Guide to the Jay Beck collection

Finding aid prepared by Rita Wang and Sydney Gulbronson
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November 2016

Title: Jay Beck collection
Identifier/Call Number: X2979.2005
Contributing Institution: Computer History Museum
Language of Material: English
Physical Description: 11.25 Linear feet, 9 record cartons
Date (bulk): Bulk, 1982-1998
Date (inclusive): 1973-2003
Abstract: The Jay Beck collection is made up of printed material including articles, product advertisements and brochures, price data, and product specifications. The collection focuses on computer systems, hardware graphics systems, software graphics, CAD, CAE, graphic arts, networking, and languages.

Processing Information

Collection surveyed by Rita Wang, 2016.
An inventory of companies and products represented in the collection was created by the donor. To view the CHM catalog record and inventory for the Jay Beck collection, please search the CHM catalog at 

Access Restrictions

The collection is open for research.

Publication Rights

The Computer History Museum (CHM) can only claim physical ownership of the collection. Users are responsible for satisfying any claims of the copyright holder. Requests for copying and permission to publish, quote, or reproduce any portion of the Computer History Museum's collection must be obtained jointly from both the copyright holder (if applicable) and the Computer History Museum.

Preferred Citation

[Identification of Item], [Date], Jay Beck collection, Lot X2979.2005, Box [#], Computer History Museum.

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Gift of Jay W. Beck, 2004.

Biographical/Historical Note

Jay Beck is a systems architect who worked for Tek Labs, E&S, and Delta Graphics during his collection period. This collection came into being from Beck's personal interest in keeping up with technological developments, primarily during the 1980s.

Scope and Content of the Collection

The Jay Beck collection is made up of various computer documents, which prominently feature background articles, product advertisements and brochures, price data, and product specifications. Within these documents is an emphasis on computer systems, hardware graphics systems, software graphics, CAD, CAE, graphic arts, networking, and languages.
Companies represented in the collection include:
Box 1:
Abekas, Accom, ACI US, ADIC, Adobe, Abvent, Adage, ACT (Advanced Color Technology), ADAK Communications Corporation, Adaptec, ADI, Advanced Digital Imaging, AED (Advanced Electronic Design, Inc.), Aesthetics, Aladdin Systems, Aldus, Alias, Alisa, Allegiant (acquired Silicon Beach), Alphamation, Alsoft, Altsys, Animatek, Ampex, Andromeda Systems, Answer Software, Apex, Apple, Applicon, Ardent Computer, Arti, Articulate Systems, Artificial, Artronics, Asante Tech, Ascend, Ascension Technology, Ashlar, ASD, ASI, AST, Atlas Software, AT&T, Aura CAD/CAM, Autodesk
Box 2:
Autodesk, Autodessys, Avalon, Avant Garde Group, Aver, Avid, Ball, Barco, Bausch-Lomb, Bay Networks, Bell South, Borland, Brightstar, Brooks-Cole, Burroughs, Byte By Byte, CA Cricket, CAD Innovations, C-CUBE Microsystems, CADKEY, Cadnetix, Calcomp, Cambridge Info, Canon, Capilana Computing, Carina, Case Technology, Cayman Systems, Ceneca Communication, Centronics, Chromatics, CISCO Systems, CimLink, CNC Software, Combinet, Compaq, Commodore, Compucover, Computer Aided Design, Computer Friend, Computer Graphics Lab, Computer Shoppe, Computervision, Connectix
Box 3:
CDC, Conversion Dynamics, Convex, Cornerstone, COPRS, Corvus, Cray Computer, Cray Research, Creative Solutions, Chromatek, Cubicomp, Cubic, Cyberware, Daisy Systems, Datacopy, Data Design, Data General, Datapak, Data Products, Data Translation, Dyna Communications, Daystar, Dataviz, Delta Point, Deltec, DesignCAD, Diamond, Diaquest, Dicomedia, Digidesign, Digitak, Digital F-X, Digital Ocean, Digital Arts, Digital Research, Discovery Software, Discovery Systems, Diva, Division, Donmark, Douglas Electronics, DPS, Dupont, Dynaware, EFI, Eikonix, Electric Image, Electrohome, Electro Plasma, Electronic Arts, ELSA, E Machines, Enabling Tech, Envisio, Epson, Equilibrium, ETA Systems, ETC Peripherals, E&S
Box 4:
Evolutionary Commercial Systems, Excelan, Ex Machina, Eyeon, Fast, Fifth Generation, Flashcut, Foresight, Formative Technologies, Fractal Design, Frame Technology, Fujix, Fujitsu, Full Moon, FWB, GBA, GCC, General Computer, General Magic, GIG, GIXI, Calma, GE, Gemini Technology, General Instrument, General Paramterics, GenisCo, Gizmo Technologies, Global Village, Go Corp., Gould / DeAnza, Graftek, Graphic Software Systems, Gravis, Great Plains, Greystone Technology, Grid, Gryphon, GTCO, Hayes, Help Software, Highlighted Data, High Performance Systems, Hitachi, Houston Instrument, Howtek, Hewlett-Packard
Box 5:
Hewlett-Packard (cont.), Houston Instruments, IBM, In Focus, Icon Simulations, Info Management, Informix, InforSphere, Insignia Solutions, Insync, Integrated Solutions, Intelligent Resources, Intercon Systems, Intel
Box 6:
Intel, Interactive Media, Interactive Solutions, InterGraph, InterLeaf, Integrated Computer Technologies, IOMega, IRIS, Kaiser – VIM, Kendall Square Research, Kopin, Laser Max, Lexpertise, Lightscape, Lind, Lisp Machine, Loop Software, Lotus, Lyon Lamb, Mac In Stor, Macromind, MacSetra, MacVon-USA, Mannesman, Masscomp, Mass Microsystems, Maspar, MathSoft, Mega Graphics, Matrix, Matrox Electronics, McDonnell, MCS, Megatek, Meiko, Metaphor, Metavision, Metrowerks, Microbot, Microcad, Microcom, Micro Control Systems, Microfield Graphics, Micrographic, Micro Maps, Microsoft, Microtech, Microtek, Microtouch, Miro, Momenta, Moniterm, Mornting Star Technology, Motion Works, Mosaic, Motorola, Multiflow
Box 7:
Multigen, Multitek, Multivision, Nashoba, National Semiconductor, NASA, Ncube, NEC, Neon Software, Netscape, Netwave Technology, Network Equipment Technologies, New Wave, Network Specialties, Newtek, New Video, NeXT Computer, NeXTLimit, Nicus, Nikon, Nine to Five, Norris Communications, Norton, Now Software, Nova Graphics, Novell, NuData, NuEquation, Number Nine, Nugraphics, nVision, Opcode, Oracle, Panasonic, Paradigm Simulation, Paragon, ParcPlace Systems, Parametric Technology, Passport, P-CAD, Personal Computer Peripherals Corp., Perq Systems (Three Rivers), Pico Systems, P Ingenierie, Pinnacle Micro, Pioneer, Pixar, Pixel, Pixel Works, Play, Power Computer, Prescience, Presentation Technologies, QMS, Quark, Quarterdeck, Quickshot, Radius, RagTime, Raster Technologies, Rational, Ray Dream, Ray Tracing Corp, Real 3D, R G B, RasterOps, Roger Wagner Publishing, Roland, RSA, Sanders, Schlumberger
Box 8:
Schroff Development Corporation, Seiko, Seillac, Sense8, Sequent, Sharp, Sierra Software, Shiva, Silicon Graphics, SmithMicro Software, Singer, SoftImage, SoftQuad, Solbourne, Solidscape, Sony, Specular International, Sperry, Spry, Start Technologies, SteroGraphics, StrayLight, Strata, StrataSys, SummaGraphics, Sun, Symantec, Symbolics, SystemSoft, Teac, Tector, Tektronix
Box 9:
Tektronix (cont.), Telebit, Terak, Thinking Machines, Thunderware, TI, Time Arts, Toshiba, Transformations, Traveling Software, Tribe, Truevision, T-W systems, University North Carolina, U.S. Robotics, Valid, VAMP, Vector, Vectrix, Vertigo, Verdix, Versicolor, Versacad, Versatec, Videomedia, Videonics, Viewsonic, View By View, VideoFusion, Vireal, Virual, Virtual Research, Virtual Technologies, Virtual World, Virtus, Visual Engineering, Voyager, VREAM, VTI, Wacom, Wang, Wavefront, Weitek, Whitepine, Wolfram Research, WordPerfect, Workstation Technologies, Xeroxs, Xircom, Yamaha, YARC, Zoom Telephonics, Z Corp, Zycad, 3 Com, 3D Systems

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Computer Industry
Computer systems