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Table of contents What's This?

Box 1

Film titles: Adventures-Captain


The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (A210) 1939


An American Guerilla in the Philippines (A594) 1950


Anna and the King of Siam (A478) 1946


Apartment for Peggy (A537) 1948

Physical Description: 2 Volumes

As Young as You Feel (A626) 1951


The Beautiful Blonde from bashful Bend (A557) 1949


Behind Green Lights (A482) 1946


Belles on Their Toes (A653) 1952


Beneath the Twelve Mile Reef (A703) 1953


The Bloodhounds of Broadway (A674) 1952


Blueprint for Murder (A706) 1953


The Brasher Doubloon (A502) 1947


Broken Arrow (A575) 1950


Café Metropole (A79) 1937


Call Me Mister (A602) 1951


Captain from Castile (A508) 1947

Physical Description: 2 Volumes
Box 2

Film titles: Carnival-Daisy


Carnival in Costa Rica (A485) 1947

Physical Description: 2 Volumes

Centennial Summer (A479) 1946


Chad Hanna (A268) 1940


Charley's Aunt (A302) 1941


Chicken Every Sunday (A546) 1948


City of Bad Men (A701) 1953


Claudia and David (A493) 1946


Cluny Brown (A481) 1946


Come to the Stable (A561) 1949

Physical Description: 2 Volumes

Coney Island (A387) 1943


Confirm or Deny (A310) 1941


Cry of the City (A538) 1948


Daisy Kenyon (A519) 1947

Box 3

Film titles: Dancing-Don't


Dancing in the Dark (A568) 1949

Physical Description: 2 Volumes

Dangerous Crossing (A702) 1953


The Dark Corner (A489) 1946


The Day the Earth Stood Still (A634) 1951


Day-Time Wife (A223) 1939


Deadline - U.S.A. (A659) 1952


Deep Waters (A529) 1948


Destination Gobi (A687) 1953


Diplomatic Courier (A655) 1952


Do You Love Me (A464) 1946


Doll Face (A477) 1945


The Dolly Sisters (A459) 1945


Don Juan Quilligan (A462) 1945


Don't Bother to Knock (A661) 1952

Box 4

Film titles: Down-Footlight


Down Among the Sheltering Palms (A629) 1953


Down Argentine Way (A255) 1940


Dragonwyck (A460) 1946


Dreamboat (A669) 1952


Elopement (A647) 1951


Escape (A533) 1947


Everybody Does It (A552) 1949


Fallen Angel (A470) 1945


Father was a Fullback (A567) 1949


The Fan (A549) 1949


Farmer Takes a Wife (A671) 1953


Five Fingers (A645) 1952


Fixed Bayonets (A646) 1951


Follow the Sun (A617) 1951


Footlight Serenade (A351) 1942

Box 5

Film titles: For-Great


For Heaven's Sake (A606) 1950


Forever Amber (A504) 1947

Physical Description: 2 Volumes

Fourteen Hours (A605) 1951


The Foxes of Harrow (A517) 1947

Physical Description: 2 Volumes

The Frogmen (A626) 1951


Fury at Furnace Creek (A526) 1948


Gentlemen's Agreement (A520) 1947

Physical Description: 2 Volumes

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (A510) 1947


The Girl Next Door (A658) 1953


Give My Regards to Broadway (A518) 1948


The Glory Brigade (A690) 1953


Golden Girl (A638) 1951


The Gorilla (A191) 1939


The Great American Broadcast (A288) 1941

Box 6

Film titles: Green-I was a


Green Grass of Wyoming (A521) 1948


The Guest (Religious Subject) (A627) 1951


The Gunfighter (A586) 1950


The Guy Who Came Back (A624) 1951


Half Angel (A607) 1951


Halls of Montezuma (A600) 1950


He Married His Wife (A229) 1940


Hell and High Water (A710) 1954


Hello, Frisco, Hello (A389) 1943


Here I am a Stranger (A208) 1939


Hollywood Cavalcade (A207) 1939


The Homestretch (A501) 1947


Home, Sweet Homicide (A495) 1946


The House on 92nd Street (A471) 1945


I Can Get it for You Wholesale (A618) 1951


The I Don't Care Girl (A656) 1953

Physical Description: 2 Volumes

I Wake Up Screaming (A316) 1941


I was a Male War Bride (A556) 1949

Physical Description: 2 Volumes
Box 7

Film titles: I was an-Kiss


I was an Adventuress (A234) 1940


I Wonder Who's Kissing her Now (A503) 1947


I'd Climb the Highest Mountain (A601) 1951


If I'm Lucky (A497) 1946


I'll Get By (A593) 1950


Immortal Sergeant (A385) 1943


Inferno (A704) 1953


The Iron Curtain (A535) 1948

Physical Description: 2 Volumes

It Happens Every Spring (A564) 1949


It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog (A492) 1946


The Jackpot (A603) 1950

Physical Description: 2 Volumes

Johnny Apollo (A221) 1940


Johnny Comes Flying Home (A488) 1946


Junior Miss (A463) 1945


The Kid from Left Field (A708) 1953


Kidnapped (A133) 1938


Kiss of Death (A516) 1947

Box 8

Film titles: Late-Miracle


The Late George Apley (A499) 1947


Leave her to Heave (A469) 1945


Let's Make it Legal (A640) 1951


A Letter to Three Wives (A547) 1948


Love Nest (A635) 1951


Love That Brute (A578) 1950


Luck of the Irish (A536) 1948


The Mad Martindales (A338) 1942


The Magnificent Dope (A348) 1941


Man Hunt (A292) 1940


The Man I Married (A254) 1940


Margie (A490) 1946


Meet Me After the Show (A623) 1951


Miracle on 34th Street (A512) 1947

Box 9

Film titles: Mr-My Gal


Mr. Belvedere Goes to College (A555) 1949


Mr. Belvedere Rings the Bell (A631) 1951


Mister 880 (A599) 1950


Mr. Scoutmaster (A709) 1953


Monkey Business (A672) 1952


Moon Over Miami (A290) 1941


Moontide (A337) 1942


Moss Rose (A509) 1947


Mother Didn't Tell Me (A573) 1950


Mother is a Freshman (A553) 1949


Mother Wore Tights (A505) 1947


My Darling Clementine (A496) 1943


My Gal Sal (A328) 1942

Box 10

Film titles: My Wife-Pied


My Wife's Best Friend (A676) 1952


Niagara (A678) 1953


Night Without Sleep (A677) 1952


Nightmare Alley (A515) 1947

Physical Description: 2 Volumes

No Way Out (A588) 1950


O. Henry's Full House (A662) 1952

Physical Description: 2 Volumes

Scope and Contents

Consists of 2 volumes each with multiple titles:

Book I: The Gift of the Magi (A162) and The Cop and the Anthem (A262)

Book II: The Clarion Call (A362); The Last Leaf (A462); and The Ransom of Red Chief (A562)

On the Riviera (A613) 1951


Orchestra Wives (A356) 1942


The Outcasts of Poker Flat (A660) 1952


Panic in the Streets (A590) 1950


People Will Talk (A637) 1951


Phone Call from a Stranger (A652) 1952


Pickup on South Street (A694) 1953


The Pied Piper (A352) 1942

Box 11

Film titles: Pony-Secret


Pony Soldier (A670) 1952


Powder River (A683) 1953


The President's Lady (A689) 1953


The Pride of St. Louis (A648) 1952


Price of Foxes (A551) 1949


Public Deb #1 (A249) 1940


Rawhide (A592) 1951


The Razor's Edge (A494) 1946


Red Skies of Montana (A643) 1952


Remember the Day (A319) 1941


Return of the Texan (A654) 1952


Rings on her Fingers (A335) 1942


Rise and Shine (A323) 1941


Road House (A541) 1948

Physical Description: 2 Volumes

Roxie Hart (A329) 1942


Sand (A548) 1949


Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay! (A513) 1948


Secret of Convict Lake (A628) 1951

Box 12

Film titles: Sentimental-Stella


Sentimental Journey (A480) 1946


Shock (A483) 1946


The Silver Whip (A692) 1953


Sitting Pretty (A530) 1948


Slattery's Hurricane (A560) 1949

Physical Description: 2 Volumes

Smoky (A474) 1946

Physical Description: 2 Volumes

The Snake Pit (A523) 1948

Physical Description: 2 Volumes

Something for the Birds (A679) 1952


Somewhere in the Night (A486) 1946


Son of Fury (A322) 1942


The Spider (A473) 1945


Star Dust (A237) 1940


Stars and Stripes Forever (A673) 1952


Stella (A595) 1950

Box 13

Film titles: Strange-Three Came


Strange Triangle (A468) 1946


The Street With No Name (A534) 1948


Sun Valley Serenade (A291) 1941


Swamp Water (A311) 1941


Swanee River (A217) 1939


Take Care of My Little Girl (A619) 1951


Tales of Manhattan (A331) 1942


Tall, Dark and Handsome (A278) 1941


Taxi (A686) 1953


Ten Gentlemen From West Point (A340) 1942


That Lady in Ermine (A528) 1948


That Night in Rio (A277) 1941


That Wonderful Urge (A542) 1948


Thieves' Highway (A559) 1949


Thin Ice (A94) 1937


13 Rue Madeleine (A494) 1946


The 13th Letter (A616) 1951


This Above All (A336) 1942


Three Came Home (A569) 1950

Box 14

Film titles: Three Little-Western


Three Little Girls in Blue (A484) 1946


Thunder Birds (A346) 1942


To the Shores of Tripoli (A334) 1942


Tonight We Sing (A675) 1953


Treasure of the Golden Condor (A668) 1953


Twelve o'clock High (A570) 1949


Two Flags West (A596) 1950


Under My Skin (A585) 1950


Unfaithfully Yours (A539) 1948


A Very Young Lady (A286) 1941


Vicki (A707) 1953


Wake Up and Dream (A472) 1946


The Walls of Jericho (A527) 1948


Way of a Gaucho (A649) 1952


Week-End in Havana (A304) 1941


We're Not Married (A666) 1952


Western Union (A271) 1941

Box 15

Film titles: When-You're


When My Baby Smiles at Me (A540) 1948

Physical Description: 2 Volumes

When Willie Comes Marching Home (A579) 1950


Where the Sidewalk Ends (A591) 1950

Physical Description: 2 Volumes

Whirlpool (A577) 1949


White Witch Doctor (A682) 1953


Wild Geese Calling (A301) 1941


With a Song in my Heart (A641) 1952


Within These Walls (A465) 1945


A Yank in the R.A.F. (A294) 1941


Yellow Sky (A544) 1948


You Were Meant for Me (A525) 1948


You're in the Navy Now (A620) 1951

Physical Description: 2 Volumes

You're My Everything (A558) 1949

Physical Description: 2 Volumes