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Finding Aid for the Marie Cartier papers, 1988-2010
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Box 1, Folder 1

Bound Plays. 1993.

Physical Description: two bound, chapbook style playbooks

Scope and Content Note

"Leave a Light on When You Get Out" explores issues of violence against women with humor and drama, published by Dialogus Press. "Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are" is a Christmas Carol like play forcing a closeted lesbian lawyer to take a journey with the ghosts of gay and lesbian past (including Joan of Arc). Also originally published by Dialogus Press.
Box 1, Folder 2

Women's Poetry Project. 10/8/1994-8/6/1995.

Physical Description: newspaper clippings; photocopied documents; printed documents

Scope and Content Note

This folder contains Marie Cartier's materials from Terry Wolverton's Women's Poetry Project. Included are a syllabus, studied poetry, notes, new poetry and a newspaper clipping about the poetry of Adrienne Rich.
Box 1, Folder 3

Miscellaneous Poetry. 1994-1996.

Physical Description: printed paper

Scope and Content Note

Miscellaneous poetry representing a two year period, multiple copies of some as well as some poems covered in notes for revision or commentary.
Box 1, Folder 4

Academic Writing from Claremont Graduate University. 1998-1999.

Physical Description: printed paper; photocopied paper

Scope and Content Note

Six papers fulfilling coursework for the PhD program at Claremont Graduate University in Religious Studies with a focus on Women's Studies. Papers contained are listed in the Notes section below.

Additional Note

1. "The Virgin of Guadalupe: Her Impact on Chicana Women, Especially As Seen in the Work of Chicana Poets, Specifically Ana Castillo and Sandra Cisneros" Fall 1998 for Sex, Gender and Corporeality in Ancient MesoAmerica for Professor Sylvia Marcos 2. "Exploring the Use of Catholic Saints within Vodou and Liberation Theology Especially in Terms of Mary and Guadalupe" Fall 1998 for Intro to Women's Studies in Religion for Professor Karen Jo Torjesen 3. "The Nature of Transcendence Experienced in the Dissolution of Boundaries: Between the Self and Nature versus Between the Self and Another" fall 1998 for Introduction to Women's Studies in Religion for Professor Torjesen 4. "An Intial Attempt to Articulate a Theology of Women's Spirituality, especially as evidenced in" The Feminine Face of God" fall 1998 for Intro to Women's Studies in Religion with Professor Torjesen 5. "Gendering the Argument for Activism Presented in Rauschenbusch's A Theology for the Social Gospel" fall 1998 for Backgrounds in Contemporary Theology with Professor Marjorie Suchocki 6. "What Kind of Person Do You Think a Girl Wants? or Gender Bending and its Theological Implications within Rebel Without a Cause" spring 1999 for Religion and Film with Professor Jack Coogan
Box 1, Folder 5

Dissertation. 2010.

Physical Description: library bound dissertation

Scope and Content Note

"Baby, You are My Religion: The Emergence of 'Theeology' in pre-Stonewall Butch-Femme/Gay Women's Bar Culture and Community" is Marie Cartier's dissertation for the Phd program at Claremont Graduate University. Using over 100 ethnographies of lesbians and their experiences in pre-stonewall bar culture, she explores the sense of community that arose. She also situates the religious implications of a community of people categorized as "a priori sinners", whose options for communal experience was relegated to secret spaces. She also expounds upon the erotic/religious potential of butch/femme relationships.
Box 2, Folder 1

"Don't Tell Anyone." No Date.

Physical Description: 104 page unbound script with notes

Scope and Content Note

A script about a performance artist, martial artist, bisexual dealing with childhood prostitution, her relationships, a recent abortion, a male surfer lover, a sexy female lawyer lover and creating a family. This was Marie Cartier's thesis script for the UCLA MFA program.
Box 2, Folder 2

"For All the Saints" or "Full Moon." No Date.

Physical Description: two unbound copies of script

Scope and Content Note

Script for the story of one woman's journey to healing from incest, and the story of how her lesbian relationship helps her save her life. A never before seen behind the scenes story of love and commitment,women's community, healing, and lots of tie-dye, music, passion, fights,and coming clean out on the other side of hell. Big music festivals, witchy gatherings, rituals, tears and love. A BIG CHILL of sort of...epic... proportions.
Box 2, Folder 3

"Stumbling Into the Light." No Date.

Physical Description: printed script with notes

Scope and Content Note

Unpublished script.
Box 2, Folder 4

Short Stories. No Date.

Physical Description: printed unbound stories

Scope and Content Note

Contains: "Gathering Him Up" and several drafts of "The Kindness Of"
Box 2, Folder 5

One Woman Show Scripts. No Date.

Physical Description: printed unbound scripts

Scope and Content Note

Contains: "Ballistic Femme" a performance about the persistent desire of the butch/femme dynamic, "Let Me Entertain You", "The Blessed Virgin"
Box 2, Folder 6

Dandelion Warriors Materials. 1988-1996.

Physical Description: photocopies of newspaper clippings; poetry, flyers, newsletters, photocopies of published writing and printed writing

Scope and Content Note

This folder contains items related to the Dandelion Warriors, Marie Cartier's project bringing incest survivors together with the pledge that they will not kill themselves. There are flyers for events, poems written by Cartier, articles related to incest issues in the public sphere, press materials, various writings as well as an Anthology of Student Writing edited by Cartier entitled "Writing as if Your Life Depended On It."
Box 2, Folder 7

"Wild Kingdom." 1988.

Physical Description: bound play

Scope and Content Note

A play by Leaf Seligman
Box 3, Folder 1

National Center for Lesbian Rights Materials. 1989.

Physical Description: two bound guides, letters, flyers

Scope and Content Note

Guides providing legal advice to child custody as well as protection for couples in domestic partnerships.
Box 3, Folder 2

Women's Mining Research Materials. 1991.

Physical Description: folder; bound informational packets; business cards; letters

Scope and Content Note

Information from various sources providing background on women in mining, mining practices and technologies and history. One of the letters contained alludes to the materials being used in research for a screenplay.
Box 3, Folder 3

Research Materials for "The Blessed Virgin." 1992-1995.

Physical Description: flyers; bulletins; calendars

Scope and Content Note

This folder contains materials used to research the construction and writing of the one woman performance "The Blessed Virgin." Included are various items from Catholic churches around Los Angeles not limited to church bulletins, newsletters, pamphlets and educational materials.
Box 3, Folder 4

Grants, Project Proposals. 1996.

Physical Description: printed letters and proposals; faxed paper; photocopied paper

Scope and Content Note

Notes, letters of support and descriptions of various proposals and applications for grant money or other support for artistic projects.
Box 3, Folder 5

Flyers and Brochures. 1996-1998.

Physical Description: flyers or varying size

Scope and Content Note

Brochures, flyers, informational packets about gay and lesbian organizations, establishments and cultural events around Los Angeles. Venues include Girl Bar and Highways Performance Space, brochures advertise the services of anything from the One Archives to Tarot card readers.
Box 3, Folder 6

Correspondence. 1997.

Physical Description: printouts of email

Scope and Content Note

A handful of printouts of personal correspondence in the form of email.
Box 3, Folder 7

Power of Attorney and Will. June 28, 1997`.

Physical Description: photocopy

Scope and Content Note

This is the signed and dated power of attorney and will for Marie Cartier.
Box 3, Folder 8

Job Search Materials. 1997-1999.

Physical Description: letters; envelopes

Scope and Content Note

This folder contains letters to and from institutions with academic positions. Also included are letters of recommendation and job listings.
Box 3, Folder 9

Claremont Graduate University Commencement Materials. 2010.

Physical Description: bound commencement program, two small copied photos

Scope and Content Note

A bound commencement program from 2010, the year Marie Cartier was awarded a Phd from Claremont Graudate University.
Box 3, Folder 10

Time Management/To Do Materials. No Date.

Physical Description: handwritten notes, pre purchased printed materials

Scope and Content Note

Notes, memos and schedules having to do with time management.
Box 3, Folder 11

Miscellaneous. No Date.

Physical Description: printed paper

Scope and Content Note

Contains a small treatise "I hate Jody Foster" by anonymous, a description of the art piece "Gay Citizens" by Ron Anderegg, the cover sheet for an excerpt from Cartier's "The Lost Angel Tour", a Dyke march chant, and a letter from the Police Chief E.M. Davis circa 1975 refusing to participate or condone Gay Pride Week.
Box 4

Periodicals. 1988-1995.

Physical Description: published periodicals

Scope and Content Note

Feminist and Lesbian periodical publications spanning almost a decade. Ranging from programming guides for local film festivals to small scale community pamphlets to Ms. Magazine. Complete contents listed below.

Additional Note

Survivor (Guide produced by the LA Commission on Assaults Against Women) 1985 Ms. Magazine January 1988 Ms. Magazine November/December 1990 Ms. Magazine March/April 1991 VOX Winter 1991 Off Our Backs July 1992 Out Magazine January 1993 Ms. Magazine May/June 1993 On Our Backs January 1995 ONE IGLA Bulletin Spring 1995 Christopher Street West Pride Guide June 1995 Deneuve Magazine June 1995 San Francisco Pride Guide June 1995 ONE IGLA Bulleting Spring 1996 DIVA Magazine June/July 1996 Outfest Film Festival Program Guide July 1996 ONE IGLA Bulletin 1997 The Survivor Activist Volume 6, Number 2 – Summer 1998 Girlfriends Magazine August 1999 The childhood Trust Brochure Children of the Night Brochure
Box 5

MORGASM and Miscellaneous. 1991-2002.

Physical Description: ephemera, newspaper clippings

Scope and Content Note

Included in this box are calendars, newspaper articles related to incest or sexual abuse (anything from criminal trials to media impact) and materials for Marie Cartier's performance/installation MORGASM.

Additional Note

MORGASM is a consortium devoted to the exploration of the millenium shift in the dominant gender paradigm. The purpose for which this museum exists is to preserve, display and interpret items from the various collections which make up the consortium. MORGASM operates undera living collections policy, in which the collections' holdings are used and viewed within the communities which MORGASM serves.