The Zamorano Club Papers Dep-001

Finding aid prepared by Catherine N. Wehrey
Occidental College Library
1600 Campus Road
Los Angeles, CA, 90041-3314
(323) 259-2852


Finding aid tranftered from Word doc. to AT by Kate Dundon in 2013.

Title: The Zamorano Club Papers
Identifier/Call Number: Dep-001
Contributing Institution: Occidental College Library
Language of Material: English
Physical Description: 140.0 boxes 24 misc. items
Date: 1928-present
creator: Zamorano Club, Los Angeles.

Scope and Content Note

The collection contains boxes and several separate items. It is semi-cataloged. The entire collection deals with The Zamorano Club of Los Angeles.
The boxes include information about members, various pieces of correspondence to and from members, financial and bank records, meeting invitations and keepsakes, and items pertaining to special events, publications, and individuals.
The member files contain nomination materials and personal items relating to specific members as well as some information regarding their deaths (obituaries and funeral programs).
The individual collections contain the personal correspondence and papers of C.K. Adams (a railway official and founding member of The Friends of the UCLA Library) and Homer Crotty (a prominent lawyer and one of the six Zamorano Club members who compiled The Zamorano 80).
The general correspondence, which spans 1928 to the 2000s, mainly contains letters written by various club members. Subjects include club issues of the day, subjects discussed in Board of Governors meetings and members' meetings, issues pertaining to annual joint meetings of the Zamorano Club and the Roxburghe Club of San Francisco, and other matters. Noteworthy subjects include the formation of the club in the late 1920s, the change in location of meetings, and the decision to allow women into the club in 1990.
Financial records range from the 1930s to the 1980s and include bank statements, cancelled checks, tax information, checkbooks, bills, and account books.
Meeting minutes range from the 1920s to the 2000s and include both minutes from the members' meetings and the Board of Governors meetings. Some minutes are contained in original binders kept by secretaries and various members, and others are arranged into folders and organized by year.
The Bancroft Index items include the index itself and correspondence relating to the index. This index, created by several club members, contains the names included in George Bancroft's History of the United States from the Discovery of the American Continent published in 1884.
Miscellaneous items following these boxes contain smaller collections and specific subjects pertaining to the club. Notable items include information about The Zamorano 80, an inventory of books in the club library, various founding and legal documents (including the articles of incorporation and membership laws), recommendations for desired members, information regarding the Blumberg book theft in 1990, and papers relating to Hoja Volante (the club newsletter).
Artifacts and ephemera include official club objects such as the Zamorano tie, paperweight, and embosser. Noteworthy items include several Chinese woodblocks and information pertaining to them.
Joint meeting keepsake boxes include one or two copies of keepsakes from joint meetings. These range from 1953 to the present. Marked copies of guides for these keepsakes may be found in the sections following the hard copy of this finding aid: Keepsakes: 'The First Half Century' 1928-1978 and Keepsakes: 'Thirty Years: Fin de Siecle' 1978-2008. A series of boxes of general keepsakes and publications (not from joint meetings) is also included, and these are also marked in the two bibliographies. These bibliographies should be marked accordingly if keepsakes and publications listed in them are added.
Oversize boxes include the correspondence and papers of William Webb Clary (a founding member of the club), papers and essays written by members of the club, member rosters (including addresses and telephone numbers) for the years spanning 1929 to the 1990s, and oversized keepsakes and publications.
A few items from the library apparently remained unsold after the 1999 sale. They may be recognized by the presence of the Zamorano Club Library bookplate. Those that are Zamorano Club publications and keepsakes have been incorporated into the "General Keepsakes and Publications" and the "Joint Meeting Keepsakes" series. The rest, along with some miscellaneous items that lack the bookplate, have been placed in the "Zamorano Club Library" series.

Cataloger's Notes

1. Items have been arranged chronologically or alphabetically wherever possible. However, in an effort to retain the original organization of certain club members' correspondence (i.e. C.K. Adams and Homer Crotty), some items were left in their original order.
2. Most items were placed in individual categories (i.e. Correspondence, Financial, etc.) in an attempt to broadly distinguish their subject matter.

Biographical/Historical Note

The Zamorano Club is a Southern Californian organization for bibliophiles and manuscript collectors. It was founded in 1928, and sponsors lectures and publications on book-related topics. The Club was named in honor of Agustín V. Zamorano (1798-1842), a provisional governor of Alta California and the state's first printer. It is club tradition to present keepsakes to members at meetings, resulting in a variety of printed mementos ranging from pamphlets to small books; sometimes the items are reproductions of historical documents.
The Zamorano Club has had its meetings at various places since its founding, including the University Club, the Treasure Room within USC's Doheny Library, and other locations. As of January 2009, the club meets at the Women's City Club of Pasadena. In May 1991, coincident with the move from USC, it was decided to put the club's archive, library, and publication overstock in storage at Occidental College Library. Subsequently the Board of Governors decided to dispose of the library, and the books were accordingly sold at Pacific Book Auction Galleries (sale 180, 15 February 1999). The proceeds from the sale were placed in the club's endowment fund.
Early members include A. Gaylord Beaman (insurance), Garner A. Beckett (cement manufacturer), William W. Clary (attorney), Arthur M. Ellis (attorney), W. Irving Way (bookman), Robert O. Schad (Curator of Rare Books, Henry E. Huntington Library), and Robert E. Cowan (Librarian of William Andrews Clark Library). Lawrence Clark Powell (former UCLA University Librarian), Ward Ritchie (fine press printer), Henry Wagner (bibliographer), and other distinguished collectors and scholars have been members of the Zamorano Club as well.
Adapted from the finding aid for Zamorano Club Collection, 1920-2000 (William Andrews Clark Memorial Library)

Processor and Date Completed

Catherine N. Wehrey, August 20, 2011

Preferred Citation

Zamorano Club Papers, Occidental College Library, Los Angeles, California.

Publication Rights

In order to quote from, publish, or reproduce any of the manuscripts or visual materials, researchers must obtain formal permission from the Zamorano Club.

Literary Copyright

The Zamorano Club retains the literary rights to the material.

Conditions Governing Access/Restrictions

The entire collection is open for qualified researchers, with the exception of materials noted below. Please contact Special Collections, Occidental College Library regarding access procedures.
Access to the following materials are restricted to the archivist, current Governors of the club, and past Governors who were in office at the time of creation: the past ten years of Board of Governors Meeting Minutes and Financial Records, the last box in the Member Files Series.

Provenance/Source of Acquisition

The collection has been stored at the Occidental College Library since 1991. Material was donated by individual members of the Zamorano Club as well as by the club itself.

Related Materials

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Book collectors--California--20th century
Zamorano Club
Zamorano Club--History

Boxes 1-8

Member Files

Physical Description: 8.0 boxes


Alphabetical by member's name. New member files are interfiled as they are added.
Box 8

Member Index Cards 1946

Box 8

Notebook 1929-1930

Box 8

Miscellaneous Membership Materials


General Correspondence (Open Series) 1920s-present

Physical Description: 9.0 boxes
Box 1, folders 1-5

General Correspondence 1920s-1933

Box 2, folders 1-6

General Correspondence 1934-1939

Box 3, folders 1-9

General Correspondence 1940-1949

Box 4, folders 1-10

General Correspondence 1950-1959

Box 5, folders 1-10

General Correspondence 1960-1969

Box 5, Folder 11

Original Combined Correspondence 1960s

Box 6, folders 1-5

General Correspondence 1970-1974

Box 7, folders 1-5

General Correspondence 1975-1979

Box 8, folders 1-10

General Correspondence 1980-1989

Box 9, folders 1-10, 12

General Correspondence 1990-2000s

Box 9, Folder 11

Undated Material 1990s


Financial Records 1920s-2000s

Physical Description: 13.0 boxes

Archivist's Note

Some folders in box 9 contain original labeled envelopes with documents in their original order. These were kept in order to preserve a prior organization system.
Box 1

Cancelled checks 1928-1939

Box 2

Cancelled checks 1940-1950

Box 2

Taxes 1940-1949

Box 3, folders 1-3

Taxes 1950s-1970s

oversize-box 4, folders 1-12

Financial Records 1939-1954

oversize-box 4, Folder 13

Financial Statements 1920s-1930s

oversize-box 4, Folder 14

Insurance 1930s-1970s

Box 5, folders 1-7

Bank Statements 1970-1976

Box 6

Bank Statements/Checks 1953-1963

Box 7, folders 1-3

Financial Records/Checks 1964-1969

Box 7

Checkbook 1970-1974

Box 8, folders 1-8

Bills 1965-1975

Box 9, Folder 1

Taxes 1976

Box 9, Folder 2

Bills and Misc. Financial Records 1976

Box 9, folders 3-4, 9

Bills 1976-1980

Box 9, Folder 5

Statements 1979-1980

Box 9, Folder 6

Bills relating to the Fullerton Bibliography 1980-1981

Box 9, Folder 7

Billed Attendance Sheets 1989-1981

Box 9, Folder 8

Auction Bills 1978

Box 9

Account Book 1976-1981

Box 10, folders 1-2

Bank Statements 1981-1984

Box 10, folders 3-4

Bills 1984-1985

Box 10, Folder 5

Invoices 1980-1984

Box 11

Account Book 1934-1939

Box 11, folders 1-4

Account book pages 1928-1934

Box 12

Dues 1956-1969

Box 13

Member Payments 1986

Box 13, Folder 5

Financial Documents 2000s

Box 13

Misc. Financial Folders

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Board of Governors Meeting Minutes 1940s-2000s

Physical Description: 1.0 box

Archivist's Note

Includes agendas and attachments.
Box 1

Original binder: Board of Governors Meeting Minutes 1957-1971

Box 1, folders 1-6

BOG Minutes 1940s, 1960s-2000s

item 1a

Original binder: Board of Governors Meeting Minutes 1994-2002


Zamorano/Roxburghe Meetings 1920s-2000s

Physical Description: 1.0 box

Archivist's note

The first Zamorano/Roxburghe joint meeting took place in 1953.
Box 1, Folder 1

Material pertaining to Roxburghe Club 1920s-1940s

Box 1, folders 2-7

Zamorano/Roxburghe Meetings 1950s-2000s


General Papers

Physical Description: 25.0 boxes
Box 1, folders 1-2

Bancroft Index: Correspondence 1950s-1960s

Box 1, Folder 3

Bancroft Index: Introduction

Physical Description: 15.0 folders
Box 2, folders 1-7, Box 1, folders 3-10

Bancroft Index: "A"-"Z"

Box 3

Bound volume: "Zamorano letters 1935-39"

Box 3

Scrapbook: Grolier Club ephemera

Box 4

Letters by C.K. Adams and others

Box 5

Binder: C.K. Adams letters

Box 5

Binder: C.K. Adams writings

Box 5

Books read by C.K. Adams

Physical Description: Notebook
Box 5

Binder: Minutes, Lists of members, lists of publications

Box 5

Miscellaneous talks, pamphlets, clippings

Box 6, folders 1-7

Homer Crotty Correspondence 1937-1971

Box 6, Folder 8

Homer Crotty Misc.

Box 6, Folder 9

Homer Crotty Financial Papers

Box 6, Folder 10

Homer Crotty Personal Works

Box 7

Crotty Papers, member info, papers, corr. 1939-1963

Box 8

Meeting Binder 1927-1929

Box 8

Original Binder of Meeting Minutes: "Whitney, George H. re: Zamorano Club – Assistant Secretary, Minutes of Members' Meeting" 1956-1970

Box 8

Original Binder of Meeting Minutes: "The Zamorano Club, Oct. 19, 1927 to March 5, 1952" 1927-1952

Box 8

Misc. Minutes from the 1930s not contained in binders 1930s

Box 8

Original Binder of Meeting Minutes: "Zamorano Club, Minutes of Meetings of the Board of Governors, April, 1928 to February, 1936, Incl. Minutes of Meetings of the Zamorano Club, January, 1930 to January, 1936, Incl." 1928-1936

Box 9

Original Binder: Minutes of Members' Meetings 1956–1969

Box 9, folders 1-7

Members' Meeting Minutes 1970-1985, 1991-1994

Box 10

Two original binders containing Members' Meeting Minutes 1927-1936, 1941-1956

Box 11

Correspondence, Bills, Board of Governors Minutes 1941-1951

General Physical Description note: In original binder
Box 11

Correspondence 1952-1964

General Physical Description note: In original binder.
Box 11

Board of Governors Minutes 1952-1969

General Physical Description note: In original binder.
Box 11

Board of Governors Minutes, Members’ Meeting Minutes 1970-1976

General Physical Description note: in original binder.
Box 11

Board of Governors 2000s

Box 12

Copy of The Zamorano Eighty: The Collection of Henry H. Clifford

Box 12

Homer Crotty's Working Copy of the Manuscript of The Zamorano Eighty

Box 12, folders 1-3

Draft Manuscript, The Zamorano Eighty 1944

Scope and Contents note

Includes galleys, bills, and correspondence for The Zamorano Eighty.
Box 13, Folder 1

Four copies of the Inventory of Books 1937

Box 13, Folder 2

List of Books in the Library of the Zamorano Club 1957

Box 13, Folder 3

Inventory of Books: Xerox copy from Glen Dawson

Box 13, Folder 4

Inventory of Books: Correspondence

Box 13, Folder 5

Misc. Printed Items

Box 13, Folder 6

Misc. Publication Documents

Box 13, Folder 7

"Zamorano Select"

Box 13

Binder copy of Inventory of Books 1937

Physical Description: 2 binders
Box 14, Folder 1

Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, Additions

Box 14, Folder 2

Duties of Secretary and Treasurer from original binder 2000s

Box 14, Folder 3

Membership Laws

Box 14

Original Binder: Charter Documents

Box 15

Three CDs pertaining to the 80th anniversary celebration

Box 15

Original binder of photographs from 80th anniversary celebration

Box 15, Folder 1

80th Anniversary Documents

Box 15, Folder 2

Printed/Bound Rosters of Members

Box 16, Folder 1

Zamorano 100: Papers and Correspondence

Box 16, Folder 2

Golden Anniversary: Correspondence

Box 16, Folder 3

Fellowship of American Bibliographic Societies (FABS): Correspondence

Box 16, Folder 4

Grolier Club: Misc. Correspondence

Box 16, Folder 5

Auctions: Correspondence

Box 16, Folder 6

Fullerton Bibliography: Correspondence

Box 16, Folder 7

Treks and Trips: Information and Correspondence

Box 16, Folder 7

2003 trek

Box 16, Folder 8

Copyright Documents

Box 16, Folder 9

Hoja Volante Proofs

Box 16, Folder 10

Hoja Volante Auction of Back Issues

Box 16, folders 11-14

Hoja Volante No. 33-36 Information and Correspondence

Box 16, folders 15

Hoja Volante: February 2004, May 2004, August 2004

Box 16, folders 16


Box 16, folders 17

Zamorano Lecture

Box 17

Bound copy of "Glimpses of Don Quixote & La Mancha" by Homer Crotty

Box 17

Envelope containing rolled film pertaining to "Tale of a Tub"

Box 17, Folder 1

Correspondence pertaining to "Glimpses…"

Box 17, Folder 2

"Tale of a Tub" misc. correspondence

Box 17, Folder 3

"Tale of a Tub" photos and Xeroxes

Box 18

Blumberg Theft

Physical Description: 4.0 folders
Box 18, Folder 1

Missing Books list

Box 18, Folder 2


Box 18, Folder 3

Trial Information fax

Box 18, Folder 4


Box 19


Box 19

Zamorano Stamp

Box 19, Folder 1

Information pertaining to woodblocks

Box 20


Box 21

VHS Tape

Box 21

Embosser & Embossing paper

Box 21


Box 21

Stamp dies

Box 21


Box 21

Floppy disk

Box 21

Piece of a pipe

oversize-box 22

Checkbooks 1930s-1960s

oversize-box 23-24

Beaman Scrapbook

Box 25, folders 1-9

Rosters 1929-1990s

Box 25, Folder 10

Registry of Charitable Trusts

Box 25, Folder 11

Papers written by Zamorano Club Members

Box 25, folders 12-13

Clary Correspondence

Box 25, folders 14

Clary Papers/Essays

Box 25, folders 15

Member Records 1970-1977

Box 1, oversize-box 2-4


Physical Description: 4.0 boxes

Archivist's Note

Boxes 2 and 4 contain photographs of members, book-related prints and photographs. These items were previously framed and hung in the club rooms. Identification materials are included with each item.

Meeting Announcements 1928-present

Physical Description: 14.0 boxes
Box A1

Scrapbook containing meeting announcements

Boxes A2-5

"Harry L. Dunn: 1941-1944, 1952-1958, 1960-1967, 1968-" 1941-1944, 1952-1958, 1960-1967, 1968-

Scope and Contents note

Original binders: 4 ring binders containing meeting announcements.
Boxes 1-9

Meeting Announcements 1928-present

Boxes 1-11

General Keepsakes and Publications

Physical Description: 11.0 boxes

Archivist's Note

The following applies to "General Keepsakes and Publications" and "Joint Meeting Keepsakes". A maximum of two examples were saved of each item found in the archive (exception: in one or two cases there were more than two variants – in such cases one of each variant was saved). They were arranged chronologically, and marked in photocopies of the two bibliographies that have been compiled for the periods 1928-1978 and 1978-2008. A few items were not captured by the compilers of the bibliographies – these have been entered by hand at the appropriate place. It would be desirable for the Club to acquire and add missing keepsakes, especially for the earlier years. If this happens, they should be filed in the appropriate box and the bibliographies marked accordingly. Two copies of each post-2008 keepsake are being retained at the end of the series, and eventually recorded, possibly in an addendum or new bibliography. (10/12 las)
Boxes 1-2

Oversize General Keepsakes and Publications

Physical Description: 2.0 boxes
Boxes 1-14, 14a, 15-17, 17a, 18, 18a, 19-21, 21a, 22-25, 25a, 26-30, 30a, 31, 31a-b, 32, 32a, 33, 34, 35

Joint Meeting Keepsakes

Physical Description: 33.0 boxes

Archivist's Note

The following applies to "General Keepsakes and Publications" and "Joint Meeting Keepsakes". A maximum of two examples were saved of each item found in the archive (exception: in one or two cases there were more than two variants – in such cases one of each variant was saved). They were arranged chronologically, and marked in photocopies of the two bibliographies that have been compiled for the periods 1928-1978 and 1978-2008. A few items were not captured by the compilers of the bibliographies – these have been entered by hand at the appropriate place. It would be desirable for the Club to acquire and add missing keepsakes, especially for the earlier years. If this happens, they should be filed in the appropriate box and the bibliographies marked accordingly. Two copies of each post-2008 keepsake are being retained at the end of the series, and eventually recorded, possibly in an addendum or new bibliography. (10/12 las)
Boxes 1-6

Oversize Joint Meeting Keepsake

Physical Description: 6.0 boxes

Zamorano Club Library

Physical Description: 6.0 boxes

Archivist's Note

These boxes contain (a) items with Zamorano Club Library bookplates – apparently left over from the 1999 sale, and (b) miscellaneous items found with them that bear some relation to the Club, but have no bookplate. Progressives of Bookbinding has its own box.
Boxes 1-3

Items with Zamorano Club bookplates


Chapin, Seymour. Nicolaus Copernicus, 1473-1973; his 'Revolutions' and his revolution. Catalogue of an exhibition of manuscripts & books, with an historical essay by Seymour L. Chapin. [Los Angeles: Plantin Press, 1973]. 1973

Biographical/Historical note

Bookplate: Jacob Zeitlin. December 1973. 1146

Coranto. Los Angeles: Friends of the Libraries, University of Southern California, 1963-. Vol. 9, nos. 1 and 2 1973-1974


Doheny, Estelle. The book as a work of art: an exhibition of books and manuscripts from the library of Mrs. Edward Laurence Doheny. [Los Angeles: Printed by Ward Ritchie, 1935]. 1935

Biographical/Historical note

Bookplate: Gift of Ward Ritchie. 371-A.

Grolier Club. Officers, committees, constitution, by-laws, house rules, members, annual reports. New York: Grolier Club, 1884-. 1884-

Biographical/Historical note

1917: bookplate of Willard S. Morse. 1921-1925, 1930-1931: Zamorano Club bookplate: Gift of Henry R. Wagner. 1932: Wagner's personal bookplate and Zamorano Club bookplate: Gift of Henry R. Wagner. 297. 1933: Wagner's personal bookplate and Zamorano Club bookplate: Gift of Henry R. Wagner. 298. 1934: Wagner's personal bookplate.

Grolier Club. A short hand-list of English plays, masques, and pageants, from the time of Queen Elizabeth to the Restoration. 1893

Biographical/Historical note

Printed, but not published, for the use of the Publication Committee of the Grolier Club. New York, December, 1893. Bookplate: 649 (90). (Another copy with Willard Morse's bookplate.)

Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery. Fine books: an exhibition of written and printed books selected for excellence of design, craftsmanship ad material. San Marino: CA, 1936. 1936

Biographical/Historical note

No. 9 of a special edition of 42 copies printed by permission of the Huntington Library for the members of the Roxburghe Club of San Francisco. Bookplate: Gift of Henry R. Wagner. 687.

Hoffmann, E.T.A. Der Baron von Bagge. Munich: Verlag der Bremer Presse. 1922

Biographical/Historical note

"Exemplar Nr. 128." Bookplate: Gift of Dr. Rolf Hoffmann. 50.

Millard, George M., Mrs. Doves books: from the press & bindery of T.J. Cobden-Sanderson with memorabilia of the man. [South Pasadena: Ward Ritchie, 1933]. 1933

Biographical/Historical note

Inscribed to the Club by Alice Millard. Bookplate: Gift of Mrs. George M. Millard. 200.

Nation, Earl F. An annotated checklist of Osleriana. Kent, Ohio: Kent State University Press. 1976

Biographical/Historical note

Letter from Earl Nation laid in. Bookplate: Earl Nation. May 1977. 1154.

Photostat of a letter from Enos L. Christman, Sonora, Calif., concerning the old Zamorano press. July 21, 1850

Biographical/Historical note

Bookplate: 828. Also has gift bookplate from Huntington Library.

Rosenberg, Betty. Checklist of the published writings of Lawrence Clark Powell. Los Angeles: University of California, 1966. 1966

Biographical/Historical note

Bookplate: UCLA. July 1966. 1119.

Sauerländer, Hans. Hundertfünfzig Jahre Haus Sauerländer in Aarau. [Aarau: H.R. Sauerländer, 1957]. 1957

Biographical/Historical note

In slipcase. Bookplate: Ruth F. Axe. November 1976. 1153.

Stephenson, Terry E. Forster vs. Pico: a California cause célèbre. Santa Ana: Fine Arts Press, 1936. 1936

Biographical/Historical note

Bookplate: Gift of Thos. E. Williams. 452.

Winger, Howard W. Printers' marks and devices. Chicago: Caxton Club, 1976. 1976

Biographical/Historical note

Bookplate: Caxton Club. Sept. 1976. 1155.

Zamorano coat of arms. Photostat of original document of certification of descent of Don Agustin V. Zamorano. Original owned by George Dalton, Tucson, Arizona. 1935

Biographical/Historical note

Bookplate: Gift of Henry R. Wagner. 337. Another copy: bookplate: Gift of H.R. Wagner. 737. Also has Wagner's personal bookplate and an inscription by Wagner.
Boxes 1-3

Items with no bookplate


Book Club of California. Quarterly newsletter. Vol. 20, No. 4 (Fall 1955). 1955

Biographical/Historical note

Includes article by Tyrus Harmsen, "Zamorano Club: An Historical Sketch".

Bowers and Ruddy. Coinage of the American West: featuring the collection of Henry H. Clifford. Los Angeles: The Galleries, 1982. 1982


Crahan, Marcus. The Marcus and Elizabeth Crahan collection of books on food, drink and related subjects. New York: Sotheby's, 1984. 1984


Dawson's Book Shop. West and Pacific. Part six. Printing in Southern California. 1947

Biographical/Historical note

A catalogue. Inscribed on front cover : Zamorano Club Library. 1-10-47.

Dawson's Book Shop. The Zamorano Club, Los Angeles, 1928-1971. A catalogue of publications, keepsakes and meeting announcements.

General note

Catalogue 405. 3 copies.

Farrand, Max. "Frederick Jackson Turner: a memoir". [Boston: 1940]. 1940

Biographical/Historical note

Offprint from the Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society, vol. 65.

Farrand, Max. "If James Madison had had a sense of humor". [Philadelphia: 1938]. 1938

Biographical/Historical note

Offprint from the Pennsylvania magazine of history and biography , April 1938.

Farrand, Max. "Self-portraiture: the autobiography". 1940

Biographical/Historical note

Offprint from the General magazine and historical chronicle, July 1940.

Geiger, Maynard J. The story of California's first libraries. Santa Barbara: Friends of the Santa Barbara Public Library, 1964. 1964


Graham, Marcus Esketh. One hundred sixteen uncommon books on food and drink, from the distinguished collection on gastronomy of Marcus Graham. Berkeley: Friends of the Bancroft Library, 1975. 1975


Hendricks, William O. M.H. Sherman: a pioneer developer of the Pacific Southwest. Corona del Mar: Sherman Foundation, 1971. 1971


Jones, George W.

Scope and Contents note

folder of miscellaneous material

A leaf from Queen Elizabeth's prayer book 1938

Biographical/Historical note

Issued as a keepsake by Jake Zeitlin, Inc. for the Christmas season, 1938. Original leaf laid in.

Pacific Book Auction Galleries. Fine books from the library of the Zamorano Club of Los Angeles. San Francisco: PBAG, 1999. 1999


Rosenthal, Bernard. Remarks on the occasion of the celebration of Jake Zeitlin's 80th birthday. Los Angeles: Jake Zeitlin, 1984. 1984


Schad, Robert O. Beauty in books. Pasadena: Esto Publishing Company, 1935. 1935


Schochat, Fern Dawson. The fiftieth anniversary of Dawson's Book Shop: 1905-1955. [Los Angeles?: 1955]. 1955


Simon, André Louis. Wines and liqueurs from A to Z: a glossary. London: Wine and Food Society, 1935. 1935

Box 4

Irving Way miscellaneous volume

Box 4

Correspondence with Harding

Box 4

A.M. Ellis box

Box 4

"A Paper Read Before the Zamorano Club: Sept. 30, 1936."

oversize-box 5

Belt, Elmer – folder of miscellaneous material

oversize-box 5

Chinese leaf book

oversize-box 5

Chinese scroll

oversize-box 5

Cowan, Robert Ernest. The heathen Chinee: plain language from truthful James, by Bret Harte. Bibliographical notes on certain of the earliest editions. San Francisco: John Henry Nash, 1934. 1934

Biographical/Historical note

Offprint from Harte, Bret. The heathen Chinee. San Francisco: Nash, 1934. Bookplate: Gift of Robert E. Cowan. 408.
oversize-box 5, oversize-box 5

Dorothy Sloan Books. A complete collection of the Zamorano 80: a selection of distinguished California books made by members of the Zamorano Club. Austin, TX: Dorothy Sloan Rare Books, 2003. 2003

oversize-box 5

Essays for Henry R. Wagner. San Francisco: Grabhorn Press, 1947. 1947

Biographical/Historical note

One of 9 copies for presentation; signed by authors on colophon leaf.
oversize-box 5

Grolier Club

Scope and Contents note

Miscellaneous material in envelope and ring binder.
oversize-box 5

Hastings, Robert P. "Of Jakes and Other Conveniences": an address by Robert P. Hastings before the Sunset Club, April 30, 1975. 1975

Biographical/Historical note

[in pencil: repeated for Zamorano Club 3-3-76].Typescript. Bookplate: Robert P. Hastings. February, 1976. 1152.
oversize-box 5

Hoffman, Richard J. When a printer plays: a showing of printer's flowers and typographic fleurons arranged in arabesque patterns. Van Nuys: Hoffman, 1987. 1987

oversize-box 5, oversize-box 5

A list of books in the library of the Zamorano Club, Los Angeles, California. March 15, 1937

Preferred Citation note

Typescript. 13 copies.
oversize-box 5

"Mrs. Irving Way's guest book" 1905

Biographical/Historical note

Salesman's dummy of Higginson, Thomas Wentworth. Part of a man's life. 1905.
oversize-box 5, oversize-box 5

W. Irving Way Manuscripts

Immediate Source of Acquisition note

donated by W. Clary
oversize-box 5, oversize-box 5

Wagner, Henry Raup

Scope and Contents note

folder of miscellaneous material
oversize-box 5

Whitman, Walt. Song of the redwood-tree. For the friends of Silverado Squatters, Bohemian Grove: MCMLIV.

Biographical/Historical note

Inscribed at end: To the Zamorano Club from the Silverado Squatters per Carl I. Wheat. 8/8/54.
oversize-box 5, oversize-box 5

Zamorano Club

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folder of miscellaneous photostats, clippings
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Chinese oracle bone

Biographical/Historical note

"Oracle bones were used in the Shang Dynasty in China to practice of a form of divination, fortune-telling, known as pyro-osteomancy. Pyro-osteomancy is when seers tell the future based on the cracks in an animal bone or turtle shell either in their natural state or after having been burned. The cracks were then used to determine the future. The earliest pyro-osteomancy in China included the bones of sheep, deer, cattle, and pigs, in addition to turtle plastrons (shells). Pyro-osteomancy is known from prehistoric east and northeast Asia, and from North American and Eurasian ethnographic reports.
Of most interest to historians are the etchings discovered on the surface of Shang dynasty oracle bones, which have been identified as precursors to Chinese characters. Oracle bones of the Shang dynasty were ox scapulae and plastrons only, and they had characters and holes drilled into them. Shang dynasty seers may have incised the characters to "fix the future," such that by drilling holes and making marks before firing, the bone would crack in the "right" places."
From: Flad, Rowan K. (2008). Divination and power: A multiregional view of the development of oracle bone divination in Early China. Current Anthropology 49(3): 403-437.
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Engraving. Portrait of William Strahan, after Reynolds. 1792

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Etchings of California missions by Henry Chapman Ford

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3 etchings
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Leaf from Memorials to the Throne, Sung Dynasty, 13thc.

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Example of Chinese printing.
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Fake Elizabethan document

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signed L. Powell and W. Ritchie
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First leaf of Kelmscott Chaucer

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"Presented by William Morris to George M. Millard, and later presented to the Zamorano Club by Mrs. George M. Millard."
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Kelmscott leaf

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Bookplate: Gift of Fitch Haskell, October 1958.
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Photograph of London printer George W. Jones, with cover letter.


Progressives of bookbinding. Chicago: R.R. Donnelly & Sons Co.

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Prepared for Mr. John Treanor. Examples of stages of bookbinding in a box.

Hoja Volante

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A set of the club newsletter, Hoja Volante, is kept with the archive. Two copies of each issue are added as they appear.



Frisket sheets

Biographical/Historical note

Two vellum sheets once used as friskets for printing in black and red. Each originally formed a bifolium (now badly cropped) from a manuscript of the Decretals of Gregory IX (with gloss) written in Bologna, ca. 1300.1 The MS. has initials and rubrication in red.
A printer has used these as sheets as friskets for a liturgical book printed in octavo in two colors, cutting windows where red ink was intended to print through. The sheets are heavily caked with red ink around the windows, showing the general layout of the pages, though the text is illegible. The printed book has 34-35 lines per page plus headlines and direction lines, 20 lines = ca. 69 mm. The tallest window is four lines high in places, but more probably intended for three-line initials. Text width is ca. 70.2 cm.
After their use in the printing shop the sheets were further cut down and evidently used as padding in bookbindings.
The sheets are hinged and matted. Labels on the mats identify the printed book as a Missal, 1500-1525. 1. Maximum dimensions 28.0 x 42.0 cm. Manuscript includes Book 2, Titulus 27. 2. Maximum dimensions 27.5 x 42.0 cm. Manuscript includes Book 5, Titulus 34.*
*Identification by Christopher de Hamel

Existence and Location of Originals note

on deposit at the Huntington Library, San Marino