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Finding aid for the Olive View Sanatorium and Hospital records 7095
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Administration 1915-2006

Language of Material: English.

Scope and Contents

A series compiling documents related to the founding, organization, and operating of Olive View Sanatorium, and later Olive View Hospital and Olive View Medical Center. The documents illuminate the operations of the hospital, as well as other social constraints the sanatorium and hospital often faced. Values and actions of both the county and hospital can be seen in budgets, annual reports, and correspondence.

Budgets and Reports 1923-2006

Scope and Contents

Annual reports for LA County include financial and budget data county-wide. Olive View appears in the budgets and as an entity with a brief description of the hospital historically and a report of the year, often including patient data. Olive View annual reports include financial and patient data, but are more narrative in style and give accounts of the various departments and activities of the hospital as a whole. Also included are LA County health commmitte/commission reports and a 1932-1933 Rancho Los Amigos budget. Commission and committee reports include the voice of the community served by Olive View in later years and their vision and needs in community healthcare and hospitals. All the reports and budgets elucidate the structure and culture of the hospital and LA County over time, and relfect the values of the hospital and the county.
Box 1


Scope and Contents

This set of records includes Annual Reports and Budgets for LA County, Annual Reports for Olive View, and one Annual Report for a sister hospital, Rancho Los Amigos. All items are in bound volumes.
Box 2


Scope and Contents

These records contain Annual Reports and Budgets through 1961 and additional reports regarding health services and hospital accredidation in Los Angeles County in 1970. All reports are bound volumes.
Box 4, Folder 1-17

Photocopies 1928-1986

Scope and Contents

These documents are photocopies of annual and biennial reports of Olive View, individual departments, and the other Sanatoria and Rest Homes under Olive View's purview. Also included are budgets and fiscal history of Olive View, reports on events, proposals for expansion.
Box 3

LA County Department of Health 1974-1976; 2003-2004

Scope and Contents

Reports from Los Angeles County Department of Health including a Biennial report from 1974-1976 and a Progress Report from 2004.
Box 3

Professional Staff Association Annual Reports 1997-2006

Scope and Contents

This Professional Association is made up of staff from Olive View, at its various locations. These annual reports contain summary information on the activities of the staff and the hospital as provided by the members of each department and committee. Each department in the hospital appears to be included and other data, like fundraising by the foundation, workload statistics, and user satisfaction is also included. Names of officers, service chiefs and elected members are also present. These reports are bound in volumes by year.
Box 3

State Reports 1979

Scope and Contents

These reports were sent to members of the Executive Committee from the Director of Health Services in Los Angeles County. They contain ideological information about how the state was viewing costs in health care at the time.
Box 3

Proposal for Infant and Child Care Center 1988

Scope and Contents

A proposal for a child care center at Olive View for working parents on site. Includes statement of work, philosophy, operations of daily procedures, schedules, and paperwork, a parent handbook, a professional manual, budgets, job descriptions, CV's and more.

Correspondence and Administrative Documents 1950-2004

Scope and Contents

Correspondence and other administrative documents authored by LA County, Olive View, and between LA County and Olive View reflect the various subjects of pertinance for each governing body. Correspondence includes personnel and budgeting issues, fires, earthquakes, rebuilding projects and more. These documents elucidate the nature of the relationship between the hospital and the county and how the nature of that relationship changes over time. It also reflects values of both the county and Olive View.
Box 5, Folder 1

Correspondence, William Bucher 1924-1934

Scope and Contents

This correspondence file was kept in tact as preserved by Bucher's secretary, Fadette Gossard. The file includes correspondence with internal staff, and external parties such as LA County and various charitable entities. There are some illuminating letters discussing the county's change of ideas in having a doctor in charge of the hospital to having a businessperson in charge of the hospital.
Box 5, Folder 2-3

Correspondence, Los Angeles County records 1915-1924

Scope and Contents

Correspondence in this file relates to the founding of the Olive View Sanatorium. Letters reflect the differing opinions of the governing bodies and the land owners and demonstrates the fear and stigma surrounding tuberculosis during the time.
Box 5, Folder 4-10, Box 3, Folder 1-14

Administrative Documents 1935-2003

Scope and Contents

Administrative documents created and collected by Olive View. Directories, memos, safety protocol, orientations, old notebooks with administrative notes and patient lists, fact sheets and general information about Olive View, and historical information, and a guide to LAC historical documents.
Box 8

Olive View Inventories 1926, 1928

Scope and Contents

This sub-series contains complete inventories for two years: 1926 and 1928. Items both large and small are included, and manufacturers and costs are listed, which gives a great picture of hospital needs of the time, as well as the general economy and business practices.

Departments 1915-1995

Scope and Contents

This series reflects the structure of Olive View, the departments it created, and how it changed over time. Some departments (lab group) have a larger collection while others (occupational therapy) have a much smaller amount of material. Some of the departments (nursing) have collections that span the full existance of Olive View and document the changes in medical practice and patient care over time.

Nursing department

Scope and Contents

Material gathered and collected by nurses over the years and curated by Selma Calmes. The material is robust, includes photographs, and demonstrates the changing medical practices and attitudes about women, patients, and patient care over time.
Box 9, Box 43

Photographs 1936-1993

Scope and Contents

Photographs in this sub-series tend to be portrait in nature, both group and individual. There is a series of nursing staff photos between 1936 and 1969 and a large set of photographs between 1989 and 1993 capturing a variety of nursing events.
Box 10

Documents 1926-1995

Scope and Contents

These files contains an array of documents related to the nursing department at Olive View. It contains nursing department annual/bi-annual reports from 1926 all the way to 1971. Brochures, patient handbooks, employee handbooks, and staff and patient guides are also included.
Box 10

Scrapbook 1951-1987

Scope and Contents

This scrapbook of the nursing department includes notes and some back of photo labelling. It also includes historical articles and more recent newspaper clippings.

Laboratory group

Scope and Contents

The lab group sub-series contains medical and research literature and photographic material from the doctors working in the lab. Additional research work can be found in the Emil Bogen sub-series that includes many of his manuscripts and reprints of articles.
Box 11

Reference books on TB 1929; 1942; 1992

Scope and Contents

The reference books on TB in this compilation include: Huber the Tuber, History of Medicine (Garrison), and The Forgotten Plague (Ryan).
Box 12

Commemorative 1930-1960

Scope and Contents

This sub-series contains signeficant photographs, slides and other commemorative material such as the program for Emil Bogen's funeral, drawings, and a lab visitor's book. Some of the photographs are medical in nature.
Box 12

Research files 1920-1960

Scope and Contents

Includes articles, reprints, journals, notes, data tables, ephemera, and other records from members of the lab group. Also contains materials documenting the lab group.
Box 13

Glass laboratory jar circa 1940-1970

Physical Description: This 1940s/1950s apothecary style clear glass medical storage jar uses red tape and a label maker to denote contents: "HQ.Zephiran 1/750"

Scope and Contents

Zephiran is a brand of benzalkonium chloride, an antiseptic used for treating minor wounds and in hospital and surgery processes for maintaining an anti-infective environment.
Box 14

Scrapbook 1955-1960

Scope and Contents

This scrapbook contains sign in book/sheets from multiple open house and lab tour dates. Also included is a thank you note from a local high school that toured the lab.

Occupational therapy

Scope and Contents

Photographs, memoranda, and a description of the OT program at Olive View are contained in this small but descriptive sub-series.
Box 14

Scrapbook 1963-1964

Scope and Contents

The Occupational Therapy scrapbook contains photographs of staff, the pediatric patients, and of volunteers. A few clippings from newspapers and other media are also included and give context for some of the photographs.
Box 108

Scrapbook 1926-1997

Scope and Contents

This mixed media scrapbook from the Occupational Therapy (OT) department begins with a letter in 1926 from then superintendent, William H. Bucher, stating the finish dates for the OT buildings. The scrapbook chronicles the OT department and the volunteer work in that department through correspondence, photographs, and clippings. Several unattached items can be found in the back of the scrapbook.
Box 15, Folder 1

Descriptive and retrospective 1963-1964; 1995-1997

Scope and Contents

This file brings retrospective and descriptive material together using photographs with written descriptions, recollections, and hospital-authored documents about the OT program. This perhaps was preparation for an event or for marketing of these services.
Box 45

Photographs circa 1960-1969

Scope and Contents

A small collection of photographs from the Occupational Therapy department in the 1960s, one folder large. Most of the photographs were taken in 1964. All the patients photographed are pediatric patients and show the children at play and engaged in activities.


Scope and Contents

The Canteen was a patient-run cafeteria at Olive View. This sub-series contains documents from a notebook kept by a long-time member of the Canteen Committee.
Box 17, Folder 1

Photographs 1965-1968

Scope and Contents

A small amount of photographs were included in the canteen notebook, and are mainly of the interior posters and one of the exterior building.
Box 17, Folder 2-4

Minutes 1945-1967

Scope and Contents

The Canteen Committee meeting minutes span almost two decades and give a snapshot into the life and practices of the Canteen. Notable changes in the times include the introduction of the microwave in the food preparation.
Box 17, Folder 5

Correspondence 1962-1967

Scope and Contents

The correspondence file is small, yet represents a wide type of correspondence the Canteen Committee would send and receive: business, personnel, customer, and thank you letters.
Box 17, Folder 6

Policy Changes 1948-1965

Scope and Contents

This file contains documents relating to the policies and procedures of the Canteen. They range from the mundane, like hours of operation, to more global, like an study to overhall the system so it works better for the patient customers. Also included is a copy of the concession agreement with the county of Los Angeles.
Box 17, Folder 7

Financial Reports 1951-1967

Scope and Contents

These financial reports represent the operating systems and the income/loss associated with the Canteen. The reports range in style and type and reflect the times in which they were created.

School and library

Scope and Contents

Olive View opened an elementary school for patients and the children of the staff, circa late 1925. The need for junior high, high school, and even adult school quickly became apparent, and the school expanded. Many patients received diplomas from Olive View High School. The High School ran at least through the late 1950s, but the elementary school may have closed earlier.
Box 19, Folder 1

The Gladiator Yearbook 1956

Scope and Contents

Olive View first started operating an elementary school in 1925, then a high school in 1929, and eventually also a contiuation/adult school. This copy of the Gladiator in 1956 represents all of these programs and students in its pages. There is also a short historical bio that gives more detail about the school.
Box 19, Folder 2

The Lizard Publication 1933-1935

Scope and Contents

This file contains the student publications "The Lizard" which include writings, assignments, and announcements from students, classes, and teachers. The writings reflect the education norms of the 1930s. The copies belonged to the library and various teachers. In addition, two brochures about adult education, and one commencement program are contained in this file.
Box 19, Folder 3

The Scribe Publication 1936

Scope and Contents

The Scribe is also a student published newsletter, that seems to serve only older students, mainly high school. The newsletters contain lessons, poems, prose, and music. There is also a personals section where students share updates. Student names are used in writings and as authors.
Box 15, Box 16, Box 18, Box 73, Folder 6

Olive View-UCLA Education and Research Institute 1948-2002

Scope and Contents

Established in 1963 to support the staff at Olive View, the program grew as the sanatorium became an acute care facility. The name was changed in 1994. This sub-series contains training materials, books, pamphlets, articles, and sample/anonymous medical records used to train medical students. The bulk of the training materials relate to nursing and CNRA, tuberculosis, diabetes, and anesthesiology. Materials related to diversity, equity, and inclusion in nursing are also in the sub-series. Some administrative documents such as ERI annual reports, and newspaper clippings, brochures, and meeting minutes are also included.

Life at Olive View 1920-1975

Scope and Contents

Materials related to life at Olive View from the perspectives of staff, patients, and families of patients. Series includes patient publication, the Olive View Point, and later staff publications Olive Press and Olive Views. There is also a sub-series with patient work, interviews, and lists of patients from the early days. The Fadette Gossard sub-series is particularly extensive, providing a robust view of what life was like during the time she worked at Olive View.

Olive View Point 1934-1970

Scope and Contents

An extensive collection of the patient published magazine, Olive View Point. Patient writers, poets, photographers, and musicians all contributed. Updates from each ward give a sense of patient feelings and attitudes, as well as a glimpse into relationships between patients. Spanning decades, the magazines also capture a sense of the times and document other historical happenings outside the sanatorium.
Box 20


Box 21


Box 22


Scope and Contents

The early copies of OVP were more like a newspaper than a magazine. Each of the 1938 copies include a Mimeo supplement with cartoons, comics, and satire. Patient editorial staff and lots of patient names are listed in each edition.
Box 23


Box 24


Box 25


Box 26


Box 27


Box 28


Box 29


Box 30


Box 31


Box 32


Box 33


Box 34


Box 35


Box 36


Box 37

1956-1957, 1960-1961

Box 38

1963-1966, 1969-1970

Box 39, Box 40

Copies of Olive View Point, 1934-1966

Scope and Contents

Copies of Olive View Point were made, likely by the History Group to preserve some of the older more fragile materials.
Box 19, Folder 4

Olive View Point storyboard October 1952 - July 1956

Scope and Contents

This is an entire storyboard of the October 1952, as well as a few other editions (July 1956 and undated)of Olive View Point. Publishing techniques used in the 1950s are evident.
Box 23

Olive View Point cover pages 1936-1948

Scope and Contents

These top pages of the Olive View Point were collected by Fadette Gossard and span just over a decade.
Box 41

The Olive Press Newsletter 1961-1974

Scope and Contents

These weekly newsletters began in 1960 and continued through the 1980s. This subseries contains newsletters and negatives for photographs, column headings, title pages, and other portions of the Olive Press.
Box 42

Newsletters from Olive View 1980-2006

Scope and Contents

A collection of various newsletters published by Olive View between 1980 and 2006. Olive Branch, Olive View Press, Olive View Foundation, Special Edition, Olive Views, Valley Views, Reengineering News, My OVMCED, and Customer Service Excellence are all represented. Also, two folders of correspondence regarding the newsletters is also included.
Box 6, Folder 7-38

Patients and patient work

Scope and Contents

Patients participated in many types of recreation at Olive View. Many wrote about Olive View long past their time as patients. Types of work represented in this sub-series include emails, journals, stories, poetry, writing, artwork, and more. Also included are lists of past patients, letters and photographs from past patients and notes/transcripts of conversations that Selma Calmes and other Olive View staff had with past patients (and/or their families), especially in preparation for anniversary events. The materials in this sub-series give perspective from a patients point of view, on what life was like at a TB Santorium and Olive View in particular. Folders are listed by type of activity (i.e. Radio Station, Homecoming Days) and by patient or family name (i.e. Robert Olsen, Williams Family).


Box 106

Crosley radio circa 1990

Scope and Contents

This CR-1 1938 repro made in the 1990s is a collectors item. It features AM/FM, casette player, and push button presets. Dark brown with white buttons and clock face display.
Box 107

RCA Victor radio 1946

Scope and Contents

This is a standard short wave tube radio by RCA Victor, model 66X1. Mahogony and gold with a brown basket weave for the speaker. Dial knobs for tone and station. Electrical safety check sticker by Olive View Medical Center is on the bottom.
case 109

Operating room video camera c. 1968-1971

Scope and Contents

This S2008 Beaulieu camera with type S41 lens was used to capture surgery in the 60s and 70s, after Olive View reorganized into an acute care facility and when many new operating procedures were introduced. Olive View performed the first open heart surgery in the state of California.

Photographic material 1920-2007

Scope and Contents

This large volume of photographs representing life at Olive View includes patients, staff, events, public affairs, anniversary celebrations, fires, earthquakes, views of buildings, and more.
Box 44, Box 45, Box 53, Box 54, Box 104

Departments, patients, staff, events 1920-1970

Scope and Contents

This collection of mixed subject photographs depict aspects of life at Olive View from a variety of perspectives. Departmental photos include staff in action, capture the first surgery at Olive View, and span several wards from Rehabilitation to Cardiology. These photographs also give glimpses of patients at rest, work, and play, and show several patient and staff events, including recognition, annual homecoming, and holidays. Photographs in this collection were created and/or commissioned by staff, patients, and some by the hospital itself. A few of the folders contain indices and there is a notebook by John Barraba that indexes photographs with numbers that are scattered throughout the collection. Box 54 contains photos of Nelle Regan, the mother of Ronald Regan, who regularly volunteered at the hospital.
Box 46, Box 43

Departments, patients, staff, events 1960-1970

Scope and Contents

Photographs in this date range still capture patients and staff, but focus more on public affairs and fundraising events, natural disasters, volunteers and volunteer work, advances in medical equipment, and include small collections of identified staff and patient photos.
Box 54

Events, patients, and staff circa 1970-1980

Scope and Contents

This set of photographs captures staff and patients in action,and includes portraits as well. They represent a variety of events, both internal and external, on-site and off-site.
Box 47, Box 48, Box 49, Box 50, Box 43, Box 52, Folder 7

Events, patients and staff 1980-2005

Scope and Contents

These later photographs contain mainly events, both on and offsite. The celebration of the opening of Olive View in 1986, the dedication of the infant and child center in 1987, fundraising events, and many employee recognition and cultural events are included.
Box 58, Box 54

Olive View history 1920-1992

Scope and Contents

A variety of slides featuring staff, patients, buildings, work, construction, events, and more. A significant amount of the slides feature the Mid-Valley years, the new 1987 hospital building, and the re-opening ceremonies. There are also several slides created for a presentation that contain text only. A set of slides from the 1950s-1960s have staff, patients, pedatric patients, events, and volunteers as subject.

Fadette Gossard

Scope and Contents

Fadette Gossard was an administrator during Olive View's early days, and secretary to William H. Bucher, MD. Fadette kept copious records of her work files, personal files, and Dr. Bucher's files. Fadette functioned as much more than a secretary, and she like Bucher, made rounds in the wards, and wrote and delivered Radio Talks. She was also deputized as the postmaster for Olive View. Fadette was a favorite among patients, known for her empathy and advocacy. She was also an advocate for the Rehabilitation program, even penning a published article.
Box 7, Folder 7-11

Correspondence 1921-1946

Scope and Contents

These meticulously kept files of letters and correspondence shed light on the vast amount of tasks and responsibilities Fadette Gossard took on during her time at Olive View. Language and business practices of the times are represented as Fadette corresponds with a wide variety of people from government officials to staff and patients. These letters also give a glimpse into what life was like at Olive View during the 1920s-1940s.
Box 7, Folder 1

Correspondence with Dr. Bucher 1924-1932

Scope and Contents

This small file contains notes and correspondence between Fadette Gossard and her supervisor and Olive View superintendent, Dr. Bucher. Most of the memos are written by Ms. Gossard and illuminate just a little bit about their working relationship.
Box 7, Folder 13

Olive View Point correspondence 1948-1951

Scope and Contents

These letters relate to the publishing of Olive View Point and contain a range of subjects to a variety of individuals including patients. Subjects range from soliciting subscriptions, how to run the magazine.
Box 7, Folder 4

Personal correspondence 1931-1934

Scope and Contents

This file also contains material related to Olive View, patients, activities Fadette conducted at Olive View. They also show Fadette's personal life and how that connected with Olive View.
Box 7, Folder 3, 5

Talks and articles 1920-1948

Scope and Contents

The Radio Program was a popular program with the patients at Olive View. Dr. Bucher wrote and delivered many of the talks, but Fadette has quite a collection as well. The talks are sometimes inspirational, sometimes educational, and often discuss current and historical events. Fadette also wrote an article on the Rehabilitation program at Olive View, a program she was very involved with during her tenure.
Box 7, Folder 12

Medical articles 1932-1943

Scope and Contents

Ms. Gossard kept a file of research papers and professional association newsletters related to Tuberculosis and often by doctors and lab members at Olive View. There are several articles signed by Emil Bogen in this file.
Box 7, Folder 2

Rehabilitation file 1927-1943

Scope and Contents

This file contains much of Fadette Gossard's collection of research, notes, correspondence, etc. on Olive View's Rehabilitation program that she took great interest in as a positive program for patients.
Box 7, Folder 6

Stories for Olive View Point 1935-1950

Scope and Contents

In addition to writing articles and delivering radio talks, Fadette Gossard also wrote both fiction and non-fiction narratives for the Olive View Point. This file contains both typed and hand-written manuscripts.
Box 7, Folder 14

Copies of interest 1929-1934

Scope and Contents

This is a file of copied letters, articles, correspondence, etc. that were "of interest" to Fadette Gossard.
Box 6, Folder 1-6

Charlotte (Lottie) Lucetta Marler 1954-1972

Scope and Contents

Charlotte (Lottie) Lucia Marler was a patient at Olive View during the 1950s. This sub-series, donated by Lottie's granddaughter, contains photographs, poems, correspondence, letters, and recollections from family members, and illuminate the patient experience of tuberculosis.

Buildings and plans 1920-1995

Scope and Contents

Blueprints, drawings, photographs, maps, brochures, artwork depicting Olive View buildings from its earliest days as a sanatorium to its current iteration as UCLA/Olive View Medical Center. Accompanying documentation about buildings or re-building/earthquake recovery also included.
Box 60, Box 73, Box 104

Designs, plans, reports 1971-1995

Scope and Contents

These documents show designs and plans for new builings, and for building recovery following events such as the 1994 Northridge Earthquake. Reports detail project status. There are also a few administrative documents related to buildings.
Box 51, Folder 1-15, Box 52, Folder 4-6, Box 53, Box 54

Photographs 1920-1990

Scope and Contents

Photographs of buildings and grounds can be found throughout the collection, sometimes mixed in with photographs of patients and staff, other times in compilations or scrapbooks. This collection of photographs depicts buildings and grounds from the early days of Olive View through the 1990s. There is a set of architectural renderings of some of the newer buildings, as well as a set of architectural photographs done by a professional photographer. Other photographs were taken by patients and staff. The changes in Olive View's campus over time are very apparent in this collection.
Box 104, Box 105, Oversize-folder 1

Aerial Photographs 1971, 1975

Scope and Contents

These aerial photographs taken in the 1970s show the entire Olive View campus, as well as the surrounding mountains. From this perspective it is easy to see the isolation of the hospital and how, in its early years, evolved into what amounts to a small town.
Box 75

Photographic material

Scope and Contents

This compilation of building photographs is stored on a Photo CD using PCD software. There is a viewing page showing the 31 photos on the CD.
Box 54

Slides circa 1950-1969

Scope and Contents

These slides depict buildings at Olive View, some with labels, captured with an artistic lens.
Box 61

Slides 1970-1989

Scope and Contents

These slides show groundwork and construction of the new hospital following the 1971 Sylmar Earthquake.
Box 53, Box 73, Box 104


Scope and Contents

Maps in this series include both arial drawings of the entire campus, as well as up close maps of buildings and wards. Maps are used for fire escape plans, insurance reasons, and building projects, among other uses.
Box 74

Framed photo-Olive View Chapel

Oversize-tube 1

Site drawing 1931

Oversize-tube 2

Site plan 1930


Earthquakes and fires 1962-1994

Scope and Contents

The trajectory of Olive View was shaped by two fires, the Melody Ranch/Placerita Canyon fire in 1962 and the Loop fire in 1966, and also by two substantial earthquakes in the Sylmar quake of 1971, which damaged structures beyond repair and led to its implosion in 1973, and the Northridge earthquake in 1994.
Box 46, Box 54

1962 and 1966 Fire Photographs 1962, 1966

Scope and Contents

The majority of photographs are from the 1962 Melody Ranch fire (Santa Clarita). Some may be from the 1966 Loop fire (Sylmar). Photographs depict patient transport, damage, smoke, and show the confusion and fear in faces of those on the scene.
Box 57

1962 and 1966 Fire Slides 1962, 1966

Scope and Contents

These slides show the fire from several perspectives, including ariel, they also show the post-blaze damage.
Box 57

Sylmar Earthquake Slides 1971, 1973

Scope and Contents

Slides in this series include damage from the 1971 Sylmar earthquake and its aftermath, up through the 1973 building implosion.
Box 51, Folder 16-24, Box 52, Folder 1-3, Box 55, Box 56

Sylmar Earthquake Photographs 1971-1986

Scope and Contents

Photographs from the 1971 earthquake show building damage, and photographs of rescues and action from first responders. They also depict patients and staff post-earthquake. A photograph of then governor, Ronald Regan, at Olive View just after the earthquake is included. Extensive building photographs that were taken for insurance purposes are included.
Box 59

Sylmar Earthquake Newspaper clippings 1971-1987

Scope and Contents

The collection of newspaper clippings by various staff and patients from the hospital represent the damage of the earthquake and its aftermath. Includes clippings post-earthquake including the 1983 implosion of the condemed building all the way through the opening of the new hospital building in 1986.
Box 56, Box 55

Sylmar Earthquake Documents and Reports 1971-1973

Scope and Contents

This file set contains articles, compilations, filed paperwork, and reports, including a large bound volume by the U.S. Department of Commerce on the 1971 Sylmar Earthquake. Some of the photographs in box 55 are mounted on paper with additional information, report-style.
Box 62, Box 63

Sylmar Earthquake Scrapbooks 1971-1986

Scope and Contents

Scrapbooks related to the 1971 earthquake include photos and clippings of the earthquake and its aftermath, including the 1973 implosion and the long process of rebuilding until the opening of the new hospital in 1986.
Box 51, Folder 25, Box 56

Northridge Earthquake Photographs 1994

Scope and Contents

A small collection of photographs from the 1994 Northridge earthquake are included in this series. These mostly include damage, which was minimal for this earthquake.
Box 56

Northridge Earthquake Slides 1994

Scope and Contents

The slides in this collection mainly document damage from the Northridge Earthquake in 1994. As the hospital was reconstructed to withstand an 8.1 quake following the 1971 Sylmar Earthquake, the damage to the hospital was minimal.
Box 56

Northridge Earthquake Documents and Reports 1994-2007

Scope and Contents

The administrative files in this set belonged to an administrator named Cherry. There are articles, compilations, narratives, memos, and other correspondence related to the earthquake and recovery from the earthquake, and earthquake preparedness.
Box 87

Earthquake and Disaster Drills 1980-1995

Scope and Contents

A robust cataloguing of Earthquake and Disaster Drills in the 1980s and 1990s. The collection includes photographs, procedural manuals, notes, and post-drill feedback.

Staff publications and research files 1908-1975

Language of Material: English.

Scope and Contents

This sub-series contains reprints, typescripts, and unpublished manuscripts, publications, and collected literature of doctors, researchers, and other staff at Olive View.

Emil Bogen 1908-1975

Biographical / Historical

Emil Bogen, 1896-1962, was a well-known physician and laboratory researcher at Olive View from 1929-1959. His research work was published in major medical journals, as well as in proceedings of professional medical association conferences, contributing over 300 articles in his lifetime. His work focused on tuberculosis, but also included research on cancer, the effects of alcohol and alcohol abuse, and spider bites. His work on tuberculosis was used by those who discovered a cure. He was married to another skilled physician, Jane Skillen, and raised his family on the campus of Olive View. He continued at Olive View and retired in 1959 a few years before his death.
Box 66, Box 67, Box 68, Box 69, Box 70

Manuscripts and Reprints 1923-1960

Scope and Contents

Bogen's manuscripts were kept with original numbering by Bogen, and as much of the original order as possible when received. Some manuscripts are numbered with a stamp, some with handwritten numbers, and some with both. There are both reprints and manuscripts, the latter often with significant handwritten corrections and revisions. The manuscripts and reprints from many sources, including Bogen himself and his daughter, and continued after his death. The office files also include correspondence, unnumbered manuscripts, and an index of Bogen's writings. One index has annotations by Bogen. There is also an index of published works by Bogen's colleagues and associates, including Seymour Froman and Jane Skillen. All of the indices are in box 66. The work by Bogen's associates is numbered with the letter "A" before the number, writings between A5 and A90 are included in this sub-series. As for Bogen's writings, numbers between 19 and 1023, are included. For the most part, they are consecutive, but some are missing. Many of Emil Bogen's papers are also held at the Huntington Library.
Box 71

Medical Literature 1908-1975

Scope and Contents

Research files of both Bogen and Froman are included in this sub-series. They include files with medical research and reference, as well as reference books and literature.
Box 71

Seymour Froman - medical literature 1908-1975

Scope and Contents

Research files of both Bogen and Froman are included in this sub-series. They include files with medical research and reference, as well as reference books and literature.

Biographical / Historical

Seymour Froman, Ph.D, started as a researcher at Olive View while still a graduate student at UCLA, circa 1950-1951. Dr. Myles Black, superintendent at the time asked Dr. Froman to stay, and he became the Medical Microbiologist, starting official residence at Olive View on January 2, 1953. Dr. Froman stayed until his retirement in 1981. He wrote and published numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals, both on the topic of tuberculosis, and other medical topics as well. An oral history recorded with Dr. Froman is in the Oral History Interviews series in this collection.

William Henry Bucher 1924-1940

Biographical / Historical

William Henry Bucher, M.D. (1874-1934) was a beloved superintendent of Olive View Sanatorium. He was the first permanent superintendent at Olive View, following his service in the Navy during the Spanish-American War. It was there he got his first experience with tuberculosis patients in the Navy's first sanatorium, and also where he contracted tuberculosis. Because of his own experience as a patient with tuberculosis, he was especially suited to understand the needs of the patients at Olive View and was very effective at meeting these needs. During his tenure many programs were established, including Occupational Therapy, Convalescent Camps (reentry program) and Labor Camps (work, room, and board for homeless men), a county library branch, and the construction of the Olive View chapel also happened under his purview. After his death in 1934, and a tree was planted at Olive View and Emil Bogen collected and edited his writings in the the biography, Surgeon Errant: The Life and Writings of William Henry Bucher, 1874-1934 (published by The Angeles Press, Los Angeles, 1935). Notes and correspondence by Bucher are included in the Administration series of this collection.
Box 72

Surgeon Errant

Scope and Contents

Surgeon Errant, the Life and Writings of William Henry Bucher, 1874-1934, is a biography and compilation of Bucher's writings edited by Emil Bogen after Bucher's untimely death. It includes travel notes from his time in the Navy, journal entries from his time at Olive View, and essays and poems written by Bucher.
Box 72

Manuscripts and correspondence 1924-1933

Scope and Contents

This set of documents contains both correspondence about Bucher's writings, as well as manuscripts of writings himself. Poems, essays, toasts, speechers, and articles are represented. Many of the speeches are titled with the events they were for, such as Homecoming Day and Labor Camp.
Box 72

Radio Talks 1931-1940

Scope and Contents

The Radio Talks in this file are written by Bucher until his death in 1934, but continue on, written by a myriad of those who picked up the baton to keep them going for the patients. The loose file contains manuscripts with edits and the notebook contains finished writings.

Public Affairs 1929-2007

Language of Material: English.

Charity, fundraising, and volunteers 1931-1991

Box 78, Box 77, Box 79

Olive Guild 1931-1991

Scope and Contents

Contains newsletters, programs, annual event meeting minutes, and events from the Olive Guild's volunteer efforts. Activities and projects are discussed, process and correspondence when choosing new chaplains are enlightening, and budgets, fundraising, as well as more personal insights like devotionals and prayer requests all give a window into the parochial volunteer work of this group, the network of churches that supported it, and the thinking behind it.
Box 79, Box 80, Box 87

Volunteer department 1940-1999

Scope and Contents

Contains press, clippings, correspondence, handbooks, and other ephemera from the Volunteer Department at Olive View. Press and clippings show volunteers, including Candy Stripers, in action at events and visiting patients in the hospital. Correspondence and handbooks illuminate attitudes about patients and reception of the volunteer program at the Olive View. They also elucidate gender, class, and race issues in the make up of the volunteer corps and the patients they served.
Box 76, Box 80

Olive View Foundation

Scope and Contents

Records from the Olive View Foundation volunteer and fundraising efforts. These files include press, clippings, events, ephemera, and more. There are several copies of the OVMC Foundation event recognizing Nelle Regan, the mother of Ronald Regan. Ronald Regan spoke and his message is copied on about 3 VHS tapes.

Press and publications 1930-2015

Scope and Contents

This sub-series includes press about Olive View and articles collected regarding public affairs that impact Olive View. In addition, the sub-series includes published materials aimed at the general public and/or patients of Olive View and their families, including patient handbooks, family handbooks, programs for dedications, groundbreaking, and re-opening ceremonies, and other events, as well as advertising brochures, postcards, and other marketing materials.
Box 76, Box 83, Box 84, Box 81, Box 86

Public Events

Scope and Contents

This sub-series contains events held by Olive View for the public. From dedications to open houses to education days to school visits, Olive View participated in many community engagement events. This sub-series is a record of many of those events and includes items, media, and documents. The photograph collection under the Life at Olive View series also contains photographs of some of these events.
Box 81, Box 82, Box 86

Articles and clippings

Scope and Contents

There is a robust collection of newspaper clippings about Olive View and about other hospitals and issues of public health affecting patient care.
Box 83, Box 84, Box 86


Scope and Contents

This collection is comprised of a variety of publications designed to interface with the general public and with Olive View's staff and/or patients. There are training materials, informational and marketing brochures, postcards, handbooks, and more. These are a deep dive into values, perceptions, and actions of Olive View.
Box 104

Newspapers 1937; 1952-1962

Box 85

President Regan letter, framed March 7, 1986

Scope and Contents

President Regan had a special relationship with Olive View, from the early days when his mother was a volunteer to his support of the hospital after the 1971 Sylmar Earthquake. This letter was written to Olive View from the White House on the occassion of Olive View's return to Sylmar in a new, modern, and expanded building.
Box 88


Scope and Contents

These plaques are from the 5K running events that Olive View hosted in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
Oversize-folder 2

LA County Department of Health Posters


Commemorative 1920-1995

Language of Material: English.

Scope and Contents

Olive View hosted many commemorative events, such as annual homecomings and, in later years, anniversary celebrations organized by Selma Calmes and the other history committee members.

Scrapbooks and Memory Books

Box 64

Memory Book 1 1920-1970

Scope and Contents

This robust memory book was dedicated to the Nursing Service by two Nurses, Helen Dran and Catherine McCormich. The memory book is photographs juxtaposed with newspaper clippings, Olive View Point articles, or entire issues. Book 1 contains more of a timeline and more newspaper clippings thatn Book 2. Photographs are nicely labeled.
Box 65

Memory Book 2 1920-1970

Scope and Contents

This robust memory book was dedicated to the Nursing Service by two Nurses, Helen Dran and Catherine McCormich. The memory book is photographs juxtaposed with newspaper clippings, Olive View Point articles, or entire issues. Group photographs are well-labeled. Memory book 2 shows more people and fewer events on a timeline than book 1.
Box 91, Folder 1-3

Olive View History Scrapbook 1908-1930

Scope and Contents

A scrapbook spanning a large part of Olive View's history, this compilation provides photographs, ephemera, and written context of photographs.
Box 91, Folder 4-9

Olive View History Scrapbook (Mr. Beard) 1920-1983

Scope and Contents

This scrapbook is a compilation of photographs and written material that provides context for the photographs. Put together by a staff member, Mr. Beard.
Box 92

Groundbreaking Scrapbook 1986

Scope and Contents

Scrapbook contains written and visual media from the groundbreaking of a new Olive View hospital building and from the Open House for the new labor and delivery ward.
Box 63

Scrapbook circa 1960

Scope and Contents

This scrapbook contains mostly clippings and ephemera like programs for dedication events and business meetings. It also contains a few photographs and many issues of the Olive Press.The main part of the scrapbook seems to end around 1970 and then contains mostly blank pages. At the very back of the book there are several articles about the 1971 earthquake.

Anniversary collections 1993-2007

Box 76, Box 91, Folder 12-15, Box 99, Folder 23-25

10th Birthday/Anniversary 1995-1997

Scope and Contents

This anniversary event was commemorating 10 years after the move into the new building. This event was more internally focused, compared to the very externally focused 75th anniversary of Olive View. Historical material, plus planning documents, programs and other ephemera are included.
Box 76, Box 97, Folder 1-21, Box 98, Folder 1-6, Box 99, Folder 1-22, Box 100, Folder 3-5

75th Anniversary collection 1993-1995

Scope and Contents

The 75th anniversary sub-series contains correspondence, exhibit material, historical compilations used to create exhibits, newspaper clippings, programs, invitations, guest lists, meeting minutes from the historical committee, agendas and notes from Tuberculosis events and other 75th anniversary related events, and collected material found elsewhere in the collection, collated to craft a robust presentation for the event. There are also copies of press releases and press received from hosting the event. Some diary entries of Jane Skillen, M.D. are also in this collection (box 97).
Box 99, Folder 26-27, Box 100, Folder 8-14, Box 101

80th Anniversary collection 2000

Scope and Contents

Like the 75th anniversary collection, the 80th anniversary collection contains planning documents, guest lists, press releases, historical research and compilations, programs and other ephemera, and some photographic material. Commemorative collections are excellent places to start with a broad understanding of Olive View.
Box 99, Folder 28, Box 100, Folder 15, Box 101

85th Anniversary collection 2005-2007

Scope and Contents

Like the 75th anniversary collection, the 85th anniversary collection contains planning documents, guest lists, press releases, historical research and compilations, programs and other ephemera, and some photographic material. Commemorative collections are excellent places to start with a broad understanding of Olive View.

Historical compilations 1922-2007

Scope and Contents

Over the years, various Olive View staff created historical compilations comprising clippings, scrapbooks, photographs, and other materials.
Box 75, Box 76, Box 93

Media compilations

Scope and Contents

Historical compilations are contained on slides, VHS, disc, and CD. Some of the titles are, "The Olive View Story," "Olive View History," "Olive View Hospital Historic Walk," and "1971 Earthquake 25 years later." A large set of collated slides shows Olive View's history, including a robust set of building slides from the old grounds.
Box 89, Box 90, Box 91, Folder 10-11, Box 100, Folder 1-2; 6-7; 16, Box 102

Written and visual compilations

Scope and Contents

The compilations in this sub-series are historical in nature and contain either just visual, often photographic, or both written and visual material. They are sometimes in notebooks, and sometimes were found as loose papers. There were many staff who put together compilations and/or scrapbooks, and some of the compilations, especially the later ones, were created for anniversary or other events and presentations, such as the presentation at the Huntington on 2/2/2007. Selma Calmes put together the bulk of compilations, and made efforts to gather narratives from ex-patients to gain a patient perspective. The notes and labelling of photographs and written narratives in these volumes give a strong sense of what life was like at Olive View.

Published works

Box 89

Manuscript and book, The Captain of all these men of death, Alejandro Morales 1996; 2008

Scope and Contents

This manuscript and book by Alejandro Morales is written about his Uncle's experience with Tuberculosis and explores the history of the disease and the effects of Tuberculosis on the Chicano/Latino community in Los Angeles. His Uncle, Robert Contreras, was at Olive View during his recovery. The book spans three sections, and one section is devoted to Olive View and gives an excellent snapshot of what life was like at Olive View before the curing of Tuberculosis.
Box 89, Box 94, Box 95, Box 96

Robert Bauman draft and manuscript, History of Olive View 1988

Scope and Contents

Richard Bauman completed a Master's Thesis in History chronicalling Olive View's history. In the collection are various stages of his manuscript, some he wrote while serving as the historian for the Olive View History Advisory Committee. There are also two complete copies, draft chapters, and correspondence related to the writing process.

Oral History Interviews 1988-1990

Language of Material: English.

Scope and Contents

Transcripts of interviews with staff and families who spent time at Olive View.
Box 103, Folder 1

Index of Interviewees 1988

Box 103, Folder 2

Facey, Cora 1988-08-16

Box 103, Folder 3

Waite, Katherine 1988-08-16

Box 103, Folder 4

Froman, PhD., Seymour and Bauman, Bob 1988-08-25

Box 103, Folder 5

Hughes, Miss Gladys 1988-08-30

Box 103, Folder 6

Jacobs, Norma 1988-08-31

Box 103, Folder 7

Dran, Helen 1988-09-01

Box 103, Folder 8

Uyedu, Cherry 1988-09-09

Box 103, Folder 9

Auerbanch, Fred 1988-09-13

Box 103, Folder 10

Beahrs, Alice 1988-09-15

Box 103, Folder 11

Hamel, PhD., Neal 1988-09-26

Box 103, Folder 12

Alkon, Ellen 1988-09-28

Box 103, Folder 13

Minning, Karen 1988-09-29

Box 103, Folder 14

Shiraishi, PhD., T.J. 1988-10-04

Box 103, Folder 15

Beard, Harold 1988-10-11

Box 103, Folder 16

Jarboe, Joe 1988-10-11

Box 103, Folder 17

History Roundtable: Dr. T.J. Shiraishi, Marie Smith, Dr. Seymour Froman 1988-10-21

Box 103, Folder 18

Iovine, PhD., Gino 1988-11-01

Box 103, Folder 19

Smith, Marie 1988-11-07

Box 103, Folder 20

Barabba, John 1988-11-08

Box 103, Folder 21

Karp, Alvin 1988-11-16

Box 103, Folder 22

Glenchur, PhD., Harry 1988-11-18

Box 103, Folder 23

Specs, Evelyn 1988-11-22

Box 103, Folder 24

Odell, David 1988-12-01

Box 103, Folder 25

Karvas, Jackie 1988-12-08

Box 103, Folder 26

Edwards, Mikki 1988-12-15

Box 103, Folder 27

White, Robert 1988-12-16

Box 103, Folder 28

Bagley, Doug 1988-12-27

Box 103, Folder 29

Kainz, Marianne 1988-12-30

Box 103, Folder 30

Robinson, Donna 1989-01-04

Box 103, Folder 31

Feinberg, Milton 1989-01-10

Box 103, Folder 32

Tsubochi, Jim 1989-01-12

Box 103, Folder 33

Picken, Bruce 1989-01-12

Box 103, Folder 34

Greenblatt, PhD., Milton 1989-01-13

Box 103, Folder 35

Cordova, Sam 1989-01-17

Box 103, Folder 36

McDermott, Peter 1989-02-01

Box 103, Folder 37

Harris, PhD., Dorris and Anderson, Melinda 1989-02-15

Box 103, Folder 38

Johnson, PhD., Francis T. 1989-02-17

Box 103, Folder 39

Wooley, Carolyn 1989-02-28

Box 103, Folder 40

O'Hanlon, Lois and Wilda and Mason, Mary 1989-10-03

Box 103, Folder 41

Fielder, Mr. & Mrs. Pat, Firth, Mrs. James "Whitney," McKinley-Franklin, Mr. & Mrs., O'Hanlon, Lois & Wilda 1989-10-17

Box 103, Folder 42

Alkon, Ellen and Skillen, Jane 1990-02-01

Box 103, Folder 43

Alkon (Bogen), Ellen - speech