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Wynn Bullock Papers

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Wynn Bullock papers
Dates: 1929-1972,
Bulk Dates: Bulk dates 1940-1972
Collection number: MS 10
Creator: Bullock, Wynn
Collection Size: 5 document boxes; 3 flats
Repository: University of California, Santa Cruz. University Library. Special Collections and Archives
Santa Cruz, California 95064
Abstract: This collection includes some biographical material including a small amount of correspondence, writings, teaching materials, clippings & printed appearences. Also included is a selection of gelatin silver photographs and a color photograph.
Physical location: Stored in Special Collections & Archives: Advance notice is required for access to the papers.
Languages: Languages represented in the collection: English


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Wynn Bullock (April 18, 1902-November 16, 1975) was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Pasadena, California. As a boy, his passions were singing and athletics. After high school graduation he moved to New York to pursue a musical career and was hired as a chorus member in Irving Berlin's Music Box Review. During the mid-1920's he traveled to Europe, studying voice and giving concerts in France, Germany, and Italy.
In Paris, he discovered the work of Man Ray and Lazlo Moholy-Nagy. He realized photography as an art form could be a vehicle through which he could engage with the world. He moved back to Southern California and became a student of photography at Art Center School.
From 1938 to 1940, Wynn became involved in exploring alternative processes such as solarization and bas relief. After graduation from Art Center, his experimental work was exhibited in a solo exhibition at the L.A. County Museum. He worked as a commercial photographer and enlisted in the U.S. Army where he was employed by Lockheed, and Connors-Joyce until the end of the war.
In 1945-1946, Wynn traveled throughout California with his family producing and selling postcard pictures. He worked developing a way to control the line effect of solarization for which he was awarded two patents. He settled in Monterey where he obtained a photographic concession at Ford Ord military base until 1959.
A major turning point in Wynn's life as a creative photographer occurred in 1948 when he met Edward Weston. In the mid-1950's, Edward Steichen chose two of Bullock's photographs to include in the 1955 "Family of Man" exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art.
During the early 1960's, Wynn produced his "Color Light Abstractions". These photographs represented an in-depth exploration of light, manifesting a belief that light is, "perhaps the most profound force in the universe."
Throughout his career, Wynn was an active learner, workshop leader, and teacher. His work is found in over 90 major institutions world-wide, and he is one of five artists whose archives established the University of Arizona's Center for Creative Photography.
In the mid 1960's until his death, he returned to black and white alternative processes. Wynn noted, "Searching is everything - going beyond what you know. And the test of the search is really in the things themselves, the things you seek to understand. What is important is not what you think about them, but how they enlarge you."
[Biography excerpted from The Bullock-Wilson Trust Photography Archive]

Scope and Content of Collection

This collection includes some biographical material including a small amount of correspondence, writings, teaching materials, clippings & printed appearences. Also included is a selection of gelatin silver photographs and a color photograph.


The photographs are arranged in chronological order.

Indexing Terms

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Bullock, Wynn
Photography, Artistic

Collection Contents


Series 1 Biographical 1929-1974

Physical Description: 7 folders

Scope and Content Note

This series contains Wynn Bullock's personal papers including correspondence, awards, book reviews and promotional material for classes.
box-folder 1:1

Autobiographical data, 1929-1972

box-folder 1:1

Group exhibitions, 1954-1970

box-folder 1:1, 5:1

Awards n.d., 1960-1962


Photography in the Fine Arts, New York. Outstanding Achievement in Creative Art for "Fire in the Woods." Award certificate. n.d.,


Photography in the Fine Arts, New York. Outstanding Achievement in Creative Art for "Light Abstraction" and "Woman and the Thistle." Award certificate. n.d.,


Art Directors Club of Los Angeles. 17th Annual Western Exhibition of Advertising and Editorial Art. Certification of Merit. n.d.,


Art Directors Club of Philadelphia. 26th Annual Exhibition of the Art Directors Club of Philadelphia. Certificate of Excellence for Advertising and Editorial Art. November 1961. 11/1961

box-folder 1:1

Lectures, 1962-1971

box-folder 1:1

Prints in permanent collections as of 1971, ca. 1972

box-folder 1:1

One man exhibitions, 1941-1971

box-folder 1:1

Photographs selected by international photographic annuals, ca. 1972

box-folder 1:1

Articles and/or photographs in publications, 1946-1971

box-folder 1:1

Quotes from reviews, ca. 1972

box-folder 1:1

Books used by Wynn Bullock, ca. 1972

box-folder 1:1

"Wynn Bullock American Lyric Tenor" - pamphlet with some extracts from the French press, ca. 1929

box-folder 1:2-4


box-folder 1:2

Keech, Estelle - ALS, n.d., 10/1941

box-folder 1:3

Beloian, Charles - ALS, 8/21/1964

box-folder 1:4

Kohler, David - TLS, 5/14/1974

box-folder 1:4

Kohler, David - "A Phenomenological View of the Process of Photography" - ALS w/ attachment, n.d.

box-folder 1:17

Book Reviews, 1966, 1971


Mack, Richard. The Widening Stream. Poems by Richard Mack, Photographs by Wynn Bullock


"Monterey" Peregrine Publications, 1966. Book review by Jean Couzens


Bullock, Edna. Wynn Bullock San Francisco: Scrimshaw Press, 1971.


Misc. articles and book reviews.

box-folder 1:19

Teaching - Lectures, Classes, Conferences, 1959-1972


"Wynn Bullock, Camera Artist to Teach Two Courses Here" in San Francisco State College Golden Gater Vol. 74, No. 1, 6/20/1959


San Francisco State College. Bulletin of Summer Sessions, 1959


Monterey Peninsula Collection Evening Series. "Creative Seeing in Photography" lecture by Bullock. Poster for series and article announcing lecture from El Yanqui Vol. XIV, No. 20 Monterey Peninsula College 5/26/1960


Art Directors and Artists Club of San Francisco. "Eyes West". First Annual Conference. Monterey Peninsula. Conference brochure. 9/15-17/1961


Professional Photographers of Northern California." Way Out West Conference." First Annual San Francisco Conference, Del Webb TowneHouse, San Francisco. Flyer and registration form. 1/6-7/1962


Professional Photographers of California. "Greater Twelfth annual Western States Convention". St. Francis Hotel, San Francisco, CA. 6/27-30/1964


Program with photo of Bullock from Commercial Illustrative Forum, Art Center School. n.d.


Lifelong Learning UC Extension Berkeley. Catalog Fall 1968


Friends of Photography workshop schedule, noting panel talk and slide show with Bullock, Al Weber, Pirkle Jones, and Henry Gilpin. ca. 1969


Series 2 Writings, 1929-1974

Physical Description: 13 folders

Scope and Content Note

This series contains Bullock's thoughts & notes, typescripts, instructional materials, and publications.
box-folder 1:5-7

"Thoughts" for Lectures at UC Extension

box-folder 1:5

Typed manuscript. 94 pps.- for lectures at UC extension on following dates, 9/19/1968 10/13/1968

box-folder 1:6

20 pps uncorrected holographic notes - for lectures at UC Extension on following dates, 11/23/1968, 1/4-15/1969, 2/4-24/1969, 3.12-13/1969

box-folder 1:7

4 pgs holographic notes - for lectures at UC Extension on following dates, 11/7/1970, 9/28/1971, 9/30/1971, 10/31/1971, 1970-1971

box-folder 1:8

Artist statement for Modern Photography Annual, Sept. 1971 - Typed, hand edited mss. of 6/2/71 for article. 3 pps., 6/2/1971

box-folder 1:9

"Copies of notes" - Hand edited, typed notes. pps. 8-42, n.d.

box-folder 1:10

Thoughts used for "Dave Bohn Book" - 6 pps., 1970-1971


Note:Dave Bohn , editor and designer of Wynn Bullock, Scrimshaw Press, 1971.
box-folder 1:11

"Space-Time in Photography." - Typescript mss, edited - 7 pps., 1972


Note:in photographer's hand: "Copies of my hand written notes W. B. 1972."
box-folder 1:12

"Bullock Continuous Tone Partial Reversal Process." - Typescript - 26 pps. , n.d.


Note:With clipping from Saturday Evening Post Oct. 22, 1949 on indigo dye.
box-folder 1:13

"What is Photographic Line?" - Typescript - 5 pps., n.d.

box-folder 1:14

"Edward Weston" By Wynn Bullock - Typescript w/holographic corrections, signed - 4 pps., n.d.

box-folder 1:15

Claims of Patent #2, 438, 494. "Photographic Process for Producing Line Images." Also "Sample 11" of U.S. Pat. 2,438,494 - Typescript copy - 3 pps., n.d.

box-folder 1:16

"Wynn Bullock - Photographs 1920-1973" - Univ. of Colorado tape transcript - Typescript - pps. 1-15, 1973

box-folder 1:18

Publications: "Line Photography" by Percy W. Bullock, 4/1957


Note:Reprinted from Medical and Biological Illustration, April 1957, vol. VII, No. 2.
box-folder 1:18

Publications: "Partial Reversal Line Photography" by Percy Wynn Bullock, 10/1957


Note:Reprinted from Medical and Biological Illustration, October 1957, vol. VII, No. 4.

Series 3 Exhibits n.d., 1941-1971

Physical Description: 2 folders

Scope and Content Note

This series contains documentation of exhibits of Bullock's photographic exhibits.
box-folder 1:20



Karen Horney Clinic, New York, New York. Catalogue Photographic Exhibit and Sale of the Karen Horney Clinic. Nov. 17-Dec. 2, [n.d.] Catalogue list. n.d.


New York Museum of Modern Art, exhibition of international prints. Clipping announcing exhibition with reproduction. n.d.


"Limelight". Sheridan Square, New York, New York. Photographs by Wynn Bullock. Exhibit postcard. Sept.6-Oct. 8 [n.d.] With exhibit review of exhibit "The Sexual Vitality of the Earth" by John Barkley Hart. Photocopy [unidentified publication.] n.d.


Centre International de la Photographie. "3e Biennale internationale Photo Cinema Optique". Exhibit brochure. n.d.


Los Angeles County Art Museum. Creative Photography exhibit 1941. Review from Daily News, Los Angeles. Clipping. Flyer with text reprinted from exhibit catalog. 6/13/1941


Danish Salon of Photography. "Forste Internationale Fotoudstilling Marienlyst". Helsingor. Exhibit catalog 1956


Kalamazoo Art Center. Kalamazoo, Michigan. "Three Photographers". 1961. Catalog of the exhibition as published in Bulletin Number 2, Kalamazoo Art Center at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts 2/1961


Rhode Island Arts Festival. "Fourth Annual Exhibit". Exhibit catalog. 1962

box-folder 1:21



Tucson Art Center. Invitational Photography Show. Photographers from the Southwest. Exhibit catalog 1963


"Internationale AKT FOTOS". Exhibit brochure ca. 1963


Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Photography in the Fine Arts - Exhibit IV. Exhibit catalog. 1963


California State Fair and Exposition 1963. Twenty-Third North American International Photographic Exhibition , "Black and White Prints." Exposition guide. 1963


"72nd International Exposition of Professional Photography 1963", Dallas, Texas. Highlights. Clipping. 1963


Second Annual Outdoor Art Festival, Coast Gallery, Big Sur. California. Gallery catalogue. 10/17 - 11/12/1964


University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Invitational Exhibition. "10 American Photographers". February-March 1965. Review from Milwaukee Journal, Feb. 28, 1965. 2-3/1965


Camberly Pictorialists. 18th International Salon of Camera Art. Royal Military Academy. Catalogue. (Bullock given Honor Panel in the 19th exhibition.) 4/11-25/1965


"Photography in the Fine Arts". 1965 World's Fair Exhibition. List of photographers and titles. 1965


University of Illinois. 1967 Festival of Contemporary Arts. Festival guide as appeared in University of Illinois Bulletin. Vol. 64, No. 65. Press release for "Six Photographers 1967". 1/13/1967


Southampton Camera Club. 54th International Exhibition of Photography. Southampton Art Gallery Civic Centre, Southampton. Catalogue. 3/4-27/1967


"Photography in the Fine Arts V". New York. Exhibition brochure. 1967


"Florida State Fair Photo Invitational". Exhibition brochure 1968


Rhodes National Gallery. Salisbury, Rhodesia. "F:8 present foto 69". Exhibit brochure. 1969


Southampton Camera Club. "57th International Exhibition of Photography". England. Exhibition brochure. 1970


Light, a Gallery for Contemporary Photography. New York, New York. "13 Photographers". Exhibit postcard. 11/5/1971 - 12/4/1971


Series 4 Printed Appearences n.d., 1946-1971

Physical Description: 3 boxes

Scope and Content Note

This series contains copies of printed appearences of Bullock's photographs and writings.
box-folder 2:1

Aperture, v.4:1 (1956); 8:2 (1960); 14:2 (1969), 1956, 1960, 1969

box-folder 2:2

Applied Photography, no. 35 (1967); no. 40 (1969), 1967, 1969

box-folder 2:3

Argonaut, v.137:4208 (1958), 1958

box-folder 2:4

California Test Bureau of Standardized Tests , catalog, 1962

box-folder 2:5

Camera, English Edition, no. 4 (April 1959), 1959

box-folder 2:6

Camera, Edition Francaise, no. 3 (March 1959), 1959

box-folder 2:7

Contemporary Photographer, v.1:1 (May-June 1960); v.1:2 (July-August 1960), 1960

box-folder 2:8

Creative Camera by Lew Parrella, 1960

box-folder 2:9

Creative Camera, no. 84 (June 1971), 1971

box-folder 2:10

Creative Pictures, 1956

box-folder 2:11

Creative Photography, 2, 1957

box-folder 2:12

The Encyclopedia of Photography, 1963-1967

box-folder 2:13

The Face of California , [desk calender], 1961

box-folder 2:14

Fluor-o-scope, (Summer 1969), 1969

box-folder 2:15

Foto Magazin, (Jan 1965), (August 1967), 1929-1972

box-folder 3:1

Graphic Portfolio 2 [Georgia Pacific Ad], n.d.

box-folder 3:2

Harvest Years, v.5:5 (May 1965), 1965

box-folder 3:3

20th Century American Art , Kalamazoo Institute of Art, 1961

box-folder 3:4

Laguna Seca Road Races, (Nov. 8-9, 1958), 1958

box-folder 3:5

Munchner Leben , (January 1965), 1929-1972

box-folder 3:6

National Professional Photographer, v.89:1806 (Nov. 1962); v. 90:1810 (Mar. 1963); v. 90:1819 (Dec 1963), 1962-1963

box-folder 3:7

Negro Digest, v.5:2 (Dec 1946), 1946

box-folder 3:8

New Yorker, v.36:22 (July 16, 1960), 1960

box-folder 3:9

Nikkor Club, no.46 (Autumn 1968), 1968

box-folder 3:10

Nude, n.d.

box-folder 3:11

Pacific Discovery, v.1613 (May-June 1963), 1963

box-folder 3:12

Photography, v.10:10 (Oct. 1955); v.12:6 (June 1957); v.17:9 (Sept 1962), 1955, 1957, 1962

box-folder 3:13

Photography Handbook, (May 1958), 1958

box-folder 3:14

Popular Photograph, v.49:2 (Aug 1961); v.67:1 (July 1970), 1961, 1970

box-folder 3:15

Popular Photography Italiana, no. 138 (March 1969), 1969

box-folder 3:16

PSA Journal, v.37:7 (July 1971), 1971

box-folder 4:1

Image, v.3:7 (Oct. 1954), 1954

box-folder 4:2

Infinity, v.10:9 (Nov. 1961); v.15:5 (May 1966), 1961-1966

box-folder 4:3

Informations and Documents, no.139 (March 1961), 1961

box-folder 4:4

International Photo Technik, 1961:2; 1963:2, 1961-1963

box-folder 4:5

Range Finder Magazine, v.10:9 (Sept. 1961), 1961

box-folder 4:6

Reader's Digest, (Oct. 1960), 1960

box-folder 4:7

Reflex, v.19/33:3 (March 1961), 1961

box-folder 4:8

St. Joseph Magazine, v.61:2 (Feb. 1960), 1960

box-folder 4:9

Saturday Review, v.44:24 (June 1961); v.46:20 (May 1963, 1961, 1963

box-folder 4:10

Vogue, American Edition (Feb. 1, 1955), 1955

box-folder 4:11

Western Advertising Week, 17th Portfolio of Western Advertising Art , (Feb. 19, 1962), 1962

box-folder 4:12

What's Doing?, v.2:3 (June 1947); v.7:12 (July 1955), 1947, 1955

box-folder 4:13

World Book Encyclopedia, "Photography" (reprint), 1965

box-folder 4:14

Clippings Monterey Peninsula Herald, "Virtues of Large and Small Cameras are Evaluated" (Nov. 6, 1956), 1956

box-folder 4:15

Clippings Monterey Peninsula Herald, "Times Vital Relationship to Photography" (Nov. 1, 1958), 1958

box-folder 4:16

Clippings Monterey Peninsula Herald, "Herald Printers and Publishers" (Sept. 22, 1960), 1960

box-folder 4:17

Clippings Monterey Peninsula Herald, "Among Best Prints of Half Century" (Oct. 27, 1961), 1961

box-folder 4:18

Clippings Monterey Peninsula Herald, "Savings Center" (Oct. 6, 1964), 1964

box-folder 4:19

Clippings Monterey Peninsula Herald, "The Face of California" (Sept. 26, 1970), 1970

box-folder 4:20

PClippings Town Crier, "Some Useless Words About Pictures" (June 1, 1966), 1966

box-folder 4:21

Clippings Monterey Peninsula Herald, "Landscape with Figure" (Nov. 1, 1968), 1968

box-folder 4:22

Clippings New York Times Magazine, "RX for Medicine" (Nov. 4, 1956), 1956

box-folder 4:23

Clippings Fort Ord Panarama, "On Post Photographer Acclaimed by Nations", v.18:38 (June 20, 1958), 1958

box-folder 4:24

Clippings San Francisco Sunday Chronicle, "RLS Sought The Pinch and Sting of Existence" (July 17, 1960), 1960

box-folder 4:25

Clippings Bullock, (August 1965) - Tear Sheets + letter, 1965

box-folder 5:2

Carmel Pacific Spectator Journal, v.15:3 (Dec. 5, 1958), 1958

box-folder 5:3

U.S. Camera, v.9:7 (August 1946), 1946

box-folder 5:4

Illustrated London News, v.242:6465 (June 29, 1963), 1963

box-folder 5:5

Various newsprint issues, segregated for preservation purposes. ca. 1958-1968


Series 5 Photographs 1939-1972

Physical Description: 3 boxes

Scope and Content Note

This series contains black and white and color photographs.


The material has been arranged by size, then by date.
box-folder 6

Girl (bas relief), 1939

box-folder 6

Portrait of a Young Woman, 1947

box-folder 6

Solarized Head, 1940

box-folder 6

Chief Fred Earle, ca. 1947

box-folder 6

Child in the Forest, 1951

box-folder 6

Driftwood, 1951

box-folder 6

Del Monte Forest (with seedlings), 1951

box-folder 6

Hieroglyphics (worm design), 1951

box-folder 6

Woman and Thistle, 1953

box-folder 6

Woman and Dog in Forest, 1953

box-folder 6

Let There Be Light, 1954

box-folder 6

Nude behind Cob-webbed Window, 1955

box-folder 6

A Child's Grief, 1955

box-folder 6

Sea Foam, 1955

box-folder 6

Swamp Trees, 1955

box-folder 6

Lucia, 1956

box-folder 6

Del Monte Forest, 1956

box-folder 6

Stark Tree, 1956

box-folder 6

Navigation without Numbers, 1957

box-folder 6

The Pilings, 1958

box-folder 6

The Monks, 1958

box-folder 6

Child on Forest Road, 1958

box-folder 6

The Bird, 1958

box-folder 6

The Masts, 1959

box-folder 6

Florence, Trees and Sand Dunes, 1959

box-folder 7

Erosion, 1956

box-folder 7

The Shore, 1966

box-folder 7

Leaves, 1967

box-folder 7

The Limpit #2, 1969

box-folder 7

Buried in Sand (variant), 1968

box-folder 7

Seed Pods, 1969

box-folder 7

Unmarked Graves, 1969

box-folder 7

Rock and Limpits, 1969

box-folder 7

Under Monterey Wharf, 1969

box-folder 7

Pebble Beach, 1970

box-folder 7

Landscape (glowing mountain), 1970

box-folder 7

Untitled (Scrimshaw), 1970

box-folder 7

Rocks and Shadows (embers and ashes), 1970

box-folder 7

Point Lobos Rock (horizontal channels), 1970

box-folder 7

Untitled (Monterey Cypress Trunk), 1970

box-folder 7

Sea Palms, 1970

box-folder 7

Lobos Rock, 1971

box-folder 7

Limpit and Dark Rock, 1971

box-folder 7

Tree Trunk Lines, 1972

box-folder 7

Woman on Dunes, 1972

box-folder 7

Untitled (wood, light, and shadows), 1972

box-folder 7

Wood Reversal (three women), 1971

box-folder 7

Burnt Wood, 1972

box-folder 7

Wood Lines, 1972

box-folder 7

Fallen Tree Trunk (Greek mask), 1972

box-folder 8

Mimi and Cat, 1935

box-folder 8

Mendocino Coast (with sun), 1968

box-folder 8

Marilyn with Cat, 1956

box-folder 8

Sunken Wreck, 1968

box-folder 8

Eric Barker (down low), 1955

box-folder Framed

Point Lobos Tide Pool, 1957

box-folder Framed

Old Typewriter, Framed

box-folder Framed

Color Light Abstraction, 1960