Guide to the Barbara L. Kevles Collection of Computer Technology M1588

Department of Special Collections and University Archives
2007 ; published 2018
Green Library
557 Escondido Mall
Stanford 94305-6064

Language of Material: English
Contributing Institution: Department of Special Collections and University Archives
Title: Barbara L. Kevles collection of computer technology
creator: Kevles, Barbara L.
Identifier/Call Number: M1588
Physical Description: 2.5 Linear Feet (5 boxes)
Date (inclusive): 1993-2006
Abstract: Collection of operating manuals, software, and related material, assembled by journalist Barbara Kevles.

Scope and Contents

Journalist, author, and archivist Barbara Kevles used the same personal computer from 1993 through 2006. During those fourteen years, she added only a few essential programs such as financial and security software because of the restrictions placed by the PC’s miniscule 170 megabyte hard drive. Out of necessity, she kept her operating system, monitor, and printer manuals as well as allied materials to operate her computer and fix periodic malfunctions as the radically changing computer world replaced her platform, programs and eliminated support services. She recorded her user problems with an IBM compatible computer and peripheries in detail in 12 notebooks.
As a result, The Barbara L. Kevles Collection of Computer Technology is comprised of over a hundred published and unpublished documents, software, and miscellaneous equipment that create a marker from which to measure the rapid evolution of home computer technology starting in the 1990s through today.
Software and documentation has been placed into boxes without folders. Post-it Notes have been left intact. Photocopies and author's notes have been re-housed in acid-free folders, maintaining original titles. For the most detailed listing, please refer to the "The Catalogue of the Barbara L. Kevles Collection of Computer Technology" prepared by Kevles found in Box 1, Folder 1.
The collection includes guides, manuals, installation software, historic Norton newsletters, hand-written notebooks, correspondence, demonstration trial software-- all for precedent-setting operating systems, early program applications, analog monitors, seminal printers, modems, motherboards, internet service providers, financial software, and antivirus programs.

Related Materials

Stanford Special Collections also holds the Barbara L. Kevles Collection on Gordon Parks (M1409):

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Open for research. Note that material must be requested at least 36 hours in advance of intended use. Software is available for visual review only.

Conditions Governing Use

While Special Collections is the owner of the physical and digital items, permission to examine collection materials is not an authorization to publish. These materials are made available for use in research, teaching, and private study. Any transmission or reproduction beyond that allowed by fair use requires permission from the owners of rights, heir(s) or assigns.

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Gift of Barbara L. Kevles, 2007. Accession 2007-229.

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[identification of item], Barbara L. Kevles collection of computer technology (M1588). Dept. of Special Collections and University Archives, Stanford Libraries, Stanford, Calif.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Operating systems (Computers)
Computer industry -- United States -- History
Kevles, Barbara L.

box 1, folder 1

Catalogue of the Barbara L. Kevles Collection of Computer Technology of the 1990s

box 1, folder 2

The Dallas Morning News clippings

box 1, object 3

Microsoft Office Suite

Scope and Contents

Microsoft Office Standard. Upgrade WIN/OFF Version 4.2 021-051-425 Getting Started discs #1-25, 5 packets of 5 1.44 MB floppy discs Windows Series Version 4.2 Set up instructions Except #25 - Powerpoint Viewer
box 1, object 4

Getting Started Manual (101 pages)

box 1, object 5

Microsoft Office Standard Supplemental Offers (2 pages)

box 1, object 6

Microsoft License Agreement

box 1, object 7

Access Advertisement

box 1, object 8

User's Guide Microsoft Powerpoint (302 pages)

box 1, object 9

Important Information about your Microsoft Mail Workstation License (3 pages)

box 1, object 10

User's Guide Microsoft Query (168 pages)

box 1, object 11

Visual Basic User's Guide Microsoft Excel (344 pages)

box 1, object 12

User's Guide Microsoft Excel (786 pages)

box 1, object 13

Cardboard strips Wordperfect 5.1 showing Control, Shift, Alt shortcuts for F Function keys (2)

box 1, object 14

Cardboard strips Microsoft Word 5.0 showing Control, Shift, Alt shortcuts for F Function keys (2)

box 1, object 15

Foldout quick reference card carbon copy: mail for MS-DOS (6 pages)

box 1, object 16

Lotus 1-2-3 1.0 Qwik Reference Guide

box 1, object 17

Microsoft Word 2.0 Qwik Reference Guides (2)

box 1, object 18

MS-Word 5.5 Guide

box 1, object 19

Wordperfect 5.1 Quick Reference Guides (2)

box 1, object 20

Excel 4.0 Qwick Reference Guides (2)

box 1, object 21

Microsoft Excel 5.0 Qwick Reference Guide

box 1, object 22

Microsoft Word 5.0 Reference Guide

box 1, object 23

Wordperfect 5.1 Reference Guide

box 1, object 24

Microsoft Excel 3.0 Reference Guide

box 1, object 25

Microsoft Word 2.0 Reference Guide

box 1, object 26

Discover the World Wide Web with your Sportster (206 pages)

box 1, object 27

Quick Start Here Installation and Troubleshooting Sportster Modem (59 pages)

box 1, object 28

Sportster Quicklink II Fax Software Installation Guide

box 1, object 29

Quicklink II Fax and Telecommunications Windows and DOS (164 pages)

box 1, object 30

Quicklink II Fax and Telecommunications disc 1.44 MB

box 2, object 1

Wordperfect 5.1 Made Easy by Mella Mincberg (1071 pages)

box 2, object 2

Mindspring Internet Connection Kit, version 3.08 trial CD.

box 2, object 3

America Online Installation disc

box 2, object 4

Norton Antivirus 3.0

Scope and Contents

in box: 1.44 MB floppy discs (3) version 3.0 (installation discs), 1.44 MB floppy discs, version 3.0 2/96 (3), 1.44 MB floppy discs Virus Definitions, Summer, 1997 (2), 1.44 MB floppy discs Virus Definitions, Fall, 1997 (2), , User's Guide Symantec Norton Antivirus 3.0
box 2, object 5

Hewlett Packard recycling information

box 2, object 6

CPA Vision (Compact Disc)

box 2, object 7

Compuserve Gold 250 hours (Compact Disc)

box 2, object 8

Symantec Norton Antivirus 4.0

box 2, object 9

1.44 MB virus definitions for Norton Antivirus, Winter, 1997 (3)

box 2, object 10

America Online 7.0 1025 hours free trial (Compact Disc)

box 2, object 11

American Online 7.0 1000 hours free trial (Compact Disc)

box 2, object 12

Barcode Scanner

box 2, object 13

Norton Antivirus Emergency Boot disc

box 2, object 14

Symantec: Installing new virus definitions: guide (8 pages)

box 2, object 15

1.44 MB virus definitions Norton Antivirus, Spring, 1998 (4)

box 2, object 16

Symantec: Installing new virus definitions: guide (9 pages)

box 2, object 17

Symantec Ad for Earthlink

box 2, object 18

Symantec business reply by mail

box 3, object 1

Microsoft Works 2.0

Scope and Contents

1.44 MB discs for setup, help, clip art (5), 1.44 MB program discs (2), 5 1/4" program discs (4)
box 3, object 2

Getting Started Microsoft Works 46 pages

box 3, object 3

Intuit Advertisement

box 3, object 4

Prodigy 1 month free trial

box 3, object 5

UM 486V A10 User's Manual for motherboard

box 3, object 6

US 3486 User's Manual for motherboard

box 3, object 7

Truecolor Video Board Compudyne (manual)

box 3, object 8

MIO - 400KF Rev. F All-In-One Input/Output User's Manual

box 3, object 9

Compudyne KD - 1450T Color Monitor Operation and Installation Guide (14 pages)

box 3, object 10

Compudyne Microsoft MS-DOS 5.0 5 1/4 "floppy discs, with License Agreement (2)

box 3, object 11

Video Drivers VC 500 Utility diskette Version 1.43, 1.44 MB (2)

box 3, object 12

Compudyne True Color Utility/Driver (5 1/4" floppy disc)

box 3, object 13

Compudyne True Color Windows 3.0/3.1 (5 1/4" disc)

box 3, object 14

America Online Version 2.5 10 hours free (trial 1.44 MB disc)

box 3, object 15

Compudyne Microsoft MS-DOS 5.0 concise edition (170 pages)

box 3, object 16

Juno: free internet trial (email service, 1.44 MB disc)

box 3, object 17

Ad: Imation Super (120 MB disc)

box 3, object 18

Quicken 2001 deluxe (Compact Disc)

box 3, object 19

America Online 9.0 1045 hours free (trial Compact Disc)

box 3, object 20

America Online 9.0 1099 hours free (trial Compact Disc)

box 3, object 21

America Online 6.0 700 hours free (trial Compact Disc)

box 3, object 22

America Online 7.0 1000 hours free (trial Compact Disc; 2)

box 3, object 23

Verizon Online DLS demonstration discs (2)

box 3, object 24

American Online 6.0 700 hours free (trial Compact Disc; 7)

box 3, object 25

Microsoft Windows Operation System Version 3.1 1.44 MB installation discs.

Scope and Contents

Disc#7 labeled Windows Driver (7)
box 3, object 26

1.44 MB disc Copy of Artisoft (program to connect 2 computers) 6 executable program files

box 3, object 27

1.44 MB disc Copy of Prodigy 15 program files

box 3, object 28

1.44 MB disc Copy of Check It 15 program files

Scope and Contents

Copy of DA 5 7 program files
box 3, object 29

1.44 MB disc Copy of DA 5 6 program files

Scope and Contents

Copy of Mouse 15 program files, Copy of Norton 3 program files including one from 1/1/1980, Copy of Winpak 5 program files
box 3, object 30

1.44 MB disc from Computerprep with training for Microsoft Word for Windows Version 6.0 Module 1 Rev1.1

box 3, object 31

1.44 MB disc Microsoft Word Version 6.0 Lessons 22 items

box 4, folder 1

HP3P form, tests, fonts, cleaning paper

box 4, folder 2

Wordperfect 6 Windows (299 pages)

box 4, folder 3

Compudyne Microsoft Windows 3.1: concise edition (1997 pages)

box 4, folder 4

Computerprep, Inc.: instructions to merge documents, create/use tables (fax pp2-30) 10/2/95

box 4, folder 5

Norton form letters to customers signed Peter Norton (4)

Scope and Contents

Norton to customers reporting the number and increased frequency of new viruses discovered daily and the switch from a quarterly to a monthly release of new antivirus definitions, 14" Ultra VGA Color Monitor User's Manual (18 pages, Xeroxed; Signed by Korean Quality Control Manager), Letter from Intuit signed Intuit management: Scott Cook, et al., Virus, before and after
box 4, folder 6

Clippings re: Computers, Summer and Fall, 1996

box 4, folder 7

Word 6.0 for Windows The Visual Quick Reference

box 4, folder 8

Norton Antivirus for Windows 3.X/Dos User’s Guide (4)

box 4, folder 9

Handwritten notes by Kevles

Scope and Contents

"Norton Antivirus installation and scans of three 1.44 MB discs with negative results."
box 4, folder 10

Symantec AntiVirus News Update (3)

box 4, folder 11

Hewlett Packard LaserJet IIIP Printer User's Quick Reference Guide (8 pages)

box 4, folder 12

Hewlett Packard LaserJet IIIP Printer Getting Started Guide (32 pages, first edition)

box 4, folder 13

Hewlett Packard LaserJet IIIP Printer User’s Manual

box 4, folder 14

Hewlett Packard LaserJet II/IIID/IIIP Printer Software Application Notes (Chapters 1-5)

box 5, folder 1

Handwritten Notebooks by Kevles (11 pages)

Scope and Contents

topics include: program registration; addition of icon to toolbar; Norton reinstallation and virus scan; retrieval of lost c drive financial data from a drive; printer noises; blurred print, repairs, and replacement; deletion of hidden, but unnecessary files from c drive for net gain of nearly 9 million bites; information on printer, monitor, font drivers; directions to copy, delete directories, files, program icons, discs; use of fax modem; installation of new motherboard; method to retrieve hidden files in DOS; complete list of first computer equipment bought 1/13/93; various monitor problems and replacement; DOS code for time; 1995 installation MS Office (76 MG), Quicken; listed size of each program on computer; power surge repercussion.
box 5, object 2

TurboTax Head Start version and Quicken 4

Scope and Contents

Original box for Quicken Version 4 and Turbo Tax head Start Version 94.0 with Quicken requirements of minimum computer speed, version of Windows, memory capacity, hard drive space, and monitor level; Mail-in card for final version of Turbo Tax containing IRS forms for filing; Ads for Turbo Tax (6 pages), for Quicken Online (4 pages), for Intuit checks, Quicken electronic bill payment (10 pages), Quicken Visa card (4 pages), mailer for Quicken 4 Windows 5 1/4" discs; Turbo Tax for Windows Personal/1040 Head Start Tax Year 1994 Version 94.0 1.44 MB discs (4)
box 5, object 3

Xerox TabWorks Brochure (1.44 MB trial demonstration disc)