The Finding Aid of the Pepperdine University Great Issues Records 0124

Lindsey Sommer, Katie Richardson, and Kelsey Knox
Pepperdine University. Special Collections and University Archives.
February 2014
24255 Pacific Coast Highway
Malibu 90263-4786

Language of Material: English
Contributing Institution: Pepperdine University. Special Collections and University Archives.
Title: Pepperdine University Great Issues Records
Identifier/Call Number: 0124
Physical Description: 1.68 Linear Feet (4 boxes plus 1 oversize item)
Date (inclusive): 1970-1987
Abstract: The collection contains printed materials, photographs, negatives, and audiocassettes from the Great Issues Series at Pepperdine from 1970 through 1987. Themes addressed in speaker presentations focused on pressing issues of the time, primarily in the areas of policy and economics. Speakers included individuals known in their fields, many of which later went on to play important roles in government or policy.

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Materials were gathered from the University Archives files.

Historical note

The Great Issues Series was a community service program at Pepperdine University. This series was an outgrowth of the successful Forum, begun in 1958. Delivered by prominent experts in fields such as economics, public policy and history, topics addressed pressing problems such as inflation, international relations, and business. The goal of the series was to provide a means by which Los Angeles residents and Pepperdine affiliates could remain abreast of issues important to the times. Running from 1970 through 1987, the series brought numerous experts known on both a national and international level to Los Angeles, including Secretary of Agriculture Earl L. Butz, Pierre Andre Rinfret, economic advisor to President Nixon, and historian Russell Kirk.

Scope and Content

The materials in the collection include textual items, photographs, negatives, and audiocassettes created for Great Issues events sponsored by Pepperdine University. Covering 1970 through 1987, a majority of the materials are textual, which were printed for lectures, lunches, seminars and other events. Additional printed materials include speech transcripts, speaker schedules, and series announcements advertising prominent speakers. The photographs and negatives document specific Great Issues events, and the audiocassettes are of select speeches.


The collection is organized into the following series: 1. Printed Materials; 2. Photographs and Negatives; and 3. Audiovisual Materials. Series are arranged chronologically by date.

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Processing Information note

The collection was arranged and described by Lindsey Sommer under the supervision of Katie Richardson in February, 2014. It was updated by Kelsey Knox in June, 2015.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Universities and colleges -- California -- History
United States -- Politics and government
United States -- Foreign relations
Los Angeles (Calif.) -- History
Malibu (Calif.) -- History
Speeches, addresses, etc., American -- 20th century
Education, Higher -- California
Photography -- Negatives
Public policy
Economics -- 20th century
International relations -- 20th century
Lectures and lecturing -- California, Southern
Young, M. Norvel (Matt Norvel)
Rumsfeld, Donald
Butz, Earl L. (Earl Lauer)
Kirk, Russell
Banowsky, William Slater
Pepperdine College
Pepperdine University

oversize 1, box 1, folder 1-28

Series 1: Printed Materials 1970-1987

Scope and Content

The Printed Materials series is arranged chronologically by month and year, inclusive of 1970 through 1987. Items included in this series were created for specific speaker events sponsored by Great Issues, and include pamphlets, programs, clippings, and speaker schedules. Additionally, a select number of series include accompanying speech transcripts.
box 1, folder 1

Great Issues Series- Speaker Schedule 1970-1971

oversize 1, box 1, folder 2

Great Issues Series- "The Basis for Lasting Prosperity" Speaker: Arthur F. Burns 1970 December 7

box 1, folder 3

Great Issues Series- "What Next for the American Economy?" Speaker: Herbert Stein 1971 November 1

box 1, folder 4

Great Issues Series- Speaker Schedule 1972

box 1, folder 5

Great Issues Series- "Phase Two: Harnessing Inflation" Speaker: Donald Rumsfeld 1972 May 25

box 1, folder 6

Great Issues Series- "Masters of Change" Speaker: Louis Patrick Gray III 1972 June 16

box 1, folder 7

Great Issues Series- "A British Look at the U.S.A." Speaker: C. Northcote Parkinson 1972 October 20

box 1, folder 8

Great Issues Series- "The Threats to Economic Freedom" Speaker: Pierre Andre Rinfret 1972 October 30

box 1, folder 9

Great Issues Series- "A Strategic Overview" Speaker: Alexander M. Haig Jr. 1973 June 30

box 1, folder 10

Great Issues Series- "Can America Feed You and the World?" Speaker: Earl L. Butz 1973 October 29

box 1, folder 11

Great Issues Series- "The Great American Challenge" Speaker: Anne Armstrong 1974 January 21

box 1, folder 12

Great Issues Series- "Federal Dollars and New Federalism" Speaker: Frederick V. Malek 1974 May 13

box 1, folder 13

Great Issues Seminar- "The Strategy of Detente" Frank R. Barnett; "The Economics of Detente" Yuan Li Wu; and "Military Aspects of Detente" George S. Brown 1974 September 26

box 1, folder 14

Great Issues Series- "The Price of Liberty" Speaker: Robert Speaight (Dinner honoring Russell Kirk) 1974 November 7

box 1, folder 15

Great Issues Series- "Does Capitalism Have a Future?" Speaker: Irving Kristol 1975 April 7

box 1, folder 16

Great Issues Series- "Labor, the People and the Nation" Speaker: Victor Riesel 1975 May 21

box 1, folder 17

Great Issues Luncheon- Earl L. Butz Luncheon Guest List 1975 June 30

box 1, folder 18

Great Issues Series- "Our Nation's Economic Problems" Speaker: William E. Simon 1975 October 22

box 1, folder 19

Great Issues Series- "Albion Agonistes" Speaker: Malcom Muggeridge 1975 October 30

box 1, folder 20

Great Issues Series- "Value Vacuum Crisis" Speaker: Malcom Muggeridge 1978 February 9

box 1, folder 21

Great Issues Series- "Economics: The Solution for the Eighties" Speaker: Arthur Spitzer circa 1980

box 1, folder 22

Great Issues Luncheon- "Salt II and the Crisis in Iran and Afghanistan: Is there a Connection?" Speaker: Frank R. Barnett 1980 January 15

box 1, folder 23

Great Issues Luncheon- "The Role of the Entrepreneur: Reviving an Endangered Species" Speaker: David C. McClelland 1980 March 3

box 1, folder 24

Great Issues Luncheon- "The Roots of American Order" Speaker: Russell Kirk 1980 November 13

box 1, folder 25

Great Issues Series- "Wealth and Poverty" Speaker: George Gilder 1981 October 9

box 1, folder 26

Great Issues Luncheon- "Knowledge and Decisions" Speaker: Thomas Sowell 1982 February 9

box 1, folder 27

Great Issues Luncheon- "The United States and the Federal Republic of Germany: Two Partners in the International Competition" Speaker: Birgit Breuel 1983 October 13

box 1, folder 28

Great Issues Series- "Economic Issues: Domestic and International" Speaker: Beryl Wayne Sprinkel 1987 March 31

box 2-4

Series 2: Photographs and Negatives 1974-1987

Scope and Content

Items included in the series were created during specific Great Issues events, showing keynote speakers, location, and guests. Covering 1972 through 1987, the series is arranged chronologically by event date.
box 2, folder 1

Great Issues Series- Paul McCracken and President's Board 1971 April 19

Physical Description: (1 photograph, 2 proofsheets)
box 2, folder 2

Great Issues Series- Patrick Gray 1972 June 16

Physical Description: (8 photographs)
box 2, folder 3-4

Great Issues Series- Dr. C. Nothcote Parkinson 1972 October 20

Physical Description: (Folder 3: 9 photographs) (Folder 4: 44 photographs)
box 2, folder 5

Great Issues Luncheon- Pierre Renfret 1972 October 20

Physical Description: (24 photographs, 185 negatives)
box 2, folder 6

Great Issues Series- Pierre Andre Rinfret 1972 October 30

Physical Description: (2 proofsheets)
box 2, folder 7

Great Issues Dinner 1972

Physical Description: (28 photographs)
box 2, folder 8

Great Issues Dinner- General Alexander Haid 1973 June 30

Physical Description: (51 photographs, 89 photographs)
box 2, folder 9

Great Issues Luncheon- Dr. Earl Butz, Secretary of Agriculture 1973 October 29

Physical Description: (99 negatives, 1 photograph)
box 2, folder 10

Great Issues Series- Anne Armstrong 1974 January 21

Physical Description: (1 proofsheet)
box 2, folder 11

Great Issues Series- Frederic V. Malek 1974 May 13

Physical Description: (3 proofsheets)
box 2, folder 12,13

Great Issues Dinner Honoring Russell Kirk, Speaker: Robert Speaight 1974 November 7

Physical Description: (Folder 12: 3 proofsheets) (Folder 13: 24 photographs, 41 negatives)
box 2, folder 14

Great Issues Series- Victor Riesel 1975 May 21

Physical Description: (65 photographs, 70 negatives)
box 3, folder 1

Great Issues Event- Dinner Honoring Will and Ariel Durant 1977 November 8

Physical Description: (110 photographs, 157 negatives)
box 3, folder 2

Great Issues Luncheon- Malcom Muggeridge 1978 February 9

Physical Description: (61 photographs, 76 negatives)
box 3, folder 3

Great Issues Luncheon- Frank Barnett 1980 January 15

Physical Description: (45 photographs, 69 negatives)
box 3, folder 4

Great Issues- Russell Kirk 1980 November 13

Physical Description: (52 photographs, 58 negatives)
box 3, folder 5

Great Issues Luncheon 1982 February 9

Physical Description: (11 photographs, 25 negatives)
box 3, folder 6

Great Issues Luncheon- Birgit Breuel 1983 October 13

Physical Description: (3 photographs)
box 3, folder 7,8

Great Issues Luncheon 1983 October 13

Physical Description: (Folder 7: 25 photographs, 29 negatives) (Folder 8: 43 negatives)
box 4, folder 1

Great Issues Series- Beryl Wayne Sprinkel 1987 March 31

Physical Description: (3 photographs)
box 4, folder 2

Great Issues Luncheon 1987 April

Physical Description: (3 proofsheets, 58 negatives)
box 4, folder 3

Great Issues Luncheon- Center for International Business 1987

Physical Description: (60 negatives, 9 photographs)
box 4, folder 4

Great Issues Luncheon: David McClellan 1990 March 3

Physical Description: (90 negatives, 30 photographs)
box 4, folder 5

Great Issues- Various Photographs undated

Physical Description: (21 photographs, 23 negatives)
box 4, folder 6

Series 3: Audiovisual Materials 1978-1983

Physical Description: (5 audiocassettes)

Scope and Content

The series includes audiocassettes recorded during Great Issue events from 1978 through 1983. Recordings include select keynote speakers as well as introductions by former Pepperdine University Presidents William Banowsky and M. Norvel Young.