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Overview of the Collection

Title: Charles Victor Hall Lantern Slide Collection of California Views
Dates (inclusive): approximately 1875
Collection Number: photCL 521
Creator: Hall, Charles Victor, 1854-1933
Extent: 166 lantern slides and 3 copy negatives in 4 boxes: slides 8 x 8 cm. (3.25 x 3.25 in.)
Repository: The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens. Photo Archives
1151 Oxford Road
San Marino, California 91108
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Abstract: These lantern slides depict urban, agricultural, and nature scenes of California in the 1870s. The slides acted as a visual accompaniment to real estate developer Charles Victor Hall’s traveling lecture promoting California's resources and benefits, aimed to encourage New Englanders and Europeans to relocate to California. This collection is significant in its images of Native Americans in California, mainly in the Yosemite area, and views of prospecting and mining.
Language: English.


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Gift of Mrs. Charles V. Hall on January 24, 1935.

Biographical Note

Charles Victor Hall (1854-1933) was born in 1854 in San Francisco, California, but grew up in Los Angeles. He was a precocious student, giving the valedictory at Los Angeles Grammar School on November 25, 1869. As a young man, he wrote poems and articles for local newspapers. From 1876 to 1880, he edited and published his own Hall’s Land Journal, promoting the agriculture and resources of Southern California. Around this time, Hall created a lantern slide lecture about California and its climate, agriculture, trade, and industry; he traveled to the Eastern United States and Europe with the aim that his lecture would persuade people to immigrate to California, bringing with them their families and businesses. Hall later worked as a real estate agent in Los Angeles before trying his hand in the oil industry. After successfully drilling a number of oil wells at Olinda Ranch in Brea, California, Hall retired to his ranch at Buena, California in 1912 and passed away in 1933.
Note on sources: typescript dictation of Charles Victor Hall from Miscellaneous California Dictations, ca. 1887-1889   at the Bancroft Library, U. C. Berkeley (BANC MSS CD 810:171); and Hall's Scrapbooks at the Huntington Library (see Related Materials).

Scope and Content of Collection

This collection of 166 lantern slides depicting urban, agricultural, and nature scenes of California in the 1870s were created by real estate developer Charles Victor Hall as a visual accompaniment to his traveling lecture promoting California’s resources and benefits. The lecture aimed to encourage New Englanders and Europeans to relocate to California. The majority of the lantern slides depict scenes from northern California, including Yosemite National Park and San Francisco. Some southern California views are also shown, including San Diego and Los Angeles County. Other slides of interest are views of the California ranches of F.P.F. Temple, Ellwood Cooper, F.D. Bacon, Maria Sepulveda, L.J. Rose Jr. (and family), and H.H. Moore. Portraits of General John C. Fremont and actress Maude Granger are also featured in the collection.
This collection is significant in its images of Native Americans in California, mainly in the Yosemite area; see slides (56), (60), (64), (66), (67), (68), and (74). Many of the images were possibly photographed by Bradley & Rulofson, as stated in newspaper clippings from 1874-75, found in Hall’s scrapbooks. In addition, Hall said that he purchased his "views and instruments" from Houseworth & Co. ( The Morning Call, Sept. 23, 1874, p. 14). The images were most likely taken by several different photographers, including Carleton Watkins and Eadweard Muybridge.
In addition to the lantern slides, three copy negatives depicting the logging industry are also included (Items 219-221). There is also a printing plate portrait of Charles Victor Hall(item 222), and a few photographs: portraits of Charles Victor Hall and his wife Josephine Dalton, and views of his residence in Los Angeles (items 223 - 227)..


Items arranged numerically according to the original slide numbers assigned by Charles Victor Hall.

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Indexing Terms

The following terms have been used to index the description of this collection in the Huntington Library's Online Catalog.  
Bank of California -- Photographs. -- Photographs.
California State Capitol (Sacramento, Calif.) -- Photographs.
Cliff House (San Francisco, Calif.) -- Photographs.
Geysers—California -- Photographs.
Hotels -- Photographs.
Indians of North America—California -- Photographs.
Logging -- Photographs.
Mercantile Library Association (San Francisco, Calif.) -- Photographs.
Mills Seminary -- Photographs.
Mineral industries -- Photographs.
Mission San Gabriel Arcangel (San Gabriel, Calif.) -- Photographs.
Miwok Indians -- Photographs.
Orchards -- Photographs.
Paiute Indians -- Photographs.
Prospecting -- Photographs.
Quartz mines and mining -- Photographs.
Ranches -- Photographs.
Rock formations—California -- Photographs.
San Buenaventura Mission -- Photographs.
San Diego Mission -- Photographs.
Santa Barbara Mission -- Photographs.
Sweatbaths -- Photographs.
Telegraph Hill (San Francisco, Calif.) -- Photographs.
Trees -- Photographs.
Union Pacific Railroad Company -- Photographs.
Vineyards -- Photographs.
Wineries -- Photographs.
Woodward’s Gardens (San Francisco, Calif.) -- Photographs.
Bierstadt, Albert, 1830-1902 -- Photographs.
Frémont, John Charles, 1813-1890 -- Photographs.
Granger, Maude, 1850 or 51-1928 -- Photographs.
Hall, Charles Victor, 1852-1933 -- Photographs.
Temple, Francis Pliny F., 1821-1880 -- Photographs.
Rose, L. J. (Leonard John), 1827-1899 -- Photographs.
Alcatraz Island (Calif.) -- Photographs.
Bridalveil Fall (Calif.) -- Photographs.
California State Prison at San Quentin -- Photographs.
Calistoga (Calif.) -- Photographs.
Cathedral Spires (Calif.) -- Photographs.
Donner Lake (Calif.) -- Photographs.
El Capitan (Calif.) -- Photographs.
Farallon Islands (Calif.) -- Photographs.
Glacier Point (Calif.) -- Photographs.
Half Dome (Calif.) -- Photographs.
Los Angeles (Calif.) -- Photographs.
Mariposa County (Calif.) -- Photographs.
Sacramento (Calif.) -- Photographs.
San Diego (Calif.) -- Photographs.
San Francisco (Calif.) -- Photographs.
Santa Rosa Island (Calif.) -- Photographs.
Sierra Nevada (Calif. and Nev.) -- Photographs.
Tamalpais, Mount (Calif.) -- Photographs.
Truckee River (Calif. and Nev.) -- Photographs.
Wasatch Range (Utah and Idaho) -- Photographs.
Yerba Buena Island (Calif.) -- Photographs.
Yosemite Falls (Calif.) -- Photographs.
Yosemite National Park (Calif.) -- Photographs.
Lantern slides.
Printing plate.

Collection Contents


Container List


Slides are numbered with the original numbers assigned by Charles Victor Hall, so there are some gaps in the list. Item titles primarily transcribed from handwritten labels on the plates; titles supplied by cataloger are indicated by brackets.
Box 1

Lantern slides 1-65

Box 1, Item 1

Falls of the Yosemite

Box 1, Item 2

Summit Tuloowack Falls, Yosemite

Box 1, Item 3

Cliff House, San Francisco

Box 1, Item 6

Sunset, Mount Tamalpais, Marin Co.

Box 1, Item 8

Trestle constructed by Union Pacific between Promontory and Blue Creek, Utah

Box 1, Item 9

First quartz mill, 1851. Amador City

Box 1, Item 11

Tutokanula from Moonlight Rock, Yosemite Valley

Box 1, Item 12

Century Plant, Los Angeles

Box 1, Item 13

Forest Giant, Mariposa Grove, Mariposa Co.

Box 1, Item 15

Merchant’s Exchange, California St., San Francisco

Box 1, Item 16

California Street, East from Webb Street, San Francisco

Box 1, Item 17

Clara Harris

Box 1, Item 19

Tunnel No. 15, looking west, C.P.R.R., Calif.

Box 1, Item 20

Seal Rocks from Cliff House, San Francisco

Box 1, Item 21

Steamer “El Capitan,” San Francisco Bay

Box 1, Item 22

Mercantile Library, Interior, San Francisco

Box 1, Item 23

Military post at Goat Island, San Francisco

Box 1, Item 25

Prospecting party

Box 1, Item 26

Woodward’s Gardens, San Francisco [View of stuffed tiger]

Box 1, Item 27

Gardens, Alcatraz Island, San Francisco Bay

Box 1, Item 29

Midday rest [same group as prospectors party]

Box 1, Item 30

Sacramento Capitol

Box 1, Item 31

Mission of San Diego

Box 1, Item 32

Woodward’s Gardens, San Francisco [View of camels]

Box 1, Item 33

Yachting on San Francisco Bay

Box 1, Item 34

Birds at Woodward’s Gardens, San Francisco

Box 1, Item 35

Mills Seminary, Seminary Park, Alameda Co.

Box 1, Item 36

Gardens. Alcatraz Island, San Francisco

Box 1, Item 38

Bacchus by Halernpre [Statue of Bacchus]

Box 1, Item 39

Woodward’s Gardens, San Francisco

Box 1, Item 41

Fording Pluto Creek, Sonoma Co.

Box 1, Item 42

Pluto Creek Bridge, Sonoma Co.

Box 1, Item 45

The Murr Bridge, Farralones Island

Box 1, Item 46

Cactus on Mexican territory

Box 1, Item 47

Lumber Hill, Rocky Glen, Truckee River [Men at lumber mill]

Box 1, Item 49

Calistoga Springs. Wheat field, Napa Co.

Box 1, Item 51

Falls of the Yosemite

Box 1, Item 53

Bridal Veil Falls, Yosemite Valley

Box 1, Item 54

“Bridal Veil,” Yosemite Valley

Box 1, Item 55

Reflection of the Domes in the Merced, Yosemite Valley

Box 1, Item 56

Morning concert on the Merced River, Yosemite Valley [Indian gathering]

Box 1, Item 57

Contemplation Rock, Glacier Pt., Yosemite

Box 1, Item 58

Hunto (Washington Column) Yosemite

Box 1, Item 59

The Domes, Yosemite Valley

Box 1, Item 60

Medicine Man asleep, Yosemite [Indian man sleeping]

Box 1, Item 61

The Sentinel, Yosemite Valley [Sentinel Dome]

Box 1, Item 62

“Bridal Veil,” Yosemite Valley

Box 1, Item 63

Bath House [Indian sweat house or sweatbath] in the Yosemite

Box 1, Item 64

Log of Piute Bucks [Paiute Indian men]

Box 1, Item 65

Conejo Ranch, Ventura Co.

Box 2

Lantern slides 66-130

Box 2, Item 66

Indian group, Yosemite Valley [Duplicate of #56]

Box 2, Item 67

Bierstadt’s studio, Yosemite [Albert Bierstadt painting outdoors with Indians]

Box 2, Item 68

Indian encampment, Merced, Yosemite

Box 2, Item 69

Half Dome from Glacier Point, Yosemite

Box 2, Item 70

El Capitan, Yosemite

Box 2, Item 71

Bridal Veil Falls, Yosemite

Box 2, Item 72

Cathedral Spires, Yosemite

Box 2, Item 73

Matillija Baths, Ventura Co.

Box 2, Item 74

Work in the Yosemite [Indian men sleeping]

Box 2, Item 75

F.P.F. Temple’s house, Viejo, Los Angeles Co.

Box 2, Item 76

Santa Barbara Mission [interior view]

Box 2, Item 77

El Choro Falls, San Luis Obispo Co.

Box 2, Item 78

Elwood Cooper’s Ranch, Santa Barbara Co.

Box 2, Item 79

Lemon tree, Camulos Ranch, Ventura Co.

Box 2, Item 80

Grapevine, Santa Barbara Co. (Montecito)

Box 2, Item 81

San Luis Obispo, looking north

Box 2, Item 82

Elwood Cooper’s Ranch at Santa Barbara Co.

Box 2, Item 83

Elwood Cooper’s Ranch, Santa Barbara Co.

Box 2, Item 84

Devil’s Tea Kettle, Geyser Springs, Sonoma Co. [cartoon devil drawn on photo]

Box 2, Item 85

Group at the Geysers, Sonoma Co.

Box 2, Item 89

General John C. Fremont [portrait]

Box 2, Item 92

Yosemite summit

Box 2, Item 93

Tisayack (Half Dome), Yosemite

Box 2, Item 95

Tisayack (Half Dome), Yosemite

Box 2, Item 96

Keystone State Quartz Mill, Amador City

Box 2, Item 97

Cascade Avenue, Yosemite

Box 2, Item 98

The Third Fall, Yosemite

Box 2, Item 99

F.D. Bacon’s Ranch, San Gabriel

Box 2, Item 100

Will Tell’s seaside retreat, Los Angeles Co.

Box 2, Item 101

Ventura Mission

Box 2, Item 102

Anaheim—Dreyfus’ Vineyard

Box 2, Item 103

Mongolian Flat, 1849—Celestial Diggings [Miner with rocker in stream]

Box 2, Item 105

Woodward’s Gardens, San Francisco

Box 2, Item 106

[Chinese man] panning out [panning for gold]

Box 2, Item 107

Woodward’s Gardens, San Francisco [Bears]

Box 2, Item 108

Barrett [Broken slide]

Box 2, Item 109

[View of big tree] [Broken]

Box 2, Item 111

Quartz crushing mill, Amador City (?)

Box 2, Item 113

Threshing, Steele Ranch, San Luis Obispo Co.

Box 2, Item 115

Bank of California, San Francisco

Box 2, Item 117

San Pedro Point, Los Angeles Co.

Box 2, Item 118

Dreyfus Vineyard, Anaheim

Box 2, Item 120

Child’s orange grove, Los Angeles

Box 2, Item 121

Trinity Church, Jewish Synagogue, San Francisco

Box 2, Item 123

Orange branch, Child’s Ranch, Los Angeles [Branch laden with oranges]

Box 2, Item 124

Horton House, San Diego [Interior view of restaurant]

Box 2, Item 126

Workman’s vineyard, Los Angeles Co.

Box 2, Item 128

Los Angeles [View of city]

Box 2, Item 129

San Gabriel Mission

Box 2, Item 130

Guardian of the Temple, Chinese Joss House, San Francisco

Box 3

Lantern slides 132-197

Box 3, Item 132

Wadsworth on Truckee River (?)

Box 3, Item 138

Trout fishing on Pluton Creek, Sonoma Co.

Box 3, Item 139

Nevada Falls, Yosemite

Box 3, Item 142

Humboldt Palisades, C.P.R.R.—Looking west [Man standing by river and rocks. Photograph taken from railway?]

Box 3, Item 143

Humboldt Palisades, C.P.R.R.—Looking west [View of railroad tracks]

Box 3, Item 144

Humboldt Palisades, C.P.R.R.—Looking west [View of railroad tracks running by cliffs]

Box 3, Item 145

Map of California and Nevada

Box 3, Item 146

Reflection of the Domes in Merced River, Yosemite

Box 3, Item 149

Prospecting party [Same group of men as in (25) and (29)]

Box 3, Item 150

Petrified oyster shells, San Antonio Creek, Ventura Co.

Box 3, Item 151

Rose’s orange avenue, San Gabriel [Photo of L. J. Rose Jr. and family]

Box 3, Item 153

Wasatch Mts., Utah

Box 3, Item 154

Los Angeles High School, 1873, where County Court House now stands—from Broadway Hill?

Box 3, Item 155

Woodward’s Gardens, San Francisco [Chinese tumblers]

Box 3, Item 156

Maria Sepulveda’s Ranch, Wilmington

Box 3, Item 157

Santa Barbara Mission

Box 3, Item 159

Matillija Canyon, Ventura Co.

Box 3, Item 160

Santa Barbara harbor from the Mesa [Mexican or Indian family in foreground]

Box 3, Item 161

San Buena Ventura [town]

Box 3, Item 162

Santa Rosa Island, H.H. Moore’s Ranch

Box 3, Item 163

San Quentin Prison

Box 3, Item 164

Sycamore trees, Santa Barbara Co.

Box 3, Item 165

Military exercise on Goat Island

Box 3, Item 166

Bancroft’s Block, Market St., San Francisco

Box 3, Item 167

The Old Rocker [Miner working in ditch with machine]

Box 3, Item 168

Montgomery St., San Francisco (north from California St.)

Box 3, Item 169

Ordnance Yard, Alcatraz Island, San Francisco Bay

Box 3, Item 170

Bear River Crossing, C.P.R.R.

Box 3, Item 171

Elwood Cooper’s ranch house, Santa Barbara Co.

Box 3, Item 172

San Francisco [cannon at Fort Point]

Box 3, Item 174

Utah Central R.R. Weber River near Ogden, Utah—Wasatch Mts.

Box 3, Item 175

Telegraph Hill, San Francisco

Box 3, Item 176

San Francisco—Grand Hotel at Market, Montgomery and 2nd Sts.

Box 3, Item 177

San Diego—looking west [H.T. Payne panorama? Creek]

Box 3, Item 178

San Diego—looking southwest [H.T. Payne panorama? Creek]

Box 3, Item 180

California St., San Francisco

Box 3, Item 181

Looking toward the geysers from the hotel (Calistoga, Ca.)

Box 3, Item 182

U.S. Coast Survey Brig. Puget Sound

Box 3, Item 183

Devil’s Tea Kettle, the Geysers, Sonoma Co.

Box 3, Item 184

Gardens of Calistoga Springs Hotel, Napa Co.

Box 3, Item 186

Santa Rosa Island [prickly pear cacti]

Box 3, Item 187

Devil’s Peak from Palisade Lake, Sierra Nevada Mts.

Box 3, Item 188

Boundary Monument, San Diego

Box 3, Item 189

Studies of trees

Box 3, Item 190

[Chinese man and man in bowler hat] panning out [panning for gold]

Box 3, Item 191

Mission gardens, San Diego

Box 3, Item 192

North Beach and Goat Island, San Francisco Bay

Box 3, Item 194

Maude Granger [Stage actress]

Box 3, Item 195

On the trail to Piwyack, Yosemite

Box 3, Item 196

Palisade Lake, Sierra Nevada Mts.

Box 3, Item 197

Lake Donner, Sierra Nevada Mts.

Box 4

Lantern slides 203-218; copy negatives 219-221; and prints 222-227

Box 4, Item 203

Buena Vista Vineyard, Sonoma Co.

Box 4, Item 204

Buena Vista Vineyard, Sonoma Co.

Box 4, Item 205

Buena Vista Vineyard, Sonoma Co.

Box 4, Item 206

Buena Vista Vineyard, Sonoma Co.

Box 4, Item 207

Buena Vista Vineyard, Sonoma Co.

Box 4, Item 208

Gardens, Calistoga Springs Hotel

Box 4, Item 209

Hydraulic mining, Chinese claim, Yreka

Box 4, Item 210

Seal Rocks, San Francisco [Badly scratched]

Box 4, Item 211

Woodward’s Gardens, San Francisco [Badly scratched]

Box 4, Item 212

Yosemite Falls

Box 4, Item 214

Vernal Falls of the Yosemite Valley (Piwyack Cave)

Box 4, Item 215

A Yosemite tourist

Box 4, Item 216

Summit of Piwyack (Vernal Falls), Yosemite

Box 4, Item 217

Falls of the Yosemite

Box 4, Item 218

Piwyack (Vernal Falls), Yosemite

Box 4, Item 219

[Men with logs on train]

Copy negative; original not in collection.
Box 4, Item 220

[Men with logs on train]

Copy negative; original not in collection.
Box 4, Item 221

[Men accompanying logs pulled by oxen]

Copy negative; original not in collection.
Box 4, Item 222

(metal printing plate) Portrait of Charles Victor Hall

Box 4, Item 223

(photographic print) Portrait of Charles Victor Hall

Box 4, Item 224

(photographic print) Portrait of Josephine Dalton Hall

Box 4, Item 225-227

(photographic prints) Residence of C.V. Hall (Hall appears in one photograph)