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Inventory of the Frank J. Veihmeyer Papers
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Collection Contents

Box 1:1

Absence of Water Exudation From Roots of Plants Grown in an Atmosphere of High Humidity 1954 July

Box 1:2

Abstracts of F.J. Veihmeyer 1927-1948

Box 1:3

The Application of Some Basic Concepts of Soil Moisture to Orchard Irrigation 1949 December 6

Box 1:4-11

Articles by F.J. Veihmeyer 1926-1980

Box 1:12

California Agriculture Special Water Issue 1957 April

Box 1:13

Certain Factors Influencing the Size of Dried Prunes 1940 December

Box 1:14

Computations Barley Yields - Field 2A 1924-1935

Box 1:15

The Cultivation and Irrigation of Almond Orchards During a Dry Year 1944 January-February

Box 1:16

Determining Water Needs for Crop and Climatic Data 1936-1956

Box 1:17

Division of Irrigation Investigations and Practice Field 2A undated

Box 1:18-19

Does Transpiration Decrease as the Soil Moisture Decreases? 1955

Box 1:20

Drought Resistance of Olives undated

Box 1:21

The Effect of Different Soil Moisture Conditions Upon Fruit Trees 1950 June

Box 1:22

The Effects of Soil Moisture on Deciduous Fruit Trees 1952

Box 1:23

Effects of Water on Yields and Growth of Deciduous Orchard Trees 1943

Box 1:24

Essentials of Irrigation and Cultivation of Orchards, Third Revision 1943

Box 1:25

Essentials of Irrigation and Cultivation of Orchards 1950 March

Box 1:26

Experts Discuss Various Methods of Orchard Cultivation 1945 May-June

Box 1:27

The Growth of Fruit Trees in Response to Different Soil-Moisture Conditions Measured by Widths of Annual Rings, and Other Means 1975 May

Box 1:28

Growth of Walnut Trees as Affected by Irrigation and Nitrogen Deficiency 1950 October

Box 1:29

Handbook of Applied Hydrology Evapotranspiration, Sec. 11 1961

Box 1:30

Handbook of Hydrology Section 11 - Evapotranspiration 1961

Box 1:31

Hydrology of Range Lands as Affected by the Presence or Absence of Vegetation 1951 August 21-September 1

Box 1:32

Information Concerning the Water Requirements of Crops in California, Which May Be of Interest to Those Who Contemplate New Plantings to Aid the War Effort 1943

Box 1:33-35

Irrigation and Cultivation Experiments with Lecttuce in the Monterey Bay Region of California 1948

Box 1:36

Irrigation Effects on Deciduous Fruits 1946 March

Box 1:37

Irrigation Experiments with Apricots 1950

Box 1:38

Irrigation Experiments with Olives 1949 December

Box 1:39

Irrigation Experiments with Pears and Apples 1942 May

Box 1:40

Irrigation of Almonds 1952 March-April

Box 1:41

Irrigation of Deciduous Orchards and Vineyards 1957 April

Box 1:42

Irrigation of Orchards and Vineyards in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions 1955

Box 1:43-44

Irrigation of Pears 1948-1952

Box 1:45

Irrigation of Walnuts 1949

Box 1:46

Irrigation Pamphlets 1937-1946

Box 1:47-48

Irrigation Records undated

Box 1:49

Long Term Irrigation Experiments on Fruit Trees Show that High Soil Moisture Contents Not Necessary to Obtain Best Results 1965

Box 2:1

Measurements of Cumulative Evaporation From Bare Soil 1954 August

Box 2:2

Methods of Measuring Moisture Constants in Regard to Plant Growth 1948

Box 2:3-4

Methods of Measuring Soil-Moisture Constants in Regard to Plant Growth 1948-1949

Box 2:5

Moisture Equivalent of Soils 1924-1927

Box 2:6

Notes Relating to Irrigation Research for M.R. Huberty 1957 January

Box 2:7

Orchard Irrigation Experiments undated

Box 2:8

Permanent Wilting Percentages of Soils Obtained From Field and Laboratory Trials 1945 October

Box 2:9

The Permanent Wilting Percentages of Soil undated

Box 2:10

Possibilities Through Crop and Irrigation Management 1957 April 29

Box 2:11

Rate of Drying with Automatic Balance undated

Box 2:12

The Rate of Evaporation From Wet and Dry Soil and Its Significance 1955 July

Box 2:13

The Recurrence of Two Important Soil-Moisture Contents Under Orchard Conditions 1948 June

Box 2:14

Reduction in Size of Prunes Caused by Cessation of Irrigation 1945 March 17

Box 2:15

Resistance of Plants to Wilting 1953-1956

Box 2:16

Responses of a Plant to Soil Moisture Changes as Shown by Guayule 1960

Box 2:17

Responses of Fruit Trees and Vines to Soil Moisture 1950

Box 2:18

Responses of Fruit Trees to Irrigation 1950 July

Box 2:19

Scientific Hydrology in the United States 1951 August

Box 2:20

Soil Density and Root Penetration 1948

Box 2:21

Soil Density as a Factor in Determining the Permanent Wilting Percentage 1946

Box 2:22

Soil Moisture and Its Availability to Plants 1969 August

Box 2:23

Figures for Soil Moisture and Its Availability to Plants undated

Box 2:24

Soil Moisture as a Factor in Evapotranspiration Equations 1960 July 12

Box 2:25

Some Basic Concepts of Soil Moisture and Their Applications to Range Hydrology 1949 March 21

Box 2:26

Some Effects of Irrigation on the Interrelations of Growth, Yields, and Drying Ratios of French Prunes 1945

Box 2:27

Some Factors Affecting Absorption of Moisture by Plant Roots 1954 July

Box 2:28

Some Factors Affectong the Irrigation Requirements of Deciduous Orchards 1927 January

Box 2:29-30

Some Factors Affecting the Quality of Dried Prunes 1943-1944

Box 2:31

Some Factors for Consideration in Planning Irrigation Projects in the Mediterranean Area 1964 June

Box 2:32

Some Suggestions to Aid in Irrigating Almond Orchards 1947

Box 2:33

Some Suggestions to Aid in Irrigating Deciduous Fruit Orchards 1948 January

Box 2:34

Spread of Apricot Roots 1950 July

Box 2:35-37

Sprinkling for Irrigation 1948-1949

Box 2:38

Suggestions for Irrigating Almond Orchards 1953 May-June

Box 2:39

Suggestions for Irrigation During a Rainfall Deficient Year 1948 March

Box 2:40

A Uniformity Trial on Unirrigated Barley of Ten Years' Duration 1952 May

Box 2:41

United States Department of Agriculture. Bureau of Public Roads, Division of Agricultural Engineering 1929

Box 2:42

Use of Black and White Atmometers for Measuring the Use of Water by Crops, Evaporation and Solar Energy 1957 May

Box 2:43-44

Use of Tensiometers in Measuring Availability of Water to Plants 1942-1943

Box 2:45

Use of Water by Native Vegetation vs. Grasses and Forbs on Watersheds 1953-1954

Box 2:46-47

Water Relations 1954-1956

Box 2:48

Water Relations of Plants, Pt. III, Water Absorption and Water Accumulation 1952-1956