School of Engineering and Applied Science. Nuclear Energy Laboratory. Records. 1959-2002.

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Title: School of Engineering and Applied Science. Nuclear Energy Laboratory. Records.
Identifier/Call Number: University Archives Record Series 722
Contributing Institution: UCLA Library Special Collections
Language of Material: English
Physical Description: 18.4 linear ft. (46 boxes)
Date: 1959-2002
Abstract: Record Series 722 contains the records of the Nuclear Energy Laboratory at UCLA's School of Engineering and Applied Science.
Creator: School of Engineering and Applied Science.


COLLECTION STORED OFF-SITE AT SRLF: Open for research. Advance notice required for access. Contact the UCLA Library Special Collections Reference Desk for paging information.
Portions of Record Series 722 are restricted. Boxes 47-50 are protected from public disclosure under the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 as amended, as codified in Title 10, Code of Federal Regulations, Section 2.790(d). This material is clearly identified in this finding aid. Because of the nature of the reactor's security plan, these boxes are embargoed from public disclosure until December 31, 2050. Exceptions may be granted to those individuals possessing a demonstratable need to know. Application should be made to the Dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science, Campus Counsel, or the Campus Radiation Safety Officer in the Office of Environmental Health and Safety, who will coordinate a determination as to the need to know in consultation with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

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[Identification of item], School of Engineering and Applied Science. Nuclear Energy Laboratory. Records (University Archives Record Series 722). UCLA Library Special Collections, University Archives.

Scope and Content

Record Series 722 contains the records of the Nuclear Energy Laboratory at UCLA's School of Engineering and Applied Science. This collection is arranged in 10 series:
Series I: Strip charts.

Series II: Reactor Operating log books.

Series III: Nuclear Energy Laboratory visitor log books.

Series IV: Chron files.

Series V: Reactor blueprints.

Series VI: Construction and operations. (This series contains correspondence, proposals, manuals, and other documentation relating to the Nuclear Reactor Research Center, Argon 41, liquid waste, Health Physics, fuel, area and smear surveys, weekly monitors, qualifications, authorization, radiation surveys, air particulates, insurance, and emergency response.)

Series VII: Security plan [Restricted].

Series VIII: Health Physicist's Numerical files.

Series IX: Decommissioning.

Series X: Relicensing.
Abbreviations in this record series include:

a - alpha radiation

ß - beta radiation

? - gamma radiation

AEC - U.S. Atomic Energy Commission



ANCO - Consulting Engineering firm in Culver City, California


ANSI - American National Standards Institute

ANSI/ANS - American National Standards Institure/American Nuclear Society

Ar - Argon

Ar41 - Argon 41

BRC - [California] Bureau of Radiological Control

CBG - Committee to Bridge the Gap

Cf251 - Californium 251



D O 0 deuterium oxide (heavy water)

DOE - U.S. Department of Energy.

ERDA - U.S. Energy Research and Development Administration

Ge(Li) -

GM - Geiger-Mueller Counter ("Geiger counter")



HP - Health Physicist


kW - kilowatt


N -

NEL - Nuclear Energy Laboratory



NRC - U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

PO - Purchase Order

PuBe -

R - Roentogens

RAM - Roentogen Equivalent Man

RFP - Prequest for Proposal

RFQ - Request for Qualifications

RSO - Radiation Safety Office

SNM - Special Nuclear Material

TLD - thermoluminescent dosimetry

TRIGA - Training-Research-Isotopes/General Atomics Reactor ("swimming pool reactor")

U - Uranium

VLLW - Very Low Level [Radioactive] Waste
Box 32 does not exist.
This is an inactive record series; no additional University records are expected to be added.

UCLA Catalog Record ID

UCLA Catalog Record ID: 4435878 

Carton 1-14

Strip charts. Series I


Reactor Operating log books. Series II

Box 15

Instrumentation log.

Box 15

Number 2.

Box 15

Number 3.

Box 16

Night shift 10-15-64.

Box 16

Number IV.

Box 16

Number V.

Box 17

Number VI.

Box 17

Number VII.

Box 17

Number VIII.

Box 18

Number IX.

Box 18

1980 Oct-Dec.

Box 18

1979 Oct-1980 Sep.

Box 19

1981 Dec-1982 Jan 07.

Box 19

1982 Jan-Dec.

Box 19

1983 Jan.


Nuclear Energy Laboratory visitor log books. Series III

Box 20

1960 Dec 01-1972 Aug 22.

Box 20

1972 Aug 25-1985 Jan 18.

Box 20

1976 Jul 06-1983 Sep 01.


Chron files. Series IV

Box 21


Box 22

1966-1967 Jun.

Box 23

1967 Jul-1969 Jun.

Box 24

1969 Jul-Dec.

Box 24

Research files. 1970.

Box 24

NEL Reactor Licensing files. 1970.

Box 25

Research files. 1971-1972.

Box 25

NEL Reactor files. 1971 Jan-Jun.

Box 25

NEL Reactor files. 1972 Jan-Jun.

Box 26

Research files. 1973-1977.

Box 26

NEL Reactor Licensing files. 1974-1977.

Box 27

Research files. 1978.

Box 27

NEL Reactor Licensing files. 1978 Jul-Dec.

Box 28

Research files. 1979.

Box 28

NEL Reactor Licensing files. 1979.

Box 29

Research files. 1980-1981.

Box 29

NEL Reactor Licensing files. 1980-1981.

Box 30

Research files. 1982-1984 Jun.

Box 30

NEL Reactor Licensing files. 1982-1984 Jun.

Box 31

NEL Reactor Licensing files. 1985-1986 Jun.

Boxes 33-38

Reactor blueprints (folded). Series V

Scope and Content

Reactor blueprints may be duplicates of material in Campus Facilities Dept. Plan Room files.

Construction and operations. Series VI

Box 39

President Robert Gordon Sproul's copy of reactor proposal by AMF.

Box 40

Miscellaneous early correspondence. 1954-1960.

Box 40

General correspondence - Nuclear Engineering. 1954-1960.

Box 40

Argonaut equipment. 1958-1959.

Box 40

On campus - Argonaut reactor. 1958.

Box 40

AEC Grant-in-Aid. 1956-1959.

Box 40

Allocations and licenses.

Box 40

Argonaut building.

Box 40

Nuclear Reactor building.

Box 40

AMF bids.

Box 40

Early amendments.

Box 41

Pre-start check off list. 1970-1973.

Box 42

Pre-start check off list. 1974-1975.

Box 43

Pre-start check off list. 1976-1977.

Box 44

Pre-start check off list. 1978.

Box 45

Pre-start check off list. 1979 Jan-Sep.

Box 46

Pre-start check off list. 1979 Oct-1981.