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Photographs of Indians of the Southwest by E.A. Bonine: Finding Aid
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Collection Contents

Box 1



The collection originally held 102 photographs, but 29 photographs are now missing, as noted below.
Titles for items 1-14 are transcribed from typed captions accompanying the photographs. Titles in brackets were supplied by cataloger.
Folder  1

Photographs 1-14

Folder 1, Item 1-2


Folder 1, Item 3

“Two squaws, one dressed in U.S. flag” [Possibly Yuma]

Folder 1, Item 4

“Ell-moosh and Ael-yeck, two squaws” [Possibly Yuma]

Folder 1, Item 5

“Two squaws with pottery”

Folder 1, Item 6


Folder 1, Item 7

“I-yell and She-cush, two squaws”

Folder 1, Item 8

“Group of four squaws”

Folder 1, Item 9

“Brother and sister” [Possibly Yuma]

Folder 1, Item 10

“I-yell, squaw, half-figure”

Folder 1, Item 11

“She-cush, squaw, Ye-gee-ney Indian”

Folder 1, Item 12

“Pas-qual, Yuma Chief”

Folder 1, Item 13

“He-pah and C-coup, two squaws”

Folder 1, Item 14

“Variant view” [of (13)]

Folder  2

Photographs 15-50

Folder 2, Item 15


Folder 2, Item 16

[One Indian woman wearing pendant necklace standing, one Indian woman sitting. Possibly Pima]

Folder 2, Item 17

[Two Pima women with blouses and skirts]

Folder 2, Item 18

[Indian woman with necklace and face paint sitting. Possibly Yuma]

Folder 2, Item 19

[Indian woman, man, and child. Possibly a family]

Folder 2, Item 20


Folder 2, Item 21

[Apache baby in papoose]

Folder 2, Item 22

[Two Indian women in plaid skirts]

Folder 2, Item 23-25


Folder 2, Item 26

[Indian woman in grass skirt standing by chair]

Folder 2, Item 27

[Two Indian men in Western clothes sitting and two Indian women standing behind them]

Folder 2, Item 28

[Two Mohave men standing, one with top hat]

Folder 2, Item 29

[Indian woman with cloak and doll]

Folder 2, Item 30

[Four Indian women. Three of the women are touching each other reassuringly]

Folder 2, Item 31

[Three Indian men sitting with bows and arrows]

Folder 2, Item 32


Folder 2, Item 33

[Indian man in Western dress sitting. Indian woman standing with a hand on the man’s shoulder]

Folder 2, Item 34

[Two Indian men sitting with a third Indian man resting his hands on their shoulders. Possibly Yuma]

Folder 2, Item 35

[Papago (also known as Tohono O’Odham) man in Western dress]

Folder 2, Item 36-37


Folder 2, Item 38

[Indian man with bow, arrows, and knife, posing. Possibly Yuma]

Folder 2, Item 39

[Indian man with bow, arrows, and knife, posing. Possibly Yuma. Variant of (39)]

Folder 2, Item 40

[Indian man in Western dress sitting. Indian woman in cloak and necklace standing with a hand on man’s shoulder]

Folder 2, Item 41

[Indian man in Western dress and long braided hair. Noted to be Mohave, but researcher says Yuma]

Folder 2, Item 42

[Indian man with bow and arrows with an arrow in his mouth]

Folder 2, Item 43

[Indian woman with necklace and face paint sitting]

Folder 2, Item 44

[Indian woman and man with bow and arrows, sitting]

Folder 2, Item 45

[Two Indian boys]

Folder 2, Item 46

[Indian woman holding a young boy]

Folder 2, Item 47-48


Folder 2, Item 49

[Mohave woman standing next to large pottery]

Folder 2, Item 50


Folder  3

Photographs 51-102

Folder 3, Item 51


Folder 3, Item 52

[Two Cocopa men with bow and arrows and body paint]

Folder 3, Item 53

[Two Indian women holding a basket]

Folder 3, Item 54

[Mohave woman in Western dress]

Folder 3, Item 55

[Two Indian women holding a basket]

Folder 3, Item 56

[Indian woman balancing a basket on her head. Possibly Yuma or Pima]

Folder 3, Item 57


Folder 3, Item 58

[Five young Indian girls]

Folder 3, Item 59

[Pima man with body paint on legs, sitting]

Folder 3, Item 60


Folder 3, Item 61

[Indian man, woman, and child. Possibly a family]

Folder 3, Item 62

[Four young Indian girls with dolls]

Folder 3, Item 63


Folder 3, Item 64

[Two Indian women sitting with Indian man in Western shirt]

Folder 3, Item 65

[Indian man standing next to chair]

Folder 3, Item 66-70


Folder 3, Item 71

[Indian woman in grass skirt and another in plaid skirt]

Folder 3, Item 72-73


Folder 3, Item 74

[Two Mohave girls with dolls]

Folder 3, Item 75

[Two Pima women holding hands]

Folder 3, Item 76

[Close-up portrait of Indian woman with necklaces and face paint sitting]

Folder 3, Item 77

[Indian woman wearing necklaces and face paint standing by chair]

Folder 3, Item 78

[Pima woman sitting in chair]

Folder 3, Item 79

[Two Apache men sitting and one Apache man standing with bow and arrows] [2 copies]

Folder 3, Item 80

[Three Indian girls with dolls and pottery]

Folder 3, Item 81

[Indian girl in rope skirt sitting]

Folder 3, Item 82

[Two Indian girls with pottery]

Folder 3, Item 83

“…three bucks, shirts, and G strings”. [Three Indian men in Western shirts]

Folder 3, Item 84

[Pima woman sitting in chair]

Folder 3, Item 85


Folder 3, Item 86

[A Mohave chief sitting in chair]

Folder 3, Item 87

[Pima chief and medicine man]

Folder 3, Item 88

[Four Indian girls with face paint]

Folder 3, Item 89-90


Folder 3, Item 91

[Cocopa man in Western dress sitting]

Folder 3, Item 92

[Indian woman sitting in boy in her lap. Possibly Yuma]

Folder 3, Item 93

[Yuma boy covered in body paint]

Folder 3, Item 94

[Two Cocopa men]

Folder 3, Item 95


Folder 3, Item 96

[Indian woman and man. Man is dressed in Western clothing]

Folder 3, Item 97

[Old Indian woman sitting]

Folder 3, Item 98

[Mohave woman and two boys]

Folder 3, Item 99

[Two Pima women with baskets and pottery]

Folder 3, Item 100

[Indian woman seated with pottery and basket]

Folder 3, Item 101


Folder 3, Item 102

[Indian man in Western clothing]