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Finding Aid to the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Archives MSA.24
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Box 1-40

Management Files Series 1 1935-2003

Language of Material: English

Scope and contents

This series contains records related to the business of creating and promoting the public image of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. This includes correspondence, press releases, programs, agreements, lists, and promotional advertising materials that detail their brand licensing campaigns, outreach through public appearances, and preservation of their work and image through the development of the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum in Victorville, California.


The arrangement of correspondence and museum papers is loosely based upon original order and then by date. Charity and contest materials are grouped by organization or contest. Comic books, merchandising and licensing materials, press releases and feature stories are arranged chronologically.
  • Subseries 1.1: Business Correspondence, Charity and Contests, 1939-1998
  • Subseries 1.2: Comic Books, 1939-1998
  • Subseries 1.3: Merchandising and Licensing, 1938-2001
  • Subseries 1.4: Museum Papers, 1964-1999
  • Subseries 1.5: Press Releases and Feature Stories, 1938-1993
  • Subseries 1.6: Public Appearances, 1935-2003

Business Correspondence, Charity, and Contests Subseries 1.1 1939-1998

Scope and contents

This subseries contains correspondence related to Roy Rogers' and Dale Evans' business matters, contest ephemera and related correspondence and photographs, and charity related correspondence and published materials. The March of Dimes and other organizations working with mentally handicapped children are represented, along with other charities.
Box 1

General Business Correspondence undated, circa 1940s-1994

Box 2

Safety Contests circa 1950-1957

Box 3

Charity undated, 1949-1998

Box 4

Contests undated, 1950-1954

Box 5

Correspondence, A-B circa 1950s-1955

Box 6

Correspondence with press clippings circa 1950s-1955


Comic Books Subseries 1.2 1949-1998

Scope and contents

Comic books are primarily foreign publications licensed to publishers in Mexico and Brazil, and published in Spanish and Portuguese respectively. Some comic books still have their original mailing envelopes. A smaller number of English language comic books include reprints of Roy Rogers comics and the titles Red Ryder and Brave Eagle.
Box 7

Publications, Comic Books undated, 1952-1955

Box 8

Publications, Comic Books 1955-1956

Box 9

Publications, Comic Books 1956-1957

Box 10

Publications, Comic Books 1957-1961

Box 11

Publications, Comic Books 1961-1972

Box 12

Publications, Comic Books 1972-1974

Box 13

Publications, Comic Books 1975-1976

Box 14

Publications, Comic Books 1976-1998


Merchandising and Licensing Subseries 1.3 1938-2001

Scope and contents

These materials include newsletters and correspondence with licensees, contest materials related to branded products and image promotion, and any related merchandising ephemera. Advertisements for Roy Rogers products collected by Roy Rogers Enterprises staff are also included.
Box 15

Merchandising and Licensing undated

Box 16

Merchandising and Licensing 1938-1951

Box 17

Merchandising and Licensing 1951-1952

Box 18

Merchandising and Licensing 1952-1957

Box 19

Merchandising and Licensing 1957-1976

Box 20

Merchandising and Licensing 1976-1983

Box 21

Merchandising and Licensing 1984-2001

Box 22

Merchandising and Licensing, Post Cereals, The Roy Rogers Show, Box 1 of 2

Box 23

Merchandising and Licensing, Post Cereals, The Roy Rogers Show, Box 2 of 2

Box 24

Merchandising and Licensing, Licensee Bulletin Copies 1954-1957

Box 25

Merchandising and Licensing, Advertising Mats undated

Box 26

Merchandising and Licensing, Merchandising Folders circa 1950s

Box 27

Merchandising and Licensing, General Legal Sized Materials undated, circa 1940s-1992

Box 289

Merchandising and Licensing, Oversized undated, 1949-1987

Box 303

Merchandising and Licensing, Far West Savings Bank, Oversized circa 1980

Box 288

Merchandising and Licensing, Oversized undated, 1947-1996

Box 284

Merchandising and Licensing, Oversized undated, 1951-1990

Box 283

Merchandising and Licensing, Oversized undated, 1958

Box 302

Merchandising and Licensing, Oversized 1991


Museum Archives Subseries 1.4 1964-1999

Scope and contents

This subseries includes museum bank statements, press releases, tear sheets, and correspondence related to the opening and maintenance of museum operations.
Box 28

Museum, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum undated, 1964-1967

Box 29

Museum, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum 1965-1999

Box 30

Museum, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum, Western World undated, 1972-1973

Box 285

Museum, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum, Oversized 1993-1999


Press Releases and Feature Stories Subseries 1.5 1938-1993

Scope and contents

This subseries includes press releases from publicity director A.L. Rackin for Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, and Roy Rogers Enterprises in the 1950s. Later press releases are also included, as well as admats and admat prints. Human interest feature stories approved by management for magazine and newspaper publication are included and many have bylines representing Rogers and his children, though they are written by other writers. There is significant coverage of Dale Evans’ first book Angel Unaware, published in 1953.
Box 31

Press Releases and Feature Stories 1948-1952

Box 32

Press Releases and Feature Stories circa 1950s-1956

Box 33

Press Releases and Feature Stories 1952-1993


Public Appearances Subseries 1.6 1935-2003

Scope and contents

This subseries primarily includes programs and flyers related to Roy Rogers and Dale Evans appearances at rodeos and fairs, but also includes ephermera related to other public appearances and tribute events. There is extensive coverage of the Houston Fat Stock Show, Madison Square Garden Rodeo, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Annual Show and the Pasadena Tournament of Roses.
Box 34

Public Appearances undated, 1935-1948

Box 35

Public Appearances 1950-1955

Box 36

Public Appearances 1956-1963

Box 37

Public Appearances 1966-1975

Box 38

Public Appearances 1976-1982

Box 39

Public Appearances 1983-2003

Box 40

Public Appearances, Legal sized folders undated, circa 1940-1991

Box 284

Public Appearances, Oversized undated, 1938-1980

Box 289

Public Appearances, Oversized undated


External Publications Series 2 1921-2008

Scope and contents

This series includes tear sheets, newspaper clippings, magazine clippings, and publications created by individuals and organizations not directly associated with Roy Rogers’ and Dale Evans’ business management.


External Publications are arranged into Image Clippings, Magazines, and Newspaper and Magazine Clippings. Image Clippings are arranged by subject and then by date. Magazine publications and newspaper and magazine clippings are arranged chronologically. Some press clippings were originally arranged by year or month and then grouped into clippings local to Southern California and clippings from out of town. This original order was maintained and expanded upon.
  • Subseries 2.1: Image Clippings, circa 1940-1998
  • Subseries 2.2: Magazines, 1934-2008
  • Subseries 2.3: Newspaper and Magazine Clippings, 1921-2008

Image Clippings Subseries 2.1 circa 1940-1998

Scope and contents

Image Clippings encompass a variety of printed images, both in color and black and white, of Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Trigger, Bullet, and costars from their film and television roles. There are a small number of clippings of contemporary Western film and television celebrities and musicians, including Gene Autry and Audie Murphy.
Box 41

Image Clippings undated

Box 42

Image Clippings undated, circa 1941-1998

Box 283

Image Clippings, Oversized undated, 1988-1997


Magazines Subseries 2.2 1934-2008

Scope and contents

This subseries consists of a wide variety of magazines titles covering the careers of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans in printed articles and images. Film fan magazines are well represented and include Modern Screen, Motion Picture, Movie Stars Parade, and publications focusing on western celebrities such as Western Stars. Publications are for the most part complete.
Box 43

Publications undated, circa 1920s-1940

Box 44

Publications 1941-1945

Box 45

Publications 1945-1947

Box 46

Publications 1948

Box 47

Publications 1949-1950

Box 48

Publications 1950-1952

Box 49

Publications 1953-1955

Box 50

Publications 1958-1964

Box 51

Publications 1965-1970

Box 52

Publications 1971-1976

Box 53

Publications 1977-1979

Box 54

Publications 1979-1982

Box 55

Publications 1982-1985

Box 56

Publications 1985-1989

Box 57

Publications 1990-1991

Box 58

Publications 1992

Box 59

Publications 1993-1995

Box 60

Publications 1995-1997

Box 61

Publications 1998

Box 62

Publications 1998-1999

Box 63

Publications 2000-2008

Box 64

Publications, Legal Sized Folders undated, 1938-1998

Box 316

Publications, Oversized 1938-1978

Box 292

Publications, Oversized undated, 1942-2003

Box 281

Publications, Oversized 1943-1944


Newspaper and Magazine Clippings Subseries 2.3 1921-2008

Scope and contents

This subseries includes newspaper clippings and magazine clippings spanning Roy Rogers’ and Dale Evans’ entire careers. This includes press bureau clippings from across the United States and those local to the Southern California region. Magazine clippings represent coverage in both glossy and local publications managed independently from Rogers’ and Evans’ management.
Box 65

Press Clippings undated

Box 66

Press Clippings 1923-1945

Box 67

Press Clippings 1946-1950

Box 68

Press Clippings, Local 1950

Box 69

Press Clippings, Local and Out of Town 1950

Box 70

Press Clippings, Out of Town, Box 1 of 3 1950

Box 71

Press Clippings, Out of Town, Box 2 of 3 1950

Box 72

Press Clippings, Out of Town, Box 3 of 3 1950

Box 73

Press Clippings, Out of Town 1951

Box 74

Press Clippings, Local, Box 1 of 2 1952

Box 75

Press Clippings, Local, Box 2 of 2 1952

Box 76

Press Clippings, Out of Town, Box 1 of 2 1952

Box 77

Press Clippings, Out of Town, Box 2 of 2 1952

Box 78

Press Clippings, Merchandise Tear Sheets 1953

Box 79

Press Clippings, Individual Subjects, Box 1 of 2 1953

Box 80

Press Clippings, Individual Subjects, Box 2 of 2 1953

Box 81

Press Clippings, Local, Box 1 of 2 1953

Box 82

Press Clippings, Local, Box 2 of 2 1953

Box 83

Press Clippings, Out of Town, Box 1 of 2 1953

Box 84

Press Clippings, Out of Town, Box 2 of 2 1953

Box 85

Magazine Clippings, 1953 1953

Box 86

Press Clippings, Local, Box 1 of 2 1954

Box 87

Press Clippings, Local, Box 2 of 2 1954

Box 88

Press Clippings, Out of Town and Magazine Clippings 1954

Box 89

Press Clippings, Local 1955

Box 90

Press Clippings, Out of Town 1955

Box 91

Press Clippings, Local 1956

Box 92

Press Clippings, Out of Town, Box 1 of 3 1956

Box 93

Press Clippings, Out of Town, Box 2 of 3 1956

Box 94

Press Clippings, Out of Town, Box 3 of 3 1956

Box 95

Press Clippings, Local 1957

Box 96

Press Clippings, Out of Town, Box 1 of 6 1957

Box 97

Press Clippings, Out of Town, Box 2 of 6 1957

Box 98

Press Clippings, Out of Town, Box 3 of 6 1957

Box 99

Press Clippings, Out of Town, Box 4 of 6 1957

Box 100

Press Clippings, Out of Town, Box 5 of 6 1957

Box 101

Press Clippings, Out of Town, Box 6 of 6 1957

Box 102

Press Clippings 1958-1959

Box 103

Press Clippings 1960-1966

Box 104

Press Clippings 1967-1969

Box 105

Press Clippings circa 1970s-1974

Box 106

Press Clippings 1975-1976

Box 107

Press Clippings 1976-1979

Box 108

Press Clippings 1980-1984

Box 109

Press Clippings 1985-1989

Box 110

Press Clippings 1990-1991

Box 111

Press Clippings 1992-1995

Box 112

Press Clippings 1996-1998

Box 113

Press Clippings 1998-2008

Box 114

Magazine and Trade Magazine Clippings undated, 1938-1952

Box 115

Magazine and Trade Magazine Clippings 1953-1985

Box 116

Magazine Clippings undated, circa 1950s-1955

Box 117

Magazine Clippings 1956-2002

Box 118

Press Clippings circa 1990s

Box 119

Press Clippings undated, 1936-1955

Box 120

Press Clippings 1955-1999

Box 121

Press Clippings 1921-1949

Box 287

Newspapers and Press Clippings, Oversized undated

Box 318

Newspaper Clippings, Oversized 1926-2001

Box 283

Press and Magazine Clippings, Oversized 1941-1998

Box 317

Newspaper and Magazine Clippings, Oversized 1943-2001

Box 289

Newspapers and Press Clippings, Oversized 1954-1996


Fan Mail, Publications, and Ephemera Series 3 1938-2000

Scope and contents

This series is comprised of materials generated by or directly for fans of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. It includes correspondence to both stars, scrapbooks created by fans and Roy Rogers management, fan publications and fan club materials from the Dale Evans Fan Club and the Roy Rogers Riders Club.


Fan correspondence is arranged chronologically. Photographs mailed with correspondence remain with their respective correspondence. Fan generated publications are arranged by title and then by date. Fan ephemera is arranged chronologically.
  • Subseries 3.1: Fan Club Correspondence, Ephemera, and Publications, 1938-2000
  • Subseries 3.2: Scrapbooks, circa 1930s-1989

Fan Club Correspondence, Ephemera, and Publications Subseries 3.1 1938-2000

Scope and contents

Much of the fan correspondence is comprised of letters from sick children and their friends and family members in the 1950s. These letters request a written response or other item from Roy Rogers, Trigger, and/or Dale Evans to boost the childrens’ spirits as they deal with illnesses ranging from polio and cancer to broken bones. Several photographs are included with the letters, picturing the sick children mentioned in the correspondence. Fan letters are primarily from American fans, though there are some British fans and one letter from a Prisoner of War in South Africa during World War II. Later fan mail often features artwork from fans in the form of hand drawn illustrations or typed poetry. After the death of Roy Rogers in 1998 many fans mailed their condolences to his family members via the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum in Victorville, California.
This subseries also represents materials related to Roy Rogers and Dale Evans fan clubs. The Dale Evans Fan Club is represented by Evanstar, while a nearly complete run of The Double R Bar Ranch newsletter covers events for Roy Rogers fans. The Roy Rogers Riders Club program is represented through correspondence and promotional materials coordinated between theater managers and Rogers’ managers. British fan publication The Roy Rogers Review and the later Rogers-Evans Collectors Association newsletters are included.
Box 122

Fan Materials undated, 1938-1950

Box 123

Fan Materials 1950-1966

Box 124

Fan Materials 1967-1998

Box 125

Fan Materials, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Collectors Association Publications 1984-2000

Box 126

Fan Materials, Fan Newsletters 1942-1956

Box 127

Fan Materials undated, 1939-1999


Scrapbooks Subseries 3.2 circa 1930s-1989

Scope and contents

This subseries consists of scrapbooks created by fans and friends of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans from across the United States, as well as several scrapbooks that appear to be assembled by publicity manager Al Rackin. The scrapbooks are primarily filled with newspaper and magazine clippings, but some also include photographs, correspondence, newsletters, programs, and merchandising ephemera. Several scrapbooks also include clippings on other western stars like Gene Autry, the Lone Ranger played by Clayton Moore, Elton Britt, and Tom Mix.
Box 281

Roanna Lee Arzam, Syracuse, New York scrapbook and two unlabeled scrapbooks undated, circa 1940s

Box 224

Grace Kline of Thompsontown, Pennsylvania scrapbook, "8th bk" scrapbook, and unlabeled scrapbook undated, circa 1940s-1950s

Box 225

Two scrapbooks undated

Box 226

Cub scrapbook, Jean Sweeney scrapbook and correspondence, Joyce Faley Kansas Ranch Boss of the Roy Rogers Fan Club scrapbook, Janet Binskin of Kansas City, Kansas scrapbook, and two unlabeled scrapbooks undated, circa 1953-1994

Box 227

Three scrapbooks undated

Box 228

"Roy Rogers, Dale Evans and Trigger in Great Britain 1954" Press Representatives Mullally and Warner Ltd. 1 Hay Hill, London, W1 scrapbooks 1954

Box 229

"Roy Rogers No. 2" scrapbook and unlabeled scrapbook undated

Box 230

"Roy Rogers 6th," "Roy Rogers No. 2," "Roy Rogers No. 1," and "Dale Evans" scrapbooks undated, 1944-1949

Box 231

Ronnie Stewart scrapbook and Carolyn Haskins Roth scrapbook undated

Box 232

Roy Rogers and Gene Autry scrapbook, "Roy Rogers 17th bk," "Roy Rogers 5th," and "Roy Rogers 4th" scrapbooks undated, 1947-1949

Box 233

Bobby Sledge from Decatur, IL scrapbook, Johnny W. Gieshrecht scrapbook and correspondence, scrapbook with puzzle, and unlabeled scrapbook undated, 1953-1983

Box 234

Three scrapbooks and loose image clippings, photographs, and photo postcards undated, circa 1940s

Box 235

Marilyn McAlister Jones from Norway, Maine scrapbooks, two unlabeled scrapbooks, and foldered loose scrapbook pages undated

Box 236

Four scrapbooks undated

Box 237

"The Wedding of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans New Years Eve - January '48" scrapbook, scrapbook with photographs of Roy Rogers with a baseball bat (possibly Pirates baseball team), and unlabeled scrapbook undated, 1948

Box 238

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans appearances in Ohio, Iowa, and Nebraska scrapbook 1956

Box 239

Comic and magazine clippings scrapbook circa 1950s

Box 240

Newspaper clippings scrapbook circa 1950s

Box 241

Loose scrapbook clippings undated, circa 1980s

Box 242

Loose scrapbook clippings, possibly by Beula Rae Willis from Sullivan, Indiana undated

Box 243

Loose scrapbook clippings undated

Box 244

Scrapbook undated

Box 245

Newspaper and magazine clippings scrapbook circa 1960s

Box 246

Certificates and Rotary materials scrapbook undated

Box 247

Art Rush Inc. scrapbook circa 1940s

Box 248

"Roy Rogers King of the Cowboys" scrapbook, loose photographs, and clippings undated

Box 249

Scrapbook undated

Box 250

Republic publicity materials scrapbook, loose newspaper clippings, and magazine clippings undated

Box 251

Scrapbook undated

Box 252

Donita Moore Rogers scrapbook undated

Box 253

Roy Rogers comic strips scrapbook circa 1950s

Box 254

Pearl Williams scrapbook and correspondence with Dennis Caplan at Republic, Mildred, and Roy Rogers' sister Cleda Willoughby, and Hedda Hopper and unlabeled scrapbook undated, 1939-1940

Box 255

Scrapbook undated

Box 256

"Mary's" dissassembled scrapbook undated

Box 257

Hospice San Antonio, Uvalde, Kerrville First Annual Fund Raiser scrapbook 1996 April 12

Box 258

Roy Rogers Thrill Circus scrapbook circa 1940s

Box 259

"Roy Rogers Promotional Book 1948 RCA" scrapbook 1948

Box 260

"Roy Rogers World Championship Rodeo San Antonio, Texas June 18-21, 1955, NBC Telecast sponsored by General Foods Corp. Publicity Director A.L. Rackin" scrapbook 1955 June 18-21

Box 261

Scrapbook with loose newspaper clippings circa 1940s-1960s

Box 262

"Roy Rogers' World Championship Rodeo Houston, TX January 30-February 10 1952 with Dale Evans 'Queen of the West,' Pat Brady, The Whippoorwills" scrapbook 1952 January 30-Feburary 10

Box 263

Gene Ernst scrapbook undated

Box 264

Scrapbook with photographs, clippings, and loose clippings undated

Box 265

Scrapbook with newspaper and magazine clippings and loose photographs circa 1940s

Box 266

Scrapbook with loose clippings undated

Box 267

Marilyn McAlister Jones scrapbook 1947-1989

Box 268

"Advertised in LIFE: sells for Roy Rogers Enterprises" scrapbook circa 1950s

Box 269

Scrapbook undated

Box 270

Scrapbook with loose clippings undated

Box 271

Scrapbook undated

Box 272

"1948 Roy Rogers World Championship Rodeo Phildelphia, Detroit, Indianapolis, Chicago Newspaper Publicity" scrapbook 1948

Box 273

Scrapbook with press clippings circa 1950s

Box 274

Scrapbooks with press clippings and scrapbook with photograph contact prints undated, circa 1940s

Box 275

Roy Rogers comic strips scrapbook circa 1950s

Box 276

Vera Lane scrapbook undated

Box 277

Scrapbook undated

Box 278

Scrapbook undated

Box 279

Roy Rogers comic strips scrapbook circa 1950s

Box 280

Scrapbook with merchandising related materials circa 1950s

Box 290

Oversized loose scrapbook pages

Box 282


Box 304


Box 305

Roy Rogers School Safety Award Program, Andrew Johnson Elementary School, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma scrapbook 1954-1955

Box 306

Scrapbooks undated, 1986

Box 307

Scrapbooks undated

Box 308

Scrapbooks undated, 1942-1975

Box 309

Scrapbooks undated

Box 310

Scrapbooks undated

Box 311

Scrapbooks undated, circa 1940s

Box 312

Scrapbooks undated

Box 313

Scrapbooks undated, 1960-1978


Music Files Series 4 Bulk, 1935-1975 1885-1995

Scope and contents

This series is comprised of both published and unpublished sheet music, including orchestral scores, and songbooks. There is an emphasis on western and religious themed songs, many penned by Dale Evans. There are also many works by other artists, including American songwriter Stephen Dorff and composers Milton Berle, Bobby Hammack, Anita Kerr, and Eric Robertson. Songs popularized by artists Fred Rose, Gene Autry, Irving Berlin, William J. Gaither, and Stuart Hamblen are also represented.


This series is arranged by small format sheet music, large format sheet music, lyrics, and then alphabetically. Lyric magazines are at the end of the series by date.
Sheet music and related materials directly related to the production of Rogers' and Evans' television series are located in the Production Files series.
Box 128

Sheet Music, 50 Popular Big Note Piano Pieces Book 1 - Ave Maria undated, 1936-1976

Box 129

Sheet Music, Baila Como Yo - Buenos Noches, Maria undated, 1925-1991

Box 130

Sheet Music, Build a Better Mouse Trap - Christmas Chimes undated, 1902-1976

Box 131

Sheet Music, Christmas Eve on the Farm - Don't Be a Baby, Baby undated, 1926-1973

Box 132

Sheet Music, Don't Blame It On Me - Dusty Wagon undated, 1925-1975

Box 133

Sheet Music, Each Minute Seems a Million Years - Frosty the Snowman undated, 1936-1967

Box 134

Sheet Music, A Gay Ranchero - He's Got the Whole World in His Hands undated, 1931-1981

Box 135

Sheet Music, He's Got the Whole World in his Hand - Hymns of Blessing undated, 1910-1980

Box 136

Sheet Music, I Ain't A-Gittin' No Place - I Love A Piano undated, 1930-1977

Box 137

Sheet Music, I Married A Mouse Of A Man - If You Only Knew undated, 1924-1976

Box 138

Sheet Music, In the Church Across The Way - It's Wedding Time undated, 1920-1968

Box 139

Sheet Music, Jealous - Just Squeeze Me (but don't tease me) undated, 1911-1969

Box 140

Sheet Music, Keep A-Talkin' Baby - Lulu Island Lulu undated, 1911-1986

Box 141

Sheet Music, Macurije (Lamento Indio) - Mister Santa Bring Me A Doll undated, 1939-1983

Box 142

Sheet Music, M-M-M-M-Mary - My World Is Happiness undated, 1920-1972

Box 143

Sheet Music, Nellie Was a Lady/Aloha Oe (Farewell to Thee) - The Ozarks Are Calling You undated, 1911-1973

Box 144

Sheet Music, Paddy McGinty's Goat - Rememb'ring undated, 1919-1979

Box 145

Sheet Music, Rhythm Of The Raindrops - Runnin' Wild undated, 1934-1954

Box 146

Sheet Music, Saddle Up! (Western Spiritual) - A Soldier And His Dog undated, 1931-1971

Box 147

Sheet Music, Soldier's Last Letter - Stella By Starlight undated, 1934-1981

Box 148

Sheet Music, Stephen Foster: Immortal Melodies - There's A Little Bit of Everything In Texas undated, 1935-1975

Box 149

Sheet Music, There's a New Moon Over My Shoulder - To Each His Own undated, 1932-1981

Box 150

Sheet Music, Told You So - Vaya Con Dios (May God Be With You) undated, 1913-1979

Box 151

Sheet Music, Wabash Cannon Ball - Where I'm Going undated, 1912-1975

Box 152

Sheet Music, Whiskey Took My Daddy Away - Zip-A-Dee Doo-Dah undated, 1919-1972

Box 153

Sheet Music, # 6 - Atchison-Topeka and the Santa Fe undated, 1934-1980

Box 154

Sheet Music, Back To The Dear Old Mill - Buenas Noches, Maria undated, 1902-1970

Box 155

Sheet Music, Buffalo Bill - Chinese undated, 1914-1952

Box 156

Sheet Music, Christian Cowboy - A Christmas Prayer undated, circa 1951

Box 157

Sheet Music, Closing #14 - Daddy's Little Cowboy undated, 1954-1974

Box 158

Sheet Music, Dale Evans Medley - Don't Cry Baby undated, 1951

Box 159

Sheet Music, Don't Ever Fall - Dwarf's Ending undated, 1951-1961

Box 160

Sheet Music, Eerie - Friends and Neighbors undated, 1974

Box 161

Sheet Music, Gamblin' Town - Good News-Bad News undated, 1955-1970

Box 162

Sheet Music, Gospel Medley - Gustave Plays the Glockenspiel undated, 1955-1969

Box 163

Sheet Music, Hallelujah - Happy Trails undated, 1954-1971

Box 164

Sheet Music, Happy Trails - He's Everything to Me undated, 1941-1972

Box 165

Sheet Music, He Is Love - How Great Thou Art undated, 1941-1956

Box 166

Sheet Music, I Believe - It Took A Miracle, He Touched Me undated, 1937-1977

Box 167

Sheet Music, J #1 - Known Only To Him undated, 1950-1971

Box 168

Sheet Music, L. Young - Lord, Have Mercy On My Soul (A Sinner's Prayer) undated, 1940-1978

Box 169

Sheet Music, Lord, I Love You - Merry Christmas Chimes undated, 1940-1978

Box 170

Sheet Music, Merry Christmas My Darling - My Sweetheart of the Rio Grande undated, 1899-1967

Box 171

Sheet Music, Navajo Trail - Opening Theme (in "D") undated, 1975-1980

Box 172

Sheet Music, Our American Flag - Patriotic Medley (Folder 3) undated, 1963

Box 173

Sheet Music, Peace in The Valley - Prod. 5 undated, 1941-1956

Box 174

Sheet Music, Prod. 7 - Prod. 85 undated, 1951-1953

Box 175

Sheet Music, Paint Your Wagon Folder 1 of 3 - Paint Your Wagon Folder 3 of 3 undated

Box 176

Sheet Music, Roy Rogers Show Overture Folder 1 of 2 - San Antone Ending undated

Box 177

Sheet Music, Prod. #88 - Rodeo Music undated, 1915-1970

Box 178

Sheet Music, Rollin' Dust - Roy Rogers Show Overture Folder 2 undated, 1950

Box 179

Sheet Music, San Francisco Opening - Skyball Paint undated, 1941-1960

Box 180

Sheet Music, Slug - Stampede folder 1 of 2 undated, 1943-1975

Box 181

Sheet Music, Stampede Folder 2 of 2 - Swell Guy, Swell Gal undated, 1906-1941

Box 182

Sheet Music, T for Texas - The Trail to Capitan undated, 1916-1984

Box 183

Sheet Music, Top of the World: Sittin' On Top of The World - Tuba Der Twist undated

Box 184

Sheet Music, Trigger Jr. Music Folder 1 - Trigger Jr. Music Folder 3 undated

Box 185

Sheet Music, Toronado/Just Say Your Prayers - Wedding Bells undated, 1950-1975

Box 186

Sheet Music, Western Medley - Zip-A-Dee undated, 1978-1980

Box 187

Song Lyrics, Box 1 of 2

Box 188

Song Lyrics, Box 2 of 2

Box 189

Lyric and Song Magazines 1944-1956

Box 281

Sheet Music, Oversized undated

Box 314

Sheet Music, Oversized undated, 1945

Box 315

Record Albums undated, 1950-1982


Personal Papers Series 5 circa 1930s-circa 2000s

Scope and contents

This series contains papers related to Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, and their manager Art Rush that do not directly relate to the careers of Rogers and Evans.


Materials are arranged into a subseries for Roy Rogers and Dale Evans and a separate subseries for their manager Art Rush. Materials are then arranged by date.
  • Subseries 5.1: Art Rush Papers, circa 1930s-1989
  • Subseries 5.2: Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Papers, 1944-circa 2000s
Box 190

Art Rush Papers Subseries 5.1 undated, circa 1930s-1989

Scope and contents

These papers include invitations, awards, programs, correspondence, newsletters, and travel ephemera directly related to the lives of Rogers’ and Evans’ manager W. Arthur Rush and his wife Mary Jo Rush.

Art Rush

William Arthur Rush was born 1907 April 2 in Graysville, Pennsylvania, but grew up in Hanoverton, Ohio. He attended Bethany College in Bethany, West Virginia, graduating in 1929
Rush initially worked to put together a radio program for RCA Victor in California. While working on his proposed program, he came up with the idea to use Vitaphone recordings presses to prerecord radio shows onto large electrical transcription disks instead of simply cutting the presses up into scrap metal. This idea garnered attention and praise for Rush, leading him to become West Coast manager for RCA Victor at 25 years old.
Rush married Mary Jo Matthews on 1935 October 28. Matthews was a beauty queen who worked in Broadway musicals before being signed to Columbia Pictures as an actress. Together the couple had sons Dr. William Arthur Rush Jr., a general surgeon and former Air Force jet pilot, and Robert Nelson Rush, a high school teacher. Art and Mary remained married for 53 years, until Mary Jo’s passing in 1988 September.
While working with RCA Victor, Rush recorded Jeannette MacDonald, Tommy Dorsey, Lily Pons, Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller and Igor Stravinsky, among others. He managed Nelson Eddy for 22 years and was responsible for the discovery and launching of Mario Lanza’s career.
After his time at RCA Victor, he worked as managing director of Columbia Management of California, a CBS subsidiary, beginning in 1937. He founded his own management firm, Art Rush Inc. in 1939, managing Roy Rogers and Dale Evans through his business.
Rush received the Bethany College Alumni Achievement Award in 1959 and an honorary doctorate in communications arts in 1985.
He died of heart failure at 81 years old on 1989 January 1 in Burbank, California.

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Papers Subseries 5.2 1944-circa 2000s

Scope and contents

These papers cover Roy Rogers’ hunting and racing pigeon hobbies, including score sheets, related correspondence, and event programs. Personal correspondence unrelated to the marketing of Rogers’ and Evans’ brands and material on property and investment opportunities are also included, as well as awards.
Box 191

Personal Papers, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans undated, 1945-circa 1960s

Box 192

Personal Papers, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans 1962-circa 2000s

Box 193

Personal Papers, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, Awards undated, 1944-1986

Box 194

Personal Papers, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, Awards 1986-1999

Box 285

Personal Papers, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, Oversized undated, 1920-1998


Photographs Series 6 circa 1930s-2001

Scope and contents

The photographs series covers public appearances, storefront displays of licensed merchandise, and documentation of contests and charity appearances. Photos are primarily black and white, though there are a small number of color images, particularly of Roy “Dusty” Rogers, Jr. and his musical career.


Photographs are arranged chronologically.
Box 195

Photographs circa 1930s-1940s

Box 196

Photographs circa 1940s-1948

Box 197

Photographs 1949-1956

Box 198

Photographs 1956-circa 1960s

Box 199

Photographs undated, circa 1960s-circa 2000s

Box 200

Photographs circa 1950s-circa 1980s

Box 286

Photographs, Oversized undated, 1935-1970

Box 294

Photographs, Oversized undated, 1948

Box 291

Photographs, Oversized undated, circa 1930s-1995


Production Files Series 7 1945-1992

Scope and contents

This series consists of scripts and related production and promotional materials for Roy Rogers’ and Dale Evans’ work on film and television. Television materials include scripts, production notes, correspondence, publicity ephemera, press kits related to The Roy Rogers Show from 1951 to 1957 and The Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Show in 1962, as well as materials from their guest appearances on other television productions. There are a small number of promotional items related to their work with Republic Pictures and one script from Paramount Pictures’ 1952 feature film Son of Paleface.


Production files and related publicity materials are arranged by television production and then by date. Film, radio, and guest appearance related materials are arranged by date.
Box 201

Production, Television Episdoes 1-16 and General Production circa 1950s

Box 202

Production, Television Episodes 17-51 circa 1950s

Box 203

Production, Television Episodes 73-96 circa 1950s

Box 204

Production, Television Episodes 97-104 circa 1950s

Box 205

Production, Television Production Notes, Box 1 of 3 circa 1950s

Box 206

Production, Television Production Notes, Box 2 of 3 circa 1950s

Box 207

Production, Television Production Notes, Box 3 of 3 circa 1950s

Box 208

Production, Television, Seattle World's Fair, Box 1 of 2 circa 1960s

Box 209

Production, Television, Seattle World's Fair, Box 2 of 2 circa 1960s

Box 210

Production, Television, Olvera Street and International circa 1960s

Box 211

Production, Television, Minstrel Show circa 1960s

Box 212

Production, Television, Number 6 and Western Show circa 1960s

Box 213

Production, Television, Western Show and Thanksgiving Show circa 1960s

Box 214

Production, Television, San Francisco Horse Show circa 1960s

Box 215

Production, Television, Modern Minstrel, Circus, and El Toro circa 1960s

Box 216

Production, Television, El Toro and Christmas circa 1960s

Box 217

Production, Television, Production Files and AFTRA Agreements circa 1960s

Box 218

Production, Television, Guest Appearances circa 1950s-1960

Box 219

Production, Television, Guest Appearances circa 1960s-1990s

Box 220

Production, Film undated, 1945-1991

Box 221

Production, Film undated, circa 1941-1999

Box 222

Production Files undated, 1953-1961

Box 223

Production, Episode 90 circa 1950s

Box 286

Production, Oversized 1938

Box 285

Production, Oversized undated, 1938-1951

Box 289

Production, Film, Oversized undated, 1953

Box 288

Production, Film, Oversized 1938-1950