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Creator: Veihmeyer, Frank J., 1886-1977
Title: Frank J. Veihmeyer Papers
Date (inclusive): 1924-1980
Extent: 2 linear feet
Abstract: Frank J. Veihmeyer served as Professor of Water Science at the University of California, Davis from 1918-1954. The collection contains research notes, publications, and pamphlets pertaining to Veihmeyer's work in crop irrigation, particularly on the movement of water through soil and its availability to plants. The collection also contains material on the effects of cultivation and crop irrigation.
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Collection number: D-255
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Frank J. Veihmeyer (1886-1977) served as Professor of Water Science at the University of California, Davis from 1918-1954.

Scope and Content

The collection contains research notes, publications, and pamphlets pertaining to Veihmeyer's work in crop irrigation, particularly on the movement of water through soil and its availability to plants. The collection also contains material on the effects of cultivation and crop irrigation.

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Collection Contents

Box 1:1

Absence of Water Exudation From Roots of Plants Grown in an Atmosphere of High Humidity 1954 July

Box 1:2

Abstracts of F.J. Veihmeyer 1927-1948

Box 1:3

The Application of Some Basic Concepts of Soil Moisture to Orchard Irrigation 1949 December 6

Box 1:4-11

Articles by F.J. Veihmeyer 1926-1980

Box 1:12

California Agriculture Special Water Issue 1957 April

Box 1:13

Certain Factors Influencing the Size of Dried Prunes 1940 December

Box 1:14

Computations Barley Yields - Field 2A 1924-1935

Box 1:15

The Cultivation and Irrigation of Almond Orchards During a Dry Year 1944 January-February

Box 1:16

Determining Water Needs for Crop and Climatic Data 1936-1956

Box 1:17

Division of Irrigation Investigations and Practice Field 2A undated

Box 1:18-19

Does Transpiration Decrease as the Soil Moisture Decreases? 1955

Box 1:20

Drought Resistance of Olives undated

Box 1:21

The Effect of Different Soil Moisture Conditions Upon Fruit Trees 1950 June

Box 1:22

The Effects of Soil Moisture on Deciduous Fruit Trees 1952

Box 1:23

Effects of Water on Yields and Growth of Deciduous Orchard Trees 1943

Box 1:24

Essentials of Irrigation and Cultivation of Orchards, Third Revision 1943

Box 1:25

Essentials of Irrigation and Cultivation of Orchards 1950 March

Box 1:26

Experts Discuss Various Methods of Orchard Cultivation 1945 May-June

Box 1:27

The Growth of Fruit Trees in Response to Different Soil-Moisture Conditions Measured by Widths of Annual Rings, and Other Means 1975 May

Box 1:28

Growth of Walnut Trees as Affected by Irrigation and Nitrogen Deficiency 1950 October

Box 1:29

Handbook of Applied Hydrology Evapotranspiration, Sec. 11 1961

Box 1:30

Handbook of Hydrology Section 11 - Evapotranspiration 1961

Box 1:31

Hydrology of Range Lands as Affected by the Presence or Absence of Vegetation 1951 August 21-September 1

Box 1:32

Information Concerning the Water Requirements of Crops in California, Which May Be of Interest to Those Who Contemplate New Plantings to Aid the War Effort 1943

Box 1:33-35

Irrigation and Cultivation Experiments with Lecttuce in the Monterey Bay Region of California 1948

Box 1:36

Irrigation Effects on Deciduous Fruits 1946 March

Box 1:37

Irrigation Experiments with Apricots 1950

Box 1:38

Irrigation Experiments with Olives 1949 December

Box 1:39

Irrigation Experiments with Pears and Apples 1942 May

Box 1:40

Irrigation of Almonds 1952 March-April

Box 1:41

Irrigation of Deciduous Orchards and Vineyards 1957 April

Box 1:42

Irrigation of Orchards and Vineyards in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions 1955

Box 1:43-44

Irrigation of Pears 1948-1952

Box 1:45

Irrigation of Walnuts 1949

Box 1:46

Irrigation Pamphlets 1937-1946

Box 1:47-48

Irrigation Records undated

Box 1:49

Long Term Irrigation Experiments on Fruit Trees Show that High Soil Moisture Contents Not Necessary to Obtain Best Results 1965

Box 2:1

Measurements of Cumulative Evaporation From Bare Soil 1954 August

Box 2:2

Methods of Measuring Moisture Constants in Regard to Plant Growth 1948

Box 2:3-4

Methods of Measuring Soil-Moisture Constants in Regard to Plant Growth 1948-1949

Box 2:5

Moisture Equivalent of Soils 1924-1927

Box 2:6

Notes Relating to Irrigation Research for M.R. Huberty 1957 January

Box 2:7

Orchard Irrigation Experiments undated

Box 2:8

Permanent Wilting Percentages of Soils Obtained From Field and Laboratory Trials 1945 October

Box 2:9

The Permanent Wilting Percentages of Soil undated

Box 2:10

Possibilities Through Crop and Irrigation Management 1957 April 29

Box 2:11

Rate of Drying with Automatic Balance undated

Box 2:12

The Rate of Evaporation From Wet and Dry Soil and Its Significance 1955 July

Box 2:13

The Recurrence of Two Important Soil-Moisture Contents Under Orchard Conditions 1948 June

Box 2:14

Reduction in Size of Prunes Caused by Cessation of Irrigation 1945 March 17

Box 2:15

Resistance of Plants to Wilting 1953-1956

Box 2:16

Responses of a Plant to Soil Moisture Changes as Shown by Guayule 1960

Box 2:17

Responses of Fruit Trees and Vines to Soil Moisture 1950

Box 2:18

Responses of Fruit Trees to Irrigation 1950 July

Box 2:19

Scientific Hydrology in the United States 1951 August

Box 2:20

Soil Density and Root Penetration 1948

Box 2:21

Soil Density as a Factor in Determining the Permanent Wilting Percentage 1946

Box 2:22

Soil Moisture and Its Availability to Plants 1969 August

Box 2:23

Figures for Soil Moisture and Its Availability to Plants undated

Box 2:24

Soil Moisture as a Factor in Evapotranspiration Equations 1960 July 12

Box 2:25

Some Basic Concepts of Soil Moisture and Their Applications to Range Hydrology 1949 March 21

Box 2:26

Some Effects of Irrigation on the Interrelations of Growth, Yields, and Drying Ratios of French Prunes 1945

Box 2:27

Some Factors Affecting Absorption of Moisture by Plant Roots 1954 July

Box 2:28

Some Factors Affectong the Irrigation Requirements of Deciduous Orchards 1927 January

Box 2:29-30

Some Factors Affecting the Quality of Dried Prunes 1943-1944

Box 2:31

Some Factors for Consideration in Planning Irrigation Projects in the Mediterranean Area 1964 June

Box 2:32

Some Suggestions to Aid in Irrigating Almond Orchards 1947

Box 2:33

Some Suggestions to Aid in Irrigating Deciduous Fruit Orchards 1948 January

Box 2:34

Spread of Apricot Roots 1950 July

Box 2:35-37

Sprinkling for Irrigation 1948-1949

Box 2:38

Suggestions for Irrigating Almond Orchards 1953 May-June

Box 2:39

Suggestions for Irrigation During a Rainfall Deficient Year 1948 March

Box 2:40

A Uniformity Trial on Unirrigated Barley of Ten Years' Duration 1952 May

Box 2:41

United States Department of Agriculture. Bureau of Public Roads, Division of Agricultural Engineering 1929

Box 2:42

Use of Black and White Atmometers for Measuring the Use of Water by Crops, Evaporation and Solar Energy 1957 May

Box 2:43-44

Use of Tensiometers in Measuring Availability of Water to Plants 1942-1943

Box 2:45

Use of Water by Native Vegetation vs. Grasses and Forbs on Watersheds 1953-1954

Box 2:46-47

Water Relations 1954-1956

Box 2:48

Water Relations of Plants, Pt. III, Water Absorption and Water Accumulation 1952-1956