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San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Records
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Series 1 Administration and operations 1868-2009 1900-1979

Physical Description: 2 cartons, 5 manuscript boxes, 5 volumes (approximately 7 linear feet)

Scope and Contents

Financial records, membership rosters and dues, officer appointments, and other Internal files and documents pertaining to administration of the SF SPCA as an organization. Photographs related to administrators, buildings, and operations are filed in Series 4: Photographs.
Coverage is spotty in this series. There are no minutes in the collection. Materials are concentrated in the late 19th century and early 20th century, with some mid-20th century files. Office of the President files are from the 1990s-2000s.


Organized in five subseries: 1.1 Founding documents and annual reports; 1.2 Office of the Secretary; 1.3 Office of the President subject files; 1.4 Membership; and 1.5 Finances; 1.6 Reference Books.

Subseries 1.1 Administrative documents and annual reports 1868- 2016 1877-1914

Physical Description: 3 folders (2 legal-size and 1 oversize)

Materials Transferred

Additional bylaws may be found in the Membership files, under: Bylaws and membership roster.

Related Materials

Additional annual reports for 1877, 1879, 1880, 1886, 1890, 1898, 1902, 1907 are available in the San Francisco History Center Stacks, accessible via the San Francisco Public Library online catalog.

Scope and Contents

Broken run of Annual reports for 1877-1914, 2011-2016; 1868 bylaws and 1979 articles of incorporation; a list of contributors to the Memorial Animal Shelter dedicated in 1963; a few drawings of the Memorial Animal Shelter and a building map for the Leanne B. Roberts Animal Care Center.
box 1, folder 1

Bylaws, articles of incorporation, and annual reports 1868-1979

box 3, folder 5

Contributors to the memorial animal shelter, dedicated December 8, 1963

Material Specific Details: Dis-bound scrapbook consisting of 11 x 17 plastic pages with Dymlo label text.
box 21, oversize-folder 1

Drawings and building map

box 1, folder 2

Annual Reports 2010-2016


Subseries 1.2 Office of the Secretary 1890s-1968

Physical Description: 31 folders in carton, 1 volume

Scope and Contents

A mix of file types, mostly from the terms served by Matthew McCurrie (1895-1938), along with a few later reports and documents. The largest and most complete file is the Officers' appointments.
box 1, folder 3-20

Officers' appointments circa 1900-1915 and 1940s-1960s


1900-1915 are arranged as received, in two alphabetical series by last name of appointee.
box 2, folder 1

Officers' ephemera 1907-1933 and undated

box 1, folder 21-24

Secretary's reports 1956-1965

Scope and Contents

Monthly statistics on number and type of cases handled, animals rescued and/or treated, what neighborhood, and causes for rescue or treatment--homelessness/unwanted, injuries, etc. Includes Treasurer's and Committee reports.
volume 1

Ephemera and supplies scrapbook 1914-1968


Matthew McCurrie miscellany 1890s-1936

Biographical / Historical

Matthew McCurrie served as Assistant Secretary (1895-1906) and Secretary (1906-1938) of the San Francisco SPCA. He died in 1938.


Pamphlets and ephemera file includes a 1909 Workhorse Parade Program, San Francisco.
Mrs. C. B. Holbrook, organizer of the Bands of Mercy, which raised animal awareness in public schools, was the wife of Secretary Holbrook. The file includes correspondence, clippings, and her February 1874 copy of The Animal's Friend.
box 2, folder 2

Matthew McCurrie clippings scrapbook 1890s-1913

box 3, folder 1

Monthly Bulletin file 1908-1911

Scope and Contents

Paperbound issues of Vols. 2-5; and a board-bound file containing Vols. 1-5, together with the Bulletin's continuation as Our Animals , Vol. 5 Nos. 1-9. Each includes a typed index.
box 2, folder 3, box 3, folder 2

Pamphlets and ephemera 1908-1936

box 2, folder 4

Cockfighting correspondence 1916

Physical Description: 1 folder
box 2, folder 5

Be Kind to Animals Week clippings 1922

box 3, folder 3

Mrs. C.B. Holbrook papers 1900-1906

box 2, folder 6

Matthew McCurrie patent for lethal apparatus 1932

box 3, folder 3

Original Omar Chili pen and ink illustrations for an edition of Marshall Saunders' book, Beautiful Joe [1930s?]


Subseries 1.3 Office of the President subject files 1953-2007 bulk

Physical Description: 1 carton

Scope and Contents

Strategic plans, correspondence, clippings, reports, ephemera, and other documents, almost all from the presidencies of Richard Avenzino (1976-1998) and Edwin J. Sayers (1998-2003). There is also a small file on former President Archibald J. Cloud, who died in 1957.


Alphabetical by file topic or type.
box 4, folder 1

Adoption Pact

box 4, folder 2

Animal Care Center opening

box 4, folder 3

Archives correspondence

box 4, folder 4

Asilomar Accord

box 4, folder 5

Avanzino correspondence and documents

box 4, folder 6

Bark and Whine Ball

box 4, folder 7

Board of Directors / Trustees

box 4, folder 8

Carriage horse regulations

box 4, folder 9


box 4, folder 10

Dog fountains

box 4, folder 11

Dog shit

box 4, folder 12

Dog town meeting

box 4, folder 13

Dogs and cats, human consumption

box 4, folder 14

Feral cats on Treasure Island

box 4, folder 15

Forgotten Felines video documentary

box 4, folder 16

Forms and fliers notebook

box 4, folder 17

Historical highlights

box 4, folder 18

Horse ambulance

box 4, folder 19

Issues packet

box 4, folder 20

Lake draining

box 4, folder 21

Law and Advocacy Dept. correspondence and publications

box 4, folder 22

Live animal markets

Physical Description: 3 folders
box 4, folder 23

Long-range planning reports

box 4, folder 24

McCloud clippings and documents 1953-1957

box 4, folder 25

Maddie's Pet Adoption Center

box 4, folder 26

Mission Possible No-Kill policy

box 4, folder 27

News articles

box 4, folder 28

Off-leash dog walking in the GGNRA

Physical Description: 5 folders
box 4, folder 29

Partnerships for Life fiscal year reports

box 4, folder 30

Pit bulls

box 4, folder 31

Press releases

box 4, folder 32

Proposed year-round closure at Ft. Funston

box 4, folder 33


box 4, folder 34

Sayres biography and correspondence

box 4, folder 35

Sido Service

box 4, folder 36

Vivisection at UCSF

box 4, folder 37


box 4, folder 38


box 4, folder 39



Subseries 1.4 Membership 1868-1978 bulk

Physical Description: 6 folders
box 5, folder 1

Bylaws and membership roster book 1868-1978

box 6, folder 1

Membership register 1868-1881


Includes a few pages of officers' diary for July 30-Aug. 20, 1891, along with a small amount of correspondence.
box 6, folder 2

List of members 1896

box 6, folder 3

Membership book May 1868-July 1909

box 6, folder 4

Membership book Aug. 1920-June 1923

box 6, folder 5

Membership mailing packet 1968-1969


Subseries 1.5 Finances 1868-1932 bulk

Physical Description: 7 folders, 4 volumes
box 6, folder 6

Stockholders 1868-1895

box 6, folder 7

Cash book Oct. 1892-Feb. 1894

volume 2

Cash book June 1895-Dec. 1909

box 7, folder 1

Ledger 1899-1915

box 7, folder 2

Cash received for animals, Nov. 1, 1906-Dec. 31, 1909

volume 3

Cash book, June 1913-Dec. 1915

box 7, folder 3

Subscriptions, March 20, 1911-May 31, 1919

volume 4

Cash received and disbursed, June 1915-Apr. 1922

box 7, folder 4

Assets, 1912-1918 and 1920s

box 8

Bookkeeping hospital book, Oct. 1924-June 1928

Physical Description: 1 vol. in flat box

Scope and Contents

Fees and receipts for dog and cat examinations and treatment, baths, ambulance, hospital keep.
box 7, folder 5

Miscellaneous invoices and report on cost of administrative building, 1908 and 1932


Subseries 1.6 Reference Books 1884-1924

box 26, folder 5

Animal World: An Advocate of Humanity. Issued by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. 1884

box 27

Human Society Leaders in America: With a Sketch of the Early History of the Humane Movement in England by Sydney H. Coleman 1924


Series 2 Programs and services 1877-2009

Physical Description: 7 manuscript boxes, 10 flat boxes, 1 volume (approx. 14.5 linear feet)

Scope and Contents

Internal documents produced by or related to SF SPCA services, chiefly documentation of animal patrol, protection, rescue, and care (i.e. Officers' Diaries and Public Pound Records); together with smaller amounts of materials related to legal prosecution and programs.
Program-related publications--including fliers, posters, brochures, and audiovisual materials-- are filed in Series 3: Promotion. Program-related photographs are filed in Series 4: Photographs.


Organized by type in four subseries: 2.1 Officers' diaries; 2.2 Arrest and prosecution records; 2.3 Public Pound records; and 2.4 Program files.

Subseries 2.1 Officers' diaries 1877-1905

Physical Description: 21 volumes in 5 manuscripts boxes and 5 flat boxes

Scope and Contents

Logs kept by SF/SPCA humane officers reporting on their daily rounds. Entries describe situations encountered, including physical injuries or abuses of animals, particularly horses, along with actions taken. Also documents citations given and police court cases attended on behalf of animals that were abused or mistreated. This subseries predates the SF/SPCA taking over the duties of the City Pound in 1905.


Each volume runs June - May and includes name index in front.
box 9, folder 1


box 9, folder 2


box 9, folder 3



box 9, folder 4


box 10, folder 1


box 10, folder 2


box 10, folder 3



and May 9, 1887
box 10, folder 4


box 11, folder 1


box 11, folder 2


box 11, folder 3


box 12, folder 1



Through June 4.
box 12, folder 2


box 12, folder 3


box 13, folder 1


box 14


box 15


box 15


box 16


box 16


box 17


box 18


box 18



Subseries 2.2 Arrest and prosecution records 1878-1971

Physical Description: 2 folders, 1 volume

Scope and Contents

A volume of prosecutions compiled for the years 1878-1971, together with a folder documenting arrests and fines for 1889-1913 and a few miscellaneous case file documents from the mid-20th century.
box 1, folder 25

Record of arrests and fines collected from prosecutions March 6, 1889 - Oct. 31, 1913


Chronological by date of arrest.
volume 5

Record of prosecutions 1878-1971 bulk

Scope and Contents

Chronological documentation of cases of animal cruelty brought to trial by the SF/SPCA. Entries include name and address of the accused, nature of the offense, type of animal involved, instrument of cruelty used, name and address of complaintant and witnesses, name of arresting officer, date of trial, court where tried (mostly police court), verdict, and penalty. The volume was likely compiled from earlier records.
box 23, folder 1

Miscellaneous case file documents 1949-1970


Subseries 2.3 Public Pound Records 1897-1951

Physical Description: 7 volumes in 5 flat boxes

Biographical / Historical

In 1891, SF/SPCA Trustee John Partridge was named City Poundmaster after a citizens' petition to the Board of Supervisors received 18,000 signatures protesting abuses of animals by the City-run pound. In 1905, a court order gave the SF/SPCA full responsibility for animal control services in San Francisco. The SF/SPCA continued in this capacity until 1989, when it turned over animal control functions to the newly-created San Francisco Animal Care and Control department.

Scope and Contents

Three types of record books documenting Public Pound activities, beginning a few years after an SF/SPCA Truestee began serving as CIty Poundmaster, and continuing into the middle of the period when the SF/SPCA was fully responsible for administering the City Pound.
There is one volume recording licenses issued for dogs.
There are four consecutive volumes (1916-1951) that document dogs and cats held at the Pound; the first volume is nominally a record of dogs, with cats gaining representation by the second volume. Occasionally, other animals are included. Entries include date, breed and gender of animal, names and addresses of owners, and licensing fees collected; they may also document whether an animal was released on license, sold, destroyed, and/or held for observation by the Department of Public Health.
There are two animal stock books (1911-1946), listing large and small stock animals (horses, cows, goats) caught and apparently either killed or "redeemed," i.e. claimed. Lists when and where animal was caught and by whom, who claimed it, and payment received.
box 8

License for dogs 1897-1900

Scope and Contents

Name and address of owner, license number, type and name of dog.
box 19

Record of dogs May 1, 1916-Dec. 29, 1927

box 20

Record of dogs [and cats] Jan. 1, 1928-Dec. 22, 1938

box 20

Record of dogs and cats Dec. 16, 1939-June 21, 1946

box 21

Record of dogs and cats June 17, 1946-Sept. 27, 1951

Scope and Contents

No Subnote Content
box 22

Animal stock book Dec. 17, 1911-Jan. 27, 1919

box 22

Animal stock book Feb. 1, 1919-Oct. 26, 1946


Subseries 2.4 Program files 1920s-2009 bulk

Physical Description: 10 folders, 1 manuscripts box

Scope and Contents

Documents and files kept by SF/SPCA programs staff on specific SF/SPCA programs, including planning and training material. Most files are from the 1980s-2000; the Horse Retirement Farm file begins in the 1920s.

Related Materials

For additional material related to programs, see Series 3: Promotion and Series 4: Photographs.
box 23, folder 2

Animal Assisted Therapy 2000s

box 23, folder 3

BAASICS (Bay Area Agencies and Shelters in Common Service) 1980s or early 1990s

box 23, folder 4

Cat Behavior Program undated

box 23, folder 5

Dog training and Doggy Daycare Center 1990s-2000s

box 23, folder 6-7

Feral Cat Program 1990s-2000s

Scope and Contents

Correspondence, reports, minutes, policy documents, brochures, and a video on feral cat management. Includes materials on feral cat colonies in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA) and the maintenance yard at Golden Gate Park.
box 23, folder 8

Foster Care Program 2000s

box 23, folder 9

Friendship Program 1981

box 23, folder 10

Hearing Dog Program circa 1978-2001

Biographical / Historical

The Hearing Dog Program ran from 1978-2008.

Related Materials

For additional materials related to the Hearing Dog Program, see also Series 3: Promotion and Series 4: Photographs.
box 1, folder 26

Horse Retirement Farm 1920s-2005

Biographical / Historical

The Horse Retirement Farm is a 40-acre ranch in Sonoma County, CA, where police and fire horses, as well as burros from Golden Gate Park, go to retire. The service was started as a police horse retirement farm in 1918.

Related Materials

For additional materials on the horse retirement farm, please see also Series 4: Photographs.
box 24

Humane Education Program Animal Awareness Club curriculum 1990s


Series 3 Promotion 1905-2009

Physical Description: 53 manuscript boxes, 3 flat boxes, 3 shoeboxes, 3 folders, 1 volume, and 1 flat file (approx. 8 linear feet)

Materials Transferred

Bound and unbound copies of the SF SPCA's publication Our Animals , 1915-2009, as well as SF SPCA posters and realia, have been transferred to the San Francisco History Center's Bound Periodicals, Poster, and Realia Collections, respectively. Our Animals includes an unpublished topical index for 1976-2002.

Scope and Contents

Published and unpublished publicity, educational, advertising, and promotional materials produced by or about the SF SPCA. Includes both general and program-specific or event-specific materials. Photographic materials produced by or related to promotion and publicity are filed in Series 4: Photographs.


Organized by type into five subseries: 3.1 Clippings; 3.2 Newsletters; 3.3 Ephemera; and 3.4 Audiovisual materials; 3.5 Posters; and 3.6 Our Animals (loose copies - keep for exhibit).

Subseries 3.1 Clippings 1905-1978

Material Specific Details: HANDLE WITH CARE. Many clippings have come loose from their pages.
Physical Description: 2 manuscripts boxes, 2 flat boxes

Scope and Contents

Clippings of images used in SF SPCA publications.


Volumes are organized by the date clippings were originally used for publication. Arrangement of clippings within each volume is by "cut number." Each clipping has a number and notes indicating date used and in which publication.
box 25, folder 1


box 25, folder 2


Physical Description: In a former 1915 ledger of bills and receipts of the Pound.
box 26, volume 1


box 27

June 1974-Nov. 1977

box 28

Dec. 4, 1977-Dec. 17, 1978

box 26, folder 2

Richfield "Success Story," KGO-TV 1957

Material Specific Details: Scrapbook has been disbound and materials re-housed.

Scope and Contents

Scrapbook documenting KGO-TV's coverage of SF/SPCA on their program "Success Story." Includes clippings service clippings, [script/transcript of shots], and 8" x 10" black-and-white photographs.

Materials Transferred

One folder of photographs have been transferred to the San Francisco Historical Photograph Collection.
box 26, volume 3

Clippings used in Our Animals Magazine 1969-1974


Subseries 3.2 Newsletters 1998-2001

Physical Description: 3 folders

Related Materials

See Subseries 2.4: Program Files, for staff notebook containing The Bond , the Animal Assisted Therapy Program newsletter.

Scope and Contents

A handful of miscellaneous issues of newsletters of the Hearing Dog Program, Humane Education, and SF SPCA Volunteers.
box 23, folder 11

Animal Times (Humane Education Program) 1998

box 23, folder 12

Canine Listening Post (Hearing Dog Program) 1998-1999

box 23, folder 13

Creature Comforts (Volunteers) 2000-2001


Subseries 3.3 Ephemera 1913-2009 bulk

Physical Description: 1 manuscripts box, 1 flat box, 1 volume

Scope and Contents

Chiefly program brochures, with some pamphlets and other printed matter published for SF SPCA programs, services, and events. Most of the material is from the 1990s-2000s; however, there is included also a scrapbook containing announcements, clippings, ribbons, programs, and correspondence about SF SPCA's organization of and participation in Children's Pets Exhibitions in California in the early 1900s, particularly the one held at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition in 1915.


Files are arranged alphabetically by topic.
box 29, folder 1

Animal Wingding celebration 1996-2000

box 29, folder 2

Bark & Whine Ball 1999-2004

box 29, folder 3, volume 6

Children's Pets Exhibition scrapbook and loose ephemera 1913-1916 and 1931

box 29, folder 4

Feral Cat Program brochures 2000-2009

box 29, folder 5

Fog City Dogs undated

box 29, folder 6

Gump's Christmas Window 1987

box 29, folder 7-8

Hearing Dog Program circa 1978-2008

box 29, folder 9

Kinship with All Life conference 2000-2001

box 29, folder 10

Leanne B. Roberts Animal Care Center 2009

box 29, folder 11

Maddie's Pet Adoption Center 1990s

box 24, folder 3

Miscellaneous ephemera 1990s-2000s

box 24, folder 4

Miscellaneous pamphlets [1913]-1968

box 29, folder 12

Miscellaneous program brochures 1990s-2000s

box 29, folder 13

Open Door Program 1990s

oversize-folder 1, box 26, folder 4

Proclamations and certificates 1960s-2000s

box 29, folder 14

Spay / Neuter circa 1990s

box 29, folder 15

St. Francis Terrier Program circa 1996


The St. Francis Terrier program was introduced in 1996. The term "St. Francis terrier" is another word for pit bull. A St. Francis terrier is a pit bull who has been trained and socialized to interact at home, in public, and with other dogs.
book 29, folder 16

Website 1990s and 2002

box 29, folder 17

Work horse Parade Association entry forms undated

box 29, folder 18

Miscellaneous public relations and publications-related correspondence and ephemera 1990s-2001

box 21, oversize-folder 2

Promotional Posters of Various Events and Programs Circa 1990

box 30-31

Subseries 3.4 Audiovisual materials 1991-2009 bulk

Physical Description: 34 VHS tapes, 2 16mm films, 21 audiocassettes in 2 plastic cases, 3 DVDs, and 1 CD-ROM

Publication Rights

Various copyright holders.

Scope and Contents

Chiefly VHS videorecordings (1991-2008), along with three commercial DVDs, two 16mm films on the Hearing Dog Program, and two sets of audiocassette recordings for the the Kinship with All Life Conference (2000 and 2001). The VHS tapes consist mostly of network news segments, with a few SPCA-produced videos. Topics include pet adoption, canine behavior and training, dog bite prevention, SPCA anniversaries, cat art, shelter animals, and the opening of the Leanne B. Roberts Animal Care Center in 2009.
drawer 35, oversize-folder 1

Subseries 3.5 Posters 1911-2000s

Physical Description: 1 oversize flat file folder

Scope and Contents

Topics include: Computa-Cat and Digital Dog; SF SPCA Foster Care Program; American Red Star Animal Relief; How to Kill Animals Humanely; Bark & Whine Ball; American Humane Association 92nd Annual National Convention in 1911; assorted proclamations and certificates.
box 39-40

Subseries 3.6 Our Animals (loose copies for exhibit) 1916-1974


Series 4 Photographs circa 1890s-2009

Physical Description: 4 cartons, 1 flat box, 1 manuscript box (5 linear feet)

Scope and Contents

Photographs chiefly taken for use in SF SPCA publications, exhibits, and promotional materials, as well as for administrative purposes. Includes prints (8 x10, 5 x7, and 35 mm prints, and other sizes), proof sheets, slides, and negatives. Mostly black-and-white, with a few color.
SF SPCA building construction and vehicles; rescue, treatment, and care of animals; and shots of various types of animals, alone, together, and with human companions, are well-represented. Horses, cats, and dogs are animals most frequently pictured in the collection. Specific SF SPCA programs and events--particularly the Hearing Dog Program and Poochie Parade--are represented to a lesser but still significant extent. Another highlight of this series is an album of photographs of the Work Horse Parade of 1909.
Most of the animal subject files are from the mid-late 20th century. Older photographs, going back to the 19th and early 20th century, are clustered in the Ambulances and vehicles, Buildings, Cruelty, and Horses files.


Photographs were originally received in a partially-organized state: some were in labeled folders, and some were loose. Some folders were marked "Administration," "Program," or "Promotion/Events," with subheadings specifying subject, program, or event. "Administration" often had the subheading "Historical misc." Other folders were labeled with different handwriting, inks, or types of folder, indicating that they may have been organized later or by a different department.
For consistency, the following system of arrangement has been supplied: Where images have been identified (via original order, visual evidence, and/or received notation) as pertaining to a particular SF SPCA program, promotional campaign, or event, they are filed under a heading by that name; otherwise, images are arranged according to animal or general subject. Formats are interfiled.


Scope and Contents

Presidents Charles W. Friedrichs, Richard Avanzino (1976-1998), Ed Sayers (1998-2003); Secretary Matthew McCurrie; and miscellaneous Board members, trustees, and benefactors, both identified and unidentified.
8x10, 5x7 portraits and group shots, with a few smaller snapshots or cropped prints; black-and-white from the 1950s-1970s, with some color prints from the 1990s-2000s. A few proof sheets and negatives. Includes a set of 4x6 color snapshots of Ed Sayres at work with cats from 1998. Includes a few shots of SPCA administrators from outside San Francisco.


Arranged by office, then roughly chronological.
box 33, folder 1


box 33, folder 2, box 37

Miscellaneous people



box 33, folder 3

Charles W. Friedrichs

box 33, folder 4

Richard Avanzino

box 33, folder 5

Ed Sayres

box 33, folder 6

Secretary Matthew McCurrie

box 33, folder 7

Adopted cat correspondence 2001-2006

box 33, folder 8

Adoption outreach 1968-1998


Ambulances and vehicles circa 1880s-1960s

Scope and Contents

Horse ambulances, small animal ambulances, motorized ambulances, ambulance vans, Public Pound ambulances, and other official SPCA horse-drawn and motorized vehicles of the 19th and 20th centuries, serving the animal shelter, hospital, and officers. Includes the first motorized ambulance from 1915.
Includes 8x10, 5x7, and smaller black-and-white prints, with a few proof sheets and negatives.
box 33, folder 9, box 37

Ambulances, general

box 33, folder 10

Horse ambulances

Related Materials

Horse ambulances used in World War I are filed under "War."
box 33, folder 11

Miscellaneous vehicles

box 33, folder 12

Small animal ambulances

box 37, box 33, folder 13

American Humane Association National Convention 1911

box 33, folder 14-16

Angel Island deer feeding, relocation, and sterilization 1976-1984

box 33, folder 17

Animal Assisted Therapy 1979-1989

box 33, folder 18

Animal Wingding

box 33, folder 19

Animals with animals

box 33, folder 20


Scope and Contents

Includes materials on the SF SPCA 100th, 125th, and 135th anniversaries.
box 33, folder 21

Award recipients

box 33, folder 22

Bark & Whine Ball


Behavior and training circa 1980s-1990s

box 33, folder 23

Flyball intermediate course (dog training)

box 33, folder 24


box 33, folder 25

Boys Week Parade


Buildings 1890s-1998

Scope and Contents

Photos of the two wood buildings at 16th and Alabama that were erected in 1890, the addition of an animal hospital in 1924; and the replacement of the original buildings in the late 1920s/early 1930s with a block-long Spanish Mission-style concrete building. Some building photographs feature vehicles parked in front. The Mission-style additon includes administration, kennel, and garage.
The bulk of the buildings files document the construction and opening of the New Memorial Animal Shelter of 1962-1963, which includes press photographs featuring people and animals. The construction and opening of Maddie's Pet Adoption Center in 1998 is also represented. Formats include 8 x 10 and 5 x 7 black-and-white prints, proof sheets, 35mm color prints, and smaller prints in various dimensions in both black-and-white and color; also a few 4 x 5 negatives; strip negatives (many with corresponding prints and many unidentified); and a few slides.
Photographs of the exhibition building erected for the Panama-Pacific International Exposition is filed under "Panama-Pacific International Exposition."
box 37, box 33, folder 26

Original headquarters at Alabama and 16th Streets (Animals' Home and kennel)

box 33, folder 27

Animal hospital circa 1924


Maddie's Pet Adoption Center 1998

box 33, folder 28

Maddie's, general

box 33, folder 29-30

Maddie's construction

box 33, folder 31

Maddie's opening gala

box 33, folder 32

Maddie's cat apartments

box 33, folder 33

Mission-style additions (constructed 1926-1932)


New Memorial Animal Shelter circa 1963

box 37, box 33, folder 34

New Memorial Animal Shelter-- general

Scope and Contents

Includes in situ shots of staff and clientele at work in the building.
box 33, folder 35

New Memorial Animal Shelter-- opening

box 33, folder 36-39

New Memorial Animal Shelter-- construction circa 1963

box 33, folder 40

New animal hospital circa 1968

box 33, folder 41

Leanne B. Roberts Animal Care Center

box 33, folder 42

Butterflies, Monarch

box 33, folder 43

Canvassing circa 1970s

box 33, folder 44

Cat-o-rama 1980s



box 34, folder 1-3, box 37


box 34, folder 4


box 34, folder 5

Cats--P. C. Catt


Cats and dogs together

box 34, folder 6

Cats and dogs together--general

box 34, folder 7

Cats and dogs together (photographer Jane Lindtz)

box 34, folder 8

Cats and people

box 34, folder 9

Celebrities 1980s-1990s

box 34, folder 10

Charitable Chow circa 1990s

box 34, folder 11

Children and pets

box 34, folder 12

Children's Pets Exhibition

box 34, folder 13

Cinderella cats 1987-1990s


Cinderella cats and dogs are rescued and medically rehabilitated by the SPCA so that they are adoptable. Funded by the Cinderella Fund, supported by CLAW.
box 34, folder 14

Cinderella dogs 1987-1990s


No Subnote Content

Circus and other captive animals

box 34, folder 15

Circus and other captive animals--Pennie the Elephant, San Francisco Zoo

box 34, folder 16

Circus and other captive animals--general

box 34, folder 17

C.L.A.W. (Critter Lovers at Work) 1980s-1990s

box 34, folder 18

Coupon clipping undated

box 34, folder 19

Critical Mutts



box 34, folder 20


box 34, folder 21-22

Cruelty to horses

box 34, folder 23

Dial-a-Cat undated

box 34, folder 24

Dog fighting

box 34, folder 25

Doggie Daycare circa 1990s

box 37


box 34, folder 26-27


box 34, folder 28

Dogs--Emily, hero dog

box 34, folder 29

Dogs--Lady, the two-legged dog

box 34, folder 30

Dogs and people

box 34, folder 31

Donations 1949-1993

Scope and Contents

Mostly automobiles.
box 34, folder 32


box 34, folder 33


box 34, folder 34

Exotic pets

box 34, folder 35

Fake fur circa 1931

box 34, folder 36

Farm animals


Feral cat program 1990s

box 34, folder 37

Feral cat program--general

box 34, folder 38

Feral cat program--Land's End

box 34, folder 39

Film stills 1919-1970s

box 35, folder 1


box 35, folder 2

Food giveaway 1985-1989

box 35, folder 3

Foster care circa 1980s-1990s

box 35, folder 4

Great SF/SPCA Cat and Dog Fair 1987

box 35, folder 5

Grooming school 1980s


the Grooming School, also referred to as the Grooming College, was started in 1979.
box 35, folder 6


box 37, box 35, folder 7-11

Hearing Dog Program circa 1978-2008

Scope and Contents

Includes advertising campaign shots of Penny the hearing dog next to a rotary phone; 8x10 and 5x7 shots of individuals, couples, and families with their hearing dogs; and several 8x10 color shots of individuals with their hearing dogs, showing the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

Holiday Windows 1987-1990s

Scope and Contents

Includes a folder of the first Holiday Window, at Gump's in 1987.
box 35, folder 12

Holiday Windows--general

box 35, folder 13

Holiday Windows--Gumps 1987

box 35, folder 14

Holiday Windows Neiman Marcus Dec. 1999

box 35, folder 15

Holidays undated

box 35, folder 16-17

Horse Retirement Farm circa 1918-1960s

Scope and Contents

Horse retirement farm photos include Charlie, "the last pensioned fire horse," as well as burros.
box 35, folder 18-19, box 37


box 35, folder 20, box 37

Humane Education Program 1990s

box 35, folder 21

Humane officers 1900s

box 35, folder 22

Kennel (interior)

box 35, folder 23


box 35, folder 24

Lethal chamber

box 35, folder 25


box 35, folder 26


box 37

Mountain lion

box 35, folder 27


box 37

National Humane Alliance Fountain dedication 1911

box 35, folder 28


box 35, folder 29

Panama-Pacific International Exposition (PPIE)

box 35, folder 30


box 35, folder 31

PetCam Baseball March 26, 1999

box 35, folder 32

Pet Overpopulation Assembly circa 1980s

box 35, folder 33

Pet personnel

box 35, folder 34-35

Petwalk 1989-1990s

box 36, folder 1

Photo contest 2002

box 36, folder 2


box 36, folder 3-5

Poochie Parade 1985-1987

box 36, folder 6

Poster contest 2002

box 36, folder 7


box 36, folder 8

Press conferences undated

box 36, folder 9


box 36, folder 10


box 36, folder 11


box 36, folder 12


box 36, folder 13


box 36, folder 14-15, box 37

Rescues circa 1930s-1990s

box 36, folder 16

Rescues, 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake

box 36, folder 17

Richfield "Success Story" KGO-TV 1957

box 36, folder 18


book 36, folder 19

Rodeos 1960s

box 36, folder 20

Ruth Asawa Fountain June 1973

box 36, folder 21

Santa PAWS fundraiser

box 36, folder 22

Seals and sea lions

box 36, folder 23

Seniors and pets

box 36, folder 24


Scope and Contents

Bullet-proof vests for K-9 dogs (1998), Mounted Police unit (various dates).
box 36, folder 25

Sido 1980s

box 36, folder 26


box 36, folder 27


box 36, folder 28

Spay-Neuter Program, including Feral Fix circa 1990s

box 36, folder 29

SPCA staff pets

box 36, folder 30


box 36, folder 31

St. Francis Terrier Program 1990s

box 36, folder 32

Summer Camp 1990s

box 36, folder 33

Super Pet Sunday May 8, 1988

box 36, folder 34


box 36, folder 35


box 36, folder 36


box 36, folder 37

Veterinary care circa 1940s-2003

box 36, folder 38

Volunteers 1980s-2009 (bulk 1980s) bulk

box 36, folder 39


Scope and Contents

Includes American Red Star Relief in World War I.
box 36, folder 40


box 36, folder 41

Work Horse parade 1909

box 36, folder 42

Miscellaneous slides

box 36, folder 43

Miscellaneous CD-ROMs

box 36, folder 44

Unidentified photographs and slides undated

box 38

Various Photographs (Duplicates)

box 32

Series 5 Realia

Physical Description: 1 carton (1 linear foot)

Scope and Contents

Assorted pins, humane officer badges, a centennial flag, Hearing Dog Program items, and a framed sheet of Spay/Neuter postage stamps from 2002.