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University of California Center for Cooperatives Collection
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Box 1

Box 1, Folder 1

Abrahamsen, Martin A., Agricultural Cooperation

Box 1, Folder 2

Agland Investment Services, Inc., Hmong Agricultural Economic Development Pilot Project

Box 1, Folder 3

Agricultural Cooperatives in Korea

Box 1, Folder 4

Agricultural Council of California, Exploring Farmer Cooperatives

Box 1, Folder 5

Allewelt, William F., Agricultural Cooperatives: Are They Still Relevant?

Box 1, Folder 6

Alston, Julian M.., A Meta-Analysis of Rates of Return to Agricultural R&D

Box 1, Folder 7

American Institute of Cooperation, American Cooperation 1953

Box 1, Folder 8

American Institute of Cooperation, American Cooperation 1956

Box 1, Folder 9

American Institute of Cooperation, American Cooperation 1957

Box 1, Folder 10

American Institute of Cooperation, Farmer Cooperative Success Stories

Box 1, Folder 11

Ames, J.W., Co-operative Sweden Today

Box 1, Folder 12

Associated Cooperatives Inc., A Rainbow on the Mountain

Box 1, Folder 13

Bailey, William C., Comparative Study of the Willingness to Pay for Organic and Irradiated Meat Products: An Experimental Design

Box 1, Folder 14

Bandy, Dewey, The Economic Status of California Food Cooperatives

Box 1, Folder 15

Banks for Cooperatives, A Quarter Century of Progress

Box 1, Folder 16

Barnes, Carole, How Californians See Cooperatives

Box 1, Folder 17

Benedict, Murray R., Farm Policies of the United States, 1790-1950 1950

Box 1, Folder 18

Berman, Katrina V., Worker-Owned Plywood Companies

Box 1, Folder 19

Borgan, Olav, The Agricultural Co-operative System in Norway

Box 1, Folder 20

Borst, Alan D., State of U.S. Organic Producer Marketing Cooperatives in 1990 1990

Box 1, Folder 21

Borst, Alan D., State of U.S. Organic Producer Marketing Cooperatives in 1991 1991

Box 1, Folder 22

Bowen, E. R., The Cooperative Organization of Consumers

Box 1, Folder 23

Brazillian Co-op Info


Box 2

Box 2, Folder 1

Butler, L. J., Cooperatives as a Source of Countervailing Market Power in the California Lamb Market

Box 2, Folder 2

Butler, L. J., Maintaining the Competitive Edge in California's Dairy Industry

Box 2, Folder 3

Butler, L. J., Maintaining the Competitive Edge in California's Dairy Industry (Part II)

Box 2, Folder 4

Butterfield, H. M., History of Deciduous Fruits in California

Box 2, Folder 5

Calcot, Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, Membership, & Marketing Agreement

Box 2, Folder 6

California Canning Peach Association, A Home and a Price

Box 2, Folder 7

California Cooperative Federation, Building Cooperatives in California

Box 2, Folder 8

California Farm Water Coalition, Facts About California Agriculture and Its Use of Water

Box 2, Folder 9

California Fruit Exchange, A Brief History of the Deciduous Fruit Industry of California

Box 2, Folder 10

CAL/WEST, The History of Cal/West Seeds

Box 2, Folder 11


Box 2, Folder 12

Carter, Harold O., The Measure of California Agriculture

Box 2, Folder 13

Carter, Harold O., Sharing Scarcity: Gainers and Losers in Water Marketing

Box 2, Folder 14

Case, John, Co-ops, Communes, & Collectives

Box 2, Folder 15

Cooperative Development Project, Palestinian Cooperatives: A Development Strategy

Box 2, Folder 16

Cooperative League of the USA, Roadmap Kit for Cooperatives

Box 2, Folder 17

Cotterill, Ronald W., An Economic Analysis of the Demand for RTE Cereal

Box 2, Folder 18

Cotterill, Ronald W., Assessing the Competitive Interaction Between Private Labels and National Brands

Box 2, Folder 19

Couchman, Robert, The Sunsweet Story

Box 2, Folder 20

Dept. of Consumer Affairs, How to Form a Buying Club in California

Box 2, Folder 21

Egerstrom, Lee, Make No Small Plans: A Cooperative Revival for Rural America

Box 2, Folder 22

Egerstrom, Lee, Seizing Control: The International Market Power of Cooperatives

Box 2, Folder 23

Emelianoff, Ivan V., Economic Theory of Cooperation

Box 2, Folder 24

Erdman, H. E., Possibilities and Limitations of Cooperative Marketing

Box 2, Folder 25

Falk, Joe, Dialogues on What Could Be in A Cooperative Future

Box 2, Folder 26

Farmer Cooperatives in the U. S., Cooperative Historical Statistics

Box 2, Folder 27

Farmer Cooperative Service, Legal Phases of Farmer Cooperatives

Box 2, Folder 28

Farmer Cooperative Service, Legal Phases of Farmer Cooperatives

Box 2, Folder 29

Federation of Swedish Farmers, Agriculture and Farmers' Cooperatives in Sweden

Box 2, Folder 30

Fite, Gilbert C., Beyond the Fence Rows

Box 2, Folder 31

French, Charles E., Survival Strategies for Agricultural Cooperatives


Box 3

Box 3, Folder 1

Galarza, Ernesto, Farm Workers and Agri-business in California 1947-1960

Box 3, Folder 2

Garoyan, Leon, The Board of Directors of Cooperatives

Box 3, Folder 3

Garoyan, Leon, California's Contributions to Cooperation

Box 3, Folder 4

Garoyan, Leon, Developments in the Theory of Farmer Cooperatives: Discussion

Box 3, Folder 5

Garoyan, Leon, Information About California Marketing Cooperatives

Box 3, Folder 6

Gessner, Anne L., Marketing Canned Fruits and Vegetables Processed by Cooperatives 1948-1949

Box 3, Folder 7

Gray, Deborah, Student Housing Survey

Box 3, Folder 8

Gruber, Jennifer E., Do Agricultural Marketing Cooperatives Advertise Less Intensively Than Investor-Owned Food-Processing Firms?

Box 3, Folder 9

Hardesty, S. D., Agricultural Cooperatives as Effective Marketers of Value-Added Products

Box 3, Folder 10

Hardesty, S. D., Agricultural Cooperatives as Effective Marketers of Value-Added Products

Box 3, Folder 11

Hardesty, S. D., Cooperative Principles and Regulations

Box 3, Folder 12

Henriquez, Max, Cooperativismo Y Cooperativas

Box 3, Folder 13

Hulbert, L. S., Legal Phases of Farmer Cooperatives

Box 3, Folder 14

Indian Assistance Program, Field Directory of the California Indian Community 1990

Box 3, Folder 15

Innes, Robert, Cooperatives, Countervailing Power, and Strategic Incumbent Behavior

Box 3, Folder 16

Jacobs, Jeff, Organizing a Certified Farmers' Market

Box 3, Folder 17

Jewett, Alyce L., Agricultural Cooperatives: Strength in Unity

Box 3, Folder 18

Kerr, Norwood A., The Legacy

Box 3, Folder 19

Knapp, Joseph G., Advance of American Cooperative Enterprise 1920-1945

Box 3, Folder 20

Knapp, Joseph G., E. A. Stokdyk: Architect of Cooperation

Box 3, Folder 21

KMPG Peat Marwick's Nation Cooperative Executive Compensation Survey 1992

Box 3, Folder 22

Lacy, William B., Biotechnology and Agricultural Cooperatives

Box 3, Folder 23

Langdon, Ian, Australian Agricultural Cooperatives

Box 3, Folder 24

Lang, Mahlon G., Performance Dimensions for Cooperatives and Proprietary Firms: Perceptions & Research Priorities

Box 3, Folder 25

Lang, Mahlon G., Price Variation in Direct and Terminal Livestock Markets

Box 3, Folder 26

Larsen, Erdman, Revolving Finance in Agricultural Cooperatives


Box 4

Box 4, Folder 1

Schaffner, David J., Agricultural Marketing Cooperatives

Box 4, Folder 2

Scheuring, Ann F., Eighty Years of Excellence: A History of Diamond Walnut Growers

Box 4, Folder 3

Schrader, Lee F., Farmers' Cooperatives and Federal Income Taxes

Box 4, Folder 4

Sexton, Richard, Bargaining Associations in Grower-Processor Markets for Fruits and Vegetables

Box 4, Folder 5

Sexton, Richard J., Current Issues in Cooperative Marketing: The California Perspective

Box 4, Folder 6

Siebert, Jerome B., Co-ops: What Farmers Think!

Box 4, Folder 7

South Australia Dept. of Agriculture, Agricultural Co-operatives in Australia

Box 4, Folder 8

Southern States Cooperative, The First Six Decades

Box 4, Folder 9

Stanislaus Farm Supply Co., Financial Report

Box 4, Folder 10

Steen, Herman, Cooperative Marketing: The Golden Rule in Agriculture

Box 4, Folder 11

The Sunkist Adventure

Box 4, Folder 12

Sunsweet Growers Inc., Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws

Box 4, Folder 13

Sunsweet, Policy and Procedures Manual

Box 4, Folder Binder

Touche Ross & Co., Cooperative Manual

Box 4, Folder 14

United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Bargaining: In a Competitive World

Box 4, Folder 15

United States Department of Agriculture, Bulletin #598

Box 4, Folder 16

United States Department of Agriculture, Bulletin #1261

Box 4, Folder 17

United States Department of Agriculture, Bulletin #1414

Box 4, Folder 18

United States Department of Agriculture, Cooperative Historical Statistics

Box 4, Folder 19

United States Department of Agriculture, Cooperatives in Agribusiness

Box 4, Folder 20

United States Department of Agriculture, Cooperatives in California Agriculture

Box 4, Folder 21

United States Department of Agriculture, Farmer Cooperatives in the United States

Box 4, Folder 22

United States Office of Consumer Affairs, People Power: What Communities are Doing to Counter Inflation

Box 4, Folder 23

University of California Agricultural Experiment Station, Possibilities and Limitations of Cooperative Marketing

Box 4, Folder 24

University of California Agricultural Issues Center, California's Future: Maintaining Viable Agriculture at the Urban Edge

Box 4, Folder 25

University of California Agricultural Issues Center, Farmers and Neighbors

Box 4, Folder 26

University of California Agricultural Issues Center, Maintaining the Competitive Edge in California's Walnut Industry

Box 4, Folder 27

University of California Agricultural Issues Center, Voices of California Farmers: Effects of Regulations

Box 4, Folder 28

University of California Agriculture & Natural Resources, Shaping Agriculture in the 21st Century

Box 4, Folder 29

U. C. Davis Center for Cooperatives, Trading Blocs and CA Agricultural Cooperatives

Box 4, Folder 30

Zinovchuk, Vitaly V., Farmer Cooperatives vs. Collective Farms


Box 5

Box 5, Folder 1

Lewis, Jennifer E., A Comparison Between the Advertising Strategies of Agricultural Marketing Cooperatives and Investor-Owned Firms in Food Processing

Box 5, Folder 2

Lincoln, Murray D., Vice President in Charge of Revolution

Box 5, Folder 3

Lubatkin, Michael, Ecological Investigation of Firm Effects in Horizontal Mergers

Box 5, Folder 4

McCorkle, C.O., The Changing Food and Fiber Industries

Box 5, Folder 5

McLanahan, Jack, Cooperative/Credit Union Dictionary and Reference

Box 5, Folder 6

Marshall, Ray, Cooperatives and Rural Poverty in the South

Box 5, Folder 7

Marshall, Ray, Cooperatives and Rural Poverty in the South

Box 5, Folder 8

Marshall, Ray, Cooperatives and Rural Poverty in the South

Box 5, Folder 9

Meadows, Craig, Dairy Waste Management in California: A Survey

Box 5, Folder 10

Ministry of Agriculture People's Republic of China, China Agriculture

Box 5, Folder 11

Moore, Charles V., Feasibility of Marketing California Black Oak Lumber Through a Cooperative

Box 5, Folder 12

National Commission on Food Marketing, Organization and Competition in the Fruit and Vegetable Industry

Box 5, Folder 13

National Commission on Food Marketing, Price Spreads for Foods

Box 5, Folder 14

National Consumer Cooperative Bank: Proposed Policies

Box 5, Folder 15

National Co-op Directory 2003

Box 5, Folder 16

National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, People-Their Power

Box 5, Folder 17

Neptune, Robert, California's Uncommon Markets

Box 5, Folder 18

Noda, Kesa, Yamato Colony

Box 5, Folder 19

Office of Economic Opportunity, Green Power: Consumer Action for the Poor

Box 5, Folder 20

Packel, Israel, The Organization and Operation of Cooperatives

Box 5, Folder 21

Powell, G. Harold, Fundamental Principles of Cooperation in Agriculture

Box 5, Folder 22

Renya, Michael M., A Report on the Northwest Economic Adjustment Initiative in California

Box 5, Folder 23

Report of the Inquiry on Cooperative Enterprise in Europe 1937

Box 5, Folder 24

Richards, Timothy J., Cooperative Patronage in California

Box 5, Folder 25

Robert, Henry M., Rules of Order

Box 5, Folder 26

Rogers, Richard T., Advertising Strategies by Agricultural Cooperatives

Box 5, Folder 27

Ruble, Kenneth D., Land O' Lakes: Farmers Make it Happen

Box 5, Folder 28

Rust, Irwin W., Coordinated Marketing

Box 5, Folder 29

Rust, Irwin W., Sunkist Growers Inc

Box 5, Folder 30

Sapiro, Aaron, State and Federal Legislation Relating to Cooperative Marketing


Box 6

Scope and Contents

Center for Cooperatives Videocassettes
Box 6

The Center for Childhood Creativity A Unique Option in Child Care 1989

Box 6

Coop Director Responsibility & Liability Case Studies 1995

Box 6

Cooperative Director Responsibility & Liability

Box 6

"The Cooperative Story" 1. History

Box 6

"The Cooperative Story" 4. Why Cooperatives?

Box 6

Co-ops Bring It Together 1991

Scope and Contents

2 copies
Box 6

The Economics Hour

Box 6

Exploring the Large Commercial Producer Segment 1993

Box 6

"How to Start A Co-op"

Box 6

How to Start a Cooperative Food Buying Club 1993

Box 6

Marketing Our Cooperative Advantage

Box 6

National Council of Farmer Cooperatives: "Cooperative Benefits"

Box 6

New Generation Farmer Cooperatives: The Development Process 1998

Box 6

"Portrait of the Valley" Agricultural Issues Center 1990

Box 6

Sharing the Vision: Cooperatives as a Model for Rural Economic Development

Box 6

Twin Pines Housing Institute at Co-Op Camp Sierra 1994

Box 6

Understanding Your Cooperative

Box 6

Vivencias Cooperativas


Box 7

Scope and Contents

Box 7, Folder 1

Beginning Business presented by SCORE

Box 7, Folder 2

Business plan Guide for a start up business, pub. by SCORE

Box 7, Folder 3

Cooperative Accountant, official publication for Cooperatives, Vol. XXXVI no. 1 1983

Box 7, Folder 4

Cooperative Accountant 00, 01, pub. by N.S.A.C. National Society for Accountants for Cooperatives

Box 7, Folder 5

Membership Handbook, pub. by N.S.A.C. National Society for Accountants for Cooperatives

Box 7, Folder 6

Securities Brokerage Industry by Lawrence Shepard, Lexington Books 1975

Box 7, Folder 7

The Small Business Financial Resource Guide, source of Assistance for small and growing companies, pub. By MasterCard, Business Card, Braddock communications Inc.: Agriculture 1996

Box 7, Folder 8

Aaron Sapiro manuscripts

Box 7, Folder 9

Address by Steven L. Dawson at fifth annual National Center for employee ownership, Boston MA, Industrial Cooperative Association, ICA March 21, 1986

Box 7, Folder 10

Adapting Cooperative Policies to succeed in changing food and fiber industries by David K. Smith and Henry Wallace, Center for Cooperatives, University of CA, Davis July 1989

Box 7, Folder 11

Advertising strategies by Agricultural Cooperatives in branded food products, 1967 to 1987, report no. 21 by Richard Rogers October 1993

Box 7, Folder 12

Agricultural Bargaining: In a Cooperative world proceedings; 38th National and Pacific Coast Bargaining Cooperative Conference, December 2-4, 1993, Portland Oregon, pub. By USDA Rural Development administration, report no. 42 December 2-4, 1993

Box 7, Folder 13

Agriculture Books, pub. by Iowa State University Press

Box 7, Folder 14

Agricultural Cooperatives and the Public Interest proceedings of a North Central regional committee, St Louis MO June 6-8, 1977

Box 7, Folder 15

Agricultural Cooperative Issues for the 1940s by Randall E Torgerson, pub. by Working Paper series, Center for Cooperatives, University of CA, Davis July 1990

Box 7, Folder 16

Agricultural Cooperatives: Strength in Unity by Alyce Jewett and Edwin Voorhies, Danville, Ill, Interstate Printers and Publishers 1963

Box 7, Folder 17

Agriculture Economics Journal of the International Association of Agricultural Economists, vol. 19, no. 112 September 1998

Box 7, Folder 18

Agriculture Economics Report no. 348, Declining Competition in food retailing-an opportunity for Consumer Food Cooperatives by Ron Cotterill October 1978

Box 7, Folder 19

Agribusiness, An International Journal 1993, 1997

Box 7, Folder 20

Alternative Agriculture Research Council Committee on the role of Alternative farming methods in modern production Agriculture, pub. by National Academy Press 1989


Box 8

Scope and Contents

Box 8

American Cooperation,New Frontiers for Cooperatives, Washington DC; American Institute of Cooperation 1961

Box 8

American Cooperation, Progress through people, Washington DC; American Institute of Cooperation 1962

Box 8

American Cooperation, power in partnership, Washington DC; American Institute of Cooperation 1963

Box 8

American Cooperation, Dynamic Dimensions for Farmer Cooperatives, Washington DC; American Institute of Cooperation 1964

Box 8

American Cooperation, Washington DC; American Institute of Cooperation 1965

Box 8

American Cooperation, Washington DC; American Institute of Cooperation 1966

Box 8

American Cooperation, Washington DC; American Institute of Cooperation 1983

Box 8

American Cooperation, Washington DC; American Institute of Cooperation 1984

Box 8

American Cooperation, Washington DC; American Institute of Cooperation 1985


Box 9

Scope and Contents

Box 9

American Cooperation, Washington DC; American Institute of Cooperation 1986

Box 9

American Cooperation, Washington DC; American Institute of Cooperation 1987

Box 9

American Cooperation, Washington DC; American Institute of Cooperation 1988

Box 9

American Cooperation, Washington DC; American Institute of Cooperation 1989

Box 9

American Cooperation, Washington DC; American Institute of Cooperation 1990

Box 9

American Cooperation, Washington DC; American Institute of Cooperation 1991

Box 9

American Cooperation, Washington DC; American Institute of Cooperation 1992

Box 9

American Cooperation, Washington DC; American Institute of Cooperation 1993

Box 9

American Cooperation, Washington DC; American Institute of Cooperation 1994

Box 9

American Cooperation, Washington DC; American Institute of Cooperation 1995

Box 9

American Cooperation, Washington DC; American Institute of Cooperation 1996

Box 9

American Cooperation, Washington DC; American Institute of Cooperation 1997

Box 9

American Cooperation, Washington DC; American Institute of Cooperation 1998


Box 10

Scope and Contents

Box 10, Folder 1

American Journal of Economics, volume 75, no. 2,3,4,5, anniversary edition;American Journal of Economics, volume 76, no. 3,4,5; American Journal of Economics, volume 77, no. 1,5 May 1993- December 1995

Box 10, Folder 2

Analysis of Economic motives for Cooperatives conversions to Cooperatives by Robert A Collins, Center for Cooperatives, University of CA, Davis May 1991

Box 10, Folder 3

The Analysis of a worker buy out- a brief study of Paragon gears Inc., pub. by Industrial Cooperative Assoc. Inc

Box 10, Folder 4

Anatomy of an American Credit Crisis farm debt in the 1980s by Kenneth L. Peoples, David Freshwater, Gregory D. Hanson, Paul T. Prentice, Eric P. Thor, Lantham MD; Littlefield Publishers Inc 1992

Box 10, Folder 5

50th Annual report, The Farm credit administration, The Cooperative Farm credit system, pub. by Farm Credit Administration

Box 10, Folder 6

Are Cooperatives Good Business? by Joseph G. Knapp, reprinted from Harvard Business Review January-February 1957

Box 10, Folder 7

Assessing the region via Indicators, The environment, the state of the great central valley of California, supporting the economic, social, and environmental well being of California's great central valley

Box 10, Folder 8

Base Capital plan by Charles V. Moore, Shermain D. Hardesty, Center for Cooperatives, university of CA March 1991

Box 10, Folder 9

Beyond the Fence rows, a history of farmland Industries Inc. by Gilbert C. Fite, Columbia MI.; University of MI. press 1929-1978

Box 10, Folder 10

Beyond the last Fence row, the future of the Food and farm system in South East Pennsylvania 1996

Box 10, Folder 11

Buyout, a guide for workers facing plant closings by Julia Parzen, Catherine Squire, Michael Kieschinick, pub. by Office of Economic Policy Planning and Research, and Dept. of Industrial Affairs, State of CA 1982

Box 10, Folder 12

Bookkeeping forms your Coop needs, USDA, Agricultural Cooperative Service 1986

Box 10, Folder 13

A brief Introduction to Agricultural Cooperatives presented by Charles L. Waltman October 13, 1994

Box 10, Folder 14

California Agriculture Issues and Challenges, pub. by University of CA, Giannini foundation, Division of Agriculture and natural Resources August 1997

Box 10, Folder 15

California Agriculture Statistics, pub. by CA dept. of Food and Agriculture 1992

Box 10, Folder 16

California Agriculture Statistics, pub. by CA dept. of Food and Agriculture 1993

Box 10, Folder 17

California's contributions to Cooperation by Leon Garoyan, Center for Cooperatives, University of CA, Davis July 1989

Box 10, Folder 18

California Cooperative Executive and director Compensation survey by KPMG Peat Marwick, research report Center for Cooperatives, University of CA, Davis January 1983

Box 10, Folder 19

California Food and Ag code 1990

Box 10, Folder 20

Campaign Contributions and Agricultural subsidies by Rigoberto A. Lopez, pub. by NE-165 Research on private Strategies, public policies and food systems performance 2001

Box 10, Folder 21

A challenge for Small U.S. Agribusiness: Reeducation of Export Inhibitors through planning and information search April 05, 1993

Box 10, Folder 22

The Changing Food and Fiber Industries: Implications for Cooperatives by C.O. McCorkle Jr., Center for Cooperatives, Univ. of CA, Davis July 1989


Box 11

Scope and Contents

Box 11, Folder 1

Concentration in Agriculture- A report of the USDA Advisory Committee on Agricultural concentration, Agricultural Marketing Services, USDA June 1996

Box 11, Folder 2

The Cooperative Account 02,03 pub. by National Society Accountants, vol. LV no. 2, vol. LVI no. 2 2002, 2003

Box 11, Folder 3

Cooperatives as a source of countervailing market power in the California Lamb market by L.J. Butler and Todd Burnett, research report center for Cooperatives, Univ. of CA, Davis December 1992

Box 11, Folder 4

Cooperative auditing department ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives 1994

Box 11, Folder 5

Cooperative Director Compensation 1995 by Mahlon G. Lang, Karen J. Spatz, Center for Cooperatives, Univ. of CA., Davis 1995

Box 11, Folder 6

Cooperative Enterprise in the health and social care sectors: a global review and proposals for the policy coordination, 1st draft 1995

Box 11, Folder 7

Co-ops, ESOPS, and Worker participation by Rebecca Brown, pub. by Dollars and Sense

Box 11, Folder 8

Cooperatives in a changing global Food system, research report no. 157, Rural Business Cooperative Service USDA 1997

Box 11, Folder 9

Cooperative Principles and regulations: Aiding on hampering Cooperatives efforts at value added marketing, by S.D. Hardesty research Report, Center for Cooperatives, Univ. Of CA, Davis May 1992

Box 11, Folder 10

Cooperatives and Propriety Agribusiness: Comparison of performance by Lee F. Schrader, E. M. Babs. R.D. Boynton and M.G. Lang, pub. by Purdue University, Agricultural Experiment Station 1985

Box 11, Folder 11

Cooperatives: Their Importance in the future food and agricultural system, pub. by National Council on Farmer Cooperatives and Food and Ag. Marketing consortium 1997

Box 11, Folder 12

Director liability an overview for Directors of Agricultural Cooperatives by Stephen Zovikman, Center for Cooperatives, Univ. of CA, Davis

Box 11, Folder 13

The Delaney Clause spokesperson's guide, Alliance for food and Fiber 1995

Box 11, Folder 14

The Design of Governance systems for small worker Cooperatives by Janet H. Saglio and Richard Hackman, pub. by Industrial Cooperative Assoc

Box 11, Folder 15

Developments in the theory of Farmer Cooperatives, Discussion by Leon Garoyan, reprinted from American Journal of Agricultural Economics, vol. 65, no. 5 December 1983

Box 11, Folder 16

Direct Marketing opportunities, applications for Sonoma county, Univ. of CA, Agricultural Extension Service March 1973

Box 11, Folder 17

Division 20 Processors, Stores, Dealers Distributors of Agricultural Products

Box 11, Folder 18

Employees help Co-ops Serve, provided by USDA Agricultural Cooperative Service 1987

Box 11, Folder 19

Employee ownership by Michael Conte, Arnold S. Tannenbaum, Donna McCulloch, Ann Arbor, MI. Institute for Social research, Univ. of Michigan 1981

Box 11, Folder 20

Employee Ownership for Smaller companies, Oakland CA; National Center for Employee ownership 1987

Box 11, Folder 21

Employee ownership in America, the equity situation by Corey Rosen, Katherine J. Klein, Karen M. Young, Lexington MA; Lexington Books 1986

Box 11, Folder 22

Employee ownership resource guide- National Center for Employee ownership, Oakland CA 1990

Box 11, Folder 23

Employee ownership report, Vol. X, no. 3,4,5, Vol. XI no. 1,2,3 1990, 1991

Box 11, Folder 24

Endco; a date base on discontinued farmer cooperatives working paper 91-W6, Agricultural Cooperative Service, USDA March 1991

Box 11, Folder 25

Ernst and Young, ESOPS for Cooperatives

Box 11, Folder 26

Evaluating value added opportunities in food processing by Marie Wildenthal, Oral Coapps Jr. H.L. Goodwin Jr., Michael A. Mazzco, John P. Nichols, Tecfilo Ozuna Jr. Gary Williams 1993

Box 11, Folder 27

Evolution of Cooperative thought, theory, and Purpose reaction, presentation at cooperatives: their importance in the future of the food and Agricultural system Food and Agricultural marketing consortium, Las Vegas NV January 16-17, 1997

Box 11, Folder 28

Expanding our horizons; Annual report, National Council of Farmer cooperatives, Agricultural Cooperative Development International Farm Credit Council 1995

Box 11, Folder 29

Exploring the linkages: Trade policies, third world Development, and U.S. Agriculture 1989

Box 11, Folder 30

Farmer's Cooperatives and Federal Income taxes by Lee F. Shrader, Ray E. Goldberg, Cambridge Mass; Ballinger Pub. Co 1975

Box 11, Folder 31

Farm Interest Groups and Canadian Agricultural Policy by Barry Wilson, Davis Laycock, Murray Fulton, pub. by Occasional Papers, Univ. of Saskatchewan, center for study of Cooperatives 1988

Box 11, Folder 32

Farmer Cooperatives, Agricultural Cooperative Service, USDA vol. 57, no. 4 July 1990

Box 11, Folder 33

Federal Funding Sources for rural areas: Fiscal year 1998, rural information center Pub. series no. 59 September 1997

Box 11, Folder 34

Federal Register Part 3, Dept. of Agriculture November 14, 1991

Box 11, Folder 35

Fighting Plant Shutdowns by the worker ownership development foundation 1989

Box 11, Folder 36

The first six decades, a success story in Farmer's self help, Southern States 1983

Box 11, Folder 37

Food and Agricultural policy, taking stock for the new century, pub. by USDA 2001

Box 11, Folder 38

Food and Agricultural policy, taking stock for the new century, USDA 2001

Box 11, Folder Folder  39

The Food production system in Iowa; gaining world market share by Roger Ginder, Thomas N. Urban, Moe Russell, Jeff Plagge, pub. by Iowa Animal agricultural council 1993

Box 11, Folder 40

Forces shaping U.S. Agriculture, a briefing book by Economic Research service, USDA July 1997

Box 11, Folder 41

Grain marketing cooperatives' adjustments to farm programs by Steven P. Gunn, David W. Cobra, pub. by Dept. of Ag Economics, Agricultural Experiment Station, North Dakota University September 1997

Box 11, Folder 42

Groundswell- Farmers, farm workers, cannery workers, cooperative members, and native Americans speak out, ed. By Kathy Cecil, Kathleen Connell, Earthworks Publications center for rural studies, San Francisco 1997

Box 11, Folder 43

Growing Strawberries in your garden, Cooperative Extension, University of California, division of Agriculture and natural resources, publication 2219

Box 11, Folder 44

Heaven sent housecleaning cooperative: the road to self management and workplace democracy- report and training manual by Gayle Haberman 1994

Box 11, Folder 45

History of work cooperation in America, cooperatives, cooperative movements, collectivity and communalism form early America to the present By John Curl, Berkeley CA; Homeward Press 1980

Box 11, Folder 46

Humboldt county aquaculture cooperative survey results January 29, 1996

Box 11, Folder 47

I E magazine, Coop magazine de Travail, vol. 8 no. 4 1989

Box 11, Folder 48

Implications of the Pacific coast producers, Del Monte foods arrangement: A group action assessment by Randall E. Turgenson

Box 11, Folder 49

Income opportunities in special forest products, self help suggestions for rural entrepreneurs by Margaret G. Thomas, David R. Schuman, USDA forest service publication 1993

Box 11, Folder 50

Income tax treatment of Cooperatives: Internal revenue code section 521 by Donald A. Frederick, pub. by USDA 1996

Box 11, Folder 51

Industrial Cooperative Association model by laws 1983

Box 11, Folder 52

Information patterns and practice adoption among Brazilian farmers by Luiz Fonesca, Research paper land tenure center, University of Wisconsin August 1996

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Box 11, Folder 55

Journal of Agricultural cooperation, vol. 9, pub by National Council of Farmer Cooperatives 1994

Box 11, Folder 56

Journal of Cooperatives, vol. 12, pub. by National Council of Farmer Cooperatives 1997


Box 12

Scope and Contents

Box 12, Folder 1

KPMG Peat Marwick and the University of California center for Cooperatives present: 1997National Executive Compensation survey 1997

Box 12, Folder 2

Law and Policy vol. 7 no. 1 ed. By Richard L. Abel, pub. by Basil Blackwell January 1985

Box 12, Folder 3

The legitimate opposition at work: The Union's role in large democratic firms by David P. Ellerman, pub. by Industrial Cooperative Assoc April 1986

Box 12, Folder 4

Long term viability of U.S. Agriculture report no. 114 by Council for Agricultural Science and Technology June 1988

Box 12, Folder 5

Majority owned firms 1990

Box 12, Folder 6

The management of Expatriates Implications for Agribusiness by Fiorna J. Horton, prepared for IAMA symposium III managing in a global economy May 1993

Box 12, Folder 7

The many paths of vertical coordination: structural implications for the U.S. Food System by Alan Barkema and Mark Drabenstott

Box 12, Folder 8

Market entry problems faced by North American food processors exporting to Pacific rim markets by William Scheik and Carm Lyon

Box 12, Folder 9

Massachusetts law for worker Cooperatives M6L chapter 157A, pub. by Industrial Cooperative Assoc

Box 12, Folder 10

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Box 12, Folder 11

The measure of California Agriculture, Its impact on the state economy by Harold O. Carter, George Goldman, pub. by University of CA. Division of Ag and natural resources

Box 12, Folder 12

Mergers and acquisitions in the food industry by William A. Nayda, Paul N. Ellinger, Daniel L. Padberg, IMA proceedings 1st draft

Box 12, Folder 13

Minnesota Association of Cooperatives annual report 1991-1992

Box 12, Folder 14

New York University: review of Law and social change, by David P. Ellerman and Peter Pitegoff, vol. XI, no. 3

Box 12, Folder 15

Nulaid foods 1995

Box 12, Folder 16


Box 12, Folder 17

Peasant Cooperatives and government controls in Egypt by Refugio I. Rochin, Joseph C. Grossman, reprinted form Journal of rural Cooperation, vol. XV no. 1 1987

Box 12, Folder 18

Performance of Cooperatives and Investor owned firms in the dairy industry by Claudia Parliament, Zvi Lerman, Joan Fulton, pub. by Dept. of Agriculture and Applied economics, Univ. of Michigan September 1989

Box 12, Folder 19

Performance dimensions for Cooperatives and proprietary firms: perceptions and research priorities by Mahlon G. Lang, Emerson M. Bab, Robert D. Boynton, and Lee F. Shrader

Box 12, Folder 20

Pest management issues for research as identified by organizations and individuals, results of a 1995 survey 1995

Box 12, Folder 21

A review of the division of Agriculture and natural resources of the University of CA, by the California commodity committee January 1994

Box 12, Folder 22

Risk perception and risk management by Farmers in Burkina Faso, presented at Farming systems Research symposium by Mahlon G. Long, Michael Roth, and Paul Preckel April 1984

Box 12, Folder 23

The role of mergers in the growth of Agricultural Cooperatives by Williard F. Mueller, pub. by California Agricultural Experiment station, bulletin 777 February 1961

Box 12, Folder 24

The role of Cooperatives in enhancing United States exports of Apple products by V. McCraleen, D.O. Rourke and K. Walter February 1991

Box 12, Folder 25

San Joaquin Valley Hay growers Association Board planning session August 19, 1992

Box 12, Folder 26

Positioning Farmer cooperatives for the future, a report to congress, pub. by Agricultural Cooperative service, USDA October 1, 1987

Box 12, Folder 27

Pesticide use and produce quality, proceedings of a workshop sponsored by Agricultural and Food marketing consortium Farm foundation

Box 12, Folder 28

The potential for Cooperative involvement in vertical coordination and value added activities by Jeffery S. Royer

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Proceedings booklet, 10th annual Agribusiness management conference, Fresno CA November 12, 1991

Box 12, Folder 30

A rainbow on the mountain, California's cooperatives celebrate forty years at Camp Sierra, pub. by Associated Cooperatives Inc

Box 12, Folder 31

Report of the commission on California Agriculture and higher education January 1985

Box 12, Folder 32

report of the Cooperative education task force March 31, 1993

Box 12, Folder 33

Responsibility and liability of directors of Agricultural cooperatives by Nancy Moore and Robert E. Jacobsen September 1989

Box 12, Folder 34

Research reports, Center for Cooperatives, University of CA, Davis, no. 15, 11, 10 1992, 1993

Box 12, Folder 35

The Science of Agriculture and Natural Resources, a foundation for the future by James B. Kendrick Jr June 11, 1986

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Semi arid food grain research and development program, pub. by Purdue Univ. International education and research programs in Agriculture 1982

Box 12, Folder 37

Shaping Agriculture in the 21st century, June 22, 1995, Sacramento proceedings of a symposium, co sponsored by UC division of Agriculture and natural resources and UC Agricultural center 1995

Box 12, Folder 38

Small time operator, how to start your own business, keep your books, pay your taxes, and stay out of trouble, by Bernard Kameroff, Laytenville CA: Bell Springs pub 1985

Box 12, Folder 39

State incorporation statutes for farmer cooperation by James R. Beaida, USDA cooperative information report 30 1982

Box 12, Folder 40

Statistical highlights of U.S. Agriculture 1996/1997 provided by Natural Statistics service, USDA 1997

Box 12, Folder 41

The status of an Agricultural Cooperative when a farmer member experiences financial distress by John D. Copeland found in UCD Law Review vol. 23

Box 12, Folder 42

Sunkist growers Inc. Amended articles of Incorporation and By-laws with amendments January 18, 1984

Box 12, Folder 43

The Sunsweet story by Robert Couchman, San Jose CA; Sunsweet growers Inc 1967

Box 12, Folder 44

A time to act. A report on the USDA National commission on small farms January 1998

Box 12, Folder 45

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Box 12, Folder 46

USDA-ARS plant genome research program, pub. By Agricultural cooperative service, program aide 1500 March 1994

Box 12, Folder 47

Valuing US Agricultural research and extension, Ag issues center 1994

Box 12, Folder 48

Vision 2010: California Agriculture, pub. by California Dept. of food and Agriculture 1990


Box 13

Scope and Contents

Box 13, Folder 1

We own it, starting and managing coops, collectives, and employee owned ventures by Peter Jon Honiinsberg, Bernard Kamoroff, and Jim Beatty, Laytonville CA; Bell Springs pub 1982

Box 13, Folder 2

Welcome to Cooperatives, pub. by National Society of Accountants of Cooperatives

Box 13, Folder 3

Who's minding the Co-op? by Linda Kravitz, an agribusiness report on Farmer control of Farmer cooperatives March 1974

Box 13, Folder 4

Worker coops and other legal options by Lee Cashman, Minneapolis MN; All Cooperating Assembly 1980

Box 13, Folder 5

Workplace democracy, a guide to workplace ownership, participation, and self management experiments in the United States and Europe by Daniel Zverling, New York, NY; Harper torch books 1994

Box 13, Folder 6

Worker ownership on the Mondragon model- prospects for global workplace democracy by Elizabeth A. Bowman and Rob Stone 1996

Box 13, Folder 7

Worker's self management by Roger Hadley-Industrial Common Ownership movement 1973

Box 13, Folder 8

A Year to date summary of program activity- Farmer home administration, California, USDA Archives 1994

Box 13, Folder 9

Parent nursery schools/early childhood development from the files of Mae E. Tillis 1912, 1959

Box 13, Folder 10

Parent education 1929, 1949

Box 13, Folder 11

Children/Childcare misc 1932, 1957

Box 13, Folder 12

Childcare misc 1939, 1959

Box 13, Folder 13

Childcare misc 1944, 1978

Box 13, Folder 14

Childcare/ Parent participation 1950, 1959


Box 14

Scope and Contents

Arts and Crafts, Childcare, and Communities
Box 14, Folder 1

The cooperative approach to crafts by Agricultural Cooperative Service, USDA 1992

Box 14, Folder 2

Craft Cooperative bookkeepers-Accounting exercise by Agricultural Cooperative Service, USDA 1988

Box 14, Folder 3

Craft resources by Jan Halket, pub. By Agricultural cooperative service, USDA Childcare

Box 14, Folder 4

ABCD Alliance of Business for childcare development 1989

Box 14, Folder 5

Child and adolescent care, finding programs for your needs, pub. By child development programs advisory committee YMCA

Box 14, Folder 6

Child care: The bottom line- a guidebook for employers and developers by State of CA commission for economic development 1986

Box 14, Folder 7

Childhood creativity program 1987, 1989

Box 14, Folder 8

Childhood creativity curriculum and misc. By Dianne Philibosian

Box 14, Folder 9

Childhood development program misc

Box 14, Folder 10

Childhood development programs advisory committee: history and overview, questions and answers, childcare models and options

Box 14, Folder 11

Childcare for new parents

Box 14, Folder 12

Childcare law center

Box 14, Folder 13

Childcare misc

Box 14, Folder 14

Childcare misc

Box 14, Folder 15

Childcare misc

Box 14, Folder 16

Childcare plans: big breaks, small cost by Robert A. Spidell, Spidell pub 1992

Box 14, Folder 17

The Childcare shortage, fracturing your family, baffling your business? Jeopardizing your job? Consider a cooperative solution

Box 14, Folder 18

Employer assisted San Joaquin county childcare makes sense, misc 1989, 1990

Box 14, Folder 19

Fairfax-San Anselmo children's center

Box 14, Folder 20

Financing Employer assisted childcare cooperative models hosted by Center for Cooperatives, Univ. of CA, and CA council of parent participation nursery schools April 22, 1993

Box 14, Folder 21

Flexible compensation benefit plans: voluntary ways to reduce your taxes

Box 14, Folder 22

Guideposts to growing up by Barbara K. Pollard, Chicago Ill, Standard educational corporation 1988

Box 14, Folder 23

How to organize a babysitting cooperative, and get some free time away form the kids by Carole T. Meyers, Albany, CA; Carousel Press 1976

Box 14, Folder 24

Impact of employer childcare tax credits on employer supported childcare by State of CA child development programs advisory committee 1990

Box 14, Folder 25

Kids and companies-The employers guide to child care solutions, pub. By Lakeshore curriculum materials CO 1989

Box 14, Folder 26

Licensing info- childcare

Box 14, Folder 27

Manual of policies and procedures childcare 1989, 1992

Box 14, Folder 28

A professional childcare consulting resource and referral service baby minder finders Inc 1992

Box 14, Folder 29

SBA directory of certified development companies, pub. By U.S. small business Administration office of economic development 1984

Box 14, Folder 30

San Diego Employers Childcare and workplace misc 1991

Box 14, Folder 31

Summary of survey 88 resource committee C.C.P.P.N.S

Box 14, Folder 32

Take some credit, it makes cents, pub. By Child development programs advisory committee

Box 14, Folder 33

Warner center, children's corner 1993

Box 14, Folder 34

Women, Work and childcare- National outlook, Who supports childcare?

Box 14, Folder 35

Work and family resource kit- U.S. department of labor office of the secretary women's bureau Communities

Box 14, Folder 36

Application to establish a network of centers for rural technology and Cooperative development submitted to rural development administration 1994

Box 14, Folder 37

Building cooperative societies- curriculum for grades 6-9 in social and economic cooperation trial edition proposed by Michigan alliance of Cooperatives and Michigan state dept. of education 1984

Box 14, Folder 38

Communities in the lead- The Northwest rural development sourcebook by Harold L. Fossum, Univ of WA 1983

Box 14, Folder 39

Cooperative arrangements among small processors of farm products research bulletin 243- Small business administration cooperating, Univ. of Wisconsin June 1963

Box 14, Folder 40

Cooperatives and community development, a college course by Deb Goldberg Grey, center for cooperatives, UC Davis 1998

Box 14, Folder 41

Center for cooperatives, University of CA, cooperatives and communities growing stronger together November, 15, 1996

Box 14, Folder 42

Cooperatives- a guidance booklet for local authorities by Cooperative development agency 1980

Box 14, Folder 43

Co-ops and the poor- getting back to the basics by Douglass Mullnall, Cooperative Union of Canada 1975

Box 14, Folder 44

Cooperativa de Seguros múltiples de Puerto Rico 1993

Box 14, Folder 45

Cooperatives, serving our community, pub. by Nebraska community council 1983

Box 14, Folder 46

Economic development through cooperatives, pub. by Farmer cooperative service 1974


Box 15

Scope and Contents

Communities, Consumer, Credit Unions, Direct marketing
Box 15, Folder 1

The grassroots fundraising book, how to raise money in your community by John Flanagan, Chicago, Il; contemporary books 1982

Box 15, Folder 2

How to create jobs in the 90s, a step by step guide to creating jobs in your community by Kenneth C. Wagner, Albany, NY; Wagner group

Box 15, Folder 3

The Impact of Wal-Mart supercenters on supermarket concentration in U.S. metropolitan areas by Andrew W. Franklin, reprint no. 94, NE-165, reprint on private strategies public policies, and food system performance 2001

Box 15, Folder 4

Insuring your program liability insurance by Kathleen A. Murray, Carl S. Stevenson, pub. by Child Care Law center 1986

Box 15, Folder 5

Franklin Mobile library- introduction to rural and community development concepts, Rural development bibliography

Box 15, Folder 6

Working paper no. 67, labor allocation in a cooperative enterprise by Amartya K. Sen, committee on econometrics and mathematical Economics, Institute of economics and Economic research, Univ. of CA, Berkley 1965

Box 15, Folder 7

Let there be light, Mt. Wheeler Power REA cooperative 949 by Jeanette S. Griggs, Forest Grove, Oregon, times litho print 1974

Box 15, Folder 8

The Lord helps those... by Bertrom B. Fowler seen I readers digest

Box 15, Folder 9

The Mondragon cooperatives on economic democracy by Jaques and Ruth Kaswon

Box 15, Folder 10

Mutual Benefit service sector cooperative by National Economic development and Law center, research report no. 13 1993

Box 15, Folder 11

NCB releases top 100 1994

Box 15, Folder 12

The neighborhood cooperative by Rodney S. Wead, pub. by National program division general board of global ministries, United Methodist church 1983

Box 15, Folder 13

People Needing people, a book resource directory Spring 1990

Box 15, Folder 14

Publications in print, IURD Institute of urban and regional development 1990

Box 15, Folder 15

Reclaiming capital, domestic initiatives and community development by Christopher and Hazel Gunn, Ithaca NY; Cornell Univ. press 1984

Box 15, Folder 16

A report to Michigan's citizens by the Governor's task force on consumer cooperatives July 1981

Box 15, Folder 17

Saskatchewan Co-operatives: a record of community development pub. by centre for the study of cooperatives, University of Saskatchewan February 1992

Box 15, Folder 18

Sustainable economic development, developing effective partnerships between banks and technical assistance providers, community affairs unit, federal reserves bank of San Francisco, CA reinvestment committee October 1988

Box 15, Folder 19

Strategic Alliances among rural hospitals by James Carman, center for cooperatives, Univ. of CA. Davis 1992

Box 15, Folder 20

Rural community Assistance corporation

Box 15, Folder 21

Spanning boundaries, re thinking community competitiveness and cooperation, work-in-process by Carol. L. James Consumer 1995

Box 15, Folder 22

Central purchasing service, a purchasing cooperative where the customer is the owner 1994

Box 15, Folder 23

The consumer choice of food products and the implications for price competition and government policy by Eliza M. Mojduszka and J. Michael Harris, reprint no. 90, NE-165, research on private strategies, public policies, and food systems performance 2001

Box 15, Folder 24

Eligibility: limited legislative history and study of key provisions of the national consumer cooperative bank act by Art Danforth 1980

Box 15, Folder 25

The Greenbelt cooperative: success and decline by Donald H. Cooper, Paul O Mohn, University of CA, center for cooperatives 1992

Box 15, Folder 26

A guide to building consumer cooperatives by Sandra Miller, pub. by University center for Cooperatives, University of Wisconsin 1983

Box 15, Folder 27

Starting out right, guidelines for organizing a new retail cooperative by K. Jesse Singerman, Iowa City, Iowa, Blooming prairie warehouse 1986

Box 15, Folder 28

William T. Zack Brown Credit Unions 1989

Box 15, Folder 29

Africa recovery briefing paper no. 10 October 1996

Box 15, Folder 30

Alumnos Aprenden a ahorrar gracias a cooperativa de ahorra y crédito seen in La Opinión August 21, 1994

Box 15, Folder 31

Banks target credit unions, rogues institution luring best customers by Kenneth Howe seen in San Francisco chronicle, business extra

Box 15, Folder 32

A brief history of the credit union movement pub. by Credit Union National Assembly

Box 15, Folder 33

1991 Credit Union League Annual meeting handbook

Box 15, Folder 34

1994 Certified Credit Union Executive program dev. by Your league and CUNA and affiliates

Box 15, Folder 35

Common questions asked about the CCUE program dev. by CUNA and affiliates

Box 15, Folder 36

Cooperative center Federal credit Union 1989

Box 15, Folder 37

Could Industry be repeating S and L crisis by Roger Meredith seen in USA today July 1995

Box 15, Folder 38

Correspondence/e-mail, Thomas Martin, Wall street journal July 25, 1995

Box 15, Folder 39

1994 Credit Union Directory, pub. By Callahan and Associates

Box 15, Folder 40

The Credit Union system-Report of the CUNA system planning committee October 1997

Box 15, Folder 41

The Credit Union: where you belong, pub. by Credit Union National Association

Box 15, Folder 42

Credit with education for women launching a breakthrough against chronic hunger, pub. by Freedom from hunger

Box 15, Folder 43

CUNA mutual product and service Handbook, committed to your success

Box 15, Folder 44

Gaining a foothold, A special breed of Credit Unions gives members a shot at the dream, Credit Union management, Credit Union executive society December 1997

Box 15, Folder 45

Insuring clause Q 1987

Box 15, Folder 46

Lending performances of community development credit Unions by John Isbester, center for Cooperatives, Davis 1992

Box 15, Folder 47

Madison area Credit Union chapter challenges for Credit Unions October 19, 1988

Box 15, Folder 48

Merit, the pillar of strength for your management team, management enrichment training program

Box 15, Folder 49

Meet the challenge with the volunteer achievement program, a training and certification program for Credit Union volunteers

Box 15, Folder 50

National Federation development credit Unions (NFCDU) about the federation, investing in community development credit unions CDCUs correspondence 1990

Box 15, Folder 51

NCUA 1989 year end statistics for federally insured credit unions

Box 15, Folder 52

Out to protest turf, banks file more suits against credit unions by Robert Bryce seen in Christian Sciences mentor October 21, 1994

Box 15, Folder 53

The Shapiro group, a cooperative effort pub. by California Credit Union League

Box 15, Folder 54

Thin Cats Community development credit union movement in the United States by John Isbister, center for Cooperatives, Davis 1994

Box 15, Folder 55

Where credit was due, the creation of the National Consumer Cooperative Bank by Jay Richter Direct Marketing 1985

Box 15, Folder 56

Cooperative spirit catching on by Frank Green seen in San Diego Tribune August 30, 1994

Box 15, Folder 57

Current issues in Cooperative marketing: The California perspective by Richard J. Sexter, pub. by Center for Cooperatives, Davis 1991

Box 15, Folder 58

Defining advertising goals for measured advertising results by Russell H. Colley, pub. by Association of National advertisers 1961

Box 15, Folder 59

Epilog California's uncommon markets, the story of the consumer cooperatives by Robert Neptune

Box 15, Folder 60

A few growers sell their wares by subscription by Gordon Smith seen in San Diego Union September 05, 1999

Box 15, Folder 61

Food from farmers, where to get it, what to do with it. by Kathy Cecil, San Francisco CA; Prickleback press 1978

Box 15, Folder 62

Information about California's marketing cooperatives by Leon Garoyan, pub. by Center for Cooperatives, Davis 1991


Box 16

Scope and Contents

Direct Marketing, Directories
Box 16, Folder 1

Marketing and now Business development participant manual, pub. By Farm Credit Council 1990

Box 16, Folder 2

Marketing research and its coordination in USDA, a historical approach by Vivian Wise and Douglas E. Bowers, pub. By Economic research service, USDA

Box 16, Folder 3

Southern California Farmer-To consumer Directory, a guide to buying directly for farmers, pub. By California dept. of Agriculture 1988

Box 16, Folder 4

Straight form the farm to you, Farmer to consumer direct marketing

Box 16, Folder 5

U.S. fresh fruit and vegetable marketing: emerging trade practices, trends, and issues pub. By Economic research services, USDA Directories 2001

Box 16, Folder 6

A guide to cooperative alternatives, community participation, social change, well being, appropriate technology, networking and most anything else hopeful in America, pub. by Communally publications cooperative, New Haven Connecticut 1979

Box 16, Folder Â 7

Cooperatives, principles and practice by Marvin A Schoars, pub. by Cooperative Extension programs, University of Wisconsin 1980

Box 16, Folder 8

California Food Co-op directory, pub. by State of CA dept. of Consumer affairs 1982

Box 16, Folder 9

Building Cooperatives in California: a model for State Action, California Cooperative Federation, conference on alternative state and local policies 1983

Box 16, Folder 10

Certified Development program, program guide, pub. by U.S. Small Business Administration January 1984

Box 16, Folder 11

California Co-op directory and resource guide, pub. by State of CA dept. of Consumer affairs 1984

Box 16, Folder 12

Collectives Directory: San Francisco Bay area and West coast listings worker controlled autonomous-non exploitive- directly democratic 1984

Box 16, Folder 13

Finding Co-ops" A resource guide and directory, pub. by Cooperative Information consortium 1984

Box 16, Folder 14

6th edition guide to California foundations, pub. by Northern CA Grantmakers 1985

Box 16, Folder 15

1985 West Coast, USA, Canada, Directory of collectives: California, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, British Columbia

Box 16, Folder 16

NASCO guide to cooperative careers, pub. by North American Students of Cooperation 1985

Box 16, Folder 17

Directory of California Agricultural cooperatives 1986-1987, 1987-1988

Box 16, Folder 18

Cooperative Education: Resource guide and directory, pub. by American Institute of Cooperation 1989, 1993

Box 16, Folder 19

Directory of Farmer Cooperatives 1989, 1995

Box 16, Folder 20

Organic Farming Directory, pub. by Family Farm series 1989

Box 16, Folder 21

Directories Cooperatives, pub. by Cooperative Services, Agricultural Cooperative Service, Rural business Cooperative service 1990, 1996

Box 16, Folder 22

California Cooperative Directory, pub. by Center for Cooperatives, University of California 1991

Box 16, Folder 23

American Agricultural Law Association: Membership Directory 1991, 1992

Box 16, Folder 24

Doing business in California resource guide and membership directory, pub. by California Association for local economic development 1991-1992

Box 16, Folder 25

Creating jobs through cooperative development by National Economic Development and Law center, pub. by Center for Cooperatives, University of California, Davis March 1993

Box 16, Folder 26

Slide Video library Interim catalog, produced by University of California, Division of Agriculture and natural resources cooperative extension 1993

Box 16, Folder 27

Agricultural Council of California: Membership Directory, pub. by Blue Diamond growers 1993-1994, 1995-1996

Box 16, Folder 28

UC Davis directory of organized research 1994

Box 16, Folder 29

CALED Private member business Profiles, a directory of professional services to facilitate member-to-member patronage, 3rd Ed January 1994

Box 16, Folder 30

Business Incubators, an innovative model by Cindy C. Foley 1994

Box 16, Folder 31

Customer Success Stories by Farmer's Home administration-California USDA 1994

Box 16, Folder 32

Directory of Bilingual Experts, pub. by Division of Agriculture and Natural resources, University of California 1994

Box 16, Folder 33

NASCO guide to Campus Co-ops, Co-ops A-Z, pub. by North America Students of Cooperation

Box 16, Folder 34

Almond Hullers and Processors Association membership directory 1995

Box 16, Folder 35

UC Davis support for Teaching and research 1995-1996

Box 16, Folder 36

National Co-op Directory a guide to cooperative natural food retailers throughout the U.S. Maine to Hawaii-Alaska to Florida 1995-1996

Box 16, Folder 37

Directory of U.S. Arts and Crafts Cooperatives pub. by Rural business Cooperative service, USDA 1996

Box 16, Folder 38

Ag and Crafts Cooperative services list of Cooperatives 1996

Box 16, Folder 39

1996 Directory to U.S. micro enterprise programs, pub. by Self Employment Learning project

Box 16, Folder 40

Educational materials, pub. by Washington State University, College of Agriculture and Home economics, Cooperative extension, Agricultural research center October 1996


Box 17

Scope and Contents

Directories, Economics, Economic development, Education
Box 17, Folder 1

Cooperative education: resource guide and directory, 4th ed., pub. By National Council of Farmer cooperatives 1997

Box 17, Folder 2

National Co-op directory, a guide to the cooperative natural food system/A guide to Natural food retailers 1997

Box 17, Folder 3

Association of Cooperative Educators ACE 1997 membership directory

Box 17, Folder 4

National Cooperative bank presents America's tops 100 companies 2001

Box 17, Folder 5

State Net and California Journal roster and government guide 2001

Box 17, Folder 6

Wisconsin Cooperative Directory, produced by University of Wisconsin Center for cooperatives 2001

Box 17, Folder 7

Attorney and certified Public accountant directory for consumer cooperatives

Box 17, Folder 8

Co-op Directory Washington State, Cooperatives: A northwest heritage

Box 17, Folder 9

Pathways in regions Cooperative federations, produced by State of CA. dept. of Consumer affairs Economics

Box 17, Folder 10

California's Economic review, 2nd quarter, CA dept. of congress 1990

Box 17, Folder 11

Economic theory of cooperation, economic structures of cooperative organizations by Ivan V. Emelionoff, reprinted by Center for Cooperatives, Univ. of CA 1995

Box 17, Folder 12

Firm connections vol. 3 no. 1 January/February 1995

Box 17, Folder 13

The future of capitalism, How today's economic forces shape tomorrow's world, by Lester C.. Thurow, NY, NY; Penguin Books 1996

Box 17, Folder 14

How to start a cooperative, by USDA rural business/ cooperative service report # 7 1996

Box 17, Folder 15

Innovative approaches to Cooperative's role in rural development by Randall E. Torgerson

Box 17, Folder 16

The logic of collective action, public goods and the theory of groups by Mancur Olson, Cambridge MA, Harvard Univ. Press 1971

Box 17, Folder 17

A time to act, a report in the USDA National commission on small farms January 1988

Box 17, Folder 18

Shared services cooperatives by rural businesses and cooperative development service, USDA 1995

Box 17, Folder 19

Theoretical and Empirical studies of producer cooperatives: will ever the Twain meet? By John P. Bonin, Derek C. Jones, and Louis Putterman 1993

Box 17, Folder 20

Using export companies to expand Cooperative foreign sales, pub. By Agricultural Cooperative service, USDA 1985

Box 17, Folder 21

Challenge: the magazine of Economic affairs May/June 1997

Box 17, Folder 22

Community welfare reform planning, reform, early indications from 6 California counties by David Canbel, pub. By California's comities program October 1997

Box 17, Folder 23

Cooperatives in Agribusiness, pub. By Agricultural Cooperative Service, USDA 1972, 1989, 1993

Box 17, Folder 24

Cooperative Economic Summit proceedings, pub. By National Institute on Cooperative education

Box 17, Folder 25

Cooperative Innovation: Cooperative model used for purchasing shared services November 1994

Box 17, Folder 26

Cooperatives: Unique in our economy compiled by D.W. Cobia

Box 17, Folder 27

Cooperative solutions to rural health care problems: Emergency Medical services June 1993

Box 17, Folder 28

Economic Development Digest, vol. 14 no. 5 March/April, 2003

Box 17, Folder 29

International Food and Agribusiness Management review, pub. By Jai Press Inc. Stanford Connecticut: vol. 1: no.1,2,4 vol. 2: no. 1,2 vol. 3: no. 3 Education 1998, 2000

Box 17, Folder 30

4-H after school program, University Cooperative Extension management manual

Box 17, Folder 31

Agriculture in the classroom, lesson plan catalogue 1995 provided by California foundation for Agriculture in the classroom 1995

Box 17, Folder 32

Agricultural model core curriculum, lesson plans for the Agricultural Business management cluster, pub. By Ag. Education program, and Ag. Education unit December 1991

Box 17, Folder 33

Agriculture and Natural resources satellite and other distance learning programs, University of CA, Cooperative extension April, June 1999

Box 17, Folder 34

The Alternatives center, educational resources and consultation for democratic organizations

Box 17, Folder 35

Annotated bibliography on study circles, collaborative learning and participatory democracy, pub. By Student circles resource center 1992

Box 17, Folder 36

American society and economic policy: what should our goals be? Pub. By Resource center study circles, public talk series 1991

Box 17, Folder 37

Association of Cooperative educators

Box 17, Folder 38

Busy citizens discussion guides, suggestions for informal conversations: racism and race relations, sexual harassment, civil rights for gays and lesbians 1993


Box 18

Scope and Contents

Box 18, Folder 1

California's uncommon markets, co-ops the best kept secret in the United States, provided by C-op resource center, Associated Cooperatives Inc

Box 18, Folder 2

Can't we all just get along? A manual for discussion programs on racism and race relations, 2nd ed. Pub. By Study Circles Resource Center 1994

Box 18, Folder 3

Confronting violence in our communities, a guide for involving citizens in public dialogue and problem solving, pub. By Study Circles Resource Center 1994

Box 18, Folder 4

Consumer cooperation, the heritage and the dream by Emil Sclerak and Art Danforth, Santa Clara, CA consumer cooperative publishing ass 1980

Box 18, Folder 5

Co-operation between cooperatives by Michael Ward, Robert Briscoe, and Mary Lineham 1982

Box 18, Folder 6

Cooperatives: development, principles, and management 4th ed. By Ewell Paul Ray, Danville Ill, Interstate printers and publishers Inc 1981

Box 18, Folder 7

Cooperative education, resource guide and directory, pub. By American Institute of Cooperation 1987

Box 18, Folder 8

Cooperative education: Resource guide and directory 1989, American Institute of Cooperation, affiliated with National Council of Farmer cooperatives 1989

Box 18, Folder 9

Cooperative education, resource guide and directory, pub. By National Council of Farmer cooperatives 1993

Box 18, Folder 10

The Cooperative idea, bank of Ireland centre for cooperative studies 1982

Box 18, Folder 11

Cooperatives in the American economy, pub. By Cooperative League of the USA

Box 18, Folder 12

Cooperative management and administration, 2nd ed. Geneva International labor office 1988

Box 18, Folder 13

Cooperative outlooks business education by D.L Common and S.J. Hodgins, pub. By Co-operative curriculum project, province of Manitoba 1976

Box 18, Folder 14

Cooperative solutions to rural health care problems: emergency medical services, proceedings of the conference June 1993

Box 18, Folder 15

Cooperative techniques communications, pub. By Cooperative extensions programs, University extension, Univ. of Wisc 1970

Box 18, Folder 16

Cooperation works: the cooperative development network, realizing the power of the human spirit 1994, 1999

Box 18, Folder 17

Cooperation works! How people are using cooperative action to rebuild communities and revitalize the economy by E.G. NaDeau and David J. Thompson, Madison, WI; Loan oaks press 1996

Box 18, Folder 18

Co-ops work video guide and directory, center for cooperative studies, University College, Cork 1987

Box 18, Folder 19

Dispute resolution: A study in the negotiation process Pacific coast/ National Bargaining conference 1995

Box 18, Folder 20

Education: Cooperative's future by Steven K. Sheeks 1992

Box 18, Folder 21

Educational services and course guide co-operative college of Canada 1984-1985

Box 18, Folder 22

Educational Services catalogue, American Institute of Cooperation affiliated with the national council of farmer cooperatives 1987

Box 18, Folder 23

Effective democratic meetings, using the problem centers approach facilitating a meeting by Jaques Kashwon and Edward E. Lee, pub. By alternatives center 1988

Box 18, Folder 24

Fostering innovation, UC Davis Technology transfer Center 2003

Box 18, Folder 25

From the ground up, essays on grassroots and workplace democracy by George C. Benello, Boston, MA; South end press 1992

Box 18, Folder 26

Gold coast UC, a college in partnership with the community

Box 18, Folder 27

Guide to assembling a director handbook

Box 18, Folder 28

Guide to assembling a director handbook by Karen J. Spatz, center for cooperatives, Univ. of CA 1997

Box 18, Folder 29

A guide to training study circle leaders, pub. By Study circles resource center 1993

Box 18, Folder 30

Guidelines for creating effective study circle material, pub. By Study Circle resource center 1994

Box 18, Folder 31

A handbook for consensus decision making building united judgment, pub. By center for conflict resolution 1981

Box 18, Folder 32

History social sciences framework for California's public schools kindergarten through grade 12, dev. By History social science curriculum framework and criteria committee 1987

Box 18, Folder 33

Higher diploma in cooperative organization food marketing and rural development, pub. By dept. of food economics and centre for cooperative studies 1994, 1995

Box 18, Folder 34

Homelessness in our community: what can we do? Pub. By study circles resource center, public talk series 1994

Box 18, Folder 35

Immigrants, your community and U.S. immigration policy, pub. By Study circles resource center, public talk series 1993

Box 18, Folder 36

Instructor's guide, cooperative extension programs, Univ. of Wisc. Extension division of economic and environmental development 1972

Box 18, Folder 37

Leader's manual, California state beginning 4-H project and 4-H misc, cooperative division, Univ. of CA div. Of Ag

Box 18, Folder 38

Master curriculum guide to economics, teaching strategies, High school economics courses, pub. By Joint council on Economic education 1985

Box 18, Folder 39

Master curriculum guide in economics, teaching strategies, International trade (secondary) by Donald R. Wientworth, Kenneth E. Leonard, joint council on economic education 1988

Box 18, Folder 40

Master curriculum guide in economics, a framework for teaching the basic concepts, 2nd ed. By Philip Sanders, G.L. Bach, James D. Calderwood, W. Lee Hansen, Herbert Stein 1984


Box 19

Scope and Contents

Education, Energy
Box 19, Folder 1

Membership Development packet 1987

Box 19, Folder 2

NASCO's Co-op board training project teacher's manual Workshops III and IV, basic finance communications

Box 19, Folder 3

NASCO's co-op board training, teacher's manual, workshop I, II Roles Responsibilities, functions, and planning

Box 19, Folder 4

NASCO board training project board of directors training manual

Box 19, Folder 5

National Cooperative Business Association pamphlets: Craft Cooperatives, Cooperatives are..., housing cooperatives, Agricultural cooperatives

Box 19, Folder 6


Box 19, Folder 7

A program for self instruction

Box 19, Folder 8

Report of the cooperative Education task force 1993

Box 19, Folder 9

Report on the Michigan Cooperative Education Project, pub. By Michigan Alliance of Cooperatives 1983

Box 19, Folder 10

The role of member education in west coast consumer cooperatives by Bonnie Fish 1991

Box 19, Folder 11

Strategic planning and performance, helping directors and managers communicate by Jay E. Noel and David J. Schaffner, center for cooperatives 1996

Box 19, Folder 12

The Study circle handbook, manual for study circle discussion leaders, organizers, and participants, pub. By study of circles resource center 1993

Box 19, Folder 13

Study circles, pub. By Study circles resource center 1990

Box 19, Folder 14

Support for teaching and research at the University of California, Davis 1989, 1990

Box 19, Folder 15

Taking care of business, educational units for grades 3-7, National Council of farmer cooperation

Box 19, Folder 16

Video: Taking care of business, National Council of Farmer Cooperation

Box 19, Folder 17

Teacher Resource guide, a guide to educational materials about agriculture, pub. By California Foundation for agriculture in the classroom 1999

Box 19, Folder 18

California Foundation for agriculture in the classroom, Teacher's resource guide, California foundation in AG 1997

Box 19, Folder 19

Teacher resource guide, a guide to educational materials about agriculture, CA foundation in the classroom 2003

Box 19, Folder 20

Teacher Resource Guide, a guide to educational materials, about agriculture, pub. By CA, foundation for agriculture in the classroom 2002

Box 19, Folder 21

Understanding cooperatives

Box 19, Folder 22

Understanding cooperatives, developed by agricultural Cooperative Service, USDA 1990

Box 19, Folder 23

Understanding Cooperatives, operating practice for mutual benefit cooperatives, Conference Afternoon session 1990

Box 19, Folder 24

Volunteers by Arnold Lauffer and Sarah Gorodezky, Beverly Hills, CA; SAGE publications 1984

Box 19, Folder 25

Welty's book of procedures for meetings, boards, committees, and officers by Joel David Wiley, Aurora Ill, Caroline House Publishers 1982

Box 19, Folder 26

Welfare reform: What should we do? 2nd edition, pub. By Study circles Resource center, public talk series 1993

Box 19, Folder 27

Young Consumer Education kit, pub. By CUNA mutual insurance group, National Credit Union Youth program 1992

Box 19, Folder 28

Your guide to credit, credit unions, Insurance, careers in credit unions, pub. By National Credit Union Youth program, CUNA mutual insurance group, share /draft/ checking accounts, saving and spending 1991

Box 19, Folder 29

Communal energy cooperatives, how to organize, manage and finance them prepared by the co-op development and assistance project and the energy project 1982

Box 19, Folder 30

Futures for energy cooperatives, pub. By office of commercialization conservation and solar energy, dept. of energy December 1980

Box 19, Folder 31

The Pathbook, a manual of conservation programs for consumer cooperatives 1981

Box 19, Folder 32

People. Their power, the rural electric fact book, pub. By National rural electric cooperative assoc 1980

Box 19, Folder 33

PVUSA Progress report March 1996

Box 19, Folder 34

NE-165, research on private strategies, public policies, and food systems performance, reprint series no: 59,78, 79, 77, 57, 92

Box 19, Folder 35

Rural electric facts, American success story, ed. By David H. Cooper, pub. By National Rural electric cooperative Assoc 1970

Box 19, Folder 36

Starting your own energy business, pub. By Institute for local self reliance, prepared by Avram Bendavid Val. Victor Habib 1978


Box 20

Scope and Contents

Finance, Food
Box 20, Folder 1

Base capital by Charles V. Moore and Sermin D. Hardesty, pub. By Center for Cooperatives, University of California March 1991

Box 20, Folder 2

Cash flow control guide, methods to understand and control the small business's number one problem, Dover, NH; Upstart pub. Co 1990

Box 20, Folder 3

Conversion of cooperatives to corporations: Etiology and deterrence technical report no. 1, Center for Cooperatives by Robert A. Collins September 1990

Box 20, Folder 4

Conversion of cooperatives to corporation by Robert A. Collins

Box 20, Folder 5

Co-operation in Canada, cooperatives secretariat, Govt. of Canada 1994

Box 20, Folder 6

1996 Cooperative development forum, building blocks of development capital for formation and growth ed. By A.R. Lategola April 19, 1996

Box 20, Folder 7

Corporate finance and corporate governance by Oliver E. Williamson seen in Journal of finance, vol. XLIII no. 3 July 1988

Box 20, Folder 8

Farmer's cooperatives and federal income taxes by Schrader Goldberg, Cambridge Mass; Ballinger pub. Co 1975

Box 20, Folder 9

Financial Management in cooperative enterprise by A.E. Rasmussen, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Cooperative college of Canada 1975

Box 20, Folder 10

Innovations in cooperative finance, proceedings of the December 1990 conference, University of CA center for cooperatives December 1990

Box 20, Folder 11

National Cooperative Bank, 1989 annual report 1989

Box 20, Folder 12

Non member equity instruments for consumer and worker cooperatives by Jill Storey, pub. By Center for cooperatives, Univ. of CA, Davis 1992

Box 20, Folder 13

Perspectives on risk, for board directors, audit committees and management, pub. By Deloitte and Touche LLP 1997

Box 20, Folder 14

Projecting the long term consequences of ESOP vs. Co-op conversion of a firm or employee benefits and company cash by Jacques Kaswan, center for cooperatives, University of CA, Davis 1992

Box 20, Folder 15

Proceedings, symposium on cooperative issues, equity management, investment and redemption strategies 1998

Box 20, Folder 16

Searching for non dues revenue, wetter run of the mill or out of the ordinary, your non dues revenue program must meet member needs or it wont make money by Mango Vanover Porter, seen in Association Management May 1994

Box 20, Folder 17

The small business financial resource guide, Reston VA; Braddock communications Inc 1996

Box 20, Folder 18

Tax treatment of cooperatives, pub. By Agricultural cooperative services, USDA 1990

Box 20, Folder 19

Terminology for financial statements

Box 20, Folder 20

Understanding cooperatives, operation practices for mutual benefit cooperatives, center for cooperatives FOOD 1990

Box 20, Folder 21

Annual report-Sun diamond Growers 1990

Box 20, Folder 22

Bookkeeping for food coops, a workbook, by Lewis Sanner, Michigan federation of food cooperatives Inc 1978

Box 20, Folder 23

Business training for co-ops, prepared by New school for democratic management 1981

Box 20, Folder 24

Calavo Annual report 1993

Box 20, Folder 25

Cling Peach review, 200 California canning peach Assoc., vol. 36, no. 1

Box 20, Folder 26

Consumer cooperative society of Palo Alto Inc., articles of incorporation, by laws, administrative code 1994

Box 20, Folder 27

Consumer food cooperatives, recent history, law, economics, marketing, finance, public programs, ed. By Ronald Cotterill, Danville Ill; Interstate printers and publishers Inc 1982

Box 20, Folder 28

Cooperative historical statistics, farmer cooperatives in the United States, cooperation information report 1, USDA 1987

Box 20, Folder 29

Co-op magazine July-August 1980

Box 20, Folder 30

Co-op news network. Vol. 2, no. 5 October-December 1993

Box 20, Folder 31

Co-op newsletter, north coast cooperative Inc 1994-1995

Box 20, Folder 32

Deloitte and Touche annual Northern California food and agriculture industry executive update, Modesto CA June 6, 1997

Box 20, Folder 33

Development ratios for co-op grocery stores

Box 20, Folder 34

The economic status of California food cooperatives by Dewey Bond, pub. By center for cooperatives, university of CA 1992

Box 20, Folder 35

Food buying clubs 1992

Box 20, Folder 36

Food cooperatives, cooperative business in the United States, National Cooperative business association

Box 20, Folder 37

Food co-op bibliography by Elena Reyes, University center for cooperatives, U. of Wisc 1981

Box 20, Folder 38

Food co-op bibliography, complied by University for cooperatives, University of Wisc

Box 20, Folder 39

Food co-op directory California, consumer affairs 1979

Box 20, Folder 40

Food cooperatives misc 1991, 1995

Box 20, Folder 41

Food coops for small groups by Tony Vellela. NY, NY; Workman publishing co 1975

Box 20, Folder 42

Food organizer's guide, how to participate in California food programs and related information, ed. By Melissa Cadet, CA department of food and agriculture 1983

Box 20, Folder 43

Food security diversification and resource management refocusing the role of Agriculture? Proceeding twenty third International conference of Agricultural economists, Brookfield Vermont: Ashgate publishing co 1999

Box 20, Folder 44

Food working paper, National Consumer cooperative Bank


Box 21

Scope and Contents

Box 21, Folder 1

Fruit and Vegetable cooperatives by USDA 1990

Box 21, Folder 2

Get to the source, specialty food industry, women's initiative for self- employment 1994

Box 21, Folder 3

The Greenbolt cooperative: success and decline by Donald H. Cooper, Paul O. Mann, University of California Center for Cooperatives 1992

Box 21, Folder 4

Growth strategies for consumer food cooperatives by Ronald Cotterill

Box 21, Folder 5

Guide for the development of retail grocery cooperatives, section I

Box 21, Folder 6

Hiring a general manager by Carolee Colter 1997

Box 21, Folder 7

How to form a food coop, pub. by Illinois board of higher education

Box 21, Folder 8

How to form a pre-order co-op, pub. by State of CA consumer affairs 1982

Box 21, Folder 9

How to start your own food coop, a guide to wholesale buying by Gloria Stern, NY, NY; Walker and CO 1974

Box 21, Folder 10

1996 National food coop directory

Box 21, Folder 11

Natural news, vol. 10, no. 2 February 1995

Box 21, Folder 12

NCB co-op 100

Box 21, Folder 13

Non profit food stores, a resource manual by the Strong force series 1977

Box 21, Folder 14

Not by Chance by Jim Kennedy, Manchester UK; Holyoake Books 1999

Box 21, Folder 15

Nutritional knowledge and attitudes of food shoppers by Kathleen Ehlers 1977

Box 21, Folder 16

Ohio Farm bureau story 1919-1974 by William Turner, United Sates, Bookcrafters Inc 1982

Box 21, Folder 17

Organizing a certified farmer's market, direct marketing program, California dept. of food and agriculture, ed. by Jeff Jacobs 1980

Box 21, Folder 18

Organizing a food co-op by All coop assembly 1963

Box 21, Folder 19

Organizer's manual for cooperative food buying clubs by Robert J. Pickford, provided by Associated Cooperatives inc 1981

Box 21, Folder 20

Outline of a development strategy for a consumers coop

Box 21, Folder 21

Re-engineering marketing policies for food and agriculture prepared by Food and Agriculture consortium

Box 21, Folder 22

Report on workshops: Business development for retail consumer food co-op, California Cooperative federation 1981

Box 21, Folder 23

Research on private public policies and food systems performances; NE-165, reprint series no: 51, 53, 71, 76, 100, 101, 98, 93, 73, 80, 74, 69, 55, 56, ,47, 72 1996, 2001

Box 21, Folder 24

Robert E. Treuhaft-left wing political activist and progressive leader in the Berkley co-op by Robert G. Larson, Berkley oral history project 1990

Box 21, Folder 25

Role of member education in West coast retail consumer food cooperatives by Bonnie Fish, pub. by center for cooperatives, University of California, Davis 1993

Box 21, Folder 26

Seeds that grow, a history of the cooperative grange league federation exchange, by Joseph G. Knapp, Menasha, Wisc; Anderson House 1980

Box 21, Folder 27

Selling fresh fruits cooperatively by J.H. Heckman, Farm credit administration, USDA 1941

Box 21, Folder 28

Starting out right, guidelines for organizing a new retail cooperative by K. Jesse Singerman, Iowa City, Iowa; Blooming Prairie warehouse 1982

Box 21, Folder 29

The structure of food manufacturing, organization, and competition in food retailing, technical study no: 7, 8, National Commission on food marketing 1966

Box 21, Folder Â 30

US fresh fruit and vegetable marketing, emerging trade practices, trends, and issues by Linda Calvin, Roberta Cook, Mark Denbaly, Carolyn Dmitri, Lawrence Glaser, Charles Handy, Mark Jekanowski, Phil Kaufman, Barry Krisoft, Gary Thompson, Suzanne Thornsby 2001


Box 22

Scope and Contents

Housing, International Law
Box 22, Folder 1

Accounting made simple by Edward Trombley, pub. by Inter cooperative council at University of Michigan

Box 22, Folder 2

Are you a community organization or business looking for a loan?, pub. by Northern California Community loan fund

Box 22, Folder 3

An assessment of Migrant and Farm worker's need for housing in California, How a cooperative model has helped meet that need, center for cooperatives, University of CA 1995

Box 22, Folder 4

California's lower income housing cooperatives by the Agora group, pub. by Center for cooperatives, University of CA, Davis 1992

Box 22, Folder 5

Characteristics and operational performance of California's permanent housing cooperatives by Dewey Band, pub. by Center for cooperatives, University of CA, Davis 1993

Box 22, Folder 6

A consumer guide to financing a cooperative unit using share loan financing by Share loan service corporation

Box 22, Folder 7

Cooperative housing compendium, resources for collaborative living, ed. by Lattie Cohen and Lois Arkin

Box 22, Folder 8

Cooperative housing, a development primer, pub. by National Cooperative Business Association 1988

Box 22, Folder 9

Cooperative housing, a handbook for effective operations, pub. by Midwest Ass. of housing cooperatives and organization for applied science and society 1977

Box 22, Folder 10

C-operative housing in Ireland, ed. by Vincent Tucker

Box 22, Folder 11

Cooperative housing journal, pub. by National association of housing cooperatives 1986, 1988

Box 22, Folder 12

Cooperative housing 1st year manual

Box 22, Folder 13

Fannie Mae foundation, guidelines and application package, program for the production of low income housing 1991

Box 22, Folder 14

Going co-op; the complete guide to buying and owning your own apartment by William Coughlan Jr., Monte Franke, Boston, MA; Beacon press 1983

Box 22, Folder 15

Guidebook to cooperative adventures, pub. by Rural Community Assistance program

Box 22, Folder 16

Hidden history of housing cooperatives by Allen Heskin and Jaqueline Laevitt, Davis, CA, center for cooperatives 1995

Box 22, Folder 17

Homestead, rural housing cooperatives for seniors

Box 22, Folder 18

Intentional communities, directory 1990/1991

Box 22, Folder 19

Limited equity housing cooperatives, a financing opportunity for California leaders by Gerald L. and Christine L. Rioux 1994

Box 22, Folder 20

Meeting people's needs, California mutual housing Association

Box 22, Folder 21

Mutual Housing association, lessons from the U.S. experience 1987

Box 22, Folder 22

Briefing materials on national affordable housing act of 1990 1990

Box 22, Folder 23

The National Association of Housing cooperatives

Box 22, Folder 24

National Association of Housing cooperatives, CHB Cooperative housing bulletin, vol. XIV, no. 5 Vol. XV no. 3, 5 January 1988, October 1989

Box 22, Folder 25

National Association of housing cooperatives, publications list 1992

Box 22, Folder 26

Pacific mountain review- a rural development journal, rural assistance corporation, Vol. XX no. 2. Vol. XVIII no. 1 November 1999, March 2002

Box 22, Folder 27

Paradise for sale, attempting low income cooperative conversion at Paradise manor apartments, Washington DC, by A.R. Lategola 1996

Box 22, Folder 28

Report on the third annual Twin Pines cooperative housing institute at co-op Camp Sierra July 11 1992-July 18, 1992

Box 22, Folder 29

Resident participation in HUD, affordable housing preservation projects: what works? by Deb Goldberg Gray 2000

Box 22, Folder 30

San Francisco tenants Union, tenant's rights handbook, ed 1991

Box 22, Folder 31

Self help enterprises-new housing for poor farm workers 1973

Box 22, Folder 32

The shape of things to come, Kathryn McCamant and Chalres Durrett neighborhoods for the nineties by Diana Ketchum

Box 22, Folder 33

Social benefits of affordable housing cooperatives by Paula Mushrush, Mark A. Larson Jerry D. Krause 1977

Box 22, Folder 34

Two dollar house by Laia Hanau International Law 1998

Box 22, Folder 35

Working together- twenty years of self-help enterprises 1985

Box 22, Folder 36

Alianzas estratégicos cooperatives, para ser competitivos todos 1996

Box 22, Folder 37

Antecedentes histórico del cooperativismo del protelismo ético religioso al socialismo utopico 1979

Box 22, Folder 38

Business and consumer affairs, financial cooperatives

Box 22, Folder 39

California coops and the law, seminar and current legal issues by Van Baldwin 1986

Box 22, Folder 40

California's awareness, knowledge, and perceptions of cooperatives by policy advisory committee, center for cooperatives, University of CA, Davis May 12, 1994

Box 22, Folder 41

Canadian cooperatives resource file, Govt. of Canada 1997

Box 22, Folder 42

Capital formations in cooperatives, contribution to the search of all solutions to prevent cooperatives to transform themselves to joint stock companies by Jao Salzar Leite INSCOOP 1991

Box 22, Folder 43

The challenge of new cooperatives by Yohaann Stryjan, university of Stockholm

Box 22, Folder 44

23rd CIREC International congress, social economy, and public economy new forms of cooperation in an era of globalization, Montreal, Quebec, Canada June 13-14, 2000

Box 22, Folder 45

Consumer owned: Sweden's cooperative democracy by W.T Lindberg

Box 22, Folder 46

Consumer cooperative institute (CCIJ) newsletter 1995

Box 22, Folder 47

Cooperatives in Canada, data 1993, 1999

Box 22, Folder 48

A cooperative development strategy for Canada, report of the National task force on co-operative development May 1984


Box 23

Scope and Contents

International Law
Box 23, Folder 1

Dept. of fair trading, cooperation from the new registry of cooperation 1996

Box 23, Folder 2

Cooperative initiative project, IRMA India

Box 23, Folder 3

Cooperative management, pub. by Farmer cooperatives in the U.S 1987

Box 23, Folder 4

The cooperative movement, an international view by S. K. Saxena, pub. by center for the study of cooperatives, University of Saskatchewan 1993

Box 23, Folder 5

Cooperative movement in Sweden

Box 23, Folder 6

Cooperative organizations in Western Canada by Murray Fulton, pub. by Occasional Papers, University of Saskatchewan, center for the study of Cooperatives 1988

Box 23, Folder 7

Collectives in Ontario, together we make a difference

Box 23, Folder 8

Cooperatives principles and legal foundations, USDA, Agricultural cooperative service 1977, 1987

Box 23, Folder 9

Cooperatives in principle and practice by Anne McGillivray and Daniel Ish, pub. by occasional paper series, center for the study of cooperatives, University of Saskatchewan March 1992

Box 23, Folder 10

The cooperative sector in Saskatchewan, a statistical overview, by Louis Simbanduwe, Murray Fulton, Lou Hammond Ketilson 1991

Box 23, Folder 11

The cooperative sector in the New South Wales Economy by Keith Wind Schuttle

Box 23, Folder 12

Credit Unions and caisses populaires: background, market characteristics, and future development by J. Terence Zinger, pub. by Centre for the study of cooperatives, University of Saskatchewan 1994

Box 23, Folder 13

Diagnóstico sobre la participación de la mujer en las cooperativas de vivienda (Costa Rica) 1996

Box 23, Folder 14

Director liability for California cooperatives no. 9 by Lottie Cohen, center for cooperatives, Univ. of CA, Davis June 1994

Box 23, Folder 15

Director's response in Australian cooperatives by Derril Wilde, pub. by Center for cooperatives 1989

Box 23, Folder 16

Dossier D information, Les cooperatives Canadiens, pub. By Govt. of Canada 1998

Box 23, Folder 17

Draft: country mark: freed compounding in Mexico, Ohio State University college of Food and Agricultural and environmental Sciences 1977

Box 23, Folder 18

EDCS productive development annual report 1992

Box 23, Folder 19

Escuela de estudios los cooperatives de la facultad de ciencias económicas y Empresariales de la universidad complutense de Madrid 1997

Box 23, Folder 20

European Agro Food system and the challenge of global competition ISMEA June 1989

Box 23, Folder 21

Extracts from the business and professions code of CA, ch. 6 containers June 26, 1943

Box 23, Folder 22

Extracts from the Agriculture code of CA pertaining to general provisions and non profit cooperative association, pub. By Bureau of markets, State of CA. dept of Agriculture September 15, 1945

Box 23, Folder 23

Extracts from the Agricultural code of California, CA marketing of 1937, state of CA, dept. of Ag October 1, 1949

Box 23, Folder 24

Faculty interest in cooperatives by Lori Lynch and Robert Sommer, center for consumer research, University of Cal., Davis November 1988

Box 23, Folder 25

Farmers, capital and the state in Germany c. 1860-1914 by Brett Fairbairn, pub. By Occasional Paper series, center for study of cooperatives, University of Saskatchewan 1991

Box 23, Folder 26

The first 5 years, 1984-1989, Center for study of cooperatives, university of Saskatchewan

Box 23, Folder 27

Fresh fruit standardization law, report from Horticultural statutes of CA 1919

Box 23, Folder 28

International Cooperation and Peace by Albin Johansson 1957

Box 23, Folder 29

International Food and Agribusiness management review vol. 1: no. 4, 3, vol. 3, no.2, 4 1998, 2000

Box 23, Folder 30

Internationale Politik, transatlantic edition vol. 2 March 2001

Box 23, Folder 31

International retailing by Brenda Sternquist, New York, Forrohild publications 1998

Box 23, Folder 32

Kooperativo stelo 1991

Box 23, Folder 33

Legal information of special interest to director of farmer cooperatives in Florida, by R.A. Eastwood food and resource economics department, institute of food and agricultural services, University of Florida December 1977

Box 23, Folder Â 34

L'Ocirp une force de la pre' voyance 2003

Box 23, Folder 35

Making change? Learning from Europe's consumer cooperatives by Ralph Nader task force on European cooperatives 1985

Box 23, Folder 36

Management of cooperatives, a bibliography, center for study of cooperatives, University of Saskatchewan

Box 23, Folder 37

Management planning with labor as a fixed cost by David P. Ellerman and School of management 1984

Box 23, Folder 38

The Mondragon cooperative movement, Harvard business school

Box 23, Folder 39

National Co-op update no. 6 November-December 1996

Box 23, Folder 40

Nazio Kooperatiba alliantza...

Box 23, Folder 41

News release: top 50 Canadian cooperatives for 1994, pub. By Govt. of Canada 1994

Box 23, Folder 42

Profile of the world, Agricultural cooperation 1996

Box 23, Folder 43

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Box 23, Folder 48

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Box 23, Folder 49

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Box 24

Scope and Contents

International Law, Legal
Box 24, Folder 1

Women's work? Men's work? To live a better life beyond gender, Japanese Consumer's Cooperative Union 1995

Box 24, Folder 2

World Congress IV, Abstracts of Proceedings, May 20-23, 1994, World Congress on Agribusiness, World Congress on Agribusiness Caracas, Venezuela May 1995

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Box 24, Folder 4

Working papers, lessons for success, The Nadakobe cooperative, vol 4. no.4 by Isao Takumera

Box 24, Folder 5

Yearbook of cooperative enterprise 1991 by J. Elise Bayley, Edgar Pannel and Nicky Colley, Oxford; Plunkett foundation 1990

Box 24, Folder 6

Correspondence 1982, 1983

Box 24, Folder 7

Annual report NCB Development corporation 1993

Box 24, Folder 8

Business organizations, the federal securities act Sowards 11 1981

Box 24, Folder 9

California Consumer cooperative law

Box 24, Folder 10

Cooperative publications and gifts from the National Cooperative Business Association 1991

Box 24, Folder 11

Cooperative Securities by A. James Roberts III

Box 24, Folder 12

Corporations for specific purposes

Box 24, Folder 13

Corporate securities law

Box 24, Folder 14

1982 Digest and Index of laws enacted, eleventh state legislature, regular session 1982

Box 24, Folder 15

Is there a new kind of marketing over the horizon? By Loyd McCormick

Box 24, Folder 16

A legal guide to co-op administration by Van E. Baldwin, pub. By Center for Cooperatives, University of California

Box 24, Folder 17

Legal handbook

Box 24, Folder 18

Liability prevention for cooperatives, pub. By Farm Credit services

Box 24, Folder 19

Michigan C-op law

Box 24, Folder 20

A model consumer cooperative act, comprehensive statute, annotated in detail to seven state laws with careful analysis, full commentary references by Art Danforth

Box 24, Folder 21

Net container Act 1937

Box 24, Folder 22

Non agricultural cooperatives in the United States: Roles, difficulties and prospects by Sonjib Bhuyan, F. Larry Leitritz, David W. Cobia 1998

Box 24, Folder 23

The offer and insurance of shares and promissory notes by California Consumer Cooperatives; selected exemptions from State qualification by Van. P Baldwin 1982

Box 24, Folder 24

Organization of California consumer cooperatives

Box 24, Folder 25

Opening a coop center in a new area, a guide for old and new consumer goods cooperatives

Box 24, Folder 26

Overview of non profit community and their management structure 1992, 1993

Box 24, Folder 27

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Box 24, Folder 28

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Box 24, Folder 29

TDR's working paper

Box 24, Folder 30

Third annual law and accounting seminar for California C-ops prepared by Van Baldwin November 12, 1988

Box 24, Folder 31

U.C. Davis Law review, University of CA, Davis, vol. 23, no. 3 1990


Box 25

Scope and Contents

Box 25, Folder 1

Assessing the importance of Oligopoly power in Agricultural markets by Richard Rodgers, Richard Sexton July 27,  1994

Box 25, Folder 2

Accounting and taxation for Cooperatives, pub. By Touche Ross and Co

Box 25, Folder 3

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Box 25, Folder 4

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Box 25, Folder 8

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Box 25, Folder 10

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Box 25, Folder 11

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Box 25, Folder 12

An annotated Bibliography on Cooperation by NASCO-Students of Cooperation

Box 25, Folder 13

Annual Conference November 1998

Box 25, Folder 14

Anuario de Estados Cooperativos Lankidetsasko Ikaskuntzen Urtekaria 1993

Box 25, Folder 15

Assembly Bill no. 2958 Chapter 427 1994

Box 25, Folder 16

Assembly Bill no. 3034 Chapter 564 1982

Box 25, Folder 17

Assembly Bill no. 1183, Chapter 792 1983

Box 25, Folder 18

Assembly Bill no. 2958 Chapter 427 1994

Box 25, Folder 19

Assembly Bill no. 3044 Chapter 1625 1982

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Box 25, Folder 21

AXE- cooperatives have them too! Pub. By Cooperative League of USA 1971

Box 25, Folder 22

Bank notes, pub. By National Cooperative Bank, 1st quarter 1992


Box 26

Scope and Contents

Box 26, Folder 1

Benevolent Monopoly: the legal transformation of Agricultural cooperation, 1890-1943 by Victoria Alice Shaker 1990

Box 26, Folder 2

Beyond Illinois Brick: The Law and Economics of cast press- Through in the ADM price fixing case by Ronald W. Cotterill, Leonard Egan and William Buckhold, reprint no. 89 research on private strategies, public policies and Food systems performance

Box 26, Folder 3

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Board and committee manual, pub. By Cooperative League of USA

Box 26, Folder 5

Board of director's training session, fundamentals of effective Board operations and Accountability bay Karen Zimbelman 1986

Box 26, Folder 6

A brief guide for natural food co-ops

Box 26, Folder 7

Bringing families together: A guide to parent cooperatives by E. Kim Cootz, center for cooperatives, University of CA

Box 26, Folder 8

Building community, UC Davis annual report 2001

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Box 26, Folder 10

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Box 26, Folder 13

California at a glance, crop year pub. By California Farmer 1993, 1998

Box 26, Folder 14

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Box 26, Folder 16

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Box 26, Folder 19

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Box 26, Folder 20

Center for Cooperatives, University of CA, Cooperatives and Communities, San Diego CA November 6-7, 1998

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Box 26, Folder 31

Coops and cooperation conference at Madison Wisc April 16-18, 1971

Box 26, Folder 32

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Box 26, Folder 33

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Box 26, Folder 34

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Box 26, Folder 45

Co-ops ESOPS, and worker participation by Rebecca Bauen, reprinted from Dollars and Sense

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Box 27

Scope and Contents

Box 27, Folder 1

Cooperative housing foundation 1998

Box 27, Folder 2

Cooperative housing, a handbook for effective operations, pub. By Midwest Assoc. of Housing cooperatives organization for Applies Science in society 1977

Box 27, Folder Â 3

Coop incorporation sourcebook by Van P. Baldwin, Center fro Cooperatives, University of California, Davis 1994

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Box 27, Folder 6

Cooperative League of the USA, misc. Pamphlets and brochures

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Box 27, Folder 15

Co-op plus quarterly 1999

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Box 27, Folder 20

1998 Cooperative statesmen 111 member relations is everybody's business, center for cooperatives University of Ca

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Country profile and scope of work on cooperative development and management curriculum development: Ethiopia 1996

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Box 27, Folder 30

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Box 28

Scope and Contents

Box 28, Folder 1

Economic methods by J. Johnston, third ed., San Francisco CA; McGraw Hill Book Co 1984

Box 28, Folder 2

Education in Cooperatives by Carlyle Hodgkin

Box 28, Folder 3

Educational Materials, Washington State University, College of Agriculture and Home Economics cooperative extension, Agricultural Research center

Box 28, Folder 4

Elementos básicos de administración, serie Educacion Empresarial collection popular oficina September 1993

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Box 28, Folder 6

Elements of Handicraft cooperative formation and operation

Box 28, Folder 7

Energy Co-op development, building power in our communities 1997

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Box 28, Folder 11

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Growing Business for CA's future, California small business development centers

Box 28, Folder 29

Guidebook and directory of consultants for creatin learners commodities- A coalition for self learning 2000

Box 28, Folder 30

Guidelines for the preparation on handicraft cooperative grant packages for submission to funding agency

Box 28, Folder 31

A guide to the city of cooperatives by Daniel J. Thompson seen in Davis Food Co-op news October 1996

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A history of parent cooperative nursery schools in California and throughout the world by Dorothy W. Howes 1995

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Box 28, Folder 38

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Box 29

Scope and Contents

Box 29, Folder 1

Model document for housing cooperatives, pub. by National Economic Development Law Project 1982

Box 29, Folder 2

Moving ahead with group action, a first step in consumer group action, pub. by Cooperative League of USA 1966

Box 29, Folder 3

NASCO guide to Campus cooperatives in North America 1987, 1988

Box 29, Folder 4

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Box 29, Folder 5

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Box 29, Folder 7

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National Consumer Cooperative Bank Act August 20, 1978

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National Consumer Cooperative Bank reports 1979

Box 29, Folder 10

National Consumer Cooperative Bank Act, hearings before the subcommittee on financial institutions of the committees on Banking, housing, and urban affairs, United States Senate, 2nd session on S. 1010 and H.R. 2777 January 25, 26, 1978

Box 29, Folder 11

National Consumer Cooperative Bank report on the inter agency task force, summary report for the board of directors of the bank and the directors of the bank and the director of the office of self help development and technical assistance 1979

Box 29, Folder 12

National Consumer Cooperative Bank proposed policies January 1980

Box 29, Folder 13

National Cooperative Bank 2000 Annual fund

Box 29, Folder 14

National Cooperative business Association Annual report 1988

Box 29, Folder 15

National Cooperative Business Association annual report 1996

Box 29, Folder 16

NCB Co-op 100 2001

Box 29, Folder 17

NCBO development cooperation

Box 29, Folder 18

Network of centers, the people

Box 29, Folder 19

New Strategic Directors for Agricultural marketing cooperatives workshop June 25-25, 1992

Box 29, Folder 20

New village, building sustainable agriculture, community scale economics, issue 2, pub. By ADPSR 2000

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Not for the meek: rural manufactures competing in a world market by Susan Christopher Nunn, pub. By Arkansas Enterprise Center Winrock International

Box 29, Folder 23


Box 29, Folder 24

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Box 29, Folder 38

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Box 29, Folder 39

Participating B and L lenders in CA. USDA rural development business and Industrial (B and I) Guaranteed loan program 1996

Box 29, Folder Â 40

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Potential coordinating functions of a farmer cooperative by James D., S. Haffer and John M. Seatz

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The proceedings of the 1997 cooperative development forum, cooperatives: Partnerships for economic development building blocks for development June 13-15, 1997

Box 29, Folder 44

Produce Business, vol. 19, no. 5 May 2003


Box 30

Scope and Contents

Box 30, Folder 1

How to convert a company into an industrial cooperative by Roger Sawtel, pub. by Cooperative development agency 1979

Box 30, Folder 2

How to organize a co-op, moving ahead together pub. by office of economic opportunity 1969

Box 30, Folder 3

How to organize a cooperative, pub. by National Cooperative Business Association 1987

Box 30, Folder 4

How to organize and operate a cooperative, a handbook for chapter members

Box 30, Folder 5

How to start a coop by Mary Linehan, Con'O Lary and Vincent Tucker, Bank Of Ireland center for cooperatives studies 1981

Box 30, Folder 6

How to start a coop by Phil Dodge 1983

Box 30, Folder 7

Hydroculture Inc., reprinted from Arizona Highways Magazine

Box 30, Folder 8

International Business Strategies, new directions for farmer cooperatives, conference proceedings by Bruce J. Reynolds and Karen J. Spatz report 91-58 August 1991

Box 30, Folder 9

Intermediary relending program (IRP) summary sheet

Box 30, Folder 10

Interview of Robert E. Collins by Gerald D. Marcus, Walnut Grove, CA December 2,  1988

Box 30, Folder 11

Interview of Davis L. Zollinger by Gerald D. Marcus, Turlock, CA March 25, 1989

Box 30, Folder 12

Interview with Cameron Girton by Gerald D. Marcus, San Francisco, CA December 9, 1988

Box 30, Folder 13

Interview with Kalem Berserian by Gerald D. Marcus, Madera, CA May 12, 1989

Box 30, Folder 14

Investigation of Waste wood, yard design, and cellulose location and availability prepared by International resource unlimited 1994

Box 30, Folder 15

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Box 30, Folder 16

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Box 30, Folder 20

Left handed fastballers, scouting and training America's grass roots leaders By Davis Nevin 1966-1977

Box 30, Folder 21

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Box 30, Folder 22

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Box 30, Folder 23

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Box 30, Folder 24

The Link, a magazine for employees and members June 1999

Box 30, Folder 25

List of references

Box 30, Folder 26

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Box 30, Folder 31

Member Participation and the power of exports in democratic organizations, a case study of a cooperative warehouse by Ellen Wersan 1978

Box 30, Folder 32

Membership Directory, natural agribusiness management association IAMA 1993

Box 30, Folder 33

Membership marketing contracts of Agricultural cooperatives in California by W.F. Mueller, J.M. Turley, bulletin 760, pub. By California Agricultural experiment station 1958

Box 30, Folder 34

Member relations workshop "selling cooperative value" Recreation Pool Lodge, University of California, Davis November 24/25, 1997

Box 30, Folder 35

Micro Empresa! General

Box 30, Folder 36

Milk marketing, a report of the U.S. department of Justice to the task group on antitrust immunities January 1977

Box 30, Folder 37

A model consumer cooperative act by Art Danforth 1981


Box 31

Scope and Contents

Box 31, Folder 1

Programa de la mujer en el campo cooperative April 1993

Box 31, Folder 2

Program priorities, University of California, Division of Agriculture and natural resources March 1999

Box 31, Folder 3

Publications catalogue, North American Students of Cooperation

Box 31, Folder 4

Public law 95-351, 95th Congress

Box 31, Folder 5

Putting cooperation to work, a handbook for rural businesses, economic development groups, and planning agencies, by Bruce L. Anderson, Brian M. Henettan and J. Robert Keichner August 5, 1995

Box 31, Folder 6

Rancher's choice cooperatives; What happened? By Constance L. Folk, seen in review of Agricultural Economics, vol. 24, no. 2

Box 31, Folder 7

Reconstituted Panel board opportunities utilizing recycled materials in Siskiyou county, CA presented by International Resources Unlimited August 1994

Box 31, Folder 8

REPORTS: Agriculture, Economics from USDA"s Economic agencies, annual issue 1994

Box 31, Folder 9

Report of the commission on California agriculture and higher education January 1995

Box 31, Folder 10

Report of the ICA commission on co-operatives principles 1976

Box 31, Folder 11

A report on the Northwest economic adjustment initiatives in CA 1994-1996

Box 31, Folder 12

Resources for Co-op capitalization

Box 31, Folder 13

The role of the attorney in a community owned and operated cooperative by Cora T. Walker 1969

Box 31, Folder 14

Rice Straw harvesting and handling for off field utilization, 1st annual report July 1998

Box 31, Folder 15

Running the American corporation, ed. By William R. Dill, American Assembly

Box 31, Folder 16

Rural zoning ordinances in Wisconsin, circular 281, pub. By Extension Services, University of Wisconsin July 1936

Box 31, Folder 17

Securities and Capital structures of Farmer cooperatives in California by Francis Kerner, 19Hastings Law Journal 309 January 1968

Box 31, Folder 18

Sectoral Employment Learning project, project quest 2001

Box 31, Folder 19

Selected research and extension projects of four regional rural development centers combined report 1996

Box 31, Folder 20

Shaping Agriculture in the 21st century, Sacramento proceedings of a symposium June 22, 1995

Box 31, Folder 21

Sistema de contabilidad simplificado 1996

Box 31, Folder 22

Siskiyou county economic development council sudden and severe economic dislocation program, plant closures recovery plan, EDA project No. 07-09-03247, prepared by International resources unlimited 1992

Box 31, Folder 23

SJ Hay grower 1997, 1998

Box 31, Folder 24

Small Farm handbook, pub. By Small Farm center, University of CA., division of Agriculture and natural resources 1994

Box 31, Folder 25

Small Farm news, vol. III 2002

Box 31, Folder 26

Sources of cooperative information, pub. By International cooperative alliance November 1978

Box 31, Folder 27

Southern States Annual report, cooperative Farmer 1998

Box 31, Folder 28

Spanning boundaries, re-thinking community competitiveness and cooperation, work in progress by Carol L. James 1995

Box 31, Folder 29

Stanislaus Hay presentation Co-op

Box 31, Folder 30

Starting on Agricultural marketing cooperative, center for cooperatives, University of CA, Davis 1994

Box 31, Folder 31

Starting a cooperative for special forest products by Deborah Coray, Mahlon G. Lang, Deborah Gray, Center for cooperatives, University of CA, Davis 1995

Box 31, Folder 32

Starting a worker cooperative, a handbook, Union labor 1995

Box 31, Folder 33

Strategic alliances among rural hospitals by James M. Carman, Center for Cooperatives, University of CA. Davis, no. 6 1992

Box 31, Folder 34

Steps to starting a marketing co-op by Karen Zimbleman, E. Kim Coontz Audrey Malon, pub. By Center for Cooperatives, University of CA 1996

Box 31, Folder 35

A study of rural cooperatives by William L. Hamilton, office of economic opportunity

Box 31, Folder 36

The Sunkist adventure, Farmer Cooperative service, USDA, FCS information 94 1975

Box 31, Folder 37

Sun Diamond growers of CA, annual report 1992

Box 31, Folder 38

Survey of general managers, CEO marketing cooperatives

Box 31, Folder 39

Sustainable Agriculture, vol. 14, no. 2 2002

Box 31, Folder 40

A sustaining comradeship 1988

Box 31, Folder 41

Tenant's guide to cooperative conversions by John Rubenzal, Alvin Bonett, Tom Owens 1979


Box 32

Scope and Contents

Misc., Spanish
Box 32, Folder 1

Study of potential strawberry and Raspberry cooperative by Karen Spatz

Box 32, Folder 2

Thinking Big, thinking Cooperative by Deb Gray

Box 32, Folder 3

Time to organize why? When? Where? How? Pub. By Cooperative League of USA

Box 32, Folder 4

Training Guide; considerations for organization and operation limited resource cooperatives, pub. By cooperative extension service, Auburn Univ 1970

Box 32, Folder 5

TRANET no. 95 July 1995

Box 32, Folder 6

TVA Rural studies Program, a Survey of new cooperative ventures since 1990 by Adrienne Bernard and Kimberly Zeuli, contract paper 99-8 September 1999

Box 32, Folder 7

UC Davis the Now century; implementing the vision, annual report 2000

Box 32, Folder 8

UC Davis Financial report 2002

Box 32, Folder 9

Understanding your cooperative

Box 32, Folder 10

United States Department of Agriculture Rural Economic and community development, rural business and cooperative development service June 1995

Box 32, Folder 11

A United Voice for cooperatives, pub. By National council of farmer cooperatives and affiliated organizations 1987

Box 32, Folder 12

University of CA, Riverside, the flying wedge of cooperation, G. Harold Powell, California orange growers and the corporate reconstruction of American Agriculture 1904-1922 by Herman Vincent Moses 1995

Box 32, Folder 13

University Center for cooperatives, University of Wisconsin

Box 32, Folder 14

University of California division of Agriculture and natural resources statewide programs December 1995

Box 32, Folder 15

USDA Rural business and Industry (B and I) guaranteed loans 1996

Box 32, Folder 16

USDA rural development- California annual report 1996

Box 32, Folder 17

USDA Rural development, financing your business 1996

Box 32, Folder 18

UWCC Working together, University of Wisconsin, center for cooperatives, vol. 3 no. 2 November 1995

Box 32, Folder 19

Valuing UC research and extension summary report publications, VR-1, VR-2 Agricultural Issues center April 1994

Box 32, Folder 20

Variedades del olivo by J. Tous Marti, A. Romero Aroca "Fundacion" la CAXXA 1993

Box 32, Folder 21

Volunteers in overseas cooperative assistance project listing fiscal year, pub. By VOCA 1992

Box 32, Folder 22

Warranty for the C-op meeting, pub. By Cooperative League of USA

Box 32, Folder 23

The Washington Cooperator; viol. 12 no. 4, 6 August, December 1997

Box 32, Folder 24

Western regional Enterprise community conference, Sacramento CA September 25-26, 1996

Box 32, Folder 25

Where do we go from here? A co-op ed. By Dan Swinney

Box 32, Folder 26

What happened to the Berkley Co-op?

Box 32, Folder 27

What is a worker cooperative? By David P. Ellerman

Box 32, Folder 28

Who's minding the co-op? by Linda Kravitz, pub. By Agribusiness Accountability project report on Farmer control of farmer cooperatives March 1974

Box 32, Folder 29

Wiley non profit bookstore 1993

Box 32, Folder 30

Worker co-op resource list compiled for the 10/96 NWCF congress October 1996

Box 32, Folder 31

Workplace democracy and productivity by Karl Frieden pub. By National center for economic alternatives 1980

Box 32, Folder 32

Workers take over the stone, by John Egarton, reprinted from N.Y. Times magazine September 11, 1983

Box 32, Folder 33

Year in cooperation, a cooperative development magazine, vol. 1, no. 1 1994

Box 32, Folder 34

Yesterday Today and tomorrow, the farmer takes a hand by Marquis W. Childs 1980

Box 32, Folder 35

You asked about crops Spanish

Box 32, Folder 36-41

Spanish Language


Box 33

Scope and Contents

Box 33, Folder 1-29

Spanish Language


Box 34

Scope and Contents

Spanish, USDA Cooperative reports
Box 34, Folder 1-28

Spanish Language: USDA Cooperative reports

Box 34, Folder 29

USDA Farmer cooperative service, cooperative reports: 4,10,11,18,21,22,23,30,32,33,34,35,41,66 1957, 1977

Box 34, Folder 30

USDA Farmer cooperative service, cooperative reports: 69,70,97,100,104,111,120,275,1001,1074 1963, 1977


Box 35

Scope and Contents

USDA Cooperative reports
Box 35, Folder 1

Federal Income taxes, legal phase of farmer cooperatives, information 100, Farmer cooperative service, USDA 1976

Box 35, Folder 2

USDA Agricultural cooperative service Cooperative report: 22,27,31,33,35,37,39,43,66,100,114 1985, 1993

Box 35, Folder 3

USDA, Agricultural Cooperative service, cooperative reports: 2,3,4,7,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,21 1983, 1993

Box 35, Folder 4

Cooperative information reports, farmer cooperatives in the US, USDA Agricultural cooperative service, reports no. 1, section: 5,8,13,19,26,27,110 1977, 1990

Box 35, Folder 5

Cooperative information report, Agricultural cooperative service, USDA, reports no: 1 section 2,8), 4,5,13,31,41,45,75,87,90,124,126,104, Agricultural Cooperative Service accomplishments 1992, 1993, 1984, 1993

Box 35, Folder 6

Cooperative information reports, Agricultural/Rural business cooperative service, USDA report no: 7,16,20,23,54,141 1983, 1995

Box 35, Folder 7

Cooperative information reports, Agricultural cooperative service, USDA, report no: 2,2636,37,39,43,43,44,62,65,79,80,83,85,89,94,104,114,133, Farmer cooperative publications Top 100 Cooperatives 1992 profile 1984, 1994

Box 35, Folder 8

USDA Agricultural cooperative service, Cooperative Information report no: 14, 15,34,43,44,47, and top 100 cooperatives 1988 profile 1985, 1993


Box 36

Scope and Contents

USDA Cooperative reports
Box 36, Folder 1

Cooperative information report, Cooperative service, USDA report no: 1,40,43,44,48,69,100 1970, 1996

Box 36, Folder 2

USDA rural development administration, cooperative report 45, 136 1994

Box 36, Folder 3

USDA Rural business and cooperative development service, cooperative report no: 4,10,18,45,48,49,141 1995

Box 36, Folder 4

USDA Rural business cooperative service cooperative report no: 40,45,49,52,53,54,55,141,155 1995, 1997

Box 36, Folder 5

USDA Rural business and community development service report no. 51 1995

Box 36, Folder 6

USDA Farmer cooperatives in the United States. cooperative information report #1, section: 1,3,6,7,8,26 1986, 1995

Box 36, Folder 7

Cooperative information report, RBS research report-Rural business and Cooperative Development Service report no: 48,54,150,151,154,159,177, and top 100 Cooperatives 1993 profile 1993, 2001

Box 36, Folder 8

USDA Rural Business Cooperative service, Cooperative information reports no: 46, 56 1995, 1997

Box 36

Center for Cooperatives Videocassettes

Scope and Contents

"Cooperative director responsibility and liability"; "Cooperatives, working for all of us"; "Portrait of the Valley, Agricultural issues center"; "Resources at risk, air quality"; "Resources at risk, land and water use"; "Sharing scarcity"