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Title: One Inc. Magazine Collection
creator: ONE Institute of Homophile Studies. One, Inc.
Identifier/Call Number: MSS.2012.09.14
Physical Description: 2 boxes (2.0 linear ft.)
Date (inclusive): 1953-1982
Date (inclusive): 1953-1967
Abstract: The One Inc. Magazine Collection 1953-1982 (Bulk: 1953-1967) includes One Institute Quarterly: Homophile Studies (1958-1965); Mattachine Review (1956-1962); and One Magazine (1953-1967, 1972), as well as miscellaneous bibliographies and articles. One Inc. was founded in 1952 and in 1953 incorporated as a “…non-political and non-sectarian organization concerned with the interests of the millions of homosexual American men and women.” According to the articles of incorporation their primary goal was “…to publish and disseminate a magazine dealing primarily with homosexuality from a scientific, historical and critical point of view, and to aid in the social integration and rehabilitation of the sexual variant." In 1994, One Inc. shifted from an educational organization to become an archives and library. ONE Inc. and the International Gay and Lesbian Archives merged by the end of the year under the title of ONE Institute, and is now known as ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives.

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The collection is arranged by into three series by magazine title: Series I: Mattachine Review (1956-1960); Series II: One Institute Quarterly: Homophile Studies (1958-1968); Series III: One Magazine (1953-1972).

Organizational/Biographical History

During the 1950s the American homophile movement emerged in California, providing a public forum for gay and lesbian expression through various organizations and through publications. The three most prominent groups at this time included: Mattachine Society, a gay-male oriented organization, Daughters of Bilitis, a lesbian organization, and One Inc., a mix-sex based organization. Each of these groups produced newsletters and magazines that provided educational resources and a platform for communication among members, and helped to address the silence and isolation that many homosexuals experienced in society. The magazines appeared on newsstands across the U.S. and were available through subscriptions. One Magazine released its first issue in January 1953, Mattachine debuted in 1954, and Homophile Studies was first published in 1958. The contents included short stories on heterosexual love, poetry, book reviews, scholarly articles, and in some cases included sexually graphic artwork, cartoons, and magazine covers.

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Meeker, Martin. Contacts Desired; Gay and Lesbian Communications and Community, 1940s-1970's. (Chicago University Press, 2006).

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Gay and lesbian studies
Gay liberation movement -- United States.
Gay press publications -- United States.
ONE Institute of Homophile Studies. One, Inc.


Series I: Mattachine Review: 1956-1962

Physical Description: The Mattachine Review published by the Mattachine Society, in Los Angeles, California, first appeared in 1955 and it became the primary method for communication with Mattachine Society members and other interested homosexuals. Local branches also produced local newsletters that informed the community. The Mattachine Review was designed for national distribution and included scholarly and philosophical articles on homosexuality, as well as regional reports on censorship and police crack-downs on gay bars and clubs. The September 1957 volume highlights the 4th Annual Convention of the Society, held in San Francisco. In the September 1962 issue one article described the crackdown on homosexual activity at the University of Michigan, while the December 1962 issue featured articles on military service and changing religious attitudes toward homosexuals. Book reviews and reader comments are also included at the end of each issue. This collection is incomplete and the following issues are missing: Volumes 4 and 5 (1958-1960).

Folder 1, January-April 1956 (4 issues) Box 1


Folder 2, May-August, 1956 (4 issues) Box 1


Folder 3, September-December 1956 (4 issues) Box 1


Folder 4, January-April 1957 (4 issues) Box 1


Folder 5, May-August 1957 (4 issues) Box 1


Folder 6, September-December, 1957 (4 issues) Box 1


Folder 7, January-April 1960 (4 issues) Box 1


Folder 8, May-August 1960 (4 issues) Box 1


Folder 9, September-December 1960 (4 issues) Box 1


Folder 10, January-April 1961 (4 issues) Box 1


Folder 11, May-August 1961 (4 issues) Box 1


Folder 12, September-December 1961 (4 issues) Box 1


Folder 13, January-April 1962 (4 issues) Box 1


Folder 14, May-August 1962 (4 issues) Box 1


Folder 15, September-December 1962 (4 issues) Box 1


Series II: One Institute Quarterly: Homophile Studies: 1958-1965

Physical Description: One Institute Quarterly: Homophile Studies (1958-1965) was published by the Education Division of One Inc., from 1958-1970. The contents included scholarly articles from history, religion, politics, and sociology, as well as poetry and book reviews. The Education Division provided adult education in history, literature, and social studies centered on homosexuality and its relation to all aspects of world society. In the first issue, editor James Kepner made clear that the purpose of the Quarterly was to examine how and why homophiles fit into society and culture across time, and to promote homophile scholars. The articles ranged in topic but included articles on morality, the sociology of homophilia, deviant social behavior, and biographies of homophiles. Note that this is an incomplete set and the volume numbering sequence changed in 1966.

Folder 16, Spring-Fall 1958 (3 issues) Box 1


Folder 17, Winter-Fall 1959 (4 issues) Box 1


Folder 18, Winter-Fall 1960 (4 issues) Box 1


Folder 19, Winter-Fall 1961 (4 issues) Box 1


Folder 20, Winter-Fall 1962 (2 issues) Box 1


Folder 21, Winter-Spring, Summer-Fall 1963 (2 issues) Box 1


Folder 22, Winter, Spring 1964;Vol.7, 1966; Vol. 8, 1969 Box 1


Series III: One Magazine: 1953-1972 1953-1967

Physical Description: One Magazine (1953-1967, 1972) was published by One Inc., a non-political, non-sectarian organization founded in 1952. One Magazine was published from 1953-1967 and reappeared briefly in 1972. One Magazine was produced with consecutive issues from 1953-1967. In 1954 the U.S. Post Office declared the magazine obscene and in 1958 One sued, winning a significant First Amendment case in Roth v. United States (354 U.S. 476, 1957). Similar to the Mattachine Review and Homophile studies, One offered its readers a variety of articles covering history, law, art, literature, and poetry. The early volumes were produced in a pocket-size format, and by 1972, the look of the magazine shifted to a traditional 8x11 glossy magazine format. At the end of this series is a single folder of three homosexual bibliographies produced between 1974 and 1980, as well as two articles, one related to Gertrude Stein and to a 1982 Gay Task Force.

Folder 23, January-April (4 issues) Box 2


Folder 24, May-August 1953 (4 issues) Box 2


Folder 25, October-December 1953 (3 issues) Box 2


Folder 26, April-May; July; October-December 1954 (3 issues) Box 2


Folder 27, January, March-April 1955 (3 issues) Box 2


Folder 28, May-August 1955 (4 issues) Box 2


Folder 29, September-December 1955 (4 issues) Box 2


Folder 30, Index; January-April, 1956 (4 issues) Box 2


Folder 31, June-December 1956 (4 issues) Box 2


Folder 32, Index; Janaury-May 1957 (5 issues) Box 2


Folder 33, June-December 1957 (4 issues) Box 2


Folder 34, Index; January, March-May 1958 (4 issues) Box 2


Folder 35, June-September 1958 (4 issues) Box 2


Folder 36, October-December 1958 (3 issues) Box 2


Folder 37, Index; January-May 1959 (5 issues) Box 2


Folder 38, June-September 1959 (4 issues) Box 2


Folder 39, October-December 1959 (4 issues) Box 2


Folder 40, January-May 1960 (5 issues) Box 2


Folder 41, June-September 1960 (4 issues) Box 2


Folder 42, October-December 1960 (4 issues) Box 2


Folder 43, January-April 1961 (4 issues) Box 1


Folder 44, June-August 1961 (3 issues) Box 2


Folder 45, September-December 1961 (4 issues) Box 2


Folder 46, Index; January-April 1962 (5 issues) Box 2


Folder 47, May-August 1962 ((4 issues) Box 2


Folder 48, September-December 1962 (4 issues) Box 2


Folder 49, Index; January-April 1963 (4 issues) Box 2


Folder 50, May-August 1963 (4 issues) Box 2


Folder 51, September-December 1963 (4 issues) Box 2


Folder 52, Index; January-April 1964 (4 issues) Box 2


Folder 53, May-August 1964 (4 issues) Box 2


Foldern 54, September-December 1964 (4 issues) Box 2


Folder 55, Index; January-April 1965 (4 issues) Box 2


Folder 56, May-August 1965 (4 issues) Box 2


Folder 57, September-December 1966 (4 issues) Box 2


Folder 58, Index; January-April-May 1966 (4 issues) Box 2


Folder 59, June-August 1966 (3 issues) Box 1


Folder 60, October-December 1966 (3 issues) Box 2


Folder 61, Index; Janaury-April 1967 (4 issues)


Folder 62, May-June/July, 1967 (3 issues)


Folder 63, January-August 1972 (4 issues) Box 2


Folder 64, Printed Matter, 1974-1975, 1980-1982. Box 2