Guide to the Beverley Jackson Photograph Collection AR.2013.076

Chris S. Ervin CA
First edition
Gledhill Library
136 E. De La Guerra
Santa Barbara, California 93101

Contributing Institution: Gledhill Library
Title: Jackson (Beverley) Photograph Collection
Creator: Jackson, Beverley, 1928-2020
source: Jackson, Beverley, 1928-2020
Identifier/Call Number: AR.2013.076
Physical Description: 710 Photographic Prints
Physical Description: 431 Negatives (Photographs)
Date (inclusive): 1968-2020
Abstract: The Beverley Jackson Photograph Collection contains photographs of well-known people including actors, artists, architects, athletes, authors, chefs, dancers, musicians, talk show hosts, royalty, and philanthropists. These black and white enlargements were taken by Santa Barbara News-Press society writer Beverley Jackson and illustrate the events chronicled in her "By The Way" newspaper columns.
Language of Material: English .

Scope and Contents

The Beverley Jackson Photograph Collection contains hundreds of black and white photographs of Santa Barbara personalities and events taken by Beverley Jackson, society columnist for the Santa Barbara News-Press from 1968 to 1992. The collection also contains includes photographs taken during the 1984 Olympic events held in Santa Barbara and travel photos of locations in the United States and foreign countries. The collection includes written materials.

Biographical / Historical

Beverley Jackson was the Santa Barbara News-Press society writer from 1968 to 1992, documenting the gatherings of celebrities and local personalities for 25 years. As a participant in Santa Barbara's social scene, her "By The Way..." column provided that perspective in vivid detail to her readers.
In later years, Jackson started one of the major collections of antique Chinese clothing in the United States and became the Santa Barbara Historical Museum's curator of Asian art.
Originally from Beverly Hills, Berverley Jackson read more than 600 books on China, eventually writing seven nonfiction books and self-publishing her first novel.
Jackson went on to write for two other Santa Barbara periodicals, the Santa Barbara Independent and VOICE, continuing to contribute stories until four months before her death in August 2020.


The Beverley Jackson Photograph Collection is arranged in seven series:
1) People by name, undated
2) People by date, 1963-1990
3) People unknown, undated
4) People in color, undated
5) Places, undated
6) Olympic events in Santa Barbara, 1984
7) Negatives, 1971-1976

Immediate Source of Acquisition

The materials were acquired from Beverley Jackson.

Related Materials

Beverley Jackson Newspaper Columns, AR-2020-003, Gledhill Library, Santa Barbara Historical Museum, Santa Barbara, California.

Processing Information

The Beverley Jackson Photograph Collection was processed by Gina Sheeks in November 2020.

Preferred Citation

[Identification of file], Beverley Jackson Photograph Collection, AR-2013-076, Gledhill Library, Santa Barbara Historical Museum, Santa Barbara, California.

Conditions Governing Access

Collection is open for research.

Conditions Governing Use

Property rights reside with the Santa Barbara Historical Museum. For permissions to reproduce or to publish, please contact the Head Archivist of the Gledhill Library.


Jackson, Beverley. "By The Way...". Santa Barbara News-Press (Santa Barbara, CA), 1968-1994.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Gossip columnists
Travel photography
World War, 1939-1945 -- Veterans
Jackson, Beverley, 1928-2020
Adams, Jack (John Howard), 1918-2014
Allen, Steve, 1921-2000
Anderson, Judith, 1897-1992
Andrews, Dana, 1909-1992
Arlen, Richard, 1900-1976
Armstrong, Herbert W., 1892-1986
Baker, Jack (Jack Henderson), 1925-2011
Balch, Don (Donald Luther), 1917-1995
Beard, James, 1903-1985
Beatty, Warren, 1937-
Bergen, Edgar, 1903-1978
Bernier, Rosamond, 1916-2016
Bisset, Jacqueline, 1944-
Block, Leigh B., 1905-1987
Boardman, Eleanor, 1898-1991
Bolduan, Nils, Dr. (Nils William), 1907-1993
Bolger, Ray, 1904-1987
Bowe, Rosemarie, 1932-2019
Bradbury, Ray, 1920-2012
Bridges, Lloyd, 1913-1998
Buckley, William F., Jr., 1925-2008
Bujones, Fernando, 1955-2005
Burpee, David, 1893-1980
Bush, George, 1924-2018
Caen, Herb, 1916-1997
Caldwell, Erskine, 1903-1987
Carey, Harry, Jr., 1921-2012
Cassini, Igor, 1915-2002
Chase, Pearl, Miss, 1888-1979
Cheadle, Vernon I. (Vernon Irvin), 1910-1995
Child, Julia, 1912-2004
Child, Paul, 1902-1994
Christian, Linda, 1923-2011
Church, Tony, 1930-2008
Clark, Roger, 1908-1978
Coburn, James, 1928-2002
Collins, Jackie, 1937-2015
Conrad, Barnaby, 1922-2013
Curletti, Rosario Andrea, Miss, 1913-1986
Daily, Marla, 1950-
Dance, Charles, 1946-
De Havilland, Olivia, 1916-2020
Diller, Phyllis, 1917-2012
Douglas, Gordon, 1907-1993
Douglas, Mike, 1920-2006
Dru, Joanne, 1923-1996
Ebsen, Buddy, 1908-2003
Elizabeth, Queen of Great Britain, II, 1926-
Erdman, Paul, 1932-2007
Faletti, Reginald (Reginald Michael), 1902-1989
Ferrer, Mel, 1917-2008
Ferrer, José, 1912-1992
Flagg, Fannie, 1944-
Fonda, Jane, 1937-
Gabor, Eva, 1921-1995
Gabor, Zsa Zsa, 1917-2016
Gilot, Françoise, 1921-
Godunov, Alexander, 1949-1995
Goldsmith, Barbara, 1931-2016
Goodman, Benny, 1909-1986
Gordon, Gale, 1906-1995
Grant, Cary, 1904-1986
Hammond, John, 1910-1987
Hayden, Tom, 1939-2016
Head, Edith, 1897-1981
Heston, Charlton, 1923-2008
Hope, Bob, 1903-2003
Hughey, Liz (Elizabeth Boon), 1925-2020
Huston, Anjelica, 1951-
Ireland, John, 1914-1992
Ives, Burl, 1909-1995
Jacobi, Derek, 1938-
Jagger, Bianca, 1945-
Jellicoe, Patricia Christine, Countess of, 1920-
Karsh, Yousuf, 1908-2002
Kaye, Danny, 1911-1987
Kennedy, Edward M. (Edward Moore), 1932-2009
Krantz, Judith, 1928-2019
Lamas, Fernando, 1916-1982
Lawford, Patricia Kennedy, 1924-2006
Lawford, Peter, 1923-1984
Leason, Barney
Leatham, Victoria, Lady, 1947-
Lichfield, Patrick, 1939-2005
Lodge, Sheila, Mayor
Logan, Robert, 1941-
Loud, Lance, 1951-2001
Macdonald, Ross, 1915-1983
MacLaine, Shirley, 1934-
Madison, Guy, 1922-1996
Manilow, Barry, 1943-
Martin, Virginia, 1927-2009
McGuire, Dorothy, 1918-2001
Meadows, Jayne, 1919-2015
Meisel, Harris, Dr., 1932-2018
Michener, James A. (James Albert), 1907-1997
Millar, Margaret, 1915-1994
Minnelli, Liza, 1946-
Mitchum, Robert, 1917-1997
Moir, Alfred, 1924-2010
Moore, Colleen, 1900-1988
Noland, Kenneth, 1924-2010
Norwich, John Julius, 1929-2018
Nureyev, Rudolf, 1938-1993
Ott, Charles A., Jr., Major General (Charles Adam), 1920-2006
Parker, Fess, 1924-2010
Parker, Suzy, 1932-2003
Peck, Gregory, 1916-2003
Peoples, John (John Calvin), 1928-1999
Philip, Prince, consort of Elizabeth II, Queen of Great Britain, 1921-
Powell, Jane, 1929-
Power, Taryn, 1953-2020
Presley, Priscilla Beaulieu, 1945-
Reagan, Ronald, 1911-2004
Reed, Rex, 1938-
Reynolds, Debbie, 1932-2016
Rhodes, Zandra, 1940-
Riggs, Lutah Maria, 1896-1984
Rivers, Joan (Joan Alexandra), 1933-2014
Roberts, Ines (Ines Labunski)
Robson, May, 1858-1942
Rogers, Buddy, 1904-1999
Rogers, Ginger, 1911-1995
Rojas, Manuel, 1896-1973
Roosevelt, Franklin D. (Franklin Delano), 1882-1945
Russell, Jane, 1921-2011
Russell, Rosalind, 1907-1976
Saint, Eva Marie, 1924-
Scaasi, Arnold, 1930-2015
Schulz, Charles M. (Charles Monroe), 1922-2000
Schuschnigg, Kurt von, 1926-
Sevareid, Eric, 1912-1992
Sirikit, Queen, consort of Bhumibol Adulyadej, King of Thailand, 1932-
Skelton, Red, 1913-1997
Stack, Robert (Charles Lanford Modini), 1919-2003
Stallone, Sylvester, 1946-
Sterling, Jan, 1923-2004
Stoppard, Tom, 1937-
Swope, John, 1908-1979
Talese, Gay, 1932-
Tandy, Jessica, 1909-1994
Terry, Phillip, 1909-1993
Thompson, Thomas, 1913-1993
Townsend, Irving, 1920-1981
Tuohy, Alice Tweed, 1885-1973
Turner, Kathleen, 1954-
Vance, Vivian, 1909-1979
Wagner, Robert (Robert John), 1930-
Walska, Ganna, 1887-1984
Warshaw, Howard, 1920-1977
Widmark, Richard, 1914-2008
Williams, Emlyn, 1905-1987
Williams, Esther, 1921-2013
Williams, Tennessee, 1911-1983
Winters, Jonathan (Jonathan Harshman), 1925-2013
Withers, Jane, 1926-
Wood, Natalie, 1938-1981
Wright, Clifford, Jr. (Clifford Ramsey), 1925-2013
Wright, Frank Lloyd, 1867-1959
Young, Loretta, 1913-2000
Olympic Games. Los Angeles, Calif. (23rd : 1984)


People by name undated

Physical Description: 396 Photographic Prints
folder 995.0 (A-B)

Steve Allen through Fernando Bujones

Physical Description: 67 Photographic Prints
folder 995.0 (C-G)

Harry Carey through Cary Grant

Physical Description: 85 Photographic Prints
folder 995.0 (H-J)

Edith Head through Patricia Christine Jellicoe

Physical Description: 26 Photographic Prints
folder 995.0 (K-M)

Yousuf Karsh through Colleen Moore

Physical Description: 66 Photographic Prints
folder 995.0 (N-P)

Rudolf Nureyev through Priscilla Presley

Physical Description: 26 Photographic Prints
folder 995.0 (R-T)

Debbie Reynolds through Thomas Thompson

Physical Description: 78 Photographic Prints
folder 995.0 (U-Z)

Vivian Vance through Loretta Young

Physical Description: 48 Photographic Prints
box 995.0

People by date 1963-1990

Physical Description: 102 Photographic Prints
box 995.0

People unknown undated

Physical Description: 83 Photographic Prints
box 995.0

People in color undated

Physical Description: 37 Photographic Prints
folder 995.0

Places undated

Physical Description: 61 Photographic Prints
folder 995.0

Olympic events in Santa Barbara 1984

Physical Description: 31 Photographic Prints

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Canoes and canoeing
Anne, Princess Royal, daughter of Elizabeth II, Queen of Great Britain, 1950-
box 995.0

Negatives 1971-1976

Physical Description: 431 Negatives (Photographs)14 envelopes35mm black and white