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Inventory of the California State Senate Republican Caucus Office of Policy Records
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Series Description


Series 1 Bill Files 1999-2012

Physical Description: 3,742 file folders, 4 computer discs (CD), 3 videodiscs (DVD)


Arranged chronologically by legislative session, then numerically by bill number.

Access Information

Some items are restricted under the Public Records Act, Government Code section 7927.7 (formerly Gov. Code section 6254(c)). Additionally, bill files SB143, 2009-2010, (LP420:2857) and SB1253, 2009-2010, (LP420:2995) contain items restricted under the Information Practices Act (Civil Code 1798 et seq.).
Access to audiovisual materials requires the production of use copies.

Scope and Content Note

Most bill files include all or some of the following items: bill analyses, support and opposition from interested businesses and constituents, collected legislative committee analyses, amendments and resolutions, author's statements, testimony, press releases, newspaper clippings, correspondence, roll calls, records of votes, and committee statements. The series contains files for nearly all legislation introduced into both houses. Of particular interest are those bills relating to technology security, education reform, civil and social legislation, agriculture and labor reform, housing and urban development, food safety, and policies regarding moral concerns for interested parties.
Bill files also contain Governor's Reorganization Plans (GRP) for legislative sessions 2001-2002 (LP420:536) and 2009-2010 (LP420:3027).
SB836, 2009-2010, includes a Senate TV videodisc (DVD). The March 24, 2010 video recording features the bill's author Senator Jenny Oropeza speaking to the Senate Health Committee about breast cancer screenings (LP420:2944).
AB1934, 2009-2010, includes a computer disc (CD). The disc includes a collection of letters relating to the bill and a collection of videos of several Open Carry Events throughout California in several formats (LP420:3211).
Senate Republican Caucus Office of Policy, 1999-2012
1999-2000: SB20-SB2201, SCA14-SCA21, SCR58-SCR90, SJR1-SJR42, SR25-SR32 (99 ff) LP420:1-99
1999-2000: AB8-AB2941, ACR61-ACR162, AJR39-AJR77 (164 ff) LP420:100-264
2001-2002: SB1-SB2101, SCA3-SCA17, SCR2-SCR101, SJR1-SJR50, SR8-SR31 (270 ff) LP420:265-535
2001-2002: GRP1 (1 ff) LP420:536
2001-2002: SB1X-SB72X, SCA1X, SJR1X, SB12XX-SB89XX, SJR2XX, SR1XX, SB3XXX (14 ff) LP420:537-551
2001-2002: AB1-AB3035, ACA1-ACA19, ACR3-ACR233, AJR1-AJR50, AB1X-AB75X, AB4XX-AB86XX, ACR4XX, AJR1X, AJR1XX (257 ff) LP420:552-809
2003-2004: SB1-SB1917, SCA2-SCA22, SJR1-SJR32, SR7-SR44, SBX2-SBX22, SB1XXX-SB2XXX, SB2XXXX-SB15XXXX, SCR3XX (244 ff) LP420:810-1054
2003-2004: AB3094, ACR1-ACR258, AJR2-AJR91, ABXX1, AB13XXXX (271 ff) LP420:1055-1326
2005-2006: SB1-SB1853, SCA1-SCA32, SCR2-SCR131, SJR3-SJR34, SR7-SR36, SB1X-SB5X, SCA1X-SCA4X, SCR1X (346 ff) LP420:1327-1673
2005-2006: AB7-AB3076, ACR1-ACR168, AJR1-AJR53 (347 ff) LP420:1674-2021
2007-2008: SB1-SB1781, SCA1-SCA24, SCR1-SCR119, SJR2-SJR34, SR1-SR33, SB3X-SB26X, SJR1X, SB1XX-SB4XX, SCR1XXX (393 ff) LP420:2022-2415
2007-2008: AB1-AB3084, ACR1-ACR154, AJR1-AJR69, AB2X-AB8X (415 ff) LP420:2416-2831
2009-2010: SB1-SB1491, SCA5-SCA29, SCR3-SCR111, SJR1-SJR35, SR7-SR51, GRP1-GRP2, SBX2_6, SBX2_11, SBX3_3-SBX3_27, SBX5_1, SBX5_2, SBX6_2-SBX6_21, SBX7_1-SBX7_8, SBX8_21-SBX8_70 (201ff, 1 videodisc (DVD)) LP420: 2832-3033
2009-2010: AB1-AB2798, ACR2-ACR180, AJR2-AJR45, ABX1_3, ABX2_8, ABX3_23-ABX3_81, ABX5_ 8, ABX8_7 (237ff, 1 computer disc (CD)) LP420: 3034-3271
2011-2012: SB3-SB1580, SCA4-SCA22, SCR6-SCR98, SJR3-SJR38, SBX1_1-SBX1_27 (237ff, 2 videodiscs (DVD), 1 computer disc (CD)) LP420: 3272-3509
2011-2012: AB2-AB2698, ACR23-ACR155, AJR5-AJR47, ABX1_13-ABX1_19 (232ff, 2 computer discs (CD)) LP420: 3510-3742