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A guide to the Jack Ehrhorn collection of Stone Boat Yard photographs, circa 1885-2005
P05-081 (SAFR 23147)  
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  • Title: Jack Ehrhorn collection of Stone Boat Yard photographs
    Date: circa 1885-2005
    Date (bulk): 1920-1975
    Collection No. (Catalog No.): P05-081 (SAFR 23147)
    Collector: Ehrhorn, Jack
    Physical Description: 15.30 linear ft.
    Repository: San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, Historic Documents Department
    Building E, Fort Mason
    San Francisco, CA 94123
    Abstract: The Jack Ehrhorn collection of Stone Boat Yard photographs, circa 1885-2005, bulk 1920-1975, (SAFR 23147, P05-081) is comprised mainly of photographs of yachts under construction at the Stone Boat Yard and underway in the San Francisco Bay area during the 1920s-1970s. The collection has been processed to the item level and is open for use.
    Physical Location: San Francisco Maritime NHP, Historic Documents Department
    Language(s): In English.


    This collection is open for use unless otherwise noted.

    Publication and Use Rights

    Some material may be copyrighted or restricted. It is the researcher's obligation to determine and satisfy copyright or other case restrictions when publishing or otherwise distributing materials found in the collections.

    Processing Note

    The collection was received in no discernible order, but many of the photographs were identified by vessel name. The photographs have been physically arranged by the boat yard they were constructed in, and then in alphabetical order by vessel name within each boat yard.
    Archives staff received some photographs in frames. All photographs have been removed from the frames except for one (item 0901 in box 2). Most of the frames have been discarded due to low historical value, poor condition, and space constraints; however two frames have been retained and transferred to the Museum Object Collection as representative samples.
    There are four photograph albums in this collection, and two of them were received disbound. They have been labeled as photograph album number 1 and as photograph album number 2. It is unclear what their original order was, so the pages have been placed in chronological order because it was likely compiled over time, as the vessels were built. The album pages are physically housed together, keeping the album as physically intact as possible. There is one photograph on each page, and each photograph has been assigned an item number. Each photograph has been described in its appropriate series (by vessel name) for ease of access. It has been noted in each physical description that the photograph and page is part of an album.
    Photograph album number 1 contains items 0011-0051, and is housed in box 4.
    Photograph album number 2 contains items 0052-0097, and is housed in box 6.
    Photograph album number 3 was received intact and contains 50 black-and-white photographs. The album has been left intact and the prints have been numbered as items 0606-0655. It is housed in box 10.
    Photograph album number 4 was received intact and contains 5 color photographs. The album has been left intact and the prints have been numbered as items 0830-0834. It is housed in box 10.
    Separated Material: Three frames transferred to the Museum Objects collection. Two publications were deaccessioned and transferred to the Library.
    Description Notes: Each photographic image has been assigned an item number. There are 933 unique photographic images in this collection; this number does not refer to the number of individual items in the collection. In some cases, there are multiple versions of a photographic image and this has been described in the physical description field. For example, item 0117 contains one photograph of "Lady Betty (built 1915; sloop: yacht: 6 meter, U.S. No. 1) underway, starboard broadside view", and there are 3 versions of this photograph (3 black-and-white photographic prints: 2 that are 5 x 7 in. and one that is 8.13 x 9.88 in.).
    With accession SAFR-01896, we received many electronic lists describing Stone built vessels, each with varying levels of information. The processing archivist consolidated these lists into one master excel spreadsheet that contains all the information about each vessel; this is included as an appendix in this finding aid because this collection does not contain photographs of every vessel ever built at one of the Stone boat yards. This comprehensive list provides information about all the Stone built vessels.
    Jack Ehrhorn numbered many of the framed photographs that he donated and there is an electronic list of these numbered photographs with the vessel names. The electronic file name of this list is: "BOATYARD PICTURES DESCRIPTION.doc". For each photograph that was in a frame, the frame number is referred to as "Ehrhorn number" and this information is located in the physical description field in the finding aid.
    Some of the photographs in this collection have small white stickers with numbers on them, affixed to the upper left hand corner of the prints. These stickers/numbers have been described in the physical description field for each applicable item. In HDC 1611, many of the plans in the collection have small stickers or pieces of white tape affixed to the center bottom edge, with applied alpha-numeric notations. In some cases these numbers were assigned in batches or runs, and these batch numbers help identify vessels and jobs. These notations are referred to as 'applied numbers' and as 'item numbers' throughout the finding aid for HDC 1611. The sticker numbers in this collection (P05-081) and in HDC 1611 do not seem to be the same for each vessel. Information about the sticker numbers can be found in the physical description field, as well as in the appendix in this finding aid.
    There are other Stone Boat Yard photograph collections here at SAFR. Two of these collections contain copy negatives of photographs that the Stone Boat Yard loaned us for copying in the 1980s and 1990s. We now have the original photographs in this collection (P05-081) that we previously copied. We made references to these copy negatives in the "associated material" field in all appropriate item level records, to show which photographic prints have corresponding copy negatives in our other collections.
    The descriptions in this collection guide were compiled using the best available sources of information. Such sources include the creator's annotations or descriptions, collection accession files, primary and secondary source material and subject matter experts. While every effort was made to provide accurate information, in the event that you find any errors in this guide please contact the reference staff in order for us to evaulate and make corrections to this guide.
    Please cite the title and collection number in any correspondence with our staff.

    Preferred Citation

    [Item description], [Location within collection organization identified by Collection Number/Series Number/File Unit Number/Item Number], P05-081 (SAFR 23147), Jack Ehrhorn collection of Stone Boat Yard photographs, San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park

    Acquisition Information

    In December 2005, the Jack Ehrhorn Estate donated the following items to the SFMNHP: 15 in. of documents, loose photographs, and photo album pages; 36 framed photographs, to be unframed and frames discarded; 5 large flat boxes with marine architectural drawings. Also received, to be used for reference, is one binder with printout of database index to vessels and photographs. An electronic version was also received. The documents and architectural plans were arranged and described as the Jack Ehrhorn collection of Stone Boat Yard naval architectural drawings (HDC 1611, SAFR 22826). The photographs have been described here, in P05-081, SAFR 23147.

    Historical or Biographical Note

    Stone Boat Yard History: The Stone Boat Yard was a San Francisco Bay Area boat building company that was located in Alameda, California, from 1971-2004. The business had three previous names, and has been in four other locations in the San Francisco Bay Area since its establishment in San Francisco by W.I. Stone in 1853. It was run by three generations of Stones from 1853 until 1970 (W.I. Stone, W.F. Stone, and Lester Stone). It was one of the oldest and longest running businesses on the Pacific Coast and its boats and designs were very influential in Pacific Coast maritime history. Each of these boat yards was often referred to as "the Stone Boat Yard," "Stone Yard," or "Stone's Yard," (shortening their official name) even though only the last iteration of the business (from 1971-2004) was officially called the Stone Boat Yard.
    In 1853, William Isaac Stone (1883-1914) emigrated from Dartmouth, England, and established a boat yard in the Hunter's Point Area of San Francisco. The W.I. Stone Boat Yard primarily built yachts (sloops, schooners, and yawls) and also a few fishing boats, row boats and other vessels. His vessels were not known for speed, but had a reputation as being well-built. W.I. Stone "built the famous steam fishing tugboat U.S. GRANT, which was later rebuilt and renamed HERCULES to work on the [San Francisco-Oakland] Bay Bridge construction and which saw duty in and around Honolulu during [WWII]" (Stevens, p. 22).
    In 1893, William I. Stone's son, William Franklin Stone (1868-1923; often known as Frank Stone), took over his father's yard. During that same year, Frank moved the yard to Belvedere in Tiburon (in Marin County). At some time between 1893 and 1899, Stone formed a partnership with Pete Swanson (Stevens, p. 23). The yard was sometimes referred to in city directories as the Stone & Swann Boat Yard, and they specialized in building sailboats (mostly sloops and yawls). W.F. Stone sold the boat yard to Pete Swanson in 1899, and Swanson stayed in business there for 10 or 15 years (Heig & Mitchell, p. 205).
    In 1899, Frank Stone moved the boat yard back to San Francisco, in a neighborhood called Harbor View (this area is now called the Marina District) and was there until 1911. Stone moved back to San Francisco because he wanted to build larger boats, and couldn't do that in Belvedere (Heig & Mitchell, p. 205). There was a boom in shipbuilding during this time and "the commercial vessels produced between 1899 and 1911 would further enhance Stone's reputation as one of the West Coast's premier shipbuilders" (Brooks, p. 61). Around 1907, Stone formed a partnership with Edgar N. Van Bergen, and Stone & Van Bergen yard was listed in the San Francisco city directories until 1911. The Stone Boat Yard built tugs, schooners, and yachts during this period. They also built a surfboat in 1907, for Jack London's boat SNARK. Years later, in 1927, the St. Francis Yacht Club was founded on the site where the boat yard used to be.
    In 1911, Frank Stone had to move the boat yard because it was in the location where the Panama-Pacific International Exposition (PPIE) would be held, and they were starting construction for the exposition. Stone moved the boat yard to the foot of Diesel Way and Kennedy Streets in Oakland, adjacent to the Union Diesel Engine Company. At this time Frank changed the name of the business to W.F. Stone & Son Boat Yard. Frank's son, Lester F. Stone (1892-1975), started working full time in the boat yard in 1912. Frank did not apprentice his son to be a woodworker, and instead Lester worked on the designs of the boats. Lester's first design project at W.F. Stone & Son Boat Yard was PRONTO II, a 53' sloop yacht.
    In 1923, William F. Stone died and Lester formally took over the family business. In 1926-1927, a crew of Stone's shipwrights started working on NORTHERN LIGHT, a vessel ordered by John Borden. Borden was "the millionaire owner of Chicago's Yellow Cab Company, who wanted a boat for an Arctic cruise to gather specimens for Chicago's Field Museum" (Brooks, p. 63). NORTHERN LIGHT was completed on April 21, 1927 and at that time, was the largest schooner ever built on the West Coast as a pleasure boat. Business slowed down considerably during the Great Depression. In December 1941, they received notice of their eviction from the boat yard in Oakland, because the city needed the waterfront property to install Union diesel engines onto vessels for WWII (Robinson, p. 4).
    In 1942, the boat yard moved to Blanding Avenue in Alameda. From 1942-1944, W.F. Stone & Son built fire tugs, mine sweepers, and sub chasers for the U.S. Navy. From 1946-1970, Lester and Jack Ehrhorn collaboratively designed and built recreational and racing yachts, including R-Class sloops, Bird Boats, and M-Class sloops. Ehrhorn worked for W.F. Stone & Son from 1941-1970. Among the many vessels they built were the "south sea island copra schooners with such lilting names as TAGUA, MOANA, EANIJEN RAKIJEN, and ATLAS, which typified the age of the yacht cargo carrier. This famous fleet spread the name of Stone as a builder par excellence over the atolls of the south seas" (Stevens, p. 52).
    By the late 1960s, the custom yacht building business started to wane, and from 1965-1970 the boat yard had only built 3 whaleboats and a sloop. Lester Stone retired in 1970 and sold the yard to John Whitset (Heig & Mitchell, p. 205). All of the subsequent owners kept the name "Stone Boat Yard" to honor the history of the yard and they tried to maintain the tradition by repairing wooden boats (O'Grady, p. 30). After Lester retired, there were two owners before the last one declared bankruptcy in 1986.
    In 1987, Bill and Grace Bodle purchased the boat yard. They refurbished some of the machinery and buildings, and rehired some former employees, including Jack Ehrhorn. Some of the other employees were Chuck Gorich, Bill Rhoades, and Barry Neville (Latitude 38, advertisement, p.29). In January 2000, David Olson, owner of Bostrom-Bergin and Meddco Metals, purchased the boat yard. In 2001, Richard Maguire was the manager (Bay Crossings, 2001). According to an interview with Maguire in 2001, Olson was creating a tribute to Ehrhorn by converting a loft at the boat yard into a museum and reference library, and Jack Ehrhorn was going to be the curator. The Stone Boat Yard closed in mid-2004, due to "the cost of building a new catch basin for water runoff and the increasing costs of Workman's Compensation combined with a drop in boats coming for repair" (O'Grady, p. 30).
    Jack Ehrhorn biography: Jack Wilbur Ehrhorn was born on November 9, 1919, in San Francisco to William and Freida W. Ehrhorn. Jack had two siblings, Ruth W. and Betty J.
    Jack was a life-long yachtsman and a master shipwright, designer, draftsman and operations foreman. He started working for Lester Stone at the W.F. Stone & Son boatyard in 1941, where he helped build minesweepers for WWII.
    From July 14, 1944-August 15, 1946, Ehrhorn served as a Platoon Sergeant in the U.S. Army, where he was in charge of 75 enlisted men and 25 amphibious DUKW'S (TRUCKS). He was also a non-commissioned officer of occupation troops stationed in Osaka, Japan. Jack was awarded many medals for his service: the Pacific Campaign Medal, Philippine Liberation Ribbon with Bronze Star, Good Conduct Medal, WWII Victory Medal and Army of Occupation Medal (Japan).
    After the war, Ehrhorn returned to work at the W.F. Stone & Son boat yard and he worked closely with Lester Stone designing yachts. Stone would design most of the boats and Ehrhorn was in charge of their construction. Ehrhorn "helped design and build the Yankee One Design sailboats, including his own #34, FLAME, in 1949. Over the years he worked on many fine yachts including the ORIENT and the BARUNA" (Swan). In 1958, Ehrhorn started working on the 33 foot sloop SCAMP during the after-hours and slow periods of the yard; she was finally launched in the San Francisco Bay in 1967 (Jackson, p. 77). Throughout his career, Ehrhorn often wore white overalls while working, which was different than most shipwrights who wore blue ones.
    Ehrhorn worked at the W.F. Stone & Son boatyard until 1970, when Lester Stone retired and sold the yard to John Whitset (Heig & Mitchell, p. 205). Ehrhorn returned to work at the Stone Boat Yard in 1987 when it was purchased by Bill and Grace Bodle. Additionally, "upon retirement, he became a surveyor of minesweepers for the Navy" (Swan).
    Jack lived in the San Francisco Bay Area his entire life and died on July 22, 2005, in Alameda. His wife Mary preceded him in death in 2004. Ehrhorn was survived by his children Jim Ehrhorn, Terica Klauza, Paul Ehrhorn, and Lisa Duke, as well as his sister Betty Kendall and many other family members.


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    Collection Scope and Content

    The Jack Ehrhorn collection of Stone Boat Yard photographs, circa 1885-2005, bulk 1920-1975, (SAFR 23147, P05-081) is comprised mainly of photographs of yachts under construction at the Stone Boat Yard and underway in the San Francisco Bay area during the 1920s-1970s. The collection has been processed to the item level and is open for use.
    The Stone Boat Yard was a San Francisco Bay Area boat building company that was located in Alameda, California, from 1971-2004. The business had three previous names, and has been in four other locations in the San Francisco Bay Area since its establishment in the Hunter's Point area of San Francisco in 1853. This collection contains photographs of vessels that were built in each of the boat yards, but does not contain photographs of all the vessels ever built in each yard.
    This collection includes a few photographs of vessels underway that were built at the first three boat yard locations between 1853 and 1910 (W.I. Stone Boat Yard in the Hunter's Point area of San Francisco, the W.F. Stone Boat Yard in Tiburon, and the W.F. Stone Boat Yard in the Harbor View area of San Francisco). The collection is predominantly comprised of photographs of vessels constructed at the last three boat yard locations, between 1914 and 1977 (the W.F. Stone & Son Boat Yard in Oakland, the W.F. Stone & Son Boat Yard in Alameda, and the Stone Boat Yard in Alameda). There are photographs of vessels under construction and underway in the San Francisco Bay; vessels under repair at the Stone boat yards; unidentified vessels; and photographs of Lester Stone, Jack Ehrhorn, and unidentified people.
    There are 933 photographs in 11 boxes and 3 oversized folders.

    Collection Arrangement

    This collection has been arranged into seven series. Each of the first six series represents a location of the Stone Boat Yard throughout its history. The first six series contain vessels that were built at each of the yards; vessels were placed in each of these six series based on which yard they were constructed in, not the time period that they were photographed. Series 7 contains photographs of vessels that were not built by Stone, unidentified vessels and other photographs.
    Within each series/subseries, the vessels have been placed in alphabetical order and each vessel has been assigned an individual file unit. The vessels were then placed in chronological order within each file unit, based on when the photograph was taken.

    Series List:

    • Series 1: W.I. Stone Boat Yard, San Francisco (Hunter's Point), 1853-1893
    • Series 2: W.F. Stone Boat Yard, Tiburon, 1893-1899
    • Series 3: W.F. Stone Boat Yard, San Francisco (Harbor View), 1899-1911
    • Series 4: W.F. Stone & Son Boat Yard, Oakland, 1911-1941
    • Series 5: W.F. Stone & Son Boat Yard, Alameda, 1941-1970
    • Series 6: Stone Boat Yard, Alameda, 1970-2004
    • Series 7: Vessels not built at the Stone yard, unidentified vessels and other photographs
    • Subseries 7.1: Vessels not built at the Stone yard
    • Subseries 7.2: Unidentified vessels
    • Subseries 7.3: Other photographs (including portraits and personal photographs)

    Related Materials

    Related photograph and media collections:
    Bill Bodle collection of Stone Boat Yard photographs, circa 1890s-1970s (bulk 1912-1944) (P92-042, SAFR 10116). 28 copy negatives made from photographs loaned to SFMNHP from Bill Bodle (General Manager of Stone Boat Yard) in 1993. Photographs include portraits of William Frank Stone, Lester Stone, Jack Ehrhorn; W.F. Stone & Son boatyard in Oakland; Stone Boat Yard in Alameda; and the vessels ALERT, LADY BETTY, NORTHERN LIGHT, OUTRAGEOUS, PALAWAN, PRONTO, PRONTO II, RASCAL, and ROWENA. Some of the original photographs used to create these copy negatives were later donated to the SFMNHP as SAFR-01896.
    Stone Boat Yard photograph collection, 1900-1970 (P77-022, SAFR 08120). 140 photographic prints of W.F. Stone & Son built vessels, including: ALERT, ALICE A, ALOHA, MARILEN, MIGIRL, NORTHERN LIGHT, PRONTO II, RASCAL, ROWENA, TASCO, WATER WITCH, WINDWARD, and YO HO HO. The collection file includes notes and corrections from Douglas Brooks' interview with Jack Ehrhorn in 1991; he showed Ehrhorn photocopies of photographs in this collection (P77-022) and Ehrhorn made comments on some of them.
    Jack W. Ehrhorn collection of photographs of the two-masted schooner NORTHERN LIGHT, 1926-1927 (P92-051, SAFR 10120). This collection consists of 13 black-and-white copy negatives of the two-masted schooner NORTHERN LIGHT copied from original prints by Commercial & Photo View Company. Photographs show the construction, launching, fitting out, and trials of the vessel. The prints were loaned to the SFMNHP for copying in 1992 by Jack W. Ehrhorn, a former employee of W.F. Stone & Son and Stone Boat Yard. These photographs can also be found in this collection (P05-081).
    Jack Ehrhorn photograph collection, 1955, 1971 (P86-049, SAFR 17239). Transferred from HDC 277 on August 7, 1986. Broadside view of the yacht SIRIUS II under sail, June 1971 (1 color print, 5 x 7 in.). Photograph taken by Bob Bucknam. Boating party posed on the foredeck and deckhouse of the power yacht ADIOS II, February 1955 (1 black-and-white print, 8 x 10 in.). From the P.C.Y.A. Cruise.
    Lester Stone photographs, circa 1890-1950 (P01-023, SAFR 19781). 316 copy negatives made from photographic prints in a series of (3) albums and from other loose prints. The photographic originals were duplicated by San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park while on loan from Ms. Patricia C. O'Grady and Ms. Roberta S. O'Grady, nieces of Lester Stone. Images include the PRONTO II, ALERT, portraits of Lester Stone and Frank Stone, the Corinthian Yacht Club, and the boatyard in Tiburon.
    There are many CLASSIFIED Photographs of the Stone boat yard and vessels built by Stone, including many photographs taken by Walter A. Scott.
    Related Manuscript Collections:
    Stone Boat Yard Records, 1913-1982 (HDC 277, SAFR 17124). The collection consists of business records, including specifications, estimates, project files, cost sheets, correspondence, financial and personnel files, and plans. The collection also contains a small amount of personal papers of Lester Stone. 74.5 linear feet (35 boxes, 29 oversize folders, 65 tubes)
    Rupert Jernigan (donor) blueprints, 1925 (HDC 326, SAFR 17243) 2 blueprints, in-board and out-board, of a 114' San Francisco Pilot Schooner, dated 1925.
    Stone Boat Yard records and marine architectural drawings, 1922-1983 (bulk 1920s-1940s) (HDC 1288, SAFR 21341). This collection consists primarily of folded and rolled architectural drawings, including original drawings, blueprints, diazotypes, and photostats, of plan views, profiles, lines, and details for both commercial and pleasure craft. There are few textual records, which include a few specifications and cost estimates. Includes material on the vessels ACTIVE, ALERT, BEAR, ELECTRA, HERMES, JUBILEE, MAKAALA, MIKIOI, ORIENT, PATOLITA, PHOENIX, POLAR BEAR, SEAWARD, and WINDWARD.
    Jack Ehrhorn collection of Stone Boat Yard naval architectural drawings (HDC 1611, SAFR 22826). Consists of 1069 naval architectural plans, of which 176 are original drawings from the Stone Boat Yard or one of its predecessor businesses. Also includes 30 document files of research and business records from Jack Ehrhorn, Stone Boat Yard, or one of its predecessor businesses.
    • This material is located at San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park

    Subjects and Indexing Terms

    Yachting--California--San Francisco Bay
    Yacht building
    Yachts--Design and construction
    R-Class yachts
    Bird Class (Sailboats)
    Stone, Lester F.
    Stone, W.F. (William Frank)
    Stone, W.I. (William Isaac)
    W.I. Stone Boat Yard (San Francisco)
    W.F. Stone Boat Yard (Tiburon, Calif.)
    W.F. Stone Boat Yard (San Francisco)
    W.F. Stone & Son Boat Yard (Oakland, Calif.)
    W.F. Stone & Son Boat Yard (Alameda, Calif.)
    Stone Boat Yard (Alameda, California)
    Alert (built 1949; auxiliary ketch: yacht)
    Kawili (built 1974; Twin screw tourist barge)
    Migirl (built 1928; auxiliary sloop: yacht)
    Natoma (built 1975; ketch: yacht)
    Northern Light (built 1927; auxiliary schooner, 2m: yacht)
    Outrageous (built 1977; sloop: yacht)
    Rascal (built 1921; sloop: yacht: R-Class, No. 3)
    Rolling Stone (launched September 1975; sloop: yacht)
    Senta (built 1937; auxiliary sloop: yacht)
    St. Francis V (built 1973; sloop: yacht: 6 meter)
    Vaya (built 1955; auxiliary sloop: yacht)
    Wailua (built 1973; Twin screw tourist barge, No. S-1)
    San Francisco (Calif.)
    San Francisco Bay (Calif.)
    Oakland (Calif.)
    Alameda (Calif.)
    Black-and-white prints
    Gelatin silver prints
    Black-and-white negatives
    Photograph albums
    Color prints (photographs)
    Color negatives
    Color slides