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Inventory of the California State Assembly Human Services Committee Records
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Series Description

See below for LP numbers.

Series 1 Bill Files 1977-1978, 1981-2006

Physical Description: 709 file folders

Alternative Form of Materials Available

Microfilm copies of bill files are available for the years 1981-1988 where indicated with MF before the LP number.


Bill files are arranged chronologically by legislative session, then numerically by bill number.

Scope and Content Note

Bills relating to human and social services including welfare issues, the foster care system, general child-care, In-Home Support Services, and homelessness are generally referred to the Assembly Human Services Committee for analysis. Most bill files include all or some of the following items: bill analyses, amendments and resolutions, author's statements, testimony, press releases, newspaper clippings, correspondence, roll calls, records of votes, and committee statements. Some of the more significant bills included legislation on Guide Dogs for the disabled (AB567, 1991-1992). The committee also saw numerous bills on Assistance to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC), and one that drew considerable public interest was AB1XXXX (1995-1996). This bill dealt specifically with cuts to the AFDC program in order to comply with new federal guidelines to welfare programs. Another bill that drew significant public interest was AB373 (1999-2000) that sought to expand the Lanterman Developmental Center in Southern California and then to transfer developmentally disabled forensic or severe behavior patients to the center.

Assembly Human Resources Committee, 1977-1978

1977-1978 AB138-AB3838; ACR69; AJR27-AJR76 (22ff) LP188:1-22
1977-1978 SB91-SB1990; SJR5 (8ff) LP188:23-30

Assembly Human Services Committee, 1981-2006

1981-1982 AB35-AB802; ACA15-ACA69; ACR44-ACR78; AJR7-AJR114; AB2X; AB3X (20ff) MF LP216:99, LP259:100-118
1981-1982 SB14-SB1679; SJR10-SJR48 (7ff) MF LP259:119-125
1983-1984 AB59-AB4039; ACR34-ACR114; AJR5-AJR136 (23ff) MF LP216:76-98
1983-1984 SB63-SB2275; SCR6-SCR15; SJR1-SJR49 (12ff) MF LP216:100-111
1985-1986 AB17-AB4411; ACR9-ACR132; AJR41 (25ff) MF LP264:139-163
1985-1986 SB15-SB2531 (12ff) MF LP264:164-174
1987-1988 AB80-AB4649; ACR74-ACR94; AJR47-AJR93;HR16 (14ff) MF LP271:61-84
1987-1988 SB130-SB2861; SJR7-SJR32 (12ff) MF LP271:85-96
1989-1990 AB277-AB4351; ACR108-ACR124; AJR46-AJR50(49ff) LP404:1-48
1989-1990 SB19-SB2907; SCR48-SCR81; SJR56 (28ff) LP404:49-76
1991-1992 AB59-AB3805; ACR37-ACR117; AJR12-AJR89;AB6X (47ff) LP404:77-123
1991-1992 SB90-SB1948; SCR26-SCR73; SJR25-SJR37 (25ff) LP404:124-148
1993-1994 AB88-AB3829; ACR52-ACR88; AJR60 (51ff) LP404:149-199
1993-1994 SB17-SB2040 (16ff) LP404:200-215
1995-1996 AB9-AB3367; AJR62-AJR65 LP404:216-261AB1XXXX (54ff) LP404:286-293
1995-1996 SB201-SB2067; SCR16-SCR48 (24ff) LP404:262-285
1997-1998 AB2-AB2774; ACR24; AJR2-AJR13 (49ff) LP404:294-342
1997-1998 SB121-SB2199; SCR17- SCR27 (21ff) LP404:343-363
1999-2000 AB11-AB2921; AJR17 (51ff) LP404:364-414
1999-2000 SB156-SB2201 (24ff) LP404:415-436
2001-2002 AB18-AB3047; ACR169; AJR53 (24ff) LP404:437-460
2001-2002 SB87-SB1650; SJR42 (9ff) LP404:461-468
2003-2004 AB22-AB3056; ACR34; AJR12 (33ff) LP404:469-501
2003-2004 SB211-SB1897; SCR52; SJR3-SJR15 (14ff) LP404:502-515
2005-2006 AB107-AB3048; ACR15-ACR58; AJR10 (23ff) LP404:516-538
2005-2006 SB13-SB1825; SCR115 (12ff) LP404:539-550
See Appendix A for LP numbers.

Series 2 Hearing Files 1976-1978, 1981-2002

Physical Description: 128 file folders


Hearing files are arranged chronologically by date of hearing.

Access Information

Access to audiovisual material requires the production of use copies.

Scope and Content Note

Hearing files may contain agendas, audiocassette tape recordings of hearings, transcripts, testimony, background reports, and working files for regular session hearings, interim hearings, and some joint hearings. Audiocassette tapes have been moved to a cold-storage vault for preservation purposes and separation sheets are in the appropriate files to alert the researcher to the existence of such tapes.
When complete, hearings files can provide in-depth analysis of issues of concern to the committee and California's human services issues. The committee often held joint hearings with the Senate Health and Human Services Committee. While many hearings were on various bills pertaining to the committee, there were numerous hearings on topics ranging from residential care facilities to issues of the foster care system to general welfare reform deliberations. The hearings with specific subjects encompassed numerous topics including welfare issues, the foster care system, general child-care, In-Home Support Services, and homelessness.
For a list of hearing dates and topics, see Appendix A in Additional Series Information.

Additional Series Information

See Appendix B for LP numbers.

Series 3 Welfare Reform Deliberation Files 1995-1997

Physical Description: 25 file folders


Welfare Reform Deliberation Files are arranged chronologically by date.

Scope and Content Note

Welfare Reform Deliberation Files contain studies, correspondence with county agencies and interest groups, press clippings, and reports that concern the debate over welfare reform in California. The push for welfare reform came as a result of the federal Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 which eliminated Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC). AFDC was renamed Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) and now had work requirements and time limits on welfare. States would now only receive block grants of aid instead of receiving matching funds based on caseloads. As a result, California had to undergo numerous reforms to the system in order to adhere to the new federal system put in place. Included is a hearing conducted by the Attorney General on disability. The hearing took place on May 25, 26, and 30 as well as September 9, 1988.
For a list of Welfare Reform Deliberation headings, see Appendix B in Additional Series Information.

Additional Series Information