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Series I: Correspondence


Folder 1 - Miscellaneous project correspondence, including re: corporate historian.


Series II: Project Documents


Folder 2 - School Report, "Performance Calculations For Swallow Model H-W," Bob Reedy, Student, University Of Wichita, March 21, 1933.


Folder 3 - Report, "High Lift And Lateral Control Devices," Stearman Aircraft Company, including drawings, 1932-1933.


Folder 4 - Report, "Stearman Aircraft Co., Model 70 Training Plane; Model 80 High Speed Utility Plane."


Folder 5 - Report, "Longitudinal Static And Dynamic Stability XOSS-1 Airplane," Stearman Aircraft Company, April 29, 1937.


Folder 6 - Report, "Special Features And Innovations, Stearman Model 85."


Folder 7 - Stearman Alumnus Club, correspondence, 1970-1971.


Folder 8 - AiRover Company, "Mock-up Board Report 2," #20964, March 30, 1938; "Unitwin Development History," #S-103, March 30, 1938.


Folder 9 - P2V Neptune Series, notes, correspondence, and Lockheed Star articles.


Folder 10 - P2V, bound Lockheed articles, reports, including "Lockheed P2V-7 Neptune, U.S. Navy Patrol Bomber," brochure with drawing; "The Lockheed P2V Neptune Series, Development and Characteristics," J. B. Wassall; "Jobs for the Neptune," Lockheed, February 1, 1950; "Model XP2V-1 Mock-up Conference," November 30, 1943, R. E. Reedy (2 copies); "PV-2 Pilot's Pocket Manual," Mac Short.


Folder 11 - P2V, reprints and articles, including magazine Airborne ASW Log, Vol. III, #4, December 1972; U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings; reprint "P2 and P3 on Patrol," Capt. S. Dombroff, USN; Air Classics magazine, "Neptune History," Parts I-IV; Naval Aviation News, "Navy Neptune."


Folder 12 - Vega Airplane Company, including article "Birth Of Vega Airplane Company," 1938.


Folder 13 - Report, "The Private Owner Airplane," John Thorp, Market Survey, December 5, 1941.


Folder 14 - Promotional Booklet, "Vega Engineering," Vega Aircraft Company, approximately 1942.


Folder 15 - Large Book, brown cover, "Engineering Development Facilities," Vega Airplane Company, 1937-1940.


Folder 16 - Large Book, black & maroon cover, "Sales Conference Board Report," Lockheed and Vega, 1941.


Folder 17 - Report, black cover, "Special Features And Innovations - Vega Target Airplane," #40-103, Vega Airplane Company, 1939.


Folder 18 - Design Sketches, "Four-Place Monoplane, Dual Geared Engines," Mac Short & Robert E. Reedy, Vega Airplane Company, April 1937.


Folder 19 - Report on cardboard, "Vega 35," Vega Airplane Company, 1940-1941.


Folder 20 - Brochure, blue cover, "Vega 82, Transitional Training Airplane," Vega Airplane Company, 1937-1940, includes article from Aviation Scrapbook.


Folder 21 - Report on cardboard, "Vega Model V-146 (XP2V-1) Land-Based Patrol Airplane," prepared for US Navy, Vega Aircraft Corporation, 1944-1947.


Folder 22 - Lockheed Vega, includes Vega 5C equipment list, article in Lockheed Aircraftsman by Joe Barry, Vega drawing, 1944.


Folder 23 - Report, "Airplane Model Specification," marked up draft, Model 33-82-01, Little Dipper, Vega Aircraft Company, January 1, 1945.


Folder 24 - Report, "Flight Test Analysis," #X03-1288, Model 33, Little Dipper, Lockheed Aircraft Co., March 16, 1945.


Folder 25 - Report, "Preliminary Cost Estimate," #X03-1290, Model 33, Little Dipper, Lockheed Aircraft Corporation, April 10, 1945.


Folder 26 - Little Dipper, including Air Trooper article, miscellaneous promotional material.


Folder 27 - Report, "Cost Analysis," #X03-1317, Model 34, Big Dipper, Lockheed Aircraft Co., February 12, 1946.


Folder 28 - Report, "Model 34 Big Dipper," Lockheed Aircraft Corporation, 1945-1946.


Folder 29 - Design Specification Experimental Airplane, Model 34, Big Dipper, report, documents, photos.


Folder 30 - Thorp Aircraft Company, Thorp T-11 Sky Skooter "Basic Data for Airplane Manufacturing Venture for Argentina, June 20, 1947.


Folder 31 - Thorp Aircraft Company, correspondence and articles on Sky Skooter.


Folder 32 - Thorp Aircraft Personal Letters, 1947-1948.


Folder 33 - Thorp Aircraft Co., promotional material for Sky Skooter.


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Series II: Project Documents (continued)


Folder 1 - United Helicopters - Robert E. Reedy, includes notes, reports, articles, and correspondence.


Folder 2 - American Helicopter Society, correspondence, articles, 1948-1952.


Folder 3 - United Helicopter, R. E. Reedy, report "Engineering Requirements for Permanent Competition in Helicopter Field," April 24, 1946.


Folder 4 - Green 3-ring binder, "DO-6" on spine, steno notebook of R. E. Reedy, reports, articles, drawings, United Helicopters, Inc.


Folder 5 - Lockheed Constellation, promotional brochures.


Folder 6 - Lockheed Constellation, brochures and photos.


Folder 7 - Model 1649A, Lockheed Constellation, sales plan, miscellaneous reports.


Folder 8 - Hardbound book, "A New Airline Star, 1649A Turbo Compound Super Constellation," Lockheed, April 1955.


Folder 9 - 1449/1469 Development, Lockheed documents and reports.


Folder 10 - Spiral bound book, "Super Constellation Pocket Handbook," Lockheed Models 1049G and 1049H, Lockheed Aircraft.


Folder 11 - Report, "Electra-Pedia," media package for Lockheed Prop Jet Electra, Lockheed Aircraft Corp, 1958.


Folder 12 - Lockheed Electra booklets, "American Airlines Makes History Again;" "Eulogy for the Electra;" "Electra CL-355 Airport Performance;" and "Electra Turbo-prop Transport."


Folder 13 - Lockheed Electra, includes five promotional booklets, "Lockheed Turboprop Electra Special Air Mission Transport," 1958; "Mission of the Lockheed Turboprop Electra in the World Air Transportation System," 1956; "TWA Electra Campaign Log," 1959; "Electra 10-E Transport Specification," May 15, 1938; and "New Look for the Front Office."


Folder 14 - Lockheed F-104, includes four reports, "Test Pilot's Notebook," 1961; "TF-104G Multipurpose Fighter/Trainer," 1963; "Off for a Spin," Hangar Flying Magazine, March 1968; "F-104G Starfighter, European Production of Systems," by Mark Lambert, reprinted from Flight International, March 14, 1963 (two copies).


Folder 15 - Lockheed F-104, includes five bound promotional booklets, "F-104 Super Starfighter," December 1962; "F-104-17 New Wings for the Air National Guard," May 1962; "MAP F-104 Joint Conference," February 1963; "Proven Performance F-104-17," April 1962; "Aerospace Trainer NF-104A," November 1962.


Folder 16 - Lockheed Orion (P3), large drawing of Orion WASP 7-place retractable landing gear, April 15, 1931.


Folder 17- SST Reference Data.


Folder 18 - SST, Boeing brochure, "A Short History of Man on the Move," November 1964.


Folder 19 - SST, Concorde, brochures, reports re: British Airways Concorde.


Folder 20 - SST Program Status, including four reports/brochures, "SST Development Chronology"; "Who's Who on the Lockheed SST," 1966; "SST Program Status"; "Progress on the SST Program," Robert A. Bailey March 2, 1966; "Evolution of Commercial Transport Airplanes and the Analogy to the Supersonic Transport," April 10, 1964 (2 copies).


Folder 21 - SST Program Reports, including four reports, "The Case for the Supersonic Transport," June 1959; "SCAT Mid-term Review Team," June 3-5, 1963; "SST Program Paper," J. F. McBearty, November 23, 1964; "Program Management Personnel," Supersonic Transport Economics, Hibbard, August 29, 1962.


Folder 22 - Report, "The Supersonic Transport - An Essential Program for the United States," R. E. Reedy, Lockheed, June 1965.


Folder 23 - Report, "Technical Challenges of the Supersonic Transport," Lockheed, June 1966.


Folder 24 - Two bound reports, "Supersonic Transport," Federal Aviation Agency, 6/19/63; "SCAT Proposal for Feasibility Studies of Supersonic Commercial Air Transport Configurations," Lockheed, January 1963.


Folder 25 - Medical Data - SST, including report, "Human Elements in Supersonic Transport Planning," Robert E. Reedy, July 15, 1964 (2 copies); miscellaneous correspondence and notes.


Folder 26 - International Air Transport Association (I.A.T.A.) - SST, correspondence.


Folder 27 - Flight Forum (sponsored by Connecticut General), two reports, "The SST and National Priorities," Spring 1965; "Status and Promise of New Aeronautical and Space Technology for Transportation," Raymond L. Bisplinghoff, May 1963.


Folder 28 - SST Miscellaneous, industry articles re: SST and supersonic transport.


Folder 29 - SST, press releases, correspondence, organization charts, publicity re: Lockheed Supersonic Transport.


Folder 30 - Lockheed Star (in-house newspaper) articles re: SST and R. E. Reedy.


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Series II: Project Documents (continued)


Folder 1 - Lockheed L-1011 Tristar Characteristics, drawings and notes.


Folder 2 - Lockheed L-1011 Flight Management Systems, press releases, publicity


Folder 3 - Lockheed L-1011, history, chronology, organization.


Folder 4 - Lockheed L-1011, publicity photos, notes.


Folder 5 - Lockheed L-1011, phase-out of L-1011 program, 1981-1983


Folder 6 - Lockheed L-1011, brochures, press releases, miscellaneous information.


Folder 7 - Lockheed L-1011, report, "The Lockheed L-1011 Tri-Jet Transport," Willis M. Hawkins and Robert A. Bailey, presented to Royal Aeronautical Society, October 17, 1968 (2 copies).


Folder 8 - Lockheed L-1011 reports and booklets, including "Development of Requirement, Configuration and Design for the L-1011 Jet Transport," W. M. Magruder, October 7-11, 1968; "Tri-Star: The Most Intelligent Jet Transport in the World," publicity booklet; "L-1011-500 Tristar Technical Profile"; "Lockheed's Latest Tristars: Out in Front with Pan Am," Air International magazine, April 1980; "Airline Cash Flow," Lockheed Airline Credit Department, March 1970.


Folder 9 - Hardbound book, "The Lockheed 1011 Jet Transport," general characteristics, passenger features, performance and economics, systems, ground operations, May 1968.


Series III: Speeches and Presentations


Folder 10 - Presentation "Capabilities of the Supersonic Transport," R. A. Bailey, to Air Force Association, April 7, 1965.


Folder 11 - Presentation, "Supersonic Transport Capabilities," Robert A. Bailey, to Inter-American Aviation Law Conference, April 8, 1965.


Folder 12 - Presentation, Supersonic Transport, R. A. Bailey, to Aviation/Space Writers Association, May7 18, 1965.


Folder 13 - Presentation, L-1011, R. E. Reedy, to U.S. Navy Research Reserve, February 15, 1968.


Folder 14 - Presentation, "The Story of the Lockheed L-1011 Air Bus," R. E. Reedy, to Purchasing Management Association of Los Angeles, October 10, 1968


Folder 15 - Presentation, Lockheed L-1011, Willis M. Hawkins, to Royal Aeronautical Society, October 17, 1968.


Folder 16 - Presentation, "L-1011 Program," R. A. Bailey, to TWA Management Club-San Francisco, October 29, 1968.


Folder 17 - Presentation, "L-1011 TriStar Program," R. E. Reedy, to Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Assoc. (AFCEA), February 6, 1969.


Folder 18 - Presentation, "The Lockheed Company," R. E. Reedy, to Reynolds Metal Sales Management Conference, May 17, 1969.


Series IV: Personal Documents


Folder 19 - R. E. Reedy Certificates and Awards.


Folder 20 - R. E. Reedy Resumes and Patents.


Folder 21 - R. E. Reedy, Files-Reports Sent to Lockheed Records Center, 1983-1984.


Folder 22 - Aviation-related postal first day covers and first flights envelopes.


Series V: Lockheed Projects




Folder 24 - Lockheed Constitution, 2 bound reports, "The Constitution -- Biggest Lockheed Now in Service, Planned for Development," May 9, 1949; "The Lockheed Constitution Development Story," December 1950.


Folder 25 - Two reports, "Lockheed L-146," Lockheed Aircraft, August 1944; "CL-704 Planning," 1961.


Folder 26 - Two articles, "Evolution of the Lightning," Lockheed Aircraft, reprint from Skyways magazine; "Feeder Airline Operations," Southern Flight magazine, Vernon Dorrell, 1939.


Folder 27 - "Lockheed Altair/Sirius," Lockheed Star article and large drawings.


Folder 28 - "Proposed Operating Plan for VP of New Program Development," Lockheed California, R. E. Reedy, January 27, 1967.


Folder 29 - Market Engineering Department, various Lockheed reports.


Folder 30 - CALC Commercial Deliveries, 1928-1958.


Folder 31 - Lockheed - cartoons, various projects.


Folder 32 - Bound report, "Aircraft," by Bob Reedy, articles on various airplanes, 1930s .


Series VI: News Clippings


Folder 33 - Bound ledger book, Robert Reedy, news cuttings, air races, crashes, approximately 1926-1932.


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Series VII: Scrapbooks and Photo Albums – images spanning Robert Reedy’s entire career, from his college days to his retirement from Lockheed. Scrapbook, brown cover, 12-1/2 x 14-1/2 x 1H, “Scrap Book on front cover, Thorp Sky Skooter, newspaper clippings, photographs, magazines.


AL 248A – Dark brown album, string tie, dancing couple and “Photographs” on cover, Stearman, Wichita, 1935 – 1937.


AL 248B – Maroon album, string tie, “Photographs” on cover


AL 248C – (Condition) Black album, very fragile binding.


AL 248D – (Condition) Dark brown album, fragile binding, “Photographs,” and decorative scrolling on cover, University of Wichita, Aero Department, glider club, airplanes, 1932 – 1936, very fragile loose pages.


AL 248E – Black album, key ring bound, with print of Berryloid Fleet #8 on cover, photographs, 1929 – 1930.


AL 248F – Black album, key ring bound, planes, visiting Amarillo, stamps, notes, 8 x 10 glossies, “Still no” (cf venetian blind drawing), 1926 – 1939.


AL 248G – Bound report, “Powerplant Flight Tests, Model 34 Prototype (Big Dipper) with photos.


AL 248H – Oversized black album, 15 x 17 x 1-1/2H.


AL 248I – Bound report, “Design Studies – One, Two and Four Place Types, Lockheed Aircraft Corporation.


Series VIII: Photographs – a total of 920 images loose in five folders, and in photo albums, spanning Robert Reedy’s career, from his college days to his retirement from Lockheed.


Folder 1 – Photographs: Reedy_0001 through 0050.


Folder 2 – Photographs: Reedy_0051 through 0101.


Folder 3 – Photographs: Reedy_0102 through 0150.


Folder 4 – Photographs: Reedy_0151 through 0200.


Folder 5 – Photographs: Reedy_0201 through 0264 (Photos 0232 through 0235 in Oversized box).


Series IX: Slides (in 3 folders)


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Series X: Oversized Material


Photo, oversized, Reedy_ 0232, Flying Tigers American Volunteer Group Reunion, June 28, 1952, 21-3/4 x 12.


The Thorp Sky Skooter, Army Presentation Brochure, Thorp Aircraft Company, 11 x 14 (Condition – plastic binding deteriorating).


AIAA Certificate of Appreciation on wood plaque, 11 x 13.


Bound booklet, “Little Known Facts About the Scheduled Air Transport Industry,” Air Transport Association of America, 10 x 13-1/2.


Poster, “…and he named it the Lockheed Mountain,” mounted on board, Detroit Aircraft, Lockheed Vega, 9-1/2 x 14


Black scrapbook with dog on cover, 1930x and 1940x logo designs, 9-1/2 x 12-1/2.


Photo, oversized, Reedy 0233, 11-1/2 x 14-1/2.


Photo, oversized, Reedy 0234, 11-1/2 x 14-1/2.


Photo, oversized, Reedy 0235, 11-1/2 x 14-1/2, aerial photo of Lockheed Air Terminal.