch'ien encouraged Ch'en to help disclose the conspiracies of "the bandit commies." In the second letter, he asked Ch'en to give recommendation letters for his son's college applications.
Box 1, Folder 14, Item 7

Misc 047 (錢端升致陳受頤信函) 1940 February 19 (民國29年2月19日)

Physical Description: 14.14 x 21.78、14.14 x 21.78、20.58 x 27.17、20.45 x 27.48、20.45 x 27.48 cm

Note - Chinese

This item includes three letters from Ch'en Shou-yi's friend Ch'ien Tuan-shêng. In the first letter, Ch'ien informed Ch'en that he had arrived in Hong Kong. He also talked about the war situation in China. In the second letter, he talked about the publication of the journal Ch'ien created in the Southwest Associated University, which was titled Today Review. In the third letter, Ch'ien respectfully declined Ch'en's donation and talked about the political situation in China.
Box 1, Folder 14, Item 8

Misc 048 (謝壽康致陳受頤信函)

Physical Description: 21.54 x 28.01 cm

Note - Chinese

This is a letter from Ch'en Shou-yi's friend Xie Shoukang.
Box 1, Folder 14, Item 9

Misc 049 (魏建功致陳受頤信函)

Physical Description: 19.22 x 29.19 cm

Note - Chinese

This is a thanks letter from Wei Jian'Gong. Wei expressed his thanks for Ch'en's treating and bided farewell to him.
Box 1, Folder 14, Item 10

Misc 050 (嚴文郁致陳受頤信函)

Physical Description: 21.41 x 13.5, 21.46 x 13.41, 21.41 x 27.79, 19.75 x 28.27, 19.75 x 28.27, 19.75 x 28.27 cm

Note - Chinese

This item includes two letters from Yan Wenyu. In the first letter, he asked Ch'en Shou-yi about matters concerning the Xeroxing and publication of some official historical documents of Qing Dynasty. In the second letter, Xie talked about mailing catalogs of books to the library of Claremont School.
Box 1, Folder 14, Item 11

Misc 051 (蘭秀致陳受頤信函) 1961 December 20 (民國50年12月20日)

Physical Description: 21.54 x 28.66 cm

Note - Chinese

This is a letter from Lan Xiu. He thanked Ch'en Shou-yi for sending a medical book, and talked about their exchange of books and works through their mutual friends.
Box 1, Folder 14, Item 12

Misc 052 (顧頡剛致陳受頤信函) 1936 March 7 (民國25年3月7日)

Physical Description: 9.32 x 20.64、18.74 x 27.39 cm

Note - Chinese

This is a short letter from Gu Jiegang to Ch'en Shou-yi and Hu Shih. Gu told them the health condition of his father had worsened lately, and he asked for a two- week leave so he could go home and help to take care of his father.

Series: 2 Photographs 1933-1974, and undated

Box 1, Folder 15, Item 1

Photo 001 Photo of Ch'en Shou-yi and Hu Shih (陳受頤與胡適合照)

Physical Description: 14.05 x 17.06 cm


陳受頤(右)與胡適(中)於泛美航空(PAA,即 Pan American World Airways)標誌前合照。
This is a picture of Ch'en Shou-yi (right), and Hu Shih(middle)taken in front of a PAA sign.
Box 1, Folder 15, Item 2

Photo 002 Photo of Ch'en Shou-yi, Hu Shih, and Lin Yutang (陳受頤、胡適及林語堂合照)

Physical Description: 25.42 x 20.32 cm


This is a picture of Ch'en Shou-yi (right), Hu Shih (middle) and Lin Yutang (left).
Box 1, Folder 15, Item 3

Photo 003 Photos of Ch'en Shou-yi taken on his visit to the Hu Shih Park and the Fu Sinian Memorial Library in the Academia Sinica Institute of History and Philology (陳受頤參訪中央研究院照) 1974 August (民國63年8月)

Physical Description: 12.74 x 8.67, 12.52 x 8.67, 12.74 x 8.67, 12.61 x 8.67, 8.89 x 12.62 cm


These are the photos of Ch'en Shou-yi taken when he was visiting Hu Shih Memorial Park, Hu Shih Memorial Hall, and the Fu Sinian Memorial Library in Taipei. The first and second pictures are taken in Hu Shih Memorial Park. The third and fourth ones are taken in Hu Shih Memorial Hall. The fifth is Ch'en Shou-yi (left) in front of Hu Shih Memorial Park. The sixth is a group picture of Ch'en (second from right) and Qu Wanli (first right), then the director of Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica, with others in front of the Fu Sinian Memorial Library.
These are the photos of Chen Shou-yi taken when he was visiting Hu Shih Memorial Park, Hu Shih Memorial Hall, and the Fu Sinian Memorial Library in Taipei. The first and second pictures are taken in Hu Shih Memorial Park. The third and fourth ones are taken in Hu Shih Memorial Hall. The fifth is Chen Shou-yi (left) in front of Hu Shih Memorial Park. The sixth is a group picture of Chen (second from right) and Qu Wanli (first right), then the director of Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica, with others in front of the Fu Sinian Memorial Library.

instance information Box 1, Folder 10, item 3a

Box 1, Folder 15, Item 4

Photo 004 Bust shot of Hu Shih (胡適半身照) 1933 April 5 - 1942 February 25 (民國22年4月5日 ~ 民國31年2月25日)

Physical Description: 16.94 x 24.06, 20.19 x 25.2 cm


This item includes two photos of the bust shot of Hu Shih.
Box 1, Folder 15, Item 5

Photo 005 Group photo of Hu Shih's family (胡適家族合照)

Physical Description: 14.14x19.2cm


This is a group photo of Hu Shih's family.
Box 1, Folder 16, Item 6

Photo 006 Photo of Hu Shih and his wife Chiang Tung-hsiu (胡適與妻子江冬秀合照)

Physical Description: 20.23 x 23.88 cm


This is the photo of Hu Shih and his wife Chiang Tung-hsiu.
Box 1, Folder 15, Item 7

Photo 007 Photos of Lin Yutang (林語堂照片) 1940 April 12 (民國29年4月12日)

Physical Description: 23.18 x 18.26, 25.16 x 20.45 cm


This item contains two photos of Lin Yutang. The first is a photo of Ch'en Shou-yi and Lin Yutang. The second is a group photo of Lin Yutang's family taken in Honolulu.

Series: 3 Documents 1946-1971, and undated

Box 1, Folder 16

Ch'en Shou-yi's documents (陳受頤個人文件)

Box 1, Folder 16, Item 1

Doc 001 Employment offer letter for English professor from Nankai University (天津南開學校大學部英文教授聘書) 1930 (民國19年)

Physical Description: 20.3 x 13.2 cm


This is a job offer letter from Nankai University, inviting Ch'en Shou-yi to teach English from August 1930 to the end of July of 1931. Ch'en eventually did not take this offer.
Box 1, Folder 16, Item 2

Doc 002 Salary statement from the payroll office of Peking University (北京大學薪資明細)

Physical Description: 19.27 x 27.65 cm


This is a salary statement issued by the accountant's office of Peking University.
Box 1, Folder 16

Documents related to Hu Shih (胡適相關文件) 1946 - 1962 May 4 (民國35年~民國51年5月4日)

Note - Chinese

Box 1, Folder 16, Item 3

Doc 003 Photocopy of Hu Shih's manuscript diaries (胡適日記手稿影本) 1934 January 23 (民國23年1月23日)

Physical Description: 20.71 x 27.83 cm


This is a photocopy of a page from Hu Shih's diary, dated January 23rd, 1934. The day before this day was the first anniversary of Ch'en Shou-yi and Li Huaitsai's wedding, which was held in Hu Shih's household. To celebrate this anniversary Hu Shih hosted a luncheon in his house and invited the same guests who came to the wedding one year ago.
Box 1, Folder 16, Item 4

Doc 004 Manuscripts of philosophical writing (哲學相關手稿)

Physical Description: 6.83 x 28.14, 20.14 x 28, 16.51 x28 cm


This item includes several pages of Hu Shih's manuscripts on philosophy.
Box 1, Folder 16, Item 5

Doc 005 English notes (英文雜記)

Physical Description: 15.06 x 23.8 cm


This item includes several quick notes Hu Shih jotted down on a hotel notepad.
Box 1, Folder 16, Item 6

Doc 006 Notes written by Hu Shih (胡適所寫短箋)

Physical Description: 11.69 x 24.68, 20.19 x 4.07, 18.43 x 8.32 cm


This item includes two short notes.
Box 1, Folder 16, Item 7

Doc 007 Manuscript of Article V of the Interim Organizational Rules and Procedures for Universities and Research Institutes (大學研究所暫行組織條例第5條手寫稿) 1946 (民國35年)

Physical Description: 19.18 x 26.21 cm


This item is Hu Shih's manuscript of Article V in the "Interim Organizational Rules and Procedures for Universities and Research Institutes."
Box 1, Folder 16, Item 8

Doc 008 Doctor of Letters diploma from California College in China (華文學校文學博士學位證書) 1942 March 21 (民國31年3月21日)

Physical Description: 20.28 x 14.99, 15.2 x 22.7 cm


本件為華文學校頒給胡適的文學博士學位證書,上有校長斐德士(William Bacon Pettus)用印。
This item is the Doctor of Letters diploma from California College in China to Hu Shih.
Box 1, Folder 16, Item 9

Doc 009 Diploma from Claremont Colleges and relevant documents (Claremont Colleges學位證書相關文件) 1958 October 31 ~ 1958 November 6 (民國47年10月31日~民國47年11月6日)

Physical Description: 15.67 x 24.41, 10.16 x 15.34, 17.78 x 24.5, 17.78 x 24.5, 21.46 x 27.44, 21.55 x 27.7, 15.11 x 10.12 cm


本件內容為Claremont Colleges頒授胡適榮譽學位相關文件,另有學位證書翻拍複本。
This item contains the honorary diploma from Claremont Colleges to Hu Shih, along with several relevant documents.
Box 1, Folder 16, Item 10

Doc 010 Hu Shih's business card (胡適名片)

Physical Description: 4.81 x 8.19 cm


This item is the business card of Hu Shih with some handwriting notes on it.
Box 1, Folder 16, Item 11

Doc 011 A Biographical Sketch of Hu Shih (胡適傳略)

Physical Description: 19.88 x 27.57, 20.23 x 27.88 cm


This is a brief English biography of Hu Shih.
Box 1, Folder 16, Item 12

Doc 012 Schedule of Hu Shih's lectures (演講時程表)

Physical Description: 21.46 x 16.78 cm


This is the schedule of Hu Shih's lectures at UC Berkeley.
Box 1, Folder 16, Item 13

Doc 013 An English report on Hu Shih's death(胡適過世消息英文報導)

Physical Description: 21.55 x 27.7 cm


This is an English report on the death of Hu Shih by the New York Times.
Box 1, Folder 16, Item 14

Doc 014 Documents about the Hu Shih memorial scholarship fund (胡適紀念獎學金相關文件)

Physical Description: 21.55 x 28.05, 21.55 x 28.05, 11.56 x 15.56, 11.56 x 15.56, 16.51 x 11.87 cm


This item includes several documents related to Hu Shih Memorial Scholarship Fund.
Box 1, Folder 16, Item 15

Doc 015 A kraft envelope of the Hu Shih Memorial Hall (胡適紀念館牛皮紙袋)

Physical Description: 13.05 x 21.43 cm
Box 1, Folder 16, Item 16

Doc 016 Chiang Tung-hsiu's manuscript diary (江冬秀日記手稿) 1962 May 4 (民國51年5月4日)

Note - Chinese

本件為江冬秀記載胡適逝世後,於生活和人際上的心情境遇。 This item is the manuscript of Hu Shih's wife, Chiang Tung-hsiu's diary written after Hu Shih had passed away.
Box 1, Folder 17

Documents related to Yuan Tung-li et al. (袁同禮等人相關文件) 1955 March 19 - 1971 January 10 (民國44年3月19日~民國60年1月10日)

Note - Chinese

Box 1, Folder 17, Item 1

Doc 017 Introduction of the T. L. Yuan Memorial Scholarship established at the School of Library Service at Columbia University (哥倫比亞大學圖書館袁同禮紀念獎助學金介紹文件)

Physical Description: 12.22 x 15.25, 15.02 x 24.36, 12.13 x 15.12 cm


This item is a brochure of the T. L. Yuan Memorial Scholarship established at the School of Library Service at Columbia University, which includes a picture of Yuan, an introduction of this scholarship, and a picture of the National Library of Peiping where Yuan once worked.
Box 1, Folder 17, Item 2

Doc 018 Poem celebrating the Spring Festival (新春祝賀詩) 1971 January 10 (民國60年1月10日)

Physical Description: 29.15 x 14.71 cm

Note - Chinese

This item is a poem to celebrate Chinese New Year's Festival.
Box 1, Folder 17, Item 3

Doc 019 Ji Weng Yin Gao Bu Chao (寄翁吟稿補抄)

Physical Description: 21.55 x 28 cm

Note - Chinese

This item includes three poems.
Box 1, Folder 17, Item 4

Doc 020 Zeng Liang Pi-cun Xiong Wen (贈梁辟村兄文)

Physical Description: 17.16 x 23.05, 17.16 x 22.13 cm

Note - Chinese

This item contains four essays and poems.
Box 1, Folder 17, Item 5

Doc 021 List of the first batch of Academicians of Academia Sinica (第一屆中央研究院院士名單)

Physical Description: 21.5 x 27.83 cm

Note - Chinese

This item is a list of the first batch of Academicians of Academia Sinica.
Box 1, Folder 17, Item 6

Doc 022 Minutes of the first work meeting of Academia Sinica members in North America (中央研究院北美第一次談話會會議紀錄) 1955 March 19 - 20 (民國44年3月19日~民國44年3月20日)

Physical Description: 21.5 x 27.83 cm

Note - Chinese

本件為民國44年3月19日、20日中央研究院在北美第一次談話會的會議紀錄,會議地點為紐約Hotel Edison第1131號房,出席者:趙元任、吳憲、胡適、李濟、汪敬熙、陳克恢、蕭公權、李方桂、陳省身、李書華、林可勝、袁貽瑾;列席者:全漢昇、董同龢、勞榦。19日的會議重點包括:(一 )公推李書華先生主席、又推勞榦先生擔任記錄。(二)胡適先生報告邀集此次談話會的經過,並宣讀朱家驊院長三月五日來電。(三)李濟代表朱院長報告中央研究院近年情況。(四)陳省身報告數學研究所遷臺後情形。(五)李濟代讀在臺院士李先聞報告籌備植物研究所的情形等。20日的會議重點包括:(一 )討論並表決朱院長交議各項問題的草案。(二)臨時動議:(1)將最近5、6年內出版刊物寄送旅外各院士,並隨時向各院士徵集學術論著或各院是在國外刊物已發表論文之譯文或節略,由「院刊」或「集刊」彙集發表。(2)將中央研究院院士國外委員會為常設機構,推舉通訊秘書正副各一人執行通訊聯繫事務,並推定胡適及李書華為正副通訊秘書等事項。
This item is the minutes of the first work meeting of Academia Sinica members in North America. This meeting was held from March 19th to 20th, 1955, at the Hotel Edison in New York.
Box 1, Folder 17, Item 7

Doc 023 Contacts of members and research fellows of Academia Sinica in North America (北美中研院成員通訊錄) 1955 March 2

Physical Description: 28 x 20.3 cm


本件為在美國和加拿大的中研院成員的通訊錄。 This is a contact list of members and research fellows of Academia Sinica in U.S.A. and Cananda.
Box 1, Folder 17, Item 8

Doc 024 Name card of Tuan-shêng Chʻien (錢端升名片)

Physical Description: 3.8 x 7.6 cm


This is an English name card of Chien Tuan-sheng sent to Ch'en Shou-yi.
Box 2

Student essays, Pomona College 1944-1966

Box 2, Item 1

Plates 1966


A collection of artwork compiled by student Grace Miller for a class at Pomona College.
Box 2, Item 2

Commentary Upon Historical Events 1946


This essay was written by a student of Ch'en Shou-Yi, Grace Miller.
Box 2, Item 3

The Jews in China: A Study 1958


This essay was written by a student of Ch'en Shou-Yi, Laura C. Fries for a class at Pomona College.
Box 2, Item 4

American Transcendentalism and the Orient


This essay was written by a student of Ch'en Shou-Yi, Penny A Fuegi for a class at Pomona College.
Box 2, Item 5

A Comparison of Chinese Painting and Western Expressionism 1966


This essay was written by a student of Ch'en Shou-Yi, Grace Miller for a class at Pomona College.
Box 2, Item 6

Western Art in China During the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries 1946


This essay was written by a student of Ch'en Shou-Yi, Lucy Mallette for a class at Pomona College.
Box 2, Item 7

Some Comments on Chinese Art 1953


This essay was written by a student of Ch'en Shou-Yi, Alan Cook for a class at Pomona College.
Box 2, Item 8

Early Western Influences on Chinese Art 1946


This essay was written by a student of Ch'en Shou-Yi, June Elliot for a class at Pomona College.
Box 2, Item 9

The Impact of Japanese Prints on Late Nineteenth Century European Painting 1958


This essay was written by a student of Ch'en Shou-Yi, Ruth W. Boosman for a class at Pomona College.
Box 2, Item 10

Chinese Influence on the Rococo Style, with Emphasis on Furniture


This essay was written by a student of Ch'en Shou-Yi, Tillie Pittullo Hollar for a class at Pomona College.
Box 2, Item 11

Chang Chih Tung's Contributions to China's Modernization


This essay was written by a student of Ch'en Shou-Yi, Mark H.S Tseng for a class at Pomona College.
Box 2, Item 12

A Discussion of the Influence of Chinese Art on Modern Interiors and Architecture 1954


This essay was written by a student of Ch'en Shou-Yi, Nadya Dolena for a class at Pomona College.
Box 2, Item 13

Late Chou- A Period of Semantic Transition 1944


This essay was written by a student of Ch'en Shou-Yi, Patricia Ryons for a class at Pomona College.
Box 3

Notes on China, History

Box 3, Folder 1

Notes, Chinese Dynasties, folder 1 (to 906 A.D.

Box 3, Folder 2

Essays, Chinese Culture and History

Box 3, Folder 3

Ancient and Modern China, Course Outline

Box 3, Folder 4

Notes, China, Culture and History

Box 3, Folder 4

Notes, Chinese Dynasties, folder 2 (960 A.D. to 20th century)

Box 3, Folder 5

Notes, China in the 20th century

Box 3, Folder 6

Notes, Communism, General

Box 3, Folder 7

Notes, Religion and Philosophy

Box 4

Notes on Asia 1949-1957

Box 4, Folder 1

Notes, Asia General

Box 4, Folder 2

Notes, Ceylon

Box 4, Folder 3

Notes, Formasa (Taiwan)

Box 4, Folder 4

Notes, India

Box 4, Folder 5

Notes, Indochina

Box 4, Folder 6

Notes, Indonesia

Box 4, Folder 7

Notes, Japan

Box 4, Folder 8

Notes, History of Japan

Box 4, Folder 9

Notes, Korea

Box 4, Folder 10

Notes, Singapore-Malaya

Box 4, Folder 11

Notes, Russia

Box 4, Folder 12

Notes, Phillipines

Box 4, Folder 13

Notes, Pakistan

Box 4, Folder 14

Notes, Thailand

Box 4, Folder 15

Notes, Tibet

Box 4, Folder 15

Notes, Miscellaneous


This folder includes bibliography notes, Confucian and Taoist quotes, and exam questions (some of the materials here are partially or completely written in Chinese).
Box 5

Notes and essays on history and literature (Chinese and Western)

Box 5, Folder 1

Notes on one chapter of the "Dream of the Red Chamber"

Box 5, Folder 2

Essays, Early Jesuit Science and Chinese Reactions

Box 5, Folder 3

Manuscript, Chinese Literature, an Historical Introduction

Box 5, Folder 4

Notes, Chinese Literature, Folder 2

Box 5, Folder 5

Notes, Chinese Literature, Folder 1

Box 5, Folder 6

Notes, British History and Literature, 17th-18th century

Box 5, Folder 7



This folder containts various works of Ch'en, including some rough drafts of later works and an English term paper for the 1926-1927 winter quarter.
Box 5, Folder 8

Notes, German Literature of Leipzig and Zurich

Box 5, Folder 9

Essays, Nara Singde, Far Eastern Assc., 1955

Box 5, Folder 10

Poetry and comments

Box 5, Folder 11

Unfinished works


This folder contains rough drafts of several unfinished essays, some of which are untitled, and one work written in French by Paul Pelliot.
Box 5, Folder 12

Unfinished notes


This folder contains handwritten drafts and notes on chapters of Ch'en's later works, including a few typed corresponding copies.
Box 6

Class syllabi and unidentified notes 1925-1964

Box 6, Folder 1

Works of Ch'en Shou-Yi 1958


This folder holds three items; East Asia and the Humanities in America, History of Literature in China (rough drafts), and "Les Conquetes De L'Empereur De La Chine" (final draft).
Box 6, Folder 2

Outlines and bibliographies 1962-1964


This folder includes students' outlines and bibliographies submitted to Ch'en for various classes at Pomona College.
Box 6, Folder 3

Notes in Chinese characters


This collection of Chinese notes have some English words dispersed throughout, which are religious in nature. Keywords include, "Jesus The Nazarene," "Messiah," "David," "Israel" among others. Caution: these materials are extremely delicate
Box 6, Folder 4

Survey of the Renaissance Syallbus, 1925

Box 6, Folder 5

English Course Syllabus from Lingnan Univ., 1929

Box 6, Folder 6

Ku Chieh-Kang Lectures, Duplicates and incomplete sets, folder 2

Box 6, Folder 7

Lectures by Ku Chieh-Kang at Peking University on Chinese and European History, folder 1

Box 7

Unsorted materials, Chen's writings and notes 1928-1973

Box 7, Item 1

Claremont Library Series, Pamphlet (3 copies) 1942


These three duplicate pamphlets contain writings of Ch'en Shou-Yi along with James A. Blaisdell.
Box 7, Item 2

Note from Cheng, T.K Chinese Consul 1973

Box 7, Item 3

Notebook, spanish language grammar practice

Box 7, Item 4

"The University of Chicago Doctoral Dissertations and Masters' Theses on Asia, 1894-1962" 1962


This item is a pamphlet with bibliograpic information on dissertations and theses submitted to the University of Chicago from 1894-1962.
Box 7, Item 5

"Sino-European Cultural Contacts since the Discovery of the Sea Route: A Bibliographical Note" (3 copies) 1935


This work was reprinted from "Nankai Social and Economic Quarterly, Vol. III, No. 1".
Box 7, Item 6

"Thomas Percy and His Chinese Studies" 1936


This work was reprinted from "The Chinese Social and Political Science Review Vol. XX, No. 2".
Box 7, Item 7

"John Webb: A Forgotten Page in the Early History of Sinology in Europe" (2 copies) 1935


This work was reprinted from "The Chinese Social and Political Science Review XIX, No. 3".
Box 7, Item 8

Notice of Publication, Encylopedia Britannica 1973

Box 7, Item 9

Folder: Lectures, Speeches, Presentations 1950-1955


This item is a folder which contains; a copy of the presentation of a honorary doctorate to Dr. Hu Shih, a speech on "The Importance of Free China", and finally a lecture "Early Jesuit Interpretations of the Ju Doctrines" at Pomona College.
Box 7, Item 10

Photos of Professor Ch'en Shou-Yi

Box 7, Item 11

"Whither China and East Asia?

Box 7, Item 12

"East Asia and The Humanities in America"

Box 7, Item 13

Journal, The Blaisdell Institute, 1966 (2 copies) 1966

Box 7, Item 14

Invitation to Pomona College Associates Spring meeting, 1961 1961

Box 7, Item 15

"The Religious Influence of The Early Jesuits on Emperor Ch'ung-Cheng of the Ming Dynasty" (2 copies)

Box 7, Item 16

"Daniel Defoe, China's Severe Critic" 1935


This work was reprinted from "Nankai Social and Economic Quarterly, Vol. VIII, No. 3".
Box 7, Item 17

Newsletter, Northwestern University, WGN Mutual radio discussion 1945

Box 7, Item 18

Folder, S Y Ch'en at Pomona College and Hawaii U


This folder includes a letter to Barbara Walters from student of Ch'en, and Immigration and Naturalization forms and documents dating from the 1940s.
Box 7, Item 19

Dissertation, "The Influence of China on English Culture During the Eighteenth Century" University of Chicago 1928


The dissertation is held within an untitled folder.
Box 7, Item 20

Folder, Essay


This folder has a note attached which reads, "has connections with Ch'en's days at Pomona."
Box 7, Item 21

Folder, Ch'en Shou-Yi, Notes

Box 7, Item 22

"Les Conquetes De L'empereur De La Chine", Univeristy of Hawaii 1940

Box 7, Item 23

Folder, Ch'en Shou-Yi, Book Reviews and Mss.

Box 7, Item 24

SY Ch'en, Salary and Promotion

Box 7, Item 25

Folder, Ch'en Shou-yi, Vita

Box 8

Miscellaneous materials and writings of others 1918-1970

Box 8, Item 1

"The Conflict of Ideologies"


This work was written by author, Hu Shih.
Box 8, Item 2

"Gueeyin-Chinese: Chinese in Roman Letters"


This work was written by author, Ching-Chun Wang.
Box 8, Item 3

"The Mid-Victorian Attitude of Foreigners in China" 1918


This work was written by author, Frederick Wells Williams.
Box 8, Item 4

"Imperial Succession and Attendant Crisis in Dynastic China" 1970


This work was written by author, Dison Hsueh-feng Poe.
Box 8, Item 5

"Benjamin Franklin and 'The Wisest of Nations'" 1965


This work was written by author, Tony Chambers.
Box 8, Item 6

"The origin and development of printing in China in the light of recent research"


This work was written by author, Cyrus H. Peake.
Box 8, Item 7

"Goethe and China"

Box 8, Item 8

"Manual of the Foochow Dialect" 1945


This work was written by author, Hermenegildo Corbato and revised by Captain Paul P. Wiant, United States Marine Corps.
Box 9

Notes on Western History and Literature 1936

Box 9, Folder 1

Notes, American Revolution

Box 9, Folder 2

Notes, British Literature

Box 9, Folder 3

Notes, English Literature

Box 9, Folder 4

Notes, European History, General

Box 9, Folder 5

Notes, European History, Medieval

Box 9, Folder 6

Notes, European History, Renaissance-Reformation

Box 9, Folder 7

Notes, European History, Britain

Box 9, Folder 8

Notes, European History, France

Box 9, Folder 9

Notes, European History, Germany

Box 9, Folder 10

Notes, Samuel Johnson

Box 9, Folder 11

Notes, Saracen Civilization

Box 9, Folder 12

Notes, Miscellaneous


Among these miscellaneous notes are combined English and Chinese materials, plus a small pamphlet titled "Bibliotheca Historica: A Catalogue of Books".
Box 10, Folder 1

Notes on Chinese painting

Box 10, Folder 2

Blaisdell Institute Journal, Vol. 1, No. 2

Box 10, Folder 3

"T'ien Has Monthly", January 1939 1939

Box 10, Folder 4

"East Asia and the Humanities in America"

Box 10, Folder 5

"Thomas Percy and his Chinese Studies"

Box 10, Folder 6

"Some notes on the Observation de Physique et d'Histoire…"

Box 10, Folder 7

"Confucianism 300 years ago", Central Government Research History and Languages Institution