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Contributing Institution: California State University, Sacramento Donald & Beverly Gerth Special Collections and University Archives
Title: Collins (Michelle) papers
Identifier/Call Number: MSS 2013/49
Physical Description: 3.75 Linear Feet (3 record cartons)
Date (inclusive): 1975-1987
Date (bulk): 1976-1985
Abstract: Contains Sacramento NOW Political Action files, FOCUS Feminist Saturday morning lecture series, KOVR files regarding women's issues, and subject files regarding ratification of the ERA after its extension. Materials are in English. 1975-1987
Language of Material: English .

Custodial History

Documentation was accumulated by Michelle Collins and subsequently donated to the University Library in 2014.

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[Identification of item including date], [Folder Title], MSS 2013/49, Michelle Collins papers, Donald & Beverly Gerth Special Collections & University Archives, California State University, Sacramento.

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Biographical / Historical

Michelle Collins was a member of the National Organization of Women (NOW), Sacramento Chapter. Her activities with the organization included:
Chair, Equal Rights/Political Action Task Force, 1983-84
Vice President of Administration, 1984-85
State Delegate, 1985-86
Vice President of Administration, 1986

Related Materials

This collection compliments the papers of other feminists of significance, Sally Wagner and Shireen Miles. The Sally Roesch Wagner papers (MSS 2000/31) include Ms. Wagner's work with feminist issues during the 1980s, which is the same time period that this collection addresses. This collection is augmented by the Shireen Miles papers (MSS 2013/50), which include Sacramento NOW Political Action files and other feminist-related information from the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Scope and Contents

These papers contain materials collected by Michelle Collins relating to NOW (National Organization for Women) and the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment). Materials include documents, pamphlets, articles, subject files, and artifacts. The papers consists of 3 cartons (3.75 linear feet). Materials are in English. 1975-1987
There are 5 main series petaining to the Michelle Collins papers. Included are the following: Series 1 National Organization for Women (NOW) Administrative Papers; Series 2 Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) Papers (includes subseries 1 ERA & Post-ERA, subseries 2 Anti-ERA, and subseries 3 ERA Mobilization & Outreach); Series 3 Focus - Feminist Lecture Series; Series 4 Subject Files (inlcudes subseries 1 Sex Discrimination & Women's Issues, and subseries 2 Women's History); and Series 5 Artifacts.

Processing Information

Collection processed and Finding Aid produced by Brynna Graham and Christopher Rockwell.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Women's Movement


Series 1. National Organization for Women (NOW) Administrative Papers 1976- 1987 1977-1983

Scope and Contents

This series contains various NOW administrative papers for candidate endorsements, including several candidate questionnaire sheets that outline candidates' positions on various matters that NOW deemed important. Donation and membership forms for NOW, and papers on the voter registration project are also included. This series also has meeting minutes and notes from PAC and other meetings, budget and expense papers, and papers on possible advertisements. All materials are in English and are arranged alphabetically.
box 1, folder 1

1983 Local Elections Endorsement Questionaires 1983

box 1, folder 2

Ad Campaign Michelle [1982]

box 1, folder 3

Colleges L-Z 1949-1966 [1979-83]

box 1, folder 4

Endorsement Procedures [1976, 1979-80]

box 1, folder 5

Endorsement Procedure [1980, 1982-83]

box 1, folder 6

KOVR [1985]

box 1, folder 7

Leg. Office Committee [1985]

box 1, folder 8

[NOW Award templates] [n.d.]

box 1, folder 9

NOW Questionnaire (Endorsement) [1978, 1981-82]

box 1, folder 10

NOW Voter Reg. Project 1984 [1983-85]

box 1, folder 11

PAC I Info [1983-84]

box 1, folder 12

PATF (Old Business) [1984-85]

box 1, folder 13

Sacramento NOW [1983-86]

box 1, folder 14

V.P. Admin. 1984 SACTO NOW [1983-84]

box 1, folder 15

? [Miscellaneous Administration Papers] [1987]


Series 2. Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) Papers 1976-1984 1981-1984


Subseries 1. ERA & Post-ERA 1976- 1984 1981-1982

Scope and Contents

This subseries includes ERA pamphlets and literature, newspaper articles and cartoons about the ERA, and several copies of the complete text of the ERA. There are also papers on the ERA task force run by Sacramento NOW and various updates/newsletters on the ERA. Correspondence regarding the ERA is also included, as well as papers on the post-ERA era. All materials are in English and are arranged alphabetically.
box 1, folder 16

Correspondence ERA 1981-2 1981-82

box 1, folder 17

ERA 1981 [1978-81]

box 1, folder 18

ERA-1983 1983

box 1, folder 19

ERA/Complete Text [n.d.]

box 1, folder 20

ERA Countdown Campaign 1981

box 1, folder 21

ERA Donesbury Cartoon [1981]

box 1, folder 22

ERA Easter's Rotten Eggs [1977-81]

box 1, folder 23

ERA Info [1977-82]

box 1, folder 24

ERA Literature [1976-80]

box 1, folder 25

[ERA Literature] [1976-84]

box 1, folder 26

ERA Misc. [1979, 1982]

box 1, folder 27

[ERA Miscellaneous] [1979-83]

box 1, folder 28

ERA Misc. Notes [1981-82]

box 1, folder 29

[ERA Name and Address Listing] [1982]

box 1, folder 30

ERA Newsletter 1981-2 1981-82

box 1, folder 31

ERA News column 1976+ [1976-80]

box 1, folder 32

ERA Organizing [1982-83]

box 1, folder 33

[ERA YES pamphlets] [n.d.]

box 1, folder 34

ERA: Post-ERA 1982 1982

box 1, folder 35

1983 Post ERA [1982-83]

box 1, folder 36

ERA: Press Release 1981 [October 1, 1981]

box 1, folder 37

ERA Q+A [January 27, 1982]

box 1, folder 38

ERA Q and A [n.d.]

box 2, folder 1

ERA Task Force [1980]

box 2, folder 2

ERA T.F. [1981]

box 2, folder 3

ERA Work Party [1979-1981]

box 2, folder 4


box 2, folder 5

[Expenses and Funds] [n.d.]

box 2, folder 6

Info ERA [1980-82]

box 2, folder 7

Info: Federal ERA [1980-82]

box e, folder 8

Miscellaneous Pamphlets [1977-79]

box 2, folder 9

Newspaper Art. ERA 1981-82 1981-82

box 2, folder 10

Newspaper Articles ERA- 1983 [1982]

box 2, folder 11

Shireen [1978,1983]

box 2, folder 12

Signature Ad [1982]

box 2, folder 13

STATE ERA [1982]

box 2, folder 14

Support ERA [n.d.]


Subseries 2. Anti-ERA 1976-1981

Scope and Contents

This subseries consists of anti-ERA newspaper articles, newsletters, and literature. Many of the articles describe how women will be drafted into military service and forced to work outside the home. A newsletter regarding Phyllis Schlafly is included, along with a pro-family newsletter and membership application. There are lists of organizations that are proponents and opponents of the ERA. There are papers on the Mormon Church, whose official stance was anti-ERA. Letters to vote for the only anti-ERA candidate, Larry Pratt, are also included. All materials are in English and are arranged alphabetically.
box 2, folder 15

ANTI-ERA [1981]

box 2, folder 16

Anti-ERA Literature [1976-1980]

box 2, folder 17

ERA Proponent + Opponent [n.d.]

box 2, folder 18

Newspaper Articles on Mormon Activ. [1979-80]


Subseries 3. ERA Mobilization & Outreach 1976-1984 1981-1984

Scope and Contents

This subseries includes contact info for various civil rights organizations, along with material for the ERA phone bank, including sample scripts. There are ERA work party and ERA Walk a thon flyers, as well as papers on the ERA mobilization project and fundraisers. Also included are NOW donation and supporter sign up cards for the ERA, an ERA National Outreach Kit, and papers on an ERA ad. All materials are in English and are arranged alphabetically.
box 2, folder 19

Civil Rights DIRECTORY 1981 1981

box 2, folder 20

Economic Sanctions Subcommittee [1977-78]

box 2, folder 21

ERA [1981-82]

box 2, folder 22

ERA 1982 [1980-82]

box 2, folder 23

[ERA Donation Cards and Handouts] [n.d.]

box 2, folder 24

ERA Fundraise [1976,1983]

box 2, folder 25

ERA Fundraiser [n.d.]

box 2, folder 26

ERA Mobilization [1981]

box 2, folder 27

ERA Mobilization Project [n.d.]

box 2, folder 28

ERA Phone Bank [1981]

box 2, folder 29

[ERA Supporter/Sign up Cards] [n.d.]

box 2, folder 30

ERA Task Force Info [1983-84]

box 2, folder 31

ERA WALK A THON [1982-84]

box 2, folder 32

ERA Work Party Flier [n.d.]

box 2, folder 33

Equal Rights Amendment National Outreach Campaign Kit [n.d.]

box 2, folder 34



Series 3. Focus- Feminist Lecture Series 1977-1986 1979-1981

Scope and Contents

This series contains pamphlets on the Focus Saturday morning feminist lecture series put on by Sacramento NOW, which includes lectures from prominent women such as Pat Bond and Z Budapest. Lectures were held at Sacramento State's campus and done on a variety of feminist topics including women's health, witchcraft/goddess religion, and feminist art. Some of the proceeds from the Focus lecture series benefitted Sacramento NOW's ERA task force in their fight to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. Information and correspondence from various Focus speakers is also included. Budget and expense reports on the Focus lecture series, as well as papers on Focus ERA fundraisers are included. All materials are in English and are arranged alphabetically.
box 2, folder 35

Bond, Pat Focus Lecture [1979-81]

box 2, folder 36

Focus [1981, 1986]

box 3, folder 1

FOCUS 1981 ERA Fundraiser 1981

box 3, folder 2

FOCUS 1981 Mailing [1980-86]

box 3, folder 3

Focus Expense/Profit 1979 [1979-81]

box 3, folder 4

Focus Lecture Series 1979-83 [1978-86]

box 3, folder 5

Focus-Speaker Info. 1978 [1978-79]

box 3, folder 6

Focus Speaker Info. [1977-80]

box 3, folder 7



Series 4. Subject Files 1975-1985 1983


Subseries 1. Sex Discrimination & Women's Issues 1975-1985 1983

Scope and Contents

This subseries includes newspaper articles and papers about sex discrimination in car and medical insurance, including breakdowns of the differences in how much men and women pay. There is also information on women and poverty, as well as a doctoral paper on sex discrimination. Correspondence regarding AB 1, a bill that was introduced to prohibit discrimination in employment based on sexual orientation, is also included. There are papers on various topics including pregnancy, abortion, sex education, lesbian issues, divorce, women and professional jobs, childcare, pornography, and prostitution. All materials are in English and are arranged alphabetically.
box 3, folder 8

AB 1 [1983-84]

box 3, folder 9

Equal Rights Amendment Project [1975]

box 3, folder 10

Feminist Issues-misc [1984-85]

box 3, folder 11

Feminization of Poverty [1983]

box 3, folder 12

FILE IT!!! [1981-83]

box 3, folder 13

Insurance [1983]

box 3, folder 14

Insurance [1983]

box 3, folder 15

KOVR 13 [1980, 1982-83]

box 3, folder 16

Michelle Collins [1982-83]

box 3, folder 17

N.O.W. Legislative Conference Economic Equity [January 23, 1983]

box 3, folder 18

Sex Discrim. + Supreme Court Doctoral Paper [September 2, 1978]

box 3, folder 19

WOMEN: GEN. INFO [1982-84]


Subseries 2. Women's History [n.d.]

Scope and Contents

This subseries includes papers with information on prominent feminists Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, Alice Paul, and Sojourner Truth. It also includes an essay on other notable historical women who were involved with women's rights. All materials are in English and are arranged alphabetically.
box 3, folder 20


box 3, folder 21

Readers Theatre [n.d.]


Series 5. Artifacts 1977, 1981-1982

Scope and Contents

There are two white cassette tapes that were possible radio spots, which have the text of the Equal Rights Amendment on them. There is also a 45 record that has the song Ballad of the ERA by Kristen Lems recorded on it. There is a film reel and slides regarding a TV ad for KCRA on the ERA. A green mug with a message about free women is included. All materials are in English and are not arranged in any particular order.
box 3

[Ballad of the ERA 45 record] 1977

box 3

[Green NOW t-shirt] [n.d.]

box 3

TV Ad KCRA Text of the Equal Rights Amendment [Film] 1982

box 3

Possible Radio Spots Text of the Equal Rights Amendment [cassette tape] 1981

box 3

[unlabeled white cassette tape] [n.d.]

box 3

[green mug] [n.d.]