Finding Aid for the Elliott Welsh papers, circa 1965-circa 1995 0000192

Finding aid prepared by Chris Marino
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Architecture and Design Collection, Art, Design & Architecture Museum
Arts Building Room 1434
University of California
Santa Barbara, California, 93106-7130

Title: Elliott Welsh papers
Identifier/Call Number: 0000192
Contributing Institution: Architecture and Design Collection, Art, Design & Architecture Museum
Language of Material: English
Physical Description: 5.0 Linear feet (1 record storage box, 1 flat file folder, and 2 boxes of drawings)
Date (inclusive): circa 1965-circa 1995
Location note: Box 1/ADC - regular 1 Flat FIle Folder/ADC - flat files misc. 2 Boxes/Mosher - rolls
creator: Welsh, Elliot, 1916-1997


Partially processed collection, open for use by qualified researchers.

Preferred Citation note

Elliott Welsh papers, Architecture and Design Collection. Art, Design & Architecture Museum; University of California, Santa Barbara.

Biographical/Historical note

Elliot Welsh was born on June 19, 1916. He graduated from University High School and went on to technical school where he studied design. After school, Welsh worked shortly for the architect Paul Williams whom Welsh credited with having taught him the fundamentals of residential architecture. During WWII, Welsh worked as a draftsman for Douglas Aircraft in Santa Monica. After the war he began to practice architecture out of his home on 26th street in Santa Monica, designing primarily homes in the Brentwood and Bel Air areas. From the mid-1960s to the early 1970s, Welsh worked with architect Elda Muir. The two worked out of her office in Santa Monica. Welsh died on April 21, 1997.

Scope and Content note

The Elliott Welsh papers span 5 linear feet and date from circa 1965 to circa 1995. The collection consists of the work of two architects, Elliot Welsh and Elda Muir. Within the Elliott Welsh collection there is one file folder filled with Elda Muir’s architectural drawings for the Louis R. Busch residence dated 1965. Aside from this folder, the rest of the collection regards the work of Welsh in the form of architectural drawings and reprographic copies of residences and residential remodels in the Los Angeles area, as well as specifications, agreements, and letters from Welsh to clients concerning projects.

Related Archival Materials note

Elda Muir papers, Architecture and Design Collection. Art, Design & Architecture Museum; University of California, Santa Barbara.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Muir, Edla, 1906-1970
Welsh, Elliot, 1916-1997
Architectural drawings
Reprographic copies



Drawer D61, FlatFile 1-2

Akins, Perry house additions 9566 Jacon Way (Pacific Palisades, Calif.) 1992

Drawer D61, Folder 3

Akins, Perry residence 9566 Jacon Way (Pacific Palisades, Calif.) 1992

Drawer D61, FlatFile 4-5

Anderson, Richard house alterations 3303 Pearl St. (Santa Monica, Calif.) 1989

Drawer D61, Folder 6

Auerbach, Ernest kitchen additions 1101 Amalfi Dr. (Los Angeles, Calif.) 1987

Drawer D61, Folder 7

Bailard, Marianne and Fred house interior alterations 1254 El Hito Cir. (Pacific Palisades, Calif.) undated

Drawer D61, Folder 8

Busch, Louis house 3264 Serra Rd. (Calif.) 1965

Drawer D61, FlatFile 9-10

Carlson, Edmund house additions 2810 Butler Ave. (Los Angeles, Calif.) 1989

Drawer D61, Folder 11

Cooper, Lee house additions 330 23rd Street (Santa Monica, Calif.) 1990

Drawer D61, FlatFile 12-13

Cosaro, Gustavo house additions 75 Flintlock Ln. (Ventura, Calif.) 1983

Drawer D61, FlatFile 14-15

Curran, David house additions 1101 Iliff St. (Los Angeles, Calif.) 1986

Drawer D61, Folder 16

Dishman, John house addition 603-11th Street (Santa Monica, Calif.) 1984-1985

Drawer D61, Folder 17

Draine, Robert house Guiberson Rd. (Ventura County, Calif.) 1978

Drawer D61, Folder 18

Draine, Robert house Bardsdale (Ventura County, Calif.) 1978

Drawer D61, FlatFile 19-20

Fischman, Ronald house additions 361-21st Street (Santa Monica, Calif.) 1985

Drawer D62, Folder 1

Fox, Stanley house additions 508-11th Street (Santa Monica, Calif.) 1979

Drawer D62, Folder 2

Given, R.H. house alterations 12315 Helena (Los Angeles, Calif.) 1982

Drawer D62, Folder 3

Gold, B. house additions 1150 Monument St. (Los Angeles, Calif.) 1980

Drawer D62, Folder 4

Goodrum, George house 10935 Ohio Ave. (Los Angeles, Calif.) undated

Drawer D62, Folder 5

Goodrum, George house 13900 Linda Flora Dr. (Los Angeles, Calif.) 1952

Drawer D62, Folder 6

Green, Bud house 16878 Sunset Blvd. (Los Angeles, Calif.) 1976

Drawer D62, Folder 7

Henon, Barbara & Shilling, Richard house additions 1042 Embury (Pacific Palisades, Calif.) 1992

Drawer D62, Folder 8

Hume, W.S. house additions 525 N. Burdy Dr. (Los Angeles, Calif.) 1985

Drawer D62, Folder 9

International Construction house 17320 Veronica St. (Los Angeles, Calif.) 1966

Drawer D62, Folder 10

Kayn, Thomas house additions 524 22nd St. (Santa Monica, Calif.) 1986

Drawer D62, Folder 11

Knudsen, Arnold house additions 1248 Bienveneda Ave. (Los Angeles, Calif.) 1990

Drawer D62, Folder 12

Lee, Fred house additions 1394 Avenida De Cortez (Los Angeles, Calif.) 1986

Drawer D62, FlatFile 13-14

Little, R. house additions 911 Kagawa St. (Los Angeles, Calif.) 1978

Drawer D62, Folder 15

Maffeo, N.T. house additions 13280 Valley Vista Blvd. (Los Angeles, Calif.) 1983

Drawer D62, FlatFile 16-17

Martineau, John house additions 797 Amalfi Dr. (Los Angeles, Calif.) 1984

Drawer D62, Folder 18

Mckellar, David house additions 17066 Bollinger Dr. (Pacific Palisades, Calif. - Los Angeles, Calif.) 1987

Drawer D62, Folder 19

Norris house additions 1057 Iliff St. (Pacific Palisades, Calif.) 1987

Drawer D62, Folder 20

Pacific Palisades Presbyterian Church 902 El Medio Ave. (Pacific Palisades, Calif.) 1992

Drawer D63, Folder 1

Robin, Alan house 1725 San Vicence Blvd. (Santa monica, Calif.) undated

Drawer D63, Folder 2

Rose, Earl house 101 South Helberta Ave. (Redondo Beach, Calif.) 1977

Drawer D63, Folder 3

Sawyer, Marshal house undated

Drawer D63, Folder 4

Steiskal, William Patio Sun Screen 2161 Linda Flora Dr. (Los Angeles, Calif.) 1986

Drawer D63, Folder 5

Store Building additions 1714 Wilshire Blvd. (Santa Monica, Calif.) undated

Drawer D63, Folder 6

Strauss, Robert house additions 9733 Monte Mar Drive (Los Angeles, Calif.) 1989

Drawer D63, FlatFile 7-9

Snyder, Don house additions 16783 Edgar St. (Los Angeles, Calif.) 1989

Drawer D63, Folder 10

Snyder, Don house additions 428 Beirut Ave. (Pacific Palisades, Calif.) 1988

Drawer D63, FlatFile 11-12

Synder, Robert house additions 921 Embury St. (Los Angeles, Calif.) 1988

Drawer D63, FlatFile 13-14

Synder, Robert house additions 361 Las Casas Ave. (Los Angeles, Calif.) 1990

Drawer D63, Folder 15

Soriano, B. house alterations 8124 Ramsgate Ave. (Los Angeles, Calif.) 1991

Drawer D63, Folder 16

Swanson, Gordon house additions 2832 Dunleer Place (Los Angeles, Calif.) 1986

Drawer D63, FlatFile 17-19

Tarquinio, Carl apartments 1716 Franklin St. (Santa Monica, Calif.) 1989

Drawer D63, Folder 20

Troxell, Victor house additions 450 Puerto Del Mar (Pacific Palisades, Calif.) 1984

Drawer D64, Folder 1

Turner, Ralph house additions 1126 Chautauqua Blvd. (Pacific Palisades, Calif.) 1989

Drawer D64, FlatFile 2-3

Turowski, Walter house additions 413 W. Channel Rd. (Los Angeles, Calif.) 1986

Drawer D64, FlatFile 4-5, 7-8

Unidentified undated

Drawer D64, Folder 6

Unidentified Powder Room 1934

Drawer D64, Folder 9

Unidentified proposed additions 30063 Andromeda Lane (Los Angeles County, Calif.) 1982

Drawer D64, Folder 10

Wittenberg, J. house additions 15420 Bestor Blvd. (Los Angeles, Calif.) 1986



Box 1, Folder 1

Ames, Charles 818 26th Street (Santa Monica, Calif.) 1974

Box 1, Folder 2

Becker, R. house additions and alterations 501 Salerno Dr. (Pacific Palisades, Calif.) 1982

Box 1, Folder 3

Breger, Ivan house additions and alterations 1106 Galloway St. (Los Angeles, Calif.) 1980

Box 1, Folder 4

Busch Residence Structural Calculations undated

Box 1, Folder 6

Buteyn, Dale house Rambla Vista (County of Los Angeles, Calif.) undated

Box 1, Folder 7

Carroll, Ronald house 818-26th St. (Santa Monica, Calif.) undated

Box 1, Folder 8

Drinkwater house undated

Box 1, Folder 9

Glaser, Manuel house 313 N. Barrington Ave. (Los Angeles, Calif.) 1972

Box 1, Folder 10

Goodrum, George house and Garage (Los Angeles, Calif.) undated

Box 1, Folder 11

Knudsen, Arnold house alterations and additions 1248 Bienveneda Ave. (Los Angeles, Calif.) undated

Box 1, Folder 12

La Rue, Louis 841 Bienveneda Ave. (Pacific Palisades, Calif.) 1973

Box 1, Folder 13

Markle, Fletcher Residence and Carport Lot 9 Tract 16827 Orum Road (City of Los Angeles, Calif.) undated

Box 1, Folder 14

Numer house additions and alterations 711 Haverford Ave. (Pacific Palisades, Calif.) 1982

Box 1, Folder 15

Robin house undated

Box 1, Folder 16

Sanger house 11501 Orum Rd. (Bel Air, Calif.) undated

Box 1, Folder 17

Thorne, David Residence Construction Contracts 2322 California Ave. (Santa Monica, Calif.) 1973

Box 1, Folder 18

Unidentified Specifications undated

Box 1, Folder 5

Welsh, Elliott business card undated

Box 1, Folder 19

Whitmoke, Kenneth house addition & alterations 818-26th Street (Santa Monica, Calif.) undated