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Religa (Stella) Collection
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Series I: Political Memorabilia 1940-2002, undated

Scope and Contents

This series contains Stella Religa's collected political memorabilia, including a war ration book, commemorative portraits, political stickers, a stamp, a poster, political mailers and postcards, and a large collection of hundreds of buttons for various political campaigns and activist causes.
box 1, folder 1

War ration book circa 1940-1945

box 1, folder 2

John F. Kennedy Portraits circa 1960-1964

box 1, folder 3

Political stickers 1 of 3 circa 1960-1990

Scope and Contents

This file contains political campaign stickers for Gene McCarthy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon, McCarthy, Jess Unruh, Ted Snyder, Clinton/Gore, and Senator Whetmore, as well as a sticker advertising Students for Peace.
box 1, folder 4

Democratic National Convention program 1964

box 1, folder 5

Chicago Mayor's letter to members of the Democratic National Convention 1968

box 1, folder 6

Commemorative photographs 1972-2002, undated

Scope and Contents

This file contains commemorative photographs of Jackie Kennedy, Christopher Reeve, George McGovern, Franklin D. Roosevelt, as well as a photograph of Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, George Bush, and Gerald Ford at the dedication of the Nixon Library.
box 1, folder 7

Eisenhower stamp 1973

box 1, folder 8

Inaugural guide to Washington 1977

box 1, folder 9

Political postcards and mailers 1980-2002, undated

box 1, folder 10

Commemorative White House prints 1990-1992, undated

box 1, folder 11

Political stickers 2 of 3 undated

Scope and Contents

This file contains political campaign stickers for Jimmy Carter, Clinton/Gore, Claire McDonald, and George McGovern, as well as stickers for women's rights and the Equal Rights Ammendment.
box 1, folder 12

Political stickers 3 of 3 undated

Scope and Contents

This file contains political campaign stickers for Phil Soto, Johnson/Salinger, Cameron, Fenton, Johnson/ Humphrey, and Chet Holifield.

"Trust Cranston U.S. Senator" Poster undated

box 6, folder 1

Resolution relative to the untimely demise of President Kennedy 1964

box 6, folder 1

Large format politcal portraits undated


Sub-Series A: Political Buttons circa 1960-1999, undated

Physical Description: 4 boxes

Scope and Contents

This sub-series contains Stella Religa's collection of political buttons, including buttons for political campaigns, activist causes, and women's rights.
box 2, folder 1

Campaign buttons undated

Scope and Contents

This file contains political campaign buttons for George Brown, Pierre Salinger, Shirley Chisolm, Lyndon B. Johnson, George McGovern, Johnson/Humphrey, McCarthy, Jess Unruh, and Mondale/Ferraro.
box 2, folder 2

Political buttons, organizations and activist causes undated

Scope and Contents

This file contains political buttons for various organizations and activist causes, including women's rights, the Equal Rights Ammendment, anti-domestic violence, Stamp Out Report Cards, NOW Economic Campaign, Childcare '76, anti-Vietnam War, AFL-CIO, and legalizing marijuana.
box 3, box 1

Political campaign buttons circa 1960-1990

Scope and Contents

This file contains political campaign buttons for Arguello (first name uncertain), Tucker (first name uncertain), McCarthy (first name uncertain), McDonald (first name uncertain), Mondale/Ferraro, Ann Rand, and Carter/Mondale.
box 3, box 2

Activist buttons and bags undated

Scope and Contents

This file contains buttons for Santa Fe Springs, No on 41, Coalition '88, American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), Whittier Area Peace Center, Stop the Vietnam War, Ronald McDonald House, and the Women and Children's Crisis Shelter. Also included are six peace sign bags, origin unknown.
box 3, box 3

Women's rights buttons undated

Scope and Contents

This file contains buttons for various women's rights causes and organizations, including equal pay, the Equal Rights Ammendment, anti-domestic violence, National Organization of Women (NOW) New York State NOW, and Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital Maternity Care Center. Also included are five women's rights and feminist necklaces.

Series II: Political Media and Publications 1918-2003, undated

Physical Description: 5 boxes

Scope and Contents

This series contains political print and audio media materials. The bulk of the items are print materials, including magazines, newspaper clippings, and a number of full issues of newspapers covering major political events. Also included in this series are a collection of political audio tapes.
box 4, folder 1

"Yank: The Army Weekly" March 17, 1944

box 4, folder 2

LOOK Magazine: "Inside Ike's Heart Attack" December 27, 1955

box 4, folder 3

"Watch" television companion magazine: Guide to the Election 1956

box 4, folder 4

LOOK Magazine: "Our New First Family" February 28, 1961

box 4, folder 5

Life Magazine focusing on President Kennedy July 13, 1962

box 4, folder 6

Life Magazine: John F. Kennedy November 29, 1963

box 4, folder 7

Life Magazine: John F. Kennedy's Funeral December 6, 1963

box 4, folder 13

Democratic National Committee: "Leadership for the 60s" newspaper circa 1960

box 4, folder 8

LOOK Magazine: In Memory of John F. Kennedy December 31, 1963

box 4, folder 9

Life Magazine: John F. Kennedy Memorial Edition 1963

box 4, folder 10

Life Magazine focusing on John F. Kennedy December 16, 1965

box 4, folder 11

Life Magazine about the Kennedy motorcade November 24, 1967

box 4, folder 12

The "Month in Prague" Magazine 1983

box 4, folder 17

Daily News Tribune, Souvenir Edition: Nixon Election November 7, 1968

box 4, folder 14

News articles and newsletters: McCarthy and Kennedy 1960-1968

box 4, folder 15

Christian Science Monitor article about protests in Chicago August 27, 1963

box 4, folder 16

Other newspaper clippings circa 1968-1979

Scope and Contents

This file contains newspaper clippings on the Peace Pilgrim, inflation, a Nixon/Agnew ad, and alternative rallies.
box 4, folder 18

Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union "Social Justice" newsletter December 1979

box 4, folder 19

Newsletters and news articles: Gulf War and El Salvador 1989-1991

box 4, folder 20

Politcal activism newsletters: Middle East Trip Report, Greenleaves, Peace Reporter 1990-1991

box 4, folder 21

"Toward Freedom!" newsletter August 1991

box 4, folder 22

"State Ballot Measures": League of Women Voters of California 1993

box 4, folder 23

Seattle Post Intellegencer article on Newt Gingrich 1994

box 5

Newspapers, 1 of 3 1918-1979

Scope and Contents

This box contains approximately 40 newspapers from the San Francisco Examiner, New York Times, Chicago Daily News, LA Times, and other smaller independent newspapers, mainly focusing on the end of World War Two, death of President Roosevelt, and the death of President Kennedy.
box 6

Newspapers, 2 of 3 1987-2003

Scope and Contents

This box contains approximately 12 newspapers from the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, The Washington Post, and USA Today, mainly focusing on the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks and Iraq War.
box 7

Newspapers, 3 of 3 1963-1971

Scope and Contents

This box contains approximately 25 newspapers from the Los Angeles Times and Daily Times, mainly focusing on the Northridge Earthquake, Kennedy Assassination, and Nixon Impeachment.
box 8

Political audio tapes 1972-1994, undated

Physical Description: 1 box

Scope and Contents

This box contains 20 audio tapes of various political figures and events: Yvonne Brathwaite Burke, Jessie Butler, Connie Whiney, Nixon's resignation, Angela Davis, Congresswoman Bela Abzug, Dr. F. Nassere, Women and Children's Crisis Center (WCCS), Eleanor Smeal, and the National Organization of Women Speakers. Also included is a tape of Spanish lessons.

Series III: Women's rights materials 1966-1983, undated

Scope and Contents

This series contains materials focusing on women's rights, including feminist artifacts (a shirt, decorative tile, and sash), feminist writings, a women in business directory, informational brochures, as well as materials focusing specifically on the National Organization of Women (NOW) and the Equal Rights Ammendment (ERA).
box 3, box 4

Feminist artifacts undated

Scope and Contents

This box contains various women's rights artifacts, including a protest sash with pin, Equal Rights record, tshirt, and decorative tile.
box 9, folder 1

Women's Political Times 1980

box 9, folder 2

The Women West Business Directory undated

box 9, folder 3

Promotional material: Women Strike for Peace undated

box 9, folder 4

"Demands for Women" by Joan Jordan 1966

box 9, folder 5

Other women's rights newspaper clippings 1980-1981, undated

box 9, folder 6

Advertisements for seminars and classes for women 1980, undated

box 9, folder 7

Information about domestic violence undated

box 9, folder 8

Abortion rights information and Stop HLA (Human Life Amendment) Materials 1981, undated

box 9, folder 9

Addtiional women's rights materials: event brochures, photographs, political stickers undated


Sub-Series A: National Organization of Women (NOW) Materials 1970-1982

Scope and Contents

This sub-series contains documents from the National Organization of Women (NOW), focusing mainly on the Whittier chapter, of which Religa was the co-founder. This includes chapter notes, meeting minutes, budget information, newspaper clippings, and photographs.
box 9, folder 10

NOW documents: notes, roster, brochures, fundraising information 1979

box 9, folder 11

NOW brochures circa 1970-1979

box 9, folder 12

NOW invitation to join, sign-up sheet, and contact list circa 1970-1972

box 9, folder 13

NOW photographs 1977-1978, undated

box 9, folder 14

NOW notes and budget 1979-1980, undated

box 9, folder 15

Newspaper clippings about NOW 1973, undated

box 9, folder 16

NOW Southeast LA Chapter meeting information and administrative business 1974-1982, undated


Sub-Series B: Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) materials 1978-1982, undated

Physical Description: 5 folders

Scope and Contents

This sub-series contains materials relating to the Equal Rights Ammendment (ERA), including protest information, event programs, information and brochures, and newspaper clippings.
box 9, folder 17

NOW ERA protest in Chicago: newspaper clippings, letters, information 1980

box 9, folder 18

Newspaper clippings about the ERA 1978-1981, undated

box 9, folder 19

National ERA March: newspaper clippings, NOW newsletter, photograph, brochure 1978

box 9, folder 20

ERA Walk Program August 23, 1980

box 9, folder 21

ERA information and brochures 1978-1982


Series IV: Stella Religa personal documents 1956-2016, undated

Scope and Contents

This series contains the personal documents of Stella Religa, including letters, newspaper clippings, writings, an autographed television script, certificates, and a painted portrait, presumably of Religa.
box 6, folder 1

Portrait, presumably of Stella Religa 1976

box 9, folder 29

Stella Religa's political involvement: letters to politicians, voter registration, pollwork, delegate card 1956-2006, undated

box 9, folder 30

Certificates and photos from community organizations 1961-2002

box 9, folder 31

Personal correspondence 1966-1998, undated

box 9, folder 32

Autographed script for the "All in the Family" first episode (signed by Norman Lear) 1970

box 9, folder 33

Newspaper clippings about Stella Religa 1981, 2003

box 9, folder 34

Certificates : politcal organizations 1985-1989

box 9, folder 35

Personal documents: "healing mantra" writing, memorial program 2016, undated