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Series 1: Clippings. Undated

Series Description

This series consists of newspaper clippings arranged into two subseries. Subseries A is "People," and contains items on actors and actresses, musicians, and authors.

Series 1, Subseries A:  People undated

Box:Folder 1:1

Adams, Maude

Box:Folder 1:2

Alda, Frances

Box:Folder 1:3

Anderson, Mary

Box:Folder 1:4

Anglin, Margaret

Box:Folder 1:5

Antheil, George

Box:Folder 1:6

Arditi, Luigi

Box:Folder 1:7

Arliss, George

Box:Folder 1:8

Armsby, Leonora Wood

Box:Folder 1:9

Arnold, Edward

Box:Folder 1:10

Arthur, Julia

Box:Folder 1:11

Auer, Leopold

Box:Folder 1:12

Bailey, Frankie

Box:Folder 1:13

Baring, Maurice

Box:Folder 1:14

Barry, Philip

Box:Folder 1:15

Barrymore, Diana

Box:Folder 1:16-17

Barrymore, Ethel

Box:Folder 1:18

Barrymore, John

Box:Folder 1:19

Barthelmess, Richard

Box:Folder 1:20

Basil, Wassily de

Box:Folder 1:21

Bauer, Harold

Box:Folder 1:22

Beecham, Sir Thomas

Box:Folder 1:23

Beerbohm, Max

Box:Folder 1:24


Box:Folder 1:25

Belasco, David

Box:Folder 1:26

Berlioz, Hector

Box:Folder 1:27

Bernhardt, Sarah

Box:Folder 1:28

Boardman, Eleanor

Box:Folder 1:29

Bond, Carrie Jacobs

Box:Folder 1:30

Booth, Edwin

Box:Folder 1:31

Bordoni, Irene

Box:Folder 1:32

Bori, Lucrezia

Box:Folder 1:33

Bos, C.V.

Box:Folder 1:34

Boulanger, Nadia

Box:Folder 1:35

Brady, William A.

Box:Folder 1:36

Brian, Donald

Box:Folder 1:37

Buhlig, Richard

Box:Folder 1:38

Burke, Billie

Box:Folder 1:39

Calvé, Emma

Box:Folder 1:40

Campbell, Mrs. Patrick

Box:Folder 1:41

Carpenter, John

Box:Folder 1:42

Carreno, Teresa

Box:Folder 1:43

Caruso, Enrico

Box:Folder 1:44

Casals, Pablo

Box:Folder 1:45

Castle, Irene

Box:Folder 1:46

Cather, Willa

Box:Folder 1:47

Cavallieri, Lina

Box:Folder 1:48

Chaliapin, Feodor

Box:Folder 1:49

Chaplin, Charlie

Box:Folder 1:50

Chatfield, Taylor, Hobart

Box:Folder 1:51

Chatterton, Ruth

Box:Folder 1:52

Chenal, Marthe

Box:Folder 1:53

Cochran, Charles B.

Box:Folder 1:54

Cohan, George M.

Box:Folder 1:55

Collier, Constance

Box:Folder 1:56

Colton, John

Box:Folder 1:57

Cornell, Katherine

Box:Folder 1:58

Cortot, Alfred

Box:Folder 1:59

Coward, Noel

Box:Folder 1:60

Cowles, Eugene

Box:Folder 1:61

Craig, Edward Gordon

Box:Folder 1:62

Crane, William H.

Box:Folder 1:63

Cuevas, Marquis de

Box:Folder 2:64

Damrosch, Walter

Box:Folder 2:65

Danilova, Alexander

Box:Folder 2:66

Debussy, Claude

Box:Folder 2:67

DeFalla, Manuel

Box:Folder 2:68

DeMille, Agnes

Box:Folder 2:69

Donahue, Lester

Box:Folder 2:70

Draper, Muriel

Box:Folder 2:71

Dressler, Marie

Box:Folder 2:72

Drew, John

Box:Folder 2:73

Duchin, Eddy

Box:Folder 2:74

Duncan, Isadora

Box:Folder 2:75

Duse, Eleonora

Box:Folder 2:76

Eagles, Jeanne

Box:Folder 2:77

Eames, Emma

Box:Folder 2:78

Elliott, Maxine

Box:Folder 2:79

Fairbanks, Douglas

Box:Folder 2:80

Farrar, Geraldine

Box:Folder 2:81

Fiske, Harrison Grey

Box:Folder 2:82

Fiske, Minnie Maddern

Box:Folder 2:83

Fitch, Clyde

Box:Folder 2:84

Flagstad, Kirsten

Box:Folder 2:85

Fokine, Michel

Box:Folder 2:86

Forbes-Robertson, Sir Johnston

Box:Folder 2:87

Forrest, Edwin

Box:Folder 2:88

Forrester, Izola

Box:Folder 2:89

Fowler, Gene

Box:Folder 2:90

Frank, Herman W.

Box:Folder 2:91

Fremstad, Olive

Box:Folder 2:92

Friedman, Ignaz

Box:Folder 2:93

Fry, Christopher

Box:Folder 2:94

Galli-Curci, Amelita

Box:Folder 2:95

Garden, Mary

Box:Folder 2:96

Gentle, Alice

Box:Folder 2:97

Gershwin, George

Box:Folder 2:98

Godowsky, Leopold

Box:Folder 2:99

Golden, John

Box:Folder 2:100

Goldwyn, Samuel

Box:Folder 2:101

Grainger, Percy

Box:Folder 2:102

Granville-Barter, Harley

Box:Folder 2:103

Greene, Patterson

Box:Folder 2:104

Guilbert, Yvette

Box:Folder 2:105

Guitry, Sacha

Box:Folder 2:106

Hammond, John Hays, Jr.

Box:Folder 2:107

Hampden, Walter

Box:Folder 2:108

Hart, William S.

Box:Folder 2:109

Hayes, Helen

Box:Folder 2:110

Henschel, George

Box:Folder 2:111

Herbert, Victor

Box:Folder 2:112

Herne, Chrystal

Box:Folder 2:113

Heyman, K. H.

Box:Folder 2:114

Hofmann, Josef

Box:Folder 2:115

Honegger, Arthur

Box:Folder 2:115.1

Hopper, Edna Wallace

Box:Folder 2:116

Hopper, Hedda

Box:Folder 2:117

Howard, Kathleen

Box:Folder 2:118

Howard, Leslie

Box:Folder 2:119

Huberman, Bronislaw

Box:Folder 2:120

Huneker, James Gibbons

Box:Folder 2:121

Hurok, S.

Box:Folder 2:122

Hutcheson, Ernest

Box:Folder 2:123

Irving, Henry

Box:Folder 2:124

Janis, Elsie

Box:Folder 2:125

Jefferson, Joseph

Box:Folder 2:126

Jeritza, Maria

Box:Folder 2:127

Jones, Isabel

Box:Folder 2:128

Joseffy, Rafael

Box:Folder 2:129

Joyce, Peggy Hopkins

Box:Folder 2:130

Kaufman, George

Box:Folder 2:131


Box:Folder 2:132

Korngold, Erich

Box:Folder 2:133

Kreisler, Fritz

Box:Folder 2:134

Kubelik, Jan

Box:Folder 3:135

Lamond, Frederic

Box:Folder 3:136

Landowska, Wanda

Box:Folder 3:137

Langtry, Lillie

Box:Folder 3:138

Lasky, Jesse

Box:Folder 3:139

Lauder, Harry

Box:Folder 3:140

Lawrence, Gertrude

Box:Folder 3:141

LeGallienne, Eva

Box:Folder 3:142

Lehar, Franz

Box:Folder 3:143

Lehmann, Lilli

Box:Folder 3:144

Leichtentritt, Hugo

Box:Folder 3:145

Levant, Oscar

Box:Folder 3:146

Lhevinne, Josef

Box:Folder 3:147

Lind, Jenny

Box:Folder 3:148

Lindgren, Lydia

Box:Folder 3:149

Lunt, Alfred

Box:Folder 3:150

McArthur, Charles

Box:Folder 3:151

McCarthy, Lillah

Box:Folder 3:152

McCormack, John

Box:Folder 3:153

MacDowell, Marian

Box:Folder 3:154

Maeterlinck, Maurice

Box:Folder 3:155

Mansfield, Richard

Box:Folder 3:156

Mantle, Burns

Box:Folder 3:157

Marbury, Elisabeth

Box:Folder 3:158

Marlowe, Julia

Box:Folder 3:159

Martin-Harvey, John

Box:Folder 3:160

Martinelli, Giovanni

Box:Folder 3:161

Matthay, Tobias

Box:Folder 3:162

Maude, Cryil

Box:Folder 3:163

Maugham, W. Somerset

Box:Folder 3:164

Maxwell, Elsa

Box:Folder 3:165

May, Edna

Box:Folder 3:166

Melba, Nellie

Box:Folder 3:167

Mendl, Elsie de Wolfe

Box:Folder 3:168

Mengelberg, Willem

Box:Folder 3:169


Box:Folder 3:170

Miura, Tamaki

Box:Folder 3:171

Modjeska, Helena

Box:Folder 3:172

Moiseiwitsche, Benno

Box:Folder 3:173

Molnar, Ferenc

Box:Folder 3:174

Montez, Lola

Box:Folder 3:175

Moore, Grace

Box:Folder 3:176

Mordkin, Mikail

Box:Folder 3:177


Box:Folder 3:178

Mowett, Anna Cora

Box:Folder 3:179


Box:Folder 3:180

Nathan, George Jean

Box:Folder 3:181

Nazimonva, Alla

Box:Folder 3:182

Nielson, Alice

Box:Folder 3:183

Nijinsky, Vaclav

Box:Folder 3:184

Nordica, Lillian

Box:Folder 3:185

Novello, Ivor

Box:Folder 3:186

Odets, Clifford

Box:Folder 3:187

O'Neill, Eugene

Box:Folder 3:188

Ortero, La Belle

Box:Folder 3:189

Pachmann, Vladimir de

Box:Folder 3:190

Paderewski, Ignace Jan

Box:Folder 3:191

Painter, Eleanor

Box:Folder 3:192

Parker, Louise N.

Box:Folder 3:193

Patti, Adelina

Box:Folder 3:194

Payne, Theodore

Box:Folder 3:195

Pemberton, Brock

Box:Folder 3:196

Pickford, Mary

Box:Folder 3:197


Box:Folder 3:198

Pinza, Ezio

Box:Folder 3:199

Power, Tyrone

Box:Folder 3:200

Prokofieff, Sergei

Box:Folder 4:201

Rachmaninoff, Sergei

Box:Folder 4:202

Raisa, Rosa

Box:Folder 4:203

Rambova, Natacha

Box:Folder 4:204

Reinhardt, Max

Box:Folder 4:205

Renard, Rosita

Box:Folder 4:206

Reszke, Jean de

Box:Folder 4:207

Richardson, Henry Handel

Box:Folder 4:208

Ristori, Adelaide

Box:Folder 4:209

Robertson, W. Graham

Box:Folder 4:210

Robeson, Paul

Box:Folder 4:211

Rogers, Will

Box:Folder 4:212

Romberg, Sigmund

Box:Folder 4:213

Rosenthal, Moriz

Box:Folder 4:214

Russell, Lillian

Box:Folder 4:215

Scheff, Fritzi

Box:Folder 4:216

Schmitz, E. Robert

Box:Folder 4:217

Schnabel Artur

Box:Folder 4:218

Schoenberg, Arnold

Box:Folder 4:219

Schumann-Heink, Ernestine

Box:Folder 4:220

Shattuck, Arthur

Box:Folder 4:221

Sheldon, Edward

Box:Folder 4:222

Sherwood, Robert

Box:Folder 4:223

Skinner, Cornelia Otis

Box:Folder 4:224

Skinner, Otis

Box:Folder 4:225

Sothern, E. H.

Box:Folder 4:226

Sousa, John Philip

Box:Folder 4:227

Spalding, Albert

Box:Folder 4:228

St. Denis, Ruth

Box:Folder 4:229

Stanislavsky, Kinstantin

Box:Folder 4:230

Stevens, Ashton

Box:Folder 4:231

Stock, F. A.

Box:Folder 4:232

Stojowski, Sigismond

Box:Folder 4:233

Stokowski, Leopold

Box:Folder 4:234

Stokowski, Olga S.

Box:Folder 4:235

Strange, Michael

Box:Folder 4:236

Strauss, Richard

Box:Folder 4;237

Stravinsky, Igor

Box:Folder 4:238

Sullivan, Arthur

Box:Folder 4:239

Sylva, Marguerita

Box:Folder 4:240

Talmadge, Norma

Box:Folder 4:241

Taylor, Deems

Box:Folder 4:242

Taylor, Laurette

Box:Folder 4:243

Terry, Ellen

Box:Folder 4:244

Tetrazzini, Luisa

Box:Folder 4:245

Teyte, Maggie

Box:Folder 4:246

Thibaud, Jacques

Box:Folder 4:247

Tibbet, Lawrence

Box:Folder 4:248

Tree, Iris

Box:Folder 4:249

Toscanini, Arturo

Box:Folder 4:250

Tyler, George C.

Box:Folder 4:251

Ulanova, Galina

Box:Folder 4:252

Van Druten, John

Box:Folder 4:253

Vanbrugh, Irene

Box:Folder 4:254

Veiller, Bayard

Box:Folder 4:255

Verne, Adela

Box:Folder 4:256

Victoria, Vesta

Box:Folder 4:257

Wadsworth, Mary Mannering

Box:Folder 4:258

Wagner, Charles

Box:Folder 4:259

Wagner, Friedelind

Box:Folder 4:260

Warde, Frederick

Box:Folder 4:261

Warren, Leonard

Box:Folder 4:262

Watters, Gordon W.

Box:Folder 4:263

Whitty, Dame May

Box:Folder 4:264

Wood, Peggy

Box:Folder 4:265

Woods, A. H.

Box:Folder 4:266

Woollcott, Alexander

Box:Folder 4:267

Wright, Cobina

Box:Folder 4:268

Yurka, Blanche


Series 1, Subseries B:  Miscellaneous. 1926-1963

Box:Folder 5:269

Mass, Color, Life: The Russians Make Brilliant Beginning, [re: Russian Ballet], Boston Transcript January 18, 1926

Box:Folder 5:270

Testing Memories of Music Lovers, [re: music memory contests sponsored by women's clubs], Chicago Sunday Tribune February 21, 1926

Box:Folder 5:271

Ancient Town to Celebrate:Carcassonne, in France, Now 2000 Years of Age..., ; Carcassone to Celebrate 2000th Birthday, Los Angeles Times; Los Angeles School Journal [1928?]

Box:Folder 5:272

The Theatre, New Yorker January 19, 1929

Box:Folder 5:273

Ballet Theater Includes this City in Tour by Isabel Morse Jones, Los Angeles Times September 6, 1942

Box:Folder 5:274

[Newspaper picture of La Scala Theatre in Milan after allied attack], New York Times Sept. 11, 1943

Box:Folder 5:275

Britten's New Opera Potent, by Patterson Greene [ re: the Metropolitan Opera Production of Peter Grimes], Los Angeles Examiner April 16, 1948

Box:Folder 5:276

Di Stefano Artistry Hailed, by Patterson Greene [re: Manon at the Shrine Auditorium], Los Angeles Examiner April 21, 1948

Box:Folder 5:277

The Book Report, by Robert Kirsch [re: All the King's Ladies by John Harold Wilson], September 18, 1958

Box:Folder 5:278

Historic Chords Cover Keyboard, by Albert Goldberg. (Book review: The Great Pianists: From Mozart to the Present) Los Angeles Times December 22, 1963


Series 2: Programs. 1895-1963

Series Description

This series consists of programs for plays, movies, symphonies.
Box:Folder 14ov:1

Abbey's Theatre. The Chieftain; MacBeth beginning October 21, 1895; beginning Oct. 29, 1895

Box:Folder 5:1

Aida. Opera in four acts by Giusepe Verde. 2 copies October 26, 1955

Box:Folder 5:2

Anderson, Dame Judith, in the Major Scenes from MacBeth, Tower Beyond Tragedy, Medea. Huntington Hartford Theatre, opening Nov. 13, 1961.

Box:Folder 5:3

Ariadne auf Naxos. Opera in one act with prologue by Richard Strauss. 3 copies. Nov. 1 1957

Box:Folder 5:4

Auditorium [Los Angeles theater]. Program for La Tosca, Otello, Rigoletto, and Barber of Seville. Undated

Box:Folder 5:5

Auntie Mame. A new comedy by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee. Biltmore Theatre 1958

Box:Folder 5:6

Ben-Hur. By General Lew Wallace. Produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer 1926

Box:Folder 5:7

Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward. Biltmore Theatre. Undated

Box:Folder 5:8

Bolshoi Ballet. Shrine Auditorium May 19 through 30, 1959 and October 5 through October 16, 1962

Box:Folder 5:9

Boris Godounoff. Music drama in four acts...by Modeste Moussorgsky. n.y. Monday, Nov. 5

Box:Folder 5:10

British American War Relief Fund. Century Theatre. February 1st, 1916

Box:Folder 5:11

Callas, Maria Meneghini with symphony orchestra, Nicola Rescigno conductor. Shrine Auditorium. November 29, 1958

Box:Folder 5:12

The Carmelites. Opera in three acts...by Francis Foulenc. 3 copies. Oct. 29 1957

Box:Folder 5:13

Community Civic Music Association of Los Angeles. February 1961

Box:Folder 5:14

The Corn is Green by Emlyn Williams. National Theatre, New York; Biltmore Theatre. May 4, 1941; Undated

Box:Folder 5:15

Cosi' Fan Tutte. Opera in two acts by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. 3 copies Wed. Nov. 6, 1957

Box:Folder 5:16

La Danse. Adeline Genee World-Famed Danseuse Assisted by M. Volinin and Corps de Ballet. (Souvenir program) Undated

Box:Folder 5:17

Dear Liar. A comedy of letters by Mrs. Patrick Campbell and Bernard Shaw. Huntington Hartford Theatre. (2 copies) Opening Nov. 16, 1959.

Box:Folder 5:18

Die Frau ohne Schatten. Opera in three acts by Richard Strauss. November 16 , 1960

Box:Folder 5:19

Die Walkure. Opera in three acts. Music and text by Richard Wagner. November 2, 1949

Box:Folder 14ov:2

Don Giovanni. Opera in two acts by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Metropolitan Opera House. Jan. 13, 1899

Box:Folder 5:20

Don Giovanni. Opera in two acts by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. 2 copies. November 5, 1955 and October 28, 1962

Box:Folder 14ov:3

Donna Diana. A Spanish comedy of Moreto, adapted by Westland Marston. Globe Theatre Boston. Featuring Modjeska. March 1st to 6th, 1886

Box:Folder 5:21

Elektra. Opera in one act by Richard Strauss. 1958 1958

Box:Folder 5:22

Faust by Goethe. Pilgrimage Outdoor Theatre, Los Angeles. Also clippings from the Los Angles Times and Los Angeles Examiner. 1938

Box:Folder 5:23

Garden District. [By] Tennessee Williams. Nov. 1958

Box:Folder 5:24

Hamlet. Chicago Opera House. Edwin Booth as Hamlet and [Helena] Modjeska as Ophelia March 17, 1890 March 17, 1890

Box:Folder 5:25

Hamlet. 1958

Box:Folder 5:26

Heifetz-Piatigorsky Concerts with Leonard Pennario and guests. Scottish Rite-Masonic Temple September 14, 22, 29, No Year

Box:Folder 14ov:4

Henschel, Mr. and Mrs. Georg vocal recital January 10. 1901

Box:Folder 5:27

Henry V by William Shakespeare Oct. 1958

Box:Folder 5:28

I Know My Love. A new play by S. N. Behrman...Biltmore Theatre beginning March 28, No Year

Box:Folder 5:29

Junior Patriots of America. Hippodrome 8 April 1917

Box:Folder 5:30

Leningrad Kirov Ballet. Shrine Auditorium. November 21 through December 3, 1961.

Box:Folder 5:31

Long Day's Journey into Night. [By] Eugene O'Neill. Biltmore Theatre April 28, 1958

Box:Folder 5:32

Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. Symphonies Under the Stars. July 30, 1958

Box:Folder 5:33

MacBeth. Opera in three acts by Giuseppe Verdi. [By] William Shakespeare, February 24; Wednesday Oct. 30 1957; Tuesday Nov. 1

Box:Folder 5:34

A Man for All Seasons by Robert Bolt. Greek Theatre Association, July 22 through August 3, 1963

Box:Folder 5:35

The Man Who Came to Dinner. A new comedy by Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman. Biltmore Theatre Feb. 12, 1940

Box:Folder 5:36

Manon. Opera in five acts. Book by Henri Meilhac and Philippe Gille. Music by Jules Massenet. April 20, 1948

Box:Folder 5:37

Mary Stuart [by] Friedrich Schiller. Biltmore Theatre, beginning Oct. 19, 1959

Box:Folder 5:38

Measure for Measure. Hollis St. Theatre. Modjeska accompanied by Mr. Eben Plympton and Her Own Company. March 26th to March 31st, 1888

Box:Folder 5:39

Medea. Opera in three acts by Luigi Chrubini. Freely adapted from "Medea" of Euripides by Robinson Jeffers Nov. 7 1958

Box:Folder 5:40

The Miracle. Book by Karl Vollmoeller, score by Engelbert Humperdinck, The Theatre International Seasons 1926-1927

Box:Folder 5:41

Das Mirakel von Carl Vollmoeller, mufic von Engelbert Humperdinck. Undated

Box:Folder 5:43

Modjeska, Helena. Performances at the Garrick Theater, two weeks beginning. Camille and Measure for Measure. October 7, 1895

Box:Folder 5:44

Moiseyev Dance Company. Shrine Auditorium. May 24-29 1958

Box:Folder 5:45

Moscow State Symphony. Shrine Auditorium. February 17 and 18, 1960

Box:Folder 14ov:5

Music Hall, Founded by William Carnegie. Sixteenth Season. 1893-1894

Box:Folder 5:46

My Fair Lady. Adapted from Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion. Books and Lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner. Music by Frederick Loewe. Los Angeles Civic Light Opera Association. Philharmonic Auditorium.

Box:Folder 5:47

Il Nerone de Arrigo Boito. 1924.

Box:Folder 5:48

Nude with Violin by Noel Coward. Belasco Theatre, premiere performance; Huntington Hartford Theatre. (2 copies); Also a menu from the Hotel Algonquin: "The Algonquin warmly welcomes Noel Coward[,] the Company and Friends on the opening of `Nude with Violin'" Nov. 14, 1957; two 1957 newspaper clippings; letter from Peggy Wood to Lester [Donahue] Nov. 14, 1957; March 11, 1958; Npv.14, 1957; 1957; Undated

Box:Folder 6:49

The Old Vic Company in a repertory of plays by William Shakespeare and George Bernard Shaw. Orpheum Theatre. April 17 through May 5, 1962.

Box:Folder 6:50

Paderewski. Twentieth American tour. Souvenir Program. Shrine Auditorium, April 2, 1939 and April 9, 1939. April 2, 1939 and April 9, 1939

Box:Folder 6:51

Paris '90. Music and lyrics by Kay Swift. (Cornelia Otis Skinner in Her New Solo Production) Undated

Box:Folder 6:52

Peter Grimes. Opera in three acts and prologue. From the poem of George Crabbe. Words by Montagu Slater. Music by Benjamin Britten. 2 copies. April 15, 1948

Box:Folder 6:53

The Pleasure of His Company. A comedy by Samuel Taylor with Cornelia Otis Skinner with John Napier, Carolyn Groves. Biltmore Theatre Feb. 29, 1960

Box:Folder 6:54

Reinhardt, Max. Gilbert Miller presents Max Reinhardt New York Repertory Season, Signed by Reinhardt. 1927-1928

Box:Folder 14ov:6

Der Ring des Nibelungen by Richard Wagner. Jan. 12th - Feb. 16th, No Year

Box:Folder 14ov:7

Romeo et Juliette. Metropolitan Opera House. Supplementary season of Grand Opera. April 1, No Year

Box:Folder 6:55

Friday Oct. 28 [1955?] 2 copies

Sunday Oct. 27 [1957?] 3 copies

Box:Folder 6:56

Rubinstein, Artur. Undated

Box:Folder 6:57

Russian Ballet, Royal Opera Covent Garden. July 2-10, 1920.

Box:Folder 6:58

San Francisco Opera. Shrine Auditorium. Southern California Symphony presents the San Francisco Opera; Shrine Auditorium. Southern California Symphony Association presents the San Francisco Opera. October 23 through November 10, 1959.; October 27 through November 19, 1961.

Box:Folder 6:59

San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, Pierre Monteus, conductor. War Memorial Opera House. Tenth Program. February 20-22, 1947

Box:Folder 6:60

Scherzo. By Henry Cruse. Burbank Stage. Undated

Box:Folder 6:61

Sonfín und der Haupttreffer. Theater in der Josefstadt. 1924

Box:Folder 6:62

Testimonial Tendered by Her Friends to Madame Modjeska. Metropolitan Opera House. May 2, 1905

Box:Folder 6:63

Tosca. Opera in three acts by Giacomo Puccini. November 18, 1962

Box:Folder 6:64

Tphigenie. Theater in der Josefstadt . 1928

Box:Folder 6:65

Tristan und Isolde. Opera in three acts. Music and text by Richard Wagner. October 18, 1949

Box:Folder 6:66

Trouilus and Cressida. Opera in three acts by William Walton. Nov. 4, 1955

Box:Folder 6:67

Turandot. Opera in three acts by Giacomo Puccini. Nov. 5, 1957

Box:Folder 14ov:8

Twelfth Night. Globe Theatre (Boston), Featuring Modjeska. March 1-6, 1886

Box:Folder 6:68

Under Two Flags by Paul M. Potter. [A collections of photographic scenes from the play] Cover signed by Blanch Bates. Clippings about Bates are glued to inside front and back covers. 1901

Box:Folder 6:69

The Visit. A play by Friedrich Duerrenmatt. Adapted by Maurice Valency. Biltmore Theatre, beginning (2 copies); Also three newspaper clippings about the performance. Nov. 17, 1959; Nov. 18-19, 1959

Box:Folder 6:70

Wozzeck. Opera in three acts by Alban Berg. Undated


Series 3: Serials. 1894-1934

Series Description

This series consists of journals and magazines concerning the arts that Lester Donahue collected. The titles are arranged alphabetically.
Box:Folder 7:1

Comoedia, anno 6, no. 9 . May 10, 1924

Box:Folder 14ov:9

Eikones. Undated

Box:Folder 7:2-4

The Marie Burroughs Art Portfolio of Stage Celebrities, parts 1-14. 1894

Box:Folder 7:5

Paris Comet, vol. 2, no. 4 . [There is a picture of Lester Donahue on p. 47] September 1928

Box:Folder 7:6

The Philharmonic Review, vol. 9, no. 2 . November 1911

Box:Folder 7:7

Social Service Review. 1937-1939

vol. 1, no. 1 (October 1937). See p. 12: "Stokowski" by Lester Donahue

vol. 1, no. 4 (May 1938). See p. 10: "Artur Rubinstein" by Lester Donahue

vol. 2, no. 1 (October 1938). See p. 11: "Little Old Los Angeles" by Lester Donahue

vol. 2, no. 2 (December 1938). See p. 7: "Little Old Los Angeles" by Lester Donahue (continued from October issue)

vol. 2, no. 3 (March 1939). See p. 7: "Little Old Los Angeles" by Lester Donahue (continued from December issue).

vol. 2, no. 4 (May 1939). See p. 9: "Little Old Los Angeles" by Lester Donahue (the fourth and concluding article by Mr. Donahue on the theater in early days of Los Angeles)

Box:Folder 14ov:10

Le Theatré et Comoedia Illustré, 27 anneé, no. 33 . May 1, 1924


Series 4: Book Jackets. Undated

Series Description

This series consists of book jackets that Lester Donahue collected. The titles are arranged alphabetically.
Box:Folder 7:1

Costain, Thomas B. The Silver Chalice. Undated

Box:Folder 7:2

Falk, Bernard. Rachel The Immortal. Undated

Box:Folder 7:3

Fisher, Anne B. Cathedral in the Sun. Undated

Box:Folder 7:4

Nijinsky, Romola. The Diary of Vaslav Nijinsky. Undated

Box:Folder 7:5

Sheean, Vincent. Oscar Hammerstein 1: The Life an Exploits of an Impresario. Undated

Box:Folder 7:6

Sichel, Pierre. The Jersey Lily: The Story of the Fabulous Mrs. Langtry. Undated

Box:Folder 7:7

Thomas, Augustus. The Print of My Remembrance. Undated

Box:Folder 7:8

Woon, Basil. The Real Sarah Bernhardt Whom Her Audiences Never Knew. Undated


Series 5: Portraits. 1894-1934

Series Description

This series consists of portraits concerning the arts that Lester Donahue collected. The titles are arranged alphabetically.

Series 5, Subseries A:  General 1841-1948

Box:Folder 1ov:1

Alvares, Margarite d' [?], photograph, 21 x 15 cm. Inscribed "To Lester...." Undated

Box:Folder 1ov:2

Bernhardt, Sarah, (printed picture), framed 17 x 11 cm. "Sarah Bernhardt 1891" written under picture. 1891

Box:Folder 1ov:3

Campbell, Mrs. Patrick, photograph, framed 22 x 15 cm. "When I was young!" above picture. "Ophelia" and an inscription to Donahue written below picture. On back of frame: "Mrs. Patrick Campbell. Her Christmas card." 1932

Box:Folder 1ov:4

Duse, Eleanora (printed picture), framed 37 x 17 cm. On verso: "Eleanora Duse looks out over the dead city, in the play La Citta Morta." Undated

Box:Folder 1ov:5

Duse, Eleanora, photograph, framed 16 x 11 cm. Undated

Box:Folder 1ov:6

Hammond, John Hays, photograph, framed 23 x 15 cm. Undated

Box:Folder 1ov:7

Hofmann [?], Josef, printed photograph?, 16 x 11 cm. Written on image: "To Lester Donahue with best greetings and wishes. Josef Hofmann [?]. Los Angeles 1948." 1948

Box:Folder 2ov:8

Mossell, Herndon, 18 x 26 cm. Inscription under photograph: "Madame Helena Modjeska as a small token of respect and friendship for her ardent admirer Herdon Mossell. On Verso: "To my dear and kind friend. Helena Modjeska from hers my truly Herndon Mossell. London, Eng. July 20th 1880." Undated

Box:Folder 2ov:9

Paderewski, I. J., print of sketch?, framed 34 x 29 cm. Written under picture: "To Lester Donahue with every good wish from I. J. Paderewski...1939. 1939


Series 5, Subseries B:  Helena Modjeska 1883-1901

Box:Folder 4ov:19

Print of sketch, 26 x 20 cm. “Helena Modjeska” printed under image. Mounting board Undated

Box:Folder 4ov:20

Photograph, framed 23 x 12 cm. “Helena Modjeska” written under photograph. Undated

Box:Folder 4ov:21

Printed picture, framed 23 x 17 cm. On verso: “Madame Modjeska as `Mary Stuart’ Undated

Box:Folder 4ov:22

Printed picture, framed 20 x 15 cm. On verso: “Madame Modjeska as `Ophelia’ Undated

Box:Folder 4ov:23

Printed picture (lithograph?) Undated

Box:Folder 4ov:24

Photograph, mounted 31 x 26 cm. “Home of Madame Modjeska, Bay Island” Undated

Box:Folder 5ov:25

Photograph [?] of sketch, in oval frame, 35 x 30 cm. Written on verso: “Modjeska in private life--artist Wyatt Eaton, 1883 Century Mag.” 1883

Box:Folder 6ov:26

Photograph, framed, 49 x 43 cm. Written on verso: Mme. Helena Modjeska…as Constance in Shakespeare’s “King John” produced in 1901.” 1901

Box:Folder 7ov:27

Photograph, framed, 48 x 43 cm. Undated


Series 6: Lester Donahue Papers. 1894-1934

Series Description

This series consists of papers and letters concerning Lester Donahue's life.
Box:Folder 8ov:1

Lester Donahue’s First Holy Communion certificate. St Vincent’s Church 7 June 1903.

Box:Folder 8ov:2

Certificate appointing Lester Donahue as a member of the Los Angeles Board of Municipal Arts Commissioners. 24 July 1945.

Box:Folder 8ov:3

Certificate appointing Lester Donahue as a member of the Los Angeles Board of Municipal Arts Commissioners. 24 July 1950.

Box:Folder 7:1

Letter, George Arliss to Donahue. April 17, 1933.

Box:Folder 7:2

Letter, Charles L. Wagner to Donahue. February 11, 1939

Box:Folder 7:3

Letter, Elsie Mendl to Donahue. Undated

Box:Folder 7:4

“Letters to my grandmother from her parents in Ireland”: Oct. 1, 1883; Sept. 29, 1852; March 12, 1854; Oct. 25, 1909.

Box:Folder 7:5

“Modjeska Memoir” by Lester Donahue (4 copies)

Box:Folder 7:6

“Poland’s Noblest Daughter” by Lester Donahue


Series 7: Music Undated

Series Description

This series consists of sheet music that belonged to Lester Donahue
Box:Folder 9ov:1

Sheet music in leather folder. Most of the pieces have Helena Modjeska’s name written and/or stamped on the cover. Includes works by John Alden Carpenter, Chopin, Dvorak, and Schubert. Undated.

Box:Folder 9ov:2

Sheet music: Slavische Danze von Anton Dvorak, 1887. “Helena Modjeska” written on cover. Undated

Box:Folder 9ov:3

George Migot, Suite Pour Piano et Orchestre. Handwritten and bound in leather cover. “Lester Donahue” embossed on lower right of cover. Undated.

Box:Folder 9ov:4

Songs. Tom Dobson. Original Mss. [Bound] Undated.


Series 8: Scrapbooks 1907-1940

Series Description

This series consists of two scrapbooks. The first scrapbook highlights Helene Modjeska and the second highlights Lester Donahue's trip to Europe in 1928
Box:Folder 10ov:1

Modjeska Scrapbook. Contains articles and photographs pertaining to the unveiling of the Modjeska statue in Anaheim Park (1935); many printed portraits of Modjeska and her home; various postcards addressed to Lester Donahue; a letter from Helena Modjeska to Mrs. Donahue (Lester Donahue’s mother); two letters from Modjeska to Anna Feld Heinrich (1907); one letter from Charles Modjeska (grandson of Helena Modjeska) to Lester Donahue (1940); articles about Helena Modjeska’s funeral (April 12, 1909). 1907-1940

Box:Folder 15ov:1

Scrapbook of Lester Donahue’s 1928 European concert tour. The scrapbook contains snapshots and postcards of Paris and cities in Italy that Donahue visited on this tour. Purchased in 2001. Accession # 2002.50. 1928


Series 9: Artifacts 1893-1937

Series Description

This series consists of artifacts that belonged to Donahue, many once belonged to Helena Modjeska.
Box:Folder 11ov:1

Ribbon: Remembrance of First Holy Communion, St. Vincent’s Church Undated

Box:Folder 11ov:2

Ribbon: Boys Sodality of the Blessed Virgin, St. Vincent’s Church, Los Angeles, Undated

Box:Folder 11ov:3

Medal: Municipal Art Commission, City of Los Angeles (in small hinged case) Undated

Box:Folder 11ov:4

Small metal curved container with loose metal sculpture in the shape of a flower inside. Undated

Box:Folder 11ov:5

Round photograph of an unidentified man made into a pin. Undated

Box:Folder 11ov:6

Small metal figure of an angel slaying a dragon. Undated

Box:Folder 11ov:7

Small wooden carved crucifixes Undated

Box:Folder 11ov:8

Small gold pin with moon (“L.A.H.S.”) and star (“10”) Undated

Box:Folder 11ov:9

Straight gold pin with three small round metals attached Undated

Box:Folder 11ov:10

8 glass table place holders (?) Undated

Box:Folder 11ov:11

Two bronze Lincoln bookends. “Lincoln, 1809-1865.” Undated

Box:Folder 12ov:12

Pin cushion decorated with beads “From Niagara Falls 1893” 1893

Box:Folder 12ov:13

Helena Modjeska’s carved wooden music box. “Mont Pelerin” carved on cover. Note in box says “Music box (Helena’s) from Father and Virge in 1938. (Mount Pellerin) [sic] engraved on box front--not sure where box was purchased--in Poland or Amerika. Anelka [?]” Note also refers to the handkerchief (see next item): “Madame Helena Modjeska. Helena’s Handkerchief--I carried it when I was married. (From Poland.) Ralph and I married 1938--Witnesses[:] Virginia G. Modjeska[,] Lorena Weis. 1938

Box:Folder 12ov:14

Helena Modjeska’s handkerchief. (See note above, following music box.) Undated

Box:Folder 12ov:15

Helena Modjeska’s palette Undated

Box:Folder 13ov:16

Helena Modjeska’s candle holder. Note taped to bottom: “Candle holder belonged to Madame Helena Modjeska--Polish Shakespearean actress. Mother of Ralph Modjeska, Engineer on San Francisco Bridge, 1936-1937. 1936-1937

Box:Folder 14ov:1-10

This box contains oversized materials from Series Two (Programs) and Series Three (Serials). The materials are itemized above, under the lists for the two series. Undated

Box:Folder 15ov:1

This box contains a scrapbook of Donahue’s 1928 European tour from Series Eight. 1928