Guide to the San Diego Chamber of Commerce Collection MS 300

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November 17, 2015

Title: San Diego Chamber of Commerce Collection
Identifier/Call Number: MS 300
Contributing Institution: San Diego History Center Document Collection
Language of Material: English
Physical Description: 7.25 Linear feet (15 boxes)
Date (inclusive): 1887-2006
Abstract: The collection contains administrative materials and reference resources related to the interests of the San Diego Chamber of Commerce.
creator: San Diego Chamber of Commerce.

Biographical / Historical Notes

The San Diego Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization founded in 1870 by Alonzo Horton, a prominent local businessman who served as the Chamber’s first treasurer. Their mission is to advocate for and support the interests of local business and their employees within the City of San Diego.
The initial endeavors of the Chamber of Commerce included developing railroad lines in San Diego, supporting harbor commerce, procuring fresh drinking water for the city, and encouraging both settlement and tourism in San Diego. In the early 20th century, the Chamber of Commerce was instrumental in the establishment of military installations throughout region, which in turn bolstered San Diego’s economy. It was also a driving force behind the 1915 Panama-California Exposition, which put San Diego on the map and started the process of Balboa Park becoming the cultural center it is today. The Chamber of Commerce is currently active in the San Diego community with over 3,000 members.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of materials pertaining to the administration and interests of the San Diego Chamber of Commerce between 1887 and 2006. The bulk of the collection materials are dated between 1950 and 2006. Materials include administrative documents, such as by-laws and meeting minutes, as well as reports, research, and reference materials related to a variety of topics that concern the Chamber of Commerce. These subjects include city demographics, the environment, economics, crime, industry and employment, the military, city planning, politics, and tourism. Reference items include the original San Diego City Plan developed by John Nolen in 1926, as well as a copy of Douglas Gunn’s Picturesque San Diego. Additionally, the collection contains the Chamber of Commerce membership records for the Spreckels Company, owned by John D. Spreckels.


The collection is arranged in thirteen series:
I. Administrative Materials;
II. Agriculture and Environment;
III. Crime;
IV. Demographics;
V. Economics;
VI. Economic Research Bulletins;
VII. Industry and Employment;
VIII. Military;
IX. Planning;
X. Politics;
XI. Tourism;
XII. Spreckels Company;
XIII. Miscellanea. Items within each series are arranged by subject.

Preferred Citation

San Diego Chamber of Commerce Collection, MS 300, San Diego History Center Document Archives, San Diego, CA.

Conditions Governing Access

This collection is open for research.

Conditions Governing Use

The San Diego History Center (SDHC) holds the copyright to any unpublished materials. SDHC Library regulations do apply.

Processing Information

Collection processed by Lauren Rasmussen on August 26, 2013.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

J.D. and A.B. Spreckels Company.
Klauber, Abraham, 1831-1911
Nolen, John, 1869-1937
San Diego (Calif.). Planning Dept.
San Diego and Coronado Ferry Company.
San Diego Association of Governments.
San Diego Chamber of Commerce. Economic Research Bureau.
San Diego Convention and Tourist Bureau.
San Diego Electric Railway Company.
Spreckels, John Diedrich, b. 1853
Balboa Park (San Diego, Calif.)
Economic development
San Diego (Calif.)


Series I: Administrative Materials 1870-1963

Box-folder 1:1

Constitution and By-laws of the San Diego Chamber of Commerce 1937 October 28

Box-folder 1:2

Annual Reports of the San Diego Chamber of Commerce 1870-1899

Box-folder 1:3

Loose materials from Annual Reports (Folder 2) 1871 March 16 - 1930 September 24

Box-folder 1:4

Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors meeting minutes 1938 September 15

Box-folder 1:5

General Manager’s Reports 1961 January 27 - 1966 January 26

Box-folder 1:6

The San Diego Chamber of Commerce: A Pictorial Report 1962-1963


Series II: Agriculture and Environment 1996-2000 and undated

Box-folder 1:7

Crop Statistics and Annual Reports 1996-2000

Box-folder 1:8

San Diego Climate Information 1998 March

Box-folder 1:9

Agriculture – San Diego County – California brochure Undated

Box-folder 1:10

Oceanics – San Diego County – California brochure Undated


Series III: Crime 1996-2000

Box-folder 1:11

Crime in the San Diego Region 1996-2000

Box-folder 1:12

Arrests in the San Diego Region 1999-2001


Series IV: Demographics 1945-2002

Box-folder 2:1

Demographic Statistics binder (Part 1) 1951-1980

Box-folder 2:2

Demographic Statistics binder (Part 2) 1951-1980

Box-folder 2:3

The Racial Issue in San Diego 1965

Box-folder 2:4

A Community Guide to San Diego County 1971-1973

Box-folder 2:5

Population and Land Use Bulletins 1986-1989

Box-folder 2:6

San Diego Region 1980 Census Tracts with Subregional Areas 1980

Box-folder 2:7

U.S. and San Diego Hispanic Demographic 2004

Box-folder 2:8

SANDAG INFO Newsletters 1998 July - 2002 October


• Profiling the Region’s Jurisdictions • 1998 Population and Housing Estimates • Demographic and Economic Characteristics • A Million More People in the Region by 2020 • 2020 Cities/County Forecast for the San Diego Region • 1999 Population and Housing Estimates • Daytime Population • 2020 Forecast: Subregional Demographic Characteristics • Geographic Areas Help Define the San Diego Region • The Dynamics of Vital Events in the San Diego Region
Box-folder 2:9

Residential demographic reports 1945-1980


Series V: Economics 1969-2006

Box-folder 3:1

San Diego Economic Profile by the Economic Research Bureau of the San Diego Chamber of Commerce 1977


Industry, tourism, military, agriculture, and fisheries.
Box-folder 3:2

San Diego Economic Profile by the Economic Research Bureau of the San Diego Chamber of Commerce 1977


Trade, Baja California, higher education, retirement, and construction
Box-folder 3:3

San Diego Economic Profile by the Economic Research Bureau of the San Diego Chamber of Commerce 1977


Box-folder 3:4

San Diego Economic Profile by the Economic Research Bureau of the San Diego Chamber of Commerce 1977


Box-folder 3:5

San Diego Economic Development Research Program: An Updating of the Original 1966 Study 1969

Box-folder 3:6

San Diego Economic Development Research Program: An Updating of the Original 1966 Study 1969

Box-folder 3:7

Economic Analysis of Mexican Citizen Activity in San Diego County 1979

Box-folder 3:8

Economic Impact of Super Bowl XXII on San Diego 1988 March

Box-folder 3:9

Del Mar Fairgrounds Economic Impact Study 1989 January

Box-folder 3:10

Economic and Fiscal Impact Analysis: Proposed Ballpark and Real Estate Development 1998 September 17

Box-folder 4:1

Annual Report of the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation 2001

Box-folder 4:2

Economic and Fiscal Benefits of the San Diego Convention Center 2002

Box-folder 4:3

San Diego Unified Port District: Cruise Feasibility Study and Economic Impact Analysis 2002 November 25

Box-folder 4:4

Economic and Fiscal Impacts of the San Diego Unified Port District – Draft Report 2003 July 15

Box-folder 4:5

Tracking San Diego’s Recovery: A Mid-Year Review of Commercial Real Estate Activity by Burnham Market Research 2003

Box-folder 4:6

Economic Impact Analysis of the San Diego Cruise Sector 2005 March

Box-folder 4:7

Economic Impacts of the Wait Times at the San Diego – Baja California Border 2006 January 19


Series VI: Economic Research Bulletins 1963-1994

Box-folder 4:8

Economic Research Bulletins 1963

Box-folder 4:9

Economic Research Bulletins 1964

Box-folder 4:10

Economic Research Bulletins 1965

Box-folder 4:11

Economic Research Bulletins 1966

Box-folder 4:12

Economic Research Bulletins 1967

Box-folder 4:13

Economic Research Bulletins 1968

Box-folder 4:14

Economic Research Bulletins 1969

Box-folder 5:1

Economic Research Bulletins 1970

Box-folder 5:2

Economic Research Bulletins 1971

Box-folder 5:3

Economic Research Bulletins 1972

Box-folder 5:4

Economic Research Bulletins 1973

Box-folder 5:5

Economic Research Bulletins 1974

Box-folder 5:6

Economic Research Bulletins 1975

Scope and Content

December 1975 is not included.
Box-folder 5:7

Economic Research Bulletins 1976

Box-folder 5:8

Economic Research Bulletins 1977

Box-folder 5:9

Economic Research Bulletins 1978

Box-folder 5:10

Economic Research Bulletins 1979

Box-folder 5:11

Economic Research Bulletins 1980

Box-folder 5:12

Economic Research Bulletins 1981

Box-folder 5:13

Economic Research Bulletins 1982

Box-folder 5:14

Economic Research Bulletins 1983

Box-folder 5:15

Economic Research Bulletins 1984

Box-folder 5:16

Economic Research Bulletins 1985

Box-folder 5:17

Economic Research Bulletins 1986

Box-folder 5:18

Economic Research Bulletins 1987

Box-folder 6:1

Economic Research Bulletins 1988

Box-folder 6:2

Economic Research Bulletins 1989

Box-folder 6:3

Economic Research Bulletins 1990

Box-folder 6:4

Economic Research Bulletins 1991

Scope and Content

January 1991 is not included.
Box-folder 6:5

Economic Research Bulletins 1992

Box-folder 6:6

Economic Research Bulletins 1993

Box-folder 6:7

Economic Research Bulletins 1994

Scope and Content

May 1994 and June 1994 only.
Box-folder 6:8

Economic Research Bulletins (Bound) 1953-1966

Box-folder 6:9

Economic Research Bulletins (Bound) 1966-1969

Box-folder 7:1

Economic Research Bulletins (Bound) 1967-1971

Box-folder 8:1

Economic Research Bulletins (Bound) 1970-1979

Box-folder 7:2

Economic Research Bulletins (Bound) 1966-1976

Box-folder 8:2

Economic Research Bulletins (Bound) 1977-1985

Box-folder 7:3

Economic Research Bulletins (Bound) 1980-1984


Series VII: Industry and Employment 1947-2002 and undated

Box-folder 9:1

San Diego Business Surveys 1947-1969

Box-folder 9:2

San Diego Business Surveys 1970-1982

Box-folder 9:3

SANDAG INFO Newsletters 2001 August - 2002 September


• Employment in the San Diego Region • San Diego Regional Employment Clusters
Box-folder 9:4

The Union Tribune’s Annual Review of San Diego Businesses 1985-1987

Box-folder 9:5

Regional Employment Studies Undated


• San Diego’s Medical Services Industry Cluster • San Diego’s Biosciences Industry Cluster • San Diego’s Visitor Services Industry Cluster • San Diego’s Software and Computer Services Industry Cluster • San Diego’s Computer and Electronics Manufacturing Industry Cluster • San Diego’s Communication Industry Cluster
Box-folder 9:6

San Diego Regional Technology Alliance reports Undated


• E-Tech: Missing the Green • San Diego Surf Meets Silicon Sand • Wireless Wonders
Box-folder 9:7

Labor Market Surveys 2001


• Business services industry • Visitor services industry • Entertainment and amusement industry
Box-folder 9:8

Labor Market Surveys 2001


• Medical services industry • Biomedical products industry • Biotechnology and pharmaceuticals industry
Box-folder 9:9

Labor Market Surveys 2001


• Communications industry • Defense and transportation manufacturing industry • Computer and electronics manufacturing industry • Software and computer services industry
Box-folder 9:10

Industrial Data: San Diego County 1971

Box-folder 9:11

Department of Commerce City Employment report 1974

Box-folder 10:1

“A History of the San Diego Labor Movement: Problems and Developments from 1887 to 1957” by Dr. Frederick Ryan 1959

Box-folder 10:2

Commercial Banking in San Diego 1960

Box-folder 10:3

Chamber of Commerce annual report 1979

Box-folder 10:4

San Diego Market 1982

Box-folder 10:5

NAFTA and San Diego 1992

Box-folder 10:6

Research and Development in San Diego, California Undated

Box-folder 10:7

Starting a Business in San Diego Undated

Box-folder 10:8

San Diego Regional Shopping Center Report Undated

Box-folder 10:9

San Diego International Sports Arena Undated


Series VIII: Military 1952-2002

Box-folder 10:10

Scrapbook of Reports Written for the San Diego Chamber of Commerce 1952-1996


Correspondence and reports of U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Raymond D. Tarbuck.
Box-folder 10:11

Scrapbook of Reports Written for the San Diego Chamber of Commerce 1952-1996

Box-folder 10:12

The Effect of the Military Establishment and the Aviation Industry on and the Need for a More Balanced Economy in San Diego 1954

Box-folder 11:1

The Navy and San Diego: Navy Reports 1965

Box-folder 11:2

World War II Post-War Planning: Day and Zimmermann Report 1965

Box-folder 11:3

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton Impact Guide 2002


Series IX: City Planning 1926-2000 and undated

Box-folder 11:4

City Plan for San Diego by John Nolen 1926

Box-folder 11:5

Official Report of San Diego Chamber of Commerce Rental Research Committee 1942

Box-folder 11:6

History of San Diego County Park System 1944

Box-folder 12:1

Highway to Imperial Valley 1954

Box-folder 12:2

Balboa Park in the ‘50s: Balboa Park Reports 1960

Box-folder 12:3

Planning department scrapbook 1963 September - 1963 November

Box-folder 12:4

Cross Border Concerns in the San Diego Region: The Need For New Border Crossings 1992

Box-folder 12:5

SANDAG INFO Newsletters 1998 November - 2000 April


• More residents are trying transit • Attitudes about transit and ridesharing • Traffic by the numbers
Box-folder 12:6

The San Diego Stadium Story Undated


Series X: Politics 1962-1965

Box-folder 13:1

1912 Socialists and I.W.W.: Riot or Free Speech? 1965

Box-folder 13:2

A Report on Politics in San Diego by David Greenstone 1962


Series XI: Tourism 1939-1998 and undated

Box-folder 13:3

San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau booklets 1996 August - 1998 June


• 1995 San Diego Meetings and Conventions • Overseas Travelers to San Diego • Convention Center Information • Air Transportation Information • San Diego Golf Courses
Box-folder 13:4

San Diego Profile of Overnight Visitors 1993

Box-folder 13:5

Things to Do and See in San Diego brochure Undated

Box-folder 13:6

International Travel Forecast and Statistics for the U.S. c.1995

Box-folder 13:7

American Legion 1940 Convention scrapbook 1939-1940


Series XII: Spreckels Company 1928-1947

Box-folder 13:8

Spreckels Companies Memberships in Chamber of Commerce 1928 November - 1935 October

Box-folder 13:9

Spreckels Companies Memberships in Chamber of Commerce 1935 November - 1938 October

Box-folder 13:10

Spreckels Companies Memberships in Chamber of Commerce 1938 November - 1941 November

Box-folder 14:1

Spreckels Companies Memberships in Chamber of Commerce 1938 November - 1947 November

Box-folder 14:2

Contribution to the Post-War Fund of San Diego Chamber of Commerce 1945

Box-folder 14:3

San Diego Electric Railway Company and the San Diego and Coronado Ferry Company Subscription to San Diego Chamber of Commerce 1946-1947


Series XIII: Miscellanea 1887-2003 and undated

Box-folder 14:4

"Picturesque San Diego" by Douglas Gunn 1887

Box-folder 14:5

Southern California, issued by the Southern California Panama Expositions Commission 1914

Box-folder 14:6

KGB radio series transcripts 1938-1939

Box-folder 14:7

California Pacific International Exposition Pictorial 1935

Box-folder 15:1

“Abraham Klauber” by Alice Heyneman 1963

Box-folder 15:2

San Diego – Where California Begins pamphlets 1985-1988

Box-folder 15:3

San Diego – Where California Begins pamphlets 1989-1994

Box-folder 15:4

“Antecedent Incidents in San Diego’s Developmental History” by Pauline 1995

Box-folder 15:5

San Diego Magazine 1996 Summer

Box-folder 15:6

Fast Company magazine mock-up 2003

Box-folder 15:7

San Diego, California brochure Undated