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Title: Pai Hsien-yung (Kenneth Pai) papers
Identifier/Call Number: UArch FacP 29
Contributing Institution: UC Santa Barbara Library, Department of Special Research Collections
Language of Material: Multiple languages
Physical Description: 5.5 linear feet (11 boxes, 13 videos, and posters)
Creator: Bai, Xianyong, 1937-
Date (inclusive): circa 1971-2016
Date (bulk): circa 1971-1997
Abstract: The collection encompasses an extensive assortment of printed works, literary manuscripts and other material relating to the novels, plays, short stories, and films adapted from the work of UCSB Professor Emeritus Hsien-yung Pai (Kenneth Pai).
Physical Location: Special Research Collections, UC Santa Barbara Library
Language of Material: Materials are in Chinese and English.

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The collection is open for research.

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Copyright has not been assigned to the Department of Special Research Collections, UCSB. All requests for permission to publish or quote from manuscripts must be submitted in writing to the Head of Special Collections. Permission for publication is given on behalf of the Department of Special Collections as the owner of the physical items and is not intended to include or imply permission of the copyright holder, which also must be obtained.

Acquisition Information

Donated by creator, 1997, 2014, 2016, and 2017.

Biographical Note

Pai Hsien-yung, (Kenneth Pai) is a UCSB Professor Emeritus and an internationally recognized Chinese author.
Born in 1937 in Guilin, China, Pai received his B.A. from National Taiwan University in 1961 and his M.F.A. from the International Writers' Workshop at the University of Iowa in 1965. From 1965 to 1993 he taught Chinese language and literature in the East Asian Studies Program at UCSB.
Pai has written 34 short stories and one novel, plus numerous other articles and prose pieces. He is one of the founders and the main caretaker of the most influential modern Chinese literary magazine, Modern Literature (Xian dai wen xue). His works have been translated into English, French, Korean, Japanese, and German and other languages.
Son of a high-ranking general in the Chinese Nationalist government, Pai is best known for his keen insight into the lives of the aristocrats who retreated with the Nationalist government to Taiwan in 1949, when Chinese Communists took over mainland China. His depiction of characters, according to many critics, has attained a level of literary achievement attained only by a handful of his contemporaries. Some of his best-known works are available in English, under the title Wandering in the Garden, Waking from a Dream: Tales of Taipei Characters, published by Indiana University Press in 1982.
Pai is a very studious and careful writer. His language, enriched by a solid foundation in Chinese classic literature, is poetic and precise. Few people, however, realize how much time and effort he puts into crafting his works. The novel Crystal Boy, published by the Gay Sunshine Press of San Francisco in 1990, was the result of ten years of hard work. It was completely revised more than five times. In each revision Pai rewrote the entire work by hand. This process is clearly reflected in the manuscripts which he has donated.
Crystal Boy and Wandering in the Garden, as well as several other works, have been made into movies and plays and a number of his other works are in the process of being adapted for stage and film productions. Pai Hsien-yung currently lives in Taiwan and still maintains a residence in Santa Barbara where he occasionally visits. He continues to write and do research on a number of literary topics, his current work being centered on the promotion of kunqu, a traditional form of Chinese opera.

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[Identification of Item], Pai Hsien-yung (Kenneth Pai) papers, UArch FacP 29. Department of Special Research Collections, UC Santa Barbara Library, University of California, Santa Barbara.

Scope and Content

The Pai Hsien-yung (Kenneth Pai) papers were donated by the author to the UCSB Department of Special Collections in 1997. It includes an extensive assortment of printed works, literary manuscripts, and other material relating to his novels and short stories as well as plays and films adapted from his work. In addition, the collection includes an assortment of academic works, dissertations, journal articles, and papers centered on his works.
The collection is organized into the following series: Writings by Pai, Materials about Pai, Audio/Visual Materials, Posters, and Correspondence.


These papers have been arranged into 5 series: I. Writings by Pai, II. Materials about Pai, III. Audio/Visual Materials, IV. Posters, V. Correspondence.


Printed material- novels, short stories, and essays by Pai, as well as contributions to anthologies- from the collection has been cataloged separately in Special Research Collections holdings, which includes copies of Xian dai wen xue, the literary magazine. These materials may be searched on the UCSB Library's online catalog.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Chinese literature -- 20th century
Drafts (documents)
Slides (photographs)
Bai, Xianyong, 1937- -- Archives
University of California, Santa Barbara. Faculty


Series I. Writings by Pai

Scope and Contents note

The series includes manuscript drafts, written in Chinese and English, relating to Crystal Boys, Taibei Ren, and other short stories.

Mss drafts in Chinese, 1997, 2014, and 2016

Scope and Contents note

More detailed notes and information on these drafts (in Chinese) may be found in each individual box; this information may also be found in folder 1/- with the collection finding guide (Compiled by Peter Pang).
box 1, folder 1

Taibei Ren / 台北人:序 [Taipei People]

Scope and Contents

序(待鑒定)[Introduction] 之四:歲除 [Fourth: In addition to] 之五:梁父吟 [Fifth: Leung Father] 之六:金大班的最後一夜 [Sixth: The Last Night of Taipan Chin] 之七:那血一般紅的杜鵑花[Seventh: A Sea of Blood-red Azaleas] 之八:思舊賦 [Eight: Ode to Bygone Days] 之九 :滿天里亮晶晶的星星 [Ninth: Shining stars in the sky] Version 1 之九:滿天里亮晶晶的星星 [Ninth: Shining stars in the sky] Version 2 之十:孤戀花 [Tenth: Love's Lone Flower]



之四:歲除 [The Fourth: In addition to]


之五:梁父吟 [The Fifth: Leung Father]


之六:金大班的最後一夜 [The Sixth: The Last Night of Taipan Chin]


之七:那血一般紅的杜鵑花 [The Seventh: A Sea of Blood-Red Azaleas]


之八:思舊賦 [The Eight: Ode to Bygone Days]


之九 :滿天里亮晶晶的星星 [The Ninth: Shining stars in the sky], version one


之九:滿天里亮晶晶的星星 [The Ninth: Shining stars in the sky], version two


之十:孤戀花 [The Tenth: Love's Lone Flower]

box 1, folder 2

Taibei Ren / 台北人


之十:再生緣 [The Tenth: Recycled Edge], version one


之十:再生緣 [The Tenth: Recycled Edge], version two


之十:再生緣 [The Tenth: Recycled Edge], version three


之十一:花橋榮記 [The Eleventh: Huaqiao Rong Kee]


之十二:冬夜 [The Twelve: Winter Night]


之十三:秋思 [The Thirteenth: Autumn Reveries]


之十四:國葬 [The Fourteenth: State Funeral]

box 1, folder 3

Niu Yue Ke / 紐約客 [ The New Yorker]


Tea for Two


之二: 謫仙怨 [The Second: Yu Xian Resentment]







box 1, folder 4

Zhong zhi chengcheng: "You yuan jing meng" de zhi zuo yu yan chu jing guo / 眾志成城:遊園驚夢的製作與演出經過 [In Union there's Strength: The production and performance of "A Garden Dream and a Dream Interrupted"]

box 1, folder 5

Bu xin qing chun huan bu hui: xie zai "Xian wen yin yuan" chu ban zhi qian / 不信青春換不回:写在「現文因緣」出版之前 [Do not believe that you cannot be replaced: Written before "Current Affairs"]

box 1, folder 6

Zhongguo ren de meng / 中國人的夢 [Chinese dream]

box 1, folder 7

Shi ji de piao bo zhe: Chong du "Sangqing yu Taohong" / 世紀的漂泊者:重讀桑清與桃紅 [Wanderer of the century: A rereading of "Mulberry and Peach"]

box 1, folder 8

Cong wen xue fa zhan bi jiao hai xian liang an zhi yi tong / 從文學發展比較海峽兩岸之異同 [Comparing the similarities and differences between the two sides of Taiwan Straits from the perspective of literary development]

box 1, folder 9

Shi tou cheng xia de ming si / 石頭成下的冥思 [Stone Meditation]

box 1, folder 10

"Xian dai wen xue" chuang li de shi dai bei jing ji qi jing shen feng mao: xie zai "Xian dai wen xue" chong kan zhi qian / 「現代文學」創立的時代背景及其精神風貌:寫在「現代文學」重刊之前 [The background and spirit of the creation of modern literature: Written before the re-publication of "modern literature"]

box 1, folder 11

Bu xin qing chun huan bu hui: xie zai "Xian wen yin yuan" chu ban zhi qian / 不信青春換不回:写在「現文因緣」出版之前 [Banana, wind, coconut, rain, earth paradise: Oh Singapore!]

box 1, folder 12

Guan li: Yin di yu er ya / 冠禮:隱地與爾雅 [Guan li: the Hidden and the Elegant]

box 1, folder 13

Di liu zhi shou zhi: ji nian san jie Xianming yi ji wo men the tong nian / 第六隻手指:紀念三姐先明以及我們的童年 [Sixth Fingers: In memory of our childhood and the three sisters]

box 1, folder 14

Bei duan shang de ji liang: du Zhai zhicheng "qi lai a, Zhongguo de ji liang" you gan / 被斷傷的脊梁:讀翟志成「起來啊,中國的脊梁」有感 [The Backbone of the Broken Wound: Reading Zhai Zhicheng "Rise, the Backbone of China"]

box 1, folder 15

You yuan jing meng / 遊園驚夢 [A Garden Dream and a Dream Interrupted]

box 2, folder 1-5

Gu hui / 骨灰 [Ashes]

box 3, folder 1

Nie Zi 孽子 [ Crystal Boys]

Scope and Contents

Also includes Nie Zi: Anle xiang 孽子:安樂鄉 and Nie Zi: Women de wangguo li / 孽子:我們的王國裡
box 3, folder 2-3

Nie Zi: Anle Xiang / 孽子:安樂鄉

box 3, folder 5-7

Nie Zi / 孽子 [ Crystal Boys]

box 3, folder 8

Nie Zi: Women de wangguo li / 孽子:我們的王國裡 [ Crystal Boys: "In Our Kingdom"]

box 3, folder 9-11

Nie Zi / 孽子 [ Crystal Boys]

box 3, folder 12

Nie Zi: Anle xiang / 孽子:安樂鄉 [ Crystal Boys: "Cockaigne"]

box 3, folder 13-15

Nie Zi / 孽子 [ Crystal Boys]

box 4, folder 1

Nie Zi / 孽子 初稿, first draft

box 4, folder 2

Nie Zi / 孽子 二稿, second draft

box 4, folder 3

Nie Zi / 孽子 終稿, final draft

box 5, folder 1

Zuihou yiye: Jinian xiejiaoxiao, yige re ai Zhongguo dianying de ren / 最後一夜:紀念謝家孝, 一個熱愛中國電影的人 [Last night: Commemorating Shei Jiaxiao, a Man who loves Chinese movies]

box 5, folder 2


box 5, folder 3

Jingbian-- ji Shanghai Kun Jutuan "Changsheng Dian" de yanchu / 驚變--記上海崑劇團"長生殿"的演出 [Surprise -- a performance of Shanghai Kun Opera "The Palace of Eternal Life"]

box 5, folder 4

Shijimo zuida de tiaozhan--Aizibing (AIDS) dui renlei de xiji / 世紀末最大的挑戰--艾滋病(AIDS)對人類的襲擊 [The greatest challenge at the end of the century -- AIDS]

box 5, folder 5

Hualian fengtu renwu zhi: Gao zhi quan de "Wang Zhenhe de xiaoshuo shijie" / 花蓮風土人物誌:高之全的"王禎和的小說世界" [Hualian locals: Gaozhi Boxing "Wang and the world of fiction"]

box 5, folder 6

A letter from his friend


Wandering in the garden, waking from a dream

Scope and Contents note

Typewritten drafts with author's, translator's and editor's corrections; includes related correspondence; alternate and working titles; no ms copy of chapter entitled "A Sea of Bloodred Azaleas" in published English version; arranged in chapter order (with exception noted above) of Wandering in the Garden, Waking from a Dream, (English version of Tabei ren).
box 6, folder 1

"The Eternal Snow Beauty"

box 6, folder 2

"A Touch of Green"

box 6, folder 3

"New Year's Eve"

box 6, folder 4

"The Final Night of Taipan Chin"

box 6, folder 5

"Lamentations for Bygone Days"

box 6, folder 6

"The Dirge of Liang Fu"

box 6, folder 7

"A Lone Amourous Flower"

box 6, folder 8

"Glory's By Blossom Bridge"

box 6, folder 9

"Autumnal Reveries"

box 6, folder 10

"A Sky Full of Blazing Stars"

box 6, folder 11

"Wandering in the Garden,Waking from the dream"

box 6, folder 12

"Winter Night"

box 6, folder 13

"State Funeral"


Series II. Materials about Pai

Scope and Contents note

Including magazine and journal articles, reviews, essays and other writings about Pai's works
box-folder 7: 1 - 5

Theater/film productions 1979 - 1997

Abstract: [includes programs, reviews, magazine and press articles, some biographical, most in Chinese]
box 8-9

Works about Pai's works

Abstract: [theses, dissertations , journal articles, movie script]
box-folder 8: 1

"Short Story Cycle as a Genre: Tales of Taipei Characters and Dubliners" M.A. thesis by Chang Shuei-may, 1987

box-folder 8: 2

"Western Influence in the Works of Pai Hsien-yung," M.A. thesis by Susan McFadden, undated

box-folder 8: 3

"Crowded Hours" Revisited: the Evocation of the Past in Taipei Jen," article by Joseph S.M. Lau, undated

box-folder 8: 4

"Der Schriftsteller Pai Hsien-Yung im Spiegel Seiner Kurzgeschichte 'Staatsbergräbnis,' " M.A. thesis written by Alexander Papenberg, undated

box-folder 8: 5

"On Pai Hsien-yung and His Fiction"; Dissertation (partial per note) written by Liu Jun, 1991

box-folder 8: 6

"Pai Hsien-yung and Yang Ch'ing-ch'u: Aspects of Taiwan Society as Reflected in the Works of Two Popular Writers," written by Thomas B. Gold, 1974

Abstract: [seminar paper/thesis?]
box-folder 8: 7

Ku Lien Hua, film script, adaptation of Pai title of same name; directed by Lin Ch'ing-chieh, undated

box-folder 8: 8

Miscellaneous articles, interviews, reviews relating to Pai and his works


In Chinese.
box-folder 8: 9

Articles about Pai

Abstract: [mostly English, some Chinese, one translation of Pai's work into German]
box-folder 8: 10

Magazine/newspaper articles

Abstract: [Reviews, articles about Pai in English, French German]
box 9

Press clippings

Abstract: Magazine/newspaper articles (with some biographical information and correspondence); one article by Pai in Chinese re. Pai Ch'ung-hsi (Pai's father; see SC call# DS 777.488 P34 P35 1967 for bio of same.) and KMT war efforts vs. Japan.

Series III. Audio/Visual Materials



box-folder 10: 1 - 6

Pai's works in various productions, 170 slides



Scope and Contents note

Mostly related to filmed productions; labels for various productions
box-folder 11: 1

"Wandering in the Garden,Waking from a Dream," (play) 1982; August 7-14, Taipei Production (You yuan jing), 1982

box-folder 11: 2

"Wandering in the Garden,Waking from a Dream," (play), March 1988, Guangzhou; May 1988, Shanghai; December 1988, Hong Kong; Guangzhou Production. (You yuan jing), 1988

Abstract: [111 items; 102 photographs; 9 slides]
box-folder 11: 3

"The Last Aristocrats," (scenes from the film), 1989

Abstract: Zui hou de guzi


Physical Description: 13 videos of film, theatrical productions of Pai's works, including two documentaries
reel V0870/VHS

(Gulian hua) Love's Lone Flower

reel V0871/BM

(Hudie meng) The Butterfly's Dream

reel V0872/VHS

(Jin daban de zuihou yiye) The Last Night of Taipan Chin

reel V0873/VHS

(Yuqing sao) Jade Love

reel V0874/VHS

(Zuihou de guizu) The Last Aristocrat

reel V0880/VHS

(A) Sea of Blood-Red Azaleas

Abstract: [TV movie]
reel V0878/VHS

(The) Making of 'Wandering in the Garden, Waking from a Dream'

reel V0875/VHS

Crystal Boys 1997

Abstract: [Adams Chinese Theater Series, Harvard University]
reel V0876 /VHS

Goddess in Exile

Abstract: [Hong Kong TV movie]
reel V0877/VHS

Jade Love

Abstract: [Dance Drama]
reel V0879/VHS

Old Homes in Shanghai Revisited 1987

Abstract: [documentary]
reel V0881/VHS

Wandering in the Garden, Waking from a Dream play, 1982, Taipei; 1997 copy

box-folder not specified

Wandering in the Garden, Waking from a Dream 1987

Abstract: [play, 1988 Guangzhou production]

Series IV. Posters

Scope and Contents note

related to productions of Pai's works [oversize map folder]
map-case 19: 11

Jin da ban de zui hou yi ye / The Last Night of Taipan Chin

map-case 19: 11

You yuan jing meng/Wandering in the Garden, Waking from a Dream

map-case 19: 11

Yu qing sao/Jade Love

map-case 19: 11

"Peony Pavillion" poster, signed

map-case 19: 11

"Curator's Table Talks: Pai Hsien-Yung Manuscript Collection," event poster 2017 January 17

map-case 19: 11

Press mentions 2016


Series V. Correspondence

Scope and Contents note

Includes letter (handwritten, in Chinese) to Pai from an acquaintance, dated 11/94, letter from Henry Miller (photocopy of handwritten letter, dated 6/23/76), some miscellaneous correspondence
box-folder 8: 11

Letter to Pai (copy of handwritten letter) from Henry Miller 1976 June 23

box-folder 9: 3

Miscellaneous correspondence