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Sephardic Temple Tifereth Israel records
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Series 1: Institutional records 1920-2017

Scope and Contents

This series contains minutes, tax and financial records, official correspondence, membership information, architectural/building records, and legal records of a few interrelated Sephardic organizations, mostly based in Los Angeles. These include the Comunidad Sefardi/Sephardic Community/Sephardic Temple Tifereth Israel, Haim vaHessed/Sephardic Brotherhood, the Sephardic Hebrew Center/Sephardic Beth Shalom, the Council of Sephardic Organizations, the Sephardic Benevolent Society, and the Sephardic Sisterhood (affiliated with the Community).

Subseries 1.1: Minutes 1920-2005

Language of Material: Minutes are mostly in Ladino/Spanish through 1940, and afterwards in English.

Scope and Contents

Sub-series 1.1 contains the minutes of general, special, committee, and board meetings of the various Sephardic groups mentioned above, with the bulk relating to the Comunidad/Community/STTI.
box 1, folder 1

Comunidad minutes 1920-1938

box 1, folder 2

Comunidad minutes 1938-1946

box 1, folder 3

Comunidad minutes 1947-1949

box 2, folder 1

Community minutes 1949-1956

box 2, folder 2

Community minutes 1956-1959

box 2, folder 3

Community minutes 1959-1960

box 3, folder 1

Community and brotherhood board meeting minutes 1961-1965

box 3, folder 2

Community and brotherhood board meeting minutes 1965-1971

box 3, folder 3

Community and brotherhood board meeting minutes 1971-1974

box 3, folder 4

Community and brotherhood general meeting minutes 1960-1986

box 4, folder 2

STTI board meeting minutes 1978-1987

box 4, folder 1

STTI board and board of directors meeting minutes 1987-1990

box 4, folder 3

STTI board and board of directors meeting minutes 1991-1999

box 4, folder 4

STTI board and board of directors meeting minutes 2000-2005

box 5

Sephardic Hebrew Center minutes 1942-1960

box 5, folder 1

Sephardic Hebrew Center minutes 1968-1976

box 5, folder 2

Sephardic Sisterhood minutes 1958-1960

box 5, folder 3

Sephardic Benevolent Society minutes 1961-1971


Subseries 1.2: Building and financial records 1929-2017

Scope and Contents

Sub-series 1.2 contains institutional, building, legal, and financial records relating to STTI, much of it from the papers of Richard J. Amado (born 1902 in Smyrna/Izmir, Ottoman Turkey and died 1984 in Los Angeles). Amado was a lawyer and local lay leader in the Sephardic and Jewish community, particularly in the Comunidad/Community and the Council of Sephardic Organizations, where he was president for several years. Sub-series 1.2 also contains some of Amado's correspondence and other documents relating to his other communal roles from the 1930s through the 1970s.
box 6, folder 2

Sephardic Community Santa Barbara Ave Temple construction 1929-1933

box 6, folder 4

Sephardic Community Santa Barbara Temple Planning and Groundbreaking 1929-1932

box 6, folder 1

Sephardic Community tax exemption case 1941-1943

box 6, folder 3

Sephardic Community and Brotherhood Temple site search 1965-1966

box 6, folder 5

Sephardic Community/STTI financial miscellany 1956-1992

box 6, folder 6

STTI Westwood temple zoning 1967-1968

box 6, folder 7

Temple construction and miscellaneous 1967-1970

box 7, folder 2

Westwood temple construction and plans 1969-1972

box 6, folder 8

STTI Michael Alcana Youth Lounge 1984

box 6, folder 9

STTI Tour Guides and other miscellaneous 1975-2000

box 7, folder 1

STTI Library and Museum 1977

box 7, folder 3

STTI Finances and Stocks 1972-1978

box 7, folder 4

Richard J. Amado papers: STTI finances and stocks 1957-1976

box 7, folder 5

Richard J. Amado papers: STTI securities 1972-1979

box 8, folder 1

Richard J. Amado papers: correspondence, miscellaneous 1959-1973

box 8, folder 2

Richard J. Amado papers: correspondence, miscellaneous 1960-1973

box 8, folder 3

Richard J. Amado papers: correspondence, miscellaneous 1971-1975

box 9, folder 4

Richard J. Amado papers: incorporation, taxes, exemption 1959-1980

box 9, folder 3

Richard J. Amado papers: tax exemption 1963-1976

box 9, folder 2

Richard J. Amado papers: gifts and memorials 1968-1980

box 9, folder 1

Richard J. Amado papers: Sephardic Home for Aged 1956-1979

box 10, folder 1

Richard J. Amado papers: temple finances, Gorme-Lawrence documents, secret fund 1973-1984

box 10, folder 2

Richard J. Amado papers: Israel bonds, creditor claim 1960-1976

box 10, folder 3

Richard J. Amado Papers: Malinow and Silverman Mortuary 1973-1980

box 10, folder 4

Richard J. Amado papers: STTI building and construction 1969-1978

box 11, folder 1

Richard J. Amado papers: Old temple heritage site, sanctuary construction, re-dedication 1980-1981

box 70, folder 3

Tentative architectural plans for STTI - Leroy Miller AIA architecture 1967

box 75

STTI museum and library architectural plans 1976

Physical Description: Architectural plans are rolled, but in good condition.
box 15, folder 1

Sephardic Sisterhood financial documents 1961-1978

box 70, folder 1

Sephardic Sisterhood financial documents 1975-1977


Subseries 1.3: Organizational records, committee records, and official correspondence 1920-2009

Scope and Contents

Sub-series 1.3 contains material of relevance to the institutions of Sephardic life in Los Angeles, such as those related to constitutions and by-laws, membership, committees, events, fundraising, and correspondence with other local, national, and international organizations. These are mostly from STTI, but some are from the Sephardic Sisterhood, the Council of Sephardic Organizations, and the Sephardic Hebrew Center.
box 11, folder 2

STTI Temple dedications 1932, 1970, 1985

box 11, folder 3

STTI membership dues and lists 1921-1997

box 11, folder 4

STTI membership lists and guide to Sephardic Los Angeles 1990-1998

box 11, folder 5

STTI membership lists 2006, 2009

box 12, folder 1

STTI constitutions and amendments 1930-1995

box 12, folder 2

STTI constitutions and amendments 1920-1952

box 12, folder 3

STTI Board of Directors 1957-2003

box 12, folder 4

Committees: Talmud Torah and education 1956-1999

box 12, folder 5

Committees: Adult education 1979-1993

box 12, folder 6

Committees: Membership lists 1951-1990

box 13, folder 2

Committees: Burial 1937-2001

box 13, folder 3

Committees: Archives 1983-2000

box 13, folder 4

Committees: Publications and El Shofar 1979-1993

box 13, folder 5

Committees: Elections, Religious, Special 1956-2002

box 12, folder 7

Maurice Amado Scholarship Award 1973-1980

box 13, folder 1

STTI correspondence 1929-1965

box 14, folder 3

STTI correspondence 1970-2001

box 14, folder 1

Fountain pen from STTI cornerstone 1931

box 14, folder 2

Documents from STTI Cornerstone 1920-1931

box 14, folder 4

United Sephardic Organizations/Council of Sephardic Organizations documents 1938-1950

box 14, folder 5

Merger of Sephardic Community and Brotherhood and ephemera 1952-1965

box 71

Sisterhood history 1924-1935, 1999

Physical Description: Oversize, pages contained in leather souvenir container. Fragile paper.
box 15, folder 2

Sephardic Sisterhood: constitutions, correspondence, membership lists 1931-1997

box 15, folder 3

Sisterhood documents 1971-1996

box 15, folder 4

Suzanne Amado papers and other Sisterhood items 1936-2015

box 16, folder 1

Haim vaHessed Society 1933-1936

box 16, folder 2

Sephardic Hebrew Center: constitutions, correspondence, events 1938-1982

box 16, folder 3

STTI-Sephardic Hebrew Center merger 1992-1993

box 16, folder 4

Affiliated organizations: Alliance Israelite Universelle, American Sephardi Federation, Bureau of Jewish Education 1956-2000

box 16, folder 5

Affiliated organizations: City of Hope, Home of Peace, Israel Bonds, Jewish war veterans, the Ladinos, Los Angeles Sephardic Home for the Aged 1934-2000

box 17, folder 1

Affiliated organizations: Los Amigos Sefaradis, Los Hermanos, Los Merecidos award, Material for Palestine, the Maccabeans 1948-1997

box 17, folder 2

Affiliated organizations: Mt. Sinai hospital, Senior Citizens, Sephardic Education Center, United Jewish Welfare Fund, World Sephardi Federation 1935-2002


Series 2: Publications, newsletters, and programs 1932-2017

Scope and Contents

This series contains various publications and newsletters from Los Angeles-based Sephardic organizations, from the 1940s until 2017. Most are from the Sephardic Community and Brotherhood/STTI, and their El Shofar monthly bulletin features a near-complete collection through the 2000s from its first issue in 1980. Its long-time editor, Bob Hattem, also served as the STTI main archivist. Other publications include those from the Sephardic Hebrew Center and the Los Angeles Sephardic Home for the Aged (LASHA). This series also includes items related to cultural, religious, and social events and programs organized by or with various Sephardic organizations in Los Angeles.

Subseries 2.1: Newsletters and publications 1946-2015

Scope and Contents

Sub-series 2.1 contains printed newsletters and bulletins from Los Angeles Sephardic groups, primarily from the Sephardic Community/Sephardic Temple Tifereth Israel (variously published as Tifereth Israel Bulletin, La Vida Sefardi, Sephardic Messenger, STTI News, STTI Bulletin, and El Shofar). Other items include publications from the Sephardic Hebrew Center (variously published as Sephardic Hebrew Center Monthly, Sephardic Star, Sephardic News), the Council of Sephardic Organizations, the Sephardic Sisterhood, and the Los Angeles Sephardic Home for the Aged's LASHON.
box 17, folder 3

Sephardic Hebrew Center Monthly, Sephardic Star, Sephardic News 1963-1985

box 17, folder 4

Sephardic Council News 1956

box 17, folder 5

Tifereth Israel Bulletin, La Vida Sefardi 1946-1966

box 18, folder 1

Sephardic Messenger 1960-1962

box 18, folder 2

Sephardic Messenger 1963-1968

box 18, folder 3

Temple Tifereth Israel Bulletin 1966-1971

box 18, folder 4

Sephardic Messenger, STTI News, STTI Bulletin 1972-1979

box 19, folder 1

Sephardic Sisterhood News Bulletin 1948, 1974-1976

box 19, folder 2

El Shofar 1980

box 19, folder 3

El Shofar 1981

box 19, folder 4

El Shofar 1982

box 20, folder 1

El Shofar 1983

box 20, folder 2

El Shofar 1984

box 20, folder 3

El Shofar 1985

box 21, folder 1

El Shofar 1986

box 21, folder 2

El Shofar 1987

box 21, folder 3

El Shofar 1988

box 21, folder 4

El Shofar 1989

box 21, folder 5

El Shofar 1990

box 21, folder 6

El Shofar 1991

box 21, folder 7

El Shofar 1992

box 22, folder 1

El Shofar 1993

box 22, folder 2

El Shofar 1994-1995

box 22, folder 3

El Shofar 1996

box 22, folder 4

El Shofar 1997

box 22, folder 5

El Shofar 1998

box 23, folder 1

El Shofar 1999

box 23, folder 2

El Shofar 2000

box 23, folder 3

El Shofar 2001

box 23, folder 4

El Shofar 2002-2005

box 24, folder 1

El Shofar 2006-2011

box 24, folder 2

El Shofar 2012-2017

box 24, folder 4

LASHON 1986-1992

box 24, folder 5

LASHON 1993-1994

box 25, folder 1

LASHON 1995-1999

box 25, folder 2

LASHON 2000-2002

box 25, folder 3

LASHON 2002-2004

box 25, folder 4

LASHON 2004-2011

box 24, folder 3

Miscellaneous publications 1982-2015


Subseries 2.2: Programs, yearbooks, and events 1932-2015

Scope and Contents

Sub-series 2.2 features programs, brochures, flyers, and other items related to community events and celebrations. Includes Sephardic Heritage Award journals from STTI, annual yearbooks from the Sephardic Hebrew Center, as well as items related to outside organizations like the Maccabeans, Los Angeles Sephardic Home for the Aged, and the Sephardic Hebrew Academy (now the Gindi Maimonides Academy). Sub-series 2.2 also contains some curricular and liturgical items from STTI.
box 25, folder 5

Programs 1932-1981

box 25, folder 6

The Maccabeans - Miss Sephardic 1954-1964

box 26, folder 1

Sephardic Community and Brotherhood event programs and journals 1935-1964

box 26, folder 2

Sephardic Community and Brotherhood event programs and journals 1966-1970

box 26, folder 3

STTI dinner journals 1975-1976

box 26, folder 4

LASHA 30th anniversary journal 1986

box 26, folder 5

Cantor Isaac Behar journal 1997

box 26, folder 6

Sephardic Hebrew Academy scholarship dinner journal 1992

box 27, folder 1

STTI dinner journals 1977-1978

box 27, folder 2

STTI tribute journals and event programs 1980-1983

box 27, folder 3

STTI event programs and journals 1983-1988

box 27, folder 4

Sephardic Heritage Award journal 1988

box 27, folder 5

STTI event programs and journals 1989-1994

box 28, folder 1

STTI events and journals 1993-1997

box 28, folder 2

STTI events, programs, and journals 1998-2000

box 28, folder 3

STTI events, programs, and journals 2002-2004

box 28, folder 4

Miscellaneous events and ephemera 1958-2015

box 28, folder 5

Events: Holocaust memorial, Sephardic Heritage Award, Voice of the Turtle, Sephardic Fiesta '79, Sephardic singles, 75th anniversary 1977-2015

box 28, folder 6

STTI memorial books 1976-1980

box 29, folder 1

STTI memorial books 1981-1992

box 29, folder 2

STTI memorial books 1997-2015

box 29, folder 3

Sephardic Hebrew Center journals and yearbooks 1967-1975

box 29, folder 4

Sephardic Hebrew Center journals and yearbooks 1976-1978

box 30, folder 1

Sephardic Hebrew Center journals and yearbooks 1980-1981

box 30, folder 2

Sephardic Hebrew Center journals and yearbooks 1982, 1984

box 30, folder 3

Sephardic Hebrew Center journals and yearbooks 1985-1987

box 30, folder 4

Sephardic Hebrew Center journals and yearbooks 1988-1989

box 31, folder 1

Sephardic Hebrew Center/Sephardic Beth Shalom journals and yearbooks 1990-1992

box 31, folder 2

STTI yearbooks 1994-1996

box 31, folder 3

Sephardic Community and Brotherhood, Council of Sephardic Organizations events and invitations 1932-1979

box 31, folder 4

Events and invitations 1980-1990

box 32, folder 1

Events and invitations 1991-2000

box 32, folder 2

Events and invitations, weekly calendars 1991-2004

box 32, folder 3

Shabbat Shalom fliers 1978-1987

box 32, folder 4

Shabbat Shalom fliers 1988-1993

box 33, folder 1

Shabbat Shalom fliers 1994-2002

box 33, folder 2

Shabbat Shalom fliers 2003-2005, 2014

box 33, folder 3

Talmud Torah materials 1961-2001

box 33, folder 4

Talmud Torah materials 1939-1991

box 34, folder 1

Religious materials: High Holidays and Passover 1963-1990

box 34, folder 2

Religious materials: Shabbat and other holidays 1981-1998

box 34, folder 3

Prayers for Israel and miscellaneous religious items and songs 1930-1999


Series 3: Subject files 1905-2014

Scope and Contents

Series 3 contains subject files on certain individuals (most of whom were active members of STTI) and places of Jewish and/or Sephardic relevance, compiled by Maurice I. "Bob" Hattem (1919-2014) and his archival team. Some of Hattem's personal papers and research materials are included here. Of particular interest are the personal correspondence, including many letters in Ladino, that date as early 1911 and reach places like Izmir, New York, Jerusalem, Athens, and Los Angeles. This series also contains newspaper and journal clippings, as well as some published items.

Subseries 3.1: Maurice I. "Bob" Hattem papers 1922-2005

Scope and Contents

Sub-series 3.1 contains correspondence, research materials, and other personal documents of Maurice I. "Bob" Hattem. Hattem was the STTI archivist and editor of the temple's El Shofar monthly bulletin for many years. He was also active in Los Angeles, Southern California, and various Jewish, Crypto-Jewish, and Spanish historical societies.
box 34, folder 4

Correspondence 1980-2002

box 34, folder 5

Research, speeches, and other 1970-2005

box 35, folder 1

Writings 1980-2000

box 35, folder 2

Genealogical resources 1990-2005

box 35, folder 3

Research materials 1922-1999

box 35, folder 4

Research materials 1972-2009

box 35, folder 5

Research materials 1977-2004


Subseries 3.2: Personal files 1911-2014

Scope and Contents

Sub-series 3.2 contains documents by or about individuals connected to the Los Angeles Sephardic community. In addition to documents related to their lives in the temple, many files contain personal correspondence.
box 36, folder 1

Eunice Pena Alisea, Maurice Amado, Richard Amado, Ralph S. Amado 1930-1982

box 36, folder 2

Albert J. Amateau 1983-1996

box 36, folder 3

Morris Angel, Hy Arnesty 1981-2011

box 36, folder 4

Al Azus, Dr. Irving Benveniste, Art and Louis Benveniste 1935-2003

box 37, folder 1

Cantor Isaac Behar, Victor Behar, Aronico Chico (alias of Harry J. Cohen), Isaac Cantos, Jack Cohen 1920-1993

box 37, folder 2

Aron Cohen 1946-1988

box 37, folder 3

Peter (Perahia) Alhadeff 1933-1934, 1972

box 37, folder 4

Sue Halfon, Moshe Lazar, Leon Ligier 1928-1987

box 37, folder 5-6

Leon Ligier manuscript 1972

box 38, folder 1-2

Leon Ligier manuscript 1975

box 38, folder 3

Cantor Haim Mizrahi, Jack Nehama, Rabbi Jacob Ott 1954-2011

box 38, folder 4

Isaac Varon 1932-1957

box 38, folder 5

Stella Rugetti, Irene Rugetti 1951-1981

box 39, folder 1

Jack Seror, Haym Solomon Day 1954-1988

box 39, folder 2

Nissim Saul and Sarah Reby letters 1911-1915

box 39, folder 3

Nissim Saul and Sarah Reby letters 1913-1944


Subseries 3.3: Place files 1905-2003

Scope and Contents

Sub-series 3.3 contains research materials collected by Bob Hattem and the archival team at STTI relating to places of Jewish and Sephardic interest, especially Spain.
box 39, folder 4

Chinese Jews, Cuba, Egypt, Salonica (Greece), Rhodes (Greece), Greece 1944-2003

box 39, folder 5

Holland, Israel, Mexico 1947-1975

Scope and Contents

Holland section contains: Besso, Henry V. Dramatic Literature of the Sephardic Jews of Amsterdam in the XVIIth and XVIIIth Centuries. New York: Hispanic Institute in the United States, 1947.
box 40, folder 1

Spain - Columbus, Spain - Girona 1981-1992

box 40, folder 2

Spain - Inquisition and Expulsion 1992

Scope and Contents

Contains: Raphael, David T. The Expulsion 1492 Chronicles: An Anthology of Medieval Chronicles Relating to the Expulsion of the Jews from Spain and Portugal. North Hollywood, Calif: Carmi House Press, 1992.
box 40, folder 3

Spain - The Augustan Society, Spain Inquisition 1983-1997

box 40, folder 4

Spain and Portugal travel guides 1992-1997

box 40, folder 5

Spain - miscellaneous 1970-1992

box 41, folder 1

Spain - Royal visit documents 1951-2000

box 41, folder 2

Spain - Royal visit book 1988

box 41, folder 3

Tunisia, Turkey 1981-1992

box 41, folder 4

United States of America 1969-1990

box 41, folder 5

California and Los Angeles 1905-1991


Series 4: Photographs, scrapbooks, and clippings circa 1910-2001

Scope and Contents

Series 4 contains photographs and scrapbooks from STTI official events and functions, as well as those relating to individuals and families associated with the congregation. Labeling, condition, and type of photograph and scrapbook vary considerably - some are in excellent condition, while others fairly poor. While most items were produced in Los Angeles, several originate from New York or Seattle, and still others abroad. The scrapbooks in subseries 4.2 contain newspaper clippings from local, national, Jewish, and general publications over a considerable date range that relate to STTI or Los Angeles Sephardic life, featuring many from the local Jewish publication, B'nai B'rith Messenger .

Subseries 4.1: Photographs 1910-2001

Scope and Contents

Sub-series 4.1 contains photographs and negatives from Sephardic community affairs, events, and celebrations, as well as personal and family photographs from community members.
box 42, folder 2

City of Hope, dignitaries, El Shofar Staff, Girona-Spain 1940-1983

box 42, folder 3

Archives staff, board of directors, Israel bond drive, cantors, Veteran's Day committee 1948-1991

box 42, folder 4

Sue Halfon dinner, past presidents, Sol Halfon estate 1910-1992

box 43, folder 2

Holidays and events, Amateau, individuals, Leo Saul collection 1930-1993

box 43, folder 3

Installations, Ladinos/Turkish night, LASHA, Los Merecidos award, Alliance Israelite Universelle, Mt. Sinai, 1980s events, musical events 1934-1989

box 43, folder 4

Past presidents, rabbis, Sephardic brotherhood, Sephardic Hebrew Center, trip to Las Vegas 1920-1990

Scope and Contents

Contains photo of Rabbi Jacob Ott with Governor Ronald Reagan, signed by the latter.
box 44, folder 1

Board of directors, Mother's Day luncheon, sisterhood, TTI dedication, temple construction 1930-1980

box 44, folder 2

Temple staff, Talmud Torah, United Jewish Welfare Fund 1944-1989

box 45, folder 1

STTI events 1981-2001

box 45, folder 2

Los Merecidos award - Ted Negrin 1990

box 45, folder 3

Sisterhood Torah fund, bank breaking 1985-1999

box 45, folder 4

Sisterhood Torah fund, officer installation 1990-1999

box 46, folder 1

Sephardic Heritage Award Louis Alcalay, Al Azus, special award to Isaac R. Caraco, award to Carroll O'Connor, visit of California Senator Pete Wilson 1980-1981, 1990

box 46, folder 2

Yehoram Gaon concert 2000

box 42, folder 1

Miscellaneous, Bar Mitzvah, banquets, awards 1935-1985

box 44, folder 3

Youth synagogue, miscellaneous, loose captions 1940-1991

box 46, folder 4

STTI temple family album 1930-1987

box 46, folder 3

Photograph slides: main sanctuary - old design 1977

box 44, folder 4

Photographs: miscellaneous and unlabeled 1930-1997

Scope and Contents

Contains black-and-white family and wedding photographs, some provided with names. Also contains: STTI past presidents, photograph of Haham Salomon Gaon, Dr. I. E. Benveniste, and Bob Hattem; STTI Archives Crew; Caraco-Varon wedding; Rabbi Bouskila Basketball team; Rabbi Ott with local political dignitaries; Albert Amateau 100th birthday party. Also includes a few unlabeled photographs from Greece.
box 50

Photographs: banquets, anniversaries, celebrations 1925-1990

box 51

Photographs: miscellaneous and unlabeled, past STTI presidents 1919-1985

Scope and Contents

Several large photographs. Some include portraits of individuals like Caden Alhadeff, Bar Mitzvah classes, Talmud Torah, family photographs, and portraits of past STTI presidents.
One item is a Sephardic Theater cast photo for the Queen Esther play performed in Ladino at Washington Hall on 14th and Fir, Seattle, WA, circa 1919. The play was directed by Rabbi Sabatai Israel of Izmir.
box 43, folder 1

Negatives 1920-1988

Scope and Contents

Negatives of STTI events, past presidents, El Transito synagogue in Spain, some negatives donated by Joseph Moche.
box 79

Blown-up reproductions 1932-1936


Subseries 4.2: Scrapbooks and clippings 1910-2004

Scope and Contents

Subseries 4.2 contains various scrapbooks from STTI members and groups, such as the youth-oriented Juniors of Temple Tifereth Israel and the Ladinos group. These items contain photographs, newspaper clippings, letters, fliers, and other ephemera.
box 46, folder 5

Miscellaneous STTI clippings 1951-2000

box 46, folder 6

STTI scrapbook 1950-1992

box 47, folder 2

STTI scrapbook 1950-1978

box 47, folder 3

STTI scrapbook 1979-1989

box 47, folder 4

Scrapbook: Yolande Alcana Gross 1957-1992

box 47, folder 5

Scrapbook: Yolande Alcana Gross 1969-1997

box 47, folder 1

Juniors of Temple Tifereth Israel (JTTI) reunion scrapbook 1940-1990

box 48, folder 3

Ladinos scrapbook 1931-1934

box 48, folder 2

Ladinos V yearbook 1965-1966

box 49

The Ladinos scrapbook 1966-1969

box 49

The Ladinos scrapbook 1970-1972

box 46, folder 7

Sisterhood scrapbook 1935-1986

box 52

Irene Rugeti, STTI Sisterhood president scrapbook 1966-1968

box 48, folder 1

Jewish War Veterans scrapbook, Rabbi Jacob Ott album 1910-2004

box 60

Rabbi Jacob Ott scrapbook 1946-1954

box 61

Virginia Caraco Aldef scrapbook 1957-1985


Series 5: Audiovisual 1951-2004

Scope and Contents

Series 5 contains audiovisual materials covering STTI events, such as lectures and cultural nights, interviews, live and studio music recordings, and a few commercial and other non-temple items.

Physical Characteristics and Technical Requirements

CONTAINS UNPROCESSED AUDIO AND AUDIOVISUAL MATERIALS: Materials will require assessment and may need further processing for safe access. All requests to access special collections materials must be made in advance using the request button located on this page.
PORTIONS OF THIS COLLECTION HAVE BEEN DIGITIZED. Please consult digital facsimiles instead of originals.

Subseries 5.1: Sene Collection 1953-1980

Scope and Contents

Subseries 5.1 contains lyric books collected by Emily Sene and 197 1/4 inch audiotapes. Most of these feature Isaac Sene singing and playing the oud alongside other musicians, recorded and notated by Emily Sene.

Physical Characteristics and Technical Requirements

CONTAINS UNPROCESSED AUDIO MATERIALS: Materials will require assessment and may need further processing for safe access. All requests to access special collections materials must be made in advance using the request button located on this page.
box 48, folder 4-6

Sene lyric sheets 1953-1980

box 53, folder 1-3

Sene lyric books 1955-1977

box 62-68

Sene audio reels 1955-1977

Scope and Contents

Contains a total of 197, 1/4-inch audiotapes.
box 53, folder 4

Sene reels inventory

Other Finding Aids

A digital copy of the audiotapes inventory is available via this link: Link to Sephardic Temple records Sene audiotape inventory  

Subseries 5.2: Film, VHS, and audiocassettes 1951-2004

Scope and Contents

Subseries 5.2 contains 80 VHS tapes, 1 Betamax, and 93 audiocassettes of relevance to STTI, Sephardic, and Jewish life. Many of the VHS tapes are recordings of events held at STTI, as are the cassette recordings, while some are interviews or oral histories with individual community members. Some are commercial or professional recordings, while most are amateur recordings. Many of the items are of relevance to Sephardic history, culture, and music. A few audiocassettes in Box 58 feature Emily and Isaac Sene.

Physical Characteristics and Technical Requirements

CONTAINS UNPROCESSED AUDIO AND AUDIOVISUAL MATERIALS: Materials will require assessment and may need further processing for safe access. All requests to access special collections materials must be made in advance using the request button located on this page.
PORTIONS OF THIS COLLECTION HAVE BEEN DIGITIZED. Please consult digital facsimiles instead of originals.
box 69

The End of the Night film 1955

Physical Description: Film reel in fragile condition.

Conditions Governing Access

Access to digital materials is available on-site in the Special Collections reading room. Requests to access digital materials must be made at least 2 days in advance. Once request has been made, please confirm viewing arrangements with Special Collections reference desk staff.

Scope and Contents

One reel of 16mm film.
Documentary-dramatization film on the philanthropic efforts of the French-based Alliance Israelite Universelle on behalf of Jews in Morocco.
Credits read as follows: Alliance Israelite Universelle presents an Omnium Français du Film Production The End of the Night (Le Sixième Jour) Copyright 1955 by Omnium Français du Film with Serge Baty and The Inhabitants of the Village of Illigh, South Morocco Cameraman – Paul Fabian Film Editors – Georges Alepee, Denise Charven Sound Engineer – Paul Boistelle English commentary and dialogue written by Sidney Shelley Music by Josepha Kosma Written, Produced and Directed by Jean-Claude Huisman

Existence and Location of Copies

A digital reproduction of the film is available on-site in the Special Collections reading room.
box 54-56

VHS tapes 1989-2004

Scope and Contents

Contains 80 VHS tapes and one Betamax, mostly of amateur recordings of STTI events in the 1990s but also includes some copies of documentaries of Sephardic interest.

Other Finding Aids

A digital copy of VHS inventory is available via this link: Link to Sephardic Temple records VHS inventory  
box 57-59

Audiocassettes 1951-2003

Scope and Contents

Contains 93 audiocassettes of interviews, lectures, performances from STTI and its members, as well as a few commercial recordings.

Other Finding Aids

A digital copy of audiocassettes inventory is available via this link: Link to Sephardic Temple records audiocassette inventory  

Series 6: Awards, artwork, and ephemera 1911-2003

Scope and Contents

Series 6 contains several certificates, awards, artwork, renderings, plaques, and commemorative items related to STTI and associated individuals.

Subseries 6.1: Awards, plaques, certificates, and drawings 1911-2002

Scope and Contents

Subseries 6.1 contains a range of awards, honors, certificates, plaques, commemorations, and related documents of relevance to the Sephardic Community, its groups and efforts, and its individual members. Several are from Los Angeles city, county, and California state official bodies. This subseries also contains some drawings, designs, and artwork related to the temple.
box 72

Plaques and awards 1956-1984

box 76

Plaques and awards 1955-1991

Scope and Contents

Includes framed letter on behalf of President Richard Nixon honoring Rabbi Jacob Ott on receiving the Sephardic Heritage Award in 1971. Includes signed photo of President Richard Nixon.
box 70, folder 6

Honors and certificates 1931-2002

box 70, folder 7

Jewish National Fund plaque 1964

box 70, folder 2

Morris Passy Ottoman Birth certificate and Abraham Caraco rabbinic certificate 1911-1912

box 70, folder 4

Watercolor designs for sanctuary

box 70, folder 5

Temple Board caricature circa 1950s

box 77

United Jewish Appeal commemorative medals, Ted Hasson award and key 1963-1966

box 78

Daily Prayer of Maimonides plaque, gift of King of Spain 1987

box 81

Oversize key - "Sephardic Community of LA, Feb 21, 1932" 1932

box 83

Artist's rendering of STTI, STTI architectural plans, 1921 photocopy of Peace and Progress picnic, Marilyn Simon drawings 1921-1990


Subseries 6.2: Ephemera 1913-2012

Scope and Contents

Sub-series 6.2 contains various ephemera in the STTI records, including Bob Hattem's archival index cards and Jewish calendars from Turkey.
box 73-74

Archival index notecards undated, likely 1980s

box 80

Fez, photocopy of Megilat Saragossa

box 82, folder 1

Life-cycle event prayer booklets 1986-2012

box 82, folder 2

Turkish Jewish calendars 1966-1968

box 70, folder 8

The California Jewish Voice 1947-1949

Scope and Contents

Includes: Vol. 26, No 13 (December 5, 1947); Vol. 26, No. 36 (May 14, 1948); Vol, 26, No. 44 (July 9, 1948); Vol. 27, No. 35 (May 9, 1949)