Guide to the Mark Ellson collection of brochures and product specifications

Finding aid prepared by Sydney Gulbronson
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October 2016

Title: Mark Ellson collection of brochures and product specifications
Identifier/Call Number: X6964.2014
Contributing Institution: Computer History Museum
Language of Material: English
Physical Description: 5.8 Linear feet, 5 record cartons
Date (inclusive): 1980-1994
Abstract: The Mark Ellson collection of brochures and product specifications includes printed material pertaining to superminicomputers, minicomputers, workstations, processors, and memory systems published between 1980 and 1994. Ellson collected and retained these materials for use as reference files when making equipment purchasing decisions at Lockheed Missiles & Space Company.

Processing Information

Collection surveyed by Sydney Gulbronson, 2016.

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The collection is open for research.

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The Computer History Museum (CHM) can only claim physical ownership of the collection. Users are responsible for satisfying any claims of the copyright holder. Requests for copying and permission to publish, quote, or reproduce any portion of the Computer History Museum's collection must be obtained jointly from both the copyright holder (if applicable) and the Computer History Museum.

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[Identification of Item], [Date], Mark Ellson collection of brochures and product specifications, Lot X6964.2014, Box [#], Computer History Museum.

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Gift of Mark Ellson, 2013.

Biographical/Historical Note

Mark Ellson began working at Lockheed Missiles & Space Company in the early 1980s and continued to work for the company for over 30 years. Born around 1960, Ellson graduated from Indio High School, located in Indio, California, in 1977. He studied Math at Claremont McKenna College and Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Stanford University. Ellson first worked at Lockheed Missiles & Space Company as a Systems Engineer, where he led system and software architecture design studies related to high performance image processing workstations and wideband data distribution. In 1991, he became a Program Manager and, as of 2016, continues to work in that capacity. Through his early work in the industry, Ellson collected and retained promotional material related to new technologies and equipment during the 1980s and early 1990s.

Scope and Content of the Collection

The Mark Ellson collection of brochures and product specifications is made up of printed material pertaining to superminicomputers, minicomputers, workstations, processors, and memory systems published between 1980 and 1994. Materials include product brochures and specifications, price lists, and customer briefing presentations. Ellson collected these materials through vendor meetings, conferences, and direct mail. He retained them for use as reference files when making equipment purchasing decisions at Lockheed Missiles & Space Company. The collection is arranged alphabetically by company name.
Companies represented in the collection include:
Box 1: Able Computer, Advanced Computer Communications, Acord Computer, AED, Advanced Microdevices, Advanced Technologies, AIDA, Allantec, Alcyon, Alliant, American Information Systems, Ametek, Ampex, Analogic, Andatec, Apollo Computer, Applied Peripheral Systems, Arete, Artecon, Artel Communication, AT&T, Audre Inc., Auscom, Auspex, Avatar, Aviv, Ball Computer Products, BBN Communications, BBN Computers, BDS, Beehive, Bell & Howell, Bit 3, Braegen, Bridge Communications, Cabletron, Cadic, Cadnetix, Calay, Calcomp Sanders, Callan Data Systems, Carterfone, Celerity, Central Data, Centronics, Chromatek, Cipher Data Products, Ciprico, Cisco, Clearpoint, Codenoll, Codex, Cogent Research, Communication Machinery, Computer Design and Applications, Computer Systems Technology, Computer Vision, Comtal / 3M, Comtech Data, Concept Development, Concord Data Systems.
Box 2: Convex, CoSYSTEMS, Cray Research, CSPI, Cynthia Peripheral, Daisy, Danford, Datacube, Data I/O, Data Printer, Dataram, Data Systems, Datanex, Datec, Datum, Dawn VME, Develcon Electronics, Digidata, Digital Engineering, DEC, Digital Link, Digital Technology, Dilog, Dunn Instrument, Elxsi, Floating Point Systems Array Processors, EMC^2, Emulex, Encore Computer, Envision, Epoch Systems, ETA Systems.
Box 3: Evans & Sutherland, Excelan, Fairchild Test, Falco Data Products, Fibermux, Fibronics, Folsom Research, Forward Technology, Fujitsu, Gandalf, General Cable, General Digital Industries, General Electric, General Optronics, General Terminals, Genesis Imaging Technologies, Gould Computer Systems, Gould DeAnza, Grinnell Systems, Harris, Hayes, Helios Systems, Hewlett-Packard, Honeywell/Metrum, Houston Instruments, Howtek, Human Designed Systems, IBIS, Ikon, Ikos Systems, Illimate, IBM, Ironics, Interphase, C. Itoh, Jupiter, KMW Systems, Kodak, Kurzweil (Xerox), Lago Systems, Lang Systems, Large Storage Configurations, LCF Interational, Lear Siegler, Lexidata, Liberty Electronics, Logitech, Lyon Lamb, M/A-Com DCC, M/A-Com Linkabit, M/A-Com Video Systems, Mannesmann Tally, Marinco, Masscomp, Masstor, Matrix Instruments, Matrox, Mercury, Micro-term, MInicomputer Technology, Minntronics, Mitek, Mitsubishi, Mizar, Modgraph, Momentum, Moniterm, Motorola, Multiflow, Multisignal Technology, Massau Systems, National Instruments, National Semiconductor, Network Computing Devices, Network Products, Network Systems, Niche Data Systems, Nicolet Zeta, Numerix, Oasys, Optical Data Systems, Optotech, Paradyne, Paragon Technology, Parity, PCO, Penril, Peritek, Perkin Elmer, PixelPlexus, Prentice, Printronix, Protocal Computers, Pyramid Technology, Quality Micro Systems, Quickturn Systems, Qume, Racal Vadic, Rad Data Communications, Ramtek, Ranyan, Raster Ops.
Box 4: Rational, Ridge Computer, Rixon, SCI Systems, Seagate, Selanar, Sequent, Sentry, Shive Multisystem, SGI, Silicon Solutions, Simpact Associates, Skantek, Sky Computer, Solbourne, Sony, Specialized Products, Spectracom, Systems Control, Star Technologies, Stereographics, Storage Technology, Stratus, Standard Design, Sun Microsystems, Superset, Synergy Computer Corporation, Systech, Symbolics, System Industries.
Box 5: Sytek, Tektronix, Telephoto, Teleray, Televideo, Tempest Technologies, Teradyne, TI, 3Com, Topaz Electronics, Topologix, Tymshare, Ungermann-Bass, UltraNetwork Technologies, Ultra Systems (Defense & Space), Universal Data Systems, Valid Logic, Systolix Systems, Talaris Systems, TCL Inc., Teac, Tech Source, Tecstore, Versatek, Vicom, Vitec, Western Peripherals, Westward Techology, Wyse Technology, Xanalog, XCAT, Xenologic, Xerox, Xyplex, Xylogics, Zetaco, Zycad.

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Array processors
Computer Industry
Computer storage devices
Image processing