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Inventory of the Bob Epple Papers
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Series Descriptions


Series 1 Bill Files 1989-1994

Physical Description: 85 file folders, 2 audiocassettes, 4 videocassettes


Arranged chronologically by legislative session, then numerically by bill number.


Access to audiovisual materials requires the production of use copies by Archives staff.

Scope and Content Note

Bill files created by Bob Epple may include all or some of the following items: bill analyses, amendments and resolutions, author's statements, testimony, press releases, newspaper clippings, correspondence, roll calls, and records of votes.
Epple worked to increase penalties for gang and drug related crime and to create safe alternatives for youth. AB2645 (1989-1990) sought to increase prison terms for drug offenses. AB3484 (1989-1990) worked to make gangs liable for the expense of a response by emergency personnel. AB3486 (1989-1990) advocated for a longer sentence if the victim of an attempted crime was a police officer. AB259 (1991-1992) sought tougher penalties for gang-related first-degree murder. Epple also authored the Assembly Concurrent Resolution recognizing Red Ribbon Week in 1989, 1991-1994.
Epple worked to increase access to voting when he learned that there were nearly 10,000 new U.S. citizens in California who were unable to vote in the 1988 presidential election. AB2145 (1989-1990) sought to allow new citizens to register to vote on election day. AB2770 (1989-1990) permitted new U.S. citizens to register to vote up to seven days before a presidential election. AB2590 (1991-1992) allowed people who become U.S. citizens after the regular voter registration deadline to register to vote up to seven days before an election.
Epple was a strong advocate for seniors and mobile home residents. AB2651 (1989-1990), AB1194 (1991-1992), and AB1140 (1993-1994) advocated for mobile home residents. AB2911 (1989-1990), AB1074 (1991-1992), AB1194 (1991-1992) and AB2512 (1993-1994) sought to improve the California Teacher's Retirement System and teacher labor relations. AB1191 (1991-1992), AB3209 (1991-1992), and AB1139 (1993-1994) sought to prevent elder abuse in long-term healthcare facilities.
Epple sought to improve labor relations and increase worker protections. AB4259 (1989-1990) sought to extend OSHA protections against exposure to hazardous substances to county agricultural employees. AB210 (1991-1992), AB452 (1991-1992), AB1559 (1991-1992), AB3376 (1991-1992), AB3823 (1991-1992), and AB1596 (1993-1994) contained updates to the Public Employees Retirement System.
Epple also worked to legislate for improvements in insurance practices and consumer protections. AB3834 (1989-1990) which sought to increase the fines for insurance fraud. AB4144 (1989-1990) and AB4289 (1989-1990) established an Insurance Commission and required it to create continuing education requirements for insurance agents and brokers. In the wake of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, AB9X (1989-1990) fought to protect victims of earthquake repair fraud.
One of Epple's bills that garnered the most press coverage came in the wake of Milli Vanilli's 1989 lip sync scandal. AB118 (1991-1992) required advertisements for public appearances and concerts to state whether the performance would be live, or lip synched. In AB12 (1993-1994), Epple sought to eliminate liability for 911 dispatchers who gave first aid instructions over the phone. In addition to four file folders, the bill file includes two audiotapes with relevant 911 calls and four VHS videotapes with footage of the bill hearing with testimony from 911 callers. These bill files are only a portion of those bills authored by Epple in his six years in the legislature.
Audiovisual materials have been removed to a cold storage vault for preservation purposes and a separation sheet has been included within the file folders to alert researchers to their existence.
1989-1990: AB684-AB4289, ACR97-ACR152, AB9X1, SB616, 1989 Co-authorships (LP503:1-21)
1991-1992: AB117-AB3823, ACR17-ACR87, AJR48 (LP503:22-60)
1993-1994: AB12-AB3577, ACR9-ACR129 (LP503:61-85)

Series 2 Committee Files 1982-1989, bulk 1987-1989

Physical Description: 10 file folders


Arranged alphabetically by committee title.

Scope and Content Note

The Committee Files are from the beginning of Epple's legislative service. They reflect committees that Epple participated in over his three terms in office. These files illustrate additional background information to topics considered important to Epple, including seniors, business, insurance, labor and public employment. Several files contain legislative summaries from the 1987-1988 legislative session that Epple procured when he took office, including the Assembly Judiciary Committee, and the Assembly Utilities and Commerce Committee.
Assembly Aging and Long Term Care Committee, 1987-1989 (LP503:86)
Assembly Finance and Insurance Committee, 1987- bulk 1989 (LP503:87-88)
Assembly Judiciary Committee, 1987-1988 (LP503:89)
Assembly Labor and Employment Committee, 1987-1989 (LP503:90)
Assembly Public Employees, Retirement and Social Security Committee, 1982-1989 (LP503:91)
Assembly Utilities and Commerce Committee, 1987- 1989 (LP503:92-94)
Assembly Ways and Means Committee, 1989 (LP503:95)

Series 3 Press Files 1986-1990

Physical Description: 21 file folders


Arranged with press releases, speeches, and public service announcements first, followed by newspaper clipping folders arranged alphabetically by newspaper title.

Scope and Content Note

The Press Files, along with a file of his staff meeting minutes, outline Epple's public relations strategy in the beginning of his legislative career. There are files for press releases, speeches, articles, letter campaigns, and public service announcements, as well as a brief Epple biography and profile on California's 63rd Assembly District. Newspaper clippings from many local southeast Los Angeles County newspapers within Epple's district make up the bulk of the series. The last few files relate more broadly to contemporary issues of concern with recommended press releases from the Speaker's Office of Majority Services.
Epple Biography and 63rd Assembly District Profile, 1989 (LP503:96)
Epple Team Meeting Minutes, 1989-1990 (LP503:97)
Press Releases, 1989 (LP503:98)
Speeches, 1988-1989 (LP503:99)
Articles, 1988-1990 (LP503:100)
Letter Campaigns, 1989 (LP503:101)
Public Service Announcements, 1989-1990 (LP503:102)
Cerritos Artesia Community Advocate, 1989 (LP503:103)
Downey Herald American, 1988-1990 (LP503:104)
Downey News Tribune, 1988-1989 (LP503:105)
Hawaiian Gardens News-Enterprise, 1988-1990 (LP503:106)
Long Beach Press-Telegram, 1989 (LP503:107)
Los Angeles Herald Examiner, Los Angeles Daily Journal, Los Angeles Business Journal, 1989 (LP503:108)
La Opinion (Spanish), 1988-1989 (LP503:109)
Los Angeles Times, 1989 (LP503:110)
Norwalk Herald American, Norwalk News Tribune, 1986-1989 (LP503:111)
Whittier Daily News, 1989-1991 (LP503:112)
California Newspaper Clippings, 1989-1991 (LP503:113)
Assemblyman Norm Waters Cable Show, Sept. 20, 1989 (LP503:114)
Speaker's Office of Majority Services Recommended Press Releases, 1989-1990 (LP503:115-116)

Series 4 Correspondence 1989

Physical Description: 5 file folders


Arranged alphabetically by agency or last name with State Agencies first, followed by California Assembly Members, California Senators, and members of the U.S. Congress.

Scope and Content Note

The correspondence files are from Epple's first year in the California Assembly and highlight his work with his colleagues in the legislature and with state agencies. State agency correspondence includes thank you letters and invitations relating to Epple's upcoming legislation. One letter is from Gray Davis in his role as the California State Controller. Assembly members and senators sent supporting information relating to their upcoming bills and requested Epple's support, as well as a few of Epple's responses. Some correspondence was sent under the auspices of the chair of an Assembly or Senate Committee. There are also two letters received from U.S. Congressmen.
State Agencies, 1989 (LP503:117)

Controller of the State of California, California Energy Commission, The State Bar of California, California State Teacher's Retirement System, Youth and Adult Correctional Agency.
Assembly Members, A-F, 1989 (LP503:118)

Rusty Areias, Thomas H. Bates, Bruce Bronzan, Dennis Brown, John Burton, Charles M. Calderon, Robert J. Campbell, Peter R. Chacon, Chris Chandler, Lloyd G. Connelly, Dominic L. Cortese, Jim Costa, Delaine Eastine, Dave Elder, Sam Farr, Gilbert W. Ferguson, Richard E. Floyd, and Terry B. Friedman.
Assembly Members, H-W, 1989 (LP503:119)

Thomas M. Hannigan, Dan Hauser, Tom Hayden, Phillip Isenberg, Bill Jones, Ross Johnson, Patrick Johnston, Richard Katz, Lucy Killea, Ted Lempert, Burt Margolin, Thomas McClintock, Richard L. Mountjoy, Pat Nolan, Jack O'Connell, Steve Peace, Mike Roos, Eric Seastrand, Stan Statham, Sally Tanner, Art Torres, Curtis R. Tucker, Jr., John Van de Kamp, John Vasconcellos, Maxine Waters, and Phillip D. Wyman.
State Senators, 1989 (LP503:120)

William Campbell, William A Craven, David Felderstein, John Garamendi, Bill Greene, Cecil Green, Leroy F. Greene, Barry Keene, Bill Leonard, Tim Leslie, Kenneth L. Maddy, Milton Marks, Dan McCorquodale, Henry J. Mello, Jim Nielsen, Nicholas C. Petris, Robert Presley, David Roberti, Don Rogers, Larry Stirling, Rose Ann Vuich, and Diane E. Watson.
U.S. Congress, 1989 (LP503:121)

William E. Dannemeyer and Esteban E. Torres.

Series 5 Subject Files 1981-1992, bulk 1986-1990

Physical Description: 31 file folders


Arranged alphabetically by subject heading.

Scope and Content Note

The Subject Files created by Bob Epple expand upon issues of concern in the first few years of his legislative service. These include contemporary topics such as the 1988 presidential election, the 1990 federal census, and abortion. Several files related to disadvantaged youth, drug and alcohol abuse, and education reflect Epple's work on legislation to address juvenile crime and promote Red Ribbon Week. Another file on Epple's legislation relates to amnesty citizenship programs for immigrants and contains letters from constituents. The subject files contain research Epple gathered on various ethnic groups, women, veterans, and seniors. Several files contain newspaper clippings, newsletters and legislative history for Assemblyman Norm Waters who may have been a mentor to Epple.
The most striking records are the Loma Prieta Earthquake files. The devastating October 17, 1989 earthquake galvanized the state into action on a variety of fronts. Epple's files preserve many of the notices from California's Office of Emergency Services and Governor Deukmejian issued in the days after the disaster. These include information about recovery efforts, as well as discussions around future emergency planning and disaster assistance legislation. They also include information on projects over the next several months in Epple's district to mitigate the effects of future natural disasters and avoid construction scams that sought to take advantage of disaster victims.
1988 Presidential Election, 1988-1989 (LP503:122)
1990 Census, 1986-1990 (LP503:123)
AB 2032 (Margolin) (1989-1990), 1989 (LP503:124)
Abortion, 1988-1990 (LP503:125)
Alcohol Advertising, 1988-1989 (LP503:126)
Amnesty Citizenship Programs, 1989 (LP503:127)
Asian and Pacific Islanders, 1987-1989 (LP503:128)
Cal-SPAN, 1989-1990 (LP503:129)
Crime, 1987-1989 (LP503:130)
Disadvantaged Children, 1984, bulk 1988-1989 (LP503:131-132)
Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 1989 (LP503:133)
Education, 1986, bulk 1988-1989 (LP503:134-135)
Ethics Reform, 1989-1990 (LP503:136)
Hispanics, 1981, bulk 1989 (LP503:137)
Insurance, 1986-1989 (LP503:138)
Loma Prieta Earthquake, 1989 (LP503:139-140)
Mediterranean Fruit Fly Abatement with Malathion, 1989-1990 (LP503:141)
Minorities, 1989 (LP503:142)
Mobile homes, 1989 (LP503:143)
National Flood Insurance Program proposed Assembly Joint Resolution, 1992 (LP503:144)
Red Ribbon Week, 1989, includes photograph contact sheet with 29 small images of Epple at October 24, 1989 press conference. (LP503:145)
Seniors, 1989 (LP503:146)
Veterans, 1989 (LP503:147)
Women's Groups, 1988-1989 (LP503:148)
Assemblyman Norm Waters, 1989-1990 (LP503:149-151)
Youth Alcohol Abuse, 1989 (LP503:152)