Guide to the Colonel Ed Fletcher Collection MS 135

Finding aid prepared by Samantha Mills
Collection processed as part of grant project supported by the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) with generous funding from The Andrew Mellon Foundation.
San Diego History Center Document Collection
1649 El Prado, Suite 3
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January 16, 2013

Title: Colonel Ed Fletcher Collection
Identifier/Call Number: MS 135
Contributing Institution: San Diego History Center Document Collection
Language of Material: English
Physical Description: 13.5 Linear feet (29 boxes)
Date (inclusive): 1881-1965
Abstract: This collection contains papers pertaining to Colonel Ed Fletcher’s business in real estate, water development, and other commercial ventures in San Diego County in the late nineteenth to mid-twentieth centuries, as well some of his personal papers.
creator: Fletcher, Ed, 1872-1955

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This collection is open for research.

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Colonel Ed Fletcher Collection, MS 135, San Diego History Center Document Collection, San Diego, CA.

Processing Information

Collection processed by Samantha Mills on January 16, 2013.
Collection processed as part of grant project supported by the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) with generous funding from The Andrew Mellon Foundation.

Biographical / Historical Notes

Ed Fletcher was born in Littleton, Massachusetts on December 31, 1872. He came to San Diego in 1888 and first found work selling produce in the city and surrounding countryside. He opened his first commission business with Omer C. Smith in 1894, and subsequently organized the Ed Fletcher Company. In 1896 he married Mary C. Batchelder and they had ten children: Catherine (Fletcher Taylor), Edward Jr., Charles, Lawrence, Willis, Stephen, Ferdinand, Mary Louise (Pitts Mack), Eugene, and Virginia.
Ed Fletcher and his business associates were responsible for developing a great deal of real estate in San Diego County, including lands in the San Luis Rey Valley, Grossmont, Fletcher Hills, Mount Helix, Del Mar, Pine Hills, Cuyamaca Lake, Lake Hodges, and Solana Beach. He was instrumental in developing all state and national highways leading into San Diego County, as well as the road from Mountain Springs to Imperial Valley, the plank road from Holtsville to Yuma, the Yuma highway bridge, and the highway from Gila Bend to Casa Grande.
In addition to his real estate work, Ed Fletcher was instrumental in developing the majority of San Diego County’s water systems, including the Cuyamaca Water System on the San Diego River (supplying the La Mesa Irrigation District and City of San Diego), the Volcan Water System (including Lake Henshaw Dam), the San Dieguito Water System, and the Lake Hodges and San Dieguito Dams (supplying San Dieguito and Santa Fe Irrigation District plus part of the City of San Diego).
Ed Fletcher’s civic work included service with the Finance Committee, the Y.M.C.A., the San Diego Club, and the California National Guard (from whence the nickname “Colonel” stuck). He was a director of the 1915 Panama-California Exposition, and in 1917 he successfully raised funds to save the Exposition buildings from destruction. He was later a director of the 1935 California Pacific International Exposition. He served as California State Senator from 1935-1947, during which time he authored the law creating the San Diego County Water authority and the law transferring Mission Bay Park lands to the City of San Diego.
Though he was a monumental figure in San Diego’s land and water development, Ed Fletcher’s activities did not proceed without conflict. Through the Cuyamaca Water Company he was embroiled in decades of lawsuits with the City of San Diego regarding rights to the water of the San Diego River.
Ed Fletcher passed away on October 15, 1955.


Collection is arranged into 33 series:
Series I: Deeds and Mortgages
Series II: Real Estate: Avocado Acres
Series III: Real Estate: Camp Kearny
Series IV: Real Estate: Lake Hodges
Series V: Real Estate: Lake Hodges and Del Mar Road
Series VI: Real Estate: Lockwood Mesa / Solana Beach
Series VII: Real Estate: Mount Helix
Series VIII: Real Estate: Poway Ranch
Series IX: Real Estate: San Dieguito
Series X: Real Estate: Ed Fletcher Company
Series XI: Real Estate: Miscellanea
Series XII: La Mesa, Lemon Grove, and Spring Valley Irrigation District
Series XIII: San Dieguito Irrigation District
Series XIV: Santa Fe Irrigation District
Series XV: Cuyamaca Water Company
Series XVI: Cuyamaca Water Company: James A. Murray Estate
Series XVII: Cuyamaca Water Company: San Diego River Rights
Series XVIII: Pamo Water Company
Series XIX: San Diego County Water Company: San Pasqual Ranch Issue
Series XX: San Dieguito Mutual Water Company
Series XXI: Sherman Water Company
Series XXII: Volcan Land and Water Company
Series XXIII: Water Projects: La Jolla – Del Mar Pipeline
Series XXIV: Water Projects: Mission Gorge Dam Site #3
Series XXV: Water Projects: Santa Ysabel Creek and Black Canyon Creek
Series XXVI: Water Projects: Sutherland Reservoir
Series XXVII: Water Projects: Sweetwater System
Series XXVIII: Water Projects: Yuma Mesa Grapefruit Project
Series XXIX: Water Projects: Miscellanea
Series XXX: Grossmont Studios
Series XXXI: San Diego Independent Publishing Company
Series XXXII: Personal Papers
Series XXXIII: Catalog Cards
Items within each series are arranged by subject.

Scope and Content

This collections contains papers pertaining to Colonel Ed Fletcher’s work in real estate, water development, and other business ventures in San Diego County in the late nineteenth to mid-twentieth century, as well some of his personal papers.
Fletcher’s real estate papers include numerous deeds, mortgages, correspondence, maps, and other business papers regarding his management of lands around Encinitas, Camp Kearny, Lake Hodges, Del Mar, Solana Beach, Mount Helix, Poway, San Dieguito, and the City of San Diego. The Camp Kearny papers relate specifically to Ed Fletcher’s dispute with the United States Army after he leased them the land during World War I. Additionally, this collection contains some financial documents, business agreements, and publicity for the Ed Fletcher Company.
Fletcher’s water development papers include deeds, correspondence, financial documents, maps, and project plans generated by his involvement with the La Mesa, Lemon Grove, and Spring Valley Irrigation District, the San Dieguito Irrigation District, and the Santa Fe Irrigation District, as well as the Cuyamaca Water Company, the Pamo Water Company, the San Dieguito Mutual Water Company, the Sherman Water Company, and the Volcan Land and Water Company. There are also legal papers from several of his court cases: the settlement of the James A. Murray estate, lawsuits with the City of San Diego regarding San Diego River rights, and a lawsuit by John Treanor regarding the purchase of the San Pasqual Ranch property. Additionally, this collection contains correspondence and research notes accumulated by Ed Fletcher for several more water projects such as the La Jolla-Del Mar Pipeline .
This collection also contains meeting minutes, stocks, and financial papers regarding film productions by Grossmont Studios (previously S&L Studios), as well as minutes, financial papers, stocks, and business ledgers from the San Diego Independent Publishing Company.
Ed Fletcher’s personal papers include correspondence, financial papers, brochures and pamphlets, and numerous photographs of his family, his friends, his San Diego properties, and some of his travels.
At the end of this collection, a set of catalog cards has been included that was produced by an earlier collection processing project (see Comments).

Separated Materials

Map of "Aerial route of the United State - U.S. Army Air Service April 1919" previously separated to the SDHC Map Collection.

Related Archival Materials

Colonel Ed Fletcher Family Collection (C051) in SDHC Photograph Collection.


The collection was donated in 1970 and initial processing began in 1978 through a grant-funded project. Collection materials were organized into file groups based on subject matter, material type, and time frame. A set of catalog cards was produced to record and describe the collection. The first box of catalog cards contains subject cards listing the file groups where relevant documents for those subjects can be found. This box also contains overview cards describing the general contents of each file group. The remaining four boxes of catalog cards contain individual cards describing each item in each file group. All five catalog card boxes are included in this collection.
The collection was reprocessed in 2012/2013 as part of the CLIR grant-funded project. Collection was rearranged to best reflect the subject relevance of the collection's materials. Penciled notes, identifying the file group and document number from the first processing project, remain on each document in the collection. The identifiers link the document to its original file group and document number for cross-referencing in the catalog cards.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Canfield, C. A.
Crouch, C. C.
Cuyamaca Water Company.
Ed Fletcher Company.
Fletcher, Ed, 1872-1955
Fletcher, Mary
Grossmont Park Co..
Grossmont Studios.
Haldorn, Stuart
Harbell, C. O.
Henshaw, William Griffith, 1860-1924
Hodges, W. E.
La Mesa, Lemon Grove, and Spring Valley Irrigation District (Calif.).
Morse Construction Co..
Murray, James A.
Murray, Mary H.
Pamo Water Company.
Salmons, Frank
San Diego Athletic Club.
San Diego County Water Company.
San Diego Independent Publishing Company.
San Dieguito Irrigation District (Calif.).
San Dieguito Mutual Water Company.
Santa Fe Irrigation District (Calif.).
Santa Fe Land Improvement Company.
Sherman Water Company.
Stern, Charles
Treanor, John
United States. Army.
Volcan Land and Water Company.
War Department Claims Board.
Account books
Actions and defenses
Administration of estates
Black Canyon Creek (Calif.)
Camp Kearny
Carlsbad (Calif.)
Carroll Dam (Calif.)
Del Mar (Calif.)
El Cajon (Calif.)
Encinitas (Calif.)
Evidence (Law)
Fletcher Hills (Calif.)
Flood dams and reservoirs
Hodges, Lake (Calif.)
La Jolla (San Diego, Calif.)
La Mesa (Calif.)
Land companies
Land grants
Land titles
Lockwood Mesa (Calif.)
Mission Gorge Dam (Calif.)
Motion picture studios
Mount Helix (Calif.)
Municipal bonds
Murray Dam (Calif.)
Oceanside (Calif.)
Poway (Calif.)
Publishers and publishing
Rain and rainfall
Rainfall data
Ramona (Calif.)
Real estate development
Real property
San Diego (Calif.)
San Dieguito (Encinitas, Calif.)
San Juan Basin (N.M. and Colo.)
San Luis Rey Valley (Calif.)
Santa Ysabel Creek (Calif.)
Solana Beach (Calif.)
Sutherland Reservoir (Calif.)
Water development, supply, and management
Water rights
Yuma (Ariz.)


Series I: Deeds and Mortgages

Box-folder 1:1

Deeds and mortgages, 1901 May 3-1907 December 27

Box-folder 1:2

Deeds and mortgages, 1908 July 27-1911 November 13

Box-folder 1:3

Deeds and mortgages, 1912 January 5-1913 September 27

Box-folder 1:4

Deeds and mortgages, 1914 January 10-1916 November 28

Box-folder 1:5

Deeds and mortgages, 1917 April 3-1918 July 16

Box-folder 1:6

Deeds and mortgages, 1919 March 7-1921 August 31

Box-folder 1:7

Deeds and mortgages, 1922 March 22-December 29

Box-folder 1:8

Deeds and mortgages, 1923 April 1-1924 December 6

Box-folder 1:9

Deeds and mortgages, 1925 June 26-1926 December 7

Box-folder 1:10

Deeds and mortgages, 1927 January 10-November 29


Certificate of Title #3320 for Ed and Mary Fletcher, September 1, 1927 (in F4D2, Miscellanea (oversize))
Box-folder 1:11

Deeds and mortgages, 1928 April 7-1931 March 25


Series II: Real Estate: Avocado Acres

Box-folder 2:1

Tenant accounts (Br-Co), 1928 July 24-1935 October 31


James and Catherin Brennan, Charles Bureloff, Roy and Zelma Buckles, Mary Colburn, Mabel Colerick
Box-folder 2:2

Tenant accounts (Co-Ev), 1928 July 10-1932 April 12


Chas and Blanche Cresse, Mabel Crump, Dora Darney, James and Pearl Dry, Laura Earnhart, Abbie and Fannie Evans
Box-folder 2:3

Tenant accounts (Gl-Ha), 1928 July 29-1934 April 11


Edward Glynn, Adolph and Malinda Hahne, Otto and Sophie Hahne, Fred Handloser, M.T. Harvey
Box-folder 2:4

Tenant accounts (Ho-Kr), 1928 July 12-1936 September 21


George and Margaret Hoskins, William Jones, Clara Kearney and Regna Julian, Ada Kelley, Mary Kimble Fry, Louise and Anna Kramer
Box-folder 2:5

Tenant accounts (La-Le), 1928 AUgust 12-1934 March 20


Alexander Lae, B.H. and Alice Lancaster, William La Polla, Charles and Lelia Larock, Emil Lehman
Box-folder 2:6

Tenant accounts (Ma-Mu), 1928 July 3-1934 July 9


Raymond and Natalie Martinez, L. McClelland, Amy Miller and Edna Thomas, Elinore Murray
Box-folder 2:7

Tenant accounts (Ol-Ri), 1928 July 16-1932 October 17


Anna Olsen, Blanche Parker, George and Cora Peck, Chas Peter, Maud Pruden, Thomas and Marion Rice
Box-folder 2:8

Tenant accounts (Ro), 1928 July 15-1934 July 11


Ross and Constance Robins, Isaac and Annie Robinson, William and Febe Romer, Mary Ross, Murdock and Eva Ross, Frank and Kathleen Rowland
Box-folder 2:9

Tenant accounts (Ry-Se), 1928 July 8-1932 October 20


Lulu Ryon, Helen Schram, Winifred Seaver, Roy and Caroline Sechle
Box-folder 2:10

Tenant accounts (Sm-Su), 1928 July 27-1932 August 31


Ruth Smith, Catherine Spence, W.J. Stewart, Jeannette Sutton
Box-folder 2:11

Tenant accounts (Ta-Ti), 1928 August 16-1933 August 9


Mrs. J.C. Taylor, Florence Thierry, Nettie Temple and Vivian Thompson, Josephine Thoms, Jennie Titus
Box-folder 3:1

Tenant accounts (Tr-Ve), 1928 July 15-1937 September 25


Fred Trudel, Duane and Emma Trumble, Robert and Charlotte Tyler, Lillian Van Horn, William and Mary Vetter
Box-folder 3:2

Tenant accounts (Wa), 1928 July 19-1937 July 27


James and Ada Wade, Charles Wahl, Rosetta Walsh, William Ward, Lenore Watkins
Box-folder 3:3

Tenant accounts (Wh-Wy), 1927 September 11-1933 August 19


W.H. and Francis Wheatley, Elma Wilbur, Jessie Wyatt
Box-folder 3:4

Miscellanea, 1928 April 20-1930 May 20


Letters from Sloane & Sloane attorneys regarding a deed conflict
Paperwork regarding William Thum’s cactus ranch lands

Series III: Real Estate: Camp Kearny

Box-folder 3:5

Correspondence, 1918 February 25-1920 December 23

Box-folder 3:6

Correspondence, 1921 Januay 6-June 21

Box-folder 3:7

Correspondence, 1921 July 14-November 21

Box-folder 3:8

Correspondence, 1921 November 22-December 27 and undated

Box-folder 3:9

Correspondence, 1922 January 5-April 26

Box-folder 3:10

Correspondence, 1922 May 1-31

Box-folder 3:11

Correspondence, 1922 June 1-December 19 and undated

Box-folder 3:12

Correspondence, 1923 January 1-December 28

Box-folder 3:13

Correspondence, 1924 January 5-May 30

Box-folder 3:14

Correspondence, 1924 June 4-1925 January 28

Box-folder 3:15

Telegrams, 1917 June 2-1921 November 28

Box-folder 3:16

Telegrams, 1922 April 15-September 11

Box-folder 3:17

Telegrams, 1923 February 23-27

Box-folder 3:18

Telegrams, 1924 March 12-1925 January 3 and undated

Box-folder 3:19

Lease agreements with U.S. Army, 1917 May 29-June 1

Box-folder 3:20

Camp Kearny Claims Board, 1920 September 24-October 1

Box-folder 3:21

War Department Claims Board, 1920 December 3-1921 JUly 25

Box-folder 3:22

Fletcher/Belcher claim: liability releases, 1920 December 3-1921 February 10

Box-folder 3:23

Fletcher/Blecher claim: request for review, 1917-1922 and undated


Belcher’s report to the Comptroller General with Exhibits A through Q, and the office’s decision to deny it
Box-folder 3:24

Fletcher/Belcher claim: affidavits and depositions, 1922 May 26-1923 December 5

Box-folder 3:25

Fletcher/Belcher claim: congressional proceedings, 1922 April 26-1924 May 2

Box-folder 3:26

Miscellanea, 1907-1925


Bank payment
Railway receipt
Contractor bids
Partial drafts of testimony

Series IV: Real Estate: Lake Hodges

Box-folder 4:1

Correspondence, 1922 July 7-1923 April 27

Box-folder 4:2

Correspondence, 1923 May 25-August 29

Box-folder 4:3

Correspondence, 1923 September 1-December 1

Box-folder 4:4

Correspondence, 1924 January 4-August 20

Box-folder 4:5

Correspondence, 1924 September 4-December 23

Box-folder 4:6

Telegrams, 1923 March 31-1924 March 24

Box-folder 4:7

Miscellanea, 1923 and undated


Statement by R.G. Townsend
Agreement with the Santa Fe Land Improvement Company

Series V: Real Estate: Lake Hodges and Del Mar Road

Box-folder 4:8

Correspondence, 1923 January 3-October 31

Box-folder 4:9

Correspondence, 1923 November 5-30

Box-folder 4:10

Correspondence, 1923 December 5-31

Box-folder 4:11

Correspondence, 1924 January 4-April 29

Box-folder 4:12

Correspondence, 1924 May 13-30

Box-folder 4:13

Correspondence, 1924 June 2-27

Box-folder 4:14

Correspondence, 1924 July 2-November 25 and undated

Box-folder 4:15

Telegrams, 1924 May 28-June 3

Box-folder 4:16

Remittance statement, 1924 April


Series VI: Real Estate: Lockwood Mesa / Solana Beach

Box-folder 4:17

Correspondence, 1923 September 5-December 18

Box-folder 4:18

Correspondence, 1924 January 10-April 24

Box-folder 4:19

Correspondence, 1924 May 5-September 23

Box-folder 4:20

Correspondence, 1924 October 10-1925 March 9

Box-folder 4:21

Telegrams, 1923 December 18-1924 December 26

Box-folder 4:22

Miscellanea, 1915 October 9-1924 December 18


Real estate agreement
Transcripts of telephone conversations
Map of Syndicate Lands on Lockwood Mesa, October 9, 1915 (in F4D2)

Series VII: Real Estate: Mount Helix

Box-folder 4:23

Correspondence, 1923 May 1-December 31

Box-folder 4:24

Correspondence, 1924 January 7-July 2

Box-folder 4:25

Correspondence, 1924 September 25-December 29 and undated

Box-folder 4:26

Telegrams, 1923 May 6-1924 December 9

Box-folder 4:27

Miscellanea, 1923-1924


Office memos
Agreements of sale
Poem about Mount Helix

Series VIII: Real Estate: Poway Ranch

Box-folder 4:28

Correspondence, 1922 February 27-May 29

Box-folder 4:29

Correspondence, 1922 June 2-December 5

Box-folder 4:30

Correspondence, 1923 March 1-September 13

Box-folder 4:31

Correspondence, 1924 May 8-November 25

Box-folder 4:32

Telegrams, 1922 February 20-1924 June 9

Box-folder 4:33

Miscellanea, 1924 June 13 and undated

Scope and Content

Copy of a land assignment
Maps of land plots

Series IX: Real Estate: San Dieguito

Box-folder 4:34

Correspondence, 1916 January 16-1917 November 21

Box-folder 4:35

Correspondence, 1918 March 21-1921 November 25

Box-folder 4:36

Correspondence, 1922 February 9-1923 November 28

Box-folder 4:37

Office memos and notes, 1917 February 15-1922 June 1 and undated


Series X: Real Estate: Ed Fletcher Company

Box-folder 5:1

Correspondence, 1910 April 11-1954 March 22

Box-folder 5:2

Finances: payroll checks, 1948 December 30-1953 July 23 and undated

Box-folder 5:3

Finances: employee tax forms, 1949

Box-folder 5:4

Finances: checks and bank statements, 1939 August 15-1949 October 21

Box-folder 5:5

Business agreements, 1903 November 25-1943 November 8

Box-folder 5:6

Property transferred to Morse Construction Co., 1915 March 13-1942 December 15

Box-folder 5:7

Fletcher Hills: certificates of redemption of real estate, 1931 June 24

Box-folder 5:8

Fletcher Hills: publicity, 1961-1964 and undated

Box-folder F4D2

Fletcher Hills: publicity (oversize), 1964 February 27-March 26 and undated


Two posters for the World’s Fair House in Fletcher Hills Hacienda
Three issues of the Fletcher Hills Times: February 27, 1964; March 26, 1964; and the Special World’s Fair Issue
Box-folder 5:9

Miscellanea, 1926-1962 and undated


Two invoices
Notice of a Grossmont Park Co. meeting
Notes regarding a road trip
Several brochures and reports regarding the Stockade construction system and the Los Coches Valley region
Authorized proof of a map of California by Rand McNally, taken from the notes regarding a road trip (in F4D2, Miscellanea (oversize))

Series XI: Real Estate: Miscellanea

Box-folder 5:10

Correspondence, 1885 September 2-1906 December 6

Scope and Content

Regarding acquisition of lands in El Cajon, Del Mar, Oceanside, Carlsbad, Encinitas, the value of beachfront properties, partnership with Frank Salmons, and Ed Fletcher acting as an agent for other buyers.
Box-folder 5:11

Correspondence, 1907 January 8-1914 May 19

Scope and Content

Regarding acquisitions of land in San Diego and business dealings with Pacific Light & Power Company and C.A. Canfield.
Box-folder 5:12

Correspondence, 1917 February 27-1951 September 11 and undated

Scope and Content

Regarding business dealings with C.A. Canfield, William Henshaw and John Treanor.


May 1911 map of Ramona Quadrangle marked off with area affected by Temescal Fire, accompanied letter from J.E. Elliot dated September 23, 1925 (in F4D2, Miscellanea (oversize))
Box-folder 5:13

Contracts and agreements, 1881 June 20-1951 February 26


Land grant to H.H. Warren dated June 20, 1881 (in F4D2, Miscellanea (oversize))
Box-folder 5:14

Alta Ranch Abstract of Title, 1874 May 11

Box-folder 6:1

"El Cajon Land Account," 1907 January 1


Packet of ledger pages listings expenditures, income, and assets for the year 1906
Box-folder 6:2

Railway Projects: Colorado, Columbus, and Mexican Railroad, 1923 October 7

Box-folder F4D2

Railway Projects: San Juan Basin (oversize), 1923


Two maps of the San Juan Basin and a report on local resources compiled by the San Juan Railway Committee
“Land Map of the San Juan Basin,” dated April 1923 (in F4D2, Miscellanea (oversize))
Box-folder 6:3

Delinquent accounts and foreclosures, 1891 June 29-1953 November 17

Box-folder 6:4

Maps, 1911 and undated


Map of San Diego California and a portion of the Ex-Mission Rancho, 1911 (in F4D2, Miscellanea (oversize))
Box-folder F4D2

Maps (oversize), 1911-1916


Map of “San Diego Quadrangle,” March 1911
“Street Map of San Diego, Cal.,” 1911
“Street Map of San Diego including City Heights, National City, Chula Vista, and Coronado,” August 1, 1912

Series XII: La Mesa, Lemon Grove, and Spring Valley Irrigation District

Box-folder 6:5

Correspondence, 1913 October 24-1918 July 9

Box-folder 6:6

Correspondence, 1919 February 17-1923 December 22

Box-folder 6:7

Correspondence, 1924 January 5-25

Box-folder 6:8

Correspondence, 1924 February 1-April 30

Box-folder 6:9

Correspondence, 1924 May 6-July 29

Box-folder 6:10

Correspondence, 1924 August 1-October 30

Box-folder 6:11

Correspondence, 1924 November 6-December 29

Box-folder 6:12

Correspondence, 1925 March 31-1936 April 3 and undated

Box-folder 6:13

Telegrams, 1911 December 12-1924 December 8

Box-folder 6:14

Deeds and agreements to sell, 1882-1925


Homestead Certificate of Nathan A. Eaton dated July 25, 1882 (in F4D2, Miscellanea (oversize))
Box-folder 6:15

Finances, 1913 July 26-1922 May 11


Receipts for interest payments made by Ed Fletcher, personal checks, and estimates of project costs
Box-folder 6:16

Finances: bill collection for Stuart Haldorn, 1929 December 28-1935 December 11


Statements of rent and utilities bills collected and commission taken by Ed Fletcher on behalf of Stuart Haldorn.
Box-folder 6:17

Finances: bill collection for Stuart Haldorn, 1936 February 5-1945 December 31


Statements of rent and utilities bills collected and commission taken by Ed Fletcher on behalf of Stuart Haldorn.
Box-folder 6:18

Finances: bill collection for Mary H. Murray, 1929 December 1-1934 December 31


Statements of rent and utilities bills collected and commission taken by Ed Fletcher on behalf of Mary H. Murray.
Box-folder 6:19

Finances: bill collection for Mary H. Murray, 1935 January 1-1943 March 29


Statements of rent and utilities bills collected and commission taken by Ed Fletcher on behalf of Mary H. Murray.
Box-folder 7:1

Cuyamaca Water Company purchase: options, 1924 April 5-1931 November 24 and undated

Box-folder 7:2

Cuyamaca Water Compnay purchase: bond issue, 1924 February 4-October 31 and undated

Box-folder 7:3

Cuyamaca Water Company purchase: publicity, 1923 December 22-1924 November 5 and undated


Interviews, reports, and endorsements arguing for or against the Cuyamaca Water Company Purchase and related bond issue.
Box-folder 7:4

San Diego River rights, 1924 April 17-1930 September 23 and undated


Resolutions by district to protect their water rights, and further statements, speeches, and resolutions regarding ongoing litigation with City of San Diego.
Box-folder 7:5

Miscellanea, 1921 April 20-1926 March 23 and undated


Oil and gas lease
Agreement with the San Juan Basin Development Syndicate, a power of attorney, and notes regarding the construction of the Stockade Wall, petitions, and land parcels

Series XIII: San Dieguito Irrigation District

Box-folder 7:6

Correspondence, 1923 February 28-March 30

Box-folder 7:7

Correspondence, 1923 April 3-May 31

Box-folder 7:8

Correspondence, 1923 June 12-July 14

Box-folder 7:9

Correspondence, 1923 August 16-December 28

Box-folder 7:10

Correspondence, 1924 January 9-July 28

Box-folder F4D2

Correspondence (oversized attachments), 1924 May 12-13


Lot and block map of Avocado Acres covering Vulcan Avenue to Hygeia Avenue, originally attached to letter from San Dieguito Irrigation District to Ed Fletcher dated May 12, 1924
Lot and block map of Avocado Acres covering Ocean View Avenue, originally attached to letter from Ed Fletcher to San Dieguito Irrigation District dated May 13, 1924
Box-folder 7:11

Correspondence, 1924 August 1-November 28

Box-folder 7:12

Correspondence, 1924 December 1-21

Box-folder 7:13

Telegrams, 1923 March 24-1924 December 22

Box-folder 7:14

$400,000 Bond Issue, 1923

Box-folder 7:15

Avocado Acres Pipeline, 1923 May 18-1924 August 5 and undated


Blueprint of “Location of Pipe Line Rights of Way” January 1923, originally attached to Conveyance of Easement for Right of Way of M.S. Jackson dated May 1, 1923 (in F4D2, Miscellanea (oversize))
Box-folder 7:16

Miscellanea, 1924 May 15-July 7 and undated


“Rules and Regulations of San Dieguito Irrigation District” booklet
Invoice from Baker Iron Works
Undated list of the San Dieguito Irrigation District Board of Directors

Series XIV: Santa Fe Irrigation District

Box-folder 7:17

Correspondence, 1923 February 8-April 26

Box-folder 7:18

Correspondence, 1923 May 1-December 15


Blueprint “Ownership Map of Coast Lands Between Del Mar and Cardiff” April 1922, originally attached to letter from Ed Fletcher to W.E. Hodges dated May 11, 1923 (in F4D2, Miscellanea (oversize))
Box-folder 7:19

Correspondence, 1924 March 7-August 25


Blueprint “Preliminary Pipe Line Map - Lockwood Mesa Portion of Santa Fe Irrigation District” January 1924, originally attached to letter from K.Q. Volk to Ed Fletcher dated March 7, 1924 (in F4D2, Miscellanea (oversize))
Box-folder 7:20

Correspondence, 1924 September 18-December 31

Box-folder F4D2

Correspondence (oversized attachment), 1923 March 5


Map of Solana Beach agented by Ed Fletcher Co. and E.C. Batchelder March 5, 1923, with red lines drawn to show easements desired by Santa Fe Irrigation District, originally attached to letter from K.Q. Volk to Ed Fletcher dated September 22, 1924
Map of Solana Beach agented by Ed Fletcher Co. and E.C. Batchelder March 5, 1923, with red lines showing lines to be built by District, and green lines showing lines to be built by Col. Fletcher, originally attached to letter from K.Q. Volk to Ed Fletcher dated October 4, 1924
Box-folder 7:21

Telegrams, 1924 July 9-September 5 and undated

Box-folder 8:1

Finances, 1924 July 27-September 12 and undated


Meter data
Expenditures by Ed Fletcher Co.
Property valuations
“Santa Fe Irrigation District Re-valuation, 1924 Assessment Roll” (in F4D2, Miscellanea (oversize))
Box-folder 8:2

Petitions to the Board of Supervisors, 1923 April 17-1924 September 10 and undated

Box-folder 8:3

Miscellanea, 1923 and undated


Easement for constructing a pipe line
Descriptions of property boundaries

Series XV: Cuyamaca Water Company

Box-folder 8:4

Ownership and co-partnership records, 1913 August-1923 December

Box-folder 8:5

Correspondence, 1922 November 8-1923 May 25

Box-folder 8:6

Correspondence, 1923 June 1-October 31

Box-folder 8:7

Correspondence, 1923 November 2-1926 December 16

Box-folder 8:8

Telegrams, 1923 May 10-October 30

Box-folder 8:9

Finances and contracts, 1916 July 20-1923 December 31 and undated

Box-folder 8:10

El Cajon Vineyards Pipeline: correspondence, 1923 January 4-March 27

Box-folder 8:11

El Cajon Vineyards Pipeline: correspondence, 1923 April 4-1924 June 26

Box-folder 8:12

El Cajon Vineyards Pipeline: telegrams, 1923 February 10-September 17

Box-folder 8:13

El Cajon Vineyards Pipeline: office memos, 1923 February 14-1924 February 8

Box-folder 8:14

El Cajon Vineyards Pipeline: contracts and bid, 1923-1924 and undated

Box-folder 8:15

El Cajon Vineyards Pipeline: invoices, 1923 March 16-May 31

Box-folder 8:16

El Cajon Vineyards Pipeline: brochures, 1922 November 1

Box-folder 8:17

Poverty Gulch Dam Sites, 1911 and undated

Box-folder 8:18

San Diego Electric Railway: correspondence, 1923 February 27-April 25

Box-folder 21:1

San Diego Flume: view cards, 1887-1888

Box-folder 21:2

San Diego Flume: view cards, 1887-1888

Box-folder 21:3

San Diego Flume: view cards, 1887-1888

Box-folder 21:4

San Diego Flume: view cards, 1887

Box-folder 21:5

San Diego Flume: view cards, 1887-1889

Box-folder 21:6

San Diego Flume: view cards, 1887-1889

Box-folder 21:7

San Diego Flume: view cards, 1887


Series XVI: Cuyamaca Water Company: James A. Murry Estate

Box-folder 8:19

Correspondence, 1917 January 23-1922 November 14

Box-folder 8:20

Correspondence, 1923 January 3-April 26

Box-folder 8:21

Correspondence, 1923 May 5-July 30

Box-folder 8:22

Correspondence, 1923 August 1-October 31

Box-folder 8:23

Correspondence, 1923 November 1-December 29

Box-folder 8:24

Correspondence, 1924 February 4-April 24

Box-folder 8:25

Correspondence, 1924 May 1-August 28

Box-folder 8:26

Correspondence, 1924 September 11-December 19

Box-folder 9:1

Correspondence, 1925 February 14-1936 July 15

Box-folder 9:2

Telegrams, 1920 December 21-1924 July 28

Box-folder 9:3

Office memos, 1916 November 23-1924 December 3

Box-folder 9:4

James and Mary Murry finances, 1922 January 23-1929 November 1 and undated

Box-folder 9:5

James Murry Estate, 1921-1922 and undated


James Murray’s will
Petitions filed by W.S.K. Brown
Report by the inheritance tax appraiser
Affidavits from Ed Fletcher
Box-folder 9:6

Cuyamaca Water Company purchase, 1922 October 25-1926 December 23


Reports and official statements regarding Fletcher and Henshaw’s buyout of Murray’s shares in the company and subsequent sale to the La Mesa, Lemon Grove, and Spring Valley Irrigation District.
Box-folder 9:7

Miscellanea, 1921 October 11-1930 March 24 and undated


Letter draft
List of letters kept in safe
Newspaper articles

Series XVII: Cuyamaca Water Company: San Diego River Rights

Box-folder 9:8

Correspondence, 1921 January 21-1922 January 31

Box-folder 9:9

Correspondence, 1922 February 2-28

Box-folder 9:10

Correspondence, 1922 March 2-14

Box-folder 9:11

Correspondence, 1922 March 16-31

Box-folder 9:12

Correspondence, 1922 April 1-June 1

Box-folder 9:13

Correspondence, 1922 September 7-December 28

Box-folder 9:14

Correspondence, 1923 January 2-April 30

Box-folder 9:15

Correspondence, 1923 May 1-December 22

Box-folder 9:16

Correspondence, 1924 January 3-March 25

Box-folder 9:17

Correspondence, 1924 April 1-May 22

Box-folder 9:18

Correspondence, 1924 June 2-July 30

Box-folder 10:1

Correspondence, 1924 August 7-October 31

Box-folder 10:2

Correspondence, 1924 November 1-December 31

Box-folder 10:3

Correspondence, 1925 January 2-1926 March 2 and undated

Box-folder 10:4

Telegrams, 1922 March 21-1925 January 8

Box-folder 10:5

Office memos, 1922 March 21-1925 January 8

Box-folder 10:6

Legal proceedings, 1916 March 28-1922 December 15 and undated

Box-folder 10:7

Legal proceedings, 1923 March 5-1924 December 17 and undated

Box-folder 10:8

C. C. Crouch Report on Pueblo Rights, 1922 January 19

Box-folder 10:9

A. L. Gottesburen on Pueblo Rights, undated

Box-folder 10:10

Miscellanea, 1925 April 27 and undated


Notice of appropriation
Research notes
Transcripts of telephone conversations
Statements by Fletcher and Stern

Series XVIII: Pamo Water Company

Box-folder 10:11

Correspondence, 1889 October 4-1918 February 14

Box-folder 10:12

Deeds and water rights, 1885 April 17-1889 October 25

Box-folder F4D2

Deeds and water rights (oversize), 1883 February 10-1889 April 13


Homestead Certificate of Harry Warren dated November 1, 1884
Homestead Certificate of John Woods dated October 6, 1888
Homestead Certificate of John Dye dated February 10, 1883, attached to grant deed dated December 16, 1889
Land Grant of H.H. Warren dated January 13, 1886
Swamp Land Certificate of Nathan Eaton dated April 19, 1887
Land grant for school lands dated April 13, 1889
Box-folder 10:13

Deeds and water rights, 1889 November 7-1894 July 19

Box-folder 10:14

Deeds and water rights, 1911 September 12-1922 April 20

Box-folder 10:15

Deeds and water rights: San Luis Rey Valley, 1916 September 30

Box-folder 11:1

Business agreements, 1905 January 24-1909 January 6 and undated

Box-folder 11:2

Legal proceedings, 1889 January-1923 December

Box-folder 11:3

Miscellanea, 1888-1922 and undated


Notice to stockholders
Notes regarding water projects
Certificate confirming that Pamo Water Company’s incorporation papers were filed with the California Department of State, dated March 15, 1888 (in F4D2, Miscellanea (oversize))

Series XIX: San Diego County Water Company: San Pasqual Ranch Issue

Box-folder 11:4

Correspondence, 1923 July 24-December 17

Box-folder 11:5

Correspondence, 1924 January 11-August 23

Box-folder 11:6

Correspondence, 1924 September 15-30

Box-folder 11:7

Correspondence, 1924 October 1-December 31

Box-folder 11:8

Correspondence, 1925 January 2-October 1

Box-folder 11:9

Telegrams, 1924 June 2-September 29

Box-folder 11:10

Telephone transcripts, 1924 February 21-1925 November 27

Box-folder 11:11

San Pasqual Ranch Company Deal, 1923 November 13-1924 October 28


Purchase options
Money transferred from Fletcher to Harbell
Bill of sale
Box-folder 11:12

Legal proceedings, 1924 September 26-1925 April 11 and undated


Sworn statements regarding dispute over sale of San Pasqual Ranch property, itemized lists of property in dispute, and proposed terms of settlement.
Box-folder 11:13

Miscellanea, 1923-1925


Easements for right of way and a protest filed by C.O. Harbell with the California Department of Public Works

Series XX: San Dieguito Mutual Water Company

Box-folder 11:14

Meeting minutes, 1923 December 27-1924 January 15

Box-folder 11:15

Correspondence, 1923 August 23-1924 November 25

Box-folder 11:16

Miscellanea, 1921-1924


Property agreement
“Santa Fe Land Improvement Company Alignment Map Showing Proposed 16” Concrete Pipeline,” dated January 1924 (in F4D2, Miscellanea (oversize))

Series XXI: Sherman Water Company

Box-folder 11:17

Incorporation and regulations, 1914 August 24-1923 November 21


Ordinance granting water franchise
Articles of Incorporation
Rules and Regulations as approved by Railroad Commission
Box-folder 11:18

Correspondence, 1922 May 5-1923 February 28

Box-folder 11:19

Correspondence, 1923 March 2-April 27

Box-folder 11:20

Correspondence, 1923 May 1-August 4

Box-folder 11:21

Correspondence, 1923 September 4-December 28 and undated

Box-folder 11:22

Correspondence, 1924 January 3-31

Box-folder 12:1

Correspondence, 1924 February 2-27

Box-folder 12:2

Correspondence, 1924 March 1-31

Box-folder 12:3

Correspondence, 1925 April 2-30

Box-folder 12:4

Correspondence, 1924 May 2-June 30

Box-folder 12:5

Correspondence, 1924 July 1-31

Box-folder 12:6

Correspondence, 1924 August 1-30

Box-folder 12:7

Correspondence, 1924 September 2-30

Box-folder 12:8

Correspondence, 1924 October 4-November 25

Box-folder 12:9

Correspondence, 1924 December 1-1925 October 21

Box-folder 12:10

Telegrams, 1923 February 22-1924 July 1 and undated

Box-folder 12:11

Finances, 1922 October 1-1924 April 1

Box-folder 12:12

Finances, 1924 May 1-December 1 and undated

Box-folder 27:1

Stock book 1, 1923 November 26-December 1

Box-folder 27:2

Stock book 2 (unused), undated

Box-folder 12:13

Permits to furnish water, 1924 January 19-August 4

Box-folder 12:14

License agreements for pumping rights, 1924-1925

Box-folder 12:15

Water leases, 1925

Box-folder 12:16

Lab reports, 1922 October 14-1924 October 31

Box-folder 12:17

Court cases, 1923 October 19-1924 October 25 and undated

Box-folder 12:18

Miscellanea, 1922 August 1-1924 June 30 and undated


Agreement with Meyering Land Company
Application to excavate in public highways
Description of real estate in Sherman
Newspaper articles

Series XXII: Volcan Land and Water Company

Box-folder 12:19

$5 Million Bond Issue, 1911 December 11-1921 December 29

Box-folder 12:20

Right of Way applications, 1913 May 2-9

Box-folder 13:1

Right of Way applications, 1913 July 22

Box-folder 13:2

Right of Way applications, 1914 February 13-1916 March 27


“Map Showing Survey of Center Line of Carroll Canal,” dated March 21, 1916, taken from amendment to Carroll Canal application dated March 27, 1916 (in F4D2, Miscellanea (oversize))
Box-folder 13:3

Permit applications, 1913 July 3-1917 June 1 and undated

Box-folder 13:4

Rainfall data, 1911-1918 and undated

Box-folder 13:5

Rainfall data: office copy #1 (1 of 2), undated

Box-folder 13:6

Rainfall data: office copies #2-4 (2 of 2), undated

Box-folder 13:7

"Volcan Water Company" photograph album, undated

Box-folder 13:8

"Volcan Office Copy" photograph album, 1914 February 19-March 1 and undated

Box-folder 14:1

Miscellanea, 1912 September 20-1917 February 14


Notice of appropriation
Index of privately owned beach lands
Report on the net safe yield of the Volcan Land and Water Company

Series XXIII: Water Projects: La Jolla - Del Mar Pipeline

Box-folder 14:2

Correspondence, 1922 February 11-1923 June 6

Box-folder 14:3

Correspondence, 1923 July 3-1924 July 7

Box-folder 14:4

Agreement with City of San Diego, 1923

Box-folder 14:5

Purchase orders from City of San Diego, 1923 February 6-1924 April 1

Box-folder 14:6

Water consumption reports for City of San Diego, 1923 February 1-1924 May 1

Box-folder 14:7

Bills, 1921 October 31-1923 November 9

Box-folder 14:8

Miscellanea, 1922 June 2-1923 January 25 and undated


Handwritten receipt
Handwritten note

Series XXIV: Water Projects: Mission Gorge Dam Site #3

Box-folder 14:9

Correspondence, 1921 September 17-December 31

Box-folder 14:10

Correspondence, 1922 January 2-March 31

Box-folder 14:11

Correspondence, 1922 April 11-1923 August 20

Box-folder 14:12

Telegrams, 1922 January 26-1923 May 12

Box-folder 14:13

Office memos, 1922 January 19-1923 March 27 and undated

Box-folder 14:14

Data on Mission Gorge Dam Site, 1921-1922 and undated

Box-folder 14:15

Dam research, undated


Series XXV: Water Projects: Santa Ysabel Creek and Black Canyon Creek

Box-folder 14:16

Correspondence, 1920 December 6-1922 September 7

Box-folder 14:17

Correspondence, 1922 October 2-1924 May 21

Box-folder 14:18

Office memos, 1922 May 1-1923 February 9

Box-folder 14:19

Permit application, 1917 January 16-1922 August 28


Series XXVI: Water Projects: Sutherland Reservoir

Box-folder 14:20

Correspondence, 1922 May 25-1923 October 5

Box-folder 14:21

Telegrams, 1922 June 23-30

Box-folder F4D2

Map of Sutherland Reservoir (oversize), 1912 May


Series XXVII: Water Projects: Sweetwater System

Box-folder 14:22

Correspondence, 1922 June 2-November 27

Box-folder 14:23

Office memos, 1922 November 13-23

Box-folder 14:24

Newspaper articles, 1922 November 27


Series XXVIII: Water Projects: Yuma Mesa Grapefruit Project

Box-folder 14:25

Correspondence, 1922 December 30-1923 December 15

Box-folder 14:26

Telegrams, 1923 February 15-March 13

Box-folder 14:27

Fletcher account, undated


Series XXIX: Water Projects: Miscellanea

Box-folder 14:28

Advisory Committee photograph album, 1914

Box-folder 15:1

Murray Dam and Carroll Dam photograph album, 1917 July 14-1918 August 27 and undated


Series XXX: Grossmont Studios

Box-folder 15:2

Articles of Incorporation and By-laws, 1925


Certificate confirming that Articles of Incorporation filed with State of California, dated January 19, 1925 (in F4D2, Miscellanea (oversize))
Box-folder 15:3

Board of Directors' meeting minutes, 1925 February 11-1930 January 31

Box-folder 15:4

Correspondence, 1922 December 21-1932 February 15 and undated

Box-folder 15:5

Creditors and stockholders, undated

Box-folder 15:6

Stock certificates: common stocks, 1922 May 12-1923 February 26

Box-folder 15:7

Stock certificates: common stocks, 1923 March 6-1925 December 30

Box-folder 15:8

Stock certificates: preferred stocks, 1922 May 12-December 26

Box-folder 15:9

Stock certificates: preferred stocks, 1923 January 6-July 27

Box-folder 15:10

Stock certificates: preferred stocks, 1923 July 30-1925 December 30

Box-folder 27:3

Stock certificate book, 1925 February 11-1928 March 8

Box-folder 15:11

Stock certificate receipts, 1922 June 14-1928 January 30

Box-folder 15:12

Time roll, 1925 and undated

Box-folder 15:13

Finances: cash flow and balance sheets, 1925-1929 and undated

Box-folder 15:14

Finances: cash flow ledger 1, 1923 December 15-1924 December 13

Box-folder 15:15

Finances: cash flow ledger 2, 1925 January 26-1930 September 16

Box-folder 16:1

Finances: receipts, 1925 January 24-1927 May 2

Box-folder 16:2

Finances: business invoices (A-H), 1925 January 12-December 24

Box-folder 16:3

Finances: business invoices (L-W), 1925 January 25-1928 July 19

Box-folder 16:4

Finances: checks and bank statements, 1925 April 21-1928 October 30

Box-folder F4D2

Finances: checks and bank statements (oversize), 1925 July 8-1928 October 18


One account statement from the First National Bank of Los Angeles dated July 8 to October 31, 1925
Seven account statements from the First National Bank of San Diego dated August 5, 1926 to October 18, 1928
Box-folder 16:5

Finances: state and corporation taxes, 1925 February 27-1930 March 8

Box-folder F4D2

Finances: state and corporation taxes (oversize), 1925-1930


Sloane & Sloane itemized bill for preparing taxes dated January 19, 1925
Corporation Income Tax Returns for the years 1925, 1926, 1927, 1928, 1929, and 1930
Box-folder 16:6

Legal papers, 1924 November 13-1925 October 9

Box-folder 16:7

Miscellanea, 1925-1930 and undated


Notarized bill of sale by Lois Weber Productions
List of leased property
Handwritten notes

Series XXXI: San Diego Independent Publishing Company

Box-folder 16:8

Articles of Incorporation and By-laws, 1925 July 28

Box-folder 16:9

Meeting minutes, 1925 August 5-1928 January 24

Box-folder 16:10

Petitions to California State Corporation Department, 1926


“Exhibit C” profit and loss statement dated January 1, 1926 through May 31, 1926, from petition for authority to issue additional capital stock (in F4D2, Miscellanea (oversize))
Box-folder 16:11

Weekly time book, 1925 August 15-1926 April 3

Box-folder F4D2

Bank statements (oversize), 1925 August 1-October 3

Box-folder 16:12

Cash ledger, 1925 September 1-December 31

Box-folder 16:13

Profit and loss binder, 1926-1927

Box-folder F4D2

Profit and loss binder (oversize inserts), 1926-1927


"Comparative Statement of Display Advertising 1926-1927" (originally between docs 1 and 2)
“Profit and Loss Statement for 6 months ending January 31, 1926” (originally with doc 29)
Ledger page listing liabilities and assets, undated (originally between docs 80 and 81)
Profit and Loss sheet: “Trial Balance – August 1926” (originally with doc 82)
Profit and Loss sheet dated October 30, 1926 (originally with doc 88)
“Trial balance – after adjustments,” October 30, 1926 (originally with doc 90)
“Statement of earnings and expenses for year 1927” (originally with doc 91)
Profit and loss sheet, undated (originally with doc 92)
Box-folder 28:1

Stock certificate book 1 1925 November 10-1927 April 17

Box-folder 28:2

Stock certificate book 2, 1926 January 6-1927 April 22

Box-folder 28:3

Circulation ledger, 1925 September 1-1927 September 30


Series XXXII: Personal Papers

Box-folder 16:14

Correspondence: general, 1903 September 18-1959 January 6

Box-folder 17:1

Correspondence: Fletcher's "Memoirs" cover letters (A-E), 1952

Box-folder 17:2

Correspondence: Fletcher's "Memoirs" cover letters (F-J), 1952

Box-folder 17:3

Correspondence: Fletcher's "Memoirs" cover letters (K-R), 1952

Box-folder 17:4

Correspondence: Fletcher's "Memoirs" cover letters (S-Z), 1952

Box-folder 17:5

Correspondence: Fletcher's "Memoirs" thank you letters (A-B), 1952-1953

Box-folder 17:6

Correspondence: Fletcher's "Memoirs" thank you letters (C-D), 1952-1953

Box-folder 17:7

Correspondence: Fletcher's "Memoirs" thank you letters (E-G), 1952

Box-folder 17:8

Correspondence: Fletcher's "Memoirs" thank you letters (H-J), 1952-1953

Box-folder 17:9

Correspondence: Fletcher's "Memoirs" thank you letters (K-M), 1952-1954

Box-folder 17:10

Correspondence: Fletcher's "Memoirs" thank you letters (N-R), 1951-1953

Box-folder 17:11

Correspondence: Fletcher's "Memoirs" thank you letters (S-W), 1952-1953

Box-folder 17:12

Correspondence: Fletcher's "Memoirs" thank you letters (incomplete names), 1952

Box-folder 17:13

Correspondence: commendations, 1939 October 7-1955 January 5


Letters from Herbert Hoover, Earl Warren, Dwight Eisenhower, and Richard Nixon.
Box-folder 18:1

Last wills and life insurance, 1893 March 30-1908 August 10

Box-folder 18:2

Tax paperwork, 1899-1951 and undated

Box-folder 18:3

Finances: receipts and invoices, 1887 July 26-1953 December 39

Box-folder 18:4

Finances: checks, bank notes, and property valuations, 1903 January 27-1954 February 12

Box-folder 18:5

Pine Hills Association, 1909 June 28-1911 December 15

Box-folder 18:6

San Diego Athletic Club 1933 May 16-1938 July 23

Box-folder 18:7

San Diego Athletic Club: bonds, 1927 May 1

Box-folder 18:8

San Diego Athletic Club: bonds, 1927 May 1

Box-folder 18:9

San Diego Athletic Club: bonds, 1927 May 1

Box-folder 18:10

San Diego Athletic Club: bonds, 1927 May 1

Box-folder 18:11

San Diego Athletic Club: bonds, 1927 May 1

Box-folder 18:12

San Diego Athletic Club: bonds, 1927 May 1

Box-folder 19:1

Resolutions honoring Ed Fletcher, 1932 March 7-1965 June 21

Box-folder 19:2

Informational booklets, 1916-1955


Booklets about iron works, Mesa Verde National Park, Port of San Diego Harbor and Industrial Data
Christian Science publication
Box-folder 19:3

Fletcher family photographs, 1908-1952 and undated

Box-folder 19:4

Fletcher family photographs, 1931-1955 and undated

Box-folder 19:5

Fletcher family photographs, 1903 and undated

Box-folder 19:6

Fletcher family photographs, 1941 and undated

Box-folder 19:7

Fletcher family photographs, 1922-1935 and undated

Box-folder 19:8

Fletcher family photographs: motor trips, 1915-1916

Box-folder 19:9

Fletcher family photographs: local sightseeing, 1940-1955 and undated

Box-folder 19:10

Fletcher family photographs: travel, 1918-1955 and undated

Box-folder 19:11

Fletcher family photographs: travel, undated

Box-folder 20:1

Photographs: state and local politicians, 1908-1931 and undated


Photograph of a line of cars with “Stephens for Governor” banners, captioned “One Way Ed Fletcher Co. Office Helped Elect Our Governor Wm D. Stephens,” (in F4D2, Photographs (oversize))
Mounted photograph with caption, “Ed Fletcher’s 2 Cylinder Maxwell – 1908. Ed Fletcher at the wheel. George W. Marston and John P. Nolen. Pine Hills,” (in F4D2, Photographs (oversize))
Box-folder 20:2

Photographs: national leaders, autographed, 1912-1951 and undated

Box-folder 20:3

Photographs: national leaders, autographed, 1921-1951 and undated


Autographed photographs of Charles Francis Buddy, Bishop of San Diego; Herbert Hoover; P. Ortiz Rubio; W. Richardson; George Purdee; and Peter W. Davison (in F4D2, Photographs (oversize))
Box-folder 20:4

Photographs: prominent people, unsigned, 1924-1953 and undated


Photograph of Theodore Roosevelt (in F4D2, Photographs (oversize))
Box-folder 20:5

Photographs: San Diego area, 1914-1928 and undated

Box-folder 20:6

Photographs: San Diego Area, Grossmont, 1910-1930 and undated

Box-folder 20:7

Photographs: miscellanea, undated


Photographs of maps, artifacts, and papers
Box-folder 20:8

Newspaper articles, 1921-1953 and undated

Box-folder 20:9

Miscellanea, 1895-1953 and undated


Agreements regarding potential woodworking ventures
Oil and gas lease
Pamphlets regarding Fletcher’s transcontinental road trip and Senate campaign
Handwritten notes.
Map showing rainfall areas of Colorado (in F4D2, Miscellanea (oversize))

Series XXXIII: Catalog Cards

Box 22

Subject Headings A-Z, undated

Box 23

File Groups 1-10, undated

Box 24

File Groups 11-22, undated

Box 25

File Groups 23-37, undated

Box 26

File Groups 38-65, undated