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Guide to the I. Andrea Hoffman Jackson Papers MS 217
MS 217  
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Series I:  Personal Papers

Box-folder 1:1

Resumes, undated

Box-folder 1:2

Publications correspondence, 1981

Box-folder 9:1

Scrapbook (copies), 1971–1988 and undated

Box-folder 9:2

Portfolio (copies), 1978-1981

Box-folder 9:3

Portfolio (copies), 1981-1986


Series II: 'San Diego Art and Artists' - Manuscript and Research

Box-folder 1:3

Book manuscript, 1987 and undated


Introduction by Robert Perine
Box-folder 1:4

Artists interview notes, 1987


List of artists for book
Selected biographies on each artist
Box-folder 1:5

Research notes, undated

Box-folder 1:6

Publisher correspondence, 1986 and undated

Box-folder 1:7

Eleanor Antin (artist), 1981–1987 and undated

Box-folder 1:8

Joan Austin (artist), 1985–1987 and undated

Box-folder 1:9

David Avalos (artist), undated

Box-folder 1:10

Richard Baker (artist), 1987 and undated

Box-folder 1:11

Border Art Workshop, 1987 and undated


Exhibition poster, 1987 (in Oversize Collections D2)
Box-folder 1:12

Dan Camp (artist), undated

Box-folder 1:13

Kenneth Capps (artist), 1975–1988 and undated

Box-folder 1:14

Harold Cohen (artist), 1982–1987 and undated

Box-folder 2:1

Janet Cooling (artist), 1983–1987 and undated

Box-folder 2:2

Joyce Cutler-Shaw (artist), 1986 and undated

Box-folder 2:3

Manny Farber (artist), undated

Box-folder 2:4

Arline Fisch (artist), 1968–1987 and undated


Artist brochure (in Oversize Collections D2)
Box-folder 2:5

Russell Forester (artist), undated

Box-folder 2:6

Faiya Fredman (artist), 1984–1985 and undated

Box-folder 2:7

Gary Ghirardi (artist), 1983–1985 and undated

Box-folder 2:8

Robert Ginder (artist), 1986–1987 and undated

Box-folder 2:9

Ethel Greene (artist), 1987 and undated

Box-folder 2:10

Erik Gronborg (artist), 1985-1987 and undated

Box-folder 2:11

Tom Grondona (artist), 1982–1987 and undated

Box-folder 2:12

Raul Guerrero (artist), 1978–1987 and undated

Box-folder 2:13

Newton and Helen Harrison (artists), 1977 and undated


Redevelopment plans for Horton Plaza
Box-folder 2:14

Margaret Honda (artist), 1986–1987 and undated


Brochure for Newcomers 1987 event (in Oversize Collections D2)
Box-folder 2:15

Suda House (artist), 1985-1986 and undated

Box-folder 2:16

James T. Hubbell (artist), 1979–1987 and undated

Box-folder 2:17

Jay Johnson (artist), 1986 and undated

Box-folder 2:18

Phillip Kirkland (artist), 1987 and undated

Box-folder 2:19

Nancy Kittredge (artist), 1984–1986 and undated

Box-folder 3:1

Mario Lara (artist), 1983–1987 and undated


San Diego Arts Newsletter, April 1987 (in Oversize Collections D2)
Box-folder 3:2

Christopher Lee (artist), 1984–1987

Box-folder 3:3

Kim MacConnel (artist), 1987 and undated

Box-folder 3:4

DeLoss McGraw (artist), 1983–1987 and undated

Box-folder 3:5

Cliff McReynolds (artist), undated

Box-folder 3:6

Peter Mitten (artist), undated

Box-folder 3:7

Richard Allen Morris (artist), 1978–1984 and undated

Box-folder 3:8

Ming Murray (artist), 1985–1987 and undated

Box-folder 3:9

Marjorie Nodelman (artist), undated

Box-folder 3:10

Arthur Ollman (artist), 1980-1987

Box-folder 3:11

Patricia Patterson (artist), 1983–1985 and undated

Box-folder 3:12

Carl Provder (artist), 1987 and undated

Box-folder 3:13

Philipp Scholz Ritterman (artist), 1982–1984 and undated

Box-folder 3:14

Italo Scanga (artist), 1972–1987 and undated

Box-folder 3:15

Lynn Schuette (artist), 1987 and undated

Box-folder 3:16

Reesey Shaw (artist), 1975 and undated

Box-folder 3:17

Ernest Silva (artist), 1982-1987 and undated

Box-folder 4:1

Deborah Small (artist), 1984–1987 and undated

Box-folder 4:2

Lois Stecker (artist), 1974–1983 and undated

Box-folder 4:3

Ron Tatro (artist), 1982–1984 and undated


Gallery brochure (in Oversize Collections D2)
Box-folder 4:4

Gillian Theobald (artist), undated

Box-folder 4:5

Barbara Weldon (artist), 1986 and undated

Box-folder 4:6

Ron Wigginton (artist), 1986 and undated

Box-folder 4:7

W. Haase Wojtyla (artist), undated

Box-folder 4:8

Non-book artists: Atkinson–Kimball, 1978–1981 and undated

Box-folder 4:9

Non-book artists: Leland–St. Pierre, 1978–1986 and undated

Box-folder 4:10

San Diego art information, 1982 and undated


Article about contemporary black artists
Gallery exhibition brochures
Box 6

Interview recordings (cassette): Antin–Gronborg, undated

Box 7

Interview recordings (cassette): Grondona–Murray, undated

Box 8

Interview recordings (cassette): Nodelman-Wojtyla, undated

Box-folder 4:11

Floppy disks, undated


3 floppy disks, labeled "IA:MA," "SD4 SD3 SD5 SD6," "SD SD2"

Series III:  San Diego Museum of Art - Article and Research

Box-folder 4:12

“The Great Brezzo Experiment,” 1981 and undated


Copy of Article written on SDMA by Andrea Hoffman
Response from San Diego Museum of Art
Box-folder 4:13

Research notes and information, 1981 and undated


Information provided by SDMA
Handwritten research notes
Box-folder 4:14

SDMA by-laws and policies, undated

Box-folder 4:15

SDMA legal agreement, 1969 March 18 and undated


Agreement between City of San Diego and Fine Arts Society of San Diego (now San Diego Museum of Art)
Box-folder 4:16

SDMA finances, 1970 July 1–1980 August 31


Statistics and monthly financial statements
Box-folder 4:17

SDMA finances, 1980 September 30–1981 June 30 and undated


Monthly financial statements
“Economic Impact of an Art Exhibition in the City of San Diego” Report
Annual Giving Campaign brochure
Box-folder 5:1

SDMA annual reports and five-year plan, 1977-1981 and undated

Box-folder 5:2

SDMA staff records, 1980–1987 and undated

Box-folder 5:3

SDMA meetings and minutes, 1979 December 14–1981 February 24


Board of Trustees, Executive Committe and Finance Committee.
Box-folder 5:4

SDMA legal papers, 1981 July 2-September 22 and undated


Ferry and Cutter [SDMA Board members] vs. SDMA
Box-folder 5:5

SDMA inventory and theft reports, 1980–1982 January 20 and undated

Box-folder 5:6

SDMA sales and rental gallery, 1981 September 2–November 15 and undated


Correspondence in response to closure of gallery
Box-folder 5:7

SDMA exhibits and events, 1981 and undated


Correspondence in response to Ottoman Art exhibit
Photo prints of exhibits
Lautrec exhibition brochure, undated (in Oversize Collections D2)
Box-folder 5:8

SDMA press releases, 1980 April 16–1987 March 10

Box-folder 5:9

Newspaper articles, 1956 September–1981 November 25 and undated

Box-folder 5:10

Miscellanea, 1979–1981 and undated


Attendance figures of San Diego Museum of Man and SDMA, 1979-1981
Cover of SDMA “Calendar” (newsletter), September 1981

Series IV:  La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art - Research

Box-folder 5:11

La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art: administration and operations, 1973–1982 and undated

Box-folder 5:12

La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art: staff, 1978–1981 and undated

Box-folder 5:13

La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art: media, 1955 September–1982 August 29 and undated


Newspaper and magazine clippings
Press releases
Box-folder 5:14

La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art: research notes, undated


Series V:  Miscellanea

Box-folder 5:15

Articles, 1960–1986 and undated


National Portrait Seminar Awards publication
Articles about Timken Museum
Box-folder 5:16

Art institutions - various, 1952–1987 and undated


Copy prints of art from exhibits at institutions including the Guggenheim Museum, Museum of Modern Art (NY), and Los Angeles County Museum of Art.
Box-folder 5:17

Miscellanea, undated


Transcript from unidentified interview
Business card from Detroit Institute of Arts
Letterhead from Society for Photographic Education
Brochures from American Association of Museums