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Isaac Newton related artwork, photographs, drawings and prints from Babson College's Grace K. Babson Collection of the Works of Sir Isaac Newton: Finding Aid
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Box 1

Photographs, engravings

Physical Description: 25 items
Folder  1

[Photograph of portrait of Isaac Newton by Godfrey Kneller] [1950s?]

Description 35 x 23 cm.

Babson no. BC / J31

Notes Gift. Photograph by Dr. Snelson of a portrait of Newton by Godfrey Kneller at the Willam Andrew Clark Library
Folder  2

[Engraved portrait of Isaac Newton after Sir James Thornhill]

Description Broken into 3 panels: image (26 x 21 cm.); caption (5 x 22 cm.); provenance inscription (11 x 18 cm)

Babson no. BC / J13

Notes Mounted. Inscription reads: I believe this engraving to be rare -it was purchased by me at a village inn by the river side when on a boating excursion down the Cam around 1821. J. Hooper A.B." The printed caption, originally at head of engraving reads in part: "Done from an original p[aint]ing of Sir James Thornhill's in the custody of Rev. Dr. Bentley. Master of Trinity College."
Folder  3

Tinker, T., creator. The paternal house of Sr. Isaac Newton in which he was born…[engraving] 1772

Description 15 x 18 cm.

Babson no. BC / J28

Notes T. Tinker del. 1772; S. Sparrow sculp.
Folder  4

The great fire of London in the year 1666. From the original picture in the possession of Robert Golden Esq. [engraving] 1792

Imprint: Engrav'd and Publish'd by W. Birch, Enamel painter, No. 2 Macclesfield Street Soho. Decr. 1st. 1792.

Description 26 x 34 cm.

Babson no. BC / J29

Folder  5

King, J.W., creator. Great Court, Trinity College Cambridge [engraving] [1900s?]

Description Image 18 x 20 cm., sheet 38 x 28 cm.

Babson no. BC / J20

Notes On cream paper. Embossed ownership mark on lower left corner of sheet.
Folder  6

[Photograph of portrait of Isaac Newton by Enoch Seeman] [1950s?]

Description image 19 x 15 on sheet 20 x 16 cm

Babson no. BC / J27

Folder  7

Sir Isaac Newton [engraving] 1817

Imprint: Pub. Aug. 1, 817 by C.G. Dyer Compton St. Soho.

Description plate 26 x 18 cm.

Babson no. BC / J7

Notes G.M. Brighty del., J. Vanderbank pinxt., Romney sculp. Inscription in pencil at foot: "presented to me by Dr. Lee F.R.S.R"
Folder  8

Sir Isaac Newton OB. 1727. From the original of Kneller, in the collection of the Right Hon[or]ble, the Earl of Egremont [engraving] 1831

Imprint: London, Published Aug. 1, 1831, by Harding & Lepard, Pall Mall East.

Description image 13 x 14 cm on sheet 20 x 18 cm

Babson no. BC / J5

Folder  9

[Colored painting of Trinity College coat of arms] [1930s?]

Description visible image 14 x 11 cm matted to 2 x 18 cm

Babson no. BC/ J2

Notes Black and white photomechanical reproduction.
Folder  10

[Photograph of Isaac Newton statue and four others in Trinity Chapel, Cambridge] [photomechanical reproduction] [1930s?]

Description 14 x 20 cm

Babson no. BC / J9

Folder  11

King, J.W., creator. Gateway, Trinity College, Cambridge [engraving] [1900?]

Description image 19 x 20, sheet 38 x 27 cm

Babson no. BC/ J19

Notes On cream paper. Embossed ownership mark on lower left corner of sheet.
Folder  12

Sir Isaac Newton [engraving after original] in the possession of John Conduit Esqr. [1744?]

Description image 37 x 23 cm, sheet 40 x 27, mount 48 x 34 cm

Babson no. BC / J32

Notes Dated 1744 in pencil on bottom. Mat shows some signs of water damage.
Folder  13

Sir Isaac Newton, done after the marble bust in Her Majesty's Hermitage in the royal garden at Richmond [engraving] approximately 1736

Description 35 x 25 cm

Babson no. BC/ J24

Notes Triminmed at foot and head. After the marble bust by Guelfi in Queen Caroline's grotto at Richmond.
Folder  14

Library of Trinity College [engraving] 1814

Imprint: London: Pub. Dec. 1, 1814 at 101 Strand fr R. Ackermann's History of Cambridge.

Description image 21 x 27 cm, plate 25 x 30 cm, sheet 27 x 33 cm

Babson no. BC / J15

Notes "A. Pugin. Del.". Minor damage: Spilled ink across floor in image, abrasion across bookcase front right. Other ink stains.
Folder  15

Sr. Isaac Newton [engraving]: portrait in oval frame with ornaments [between 1782 and 1790?]

Imprint: Published by G. Kearsly No. 46 Fleet Street.

Description image (including caption) 18 x 12 cm., plate 22 x 17 cm ; sheet 25 x 19 cm

Babson no. BC /J4

Notes "G. Kneller pinxt., Wm. Sharp sculpt." George Kearsley ( died 1790) was at the Fleet street address from 1782 until his death. William Sharp (1749-1824)
Folder  16

[Photograph of stained glass panel of Isaac Newton by Ford Maddox Brown] 1950

Imprint: April, 1950.

Description b & w image 29 x 14 cm, mounted on card stock 40 x 24 cm

Babson no. BC /J25

Notes Typescript caption at bottom: "Stained glass panel depicting Sir Isaac Newton by Ford Maddox Brown, in the oriel window in the Hall, Peterhouse, Cambridge, England, 1870. From the Master and Fellow, April, 1950."
Folder  17

Statue of Sir Isaac Newton at Cambridge [graphic] [1950s?]

Description image 25 x 18 cm., sheet 34 x s5 cm

Babson no. BC/J23

Notes Color plano lithograph depicting the statue of Newton at the Chapel in Trinity College, Cambridge. Image includes a small child at play.
Folder  18

[Statute of Newton in Trinity College, Cambridge: engraving] 1800

Imprint: Drawn & published by R.B. Harraden.

Description 17 x 11 cm. mounted on sheet 26 x 19 cm.

Babson no. BC/ J22

Notes "Roubilliac sculpt. Newton in Trinity Coll. Chapel. Cambridge". Richard Bankes Harraden (1778-1862) published under the name Harraden and Son until his father's death in 1838. Mounted on sheet.
Folder  19

[Color reproduction of William Blake's Newton in the Tate Gallery, London] [1950s?]

Description 21 x 26 cm.

Babson no. BC/J18

Folder  20

King, J.W., creator. [Trinity College Great Court etching by J.W. King] [1900?]

Description image 18 x 30 cm., sheet 24 x 36 cm.

Babson no. BC/J15

Folder  21

Isaacus Newton Eq. Aura [mezzotint by John Simon after Thornhill] approximately 1700 to 1725

Description 37 x 27 cm. mounted on sheet 38 x 29 cm.

No number Notes Similar to copy at Linda Hall Library and Fitzwilliam Museum (http://rsnr.royalsocietypublishing.org/content/66/2/159). Depicts Newton with natural hair facing right, in a dressing gown. Imprint on copy is faded: "Thornhill Eq. pinx. I. Simon fec. Sold by I. Simon in New Street Covt. Garden."
Folder  22

Statue of Sir Isaac Newton in the Ante Chapel Trinity College [engraving] 1838

Imprint: Published March 1st, 1838, by C. Tilt Fleet Street, & J.Le Keux, Harmondsworth.

Description 22 x 13 cm. mountedon sheet 26 x 18 cm.

Babson no. BC/J21

Notes Image signed F. McKenzie and J. Le Keux.
Folder  23

Sir Isaac Newton from the original picture by Vanderbank in the possession of the Royal Society. [engraving] [Between 1823 and 1850]

Imprint: London, Published by Charles Knight, Pall Mall East.

Description image 13 x 11 cm.; sheet 26 x 18 cm.

Babson no. BC/J6

Notes 2 copies. "Engraved by E. Scriven"; "Under the superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge"; copy 2 is cropped at bottom with loss of imprint.
Folder  24

The hon[ora]ble Robert Boyle Esqr. Done after the marble bust in Her Majest's Hermitage in the Royal Garden at Richmond [engraving] [Between 1714 and 1763]

Imprint: Printed for Tho: Bowles in St. Pauls Churchyard. & John Bowles at the black Horse in Cornhill.

Description 35 x 24 cm.

Babson no. BC/J10

Notes Cropped. "I Faber fecit."
Folder  25

[View of Trinity College, Cambridge, showing to right of gate, the windows of rooms which Newton occupied as Lucasion Professor : photograph] [1950s?]

Description 30 x 21 cm.

Babson no. BC/J12

Box 2

Photographs, engravings

Physical Description: 12 items
Folder  1

Martin Fokes Esq. F.R.S. [mezzotint by John Faber, Jr. after John Vanderbank] 1737

Imprint: Sold by I Faber at the Golden Head in Bloomsbury Square.

Description 36 x 26 cm

Notes "J. Vanderbank pinxt. 1736. I Faber fecit 1737" Depicts Martin Folkes (1690-1754), English antiquary with right hand resting on closed book, with bust of Newton over his left shoulder.
Folder  2

[Photograph of relief portrait of Newton by Le Marchand as reproduced by Wedgwood] [1950s?]

Description B&W 22 x18 cm

Folder  3

[Facsimile of title page and frontispiece to Newton's 1729 The Mathematical principles of natural philosophy] [20th century]

Description 20 x 24 cm.

Notes Facsimile on cream wove paper.
Folder  4

[Group of modern photomechanical reproductions of various Newton portraits] [1970s?]

Description 26 x 11 to 28 x 22 cm

Notes Includes advertisement from Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) featuring Newton and his telescope.
Folder  5

King's Gateway, Trinity College, Cambridge [photograph] [1950s?]

Description B&W34 x 25 cm

Folder  6

[Interior of Great Hall, Trinity College, Cambridge] [photograph] [1950s?]

Description B&W 20 x 30 cm.

Babson no. BC/J16

Folder  7

Hollar, Wenceslaus, 1607-1677, creator. London : London the glory of Great Britaine's Isle. Behold her landschip here and tru pourfile [reproduction] [1947?]

Description 23 x 38 cm

Babson no. BC/[J]48

Notes Unframed and housed in mylar. Backing of frame is dated in pencil Dec. 1947 with label "Haley & Steele Art Dealers". A typewritten label reads: "Old London before the Great Fire of 166. From the original etching by Hollar (1607-1677)." The original was published before 1657.
Folder  8

James Stuart Duke of Richmond and Lenox [engraving] 1740

Imprint: Impensis I. & P. Knapton Londini 1740.

Description 38 x25 cm

Babson no. BC/[J]46

Notes After the original painting by Van Dyke. "In the collection of the Rt. Honble. Sr. Paul Methuen. Ant. Van Dycke pinxt. J. Houbraken sculp. Amst. 1740"
Folder  9

Thomas Wentworth Earl of Stratford [engraving] 1740

Imprint: Impensis I. & P. Knapton Londini 1740.

Description 38 x 25 cm.

Babson no. BC/[J]47

Notes After the original painting by Van Dyke. "In the collection of Sr. Francis Child. Ant. Van Dycke pinxt. J. Houbraken sculp. Amst. 1740"
Folder  10

[Engraved portrait of Isaac Barrow (1630-1677) after David Loggan] 1683

Imprint: 1683.

Description 31 x 23 cm

Babson no. BC/[J]51

Notes Date of publication from National Portrait Gallery (UK). "D. Loggan ad vivum delin." Imprint is faded and illegible, appears to read: Sold by Brabazon Aylmer at the thre Pigeons over against the Royall Exchang London". Cropped, mounted and shows evidence of being framed and matted.
Folder  11

[Hand colored engraved portrait of Charles Home, sixth Earl of Home (d. 1706)] [1810?]

Description visible image 15 x 12 cm matted to 29 x 26 cm

Babson no. BC/[J]49

Notes Identified on previous frame backing as: Charles, 6th earl of Home and dated 1810. Depicts head-shoulders portrait of man with long wig, facing left. Subject wears armor and a long white cravat.
Folder  12

John Winthrop [between 1893 and 1925]

Imprint: Imprint:Engraved for the Colonial Society of Massachusetts from a portrait by Copley in possession of Harvard University.

Descriptionimage 14 x 10 cm on sheet 23 x 16 cm

Babson no. 50

Notes "A.W. Eslon & Col, Boston". The Colonial Society of Massachusetts was founded in 1893. A.W. Elson & Co., Boston, were active from 1893 to 1925 .
Box 3

Photographs, engravings

Physical Description: 9 items
Folder  1

Giele, Ferdinand, 1867-1929, creator. Oxford. New College. Entrance. [etching] approximately 1918

Description image 31 x 28 cm., sheet 45 x 32 cm.

Babson no. BC/ [J}33

Notes Title from caption written in pencil. Numbered in pencil "70/75". Signed, lower right corner. Giele lived in England from 1916 to 1919 and executed many etchings of Oxford.
Folder  2

Isaacs Newton Equ. Anno Aetat 84 AC 1726 [engraving]

Imprint: J. Cooper excubet, [1726].

Description 35 x 26 cm matted to 50 x 39 cm.

Babson no. BC / [J]34]

Notes After original by J. Vanderbank. "J Vanderbank pinx. 1725. J. Faber fecit 1726; J. Cooper execubut"
Folder  3

Hollar, Wenceslaus, 1607-1677, creator. Byrsa Londinensis vulgo The Royall Exchange of London [egraving] 1654

Imprint: W. Hollar fecit. Londini. Anno 1654.

Description 30 x 40 cm matted to 38 x 49 cm

Notes Depiction of the forecourt of the Royal Exchange in London enclosed within a frame. Label from original frame says "From Craddock & Barnard, London March 1950"
Folder  4

Isaac Newton at the age of twelve [mezzotint] 1859

Imprint: New York Published by William Schaus … Oct. 6 1859 …

Description image 36 x 31 cm., sheet 51 x 41 cm.

Babson no. BC / [J]36

Notes "Painted by Frederick Newenham. London Published by Henry Graves & Comp. Oct. 6, 1859. Engraved by T.L. Atkinson."
Folder  5

Loggan, David, 1635-1700? creator. Nova & accuratissima celeberrimae universitatis oppidique Cantabrigiensis ichnographia An. 1688 [cartographic material] 1688

Imprint: 1688.

Description map 41 x 51 cm., sheet 43 x 55 cm.

Babson no. BC/ [J]37

Notes "Dav. Loggan delin. Et sculp cum privil. S.R.M. 1688" Map of the town and University of Cambridge. Map is fragile, with some tears at corners and edges. Previously repaired down center.
Folder  6

Loggan, David, 1635-1700? creator. Area nova Nevellensis Colleg. Trin. Cant. [engraving depicting Nevile's Court, Trinity College, Cambridge] 1690

Imprint: 1690.

Description image 30 x 57 cm., sheet 45 x 48 cm.

Babson no. BC/ [J]38

Notes Undated. Depicts Nevile's Court with the Wren Library in center in Trinity College, Cambridge. Three figures and a greyhound are shown in the foreground. From Loggan's Cantabrigia illustrata. 1690.
Folder  7

Loggan, David, 1635-1700? creator. Prospect of Cambridge from the East [upper image] ; Prospect of Cambridge from the West [lower image] [engraving] 1690

Imprint: 1690.

Notes Undated. Depicts two views of Cambridge from surrounding fields. From Loggan's Cantabrigia illustrata. 1690.
Folder  8

Speed, John, 1552?-1629, creator. The countie and citie of Lyncolne described with the ares of them that have bene earles thereof since the conquest [cartographic material] 1676

Imprint: Are to be sold by Thomas Bassett in Fleet Street and Richard Chiswell in St. Paul's Church yard [1676].

Description 38 x 51 cm

Babson no. 40

Notes "Jodocus Hondius caelvit. Anno Domni 1610" From Thomas Bassett and Richard Chiswell's edition of Speed's Theatre of the Empire of Great Britain. London, 1676. Colored.
Folder  9

Benning, R., creator. Vue de Londres comme il etoit dans l'an. 1647. [engraving] [between 1746 and 1760]

Description visible image 30 x 48 cm, matted to 46 x 61 cm.

Babson no. 41

Notes Date suggested by British Museum. View of London, as it was in 1647, before the Great Fire. "R. Benning del. er sculp." Colored.