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Finding Aid to the Judith E. Heumann papers
BANC MSS 99/143 z  
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Series 1. Correspondence, Biographical Materials, and Personalia approximately 1947-2006

Physical Description: Carton 1; Carton 18, folders 1-4; Oversize Folder 1

Scope and Content Note

Primarily incoming correspondence and greeting cards. There is overlap between personal and professional correspondence because many of her colleagues in the the disabiliity rights movement were also friends. Correspondence and some media coverage of Heumann related to particular jobs can be found in those specific series.
carton 1, folder 1

Dart, Justin and Yoshiko 1985-2006

carton 1, folder 2

Hruby, Jaroslav – Lectures – Czech Republic and People with Disabilities, with Dedication to Heumann 1994-1995

carton 1, folder 3

Mott Foundation National Task Force on Disability and Technology 2001

carton 1, folder 4-7

Professional and Personal Correspondence approximately 1956-2003

carton 1, folder 8-10

Correspondence (Thank You Notes, etc. and Greeting Cards) approximately 1993-2002

Scope and Content Note

Primarily congratulations on her appointment as Assistant Secretary for the Office of Special Education, and mail about events at the White House
carton 1, folder 11-13

Postcards and Greeting Cards approximately 1982-2005

Scope and Content Note

Includes cards from Japan, November 1991
carton 1, folder 14-18

Photographic Materials approximately 1980, 2004

Scope and Content Note

Includes slides from a 1987 protest in San Francisco; and color and black & white photos and snapshotes, some from Japan and Sweden
carton 18, folder 1

Photographs from Japan 1991

carton 1, folder 19-20

Biographical Information and Personalia approximately 1947-1998

Scope and Content Note

Includes birth announcement, report card, petitions advocating for Huemann (in support of her getting her teaching license, and protesting her unfair treatment on an National Airlines flight), Long Island University commencement program, awards, IDs, and documents regarding a family trip to Germany
carton 1, folder 21

Press Releases regarding Heumann Getting Her License to Teach in New York's Public Schools 1970

carton 18, folder 2-3

Certificates and Awards approximately 1970-2000

Scope and Content Note

Includes White House – Women's Event – Suffrage Anniversary, 1999
carton 1, folder 22-25

Awards, Certificates, and Honors approximately 1989-2000

Scope and Content Note

Includes congratulation letters and other materials related to the Henry Betts Award, an honorary degree from Syracuse University, and photocopies of plaques
oversize_folder 1

Awards, Resolution, Poster approximately 1993-2000

Scope and Content Note

Consists of award certificates, including one from President's Interagency Council on Women, a congressional resolution, and a poster, "A Forgotten Minority Speaks Out"
carton 1, folder 26

Judy's Rehab Services 1990-1993

carton 1, folder 27

United Airlines, Wheelchair Damage 1992-1993

carton 18, folder 4

Press Clippings approximately 1970-2001

carton 1, folder 28-30

Interviews and Articles about or Quoting Heumann approximately 1988-2007

carton 1, folder 31

Tickets and Playbills approximately 2002-2004

carton 1, folder 32-34

ID Badges and Programs for Conferences, Buttons, Ribbons, and Protest Sign approximately 1975-2006

carton 1

"Roll On" - Notes from Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority Sisters 1968

Physical Description: This is a rolled item, housed in a box at the back of the carton

Series 2. Writings 1973-2007

Physical Description: Carton 2, folders 1-16; Carton 3, folders 1-12

Scope and Content Note

Please note that other series contain writings and speeches that pertain to specific jobs.
carton 2, folder 1-16

Travel Journals 1973-1992

Scope and Content Note

Includes the following journals: Norway, Sweden, England (her 2nd European Trip, the first one on business), Summer 1973; Finland, includes Remarks, Correspondence, 1983-1984; Dublin, Ireland – The Liam Maguire Lecture, 1984; Sweden and Israel, November-December 1984; Tokyo and Japan – First Japan-USA Conference of Persons with Disabilities/Unity Over the Pacific, 1985; Notes from Vienna, June 1986; Mexico, 1986; Mexico Partners, 1987; Italy, Greece, Germany, Sweden, 1987; Germany and England, 1987; Germany, France, England, April 1988; International Rehabilitation Conference [in Japan], 1988; England-Mulher/Rome – PAS, RI, EEC, Theresa [Serra], November 1989; Finland, France, Germany, Sweden, 1989; Japan, 1991; and Australia, November-December 1992. Some journals include organic matter, such as pressed flowers.
carton 3, folder 1-2

Travel Journals 1992-1995

Scope and Content Note

Includes the following journals: Brazil (DEF), October-November 1992; and 1995 Mexico Trip
carton 3, folder 3-4

Articles by Judy Heumann and Speaking Engagements 1983-2003

Scope and Content Note

Includes programs for events she spoke at (protests, conferences, synagogues); notes; and Congressional testimony
carton 3, folder 5-8

Notes for Speeches, includes "On a Roll" approximately 1990-2007

carton 3, folder 9-10

Speeches approximately 1999-2003

Scope and Content Note

Includes Heumann's statement upon the release of the National Council on Disability Report, "Back to School on Civil Rights" (2000); an Action Plan and Notes (1999); a speech for National Disabilities Month (2003); and notes for Japan DPI (Disabled Peoples' International) (2002)
carton 3, folder 11-12

Ohio State University Presentation, includes Follow-Up to Ohio State Study of College Graduates 2001-2002


Series 3. Independent Living Movement approximately 1988-2002

Physical Description: Carton 13, folders 13-30

Scope and Content Note

Local, national, and international materials related to the Independent Living Movement. Heumann was a founding member of the Berkeley Center for Independent Living and an activist in the Indepedent Living Movement nationally and globally.
carton 3, folder 13

Effective Consulting in Independent Living Centers (A Manual for Consultants involved in the National Council of Independent Living Peer Technical Assistance Network) 1988

carton 3, folder 14

NCIL (National Council of Independent Living), includes Bibliography, Materials re: Training and Peer Technical Assistance Network approximately 1988

carton 3, folder 15

Personal Assistance as a Key to Independent Living – Preliminary Report, Rome 1989

carton 3, folder 16

Reauthorization of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, from ILM (Independent Living Movement) Perspective 1990-1991

carton 3, folder 17

Tools for Power: A Resource Kit for Independent Living (Disabled Peoples' International Independent Living Committee) 1992

carton 3, folder 18-21

NCIL 1992-1993

Scope and Content Note

Includes correspondence; budget; project director's report; annual meeting and conferences (board materials); position paper and other materials on The Reauthorization of the Rehabilitation Act; committee reports; executive board meeting teleconference; resolution; membership list
carton 3, folder 22-23

Centers for Independent Living: Indicators of Compliance approximately 1994

carton 3, folder 24

RTC (Research & Training Center on Rural Rehabilitation) – Rural Facts 1998-1999

carton 3, folder 25

Association of Programs for Rural Independent Living, April Membership Directory 1999

carton 3, folder 26

Independent Living – Towards the New Millennium, Center for Independent Living Ltd. (Ireland) 2000

carton 3, folder 27

"Beyond the Social Model": Actions not Words, Strategic Plan 2001-2006 (Center for Independent Living Ltd.) November 2000

carton 3, folder 28

Center for Independent Living (CIL) 30th Anniversary Program 2002

carton 3, folder 29

Independent Living Programs – Section 704 Report

carton 3, folder 30

Peer Counseling Manual (Workbook) – Master Copy

Scope and Content Note

Heumann wrote the Independent Living Movement section of the workbook

Series 4. World Institute on Disability (WID) 1983-2007, bulk 1983-1993

Physical Description: Carton 3, folders 31-37; Cartons 4-6; Carton 7, folders 1-41

Scope and Content Note

Heumann co-founded the WID in 1983 with Ed Roberts and Joan Leon; she was co-director until 1993. Heumann was on the Executive Committee of the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) when she worked for WID, and those records are filed here.
carton 3, folder 31-34

Correspondence, Memos, Administrative Records, Notes, Writings 1985-1993

carton 3, folder 35

RTC [Rehab Technology Committee] Executive Committee – Document Review – Curriculum Project September 1992

carton 3, folder 36

Judy's Writing Projects 1992-1993

carton 3, folder 37

Board of Directors/Financial Statements May 1993


Alphabetical Files

Scope and Content Note

Includes correspondence, subject file material, and administrative records
carton 4, folder 1

Academy for Educational Development 1991

carton 4, folder 2

Agency for International Development 1992

carton 4, folder 3

Aging 1991-1992

carton 4, folder 4

Alta Bates-Herrick Rehabilitation Center 1991

carton 4, folder 5-6

Air Carrier Access - Legislation 1990

carton 4, folder 7

Air Transport Association of America (ATA) 1990-1991

carton 4, folder 8

American Airlines 1991

carton 4, folder 9

American Hospital Association (AHA) 1991-1992

carton 4, folder 10

American Society on Aging 1991

carton 4, folder 11-18

Americans with Disabilities Act   1990-1992

Scope and Content Note

Includes the following files/subjects: A Call to Action: Access 2000; Media; Deadlines/Requirements, General & Public Accommodations; state legislation
carton 4, folder 19

Applied Technology in Education (APTE) 1991

carton 4, folder 20

Association for Persons with Severe Handicaps 1992

carton 4, folder 21

Bank of America 1991

carton 4, folder 22

Baylor College of Medicine 1991

carton 4, folder 23

Boggs, Elizabeth – Social Security Reform July 1991

carton 4, folder 24

Brookes Publishing 1992

carton 4, folder 25

California IHSS (In-Home Supportive Services) Legislation 1992

carton 4, folder 26

California Women Law Center – Conference Advisory Board Member 1991-1992

carton 4, folder 27

Carney, Neil/Rehab Speech 1991

carton 4, folder 28

City [sic] Bank 1992

carton 4, folder 29

Civil Rights Act of 1990 (Legislation)

carton 4, folder 30

Curtis, Bruce 1992

carton 4, folder 31

DeJong, Gerben 1991-1992

carton 4, folder 32-37

Democrats approximately 1983-1992

Scope and Content Note

Includes the following files: Democratic National Committee; Democratic National Convention (DNC); Democratic Party – Disabled Democrats; Democratic Party; Democrats '92
carton 4, folder 38

Duffy, Yvonne 1991

carton 4, folder 39

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) 1991

carton 4, folder 40

La Familia Counseling Center 1992

carton 4, folder 41

Family – USA 1992

carton 4, folder 42

Focus Group Discussion – Disabled Elders approximately May 1990

carton 4, folder 43-44

Foreign Assistance Act 1992

carton 4, folder 45-58

Foundations 1990-1993

Scope and Content Note

Includes the following files: California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation; Dole Foundation; Foundation Resources for Equality and Employment for the Disabled (FREED); French-American Foundation; Gannett Foundation; Keep Able Foundation; Leadership America; Mitsubishi Foundation; Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation; Philanthropic Ventures Foundation; Plunkett Foundation; Robert Wood Johnson; San Francisco Foundation; International Foundations
carton 4, folder 59-63


Scope and Content Note

Includes the following files: General Accounting Office (GAO), Program Evaluation and Methodology Division and Report, Conference, 1990-1991; Georgetown University – Paul Silva, Small Business Management Training for Disabled Central Americans, 1991-1992; Gibbs, Stephen, Attorney, 1991
carton 4, folder 64-67


Scope and Content Note

Includes the following files: Harkin, Senator Tom, 1992; Harris Study on Voting Intentions of Disabled People during the 1988 Election (Louis Genevie, Louis Harris and Associates), 1988; Helen Keller International Incorporated, 1991; and Heumann, Werner – Father's Memorial/Donations in His Memory, 1991
carton 4, folder 68

Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) 1991

carton 4, folder 69

IHSS (In-Home Supportive Services)/Alameda County Task Force 1991-1992

carton 4, folder 70

Institute for Health Policy, Brandeis University 1993

carton 4, folder 71

International health Programs – Western Consortium for Public Health 1991-1992

carton 4, folder 72

International Labor Office/Nigeria, Ms. Foluke Idowu 1992

carton 4, folder 73-76

Judy – Congratulations Faxes, Letters, Cards 1991-1993

Scope and Content Note

These are primarily kudos regarding her appointment as Assistant Secretary of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services, but there are a few thank you letters
carton 4, folder 77-78

Judy's Consultant Jobs 1991-1993

carton 5, folder 1-20

Judy's Media Coverage 1990-1992

Scope and Content Note

Includes "Judith E. Heumann; the 'Fireball' Behind the Independent Living/Civil Rights Movement," by Noreen Golightly; TV – Judy's Story; ABC TV Sydney; America's Disability Channel; AXIS Dance Troupe (Huemann was on their advisory board); Kevin Mulhern Production – England Film Project; Challenges/TV; 504 Films; Mainstream; East Bay Media Center; Exceptional Parent Magazine; Imagine This World; Japan TV/Nagoya Filming; Mainstream Inquiries; Deborah Robin Film; RTE/Ireland TV; Media Sound Records; The National Focus Newspaper; Simone Di Bagno Guidi; BBC/TV London
carton 5, folder 21-36

Judy's Speeches, Talks, and Articles, includes Conferences 1985-1993

Scope and Content Note

Materials regarding conferences and speaking engagements include talks, correspondence and memos, brochures, and programs. Includes the following: Campaigning for Disability Rights in America, Text of Talks; Building Our Own Boats: A Personal Perspective on Disability Policy; conferences in Sweden, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Japan, and Rhode Island; Technical Aids and Coping with Disabilities; the USIA study tour; the Society for Disability Studies; lectures at the Exploratorium in San Francisco and in Williamsburg, Virginia; and President's Committee on People with Disabilities
carton 5, folder 37

Jury Duty 1991

carton 5, folder 38

Kawasaki, Guy, Hindsights 1992

carton 5, folder 39-40

Lawsuits - Zane Kime v. Board of Medical Quality Assurance; and Mark Hopkins Lawsuit 1990-1993

carton 5, folder 41

Legal Aid Society of San Francisco 1991

carton 5, folder 42-43

Legislation – Pepper Commission, includes Rehabilitation Act 1990-1991

carton 5, folder 44

MADRE/Health Care 1991-1992

carton 5, folder 45

Mayerson, Arlene – DREDF (Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund) 1993

carton 5, folder 46

Media Contacts approximately 1988-2007

carton 5, folder 47-51

Media/Mad Hatters (Educational Theatre for The Understanding of People With Special Needs or Disabilities) 1990-1992

carton 5, folder 52

Memorandum of Understanding, US-Israel 1991

carton 5, folder 53-61

National Center for Medical Rehabilitation Research (NCMRR) 1991-1993

Scope and Content Note

Heumann was on the NCMRR Advisory Board. Advisory Board materials include Priorities Committee; meetings; and field hearings. There is testimony, comments on draft report/research plan, proposed research and policy goals, conceptual model, and presentations.
carton 5, folder 62

National Disability Action Center (NDAC) 1990

carton 5, folder 63

National Institute of Art and Disabilities (NIAD) 1992

carton 5, folder 64

National Institute on Aging, Grant Award Mechanisms (NIA) 1991

carton 5, folder 65

National Institute on Child and Health Development (NICHD) 1992

carton 6, folder 1-12

National Institute for Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR) 1985-1992

Scope and Content Note

Heumann was on the Executive Council of NIDRR when she was with WID. There are also NIDRR records in the OSERS series. Includes general info ("FYI from Judy"); India Project; Oakland hearings; long range planning executive council meetings; public hearings; and outcome area papers
carton 6, folder 13

National Rehabilitation Hospital 1992

carton 6, folder 14

New York Lawyers for Public Interest, Inc. – Conference on Disability Law May 1991

carton 6, folder 15

Nosek, Peg 1991

carton 6, folder 16

Oakland Museum/Gifted Women 1993

carton 6, folder 17

One Voice, includes Newsletters 1992

carton 6, folder 18

Orthopedics Overseas, Inc. 1991

carton 6, folder 19-21

Over 60 Health Center approximately 1990-1993

Scope and Content Note

Heumann was on the Board of Directors. Includes board meetings, contract, and fundraising materials
carton 6, folder 22

Overbo, Jana 1991

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence from Richard Saiz re: a documentary about Overbo
carton 6, folder 23-25

Paraquad 1990-1992

Scope and Content Note

Includes material re: Japan-USA Meeting in 1993; the Japan-USA Conference for Persons with Disabilities, St. Louis, October 1991; and international training
carton 6, folder 26-28


Scope and Content Note

Includes files for Partners of the Americas (SF Bay Area Executive Board Meeting), March 1991; Perkins School for the Blind, 1991; Proposition 41 - Public Aid and Medical Assistance, 1984
carton 6, folder 29

Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago/Henry Betts (and Henry Betts Award) 1991

carton 6, folder 30-39

Rehabilitation International (RI) approximately 1990-1992

Scope and Content Note

Includes the following files: Ideas/Peer Support; Gwendolyn King Address/Regional Conference Info; Directory; Peer Training Manual; Herr, Stanley; Seton, Fenmore; Rules and Procedures; Rehabmeetings (database listing of international meetings with subject areas in the field of rehabilitation)
carton 6, folder 40-43

"R" 1991

Scope and Content Note

Rehabilitation Research & Training Center (RRTC), University at Buffalo; Rickert, Tom, Access Exchange International; and Rubenfeld, Phyllis
carton 6, folder 44-48


Scope and Content Note

Society for Disability Studies (SDS), 1991; Suicide, 1992; SUNY Institute of Technology, 1990; Surveys – Washington Business Group on Health and the Louis Harris Survey (American Attitudes toward Disabled), 1991-1992; Sweeney, Jim, 1993
carton 6, folder 49

United Airlines 1992

carton 6, folder 50-51

United Cerebral Palsy Associations (UCPA) 1991-1992

Scope and Content Note

Includes PAS (Personal Assistance Services); Amendments/Tax Reform; UCPA of Michigan - Conference
carton 6, folder 52

UCP Japan (United Cerebral Palsy) 1992

carton 7, folder 1

United Nations approximately 1991-1992

Scope and Content Note

Includes files on the following: peer support; UN Paper – Jana's Comments; Special Project Grant Application; Long Term Strategy to further the Implementation of World Program of Action; meeting, October 1992; 3rd International Abilympics Hong Kong; Projects Plan Creating Global Impact; faxes to Heumann; UN Development Program; World Programme of Action Concerning Disabled Persons (UN Decade of Disabled Persons, 1983-1992)
carton 7, folder 2

USAID – Senate Appropriations, and Conference (United States Agency for International Development) 1992

carton 7, folder 3-7

U.S. Council for International Rehabilitation (USCIR)

Scope and Content Note

Heumann was the Assistant National Secretary of USCIR. Includes meetings, 1990-1991; Susan Parker meetings, 1990; memos/David Brigham, 1990-1991; membership listing/mailing list, 1991; Malcolm Morrison, 1991
carton 7, folder 8-9

U.S. Department of Education (Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services) 1991-1992

Scope and Content Note

America 2000; organizational charts
carton 7, folder 10

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 1991

carton 7, folder 11

USIA/Soviet Union (United States Information Agency) 1991

carton 7, folder 12

University of Calgary Income Generation Strategies 1991-1992

carton 7, folder 13

University of San Francisco 1992

carton 7, folder 14

Verville. Dick/Rehab Act Amendments for Interest Group and Verville Office 1992

carton 7, folder 15-18


Scope and Content Note

Waxman, Barbara, 1991; Washington Area Wheelchair Society; WCIL (West Side Center for Independent Living), 1991; World Coalition of Women with Disabilities, 1992

United Nations and International Conference Materials

carton 7, folder 19

The Independent Living Workbook (WID) April 1985

carton 7, folder 20

International Reports 1985, 1990

Scope and Content Note

Includes the following UN reports: The Nairobi Forward-Looking Strategies for the Advancement of Women. 1985; Report of the Expert Group Meeting on Alternative Ways to Mark the End of the UN Decade of the Disabled Person, Finland, May 1990; Women and Disability: Some Issues, 1990 (UN Office at Vienna); Draft Report of the Expert Group Meeting on Refugee and Displaced Women and Children, 1990; Recommendations on Women and Disability Adopted at Other International Meetings, 1990
carton 7, folder 21

Housing 1986

carton 7, folder 22

Judy's Notes approximately 1986

carton 7, folder 23-25

UN Reports 1986-1990

Scope and Content Note

Recommendations, 1986-1990; and Global Meeting of Experts, 1987
carton 7, folder 26-27

WID Publications, and the WID Library approximately 1988

Scope and Content Note

Includes Access to Health Care and Ideas Newsletter, 1988
carton 7, folder 28-30

Acquiring a Voice of Our Own – Heumann Paper Presented at UN Seminar on Women with Disabilities, includes Correspondence 1990

carton 7, folder 31-32

Seminar on Disabled Women 1990-1992

Scope and Content Note

Includes Working Group I-II; Recommendations; Day 3 UN; National Level; talk prepared by Heumann; correspondence about publishing materials from seminar
carton 7, folder 33-34

Finland – Disabled People's International (DPI)/UN 1990

carton 7, folder 35

UNDP Experts' Meeting, Helsinki, Finland – Notebook approximately 1990

carton 7, folder 36

Reauthorization of Rehabilitation Act Conference/ASPA (American Society for Public Administration) National Conference 1991

carton 7, folder 37-39

4th Japan-USA Conference of Persons with Disabilities 1991

carton 7, folder 40

Eur*Able – The First European Conference of People with a Disability 1991-1993

carton 7, folder 41

Netherlands Notebook – List of Officials, Respective Description


Series 5. OSERS (Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services) 1973-2001, bulk 1993-2001

Physical Description: Carton 7, folder 42-49; Cartons 8-16; Carton 17, folders 1-10

Scope and Content Note

Heumann served as Assistant Secretary for the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (OSERS) from 1993-2001. This series includes materials related to Section 504; the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA); and the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research (NIDRR). Work related to Heumann's tenure on the executive committee of NIDRR can be found in Series 3.
carton 7, folder 42


Scope and Content Note

Public Law 93-112 To replace the Vocational Rehabilitation Act (1973); and Hearing on Reauthorization of the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 (1981)
carton 7, folder 43

Report on Good Practices for Integrating Disabled Children into Mainstream Schools (OECD - Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) approximately 1992


Judy Heumann, Assistant US Secretary of Education – Speeches, Remarks, and Talking Points

carton 7, folder 44

Prepared Remarks, October 6 and October 7, 1993

carton 7, folder 45

National Disability Employment Awareness Month Celebration/Personal Assistance Summit October 1993

carton 7, folder 46

Toward Inclusive Education: Show Me, Institute for Inclusive Education/First North American Regional Conference on Rehabilitation October 1993

carton 7, folder 47

Keynote - National Association of State Directors of Special Education/"Just Because" - Association for Persons with Severe Handicaps November 1993

carton 7, folder 48

January-February 1994

Scope and Content Note

15th Anniversary Dinner for the Vermont Center for Independent Living; Greetings from the Department of Education – National Summit on Disability and Minorities; NIDRR AIDS Research Planning Meeting; Manage Development Program (MDP) Conference; Strategies for Inclusive Education; Traumatic Brain Injury Planning Meeting
carton 7, folder 49

March 1994

Scope and Content Note

Brown Bag Seminar: Preventing Substance Abuse Among Individuals with Disabilities; New York Board of Jewish Education; First Annual Conference: Federal State Randolph-Sheppard Program; National Education Association: Committee on the Inclusion of Special-Needs Students in Regular Classrooms
carton 8, folder 1-2

Remarks 1994-1995

Scope and Content Note

Families and Schools: A Global Perspective for a Multicultural Society; National Distinguished Secondary School Principals, National Parent Network Annual Meeting; Learning Disabilities: National Responsibility, National Council on Educational Opportunities Association; NASBE (National Association of State Boads of Education) Legislative Conference; Dialog Session on Inclusion; "Making Kids Count: PTA Puts Children First" Legislative Conference; Conference of Educational Administrators Serving the Deaf
carton 8, folder 3

CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) National Conference/Promotional Council of the New Decade February 1996

carton 8, folder 4

International Leadership Forum for Women with Disabilities June 1997

carton 8, folder 5

Pittsburgh Summer Institute on Inclusion June 1997

carton 8, folder 6

Planning for the Future Forum/National Education Association, Atlanta June-July 1997

carton 8, folder 7

The ARC/Miss. July 1997

carton 8, folder 8

Fiesta Educativa - Speech May 1998

carton 8, folder 9

4th Annual Heartland Disability Rights March and Rally July 1998

carton 8, folder 10-12

Speeches, Talking Points: Book 1 1999-2000

carton 8, folder 13-15

Speeches: Book 2 2000

carton 8, folder 16

A Message from the Assistant Secretary, OSERS: Independent Living Winter/Spring 1994

carton 8, folder 17-22

Fourth World Conference on Women, Beijing 1995

Scope and Content Note

Includes Discipline Talking Points – Beijing, August 1995
carton 8, folder 23-32


Scope and Content Note

Includes the following: Day Books – Notes, Appointments, Reminders, Summaries, May 1993, and February-April 1995; OSERS-Wide Meeting, July 20, 1993; Notebook - Heumann? Watkins?, approximately 1993; Summaries of Meetings, Addresses and Phone Numbers, Outline of Issues and Related Facts, September 8-December 19, 1994; Summaries of Meetings, [with the Author's Standings on Issues?], Notebook, December 6, 1994-April 6, 1995; Daily Planner – Summaries of Meetings and "Certain Peoples," May-October 1995; Notebook - Scrapbook, 1995; Notebook, 1995; Beijing Conference Notebooks #1-2, includes Preconference, Notes, Outline of Events and Issues Discussed, Schedule of Events and Meetings, 1995; Day Book – Reminder Notes [China Visit?]
carton 9

Notebooks February 1996-2002

Scope and Content Note

Primarily arranged by year. There is also a daily planner (1996) and a notebook from trips to Japan (1998); a diary; a notebook regarding the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) (1997); and a notebook regarding TCE Bank/World Bank (2002)

Chronological Files


Files in this section have been arranged in rough chronological order
carton 10, folder 1

Miscellaneous Correspondence 1995-2000

Scope and Content Note

Subjects include Infant Death Rates, Drop Out Rates, and "Fukushi-Rodo"
carton 10, folder 2-3

ED's International Education Policy 1994

carton 10, folder 4

▲ and The Learning Organization: A Model for Change – Final Report of the Employee Training and Development Improvement Team September 1994

Scope and Content Note

Heumann was on the Reinvention Coordinating Council
carton 10, folder 5

Messages from the Media: Disability Issues II May 1995

carton 10, folder 6

Mike Smith Memo re Medicaid 1995

carton 10, folder 7-9

Medicare Brief 1995

carton 10, folder 10

Social Security Administration – Management and Employment Strategy for People with Disabilities [Draft?] 1995

carton 10, folder 11

Vocational Rehabilitation: 75 Years of Putting People to Work: Briefing Paper 1995

carton 10, folder 12

Inclusion Conference December 6-8, 1995

carton 10, folder 13-19

Section 504 1995-1996

Scope and Content Note

Includes Section 504 Compliance Efforts UFAS Accessibility Survey Reports & Cost Estimates – for the Mary E. Switzer Building, Regional Office Building 3, the Portals Building, Capitol Place, L'Enfant Plaza, Twelve Regional Facilities, December 1995; and Report on the Section 504 Self-Evaluation, Vols. I-III, May 1996
carton 10, folder 20

International Conferences 1995-1998

Scope and Content Note

Includes OSERS/OECD International Symposium on Inclusion and Professional Development and International Inclusion and Systemic Reform Conference
carton 10, folder 21-22

Institute for Community Inclusion approximately 1995-1998

carton 10, folder 23-24

National Conference on Effective Employment Strategies for Individuals with Disabilities 1996

carton 10, folder 25

Downlink Conference, Georgia 1996

carton 10, folder 26

Rehabilitation Act Amendments 1997

carton 10, folder 27

Office of Science and Technology Programs (Briefing for OSER/NIDRR Meeting with…) 1997

carton 10, folder 28

President's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities (PCEPD) Training Program/Conference – Lists 1997

carton 10, folder 29

Safe, Drug-Free, and Effective Schools for ALL Students: What Works! Center for Effective Collaboration and Practice 1998

carton 10, folder 30

Tattered Dreams – Work & People with Disabilities in America – Report from the Presidential Task Force on Employment of Persons with Disabilities 1998

carton 10, folder 31

RESNA (Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America) and CCD (Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities) Comments on the Assistive Technology Act of 1998

carton 11, folder 1

Council of Women Leaders, First Annual Report 1999

carton 11, folder 2

Success Express: Destination Education – Secretary Riley's Back-to-School Bus Tour August-September 1999

carton 11, folder 3

President's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities - Project Employ 1998

carton 11, folder 4

Cultural Fair '99 – "United We Are One"

carton 11, folder 5

IDEAS that Work – US Office of Special Education Programs approximately 1999-2000

carton 11, folder 6-11

1999 National Council on Disability (NCD) Report, includes Drafts of Statements by Heumann 2000

carton 11, folder 12

"New Freedom Initiative" President George W. Bush, Annotated 2001

carton 11, folder 13-15

Budget Request, FY 2000

carton 11, folder 16

Report to Judith Heumann, OSER, from a Practicing Special Educator (Kenneth J. Holzapfel)


Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)/IDEA Reauthorization


Arranged roughly chronologically
carton 11, folder 17

Outreach Meetings, Silverstein Meeting, Briefing 1994

carton 11, folder 18-19

Comments for Judy Heumann 1994

carton 11, folder 20

NEA Q&A - Draft [for Judy's Meeting] approximately 1994

carton 11, folder 21

Reauthorization Task Force – Issues, Recommended Options, Chapter 1 approximately 1994

carton 11, folder 22

OSERS Draft of "Vision Statement" for IDEA, with Edits 1995

carton 11, folder 23

National School Board Association (NSBA) Comments on Reauthorization 1995

carton 11, folder 24-26

Reauthorization Packet July 1995

carton 11, folder 27-28

Reauthorization July 20, 1995

carton 11, folder 29

Committee on Economic and Educational Opportunities IDEA Reform – Staff Discussion Draft 1995

carton 11, folder 30

Amendments of 1995 August 1995

carton 11, folder 31

Comments on House Republican Draft, Talking Points, Recommendations August 1995

carton 11, folder 32

Frist-Harkin Draft 1995

carton 11, folder 33-35

Amendments [Staff Discussion Draft] October 1995 and February 1996

carton 11, folder 36

Suspension/Expulsion of Regular and Special Education Students in Kansas – Report November 1995

carton 11, folder 37

IDEA, includes Materials re: Discipline of Students 1995-1996

carton 11, folder 38

Press Briefing, Program Funded Activities FY 1997 1995-1998

carton 12, folder 1-5

Loose Papers and Miscellaneous 1995-1998

carton 12, folder 6-7

House Draft February 29, 1996

carton 12, folder 8

Comparison of House and Senate IDEA Bills with Current Law and the Administration's Bill - Draft February 1996

carton 12, folder 9

Amendments of 1996 May 1996

carton 12, folder 10-12

Correspondence, Email, Memos, and Faxes, includes Related Documents May-October 1996

carton 18, folder 5

Draft IDEA Conference Document 1996

carton 12, folder 13-15

IDEA (from Black Notebook) approximately 1996

carton 18, folder 6

Compromise Bill Proposals 1996-1997

carton 12, folder 16

Our Revised IDEA Bill, Revised Pages Memo February 1997

carton 12, folder 17

Outline of the IDEA Support Program – Draft March 5, 1997

carton 12, folder 18

Mark-Ups April 1997

carton 12, folder 19

IDEA, includes Discretionary and Support Programs, Materials re: Howard University Research and Training Center (Bridges Newsletter), Notes 1997

carton 12, folder 20-22

Partial Summary of Comments, Parts A & B 1998

carton 12, folder 23

Programs for Young Children with Disabilities under IDEA (Excerpts) 1998

carton 12, folder 24-25

Assistance to States for Education of Children with Disabilities and the Early Intervention Program for Infants and Toddlers with Disabilities July 1998

carton 12, folder 26-28

Notebook June 1995

carton 13, folder 1-3

Notebook July-November 1995

carton 13, folder 4-6

Reauthorization (House, Senate, Outside Groups) September 1995

carton 13, folder 7

Memo to Secretary Riley re: House IDEA Bill 1996

carton 13, folder 8-9

Side-by-Side (from Black 3 Ring Binder) June 1996

carton 13, folder 10-11

HR 3268 June 1996

carton 13, folder 12

Side-by-Side Comparison of ED, House, and Senate Bills June 1996

carton 13, folder 13

Judy's Eyes Only July 1996

carton 13, folder 14-15

Side-by-Side - Draft and Comparison of Current Law with Senate and House Proposals July 1996

carton 13, folder 16-19

Side-by-Side IDEA Reauthorization; Summary; Comparison of ED, House, and Senate Bills August 1996

carton 13, folder 20

Revised Side-by-Side October 1996

carton 13, folder 21-22

Testimony – House and Senate January-February 1997

carton 13, folder 23-25

Bill Signing Ceremony/June 4 IDEA Remarks – Riley, Josh Bailey, Judy June 4, 1997

carton 13, folder 26-27

Senate Bill Summary, House Bill Summary, Gorton Language, Congressional Record – Senate Bill Intro, First Press Release on Intro of IDEA, etc. March 14, 1996

carton 13, folder 28-30

"Senate 1578" March 1996

carton 14, folder 1-2

Amendments – S.216 and S.717 January, May 1997

carton 14, folder 3

Comparison of Key Issues May 1997

carton 14, folder 4-7

Notebook March-May 1997

carton 14, folder 8

"Current Book #2" April-May 1997

carton 14, folder 9-24

Reauthorization – Book Three, Book 4, Book 5, Book 6 ("Language"), Book 7 1997

carton 15, folder 1

Faxes to Groups, includes Grids February-April 1997

carton 15, folder 2

Notebook approximately February-May 1997

carton 15, folder 3-6

Discretionary Programs, Books 1 and 2 March-April 1997

carton 15, folder 7

"Media Book" May 1997

carton 15, folder 8

Side-by-Sides August 1997

carton 15, folder 9-13

IDEA Reauthorization Books 1 and 2 – Briefing Book, Background Materials February-March 1997

carton 15, folder 14

Accountability for the Results of Educating Students with Disabilities (Report on 1997 Amendments to IDEA) 1998

carton 15, folder 15

IDEA Anniversary Media Coverage, includes Inside ED Newsletter 2000


NIDRR (National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research)


Arranged roughly chronologically

Scope and Content Note

Includes materials related to Delores Watkins, who held various positions at NIDRR, two of which were Competion Manager (1998) and Project Officer (1999). Most materials relate to grants by and for minoritized communities. There are some materials related to the OSERS Diversity Committee and other diversity initiatives. Heumann was on NIDRR's executive council when she worked for the World Institute of Disability, so those records are in Series 4.
carton 15, folder 16

Contracting Officer Certificates/Certifications – Delores Watkins, and Staff Development Needs 1990-1992

carton 15, folder 17

Center for Minority Special Education, Hampton University, Site Visit and Quarterly Reports 1993

carton 15, folder 18

Grants, includes Projects Focused on Minority Populations; Draft List of Historically Black Colleges and University and Other Minority Focused NIDRR Project Activities 1993-1994

carton 15, folder 19

Partnerships with HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities)/Minority Institutions (Rehabilitation Research and Training Centers) 1993-1994

carton 15, folder 20

Multicultural Issues 1994

Scope and Content Note

Includes Alabama A&M Project Set-Up (Grant); Draft of Paper; Memo re: Options/Issues for Extending IDEA for Multicultural Issues
carton 15, folder 21

Travel and Training, Watkins and Others 1994

carton 15, folder 22

FY 93 NIDRR Projects Related to Minority Populations – Attachment A 1994

carton 15, folder 23-25

Materials for Expanding Universe of Disabilities Focus Group approximately 1996

carton 15, folder 26

Historical Information on Deaf Initiative Project approximately 1994

carton 16, folder 1

Watkins, Delores – Retreat Materials 1994

carton 16, folder 2

Pacific Basin Rehabilitation Research and Training Center Final Report 1994

carton 16, folder 3-4

Watkins, Delores – Memos and Conference Materials, Notes, Notices, Administrative Records approximately 1994-1999

carton 16, folder 5

US Accredited Postsecondary Minority Institutions/Hispanic Serving Institutions approximately 1995

carton 16, folder 6

Affirmative Action Review 1995

carton 16, folder 7

Tech Act Projects Reaching Out to Hispanic Populations 1995

carton 16, folder 8

NIDRR'S Outcome Agendas/Federal Statutory Definitions of Disability Prepared for NIDRR approximately 1995

carton 16, folder 9

Reports on Hispanic-Related Activities and Institutions 1996

carton 16, folder 10-11

Federal Program Inventory [for] President's Advisory Commission and White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans 1996

carton 16, folder 12

Berkeley Planning Associates Grant Application (for Field Initiated Research Program) 1996

carton 16, folder 13

MDP Individual Projects' Materials, includes Emails 1996

carton 16, folder 14

Employment Goal Materials 1996

carton 16, folder 15-17

Seminar on Research, includes Articles, Bibliography 1997

carton 16, folder 18-19

Program Review, Briefing Book 1997

carton 16, folder 20

Diversity Outreach Initiative/National Minority Initiative Task Force 1997

carton 16, folder 21

Minority Training/Diversity Initiatives 1997-1998

carton 16, folder 22

OSER's Race Initiative Listening Report 1997-1999

carton 16, folder 23-24

Leadership Training and Funding Priorities approximately 1997-1999

carton 16, folder 25

FY99 Priorities for NIDRR 1998

carton 16, folder 26

Employment Priorities Meeting June 1998

carton 16, folder 27

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Prince George's County Board Meeting July 1998

carton 16, folder 28

Employment Press Release 1998

carton 16, folder 29-30

Paper Abstracts; and Summary of Panel Discussion – Field-Initiated/Research Projects 1998

carton 16, folder 31

OSERS/PCEPD (President's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities) - Inter-agency Agreement 1998

carton 16, folder 32-34

Watkins, Delores - Correspondence and Emails 1998-1999

carton 16, folder 35

HBCU Rehabilitation Center Grants 1998-1999

carton 16, folder 36

Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) - Center on Workplace Supports 1999

carton 16, folder 37

Disability and Rehabilitation Research Project 1999

carton 16, folder 38

NIDRR Competition 133B1, Panel 1 May 1999

carton 16, folder 39

Ensuring Access, Equity, and Quality for Students with Disabilities in School-to-Work Systems: A Guide to Federal Law and Policies June 1999

carton 17, folder 1

[RRTC] Minority Priority [for Grants] 1999

carton 17, folder 2

Miscellaneous Meeting Material 1999

carton 17, folder 3

Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities from Minority Backgrounds 1999

carton 17, folder 4

Rehabilitation Research Leadership Training – Mailing List, Memos, Labels, Requests for Comment 1999

carton 17, folder 5

Region V Continuing Education Program (RCEP)/Rehab for Persons with Disabilities from Minority Backgrounds June 1999

carton 17, folder 6

Rehab for Persons with Disabilities from Minority Backgrounds – Florida A&M 1999

carton 17, folder 7

Team Handbook, Supervisory Position Addendum, Supervisor & Team Leader Comparison of Roles 1999

carton 17, folder 8

Foundation for Rehabilitation Education - Form ED 424 1999

carton 17, folder 9

Long Range Plan and Peer Review Presentations

carton 17, folder 10

Determining the Significance of the Disability Management Movement for Rehabilitation Counselor Education


Series 6. World Bank 2002-2007

Physical Description: Carton 17, folders 11-24

Scope and Contents

Huemann served as the World Bank's first Adviser on Disability and Development from 2002-2006.
carton 17, folder 11

Appointment 2002-2003

carton 17, folder 12-13

Correspondence 2003-2007

carton 17, folder 14

Publications, Notes, Ephemera 2003

carton 17, folder 15-23

Missions 2005-2007

Scope and Content Note

Includes letters of invitation/planning events; directions and travel requirements; agendas and other materials regarding missions to Dubai, Cairo, Brussels, Ethiopia, Pakistan, London, and the AHEAD Conference; and mission - Shia
carton 17, folder 24

Training, Speech, Conference 2006

Scope and Content Note

Norway – Training for ULOBA (Staff and Volunteers); Speech at University of Pittsburgh; Datebook re: conference at the University of Buffalo – Disability and Gender Issues

Series 7. Resources approximately 1955-2004

Physical Description: Carton 17, folders 29-44

Scope and Content Note

Consists of writings by others, publications, and ephemera related to people with disabilities, disability rights, and disability justice.
carton 17, folder 25

World Rehabilitation Fund Fellowship Report 1985

carton 17, folder 26

Degener, Theresia - Thesis 1989

Scope and Content Note

Independent Living and Personal Assistance Programs for Disabled Persons: A Comparison of Social Welfare Legislation between the United States, Sweden, and West Germany
carton 17, folder 27

Japan and Finland 1989

Scope and Content Note

Includes Social Welare in Tokyo; Report of Accessibility Advisory Task Force (Yoshihiko Kauwachi); Services and Assistance for the Disabled Act and Support and Assistance for the Disabled Decree (Finland); Coming into the Light: Finnish Disabled People Speak Up; Japanese Society for Rehablitation of Disabled Persons
carton 17, folder 28

International Resources

Scope and Content Note

Includes: Guidelines for the Establishment and Development of National Co-ordinating Committees on Disability or Similar Bodies (UN, Vienna), 1991; dis Ability, the National Newsletter for All Disabled People of south Africa, 1992; Lothian People (the newsletter of the Lothian Coalition of Disabled People), 1992; One in Ten (a publication of Rehabilitation International/UNICEF), 1996-1998; The Power of the Dream: World Blind Union Mid-Term Report, 1998; brochure, Self Help Association of Paraplegics (Soweto), undated; brochure, Kynnysry: The Threshold: Advocate of disabled people, undated; CVI Rio presents These Women..., undated; the Swedish Public School System and Disabled Students, undated
carton 17, folder 29

1992 National Survey on Literacy Final Report, Canadian Injured Workers Alliance 1993

carton 17, folder 30

Women and Disability (a Development Education Book) – Draft approximately 1993

carton 17, folder 31

Die Stütze - Journal von Behinderten für Behinderte und Ihre Freunde; The Standard Rules on the Equalization of Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities (UN) (in English and Japanese) approximately 1993-1996

carton 17, folder 32

Disabled People's International

Scope and Content Note

Includes Disabled Women's Program, 1995-1996, 1996-1997; Caribbean Sub-Regional Programme Proposal, 1995; African and Latin American Regional Programs: Human Rights and Disability, 1995; Cambodia Project, 1994; European Region Activities Report, 1996/1997; Vietnam: Education and Independent Living Movement, undated
carton 17, folder 33

A Bridge to Bosnia: Report by the Center for Independent Living Ltd.; iRr - International Rehabilitation Review September 2000

carton 17, folder 34

Mainstreaming – 1950s 1955, 1958

carton 17, folder 35

Journal of the International Council for Exceptional Children 1958

carton 17, folder 36

Publications (Primarily U.S.)

Scope and Content Note

Includes The Independent: A New Voice for People with Disabilities, 1978; mailing list, Bay Area Regional Consortium on Aging and Disability, 1988; Summer Series on Aging conference programs, 1988-1989; Whole Nonprofit Catalog, 1993; Success Stories: Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students Learning with Technology & Media, 1996; Special Education Technical Assistance and Dissemination Network - Projects Funded (poster), 1997; Spotlight (President's Committee on Mental Retardation newsletter), 1997
carton 17, folder 37

Valt's Springboard (Vital Active Life after Trauma) Journal, May 1993; and Meet Kristopher: Our Friend with Autism, by Mrs. Fizell's Second Grade Class May 1993, undated

carton 17, folder 38

O'Brien, John, and Connie Lyle O'Brien - Reports 1995, 1998

carton 17, folder 39

Enable: People with Disabilities and Computers, Study Guide for the Documentary 1999

carton 17, folder 40-41

H.E.R.E. Program Report 1998-1999, Rehabilitation Engineering program, Rancho Los Amigos National Rehab Center 1999

carton 17, folder 42

McCrimon, Audrey, Illinois Department of Human Services, Draft Civil Rights Compliance Plan 1999

carton 17, folder 43

Resources for Women with Disabilities 1999

carton 17, folder 44

Newsletters, Brochures, Publication approximately 2003-2004

Scope and Content Note

Includes the newsletters AAPDnews and Post-Polio Health; brochures for the ADA and from the Office for Civil Rights, the Department of Education; and Read It Again and Again, by David R. Schleper

Series 8. Audiovisual Materials

Physical Description: Cartons 18-19, Box 1

Physical Characteristics and Technical Requirements

Access to audio-visual materials may be restricted due to technical limitations.
carton 18

VHS Tapes approximately 1992-1998

Scope and Contents

Includes the following VHS tapes: School Planning for Children with Seizure Disorders, 1992; Paralympic Commercials (President Clinton PSA; Wind Beneath My Wings; What's Your Excuse), approximately 1994 (2 copies); Paralympics 6-12, 1994; Oprah Winfrey Show on Handicapped People on ABC, 1996; Opening Doors: Dancing with Disabilities (Very Special Arts New Mexico's Buen Viaje Dancers); 1996; [IDEA] Signing Ceremony at White House w/Clinton & Riley, June 4, 1997; IDEA - House Session, 1997; Senate Vote on IDEA, 1997; Read It Again and Again, 1998; Legacy Dinner to Honor Henry and Monika Betts, 1998 (includes a tracking doc and letter from the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago [RIC] to Heumann) Microsoft Accessibility Day (Bill Gates, Judy Heumann), undated (2 tapes); Third Street Ensemble Co. Promotional Video, 1998; Special Kids in Publishing, "A Very Special Newspaper"; Flint, MI: Newstory; Kuralt: Sunday Morning, undated (2 copies); CBS Evening News w/Dan Rather, "Eye on America," A.R.T., undated; Whirlwind Women: Building Wheelchairs; undated; Rehabilitation and Diversity: "New Challenges, New Goals," National Satellite Conference, undated; The IEP: A Tool for Realizing Possibilities, undated; OSEP Conference Presentation, undated: CDS/UnIstel: A Smart Investment, undated
carton 19

VHS Tapes, Betacam SP Tape approximately 1992-2006

Scope and Content Note

Includes the following videotapes: Communication Means Business, 1992; This is MSD!! (Maryland School for the Deaf), 1993; ; Alexander Graham Middle School (Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools), 1994; C.A.N.D.L.E.S. & Eva Mozes Kor by Beth Schindel, Terre Haute, IN (1995), and Interview with Henderson KY. Jr. High (1996); "Ask the Question" (The Inclusion Network), 1996; I.D.E.A. (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act), June 4, 1997 (Betacam SP); Presidential Colloquium: Disabled Students, 1997; Fulfilling the Promise: United States Disabled Athletes Fund (USDAF), 1997; Dr. Judith Heumann - Hawaii - "America Goes Back to School" (news coverage of school visits to Iliahi and Ka'iulani Elementary schools), 1997; Dr. Heumann School Tour (not for rebroadcast), 1997; Ka'iulani School/An Interview with a Martian..., approximately 1997; Chesapeake General Audience Final, 1998 (2 copies); Chesapeake Teacher Audience Final, 1998 (2 copies); 7th Annual Inter Agency Holocaust Program, Lincoln Theater (with Eve Schloss [Ann Frank's step sister]), 2006; Judy Heumann on Jim Lehrer, undated; Family-School-Community Partnerships: "Mending Shattered Dreams," "Step by Step" (Individual Education Plan), "My Child-Always" (Working with Juvenile Court and Community Schools), "Bridges to the Future" (Alternative Education in Action), undated (4 video series); "Is there Life after High School for Students with Moderate and Severe Disabilities," The University of Kansas, Sessions #1-3, undated (3 videos); HATTS Video (Hawaii Assistive Technology Training & Services), undated; "Tools for Life"/"Common Agenda Conference" (HATTS), undated; "On My Way to Independence" - The Christine McAlpine Story, undated; Hand to Hand, Heart to Heart: The Story of NAC (New Alternatives for Children), undated; Include Me "Jen McKeown," Haddon Heights, New Jersey, undated; The Power of 504, undated; Cara Dunne - 20/20, undated; and three unlabeled VHS tapes (one has a note that says "Howard Moses copy")
box 1

Audiocassettes approximately 1993-1999

Scope and Content Note

Includes the following cassettes: OSERS Staff Meeting, 1993; Special Session: Making Quality Work: The Magic Ingredient," 1993; Holocaust Commemoration Ceremony, 1994; Beijing Briefings: US Commitments (Common Ground Radio Series on World Affairs), 1996; Changing Borders: Resource Material by Doe, O'Toole and Hershey (Section 5): Side A: Leadership Part 1/Side B Exec. Summary of Bethesda Conference Research Part 2, 1998; Tejano Max (recorded by Robert Mauricio, Jr.), 1999; Beyond Affliction: The Disability History Project, Program 2: What's Work Got to Do with It, undated; Beyond Affliction: The Disability History Project, Program 3: the Overdue Revolution, undated; A Student's Guide to the IEP/A Guide to Helping Students Develop Their IEPs, undated (3 copies); Customer Focus: Customer Service/Montana Style: Pitfalls and Practice; Future Linkages: Independent Living & Comm. Re-Entry - Betts/Heumann; Dictating Cassette, undated; Special Session: Reinventing Gov't Quality Management: How Do They Fit?, undated; InteleTravel International: The Intelligent Travel Revolution, featuring Brian Tracy, undated; Measurement: Strategic Performance Measurement, undated; and a "copy of the audiotape of the first run of the videotape," sent by Denise G. Tate, Ph.D., Asst. Professor, University Centers for International Rehabilitation, undated
digital_folder 001-071

Series 9. Digital Files 1979-2006

Judith E. Heumann digital files inventory

Physical Description: 13.9 GB (1,000 files)

Conditions Governing Access

Email files in digital folders 001-012 have not been processed and are unavailable for researcher use.

Scope and Contents

Digital files include Heumann's email archive, files related to the World Institute on Disability (WID), OSERS (Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services), World Bank, and recordings from On a roll! Talk Radio on Life and Disability.

Processing Information

Digital folders are named from the transcribed original disk labels when possible. Malformed file names are normalized for accessibility, and file extensions were added when necessary.