Finding Aid for the Sydney Baumgartner Landscape Architecture records, circa 1982-circa 2014 0000349

Finding aid prepared by Alexandra Adler
The processing of this collection was made possible through generous funding from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, administered through the Council on Library and Information Resources “Cataloging Hidden Special Collections and Archives” Project.
Architecture and Design Collection, Art, Design & Architecture Museum
Arts Building Room 1434
University of California
Santa Barbara, California, 93106-7130

Title: Sydney Baumgartner Landscape Architecture records
Identifier/Call Number: 0000349
Contributing Institution: Architecture and Design Collection, Art, Design & Architecture Museum
Language of Material: English
Physical Description: 80.0 Linear feet (51 record storage boxes, 296 tubes in 26 boxes, 1 index box)
Date (inclusive): circa 1982-circa 2014
Location note: Central Stores
creator: Baumgartner, Sydney
creator: Sydney Baumgartner Landscape Architecture.

Scope and Contents note

The Baumgartner papers contain rolls of landscape drawings, boxes of client files, one large landscape plan mounted on foamcore, and a small box that holds job cards for every client/project.
Mosts of Baumgartner's clients were in the Central Coast region, the majority in Santa Barbara, Montecito, Goleta, and Carpinteria, though some commissions were in the Los Angeles area, in Palm Springs, and Northern California. The bulk of Baumgartener's designs were for residences. Projects date from circa 1982 through circa 2014. The collection is arranged in one series, by client name.

Custodial History note

Gift of Sydney Baumgartner.

Preferred Citation note

Sydney Baumgartner Landscape Architecture Records, Architecture and Design Collection, Art Design & Architecture Museum, UC Santa Barbara

Conditions Governing Access note

Unprocessed collection. Contact repository for information regarding access.

Biographical/Historical note

Sydney Baumgartner practiced landscape design in the Santa Barbara region from the 1960s through the 1990s. Not formally trained as a landscape architect, she saw herself as a follower of Lockwood de Forest, Jr., an influential landscape architect in the Santa Barbara area. Though she never met Lockwood de Forest, Baumbartner apprenticed with Elizabeth de Forest in the 1960s. Elizabeth continued her husband's landscape practice after his death in 1949 and transmitted his ideas about natural landscapes and the use of native plants.

Box 1

Job cards circa 1982-circa 2014

Scope and Contents note

One box of cards that record pertinent information about clients and jobs.

Abbey, Lynn house 1996


Abbott, Duncan house 4036 Foothill Road (Carpinteria, Calif.) 1985


Abkin, Ellen house 460 Via Carretas (Goleta, Calif.) 1985-1986


Abousamra, Joanie house 557 Via Cielito (Ventura, Calif.) 1994-1996


Acacia Restaurant 1212 Coast Village Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1992-1993


Ackerman, Laurie 29436 Malibu View Court (Agoura Hills, Calif.) 2013-2014


Ackerman, Dr. Ruth house 1270 Mesa Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2007


Adams, Ann house 2534 Chapala Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2011, 2013


Adams, Robert and Susie 1405 School House Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2001, 2003


Adams, Robert and Susie house 2030 Creekside Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2005-2008


Adams, Stephen and Denise house 1600 Mountain Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1995-2004


Alamar Dental Center 2780 State Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1995-1996


Albanese, Cathy house 647 Andamar Way (Goleta, Calif.) 1989


Alder, Michael and Nancy house 17128 Rancho Street (Encino, Calif.) undated


Alexander, Judy house 121 Eucalyptus Hill Circle (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2002


Allen, Bill and Jody house 564 Apple Grove Circle (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1991-1992


Allen, Bill and Jody house 2286 Las Tunas Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1996-1997


Allen, Dennis and Jenny house 1427 Tunnel Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1984


Allen, Ricki house "Casa Dorinda" 300 Hot Springs Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2010


All Saints-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church 83 Eucalyptus Lane (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1996-2000


Amer, Marguerite house 2011, 2013-2014


Anapamu Condominiums (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1984-1985


Anderson, Kurt and Peggy house 615 Stonehouse Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 2013


Anderson, Anita house 1180 East Mountain Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1998-2000


Anderson, Judy house 1565 Bolero Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1988


Andrews, Kirk house 1623 Posilipo Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 2001-2002


Andrulaitis, Joe and Mary house 2921 Paseo del Refugio (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2001


Anixter, Lester and Midge house 1514 East Mountain Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1994-2000


Anwyl-Davies house 4160 La Ladera Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2004-2007


Archer, Richard house 1160 Fife Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1993-1997


Arendt, Betty house 640 Picacho Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1985


Avgyropoulos, Elias and Tina house 425 Nicholas Lane (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1989-1992


Arnault, Jane house 31460 West Broad Beach Road (Malibu, Calif.) 1994-1998


Arnold, Claire Ann house 1723 Mission Ridge Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1996


Arvey, Howard and Margaret house 892 Toro Canyon Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1994, 1997


Arvey, Howard and Margaret house 1410 East Mountain Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 2006-2014


Ashcraft, Wayne and Lynn house 30 Rincon Vista Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1989-1994


Ashcraft, Wayne and Lynn building 512 East Gutierrez (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1994


Atkins, Karen house 520 Via Sinuosa (Goleta, Calif.) 1986


Babcock, Lisa house 1859 San Leandro Lane (Montecito, Calif.) undated


Bacon, Lee and Mary Parker house 1555 San Leandro Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1987-1991, 2009


Badham, John and Julia house 288 Hot Springs Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1995-1996


Bailard, Mr. and Mrs. James house 1150 Bailard Avenue (Carpenteria, Calif.) 1986-1989


Baker, Bob and Marie house 550 Maple Avenue (Carpinteria, Calif.) 1984


Bakewell, Ted house (Montecito, Calif.) undated


Bank of Montecito (Montecito, Calif.) 1988-1991


Bank, Michael house undated


Banks, Ken house 2239 Featherhill Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1996-1997


Banks, Richard house 232 East Padre Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1986


Banning, Ursula house 20 Alston Place (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1991-1999


Barbakow, Margo house 830 Picacho Lane (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1996


Barrack, Tom and Laurel house 288 Hot Springs Road (Montecito, Calif.) undated


Baskin, Diane house 807 Park Hill Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1993


Bassage, J.D. house 1209 Diana Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1987


Baumann, Jeff house 755 Oak Grove Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1994-1995


Beachgrove Condos (Carpinteria, Calif.) 1985-1989


Beaver parking lot 727 Garden Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1987-1988


Beaver, Helene 1014 Santa Barbara Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1995


Beauvais-Forsythe, Laura house 2512 Selrose Lane (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2002


Bedford, John and Nan house 1900 Mission Ridge (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2011


Beifuss, Bill and Alice house 2697 Sycamore Canyon Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1987


Beifuss, Bill house 165 Middle Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1990-1993


Bekins, Mike house 705 Toro Canyon Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2000-2001


Beldin, Katie house 3218 Lucinda Lane (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated


Bennett, Don house 681 Cowles Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1999, 2003-2004


Benninghoven, Don and Sheri house 1737 Paterna Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2014


Bensen, Jeoff house 2431 Stanwood Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1992


Benzian, James and Lurleen house 2324 State Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2000


Benzien, James and Lurleen house 1515 San Antonio Creek Road (Goleta, Calif.) 2004


Berg, Larry and Allison house 11 Beverly Park (Beverly Hills, Calif.) 2006-2009


Berger, Robert and Lisa house 957 La Senda (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1991-1999


Bergerac, Norma house 527 Crocker Sperry Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1998


Bevan, Bruce and Sherry house 540 McLean Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1997-2001


Bielby, Bill and Denise house 960 Tremonto Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1993


Bierig, Darlene house 319 Avila Way (Montecito, Calif.) undated


Birkhofer, Wendell house 1765 Stanford Avenue (Menlo Park, Calif.) undated


Birnam Wood Golf Club 1941 East Valley Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1989-2005


Birnam Wood Golf Club clubhouse addition 2031 Packing House Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2002-2010


Blake, Richard and Patsy house 1333 East Valley Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1998


Blakenship, John and Hazel house 2225 Feather Hill Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1995


Bloom, Sanford house 1431 Mountain Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1995


Bloomingdale house 3943 Laguna Blanca Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1991


Boehm, Inge house 800 East Micheltorena Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1988-1991


Bohn, David and Joan house 948 Las Palmas Drive (Goleta, Calif.) 1983


Bollay, Tom house 1186 Brook Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 2000-2002


Bollinger, Leigh house 4410 Via Esperanza (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1985


Bonebakker, Erno house 5390 Foothill Road (Carpinteria, Calif.) 1989-1990


Boren, Mr. and Mrs. Frank house 168 Rincon Point Road (Carpinteria, Calif.) 1986


Boren, Pam house 121 Olive Mill Road (Montecito, Calif.) undated


Bornstein, Richard and Beth house 435 El Sueno Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1985


Bortolozzo, Tom house 2868 East Valley Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2012


Boss, Hugh and Kelly house 246 Santa Rosa Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1999


Boswell, John and Jennifer house 655 Parra Grande Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 2006


Bouchard, Mr. and Mrs. Robert house 319 Brodiea Place (Ventura, Calif.) 1985


Bowman, Steve and Joan house 1948 Jelinda Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1986-1988


Boyce, Carol house 6750 Pasado Road (Goleta, Calif.) 1984


Boyce, Jane house 137 Olive Mill Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1986


Brace, Kyle house 8 East Junipero Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1993


Brace, William house 1021 Mission Ridge Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1994-1995, 2001


Brace, William 121 West Pueblo Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1997


Bradbury, Bill and Sue house 822 Jimeno Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1995


Bradley, Hannah house 4459 Del Mar Avenue (Carpinteria, Calif.) 1999-2010


Bragg, Patricia house 199 Winchester Canyon Road (Goleta, Calif.) undated


Bral, Ramin house 163 La Jolla Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated


Branch, Debbie house 440 Pimiento Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1988-1989


Brandt, Judy house 770 Oak Knoll Circle (Pasadena, Calif.) 1998-1999


Brandt, Judy house 586 Garden Lane (Pasadena, Calif.) 2004


Brandt, Wayne and Lisa house 521 Bradford Street (Pasadena, Calif.) 2004


Braun, Mrs. John house 33450 Foxen Canyon Road (Los Olivos, Calif.) 1984-1986


Brewer, Dorothy house 584 Freehaven Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1993-1997


Brittingham, Scott and Ella house 1559 East Valley Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1999


Brians, Michael house 3819 Sunset Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1985


Brillo, Lynn house 2112 Santa Barbara Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2011


Brickman, Paul and Jennifer house 1579 San Leandro Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 2012-2013


Broida, Julie house 890 Park Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 2006


Bromfield, Arthur house 287 Hot Springs Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1985-1986


Brooks, Richard house 20 Camino Alto (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1985-1986, 1989-1990


Brookshaw, Carmen house 400 Calle Lippizana (Goleta, Calif.) 1995


Brooks/Smith, Phyllis house 321 Toro Canyon Road (Carpinteria, Calif.) 1998-2004


Broome, John and Cheryl house 168 Avocado Place (Camarillo, Calif.) 1988


Broome, Pat house 2085 Birnam Wood Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1997


Brown, Arthur and Judy house 701 Via Hierba (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1983-1984


Brown, Cameron house 2004 Sandy Place (Montecito, Calif.) 1995, 1999


Brown, Merryl and Monte house 854 Park Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 2006


Brown, Micholyn house 312 East Canon Perdido (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1996-1997


Brown, Fred and Micholyn house 715 North Hope Avenue (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1988


Brown, Peter and Susanne house 5371 Agana Drive (Goleta, Calif.) 1993


Browne, Gay house 1180 Fife Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 2012


Brownwood, Kay and Andrew house 4330 Via Presada (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1985


Broz, Kim and Bob house 1015 Hot Springs Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1999


Bruun-Andersen, Lars and Francie house 1177 Dulzura Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1995


Bryant, Charles house 2210 Carlton Way (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1985


Bryant, Ernie house 1690 San Leandro Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1998-2006


Bryson, Louise house 4501 Avenue Del Mar (Carpinteria, Calif.) 2010


Bubalo house 385 North San Rafael Avenue (Pasadena, Calif.) 2008


Buesch, Steven 736 West Islay Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2012


Bull, Jon house 655 Coyote Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1988-1990


Burgess, Bonnie house 2662 Sycamore Canyon Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2009


Burrows, Nan house 2755 Bella Vista Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1993-1999


Burtt, Marsha house 517 Laguna Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2004-2005


Burtt, Marsha house 2020 Las Canoas Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1991-1994


Busby, John and Cindy house 328 Calle Hermosa (Montecito, Calif.) 1986


Butts, Mr. and Mrs. John house 805 Picacho Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1992


Bycel, Ben house 630 Pine Springs Lane (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1984


Byers, Robert and Marcia house 1011 Alston Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1992


Caldwell, Christie house 5543 Kailas Street (Ventura, Calif.) 1985


Caldwell, Joseph and Eleanor house 6659 Arozena Lane (Carpinteria, Calif.) 1991-1992


Camp, Allen house 1116 Foothill Road (Ojai, Calif.) 2004-2005


Campbell, Colin and Louise house 305 San Ysidro Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1989-1998


Campbell, Patricia house 735 East Victoria Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1987-1989


Campenella, John and Gail house 321 East Pedregosa Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1989


Canfield, Jack house 929 Via Fruteria (Goleta, Calif.) 2007, 2010


Cargill, John and Bernie house 1901 Eucalyptus Hill Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1986


Carpenter, Leila house 660 Buena Vista Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1998


Carpinteria Boys Club (Carpinteria, Calif.) 1984-1985


Carr-Prindell, Sara house 32 Skyline Circle (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1986


Carrey, Jim house 615 North Tigertail Road (Los Angeles, Calif.) 2006-2008


Carter, Doris house 525 McLean Lane (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1998, 2001


La Casa de Maria 800 El Bosque Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1995-1997


Case, Mrs. John house 1580 Bolero Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1992


Casey, Colleen house 1569 Miramar Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1995


Castagnola building 132 East Montecito Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1985-1987


Castleberg Associates 430 East Carrillo Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1982-1983


Cavaletto, Joanne house 1100 Via del Rey (Goleta, Calif.) 2003


Chamness, Chris house 1138 Palomino Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1997


Charlton, Greg and Christine house 1514 Sinaloa Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1996-1997


Chase, Adam house 1415 Oriole Drive (Los Angeles, Calif.) 2003-2004


Cherry, Mike and Sharon house 796 Hot Springs Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1999-2000


Chrisman, Joseph and Valerie house 534 Via Cielito (Ventura, Calif.) 1985-1987


Christian Science Church 120 East Valerio Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1989


Christopher, Warren and Marie house 400 South Hope Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1993-1994


Chulack, Chris house 1335 Olive Lane (La Canada Flintridge, Calif.) 2005


Churchman, Julie house 2434 Anacapa Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1997


Cirelle, John and Tina house 13973 Aubrey Road (Beverly Hills, Calif.) 2000


Clare, Joan house 1736 Lasuen Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1995-1996


Clark, Al and Judy house 8102 Puesta Del Sol (Carpinteria, Calif.) 1991-1992


Clark, Mrs. Ernest house 2081 China Flat Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1995


Clark, Ms. Karen house 764 Terni Lane (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1983


Clayton, Christopher and Karen house 1909 Grand Avenue (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1987-1990


Clemens, Barton house 1760 Glen Oaks Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1986-1988


Coates, Guy and Clydell, Claudia house 4415 Via Esperanza (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1987-1988


Coberly, Maggie house 1429 Amalfi Drive (Pacific Palisades, Calif.) undated


Coffey, Bruce house 665 Picacho Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1998-2001


Coffin, Hal and Mary house 124 Sheffield Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 2001


Coffin, Rich and Christa house 290 Sheffield Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 2001


Coleman, Tom and Polly house 269 Las Entradas Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 2006-2007


College Park Apartments 101 East Victoria Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1984


Colombo, Paul E. house 946 Hot Springs Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2003


Colt, Mrs. Leonard B. house 1017 Cima Linda Lane (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1985-1990


Connors, Jimmy and Patty house 200 South Refugio Road (Santa Ynez, Calif.) 1986


Connery, Terry house 1385 East Mountain Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1998-1999


"Constantia" house 1599 East Valley Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2007


Convery, Cindy house 718 Foothill Road (Ojai, Calif.) 2007-2008


Conway, Christopher and Ann house 1530 Roble Drive (Goleta, Calif.) 1996-1998


Cooley, Peggy house 1525 Cliff Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1990


Corral, Michael house 3501 Madrona Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated


Corrigan, Tim house 200 San Ysidro Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1995-1996


Corso, Greg and Josie house 2711 Exeter Place (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2009


Cotich, George and Joan house 5554 Berkeley Road (Goleta, Calif.) 1985


Cox, James and Connie house 13143 Bloomfield Street (Sherman Oaks, Calif.) 1984


Creighton, Mary Jane house 789 Rockbridge Road (Montecito, Calif.) undated


Cribbs, Mike and Shirley house 1540 Live Oak Lane (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1991


Crocker, Donald house 14 Cinchring Road (Rolling Hills, Calif.) 1989-1990


Crosson, Geg and Carol house 7232 Evanston Place (Goleta, Calif.) 1984


Crotty house 836 Miramonte Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1987-1988


Crowe, Charles and Brynn house 663 Picacho Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1994-2000, 2005


Crowe, Larry house 735 Fuera Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1994-1996


Cunningham, Maryann house 591 Garden Lane (Pasadena, Calif.) 2004


Cushman, Steve and Shiela house 410 Alameda Padre Sierra (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1997


Cvitanovich, Geraldine house 4167 Creciente Drive (Goleta, Calif.) 1987


D'Abravanel, Kore house 1177 Summit Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1987-1988


Dake house 1426 Greenworth Place (Montecito, Calif.) 2000-2001


Dall'Armi, Dani house 274 Middle Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1989


Dalzell, Ted and Sue house 745 San Ysidro Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1984-1985


Dannemiller, Ed house 820 Willow Glen Place (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1985


Dart, Dana and Stephanie house 938 Via Los Padres (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated


Dautch, Robert house 7117 Gobernador Canyon Road (Carpinteria, Calif.) 1995


Davidson, David and Karen house 4536 Via Vistosa (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated


Davies-Wilson, Will and Sarah house 215 Miramar Lane (Montecito, Calif.) undated


Davis, Andy house 1437 Hillcrest Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1999-2000


Davis, Bill house 1640 East Mountain Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1999


De Forest, Elizabeth house 2659 Todos Santos Lane (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1983-1984


Degli Esposti, Gherino house 410 Alameda Padre Serra (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1992


Degli Esposti, Gherino house 628 Holmcrest Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1992


DieGroodt, Willard house 2020 Birnam Wood Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1998


DeGruy house 62 Humphrey Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2004


De Hart, Jane house 130 Camino Alto (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1992-1993


Dell, Jeff and Janet house 4879 Via Los Santos (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1993-1994


De Rousse, Mike house 43 Rincon Vista Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1987


Dewey, Mark and Jill house 830 Riven Rock Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2000-2004


DeWolfe, Barbara house 42 La Cumbre Circle (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1991-1992


Dillon, Herbert house 1967 Inverness Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1994-1995


Dillon, Victoria house 965 Brooktree Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1991


Distenfield, Ira and Linda house 4312 Marina Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated


Dodi, Cheryl and Gibson, John house 818 Knapp Drive (Montecito, Calif.) undated


Dorra, Mary house 1505 Meadow Circle (Carpinteria, Calif.) 2001-2005


Douglass, Kingman house 660 Cowles Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1988


Douglas, Kirk and Ann house 1525 Bolero Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1999-2000


Doutt, Richard house 1781 Glen Oaks Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1990


Dow, Dr. James house 685 Via Trepadora (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1990-1992


Draine, Bob and Pat house 1495 Capri Drive (Pacific Palisades, Calif.) undated


Drasdo, James and Wendy house 568 Toro Canyon Park Road (Carpinteria, Calif.) 2000-2002


Drewry, Wendy house 284 Santa Rosa Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 2000


Duca, Sussanne house 3003 Padaro Lane (Carpinteria, Calif.) 1991


Dulawa, Leopoldo and Kay house 4665 Via Bendita (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1992-1995


Duncan, Kirby and Judy house 2430 Banner Avenue (Summerland, Calif.) 1986


Dunn School 2555 CA-154 (Los Olivos, Calif.) 1990-1994


Durham, Charles house 513 Crocker Sperry Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1994


Dvorak, David house 1654 East Valley Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1987-1990


Dvorak, David house 1840 Cravens Lane (Carpinteria, Calif.) 2004-2006


Dzur, Al house 4410 Nueces Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1989


Easterday, Libby house 2930 Lomita Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2000


Edward, Jeff and Leslie house 256 Camino Rio Verde (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2004


Edwards, Jeffrey and Jan house 3828 Pemm Place (Goleta, Calif.) 1986


Edwards, Matt house 742 Calle Alella (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1999


Edwards, Matt house 1840 La Coronilla Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1999, 2004-2010


Edwards, Matt house 1585 La Vista Del Oceano (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2000-2005


Egelston, Robert house 445 Madeline Drive (Pasadena, Calif.) 1993-1995


Eggers, Roger house 30 Rincon Vista Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1987


Ehlen, Pete house 259 Loma Media Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1995


Eidelson, Dan and Anita house 1327 Green Meadow Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1986-1987


Eigner, Jeri house 935 Estrella Drive (Goleta, Calif.) 1998


Elbert, Jack house 2825 Padaro Lane (Carpinteria, Calif.) 1993


Ellis, Ed and Clarice house 1962 East Valley Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1998-2000


El Patio Village 4025 La Colina Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1985


Eltinge, George house 290 Penny Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1990


England, Anne house 234 Ortega Ridge Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1994-1997


Engs, Jakie house 3581 Padaro Lane (Carpinteria, Calif.) 1993


Entwistle, Darren and Fiona house 3165 Padaro Lane (Carpinteria, Calif.) 2012-2013


Erdmann, Don and Cinda house 677 Orchard Avenue (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1993-1998


Eringer, Robert house 533 Hodges Lane (Montecito, Calif.) undated


Erler, Ted and Adrian house 4475 Vieja Drive (Goleta, Calif.) 2005-2006


Esrey, William house 881 Picacho Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 2001-2005


Eubanks, Ed and Sue house 1619 Posilipo Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1989-1990


Factor, Max house 667 Thayer Avenue (Los Angeles, Calif.) 1999


Fagan, Elizabeth house 1181 Summit Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1985-1987


Faletti, Reginald house 200 San Ysidro Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1983-1986


Falzone, Charles and Mary Lou house 1430 Cantera Avenue (Goleta, Calif.) 1986


Farber, Herbert house 787 Riven Rock Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1987


Farrelly, Peter and Melinda house 905 Via Fruteria (Goleta, Calif.) 2005-2007


Fauskee, Don house 4175 Lago Drive (Goleta, Calif.) 1983


Feinberg, Larry and Siegele, Starr house 304 East Pedregosa Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated


Feinberg, Bob and Cohen, Margo house 633 Picacho Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 2005-2013


Felder, Harry and Sharon house 780 Riven Rock Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2010


Felix, Brian house 1910 East Valley Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1986


Feshbach, Andy and Kendra house 730 Las Canoas Place (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2009-2012


Fiesta Plaza (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1986-1989


Filippini, Richard house 680 Picacho Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1994-1996


First American Title 1989-1991


Fishburn, Eric house Point Dume (Malibu, Calif.) 1996-1997


Fisher, George and Anne house 1821 Gibraltar Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1984


Fisher, Larry and Kathie house 380 Longhorn Lane (Ojai, Calif.) undated


Fisher, Mindy and Young, Ronald house 860 Ashley Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1988


Fisher, Timothy and Audrey house 895 Buena Vista Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 2000-2004


Five Points office building (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1984-1986


Fleming, Ed and Hady house Ennisbrook Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1998


Flournoy, Jill house 1277 Pepper Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1994-1995


Fly, Eunice house 1601 Lasuen Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1990-1992


Flying Flags Travel Park 1987


Flynn, Mrs. Edward house Sandyland Cove Road (Sandyland, Calif.) 1989


Foley, Daniel and Polly house 2425 Wallace Avenue (Summerland, Calif.) 1988-1989


Ford, Doug and Tisha house 2850 East Valley Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1995-1996


Ford, Doug and Tisha house 2515 Anacapa Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1992-1993


Ford, Fran house 19 La Lita Lane (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1995


Forest, Susanna house 6 Hunt Drive (Summerland, Calif.) 2013


Forgatch, Greg house 2790 Bella Vista Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2010


Forrest, Anne house 430 Sea View Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1990


Forsell, Steve and Mary house 2433 Garden Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1983-1985, 1988, 1995


Four Seasons Biltmore 1260 Channel Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 2000-2001


Fowler, Elizabeth house 1403 School House Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2011-2012


Fowler Museum 1991-1992


Fox, Patty house 999 Camino Medio (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1984-1989


Frank, Steve and Joy house 2417 Anacapa Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1986, 1990


Franz, Paul house 375 Ortega Ridge Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2000-2007


Freeman, Bonnie house 5200 Austin Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1994


Fried, Joan house 2258 Stanwood Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2003


Friedland, Debra and Roger house 616 Hot Springs Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1999


Froley house 1994


Frosher, Valerie Lewis house 2745 Bella Vista Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1990


Funk, Carol and Charles house 601 Bayshore Boulevard (Tampa, Florida) 2000


Funk, Margie house 1221 De La Guerra Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1984-1985


Fuss, Barbara house 1823 Mira Vista Avenue (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated


Gable, Greg house 1989-1990


Gabrielsen, Eric and Terri house 2132 Mission Ridge Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2006-2007


Gale, Mrs. Robert house 4477 Del Mar Avenue (Carpinteria, Calif.) 1985-1987


Gallivan, Michael and Gina house 3101 Mandeville Canyon Road (Los Angeles, Calif.) 2004-2007


Galvin, Michael and Marion house 1301 West Mountain Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated


Gardner, Dorothy house 770 Ladera Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 2006


Garvin, Mr. and Mrs. Harrison house 7099 Gobernador Canyon Road (Carpinteria, Calif.) undated


Gelles, Gail house 1986 Arriba Street (Carpinteria, Calif.) 1998-1999


Gevirtz, Don and Marilyn house 2929 East Valley Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1989


Ghezzi, Frank and Judy house 947 Las Palmas Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2006


Giesen, Priscilla house 300 Hot Springs Road Cottage #9 (Montecito, Calif.) 1991-1992


Giesen, Priscilla house 300 Hot Springs Road Cottage #10 (Montecito, Calif.) 2002


Giesen, Priscilla house 397 Ortega Ridge Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1994


Gilchrist, John house 909 Camino Viejo Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated


Gilchrist, John and Ann house 661 Picacho Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 2009-2014


Giles, Diane and James house 305 Ortega Ridge Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1999-2003


Gillum, Dr. Duane and Jeanne house 4834 Via Los Santos (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1991


Giloth, Sally and Gregg house 2336 Santa Barbara Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1997-1998


Gilson, Robert and Sherrry house 1160 Summit Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1996-1997


Giraldo, Neil and Pat house 1989-1991


Girls Incorporated on Carpinteria (Carpinteria, Calif.) 1991-1994


Glaser, Allan and Hunter house 765 Hot Springs Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2006-2007


Glogow, Robert and Nancy house 1738 Calle Boca Del Canon (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1991


Glover, Gene and Esther house 2069 China Flat Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2011


Glover, Gene and Esther house 1564 Ramona Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1994-2003


Goldsmith, Isabel house 1606 Gilcrest Drive (Beverly Hills, Calif.) 2006


Goldstein, Bart house 984 Cheltenham Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1985


Goldstein, Joel and Linda house 1030 Hot Springs Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1995-2001


Goleta Waste Water Treatment Plant (Goleta, Calif.) 1985-1986


Goodman, Jerry and Lotta house 2421 Stanwood Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2001


Goodman, Melinda house 600 Cima Vista Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 2000-2006


Gordon, Alan and Penny house 733 Riven Rock Road (Montecito, Calif.) undated


Gordon, Larry house 740 Ashley Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1996-1997


Gores, Jensen house 619 North Arden Drive (Beverly Hills, Calif.) 2008


Gores, Sam and Jensen house 14144 Beresford Road (Beverly Hills, Calif.) 2002-2004


Gores, Tom and Holly house 14143 Beresford Road (Beverly Hills, Calif.) 2000-2009


Gores, Tom and Holly house 23190 Malibu Road (Manlibu, Calif.) 2003-2004


Gorsuch, Scott house 16 West Los Olivos Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated


Graham, Becky house 338 Mesa Lane (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1985


Gramkow, Jurgen house 11025 Foothill Road 1994


Gramkow, Jurgen house 1060 Shokat Drive (Ojai, Calif.) 1996


Granet, Fran house 1093 Via Los Padres (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1990-1993


Grant, John house 5450 San Patricio Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1986


Great Pacific Ironworks 1983


Green, Mr. and Mrs. Fred house 300 Hot Springs Road Cottage #162 (Montecito, Calif.) 1991


Green, Jeff and Leslie house 500 Meadow Wood Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1987-1989


Green, Wayne house 1218 San Miguel Avenue (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1993


Greene, Isabelle house 1236 Chapala Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1983


Greenlund, Floyd and Joyce house 830 Arbolado Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1984


Greer-Frost, Lou house 2110 10 Acre Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2009


Gregga, Bruce house 501 Valley Club Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1997-1998


Gregga, Bruce house 336 Sheffield Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1993-1996


Griffin, Bruce house 1490 La Cima Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2012


Griffith, Dick and Sally house 79 Bellevue Avenue (Belvedere Tiburon, Calif.) 1995-1996


Grimes, Marissa and Brett house 930 Camino Medio (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1997-1998


Grimm, Don and Elaine house 375 Calle Ecuestre (Goleta, Calif.) 1984-1985


Grindstone, Bruce and Marty house 505 South Grand Avenue (Pasadena, Calif.) 2000-2003


Gronemeyer, Eric house 6770 Las Olas Way (Malibu, Calif.) undated


Grossman, Margie house 475 Bellmore Way (Pasadena, Calif.) 2004


Groth-Marnot Consulting 1989


Gruen, Dave house 2255 Ortega Ranch Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1998-2002


Guido, Paul house 1500 Mission Canyon Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1989


Gutsche, Steve house 4655 Via Bendita (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1998-1999


H and M Flowers 4610 Foothill Road (Carpinteria, Calif.) 1984


Habermam, Jane house 336 Sheffield Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 2006


Hachtman, Bill house 4664 Via Clarice (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1986-1988


Haldeman, Robert house 4621 Via Bendita (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2000


Hahn, Dani house 5950 Casitas Pass Road (Carpinteria, Calif.) 2006


Hall, Cynthia and John house 2890 Hidden Valley Lane (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1998-2007


Hall, Sara house Hunt Drive (Summerland, Calif.) 1997


Hambleton, Cindy house 78 Hollister Ranch Road (Goleta, Calif.) 2011-2012


Hamilton, Malcolm and Lacy house 214 Balboa Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1984-1986


Hamilton, Rick and Ellen house 7005 Scripps Crescent Street (Goleta, Calif.) 1990


Hampson, Mary and Doug house 1296 East Mountain Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 2007-2008


Harbor Way parking lot 1985


Harcourt, Perri house 778 Cold Springs Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2000-2010


Hardy, Dave and Sue house 4095 Cuervo Avenue (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1987


Hardy, Donna house 1155 South Grand Avenue (Pasadena, Calif.) 2004


Harfenist, Stanley and Jean house 1995


Harris, Fran house 1570 Mountain Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated


Harris, Laurie house 1420 East Valley Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1992


Hartman, Victoria house 677 Orchard Avenue (Montecito, Calif.) 2007


Hartman, Victoria house 2111 Forge Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2010


Hartnack, Roberta house 300 Hot Springs Road Cottage #21 (Montecito, Calif.) 2001


Harvie, Connie house 555 Periwinkle Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1991-2004


Haselton, Steve and Toni house 4320 Via Presada (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1990


Haspert, Dr. Dan house 31501 Bluff Drive (Laguna Beach, Calif.) 1998-2008


Hatch, Diana house 1135 High Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2000-2011


Hatchett, Jerry house 2831 East Valley Road (Montecito, Calif.) undated


Hastings, Dr. Newlin house 950 Brooktree Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1987-1988


Hayes, Steve house 625 Calle Palo Colorado (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1986


Hayward, Jean Collins house 880 Buena Vista Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1993-1994


Hayward, Mary house 735 Via Hierba (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1997, 2007


Hazard, Robert and Vicki house 2035 Birnam Wood Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 2004-2007


Healy, Bill and Jen house 595 Picacho Lane (Montecito, Calif.) undated


Hecht, Michael and Diana house 248 South San Rafael Avenue (Pasadena, Calif.) 2004-2005


Helm, Mark and Catherine house 10580 Santa Paula Road (Ojai, Calif.) 2009


Henzell, Art house 620 Oak Grove Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1986-1989


Herman, Ellen house 800 Hot Springs Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1995-1996


Herman, Jacqueline house 1644 San Leandro Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 2013


Heron, Mary Shea house 2743 Glendessary Lane (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1995


Herron Mike and McNewer, Susan house 1201 Alameda Padre Sierra (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1985


Hershberg, Ken house 4527 Carriage Hill Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2011, 2014


Herzog, Revis house 838 Willowglen Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1984


Heyden, Helen house 2751 Stow Street (Los Olivos, Calif.) 2001


Hezlep, Joanne and Jim house 1988 Inverness Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1999


Hezlep, Joanne and Jim house 1435 Irvine Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1987-1994


Hidden Oaks golf club 4760 Calle Camarada (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1988-1989


High, Katie house 1115 Virginia Road (San Marino, Calif.) 2010-2013


Hilbert, Mark and Janet house (Palm Springs, Calif.) undated


Hill, Gary house 121 Camino Alto (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1994-1995


Hines, William and Donna house 1506 East Mountain Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 2007-2009


Hintz, Catherine house 819 Skycrest Court (Ventura, Calif.) undated


Hirsch, Howard and Judy house 8989 East Gainey Center Drive #146 (Scottsdale, Arizona) undated


Historical Society Adobe (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1995-1997


Hochman, Daniel and Mandy house 3053 Samarkand Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2008


Hochmann, Ruelene house 2428 Anacapa Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1999


Hodge, John and Rose house 2775 East Valley Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1988


Hodges, Brett and Natalie house 4425 Via Esperanza (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated


Hodges, Brian and Sophie house 222 Hot Springs Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1999


Hofer, Susan house 1400 Wyant Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1994


Hoffman, Burns house 1908 Boundary Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1992


Hogan, Dr. Walter house 2324 Bath Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1990-1992


Holderman, Joanne house 2125 Ridge Lane (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1995-1996


Holehouse, John house 3685 La Entrada (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1989


Holland, Brent house 435 Ranchito Vista Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated


Hollister, J.J. house 14900 Calle Real (Goleta, Calif.) 1993


Hornick, Chas and Beverly house 6594 Camino Venturoso (Goleta, Calif.) 1983


Hotchkis, Preston and Maurine house 1831 East Mountain Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1993-1995


Hough, Mr. and Mrs. Lach house 4285 Avenue Del Mar (Carpinteria, Calif.) 2004-2008


Hough, Mr. and Mrs. Lach house 2005 San Pasqual Street (Pasadena, Calif.) 2006


Hourigan, Brian house 902 Paseo Ferrelo (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1987-1988


Houston, Scott house 1000 North Patterson Avenue (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1992


Howard, Bill and Jean house 16555 Sell Circle (Huntington Beach, Calif.) 2008-2010


Howell, Barbara house 2525 Anacapa Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2011


Howling, Nan house 4040 Marina Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1987-1993


Hromadka, Don and Lucy house 3197 Padaro Lane (Carpinteria, Calif.) 1995-2007


Hromadka-Booth house 535 McLean Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1995


Hubbs, Carolyn house 2915 Hidden Valley Lane (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1994


Huerta, Frank and Daniele house 2935 East Valley Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2007-2010


Hughes, Linda house 1608 Lasuen Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2005


Hull, David and Diana house 815 Cima Linda Lane (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1990-2012


Hull, Virginia house 306 East Mission Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1986


Humphrey, Steve and Grafton house 1084 Garcia Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1983-1984


Hussman, Walter and Robina house 28031 Barn Way (Carmel-By-The-Sea, Calif.) 2004-2008


Hutchinson, Stuart and Cinders house 647 Sea Ranch Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1984


Huttenback, Robert and Freda house 2661 Todos Santos Lane (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1987-1988


I. Magnin and Company 1415 State Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1989


Iovine, Vicki house 26901 Pacific Coast Highway (Malibu, Calif.) 1993-1998


Iovine, Vicki house 515 South Mapleton Drive (Los Angeles, Calif.) 1999-2001


Ireland, Jody and Loda, Frank house 4525 Avenue Del Mar (Carpinteria, Calif.) 1997


Isham, Robert house 335 Hot Springs Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1993, 1997


Ittner, George and Peggy house 1111 Dulzura Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 2011


Jackson, Cindy house 4875 Via Los Santos (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1990-1991


Jackson, Susan and Palmer house 120 Deerfield Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2000-2001


Jaffe, Michael and Jan house 1125 Garden Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1995-2000


Jain, Vinny and Hahn, Anna house 1372 Oak Creek Canyon Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2012-2013


James, Ken commercial building 226 South Milpas Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1985


Jarvis, Virginia house 1030 Tremonto Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1995-1996, 2014


Jennings, Alan house 225 Morada Lane (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1985


Johnson, Carl house 454 Meadowbrook Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1997-1998


Johnson, David house 935 Mariposa Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 2003


Johnson, Peter and Ellen house 811 Park Hill Lane (Montecito, Calif.) undated


Johnson, Steven house 6773 Del Playa Drive (Goleta, Calif.) 1989


Johnston, Win and Connie house 4475 Vieja Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1986


Jones, Adrian house 121 Northridge Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2010


Jones, Liz house 21 El Arco Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1988-1995


Jones, Nelson house 7550 Happy Canyon Road (Santa Ynez, Calif.) 1992-1994, 2002


Jordano, Mr. and Mrs. Peter house 550 Meadow Wood Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1987-1991, 1996-2002


Jordano, Tony Ramirez house 4281 Reedland Circle (San Ramon, Calif.) 1996


Joseph, Jackie house 205 Barlock Avenue (Los Angeles, Calif.) 2004-2005


Kaiser, Jack and Sharon house 842 Skycrest Court (Ventura, Calif.) 1991-1992


Kapit, Wynn and Lauren house 402 Canon Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1990-1991


Kasch, Laurie and William house 811 Camino Viejo Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2002-2004


Kass, Don and Debbie house 1518 East Mountain Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 2008


Kass, Sarah house 416 Foxen Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1996


Kavli, Fred house 4145 Creciente Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1987-1989


Kay, Dr. and Mrs. Jerome house 1530 Miramar Beach (Montecito, Calif.) 1984


Keane, Helen house 930 Camino Medio (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2010


Keeler, Tanny house 2420 Garden Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1998-1999


Kelleher, Renee house 1451 Alamo Pintado Road (Solvang, Calif.) 2004


Keller, David and Sharon house 525 McLean Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 2009-2010


Kennedy, Mr. and Mrs. Robert house 2323 Anacapa Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1987-1991


Kent, Dana house 363 San Ysidro Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1988, 1992


Kent, Dave house Sheffield Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1991-1992


Kent, Dave house 900 West Park Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1989-1990


Keston, Michael and Linda house 1767 Fernald Point Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1998-2000


Ketzel and Goodman Architects 1215 De La Vina Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1991


Khalil, Fathi house 3350 Braemar Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1985-1987


Kidder, Dr. Wayne and Joan house 915 Via Los Padres (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1991-1994


Kimball, Brent and Michelle house 2219 Chapala Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2004-2005


King, Randy and Jane house 1601 East Valley Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2000-2003, 2005-2006


Kingston, Bob house 2929 Torrito Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1987-1988


Kingston, Bob and Linda house 1515 Lingate Lane (Montecito, Calif.) undated


Kinnear, John and Bobbie house 997 La Paz Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2004-2005, 2008


Kirby, Marvel and Robert house 447 Lanai Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2000-2001


Kirch, Lee and Valentine house 702 Park Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 2001-2002


Kistler, June house 2138 Birnam Wood Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1999-2000


Klein, Lois house 1370 East Pepper Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1986


Klentner Ranch 3344 Foothill Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2005-2008


Knight, Audrey house (Somis, Calif.) 1996-1997


Knollwood Tennis Club 1675 East Valley Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1997


Knox-Johnston, Sandy house 1338 East Valley Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2004


Kochendorfer, Ray house 606 Calle Palo Colorado (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1984


Koepfli, Mrs. J.B. house 580 Freehaven Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1992


Kone, Jeff house 1840 Mission Ridge Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2012


Koury building 1985-1988


Krakower, Bernard house 3224 Vista Arroyo (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1997-1998


Krause, M. Stuart house 260 Eucalyptus Hill Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1996-2002


Kritz, Roger and Sue house 975 Romero Canyon Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1997


Kuhn, Dr. Robert J. office building 164 Kinman Avenue (Goleta, Calif.) 1987-1988


Kuklinski, Paul and Judy house 396 Las Alturas Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2006-2009


Kummer, Robert W. house 2015 Birnam Wood Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1990-1996


Kurtzman, Howard and Klein, Sharon house 1430 Greenworth Place (Montecito, Calif.) 2013


Kutzner, Gene and Carol house 202 Eucalyptus Hill Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1983


La Ventura-Homes for People 1986-1987


Labrie, Wayne house 288 Canon Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1995


Laguna Cottages 2001-2005


Lam, Tony house 21 West Los Olivos Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1996


Lamothe, Louise house 4018 Corta Road (Goleta, Calif.) 1996-1997


Larkin, Mickey house 999 Hot Springs Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1994


Lash Industrial building 721 Carpinteria Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1985-1987


Latham, Robert house 485 Pimiento Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1984


Lathom, Louise house 2125 Piedras Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1994, 2003


Lathom, Louise house 300 Hot Springs Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2006


Lawrence, David house 111 Kentucky Street (San Luis Obispo, Calif.) 1989


Lee, Don and Terry house 5644 Marbury Drive (Goleta, Calif.) 1983


Lee, Eleanor house 900 Calle de los Amigos Unit C (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1995


Lee, Sally house 912 Alsron Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1984-1985


Lefler, Clint and Pat house 4626 Sierra Madre Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1983-1985


Legvold, Paul house 1525 Bolero Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1997-1998


Lejeune, Michael house 80 Conejo Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1988-1990


Lessner, Nancy house 627 Lilac Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1993


Lester, Lucinda house 639 Olive Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1994


Lester, Phyllis house 1620 Grand Avenue (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1993


Lewis, Joanne house 1864 East Valley Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1999


Lewis, Sally house 1666 San Leandro Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1999-2000


Lewis, Walter house 1705 East Valley Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1990


Lichtman, James and Caren house 2418 Santa Barbara Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2005-2007


Lichty, Karl and Laurens house 4745 Calle Camarada (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1984-1985


Lichty house 1077 Coyote Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1986


Lieberthal, Gary house 875 Knollwood Drive (Montecito, Calif.) undated


Light, John house 255 Penny Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 2004


Lilly, George D. house 633 Picacho Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1992


Lind, Sara Jane house 1671 Las Canoas Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1996


Lindemann, Barbara house 1470 Tunnel Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1989


Linous, Nancy Jo and Clay house Alston Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1994


Linz, Kai house 1776 Eucalyptus Hill Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2011


Lippman, Jim house 316 North Rockingham Avenue (Los Angeles, Calif.) 2008-2009


Litschel, David and Judy house 1526 Manitou Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1987


Little Town Club (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1993-1997


Lockwood, Pat house 1000 Via Tranquila (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2002-2003


Lokre, Rolly and Cindy house 1497 Isabella Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 2005-2007


London, Heath house 212 Aurora Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1992


Lopez, Johnny house 626 North Hillcrest Road (Beverly Hills, Calif.) 2003-2004


Lopker, Karl and Pam house 305 Woodley Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2001-2003


Lotusland 695 Ashley Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1993-1996


Love, Elizabeth house 785 Carosam Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1987


Lovejoy, Scott and Kristy house 18665 Macalpine Loop (Bend, Oregon) 2007-2011


Lowry, Maude house 820 San Ysidro Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1986


Lucky, Maurice and Judith house 555 Eastgate Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1990


Lukas, Joyce house 702 Park Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1994


Lurie, Ann house 930 Knollwood Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 2010


Lyon, Kathryn house Hope Ranch (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1993-1998


Lyons, Steve and Cindy house 1332 Las Palmas Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2005-2006


Mabon, Stuart house 2110 Alisos Drive (Montecito, Calif.) undated


MacElhenny commercial building 1836 State Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1986


MacFarlane, Steve and Amy house 1414 La Vereda Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1990


Macker, Gary house 791 North Ontare Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1999


Macker, Gary and Marilyn house 819 West Pedregosa Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1991


MacLauren, Tricia house 1586 Oak Grove Avenue (San Marino, Calif.) 1998


MacMillan, Laurie house 216 East Mission Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1988


Magid, Frank and Marilyn house 1940 Jelinda Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 2001-2007


Maher, Helen and John house 4561 Avenue Del Mar (Carpinteria, Calif.) 1999-2000


Mahoney, Richard house 515 Alston Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1999-2000


Mainz, Bob and Dorothy house 1526 Crestline Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1987


Makepeace, Marilyn house 955 Garcia Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1997


Makhani, John house 404 Avondale Avenue (Los Angeles, Calif.) 1998


Maliniak, Riva house 1040 Debra Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1997


Malott, Cindy house 957 La Senda (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2010


Manaster, Murray and Ina house 7842 Dreamy Draw Drive (Phoenix, Arizona) 1998-1999


Marble, Margie house 170 Coronada Circle (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1999


Marble, Margie house 226 East Junipero Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2004-2006


Marchiando, William house 4956 Yaple Avenue (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1983-1984


Mardiat, John and Debbie house 519 Calle Palo Colorado (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1983-1984


Mardiat, John and Debbie house 457 El Cielito Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1986-1987


Marion, Cynthia house 375 Cannon Green Drive (Goleta, Calif.) 1984


Marion, Howard and Irene house 4333 Cuna Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1986


Marks, Larry house 1030 Mission Ridge Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2004


Marlow, Sharon house 3165 Padaro Lane (Carpinteria, Calif.) undated


Marshall, Robert house Lilac Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 2006


Martin, David and Sally house 869 Knollwood Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 2005


Martin, Ed and Josie house 2110 Mount Calvary Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated


Mason, Larry house 5 Rosemary Lane (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1999


Mayfhort, Lela house 1210 Miramonte Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1984


McCarthy, Chris house 852 Old Mill Road (San Marino, Calif.) 1989-1991


McCarthy, Mike and Kathy house 2220 Bella Vista Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 2002


McConica, John and Gayley house 3714 Foothill Road (Ventura, Calif.) 1987


McCosker, Scott house 1419 La Cima Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated


McDougal, Stewart house 495 Valley Club Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1998-1999


McDuffie, Bud and Mary house 457 Eastgate Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1997-1999


McEwen, Willard and Sussane house 1620 Lasuen Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1992


McFaul, Jim house 443 Seaview Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1989


McHale, Susan house 1131 Las Alturas Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1994


McLeod, Kelly house 4223 Country Club Drive (Long Beach, Calif.) 1997-2000


McMullin, Richard house 1445 Alameda Padre Serra (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1997-1998


McRoberts, Margaret house 320 Calle Lippizana (Goleta, Calif.) 1987


Meehan, Diane house 1529 Meadow Circle (Carpinteria, Calif.) 2010


Melchiori, Sherry house 1800 East Mountain Drive (Montecito, Calif.) undated


Meller, Jan house 1200 Spur Valley Lane (Goleta, Calif.) 1992-1996


Melton Trust 927 Brooktree Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1999-2001


Mendelsohn, Joe and Sheila house 986 La Paz Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2006


Mendelson, Barry and Sandy house 1643 San Leandro Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1997


Mendelson, Joe and Barbara house 520 McLean Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 2011


Mendesh, Tony house 975 Paseo Los Santos (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1991-1992


Mershon, Paul and Terry house 1403 Schoolhouse Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1985


Meurer, Dick house 1616 Mountain Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 2003-2004


Michaelson, Kathy and Frank house 2012 Anacapa Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1988


Michaelson, Kathy and Frank house 317 Mohawk Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1982-1985


Miller, Candy house 496 California Terrace (Pasadena, Calif.) 1993-1994


Miller, Dennis and Carolyn house 1735 Glen Oaks Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 2003-2008


Miller, Doug house 150 Santa Elena Lane (Montecito, Calif.) undated


Miller, Kim house 2362 Whitney Avenue (Summerland, Calif.) 2000-2002


Miller, Robert house 944 Hot Springs Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1987-1991


Miller, Robert house 2434 Santa Barbara Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1995-1996


Miller, Stephen and Ladeen house 1440 Wyant Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1983-1984


Miller, Virginia house 1625 Hillcrest Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2001-2003


Milligan, Marshall house 1444 Irvine Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1998-2012


Milligan, Marshall house 485 Monarch Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1994-1996


Milligan, Marshall house 590 Via Cielito (Ventura, Calif.) 1992


Millman, Karen house 1559 San Leandro Lane (Montecito, Calif.) undated


Milner, Brian and Chris house 5556 Camino Galeana (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1990-1992


Minami, Yaichiro and Akiko house 1527 Dover Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1983


Minehan, Janet house 6330 Via Real (Carpinteria, Calif.) 1998-1999


Minnerly, Clarence house 1975 Inverness Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 2000-2001


Minnerly, Clarence house 867 Lilac Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1993


Minnus, Earl house 1090 Monte Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated


Mirzadegan, Jalil and Judy house 3102 State Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1984


Mitchell, Mark and Audria house Santa Rosa Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1998


Moelleken, Alan house 354 Sheffield Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1997-2002


Momtchiloff, Janet house 637 Sea Ranch Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1999-2000


Moore, James house 3501 Cliff Drive (Santa Barbra, Calif.) 1994


Moorhead, Donna house 1439 East Mountain Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 2007


Morel, Arthur A. house 1425 Hillcrest Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1984-1985


Morf, Marylee house 909 Camino Viejo Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2000-2002


Morfit, Anna and Mason house 786 Hot Springs Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2011


Morgan, Carter house 550 Apple Grove Lane (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1992


Morgan, Doug and Diane house 731 El Rancho Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2008


Morgan tract 300 Sheffield Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1985-1986


Mori, Victor house 521 West Victoria Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1985


Morris, Sandy house 382 Canon Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1994


Morrissey, Colleen house 278 Toyopa Drive (Pacific Palisades, Calif.) 2013


Morton, Mary E. house (Sandyland, Calif.) 1986-1987


Morton, Hughes house Santa Angela Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 2004, 2009


Morton, Hughes house 4431 Avenue Del Mar (Carpinteria, Calif.) 2001


Mosby, Marilyn house (Summerland, Calif.) 1991-1997


Moses, John house 140 Camino Alto (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1996


Mottek, Carl house 521 Las Fuentes Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1996, 2000


Mowrer, Glen house 321 Santa Rosa Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1982-1985


Mozart, John house Sycamore Canyon Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1999


Muench, Diane house 2334 Anacapa Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1997


Munson, Bruce and Sara house 720 Castillo Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1985


Murdoch, Bill and Joan house 239 Butterfly Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1990-2001


Murdoch, Bruce and Rita house 500 Meadow Wood Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1990


Murdoch, Melissa house 1564 Romona Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 2007


Murkoff, Eric and Heidi house 1284 Mesa Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1997-2003


Murray, Jane house 1554 Lisa Street (Carpinteria, Calif.) 1986


Music Academy 1070 Fairway Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1990-1993


Myer, Samuel house 12168 Darling Road (Ventura, Calif.) 1987-1990


Myers, William house 2376 Gridley Road (Ojai, Calif.) 1988-1990


Myricle, David house 420 Seaview Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1997


Nabel, Maria house 424 Sea Ranch Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1986


Nadler, Spencer and Myra house 2757 Macadamia Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 2009


Nagel, Charlene house 359 Miramonte Avenue (Montecito, Calif.) 1996-1997


Nagel, Ilene and Demetrius house 13521 Magruder Farm Court (Potomac, Maryland) undated


Nakasone, Robert and Lynn house Romero Canyon Road (Montecito, Calif.) undated


Nason, Marty and Beth house 2050 Fairburn Avenue (Los Angeles, Calif.) 1997-1998


Naumann, Klaus house 890 Park Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1998


Neil, Steve and Barbara house 1025 Saint Marys Lane (Goleta, Calif.) 1987


Ness, Klaus and Minne house 725 Avenida Pequena (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1993


Netter, Ed and Barbara house 1910 Lemon Ranch Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2008-2013


Newman, Andy house 26 Canon View Road (Montecito, Calif.) undated


Newman, Carol house 1445 Alameda Padre Serra (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2013


Nicholson, Sandi house 256 Eucalyptus Hill Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1999-2002


Nicolson, David and Kathy house 210 San Ysidro Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2010


Nielsen, John house 4380 Llano Avenue (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2009-2012


Noble, Georgia house 3511 Sea Ledge Lane (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1999-2001


Noblin, Ron and Kathy house 1720 Miramar Drive (Ventura, Calif.) 1993


Noel, Patricia house 1706 Cliff Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated


Nolen, Cynthia and Chapin house 777 Picacho Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1998-1999


Noll, Ginny house 530 South Grand Avenue (Pasadena, Calif.) 1998-2000


Noone, Peter and Mereille house 2140 10 Acre Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2005-2008


Norqual, Jack and Gretchen house 431 Ennisbrook Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 2002-2004


Novak, Art and Suel house 931 Las Alturas Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2008-2009


Novak, Art and Suel house 358 Woodley Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2001-2004


Novak, Stan and Shirley house 4613 Via Rubi (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1990-1991


Nulty, Don house 610 Stonehouse Lane (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2000-2001


Nulty, Don house 2322 Golden Gate Avenue (Summerland, Calif.) 1999


Nye, Greg and Linda house 1569 San Leandro Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1986


O'Beyrne house 1444 School House Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1996


O'Brien, Patricia house 946 Camino Del Retiro (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1994


Ochsner, C.G. house 1444 School House Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1989


O'Dell, Kathy house 582 Calle Mastil (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1985


Ogle, Jean house 1967 Inverness Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1996


Olson, Don house 2685 Puesta Del Sol (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1995-1996


Ong, Belita house 110 Via Del Cielo (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2005-2007


Orfalea, Paule and Natalie house 1910 East Valley Road (Montecito, Calif.) undated


Orr, Stephanie house 4018 Pacific Coast Highway (Ventura, Calif.) 1998


Ortega Ranch 1215 De La Vina Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1990


Osborne, Martha house 820 Summit Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1995-1996


Otto, Doug and Rita house 6746 Breakers Way (Ventura, Calif.) 2003-2004


Owen, Stanya house 1524 East Mountain Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 2000


Owen, Stanya house 510 McLean Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 2001


Packer, Kate house 1027 Cima Linda Lane (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1997-1998


Panosian, Ernest house 4188 Mariposa Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1996


Parent, Gerald commercial building 5370 Thornwood Drive (Goleta, Calif.) 1986, 1990


Parent, Gerald and Claire house 2301 Santa Barbara Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2005-2010


Parent, Jeanette house 450 Woodley Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1992


Parigian, Alan house 1458 South La Luna Avenue (Ojai, Calif.) 1998-2010


Parigian, Alan office building 7235 Telegraph Road (Ojai, Calif.) 2008


Parker, Fess house 4149 Cresciente Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1988-1989


Pasich, William E. house 2825 Spyglass Ridge Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1987


Patrick, Charles house 258 Hot Springs Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2005


Paulist, Mary Sue house 6191 Manzanillo Drive (Goleta, Calif.) 1990-1991


Paulson, Fred house 4328 Via Esperanza (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2004-2006


Paulson, Jane and Fred house 817 Arbolado Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1983-1984


Payne, Ken house 1215 Anderson Lane (Goleta, Calif.) 1986


Pazich, Phil house 4559 Atascadero Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1987


Pearlman, Bert house 1310 La Riata Lane (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1985-1991


Pearson, Jany and Richard house 2129 Boundary Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1998-2000


Peck, Austin house 2549 Boundary Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1999


Pennino, Frank house 793 Park Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1998-2003


Pepard, Ray and Ayldon house 2045 Birnam Wood Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1990-1996


Perkins, Rick house 885 West Mountain Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1999


Perkins, Terry and Linda house 4972 Yaple Avenue (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1998-2000


Pesenti, Frank house 4531 Via Esperanza (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1984-1986


Peters, Jon house 650 Picacho Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1987-1988


Peterson, David and Kay house 985 Romero Canyon Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1997-2000


Peterson, Mrs. Herbert house 591 Freehaven Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1989


Peterson, Mrs. Robert house 534 Las Fuentes Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1997


Petrini, John and Maryellen house 4558 Camino Molinero (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2004


Phelps, Dennis house 2150 Ortega Ranch Lane (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1998


Piasecki, Mark house 5059 Walnut Park Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1986


Pilkington, Kris house 1114 Nirvana Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2014


Pinsker, Steve and Marnie house 303 Sheffield Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1990


Piper, Judy house 1129 Estrella Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1994


Plattner, Hasso house 1335 Lions Peak Lane (San Martin, Calif.) undated


Plute, Ted and Larry house 1555 Alameda Padre Serra (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2009-2011


Poe, Steve house 1782 Westridge Road (Los Angeles, Calif.) 1996


Popov, Andre house 4111 Marina Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2005-2006


Powell, Christie house 2415 Stanwood Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1988


Power, Dennis and Leslie house 1123 Harbor Hills Lane (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2012-2013


Power, Nancy and Bob house 880 Buena Vista Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1999-2000


Powers, Mrs. Scott house 2023 Garden Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1993


Poyourow, Doug house 450 Via Dichosa (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1987


Prather, William house (Ojai, Calif.) 1992-1993


Pratt, Barbara house 811 Hot Springs Road (Montecito, Calif.) undated


Priske, Anne house 125 Vientos Road (Camarillo, Calif.) 1989


Pritzlaff, John house 380 Santa Rosa Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1995


Pulitzer, Ciel house 160 Olive Mill Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1993


Pulitzer, Michael house 345 Woodley Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1998


Puzder, Andre and Dee house 570 Meadow Wood Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 2005-2006


Rademacher, Tom and Mary Ann house 379 Loma Media Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1987-1988


Radin, June house 2810 Sycamore Canyon Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1997-1998


Rainey, Jamie house 623 Alston Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated


Ramirez, Julio and Annette house 1305 Circle Drive (San Marino, Calif.) 2008


Rapp, F. Brian house 1681 East Valley Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2005


Ravel, Gino and Bettie house 866 Paseo Ferrelo (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1984-1986


Read, Nancy house 1505 Mimosa Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 2007-2008


Recsei, Paul and Yelda house 2966 Hidden Valley Lane (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1993


Redford, Carol house 1045 Via Chaparral (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1999


Reichel, Keith and Lorraine house 356 El Cielito Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2011


Reid, Angela house 1684 San Leandro Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 2008


Reisenbach, Gayle and Sandy house 3579 Padaro Lane (Carpinteria, Calif.) 2005


Reiter, Garland and Brenda house 265 Ortega Ridge Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2005-2006


Renard, Robert and Karolyn house 311 East Calle Laureles (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1986


Renker, Greg and Stacey house 3151 Padaro Lane (Carpinteria, Calif.) 2010


Reyner, Bill and Suzanne house 2895 Hidden Valley Lane (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2007


Rhodes, Don house 5102 Cathedral Oaks Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1995


Rhodes, Ted house 180 Ocean View Avenue (Carpinteria, Calif.) 1986


Ricci house 2950 Hidden Valley Lane (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1990


Richards, Ed and Ann house 2809 Holly Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1985


Riley, K.W. house 1170 Glenview Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1988


Roberts, Cybil house 200 Olive Mill Road (Montecito, Calif.) undated


Roberts, Dick and Dorothy house 1970 Lemon Ranch Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2005-2010


Robertson, Carl house 4561 Avenue Del Mar (Carpinteria, Calif.) 2006-2007


Robertson, Karin house 755 Via Hierba (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1996


Robinson, Fred and Joan house 228 Hot Springs Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1996


Robinson, Gary house 115 Summit Lame (Montecito, Calif.) 1999


Roe, Marilyn house 3106 Eucalyptus Hill Road (Montecito, Calif.) undated


Rogers, Richard and Beth house 2117 Forge Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2010


Rogers, Richard and Beth house 4257 Avenue Del Mar (Carpinteria, Calif.) 1997-2002


Roland, Tom and Nancy house 3150 Braemar Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1990-1991


Rook, Dr. Tom house 209 East Islay Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2004-2005


Rose, Susan house 928 Las Palmas Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1992


Roston, Richard and Stephanie house 2745 Las Encinas Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1984-1985


Rothenberg, Anne and James house 1460 East Mountain Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 2012


Rottenberg, Bob house 2420 Sycamore Canyon Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1999-2000


Rubi, Virginia house 1625 Hillcrest Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1993-1994


Running, Clayton and Marylou house 1000 Via Tranquila (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2004-2005


Rushton, Pat house 980 Via Fruteria (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2001


Russell, Dorothy house 581 Freehaven Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2001-2008


Russell, Paul house 3770 Foothill Road (Goleta, Calif.) 1999-2001


Ruskey, John house 1362 Farren Road (Goleta, Calif.) 1998


Ruskey, John house 5510 Park Drive (Ventura, Calif.) 1985-1987


Rusky, John house 2240 West Live Oak Drive (Los Angeles, Calif.) 1998, 2003


Ruston, Max and Shelly house 225 East Valerio Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1984


Ryan, Jack and Rita house 6260 Guava Avenue (Goleta, Calif.) 1992-1994


Saban house 61 Beverly Park (Beverly Hills, Calif.) undated


Saladino, John house 2840 Hidden Valley Lane (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2001-2002


Salazar, Ginger and Brett house 1585 Las Tunas Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2006-2009


Samuelson, Joanne house 927 Skyview Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1991-1994


Sanders, Rick house 225 East Mission Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1991-1994


Sanders, Richard house 352 Hot Springs Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1985


Savani, David and Jackie house 30 Pueblo Vista Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2008


Santandrea, Carmine house 4007 Thacher Road (Ojai, Calif.) undated


Sawyer, Barbara house 1621 Fernald Point Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1984


Scarvie, Tom and Judith house 312 East Pedregosa Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2005


Schaff, Victor and Susan house 6026 La Goleta Road (Goleta, Calif.) 1983-1984


Schall, Richard and Maryann house 1015 Hot Springs Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1987-1994


Schermer, Mrs. Lloyd house 3990 Cuervo Avenue (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1994


Schimberg, Linda house 2877 Paradise Road (Las Vegas, Nevada) 1997-2001


Schlagel, Mike house 2698 Sycamore Canyon Road (Montecito, Calif.) undated


Schlesinger, Dan and Susan house 211 Balboa Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1985


Schoenman, Ralph house 2009 Edgewater Way (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1989


Schulz, Monte and Erin house 2755 San Marcos Pass Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2006-2007


Schuster, Laurie house 770 Riven Rock Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2013


Schwantje, Jean house 319 Loma Media Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2004-2005


Schwartz, Mark and Linda house 1727 Fernald Point Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 2004


Schwartz, Naomi house 1889 Eucalyptus Hill Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2010-2011


Scurich, Suna and Charles house 245 Calle Villario (San Clemente, Calif.) 1999


Seeman, Tina house 646 Sea Ranch Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1995-1999


Seligson, Martin and Beverly house 1235 East Mountain Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1994


Senn, Peter and Agnes house 559 San Ysidro Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1989


Serena, Frank and Lorraine house 4217 Avenue Del Mar (Carpinteria, Calif.) 1989


Serrurier, Annette house 306 Congress Place (Pasadena, Calif.) 1995


Servi, Geri and Ruben house 155 San Leandro Place (Montecito, Calif.) 2004


Servin, Carol house 775 Vereda Del Ciervo (Goleta, Calif.) undated


Sewell, Jock house 2861 Baseline Drive (Santa Ynez, Calif.) 1999


Shamtobi, Tony house 904 Hartford Way (Beverly Hills, Calif.) undated


Shaner, Dorothy and Stan house 7916 Winchester Circle (Goleta, Calif.) 2002-2008


Shapiro, John and Megan house undated


Sharpe, Don and Kay house 680 Cowles Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1992


Sheridan, William house 892 Toro Canyon Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2000-2001


Sherwin, Marylou house 1211 East Valley Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1989, 1994


Shillam, Pauline house 2030 State Street Apartment 23 (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1995


Shuman, Fred and Stephanie house 990 Hot Springs Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2004


Siff, Aida house 215 East Padre Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1992


Silverstein, Bob and Anita house 1016 North Hillcrest Road (Beverly Hills, Calif.) 2007


Simon, Ellen house 1684 San Leandro Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1996-1999


Simon, Herbert house 665 Buena Vista Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1989-1991


Singer, Bob house 1438 Hillcrest Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1991


Singleton, Steve house 1589 Las Canoas Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1998, 2004-2005


Skeen, Bill and Mona house 354 Arroyo Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1991-1992


Skov, Arlie and Luella house 1210 Shoreline Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1995-2001


Slaught, Kenny and Elizabeth house 193 Tiburon Bay Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 2005-2008


Slavik, Paul house 100 Bayview Circle (Newport Beach, Calif.) 2005


Slosser, Charles and Stephanie house 300 El Monte Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1983


Smead, Michael house 170 Rincon Point Road (Carpinteria, Calif.) 2008


Smidt, Eric and Susan house 1130 Schuyler Road (Beverly Hills, Calif.) undated


Smigel, Scott house 4271 Del Mar Avenue (Los Angeles, Calif.) undated


Smith, Ben house 704 San Roque Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1990-1991


Smith, Christine house 462 Cota Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 2009-2011


Smith, Greg and Shelly house 1735 Monita Drive (Ventura, Calif.) undated


Smith, Jim and Nancy house 181 Coronado Circle (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1987


Smith, Philip and Susan house 581 Freehaven Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1987-1989


Smith, Russell house 2076 China Flat Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1994-1999


Smith, Susan house 720 Ladera Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1989-1992


Smith, Wayne and Barbara house 40 Camino Alto (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2005


Smith, Wayne and Barbara house 195 Rincon Point Road (Carpinteria, Calif.) 2000-2001


Smyth, Tad house 1156 Ontare Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2005-2007


Snider, Ed and Martha house 1627 East Valley Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1994-1996


Soldo, Chris and Lisa house 26 Canon View Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1990-1991


Sommer, Gregory house Carey Place undated


Sorenson, Jennifer house 1046 Via Los Padres (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2004


Sorenson, Stephanie house 4531 Via Esperanza (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2004


Sotto, Deena and Ted house 133 North Carmelina Avenue (Brentwood, Calif.) 1998


Spaulding, Mckenna house 2211 Las Tunas Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1997


Spencer, Marlin house 1105 North Milpas Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1984


Spieler, Pete house 225 Mohawk Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1997


Sprecher, Lynn house 1674 San Leandro Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1996-1997


St. Clair, Peter house 129 East Calle Laureles (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1982


Staley, Warren house 255 Las Entradas Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 2001-2009


State House Hotel 121 State Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2011


Staver, Sally house 3030 Upper Applegate Road (Jacksonville, Oregon) 2011-2012


Steed, John and Suzanne house 820 Toro Canyon Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2000-2006


Stein, Gene house 3373 Padaro Lane (Carpinteria, Calif.) 2004-2010


Stepanek, Elaine house 1991 Inverness Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 2004-2009


Stern, Toni house 4045 East Oak Trail Road (Santa Ynez, Calif.) 2006


Stewart, Nancy house 320 Mountain Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1987


Stoddard, James K. house 121 Oliver Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1986


Stoll house 3201 Campanil Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1987


Storke, Elizabeth house 1181 Summit Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1997-1999


Storr, Edwin and Leslie house 1333 School House Road (Montecito, Calif.) undated


Stow house 302 North Los Carneros Road (Goleta, Calif.) 2011-2012


Strauss, Peter house 1000 Boardman Road (Ojai, Calif.) 1987-2011


Strickland, Joe house 830 Woodland Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1984


Sturgess, Doris house 861 Deer Path Road 1992


Sturgess, Tom and Heather house 1473 Edgecliff Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 2013


Sugimura, Greg and Cindy house 1250 Foothill Road (Ojai, Calif.) 1983


Sullivan, Selby house 1590 East Mountain Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 2004


Sulmeyer, Gail house 1701 East Valley Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1996


Susnor, Mileva house 467 Lanai Road 1984-1985


Sutherland, Eleanor house 1118 Dulzura Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1988-1989


Svboda, Bob house 1285 East Mountain Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1987-1988


Sweeney, Michael and Sally house 635 Grove Lane (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1984


Swett, Lee house 811 Rancho Alisal Drive (Solvang, Calif.) 1994


Sztuk, Jay house 906A San Andres Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1984


Tabyanan, Gabe house 247 San Napoli Drive (Goleta, Calif.) 1986-1987


Tacconelli, Joanne house 1277 Pepper Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1985


Tamas, George and Mardee house 1520 Bolero Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1989


Tamborello, Jim and Joyce house 882 North San Marcos Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1989-1991


Tarrer, Joe house 132 Middle Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1989


Tavis, Sue house 651 Circle Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1989-1990


Tavitian, Armineh house 748 Flintridge Avenue (La Canada Flintridge, Calif.) 2009-2010


Taylor, Brook and Billy house 8111 Puesta Del Sol (Carpinteria, Calif.) 2006


Taylor, James house 4485 Via Esperanza (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1991-1998


Taylor, Jennifer house 310 Malaga Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1990


Taylor, Maggie house 4307 Avenue Del Mar (Carpinteria, Calif.) 1998-1999


Taylor, Nancy and Jim house 726 El Rancho Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1997


Taylor, Stuart house 404 Court Place (Montecito, Calif.) 1985


Teasley, Chris house 1589 Las Canoas Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2000


Tebbe, Daphne house 1685 East Valley Road (Montecito, Calif.) undated


Teich, Jessica house 1749 Glen Oaks Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 2011


Teich, Jessica house 710 Napoli Drive (Pacific Palisades, Calif.) 2011-2014


Tevenan, John house 1192 Edward Place (Goleta, Calif.) 1986


Thacher School 5025 Thacher Road (Ojai, Calif.) 1994


Thielscher, Dick and Judy house 550 Picacho Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 2009


Thomas, Mary and Tom house 118 Pomar Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 2005-2008


Thomas, Ray and Sunny house 1370 School House Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1986-1987


Thomas, Tony and Anne house 2375 Finney Street (Summerland, Calif.) 2005-2006


Thomasetta, Lou and Maurine house 2865 Ladera Road (Ojai, Calif.) undated


Thompson, Dennis house 2005 Camino De La Luz (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1994-1997


Thompson, Evan and Frank house 2690 Sycamore Canyon Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2007-2011


Thompson, Michael and Peggy house 1525 Las Canoas Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1984


Thompson, Robert house 1078 Via Los Padres (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1990


Tierney, Rachel house 1823 Mira Vista Avenue (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2006


Tilt, Ned and Eleanor house 807 Park Hill Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1985


Tirnauer, Anna and Monroe house 3288 Beach Club Road (Carpinteria, Calif.) 1998


Tisch, Jamie and Steve house 1162 Tower Road (Beverly Hills, Calif.) 1997


Tobey, Suzanne house 1592 East Mountain Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 2006


Tognizzini, Donn house 9930 Foxen Canyon Road (Santa Maria, Calif.) 1989-1990


Torbitt, Martha house 350 Ortega Ridge Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1986


Tosetti, Paul and Cathy house 1011 Oak Grove Avenue(San Marino, Calif.) 2005


Towbes, Michael house 860 Picacho Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 2006-2011


Townsend, Bicky house 2020 Las Canoas Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated


Trabucco, Jane house 1060 Camino Viejo Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1986


Tucker, Steve house 310 East Figueroa Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1988


Tucker, Suzanne house 550 Hodges Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 2010


Tumbler, Joe and Laurie house 2801 East Valley Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2004-2005


Tumbler, Joe and Laurie house 584 Freehaven Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1999-2000


Turner, Mike and Susan 21 East Pueblo Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1988-1992


Tuthil, Tim house 1170 Camino Viejo Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1989


Twomly, Tim house 331 Mohawk Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated


Tyler, Sam and Sandra house 705 Park Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1989-1991


UCSB Arts Building 1988


UCSB Building #351 1988


UCSB Building #446 1987-1988


UCSB Faculty Housing 1987-1989


UCSB Military Science Building 1991


UCSB Music Building 1987


UCSB Parking Lot #6 1985


UCSB Parking Lot #8 1986


UCSB Parking Lot #10 undated


UCSB Parking Lot #13 1985


UCSB Parking Lot #28 1984


UCSB Parking Lot #29 1984-1985


UCSB Residence Hall 1988-1990


UCSB San Rafael Hall 1988-1989


UCSB Theater Lot 1987-1988


UCSB Trailers 1990-1991


Usher house 2659 Todos Santos Lane (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1999


Usher, Tamara house 1304 Dover Hill Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1990


Vadnais, Molora and Ken house 221 East Constance Avenue (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2007-2008


Valier, Marjorie house 1265 Mesa Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1989


Van De Water, Alice house 1694 San Leandro Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 2001-2002


Van Horn, Phil and Karen house 141 Rametto Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2006-2007


Van Horne, David and Polly house 525 Picacho Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1989


Van Meter, Tom house 1010 Monte Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2008


Van Vliet, Alan and Kathryn house 639 Hot Springs Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1998


Vandernoot, Jack and Deanne house 1 Mountain Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1998


Vaughn, Jean house 2298 Feather Hill Road (Montecito, Calif.) undated


Veloz, Bob and Marlene house 1185 Fife Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 2007-2008


Vendela house 1262 Lago Vista Place (Beverly Hills, Calif.) 1996


Victoriano, Louis and Kathy house 1991-1992


Vishal, Gujral house 108 North Signal Street (Ojai, Calif.) 1991-1992


Volk, Ken house 281 Broad Street (San Luis Obispo, Calif.) 2001-2008


Von Summer Moller, Betsey house 280 Las Entradas Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 2010-2011


Von Wittenburg, Davis and Jean house 300 Hot Springs Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2007


Von Wittenburg house 1445 East Mountain Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1990-1997


Vriend, John house 2000 Sycamore Canyon Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1991


Wagman, Lee and Barbara house 14927 Altata Drive (Pacific Palisades, Calif.) 2006


Wahl, Quentin house 650 Picacho Lane (Montecito, Calif.) undated


Waite, Buzzy and Corey house 585 Covington Place (Pasadena, Calif.) 2002


Waitt, Norman and Amanda house 875 Knollwood Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 2004-2005


Wagner, Michael house 1162 Camino Manadero (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1984


Waldren, Lee and Debbie house 77 Crestview Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1999


Walker, Stephen and Deborah house 336 Sheffield Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1998-2001


Wall, Tudor house 2069 Boundary Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1997-1998


Walters, James house 4400 Via Esperanza (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1990-1991


Warren, James and Julia house 2050 Mission Ridge Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1988-1992


Warren, Judeene house 157 Rametto Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2004


Warren, Pete and Judy house 895 Via Hierba (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1987-1996


Waterman, Chrissy house 747 Riven Rock Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2000-2002


Waters, Barry and Moon house 909 San Anotonio Creek Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2002


Watson, Charlie house 950 Isleta Avenue (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1996-2002


Weaver, Don house 1400 Fairview Avenue (Goleta, Calif.) 1987-1988


Webb, Brad house 1309 Danielson Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1995-1997


Webley, Roy and Judy house 1920 Mission Ridge Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1995


Weider, Louis house 1771 San Leandro Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 2002-2004


Weisenberger, Tom and Diane house 4440 Vieja Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1984-1985


Weiss, Jonathan house 810 Cima Del Mundo Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2013


Weiss, Paul and Beverly house 890 Park Lane (Montecito, Calif.) undated


Weller, Marge house 502 Toro Canyon Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1988


Welsh, Lori house 1676 East Valley Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2005


Welti, Robert and Joanna house 2501 Anacapa Street (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1993


Wexler, David and Julie house 1802 Cleveland Avenue (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2012


Wexler, Rita house 240 Middle Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1995


Whalen, Roger and Patty house 1707 East Valley Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1984


Whitaker, Mike house 634 21st Place (Santa Monica, Calif.) 1999-2001


White, Bendy house 2385 Finney Street (Summerland, Calif.) 2004


White, Pegeen and Kevin house 1510 Knoll Circle Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2012-2013


White, Russell and Sally house 3286 Beach Club Road (Carpinteria, Calif.) 1994-2004


White-Thomson, Barbara house 1897 Braemer Road (Pasadena, Calif.) 2005


Wienann, John house 404 Vaquerito Place (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1987


Wiley, Wilson and Peggy house 837 Arbolado Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2011


Wilczak, John house 1029 Alston Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1997-1998


Wilkenson, Reginald and Nancy house 1747 Glen Oaks Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1988


Willard, Bruce house 930 Knollwood Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1993-1994


Willfong, Alice house 838 Knapp Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 2003-2006


Willfong, Alice house 1997 Lemon Ranch Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2010-2012


Willfong, Tracy house 1545 Knoll Circle Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1999


Willfong, Tracy house 340 East Mountain Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 2004


Williams, David and Jan house 4585 Camino Molinero (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1990-1992


Williams, Helen house 3191 Padaro Lane (Carpinteria, Calif.) 1989


Williams, John and Margaret house 1420 Park Place (San Marino, Calif.) 2006-2009


Williams, Valerie house 1527 Meadow Circle (Carpinteria, Calif.) 2003


Wilson, Helen house 1959 Boundary Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1987


Wilson, Jack and Gay house 240 Oak Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2003


Wilson, Richard house 1650 Garst Lane (Ojai, Calif.) 1993-2002


Wilson, Stephanie house 1140 Estrella Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1995


Wilson, Tim and Jane house 519 Foxen Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated


Wilson, Tyson house 7035 Shepard Mesa Road (Carpinteria, Calif.) 1987


Winnikoff, Mark house 692 Ashley Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2004


Winthrop, Betsy house 1959 Las Tunas Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated


Witherell, James house 275 El Cielito Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1982-1986


Wolf, Becky and Jim house 2694 Sycamore Lane (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 2000-2001


Wolf, Christine house 1481 East Mountain Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1996


Wolf, Dick house 339 Hot Springs Road (Montecito, Calif.) undated


Wood, Nancy and Byron house 2251 Stanwood Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1995-2009


Woodill, Stuart house 525 Las Fuentes Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1986


Woods, Leslie house 225 Oak Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2005


Woods, William and Barbara house 656 Park Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 2001-2002


Woolf, Robert house 260 Gould Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1994


Woolsey, Don and Mary house 517 Las Fuentes Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1986-1993


Worchell, Larry and Laura house 7714 Woodrow Wilson Drive (Los Angeles, Calif.) undated


Wren, Paul house 2690 Sycamore Canyon Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2000-2002


Yeoman, Barbara house 1634 Mira Vista Avenue (Santa Barbara, Calif.) undated


Youngblood, J.B. and Venus house 2069 China Flat Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1994-2003


Youngblood, J.B. and Venus house Picacho Lane (Montecito, Calif.) 1994


Zeidman, Marjorie house 1181 Summit Road (Montecito, Calif.) 1991


Zemeckis, Bob and Leslie house 890 San Ysidro Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2009


Zemeckis, Mary Ellen house 1569 East Valley Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2000


Zimmer, Laurie house 2590 Dorking Place (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1987, 2006


Zoradi, Michael and Susan house 186 Hermosillo Road (Montecito, Calif.) undated


Zukin, Joan and Robert house 2133 10 Acre Road (Montecito, Calif.) 2002-2003


Zwerdling, George house 2285 Bella Vista Drive (Montecito, Calif.) 1996


Zylstra, Dick and Ann house 1037 Estrella Drive (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1991-1994


Zylstra, Doug house 1116 More Ranch Road (Santa Barbara, Calif.) 1994