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Guide to the Jim C. Warren papers
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Computer Faire, Series 1, 1968-1991

Series Scope and Content

This series contains Warren’s files on the Computer Faire, revealing his systems for organizing and managing this widely attended event. The largest part of this series relates to companies and organizations that exhibited at the Faire. Second in quantity are Warren’s files on the speakers who participated in the Faire’s presentations and sessions. Last, and smallest, in this series is Warren’s general administrative material documenting various aspects of the events’ planning and coordination. The parts of the series concerning exhibitors and speakers cover the Computer Faire’s first few years before Warren sold his rights to the event in 1983, while the administrative material spans a larger time period ending the same year that the last Faire was held. Warren’s original alphabetical filing order is preserved in the first two parts of this series relating to exhibitors and speakers. The third portion, administrative material, was found in a less usable order and was arranged by records’ functions and types.


This series is arranged into 3 subseries:
Subseries 1.1, Exhibitors, 1968-1982
Subseries 1.2, Speakers, 1976-1983
Subseries 1.3, Administrative material, 1976-1991

Exhibitors, Subseries 1.1, 1968-1982

Subseries Scope and Content

This subseries contains files on companies and organizations that exhibited at the first few years of Computer Faire events – mainly from 1977 to 1981. Most of this material consists of agreements and correspondence between Warren and exhibiting companies reserving exhibitor booths at the events. Companies of special interest or with larger quantities of material include Apple Computer Inc., Atari, Fairchild Semiconductor, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Texas Instruments, and Verbatim. Some of the files in this subseries comprise Warren’s more general corporate profiles with contact information and reference files. Also included are material on the mailing list that Warren kept on Computer Faire attendees and exhibitors. Warren and Computer Faire Inc. maintained several mailing lists of computer industry professionals and organizations that Warren had printed into label sets to be sold to other companies and individuals (mostly advertisers). The people who bought Warren’s mailing lists could use them to send mail solicitations as a means to advertise and coordinate. Correspondence, promotional material, and address-tracking for these mailing lists are all included in this subseries. Warren’s original alphabetical order by company name is preserved with each folder group cataloged under its corresponding letter of the alphabet.

102734792 123 company names 1977-1980


102739188 A company names 1975-1982


102739199 B company names 1969; 1976-1981


102739200 C company names 1969-1970; 1972-1974; 1976-1981


102739202 D company names 1968-1973; 1976-1980


102739203 E company names 1976-1981


102739204 F company names 1976-1981


102739205 G company names 1976-1981


102739206 H company names 1968-1981


102739207 I company names 1972-1981


102739211 J company names 1976-1981


102739208 K company names 1976-1981


102739209 L company names 1975-1981


102747948 M company names 1976-1981


102736163 N company names 1975-1981


102736164 O company names 1977-1981


102736165 P company names 1975-1981


102736004 Q company names 1974-1981


102736003 R company names 1974-1981


102736002 S company names 1974-1981


102736001 T company names 1975-1981


102736158 U company names 1977-1981


102736159 V company names 1975-1981


102736162 W company names 1968-1970; 1975-1981


102736160 X-Y company names 1976-1981


102736161 Z company names 1977-1981


Speakers, Subseries 1.2, 1976-1983

Subseries Scope and Content

This subseries is made up of material related to speakers at the Computer Faire dating from 1976 to 1983. The material consists of speaker applications, session proposals, and reports and abstracts. Also included are notes about the speakers written by Warren and other Computer Faire staff, and correspondence between Warren and speakers about their sessions. A number of well-known people in the computer industry are represented, as are artists and authors who were interested in or used computers in their work. People of note in this series include Bob Wallace, Bob Ulrickson, Ted Nelson, Adam Osborne, Tim Scully, Mike Seashols, and others. Folder titles are named for each letter of the alphabet, and within the folders, the documents are arranged alphabetically by speaker surname. This subseries is arranged alphabetically by folder title.

102734769 A surnames 1978-1983


102734771 B surnames 1978-1983


102734772 C surnames 1978-1983


102734773 D surnames 1978-1983


102735922 E surnames 1978-1983


102735921 F surnames 1978-1983


102735920 G surnames 1978-1983


102735919 H surnames 1978-1983


102735973 I surnames 1978-1983


102735974 J surnames 1978-1983


102735975 K surnames 1978-1983


102735976 L surnames 1978-1983


102735918 M surnames 1978-1983


102736144 N surnames 1977-1983


102736148 O surnames 1977-1983


102736145 P surnames 1977-1983


102736146 R surnames 1977-1983


102736150 S surnames 1977-1983


102736151 T surnames 1977-1982


102736152 U surnames 1976-1978


102736153 V surnames 1976-1982


102736154 W surnames 1977-1983


102736155 Y surnames 1978-1982


102736156 Z surnames 1977-1982


Administrative material, Subseries 1.3, 1976-1991

Subseries Scope and Content

This subseries contains Computer Faire administrative records relating to the coordination of speakers into panels, advertising for each Computer Faire, outreach, and various aspects of planning. About half of the records in this subseries are published under Computer Faire Inc., which owned and operated this event from the first fair Computer Faire in 1977 until Warren sold the rights to the event venture in 1983 to Prentice Hall. Most of the post-1983 records were published under Interface Group, led by Sheldon Adelson, who acquired the rights to the fair event soon after 1983 and managed it until its last show in 1991. The largest group of records in this subseries consists of correspondence with potential speakers, panelists, and chairpersons – including Warren himself acting in all three roles – along with presentation material, instructions for speakers and participants, and Warren's notes and listings of potential speakers. These records deal with coordinating groups of speakers and instructing all Computer Faire speakers, as opposed to the records in subseries 1.2, which are filed individually by each speaker’s surname. Other parts of this subseries include Computer Faire programs and exhibition guides, press, and correspondence regarding advertising. , and recordsRecords and transcriptions from the West Coast Computer Faire Advisory Board are also included here. The West Coast Computer Faire Advisory Board was set up after 1983, subsequent to Warren’s exit from the venture. Lastly, this subseries contains documents relating to the formation of an association of computer retailers, which include documentation of meetings between computer store owners at different events, especially the Computer Faire, questionnaires filled out by Computer Faire participants interested in joining this retailer association, and directories of personal computer stores. This subseries is arranged alphabetically by folder title.

102734799 Administrative correspondence and notes 1976-1987


102724414 Best of the IBM PC faires, volume 1 : conference proceedings of the first IBM PC faire 1983


102734802 Computer retailers association 1976-1980


102734840 Exhibits and meeting room reservations 1977-1984


102724415 IBM PC faire : program and exhibits guide 1983-08-26


102734765 Press and advertising 1976-1989


102734763 Programs and exhibition guides 1977-1991


102734757 Speakers, panels, and section chairs 1976-1991


102734853 West Coast Computer Faire Advisory Board 1986-1988


Political research and projects, Series 2, 1980-1996

Series Scope and Content

This series consists of records that document Warren’s political activism from 1980 to 1996. In 1993, Warren helped Assemblywoman Debra Bowen draft California Assembly Bill 1624, which passed into law in 1994 and declared that computerized public legislative records must be made available to the public online and at no cost. Included in this series are draft proposals and reviews of the bill, text amendments to it, notes and research, and correspondence. Warren also served on the California Secretary of State's Electronic Filing Advisory Panel in 1995, which made recommendations on the digitization and online accessibility of political-campaign financial statements. Included are the panel’s report and the financial statements of several California politicians. Warren was involved or interested in a number of other political issues that were related to the public’s increasing use of the internet, including electronic civil liberties, privacy, security, and cryptography, and this series includes records pertaining to his research on all those topics. Also included are political and campaign material from California and San Mateo County elections. This series is arranged alphabetically by folder title.

102739077 California Assembly Bill 1624 1992-1994


102739090 California politics and elections 1986-1996


102739084 Computer security 1990-1995


102739083 Cryptography 1988-1994


102739076 E-filing of campaign and lobbying financial disclosures 1993-1995


102739078 Electronic civil liberties 1989-1996


102739082 Electronic privacy [RESTRICTED] 1989-1996


102739085 Electronic surveillance 1988-1990


102739092 National politics 1980-1994


102739089 Other notes and correspondence 1990-1994


102739088 San Mateo County politics and elections 1989-1996


102739086 Search and seizure 1991-1995


Computing and technology research and projects, Series 3, 1969-1995

Series Scope and Content

This series is made up of material related to a variety of computing research and projects that Warren worked on from 1969 to 1995. Included are Warren’s correspondence and notes, and articles and reports he used in his research on networking, the internet, databases, and online access to local government information. There are records from several database projects Warren worked on, including those for San Mateo County demographics, GIS, and voter registration. Efforts related to Warren’s doctoral dissertation at Stanford University are also documented in this subseries. A part of Warren’s doctoral research involved how people managed to port applications and programs across heterogeneous machines with unrelated instruction sets. Warren aimed to create a means for inputting comprehensive descriptions of any two computers’ machine-level instruction-sets, along with a program for automatic conversions to machine-level code for each of those computers. , plus records related to a project for a portable operating system for microcomputers that Warren worked on while a student at Stanford. Also included is are correspondence, notes, program listings, and documentation related to projects Warren worked on as a programming consultant in the late 1960s and early 1970s, including programs for medical data collection and computer interfaces for tropospheric propagation measurements. Finally, there is a small amount of administrative material and correspondence related to completed projects. This series is arranged alphabetically by folder title.

102739164 Completed projects notes, contracts, and invoices 1981-1982


102735914 Computer interfaces for tropospheric propagation measurements project records 1972-1973


102739166 Database project records 1984-1993


102735912 MAC-5 project records 1970-1971


102735911 Medical data collection project records 1970


102735913 Microform Data Systems project records 1969-1970


102739163 Notes and research on networking and the internet 1987-1995


102739165 Notes and research on online public access to local government information 1991-1995


102739167 Other notes and correspondence 1989-1993


102734909 Portable operating system for microcomputers project records 1973-1974


Publications and writings, Series 4, 1972-1995

Series Scope and Content

This series consists of administrative records, notes, correspondence, and research related to publications founded, edited, and published by Warren, and his freelance writing and editing. Material dates from 1972 to 1996. The majority of this series is related to DataCast magazine, which Warren founded and published from 1982 to 1983, and includes Warren’s notes, correspondence, and research on the topics covered by the magazine, such as microcomputing, datacasting, and broadcasting, plus planning and budgeting records, letters to the editors, and subscription records. The two co-editors of DataCast magazine, Tony Bove and Cheryl Rhodes, authored articles and provided much of the research for the magazine. There is also a large amount of administrative records, notes, correspondence, and research related to the programming and microcomputing periodical Dr. Dobb's Journal from 1976 to 1979. There is a smaller amount of administrative material related to the Silicon Gulch Gazette, which was published from 1977 to 1986 as a means to promote the Computer Faire and share information about the microcomputer industry. A very small portion of this series contains notes and correspondence related to Jim’s Industry Notes, a newsletter published from around 1977 to 1978 that focused on the computer hobbyist industry; Intelligent Machines Journal, which Warren founded in 1978 and then sold in 1979, and which was then renamed InfoWorld; and The Peninsula Citizens' Advocate, a local politics newspaper Warren published irregularly during the 1980s. Finally, there are several folders’ worth of administrative records, notes, correspondence, and other records that are either related to multiple publications or it is unclear which specific publication they belong to. This subseries is arranged alphabetically by folder title.

102739111 DataCast administrative records 1981-1983


102739108 DataCast notes and research on broadcasting and telephony 1978-1982


102734681 DataCast notes and research on datacasting 1972-1986


102739109 DataCast notes and research on microcomputing 1980-1981


102734702 DataCast notes and research on miscellaneous computing issues 1976-1982


102734682 DataCast notes and research on networking 1980-1981


102739104 Dr. Dobb’s Journal administrative records 1976-1977


102739105 Dr. Dobb’s Journal notes, research, and correspondence 1976-1979


102739098 Intelligent Machines Journal / InfoWorld notes and correspondence 1979-1984; 1992


102739101 Jim’s Industry Notes correspondence and notes 1977-1978


102739100 Miscellaneous administrative records, notes, and correspondence 1978-1988; 1995


102739106 Other writings 1975-1990


102739087 Peninsula Citizen’s Advocate correspondence and other records 1986-1992


102739102 Silicon Gulch Gazette administrative records 1977-1986


Conferences, workshops, and public talks, Series 5, 1975-1997

Series Scope and Content

This series consists of Warren’s files, arranged in his original order, relating to events he attended, researched, or was involved in presenting at or organizing. The first part of the series Warren filed chronologically and the second part he filed by the name or subject of the event. Material includes conference proceedings, presentation material, programs and pamphlets, correspondence, and photographs.


This series is arranged into 2 subseries:
Subseries 5.1, Chronological files, 1976-1996
Subseries 5.2, Alphabetical and subject files, 1975-1997

Chronological files, Subseries 5.1, 1976-1996

Subseries Scope and Content

This subseries contains Warren’s conference files that he arranged chronologically from 1976 to 1996. Types of material in this subseries include conference programs and pamphlets, correspondence, papers and presentation material presented at events, articles and publications relating to conferences, and photographs. The years with the largest amounts of material are 1978, 1994 and 1995. Of particular interest in the 1995 conference files are material on “Ties That Bind: Converging Communities – Community Network Conference.” Included in this file is a report titled "A Communications Strategy for Revitalization: Communications as Engagement" from The Millennium Report to the Rockefeller Foundation. A significant amount of material documents the 1994 Commonwealth Club "Electronic Public Access to Government" presentation as well, with weekly publications of the club interfiled with these records. This subseries is arranged chronologically.

102734748 1976 files 1976


102734749 1977 files 1977


102734750 1978 files 1978


102739170 1979 files 1979


102739171 1980 files 1980


102739172 1981 files 1981


102739173 1982 files 1982


102739174 1983 files 1983


102739178 1984 files 1984


102739179 1985 files 1985


102739180 1986 files 1986


102736178 1987 files 1987


102739182 1988 files 1988


102739184 1989 files 1989


102739185 1990 files 1990


102739186 1991 files 1991


102739187 1992 files 1992


102739189 1993 files 1993


102739190 1994 files 1994


102739198 1995 files 1995


102739201 1996 files 1996


Alphabetical and subject files, Subseries 5.2, 1975-1997

Subseries Scope and Content

This subseries contains Warren’s files related to conferences and other events that he filed by the title, subject, or type of the event (as opposed to its chronological order). The conference with the largest amount of material in this subseries is the IEEE Computer Society International Conference (COMPCON). Warren served on the COMPCON Program Committee for a number of years, working to identify possible speakers and garnering interest for those speakers to participate. Close to half of the COMPCON material is bound proceedings published by the IEEE Computer Society Press and the other half includes correspondence between Warren and other COMPCON attendees, calls for papers, conference program pamphlets, and Warren's notes and correspondence regarding COMPCON panels he participated in. Another event with significant documentation in this subseries is the IEEE Asilomar Microcomputer Workshop (also called the workshop on microprocessors) held annually in Asilomar, California. Warren served on the Asilomar Workshop’s steering and organizing committee and chaired a number of its sessions -- participating in various capacities from the late 1960s through the mid-1990s. This subseries also contains records relating to political conferences and meetings, especially the 1993 Conference on Computers, Freedom and Privacy. Training seminars, workshops, meetings, and public talks are also documented. Lastly, many items in this subseries relate to the Bootstrap Project at Stanford University, which was an inter-organizational consortium founded by Doug Engelbart geared toward developing interactive computing and coordinating organizations and their information systems to co-evolve effectively. Many of the Bootstrap Project materials relate to Groupware --– a software system for collaborative computing --– as well as planning and administrative material for Bootstrap Project seminars. Warren volunteered some of his time on this project, helping Engelbart organize and run lectures. This subseries is arranged alphabetically by folder title.

102734890 American Federation of Information Processing Societies (AFIPS) conference materials 1969-1979


102735923 Apple library of tomorrow 1993


102734684 Asilomar microcomputer and microprocessor workshop and conference materials 1977-1997


102739168 Bootstrap Project seminars 1983-1991


102734685 Conference on Computers, Freedom and Privacy 1991-1993


102734689 Conferences relating to computing and/or politics 1975-1994


102734698 IEEE Computer Society International Conference (COMPCON) materials and correspondence 1975-1993


102734686 IEEE Computer Society International Conference (COMPCON) proceedings 1982-1991


102734680 Training seminars, workshops, meetings, and public talks 1975-1995


Personal papers, Series 6, Bulk, 1974-1993 1964-1994

Series Scope and Content

This series contains personal correspondence, research, notes, business cards, notes about contacts, receipts, and personal clippings. The personal correspondence includes letters of appreciation from friends and Computer Faire attendees, invitations to events and parties, and postcards. Material relating to Warren’s education are also contained in this series, with records concerning his degrees at Stanford University in the departments of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and his MS in Medical Information Science from the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). Another large part of this series relates to Warren’s memberships and participation in various user groups and professional organizations – especially the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), Women's Wire, and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Also included in this series is material relating to Warren’s research and personal projects documenting consulting work that Warren was involved in, writings about mathematical curricula for elementary school education, legal matters Warren was interested or involved in, technical notes comparing different computers' performances, and correspondence with the Computer History Association of California. Other material represented in this series includes Warren’s health-related records and inquiries about various computers and electronics. This series is arranged alphabetically by folder title.

102739183 Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) publications and administrative correspondence 1974-1980


102734756 CompuPro and G & G Engineering 1981-1982


102734908 Correspondence and membership records from user groups and professional organizations 1968-1994


102734710 Education 1970-1993


102739072 Electronics inquiries 1979-1993


102739068 Health-related records [RESTRICTED] 1977; 1990-1993


102739169 HyperAge Communications litigation 1988


102739067 Notes and contacts 1980-1994


102739070 Personal clippings 1976-1993


102739069 Personal correspondence [RESTRICTED] 1973-1996


102739066 Personal research and projects 1964; 1976-1994


102739071 Receipts 1976-1990


Manuals, Series 7, 1956-2000

Series Scope and Content

This series is made up of computing manuals from a variety of companies and for a variety of software, hardware, and programming languages dating from 1956 to 2000. Included are manuals from more than 130 companies and institutions, with Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Stanford University, Symantec, and FileMaker having the largest concentrations of manuals. Most companies and institutions have their own record and folder group and are filed alphabetically by name, though a small number of companies that have few manuals are filed together alphabetically under the same catalog record. This series is arranged alphabetically by folder title.

102734787 ACIUS 4th DIMENSION 1989


102735924 ACIUS FILE FORCE 1990


102735925 Adaptec Toast 4 deluxe 1999


102734767 Adobe Illustrator 1993-1996


102735927 Adobe Systems manuals 1984; 1993-2000


102735928 Affinity Tempo II 1989-1992


102735926 After Hours Software TouchBASE, the personal contacts database 1991


102739191 Aladdin Systems manuals 1990; 1994; 1997


102739192 Alethic Backmail user's manual 1990


102734881 Apple AppleScript 1993


102734810 Apple Computer, Inc. manuals 1992-1997


102734907 Apple inside Macintosh set 1985-1994


102734817 Apple LaswerWriter 1988


102734898 Apple Macintosh manuals 1988-1994


102734831 Apple remote access manuals 1991-1993


102739193 APS manuals 1994-1999


102739194 Ark Workspace user's guide 1991


102739195 Ashton-Tate software manuals 1985-1991; bulk 1990


102739196 ATi manuals 1996; 1997


102739197 Attain In Control owner's manual 1993


102721271 Autodesk AutoCAD customization manual 1992-08-05


102721270 Autodesk AutoCAD development system - programmer's reference manual 1992-03-22


102721264 Autodesk AutoCAD manuals and promotional material 1989-1991


102739175 Autodesk AutoCAD manuals and templates 1984-1989


102721276 Autodesk AutoCAD SQL extension - reference manual 1992-10-08


102721275 Autodesk AutoCAD, release 12 - extras manual 1992-05-27


102721277 Autodesk AutoCAD, release 12 - IGES interface specifications 1992-05-18


102721269 Autodesk AutoCAD, release 12 - reference manual 1992


102721274 Autodesk AutoCAD, release 12 - render reference manual 1992-05-20


102721272 Autodesk AutoCAD, release 12 - tutorial 1992-05-28


102721273 Autodesk AutoLISP, release 12 - programmer's reference guide 1992-04-23


102739176 Autodesk Generic CADD 2.0 manuals 1992


102739177 Autodesk The Autodesk developer handbook ca. 1992


102737538 Avid Technology 1996


102734901 Bank of America 1993


102734816 Basic Business Software Company 1978-1979


102734813 Bell Laboratories 1975-1979


102734814 Borland 1989; 1992


102734851 Burroughs and ButtonWare 1964; 1985


102734876 C. Itoh Electronics, Cahners Publishing, California Scientific Software 1975-1990


102734899 Carnegie-Mellon University 1976-1981


102734794 Casady & Greene 1995


102734900 Chena Software 1991


102734783 CIE Terminals and Cipher Data Products 1981-1983


102734860 Claris CAD 1988


102735931 Claris Home Page and Organizer 1996-1998


102735932 Claris MacDraw II, MacWrite II, and MacPaint 1987-1989


102734790 CompuPro 1978-1982


102734812 CompuServe 1990-1992


102734869 Computer Associates 1987-1991


102734879 Connectix 1998-1999


102735933 Control Data Corporation 1978


102734873 Cornell University, CoStar, and Cybersoft ca. 1989-1992


102734880 Dantz Development Corporation 1989-1995


102735934 Data General Corporation 1972


102734875 DataPak Software 1991-1996


102734872 Dataproducts ca. 1980


102735935 Datastorm Technologies 1987-1991


102735958 Diablo Systems 1981-1982


102734827 Diehl Graphsoft 1994


102734762 Digi-Fonts 1988


102734861 Digital Research 1977-1984


102734867 Dymax 1972-1976


102734824 Dynamic Microprocessor Associates 1990


102680625 Eastman Kodak professional DCS 200 digital camera user's manual 1993-1996


102734839 Elkay Software and Epic MegaGames 1989; 1994


102734811 Executive Systems 1985-1990


102735936 Farallon Computing and Fauve Software 1988; 1995


102735937 Fido Software 1988


102734894 FileMaker Inc. 1990-1999


102735938 Foresight Resources 1985


102735939 Fractal Design and Freeware 1984; 1993


102734768 Fujitsu 1980; 1991-1992


102734828 FutureWave Software 1995


102735941 General Automation, Generic Software, and Genesis Micro Software 1974-1990


102734793 Global Village 1991-1995


102735940 Handmade Software 1998


102734847 Hemenway Associates 1979


102735942 Hewlett Packard 1978-1993


102735943 Hilgraeve 1989


102734838 IBM 1620 and 1800 1960-1970


102734897 IBM 3420 and 3803 1973


102734906 IBM 650 and 704 1956-1959


102734905 IBM General information manuals 1961-1964


102734904 IBM OS/2 1993


102734795 IBM Personal Computer 1984-1987


102734841 IBM Personal Computer AT 1984-1985


102734883 IBM System/360 1967-1973


102735944 Individual Software and Insignia 1984-1990


102734856 InstallShield Software, IEEE, and Interactive Computers 1978; 1997


102735945 InterCon Systems 1993


102735946 Intuit 1994-1996


102734844 JAM Software ca. 1990


102734843 Konexx 1996


102734858 Lattice 1989


102734761 Letraset USA 1987


102734854 LogiTech 1986-1989


102734857 Looking Glass Technologies, Lotus, and Lynn Abbott & Associates 1984; 1995-1996


102734796 Macromedia 1994-1998


102734785 Marinchip Systems 1978


102734893 MarketPlace, Maxis Software, McDermott Consulting, and Metropolis Software 1988-1992


102734868 McCracken Associates Inc. 1965


102734800 Micro Computer Resources 1990-1994


102734833 Micro Concepts and Micro Logic 1980-1982


102734825 Micrografx and MicroHelp 1987


102734863 MicroLogic Software 1986-1988


102734896 MicroPro and Microspot 1986-1990


102734864 Microsoft Excel 1992-1994


102734807 Microsoft FoxBASE and FoxPro 1989-1994


102734789 Microsoft Mail 1989


102734834 Microsoft MS-DOS 1988-1993


102734788 Microsoft Office and associated applications 1992-1994


102734786 Microsoft PowerPoint 1988-1992


102734782 Microsoft Stat Pack, Programmer's Library, and Small Business Consultant 1988-1989


102734846 Microsoft Windows 98 1998-1999


102734815 Microsoft Word 1992-1994


102734829 Microsoft Works 1989


102734865 Mindscape and MMB Development 1990-1991


102734845 MMC AD Systems 1989


102734832 Natural Intelligence 1991


102734866 Now Software 1993


102727754 O'Reilly & Associates 1993-1994


102734836 ON Technology 1991-1994


102727773 Osborne/McGraw-Hill 1984; 1990


102734855 Parsons Technology and Performer Systems 1990-1996


102734892 Personal Bibliographic Software 1991


102734882 Peter Norton Computing and PMC Telesystems 1987; 1991


102734888 Prentice Hall 1991


102734877 Prescience and Pro CD 1989; 1995


102734862 Qualcomm 1992-1997


102734871 Quarterdeck Office Systems and Quicksoft 1987-1989


102734823 Revolution Software, Richards Software, and Rockwell 1979; 1988; 1995


102734803 SAM76 1976-1978


102735930 Santa Cruz Operation (SCO) System V directory : the guide to software, hardware, and services for the SCO System V environment 1990


102734826 Santa Cruz Operation (SCO) Xsight and Open Software Foundation Motif (OSF/Motif) manuals 1989


102735947 SAS Institute 1989


102735929 Siemens and Silicon Beach Software manuals 1988


102734852 Software Marketing Corporation 1991


102734891 Software Ventures 1991-1995


102734884 Solutions and Soroc Technologies ca. 1977; 1988


102734835 Stanford University ALGOL W and WYLBUR manuals 1969-1975


102734849 Stanford University manuals 1973-1975; 1989


102734797 Stanford University PL/ACME manuals 1967-1970


102734859 STF Technologies and Street Map Software 1987; 1992


102735949 subLOGIC 1985


102734850 Sun Microsystems and SuperMac Software 1986-1994


102735951 Symantec Antivirus for Macintosh 1992


102735950 Symantec C++ 1995


102734848 Symantec Norton DiskLock, Norton Macintosh utilities, and SUM II 1989-1995


102735952 Symantec THINK C 1991


102735953 Symantec THINK Pascal 1991


102735948 Synergy Software ca. 1990


102734809 Theta Systems and T/Maker 1987-1988


102734895 Valor Software 1987-1988


102734806 VisiCorp Personal Software 1981-1983


102734886 Visionary Software and Ward Mundy Software 1987; ca. 1992


102735954 WATCOM Products 1987-1989


102734885 Well, The 1989


102734889 Windcrest/McGraw-Hill 1991-1993


102735955 Wolfram Research, Woodware, and Wyse 1983-1989


102737539 XenoSoft 1986


102735956 Xerox PARC 1975


102735957 Yellow Bits and ZTerm 1990-1992


Promotional material, company overviews, and catalogs, Series 8, 1975-1998

Series Scope and Content

This series contains promotional material, company overviews, catalogs, libraries, and bibliographies for a variety of computer products and companies, dating from 1975 to 1998. Product and company brochures, press releases, and press kits make up the largest part of this series. A large variety of companies are represented, but Apple has the most material in this series, with brochures that document its history and its products. There is also a large amount of software catalogs, and a smaller number of software libraries and bibliographies. This series is arranged alphabetically by folder title.

102735910 Apple 1985-1993


102734903 Company and product brochures 1976-1994


102734902 Press releases and kits 1975-1998


102735977 Software and electronics catalogs 1978-1995


102735978 Software libraries and bibliographies 1981-1994


Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) records, Series 9, 1962-1982

Series Scope and Content

This series is made up of material related to DEC that dates from 1962 to 1982. Material includes brochures, price lists, manuals, and program listings for a variety of DEC products, including the PDP-8, PDP-10, and PDP-11, peripherals such as DECtape and the AX08, software, and the programming language FOCAL. Also included is a large amount of material related to DEC Users Society (DECUS), including correspondence, catalogs, newsletters, promotional material, and records from symposia and proceedings. This series is arranged alphabetically by folder title.

102734778 DEC AX08 Laboratory Peripheral instruction manual 1968; 1971


102735915 DEC computer games 1974


102734798 DEC FOCAL guides 1969


102734766 DEC FOCAL program listing 1969-1972


102734777 DEC PDP-10 and PDP-11document editor guide 1968; 1980


102734779 DEC PDP-11 brochures and price lists 1969-1974


102734775 DEC PDP-11 memory brochures 1970


102734808 DEC PDP-11 program manual ca. 1972


102734776 DEC PDP-8 and PDP-11 price lists 1972


102734781 DEC PDP-8 promotional material 1969; 1972


102734791 DEC PDP-8 software developed by others ca. 1972


102735916 DEC press kit 1980


102734804 DEC PS-8 progam listing 1970; 1972


102734774 DEC software support manual 1971


102735917 DEC terminal users guides 1972-1982


102734755 DEC Users Society (DECUS) local groups 1968-1969


102734752 DEC Users Society (DECUS) member correspondence ca. 1970


102739043 DEC Users Society (DECUS) program library catalog 1969-1973


102734751 DEC Users Society (DECUS) program newsletter 1969


102734754 DEC Users Society (DECUS) promotional material 1968; 1971


102734753 DEC Users Society (DECUS) symposia proceedings 1962-1968


102739042 DEC Users Society (DECUS) symposia programs 1968-1972


102739063 DECtape modifications developed by others 1969-1972


Newsletters, Series 10, 1971-1996

Series Scope and Content

This series is made up of newsletters published from 1971 to 1996. The majority of newsletters are from computer user groups, clubs, and organizations. There are also a smaller number of newsletters from computer companies, and from political, environmental, and activist groups. The number of issues varies for each newsletter, from just one issue to several folders’ worth of issues. The newsletters with the most issues in this series include the Amateur Computer Group of New Jersey’s newsletter, the Homebrew Computer Club’s newsletter, IEEE Grid, Hewlett Packard’s Bench Briefs, the Peninsula ACM’s SIGMICRO Newsletter and SIGPLAN Notices, National Semiconductor Corporation’s The Bit-Bucket and COMPUTE, ON_LINE, CACHE, the San Francisco Personal Computer Users Group’s Blue Notes, and newsletters published by Computer Information Exchange. For a complete inventory of newsletters, please ask the archivist for the list in the collection’s lot file. The newsletters are filed alphabetically by newsletter title, and this series is arranged alphabetically by folder title.

102734784 A newsletters 1976-1982; 1990-1996


102734805 B newsletters 1977-1981; 1990-1996


102734801 C newsletters 1974-1982; 1990-1996


102734820 D newsletters 1975-1982


102734821 E newsletters 1976-1982; 1991-1996


102734837 F-G newsletters 1975-1982; 1990-1995


102734819 H newsletters 1975-1982; 1994-1996


102734830 I newsletters 1975-1982; 1990-1996


102734822 J-K newsletters 1976-1979; 1990


102734764 L newsletters 1978; 1987-1993


102734842 M newsletters 1974-1996


102734758 N newsletters 1974-1982; 1990-1993


102734759 O newsletters 1976-1981; 1991-1996


102734760 P newsletters 1975-1982; 1990-1996


102734870 R newsletters 1974-1979; 1990-1993


102734874 S newsletters 1971-1996


102734878 T newsletters 1971-1982


102734887 U-X newsletters 1976-1981; 1990-1995


Articles, technical papers, and reports, Series 11, 1963-1996

Series Scope and Content

This series contains technical papers and reports, articles, and clippings from 1963 to 1996. The clippings and articles focus on both computer technology and the political issues Warren was interested in. These date from 1974 to 1996. The technical papers and reports focus more on computing, with most of them published by universities in the United States, Europe, and Japan, such as MIT, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Toronto, and University of Washington. Carnegie Mellon University and Stanford University technical reports make up the bulk of these. There also quite a few reports from the U.S. Air Force and Army, IBM, and the RAND Corporation. This series is arranged alphabetically by folder title.

102734818 Carnegie Mellon University computer science research review 1974-1981


102739065 Carnegie Mellon University technical reports 1972-1989


102739064 Clippings 1974-1996; bulk 1990-1996


102739060 IBM technical papers and reports 1970-1976


102739057 MIT technical papers and reports 1974-1977


102739062 Other company and organization technical papers and reports 1970-1995


102739058 Other university technical papers and reports 1964-1979; 1993


102739059 RAND Corporation technical reports 1963-1980


102739097 Stanford University Departments of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science technical papers and reports 1966-1976


102739056 U.S. government technical reports 1970-1983


102739054 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign technical reports 1971-1974


102739053 University of Toronto technical papers and reports 1969-1986


102739055 University of Washington technical papers and reports 1974-1975