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Lou Harrison Papers: Writings
MS 132 Ser.5  
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box-folder 1:1-2:34, 2:46; 3:1-14

Writings by Lou Harrison 1934-2002

Physical Description: 86 folders

Series Scope and Content Summary

This series contains writings by Lou Harrison.
box-folder 1:1

Juvenila 1934

box-folder 1:2

"About Carl Ruggles" - published copy 1946

Scope and Content Note

See also MS 132 Ser.2 Writings: Notebook 151.
box-folder 1:3

"My young friend …", 1954

box-folder 1:4

"On the Separation of War from State", 1955

box-folder 1:5

"Sonata No.2 for Violin and Piano" [Ives' Uln. Sonatas], 1957

box-folder 1:6

"During 1957 or 58 I had the great pleasure of a visit by Henry and Sidney Cowell …" [Cowells' Music 1957], 1957-1958

box-folder 1:7

"Gentlemen and ladies, when we are children we play …" [Crackpot], 1959

box-folder 1:8

Letter to Eisenhower, 1959

box-folder 1:9

"Introduction", 1960-1969

box-folder 1:10

"Plan for aid preservation & expansion of the Chinese Opera in the U.S. …", 1960-1969

box-folder 1:11

"Refreshing the Auditory Perceptions" East-West Music Encounters, Toyko, April 1961

box-folder 1:12

Address to East-West Music Encounter, Tokyo - edited by Bruce Kennedy, April 1961

box-folder 1:13

"Nova Odo", 1962

box-folder 1:14

"Creative ideas in the Classic Music", 1962

box-folder 1:15

"On the twentieth of this month, Alan Hovhaness …", 1962

box-folder 1:16

"Society, Musician, Dancer, Machine - A Set of Opinions Entirely Attributed to Lou Harrison, in 1966", 1966

box-folder 1:17

"Bill has convinced me …", 1967

box-folder 1:18

"Transcription to David Ming Yueh Liang" [1968], 2511

box-folder 1:19

"Soon Liang Tsoi Ping will be sixty …", 1969

box-folder 1:20

"Some Notes on the Music of Mouth-Organs; to Honor, with admiration & affection, Dr. Lee Hye-Ku in his sixtieth year", 1969

box-folder 1:21

"Instruction Manual; The Colvig-Harrison Monochord", 1970-1979

box-folder 1:22

"The Moon Lantern" [puppet show script]; "The White Snake Lady" clipping, program, letters, 1971

box-folder 1:23

Lou Harrison's Music Primer: Various Items About Music to 1970, 1971

box-folder 1:24

Harry Partch "Genesis of a Music", The World of Music, 1973

box-folder 1:25

"This afternoon you called me … " [To Bill Colvig], 1973

box-folder 1:26

"Warm Wonderful Harry Partch in Recent Times", 1973

box-folder 1:27

"Inscription in a book, to Ned Rorem", 10/31/1973

box-folder 1:28

Obituary for Pauline Benton, November 1974

box-folder 1:29

"Item: In Christian times Europe insisted that everyone had to buy …", 1974

box-folder 1:30

"Such Melodies and Clutter - thoughts around Ives", 1974

box-folder 1:31

"Schoënberg in Several Ways", 1974

box-folder 1:32

"Item: Isosyllabic Verse Forms" [1975], 2518

box-folder 1:33

"Asian music & the United States", 1975

box-folder 1:34

"Item: Five-tone, Six-tone & Seven-tone Modal forms within the Traditional matrix of two tetrachords separated by a nine to eight", 1975

box-folder 1:35

"Happy Birthday Virgil", 1977

box-folder 1:36

"Lorle Kranzler is an extraordinary woman …", 1977

box-folder 1:37

Address to 7th Symposium on Arts, Contemporary Arts and the Futurama" National Academy of Arts, Korea, 1978

box-folder 1:38

"An Account of Three Trips During the Fall of 1978" 1978

box:folder 2:1

"Oberlin College courser: A music published in 1978, the first available manual …" [Gamelan] 1982

box:folder 2:2

"A note in answer to Dr. Henry Noye' kind verses", 1982

box:folder 2:3

"Thoughts About 'Slippery Slendro' " 1985

box:folder 2:4

"Title Pending" [On Harry Partch], 1985

box:folder 2:5

"Oh, my Poet, Robert Duncan and Lord of Speech", 1988

box:folder 2:6

"Lou Harrison Acceptance Speech for Honorary Degree Mills College", 1988

box:folder 2:7

"I Do Not Quite Understand You Socrates", 1988

box:folder 2:8

"Cloverleaf; A Little Narrative with Several 'Off-ramps' ", 1/1: The Quarterly Journal of the Just Intonation Network , v.5:2, 1989

box:folder 2:9

Ives' "Universe Symphony", 1990-1999

box:folder 2:10

"Entune: in which are cursorily examined …", 1990

box:folder 2:11

"Item for Chalmers" 1990

box:folder 2:12

"Item: Blessed be translators, for they give us worlds", 1991

box:folder 2:13

"An interview with Remy Charlip", 1992

box:folder 2:14

"Learning from Henry", 1995

box:folder 2:15

"To Fred Tulan - Olivier Messiaen …", 1996

box:folder 2:16

"A Line between the Word and the Way: a celebration of the life and works of Lou Harrison" 1997

box:folder 2:17

"What a wonderful, rambunctious program M.T.T. has envisioned for the concert of American 'visionaries' …" 1998

box:folder 2:18

"Microfest 2001 Keynote Address", 1/1 The Journal of the Just Intonation Network, v.10:4, 2001

box:folder 2:19

"About my Fourth Symphony", Current Musicology no.67-68, 2002

box:folder 2:20

"Tunings and civilizations", 2002

box:folder 2:21

"Cipher notation", undated

box:folder 2:22

"Hanya Holm", undated

box:folder 2:23

"Item - Some Chings in which I feel affinities …", undated

box:folder 2:24

"Lytton & Thon Bridges …" [Isosyllabic composition], undated

box:folder 2:25

"Meditation for Glanville Downey", undated

box:folder 2:26

"Tunings", undated

box:folder 2:27

"When estimating the height of the mountain you have just climbed …", undated

box:folder 2:28

"Gamelan Builders' Notes", undated

box:folder 2:29

(re: Gamelan - for the Met.Concert), undated

box:folder 2:30

Instruments, undated

box:folder 2:31

"As to my personal musical interests …", undated

box:folder 2:32

"Ruggles", undated

box:folder 2:33

"The Composer, the Public & the Copyright", undated

box:folder 2:34

"Thin shinning stretch …", undated

box:folder 2:46

Harrison, Lou - "Tens to a Friend - P.G.", 1995

box:folder 3:1-14

Poems & Pieces

box:folder 3:1

Early draft 1976-2002

box:folder 3:2

"Gending Antony", "Gending Claude" 1976-2002

box:folder 3:3

"Gending Pak Chokro" 1976-2002

box:folder 3:4

"Gending Pindar" 1982

box:folder 3:5

"Gending Bill" 1980-2002

box:folder 3:6

Ovid's Changes 1983-1986

box:folder 3:7

"Gending Alexander" - For Michael Zinn, Mills College, Feb. 1981

box:folder 3:8

"Ladrang James & Joel" undated

box:folder 3:9

"Munakata Shiko" undated

box:folder 3:10

"Gending Dennis", "Aphrodite" undated

box:folder 3:11

"Mark Bulwinkle" undated

box:folder 3:12

"Repose for James" 5/22/1999

box:folder 3:13

"Main Bersama Sama" undated

box:folder 3:14

Bound maquette - Artichoke Press edition 2003

box:folder 2:35-45

Writings by Others 1942-1996

Physical Description: 12 folders

Series Scope and Content Summary

This series contains by others regarding Lou Harrison and his music, performances and life.
box:folder 2:35

Gidlow, Elsa


Percussion concert - 2 pgs typescript, corrected photocopy 1942


Plays - "Don Juan in Limbo"; "The Masks"; "Preface to Peace" - typescripts [1942-1960]

box:folder 2:36

Harlan, Calvin - "Lou Harrison, American Composer" by Calvin Harlan, 1963

box:folder 2:37

Wade, James - "The Noble, Lyrical Art of Lou Harrison" by James Wade 1976

box:folder 2:38

Kress, Maggie - "Interview with Frank Campbell, Elizabeth's son, Taos, August 198" by Maggie Kress 1982

box:folder 2:39

Kress, Maggie - "Interview: Lou Harrison and Bill Colvig about Elizabeth Campbell", Oakland, CA", Maggie Kress, 1982

box:folder 2:40

Dithrich, William - The Mills Gamelon designed and built by William Colvig and Lou Harrison, assisted by students of Mills College. Text and drawings by William Dithrich 1983

box:folder 2:41

Colvig, William - "Gays in the Military; a Personal Report" by William Colvig 1992

box:folder 2:42

Colvig, Willliam - "An American Gamelan" 1996

box:folder 2:43

Berstein, David - "Lou Harrison Interview" undated

box:folder 2:44

Ho Ming Chung - "Characteristics of Chinese Music" Ho Ming Chung, Nat'l Chengchi University, Mushan, Taipei, China undated

box:folder 2:45

Yates, Peter - "The American Artist" by Peter Yates undated

box:folder 4:1-12; 5:1-6:5; 8:1-3

Research on Charles Ives, Henry Cowell 1902-1996, undated

Physical Description: 26 folders

Series Scope and Content Summary

This series contains research materials collected by Harrison on Charles Ives and a couple of folders of material on Henry Cowell.
box:folder 4:1-2

Biographical material undated 1942-1976

box:folder 4:3

Correspondence 1933, 1946

box:folder 4:4

Programs 1939, 1946

box:folder 4:5

Reviews, clippings 1902-1994

box:folder 4:6

"A Conneticut Yankee in Music" by Louise Fletcher undated

box:folder 4:7

"Charles Ives: Compiled References (1888-1935)", 1944

box:folder 4:8

"Charles Ives, His Music" Reinbert de Leeuw, 1969

box:folder 4:9

"A Charles Ives Primer" Robert Oudel & Johannes Riedel, 1970

box:folder 4:10

"Preface to Larry Austin Commentary", 1980

box:folder 4:11

"Ives' Concord Sonata" by Fred Fischer, 1981

box:folder 4:12

"Second Pianoforte Sonata - Concord, Mass, 1840-1860", 1947

box:folder 5:1

"Universe Symphony", undated

Scope and Content Note

These sketches correspond by squared measure numbers to the score of Johnny Reinhard
box:folder 5:2

"Universe Symphony" (1913-1926) Realized by Johnny Reinhard, 1996

box:folder 5:3

"Three Places in New England; an Orchestral Set", 1935

box:folder 5:4

"Psalm XXIV", 1951

box:folder 5:5

"The All Enduring", undated

box:folder 5:6

"Four Transcriptions from 1st movement of 2nd Pianoforte Sonata", undated

box:folder 6:1

"String Quartett" - Cello, Viola, Violin 1, 2, undated

box:folder 6:2

"2nd Violin Sonata", undated

box:folder 6:3

"Chamber Music", v. 6 (hard cover), undated

box:folder 6:4

"Third Symphony" (parts), undated

box:folder 6:5

"Third Symphony" (hard cover), undated

box:folder 8:1

"Some More Music" by Henry Cowel1, undated


Incomplete - oversize photostats - poor condition
box:folder 8:2

"One Moment Please"; "How Come?"; "The Pool Sacrifice" by Henry Cowell, undated


Incomplete - oversize photostats - poor condition
box:folder 8:3

"Universe Symphony" Sketches", undated


Incomplete - oversize photostats - poor condition
box:folder 7:1-10

Research on Virgil Thomson 1940-1992, undated

Physical Description: 10 folders

Series Scope and Content Summary

This series contains materials collected by Harrison on Virgil Thomson.
box:folder 7:1

Biographical: Obiturary, memorials, 1989-1992

box:folder 7:2

"Composer & Critic", undated

box:folder 7:3

"The Philosophy of Style", undated

box:folder 7:4

"List of Works by Virgil Thomson, 1920-1971", undated

box:folder 7:5

"Eleven Chorale Preludes for Organ, op.122" full score, undated

box:folder 7:6

"La Valse Gregorienne", 1940

box:folder 7:7

"Sonata de Chiesa", undated

box:folder 7:8

"The Cat for two voices and Piano", poem by Jack Larson, 1981

box:folder 7:9

"The Feast of Love" undated

box:folder 7:10

"The Peace Place"; "Sonata for Flute Alone"; "Concerto for Flute", 1972

box 9-13

Research on Korean Music 1960-1962, undated

Physical Description: 5 boxes

Series Scope and Content Summary

This series contains history books, drafts, notes, scores, glossary and other reference materials on Korean culture and music.
Much of the material is in Chinese and Korean and is not translated. When possible a very simple translation or description has been provided.
box:folder 9:1

Correspondence, 1961-1962

box:folder 9:2

Toyko East-West Music Encounters 1962

box:folder 9:3

Notes - loose notes, partial notebook pages, 1961-1962

box:folder 9:4

"Music Notebook - Kwang Moon Note" 1961-1962

Scope and Content Note

Contents description: "Kooygori", "Yumbul Taryong", "Nova Odo, pt. III"; "Tanso: Sangyoungsam"; Cabrillo rehearsals
box:folder 9:5

"Historical material in detail"; "Korea", 1961-1962

Scope and Content Note

Contents description: (pg. 12) "Gofrantoj, Gesinjoroj - Vi spertos"; "Confucian"; "Hyaugak - Su-je-chin", etc.
box:folder 9:6-8

"History of Korean Music" by Lou Harrison

box:folder 9:6

Draft pages with corrections, annotations, 1961-1962

box:folder 9:7

Typescripts - 2 copies, 1961-1962

box:folder 9:8

"Buddhist Chant" - drafts with corrections, 1961-1965

box:folder 9:9

Illustration boards - Choregraphic Figures, pl.1-15, 17-28, decorations, 1960-1965

box:folder 10:1

"List of Tapes of Korean Classic Music", Music Room of Korean Information Center, 1961-1962

box:folder 10:2

Notebook undated

Scope and Content Note

Contents description: "The modes, the Orkestra, 3 ways"; "The world dies of 'Managers' Analects"
box:folder 10:3

"Music-Note" notebooks (5) 1961-1962

Scope and Content Note

Contents description: "Piri Sketches"; "Sujectrum & Tasurms"; "The Civil Homage - The Confucian Hymn (final page)"; "The Military Homage",
box:folder 10:4

"Beethoven Music Book" - notebook, 1961-1962

Scope and Content Note

Contents description: "I. Hyi Mun"; "II Ki Myong"; "III Kwi Yin"; "IV Hong Ka"; "V Chip Nyong", etc.
box:folder 10:5

"Music for Dancing", 1961-1962

Scope and Content Note

Contents description: "Old Six Beat", "The Grand Opening", "Minor Preliminaries", "Mourning for Heaven", "Celebrating the Southern Branch", "Buddhist Chant"
box:folder 10:6

"Kayako Sanjo, no.1" by Kim Yoon-Duk Sanjo, arranged by Hwang Byong-Ki, 1962

box:folder 10:7

"The Korean Folk-Tale", v.1, May 1956


Decription: Photocopied pages, notes
box:folder 10:8

"Music for the Shrine of the Royal Ancestors, Civil Homage", no.1, undated

Scope and Content Note

Contents description: "Hyi Mun", "Nak Yang Chun"
box:folder 10:9

"Brief History of Seoul, Korea" , 1961-1962

Scope and Content Note

Contents description: Publication with holograph letter & captions written inside "Dear Bob, I have reached Cathay …"
box:folder 10:10

Woven cloth covered music notebook, undated

Scope and Content Note

Contents description: "3 variations on Plum Blossoms", Shau Lyu; "Wild Goose", "Heavenly Happiness", Ming (Kuy style), etc.
box:folder 10:11-12

Song sheets undated


Description: In Korean and Chinese
box:folder 10:13

Music class workbook - teaching material, undated

box:folder 11:1

Korean song books (3), undated

box:folder 11:2

Possibly a vocabulary book in Chinese, undated

box:folder 11:3

Songs in Chinese with simple translations in Korean, undated

box:folder 11:4

New songs for flutes, undated


Description:6 unbound pamphlets
box:folder 11:5

Korean music booklet produced by Music College Department, Seoul National University, undated

box:folder 11:6

"Handmade Fabric" music book by the City Music Training Center, undated

box:folder 11:7

"Hail One Thousand Years" for flutes, undated

box:folder 11:8

"Lyre" produced by Music Department, Seoul National University, undated

box:folder 11:9

Song book undated


Description: Chinese characters in black, Korean in red, first page shows all sounds or notes used in booklet
box:folder 11:10

"Fifty Korean Folksongs", undated

box:folder 11:11-15

Song books, undated


Description: Written in Chinese with Korean lyrics, sounds; all paper bound
box:folder 11:16

"Tables of the McCune-Reischauer System for the Romanization of Korean", October 1961

Scope and Content Note

Reprinted from Transactions of the Korea Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society , v.38
box:folder 11:17

Three pamphlets, undated

box:folder 12:1

Possibly song sheets, undated

box:folder 12:2

"Lyrics for Southern Music", undated

box:folder 12:3

"Ikuma Dan - Collected Songs" - inscribed, 1961

box:folder 12:4

Music Journal, undated

box:folder 12:5

Song book, undated

box:folder 12:6

"Glossary of Korean Music" by Sa Hoon Chang, Edited by Dr. Hae Koo Lee; Compiled by: Radio Management Bureau Ministry for State Council Administration, undated

box:folder 13:1

"Letter of Appreciation" from Won Woo Lee, Minister, Ministry of Public Information, October 15, 1962

box:folder 13:2

"Korea music or Music in Korea" - notes, drafte, scores, 1961-1962

box:folder 13:3

"Ka Kok; No Rae, Tae Keum, Keo Moon Ko", undated

box:folder 13:4

"Su Chae Chon" (All under the Heavens) by Chong He Kim, 1962

box:folder 13:5

"Unchanging Spring, Perpetual Youth", undated