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Finding aid prepared by Michaela Ullmann, Lisa Ebiner Gavit
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Title: Paul Kiess papers
Collection number: 6032
Contributing Institution: USC Libraries Special Collections
Language of Material: English
Physical Description: 3.25 linear ft. 5 boxes
Date (bulk): Bulk, 1939-1941
Date (inclusive): 1915-1941
Abstract: This collection contains the personal papers of Dr. Paul Kiess. The collection contains personal correspondence and correspondence with Christian organizations in the US, photographs, newspaper clippings, outlines for Dr. Kiess' speeches, and ephemera. Dr. Paul Kiess, a Protestant, was a legal adviser, a lector of the Thüringische Verlagsanstalt und Druckerei, and Urania Verlagsbuchhandlung in Jena, Thuringia, and a member of the Thuringian parliament. Paul and his wife Edith, a half Jew, left Germany in 1935 and went into exile in Prague, Czechoslovakia, France, and London, before emigrating to the United States where Edith studied for her professional qualifying examinations in New York, and Paul went to Princeton where he lectured at various Christian organizations, and studied for his American bar exam.
creator: Kiess, Edith
creator: Kiess, Paul

Scope and Content

The collection contains Paul Kiess' personal and business correspondence during the years of exile and the first years after his emigration to the United States, correspondence with various Christian rescue organizations, texts and manuscripts by himself and others, newspaper clippings from American newspapers about the war and politics in Germany, and a few photographs and ephemera. The bulk of the collection dates from 1939-1941 though a few earlier materials are present as well.

Biographical/Historical note

Paul Kiess was born on January 10, 1894 in Berlin, Germany. He worked as a legal adviser, and as lector of the Thüringische Verlagsanstalt und Druckerei, and Urania Verlagsbuchhandlung in Jena, Thuringia. From 1920 to 1933, Paul Kiess was a member of the Thuringian parliament.
In autumn 1926, Paul Kiess married Edith Kiess, nee Kramer, a half Jew. Edith was born in Riga on January 19, 1900 to her parents Julius Israel Kramer, a merchant, and her mother Sara Kramer nee Jakobsohn. Through her marriage with Paul, Edith became a German citizen. Edith had taken courses with Albert Einstein at Berlin University (Ausländerkurse; an institution founded by Albert Einstein to enable Jewish students to study if refused by German universities). She received a diploma as Bacteriologist. She then finished her medical studies at Jena University, receiving a diploma as a German physician on September 12, 1930. Edith worked as a physician at the university hospital of Jena until the first anti-Jewish boycott of the Nazis, April 1, 1933. On April 6, 1933 she had to leave the hospital.
After the Nazis came to power, Paul Kiess, a Protestant, defended Dr. Kuno Fiedler in court. Fiedler, a philosopher and Protestant minister, had declined to publicly present a hate prayer on the order of the Nazis. In 1935, it became impossible for Paul Kiess to remain a lawyer in Jena due to his defense work for many Jews. In addition, his marriage to a half Jew put him in danger of being sent to a concentration camp.
Edith and Paul Kiess left Germany on December 24, 1935. They went to Prague, Czechoslovakia, where Edith took courses in medical massage while Paul explored various business opportunities.
Via France (Paul) and London (Edith), the couple emigrated to the United States. They arrived in New York in January 1939. The emigration was made possible through the written intervention of Thomas Mann, who was a close friend of Fiedler. While Edith Kiess stayed in New York, where she studied for her professional qualifying examinations, Paul went to Princeton where he lectured at various Christian organizations, and studied for his bar exam.

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Conditions Governing Access

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Processing Information

The collection was rehoused and described by Michaela Ullmann and Lisa Ebiner Gavet in 2013.

Preferred Citation

[Box/folder# or item name], Paul Kiess papers, Collection no. 6032, Special Collections, USC Libraries, University of Southern California

Subjects and Indexing Terms

American Committee for Christian German Refugees. -- Archives
Kiess, Edith -- Archives
Kiess, Paul -- Archives
Exiles--Germany--20th century--Archival resources
Germany--Emigration and immigration--History--1933-1945--Archival resources
Germany--Politics and government--20th century--Archival resources
New York (N.Y.)--Emigration and immigration--20th century--Archival resources
Persecution--Germany--20th century--Archival resources
World War, 1939-1945--Refugees--Archival resources



Box 1, Folder 1

Misc. correspondence and other documents found together in a folder

Box 1, Folder 2

Misc. notes and correcpondence found together in a folder

Box 1, Folder 3

Misc. correspondence found together in a folder

Box 1, Folder 4

Misc. correspondence addressed to or signed by Paul Kiess...1 1913- March 1939

Box 1, Folder 5

Misc. correspondence addressed to or signed by Paul Kiess...2 April 1939- 1942

Box 1, Folder 6

Correspondence and documents found together in a folder

Box 1, Folder 7

Misc. correspondence and other documents 1937-1941

Box 1, Folder 8

Misc. correspondence 1911-1941

Box 1, Folder 9

Misc. correspondence and documents

Box 1, Folder 10

Misc. correspondence and memos found together in a folder labeled "NO-H"

Box 1, Folder 11

Correspondence and notes found together in a folder

Box 1, Folder 12

Misc. correspondence and memos found together in a folder

Box 1, Folder 15

German-American Writers Association

Box 4, Folder 1

Postcards to Mr. Paul Kiess 1919, 1921, 1939-1942

Box 4, Folder 2

Postcards to Edith Kiess 1937-1939

Box 4, Folder 3

Postcards from Edith Kiess to Paul Kiess 1939-1942

Box 4, Folder 4

Correspondence to Paul from Edith 1939-1941

Box 4, Folder 5

Correspondence to Edith from Paul 1939-1941

Box 4, Folder 6

Letter: Edith Kiess to Professor Lanzerson, Tel Aviv 1939

Box 4, Folder 7

Letter: Edith Kiess to Dr. Erwin Hirsch, Prague 1939

Box 4, Folder 8

Correspondence: Paul and Edith Kiess with H. Lubecki after arrival in N.Y. 1939

Box 4, Folder 9

Correspondence: Dr. Edith Kiess with her sister Anne 1939

Box 4, Folder 10

Letter: Dr. Paul Kiess to Madame and Dino Lowenstein Nov. 11, 1939

Box 4, Folder 11

Letter from Fia (?) to Edith Kiess 1939

Box 4, Folder 12

Correspondence between Paul and Hazel and Morrie 1939-1940 (?)

Box 4, Folder 13

Correspondence: Paul Kiess with N.V. Revisa regarding consultation for Herbert Altmann

Box 4, Folder 14

Correspondence: Kurt Grossmann 1938-1939

Box 4, Folder 15

Correspondence: Paul Kiess and Anna Weitzmann-Kramer 1939

Box 4, Folder 16

Correspondence to Fraulein von Krolekiewitz 1940

Box 4, Folder 17

Correspondence to Dr. Robinson 1941

Box 4, Folder 18

Correspondence with Mr. Villard 1941

Box 4, Folder 19

Correspondence to/from Arnold and Ernst Meyer 1939-1941

Box 4, Folder 20

Dr. Fritz Kohn to Paul Kiess regarding Affidavit

Box 4, Folder 21

Correspondence: Paul Kiess and Kurt Doberer regarding new weapons and technology 1940

Box 4, Folder 22

Correspondence: Paul Kiess and Paulette Mezieres 1938-1939

Box 4, Folder 23

Paul Kiess to American Committee for Christian German Refugees

Box 4, Folder 24

Biographical essay about Paul Kiess, mentioning his accomplishments for Jews at Jena University and his persecution under Hitler

Box 4, Folder 25

Recommendation of Paul Kiess, to Councils of Churches

Box 4, Folder 26

Correspondence: Paul Kiess and Mrs. Bradford Young 1939

Box 4, Folder 27

The American Committee for Christian German Refugees 1939

Box 4, Folder 28

French Line: Notice about unclaimed suitcase of Edith Kiess 1939

Box 4, Folder 29

The Hungry Club "Pittsburgh's Down-Town Meeting" documents March 1940

Box 4, Folder 30

New York Public Library

Box 2, Folder 1

Correspondence: Paul Kiess and Mr. Estrin

Box 2, Folder 2

Folder labeled "Pittsburgh"- Correspondence and outlines for talks on the Nazis and Christians, for various Christian organizations in Pittsburgh

Box 2, Folder 17

Postcards to Paul Kiess from Mr. Farber from folder labeled "Liga"

Box 2, Folder 18

Correspondence: Paul Kiess with Ruth and Leo Friedmann from folder labeled "Friedmann"

Box 2, Folder 19

Correspondence re: shipment of Paul Kiess' belongings to the U.S.; from folder labeled "Gondrand Freres"

Box 2, Folder 21

Correspondence: Paul Kiess and Rudolph Pichler, from folder labeled "Pichler"

Box 2, Folder 22

Notes and correspondence found in folder labeled "Sopache" (?)

Box 2, Folder 25

Correspondence: Paul Kiess and Walter Foster and Clark M. Eichelberger, found in a folder labeled "Foster"

Box 2, Folder 26

Correspondence and notes from folder labeled "West- Reise"

Box 2, Folder 28

Correspondence: American Committee for Christian German Refugees, from folder labeled "Amer. Com. J. C. G. R."

Box 2, Folder 29

Correspondence: Comite International pour le Placement des Intellectuels Refugies, from folder labeled "Union"

Box 2, Folder 31

Correspondence: College and Specialist Bureau, from folder labeled "Bureau Memphis"

Box 2, Folder 33

Correspondence: Paul Kiess with Fritz Tetens, found in folder labeled "Gaidies Gen"

Box 2, Folder 34

Correspondence and notes found in folder labeled "Pol. Science Courses and Lectures"

Box 2, Folder 35

Correspondence found together in a folder labeled "Lou / Li"

Box 2, Folder 37

Correspondence: New School for Social Research; Notgemeinschaft Deutscher Wissenschaftler Im Ausland; found in folder labeled "Colleges / Universities"

Box 2, Folder 40

Postcards and notes found together in an unlabeled folder


Articles, pamphlets, manuscripts

Box 4, Folder 31

John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation: Fellowships for Research and for Creative Work in the Fine Arts, including Music 1940

Box 4, Folder 32

Howard Pierce Davis: Lecture

Box 4, Folder 33

R. Mees and Zoonen

Box 4, Folder 34

"Restatement of the Law", the American Law Institute; Contracts O.D. No1 Sept. 15, 1928

Box 4, Folder 35

Kingsley House documents

Box 4, Folder 36

Manuscript for play/novel? Paris 1938

Box 4, Folder 37

Nostradamus manuscript

Box 4, Folder 38

"Literae C. IVLI Caesaris ad Senatvm Romanum" by Nostradamus- one copy in German and one copy in English

Box 4, Folder 39

Der Trauerspiegel, von Dr. Reinhold Regensburger

Box 4, Folder 40

The Nation- Vol. 153, No. 21 Nov. 22, 1941

Box 4, Folder 41

The Nation- Vol. 153, No. 20 Nov. 15, 1941

Box 4, Folder 42

The Broadcaster- Vol. 2, No. 4 Feb. 8

Box 4, Folder 43

Branch Library Book News: Europeans on the Move, A Selection of New Books; Vol. 15, No. 9 Nov. 1938

Box 4, Folder 44

Newscast from the American Committee for Christian Refugees Nov. 15, 1940

Box 4, Folder 45

Various pages torn out from The Reader's Digest

Box 4, Folder 46

Laurance Hart- the Impersonator of George Washington

Box 4, Folder 47

Franziska Sontag zu eigen

Box 4, Folder 48

Advertisements, pamphlets, brochures, bulletins, etc.

Box 4, Folder 49

Misc. receipts, bills 1937-1941

Box 4, Folder 50

Appeals for donations from refugee organizations

Box 1, Folder 13

Liberty magazine Jan 25, 1941

Box 1, Folder 14

Die Drei Ringe; Heft 4; Prag April 1937; 13. Jahrgang April 1937

Box 2, Folder 10

Various manuscripts from folder labeled "Fiedler"

Box 2, Folder 11

Clippings and notes from folder labeled "Roosevelt"

Box 2, Folder 13

Manuscripts from folder labeled "Education"

Box 2, Folder 36

Dr. Kiess dentistry documents



Box 5, Folder 2

Notebook containing notes on rent; Paul C. Kiess and Mrs. E. Kiess 1939

Box 5, Folder 3

London Addresses

Box 5, Folder 4

Passports, Abraham Fialko

Box 5, Folder 5

Certificate of Identity (and negative): Edith Kiess Nov. 26, 1938


Notes / memos

Box 5, Folder 6

Misc. notes and memos...1

Box 5, Folder 7

Misc. notes and memos...2

Box 5, Folder 8

Misc. notes and memos...3

Box 5, Folder 9


Box 2, Folder 3

Various notes, biographical sketch, "Mein Leben vor und nach dem 30. January 1933" Jan. 30, 1933

Box 2, Folder 4

Notes from folder labeled "Biddle Library"

Box 2, Folder 5

Notes from folder labeled "Morrie Plan"

Box 2, Folder 6

Notes from folder labeled "Rita (?) (gen)"

Box 2, Folder 7

Notes from folder labeled "World's Fair"

Box 2, Folder 8

Notes from folder labeled "N.Y."

Box 2, Folder 9

Notes from folder labeled "Mc Mlire / Shrine Ledger"

Box 2, Folder 15

Notes from folder labeled "Protest League"

Box 2, Folder 16

Notes and letters from folder labeled "Staff Off"

Box 2, Folder 20

Notes from folder labeled "Printing"

Box 2, Folder 32

Notes found in folder labeled "Retro"

Box 2, Folder 44

Notes, including Edith Kiess' Curriculum Vitae, from folder labeled "Mail II"

Box 2, Folder 45

Notes from folder labeled "German"



Box 5, Folder 1

Photographs 1915- 1937

Box 2, Folder 12

Large photograph of woman


Newspaper clippings

Box 3, Folder 1

Dr. jur. Kiess, Rechtsanwalt am Oberlandesgericht Jena (original folder containing newspaper clippings and notes) 1936

Box 3, Folder 2

Dr. jur. Paul Kiess, Rechtsanwalt am Oberlandesgericht Jena (original folder containing newspaper clippings and notes) 1937

Box 3, Folder 3

Found in folder labeled "M. R." (contains correspondence and notes) 1937

Box 3, Folder 4

Newspaper clippings found in a bag labeled "Czechoslovakia"

Box 3, Folder 5

Notes and documents found in a folder labeled "Family" (includes a famiy tree diagram) 1933

Box 3, Folder 6

Newspaper clippings and notes found together in a folder labeled "Pol. Science" 1940

Box 3, Folder 7

The New York Times article: "The Nazi Plan to Seize Latin America Reported Bared by a Franco Agent" Jan. 10, 1942

Box 3, Folder 8

Aufbau article: "An Alle! Wichtige Mitteilungen fur die Leser des 'Aufbau'" Jan. 9, 1942

Box 3, Folder 9

The New York Times article/photo: "Colin Kellys Has 'Rendezvous with Death'; Hero and Wife Made Plans if He Should Fall" Jan. 8, 1942

Box 3, Folder 10

Philadelphia Record photo: "Vacation From Broadway" (photo of Ethel Barrymore Colt and son Samuel Colt) Jan. 7, 1942

Box 3, Folder 11

The New York Times Magazine: "Leading- and Vibrant- Ladies" Jan. 4, 1942

Box 3, Folder 12

The New York Times article: "Europe: Beginning a New Chapter in American History" Jan. 3, 1942

Box 3, Folder 13

The New York Times article: " 'Action' Sociology Urged by Priest" Dec. 29, 1941

Box 3, Folder 14

The Philadelphia Inquirer article: "At the 'Gai-Moulin' " by Georges Simenon Dec. 28, 1941

Box 3, Folder 15

The New York Times article: "Churchill Speech Hailed in Congress" Dec. 27, 1941

Box 3, Folder 16

The Nation: "Letters to the Editor" Dec. 20, 1941

Box 3, Folder 17

The New York Times article: "Anniversary at Kitty Hawk" Dec. 17, 1941

Box 3, Folder 18

The New York Times article "19-44 for Fighting; Rest Will Be Listed for Defense Survey of U.S. Man Power; Quick Passage is Due; Legislation for Support of Wives of Service Men is Weighed" Dec. 13, 1941

Box 3, Folder 19

Newspaper article: "Irish Up for FDR" Dec. 7, 1941

Box 3, Folder 20

The New York Times Magazine article: "The Mighty Mr. Low" Nov. 30, 1941

Box 3, Folder 21

The New York Times article: "Nazi World Spying is Told in Manual" Nov. 27, 1941

Box 3, Folder 22

Phiadelphia Daily News article: "We Know Hitler's Spies" Nov. 21, 1941

Box 3, Folder 23

The New York Times advertisement put out by The Committee to Defend America: "In the Name of Common Sense We Ask You to Read This" Nov. 17, 1941

Box 3, Folder 24

The New York Times article: "Winter is Taking Toll of Germans" Nov. 16, 1941

Box 3, Folder 25

Newspaper article: "Klabunds 50 Geburtstag" Nov. 14, 1941

Box 3, Folder 26

Aufbau article: "Der Dank vom Hause Juda?" Oct. 24, 1941

Box 3, Folder 27

Manchester Guardian Weekly article: "Lord Gort's Dispatches" Oct. 24, 1941

Box 3, Folder 28

The New York Times article: "Churches for Closer Ties: More Cooperation Planned for U.S.- British Episcopalians" Oct. 15, 1941

Box 3, Folder 29

The New York Times Book Review "The Nazi Mentality" Sept. 21, 1941

Box 3, Folder 30

The New York Times Magazine article: "The Achilles Heel of Nazi Germany" August 24, 1941

Box 3, Folder 31

The New York Times article: "Aid to Crush Nazis is Urged By Black" Aug. 24, 1941

Box 3, Folder 32

The New York Times article: "Miller Says Nazi Army is 'On Down Grade' with Huge Losses Marking Turning Point" Aug. 22, 1941

Box 3, Folder 33

The New York Times: "Elizabeth Voices Thanks to U.S. and Says Britain's Cause is Ours" Aug. 11, 1941

Box 3, Folder 34

The New York Times article: "Held in $5,000 Bail as a Fake Doctor" Aug. 8, 1941

Box 3, Folder 35

Newsweek article: "Doctors to Britain?" June 23, 1941

Box 3, Folder 36

The Philadelphia Inquirer article: "What a Break for U.S. and Britain Now the Nazis are Fighting Russia" June 23, 1941

Box 3, Folder 37

The Philadelphia Inquirer article: "Rep. Edelstein Dies After Denouncing Attack Upon Jews" June 5, 1941

Box 3, Folder 38

The New York Times Magazine article: "In Other Junes" June 1, 1941

Box 3, Folder 39

Newspaper article: "____ Poverty Aid to Propaganda" May 4, 1941

Box 3, Folder 40

The New York Times article: "Nazi Propaganda Rife in Colombia" April 28, 1941

Box 3, Folder 41

The New York Times article: "The Address of Viscount Halifax to the English-Speaking Union" April 16, 1941

Box 3, Folder 42

The New York Times article: "Billions in Clock-Ticks" April 13, 1941

Box 3, Folder 43

The New York Times article: "Chaplin is Defendant in Suit for $5,000,000" April 1, 1941

Box 3, Folder 44

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette photo: "Windsors Inspect Airfield" March 29, 1941

Box 3, Folder 45

The New York Times article: "Text of Wendel Willkie's Address in Toronto" March 25, 1941

Box 3, Folder 46

The New York Times article: "Texts of Speeches by Churchill and Ambassador Winant to the Pilgrims" March 19, 1941

Box 3, Folder 47

Newspaper article: "Fluchtlings-Arzte" March 8, 1941

Box 3, Folder 48

The New York Times photo and corresponding letter to the editor: "Passing: Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite" February 21, 1941

Box 3, Folder 49

The New York Times article: "An Alliance for Peace" Feb. 19, 1941

Box 3, Folder 50

The New York Times article: "Nazi Plot Against U.S. Charged by Mexican" Feb. 17, 1941

Box 3, Folder 51

Neue Volkszeitung article: "Die 'Funfte Kolonne' ruckt an" Feb. 15, 1941

Box 3, Folder 52

The New York Times article: "First Lady's Stand Lauded by Tunney" Feb. 5, 1941

Box 3, Folder 53

Newspaper article: "Europe: French Triangle a Key Piece in Hitler's War Game" Feb. 3, 1941

Box 3, Folder 54

Liberty magazine article: "What Democracy Means to Me" Jan. 25, 1941

Box 3, Folder 55

Liberty magazine article: "Madame Pompadour- Of Rumania" Jan. 25, 1941

Box 3, Folder 56

The New York Times articles: "Research Activity Urged on Business" and "Independent Bar Held Threatened" Jan. 24, 1941

Box 3, Folder 57

Evening Public Ledger, Philadelphia article: "RAF Bombs Isle of Rhodes" Jan. 24, 1941

Box 3, Folder 58

The Philadelphia Inquirer article: "Americans Favor Aid to Britain, but Not at Cost of U.S. Safety" and other articles Jan. 21, 1941

Box 3, Folder 59

Philadelphia Record article: "Red Cross Aids Greek War Victims" Jan. 19, 1941

Box 3, Folder 60

The New York Times article: "Villard Condition Not Serious" Jan. 19, 1941

Box 3, Folder 61

The Saturday Evening Post magazine article: "Fadiman for the Millions" Jan. 11, 1941

Box 3, Folder 62

Neue Volkszeitung article: "Hochschule fur Hochverrat" Jan. 4, 1941

Box 3, Folder 63

The Philadelphia Inquirer article: "Film 'Seers' Predict Reich Will Be Starved by British" Dec. 20, 1940

Box 3, Folder 64

The New York Times article: "Petain to Create Advisory Council" and other articles Dec. 16, 1940

Box 3, Folder 65

The New York Times article: "Dancing New York" Dec. 15, 1940

Box 3, Folder 66

The New York Times article: "Polka Ball Group Will Meet at Tea" Dec. 12, 1940

Box 3, Folder 67

Neue Volkszeitung article: "Frankreichs Desatisten" Nov. 23, 1940

Box 3, Folder 68

The New York Times article: "The Refugee Scholars" Nov. 17, 1940

Box 3, Folder 69

Neue Volkszeitung article: "Die 'Funfte Kolonne' in Venezuela" Nov. 16, 1940

Box 3, Folder 70

The Philadelphia Inquirer article: "War in Africa May Bring First Bid for U.S. Entry" Nov. 7, 1940

Box 3, Folder 71

The Philadelphia Inquirer article: "British View Result of Elections in U.S. as 'Black for Berlin' " Nov. 7, 1940

Box 3, Folder 72

The New York Times article: "Hopson on Trial; Jury is Selected" Nov. 7, 1940

Box 3, Folder 73

The New York Times article: "Text of Roosevelt's Speech Asserting We Shall continue a United People" and other election news articles Nov. 5, 1940

Box 3, Folder 74

The New York Times article: "Just to Scotch a Minor Smear on Wendall Willkie" Nov. 4, 1940

Box 3, Folder 75

The New York Times article: "Text of Willkie's Address at the Final Rally in Madison Square Garden" and other articles Nov. 3, 1940

Box 3, Folder 76

The New York Times article: "Republicans Fear 'Packing' of Rally" and other articles Nov. 3, 1940

Box 3, Folder 77

The New York Times political advertisements Nov. 2, 1940

Box 3, Folder 78

Newspaper article: "Roosevelt Would Invoke Pan-American Action to Keep Axis Out" Oct. 26, 1940

Box 3, Folder 79

Time magazine article: "German Expressionist" Oct. 14, 1940

Box 3, Folder 80

Aufbau article: "1000 Worte Amerikanisch" Oct. 4, 1940

Box 3, Folder 81

The New York Times article: "Urges a Reversal of Ban on Russell" Sept. 30, 1940

Box 3, Folder 82

Aufbau article: "1000 Worte Amerikanisch" Sept. 27, 1940

Box 3, Folder 83

Newspaper comic: "Off the Record" by Ed Reed Aug. 28, 1940

Box 3, Folder 84

The New York Times article: "Nazi Agents Bring Pressure in Brazil" June 30, 1940

Box 3, Folder 85

The New York Times article: "Dr. Behrendt Pick, Coin Colector, 78" May 30, 1940

Box 3, Folder 86

The New York Times advertisement: Lord and Taylor Polka Dots Collection April 21, 1940

Box 3, Folder 87

The Pittsburgh Press article: "Fifty Years of Films: The Glamorous Decades When Hollywood Amazed the World with Wealth" April 12, 1940

Box 3, Folder 88

The New York Times advertisement: Bonwit Teller April 4, 1940

Box 3, Folder 89

The New York Times front page: "Sun-Spot Tornado Disrupts Cables, Phones, and Telegraph for 5 Hours" March 25, 1940

Box 3, Folder 90

The New York Times article: "Neutrals Bitter Ober Finns' Fall" March 14, 1940

Box 3, Folder 91

Newspaper article: "New York's First Subway" Feb. 27, 1940

Box 3, Folder 92

The New York Times photos: "Fashions As Usual in Paris" Feb. 25, 1940

Box 3, Folder 93

The New York Times article: "____ as Divining Rods; ____ Leaves Locate Minerals" Feb. 18, 1940

Box 3, Folder 94

The New York Times article: " 'Divining Rod' Finds Oil Deep in Ground" Feb. 14, 1940

Box 3, Folder 95

Look magazine article: "Fingernails to Fit Your Personality" Jan. 30, 1940

Box 3, Folder 96

The New York Times article: "Youthful Instructor Wins Noble Award" Jan. 24, 1940

Box 3, Folder 97

Various newspaper clippings relating to loans 1939

Box 3, Folder 98

The New York Times article: "$784,646,938 High Set by Post Office" Dec. 31, 1939

Box 3, Folder 99

Newspaper article: "In der Versenkung" Nov. 12, 1939

Box 3, Folder 100

Daily Mirror article: "Peace 'Showdown' Nears: Hitler to Give Allies Terms" Oct. 2, 1939

Box 3, Folder 101

Daily News photo: "Safe" photo of Prince and Princess Hubertus zu Lowenstein of Germany Sept. 29, 1939

Box 3, Folder 102

New York World- Telegram front page "French Guns Blast Rhine Forts" and "Polish Official Saw His Homeland Collapse, Then Killed Himself" Sept. 26, 1939

Box 3, Folder 103

Daily News article: "War in Europe at a Glance" Sept. 26, 1939

Box 3, Folder 104

Newspaper article: "Exiles Pledge Fight on Hitler" Sept. 10, 1939

Box 3, Folder 105

The New York Times: "Books of the Times" May 18, 1939

Box 3, Folder 106

The New York Times article: "Fund for Refugees Details Its Needs" April 17, 1939

Box 3, Folder 107

The New York Times article: "Soviet Contrasts are Still Marked" March 25, 1939

Box 3, Folder 108

The New York Times article: "Gibbs Reports on Reich" March 5, 1939

Box 3, Folder 109

The New York Times article: "Soviet Peace Aims Shun Pan-Slavism" March 5, 1939

Box 3, Folder 110

The New York Times article: "New System Urged For State Prisons" Feb. 20, 1939

Box 3, Folder 111

The New York Times Book Review: "A Union of the Democracies" Feb. 19, 1939

Box 3, Folder 112

N.Y. Staats-Zeitung und Herold article: "Kreuz und Quer" Feb. 13, 1939

Box 3, Folder 113

Newspaper article: "New York Spaziergange" Feb. 13, 1939

Box 3, Folder 114

The New York Times article: "Nazi Imprint Seen in Data on Trade" Feb. 8, 1939

Box 3, Folder 115

Sonntagsblatt Staats-Zeitung und Herold article: "Aus der Gesellschaft und den Frauenvereinen Gross-New Yorks" Feb. 5, 1939

Box 3, Folder 116

Deutsche Freiheit front page Oct. 7, 1938

Box 3, Folder 117

Le Temps article: "La Fontaine, Kipling, et Leurs Heros" July 10, 1938

Box 3, Folder 118

Prager Tagblatt article: "Der Feuersturm aus dem Weltraum" June 28, 1938

Box 3, Folder 119

Pariser Tageszeitung newspaper clipping March 18, 1938

Box 3, Folder 120

Newspaper clippings: March 31, 1937- "Schmant und Quark"; Aug. 19, 1937- "Speisequark...Buttermilch...Joghurt"; Die Frankfurter Zeitung Aug. 20, 1937- "Frankfurter Handelsblatt" 1937

Box 3, Folder 121

Newspaper article: "Was gilt vom 19. Jahrhundert?" June 30, 1937

Box 3, Folder 122

Newspaper article: '"Johannes Tews" June 29, 1937

Box 3, Folder 123

Newspaper article: "Der Periodische Satz" June 16, 1937

Box 3, Folder 124

Die Frankfurter Zeitung article: "Gestaltende Wirtschaftwissenschaft" June 13, 1937

Box 3, Folder 125

Neue Zurcher Zeitung article: "Die Giotto-Ausstellung in Florenz" May 23, 1937

Box 3, Folder 126

Newspaper article: "Westlich von Kolberg..." May 16, 1937

Box 3, Folder 127

Newspaper articles: "Vom Gebrauch der deutschen Sprache" and "Die Moglichkeiten und die Resultate" May 9, 1937

Box 3, Folder 128

Newspaper article: "Neue Bucher: Wilhelm Tell" April 1937

Box 3, Folder 129

Newspaper clipping from Neue Zurcher Zeitung April 13, 1937

Box 3, Folder 130

Neue Zurcher Zeitung article: "Technik" April 7, 1937

Box 3, Folder 131

Newspaper clipping from Prager Presse April 2, 1937

Box 3, Folder 132

Newspaper article: "Filme in Prager Lichtspielhausern" March 28, 1937

Box 3, Folder 133

Newspaper clipping from Prager Tagblatt N. 70 March 23, 1937

Box 3, Folder 134

Newspaper article: "Bochumer Schauspiel" March 23, 1937

Box 3, Folder 135

Newspaper article: "Ein herzliches Prosit Neujahr entbieten" Jan. 1, 1937

Box 3, Folder 136

Die Frankfurter Zeitung article: "Von der Schonheit des Radreisens" Sept. 26, 1936

Box 3, Folder 137

Newspaper article: "Schlagwort Liberasmus" Sept. 22, 1936

Box 3, Folder 138

Newspaper article: "Nachtliches Berlin um 1910" Sept. 21, 1936

Box 3, Folder 139

Newspaper clippings: Sonnstagsblatt der Basler Nachrichten June 7, 1936

Box 3, Folder 140

Basler Nachrichten article: "Politik und Weiblichkeit" June 6/7, 1936

Box 3, Folder 141

Deutsche Zeitung Bohemia article: "Sowiet-Russlands Belehrung zum Familienschutz-Gedanken" June 5, 1936

Box 3, Folder 142

Newspaper clippings and misc. notes: Sept. 1, 1934- Geruchte um Ley"; March 21, 1937- "Das Lied vom Obersten Riego"; March 21, 1937-Der Kolnischen Zeitung 1934; 1937

Box 3, Folder 143

Newspaper clipping: Die Aktion fur die Deutschen im Ausland Dec. 14, 1933

Box 3, Folder 144

Newspaper article: "Danksagung" Feb. 14, 1924

Box 3, Folder 145

Newspaper: Faltenburger Zeitung; Nr. 18... 40. Jahrgang Feb. 12, 1924

Box 3, Folder 146

Newspaper article: "Vor 25 Jahren in der 'Staats-Zeitung' " Feb. 13, 1914

Box 3, Folder 147

Newspaper article: "End of War in Spain Opens a New Struggle"

Box 3, Folder 148

Newspaper article: "Argentina a Seat of Nazi Activities"

Box 3, Folder 149

Newspaper article: "Toothache Alibi Saves Sufferer"

Box 3, Folder 150

Newspaper article: "Press in History Debated"

Box 3, Folder 151

Newspaper article: "Curb on Sabotage is Called Limited"

Box 3, Folder 152

Newspaper article: "Capt. Schultze in Radio Interview, Claims He Sent Message to Churchill After Sinking Freighter in the Atlantic"

Box 3, Folder 153

Newspaper article: "Von Fritsch Killed on Warsaw Front"

Box 3, Folder 154

The New York Times article: "2541 Axis Ailens Now in Custody" Dec. 12

Box 3, Folder 155

Various newspaper articles found clipped together from Sunday News and Daily Mirror, includes an article titled "Russia Yields U.S. Ship"

Box 3, Folder 156

Untitled newspaper article; paragraph about Paderewski, a Polish exile, is underlined

Box 3, Folder 157

Newspaper article: "Psychology in War"

Box 3, Folder 158

The New York Times article: "Capone a Patient in Philadelphia Suburb; Police Official Says He Is a Paresis Victim" Nov. 15

Box 3, Folder 159

Look magazine article: "Peggy Hopkins Joyce Says: 'These are the 10 Most Glamorous Men I Know' "

Box 3, Folder 160

Newspaper photo: "Mady Christians in 'Hamlet' "

Box 3, Folder 161

The New York Times and The Philadelphia Inquirer articles: "Life of Former Kaiser a Study in Absolutism, Leading to World War and Ruin"

Box 3, Folder 162

Newspaper article: "Washington Merry-Go-Round" Dec. 28

Box 3, Folder 163

The New York Times article: "More for Service Overseas is Shelved to Avert Fight on Extension of Army Term" July 14

Box 3, Folder 164

Newspaper ad: "Precious Little Soldiers: Made for Men to Play With"

Box 3, Folder 165

The New York Times article: "British Duchesses are 'Best Dressed' "

Box 3, Folder 166

Newspaper ad: "Mon Cure Chez les Riches"

Box 3, Folder 167

Newspaper article: "Nazi-Umtriebe in Griechenland"

Box 3, Folder 168

Newspaper clipping: "Falsenburg"

Box 3, Folder 169

Newspaper article: "Inland und Ausland"

Box 3, Folder 170

Newspaper article: "Haus Rosbaud verklagt Frankfurt"

Box 3, Folder 171

Newspaper article: "Das Happy End"

Box 3, Folder 172

Newspaper article: " 'Blutregen' im alten Zurich"

Box 3, Folder 173

Newspaper clipping: "Annemarie Selinko: Morgen ist alles besser"

Box 3, Folder 174

Newspaper clippings: "Tante Anna" and "Warum man in Deutschland..."

Box 3, Folder 175

Newspaper article: "Mozarts Leben"

Box 3, Folder 176

Neue Zurcher Zeitung article: "Verwirklichung der Musik"

Box 3, Folder 177

Newspaper clipping "Tante Anna"

Box 3, Folder 178

Newspaper clipping: " 'Pas de deux'- Tanzstunde von einst"

Box 3, Folder 179

Aufbau article: "1000 Worte Amerikanisch"

Box 3, Folder 180

Newspaper articles: "Dictators Meet" and "Party Dress"

Box 3, Folder 181

Newsapaper article: "Calls England Unchanging"

Box 3, Folder 182

The New York Times article: "British Neighbors Unite in War Plans" Feb. 22

Box 3, Folder 183

Newspaper article: "Kaiser Loses Legal Fight For Post as Magistrate"

Box 2, Folder 14

Newsletter clippings from folder labeled "Missing Heirs"

Box 2, Folder 23

Newspaper clippings found together in a folder labeled "In andrer Mappe"

Box 2, Folder 24

Newspaper clippings from folder labeled "Nazi / ____"

Box 2, Folder 27

The New York Times article: "Buttrick Advocates 'Christlike' Actions," found in folder labeled "N-P-Price" Jan. 29, 1940

Box 2, Folder 30

Clippings and notes from folder labeled "Mon azoum ____" (?)

Box 2, Folder 38

Newspaper clippings and notes found together in a folder

Box 2, Folder 39

Newspaper clippings and notes found together in a folder

Box 2, Folder 41

Newspaper clippings and other misc. notes found together in a folder

Box 2, Folder 42

Various newspaper clippings and documents found together in a folder

Box 2, Folder 43

Newspaper clippings found together in a folder

Box 2, Folder 46

Newspaper clippings from folder labeled "War"...1

Box 2, Folder 47

Newspaper clippings from folder labeled "War"...2

Box 2, Folder 48

Newspaper clippings from folder labeled "War"...3