Inventory of the Nicaragua newspaper collection

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Title: Nicaragua newspaper collection
Date (inclusive): 1979-1994
Collection Number: 2019C104
Contributing Institution: Hoover Institution Library and Archives
Language of Material: Spanish; Castilian
Physical Description: 60 oversize boxes (98.4 Linear Feet)
Abstract: The newspapers in this collection were originally collected by the Hoover Institution Library and transferred to the Archives in 2019. The Nicaragua newspaper collection (1979-1994) comprises five different titles of publication, in both Spanish and English. All of the titles within this collection have been further analyzed in Stanford University Libraries catalog.
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Library & Archives


The collection is open for research; materials must be requested in advance via our reservation system. If there are audiovisual or digital media material in the collection, they must be reformatted before providing access.


Due to the assembled nature of this collection, copyright status varies across its scope. Copyright is assumed to be held by the original newspaper publications, which should be contacted wherein public domain has not yet passed. The Hoover Institution can neither grant nor deny permission to publish or reproduce materials from this collection.

Acquisition Information

Materials were acquired by the Hoover Institution Archives in 2019 from the Hoover Institution Library.

Preferred Citation

The following information is suggested along with your citation: [Title/Date of Publication], Nicaragua newspaper collection [Box no.], Hoover Institution Library & Archives.

Historical Note

The Hoover Institution's collecting history regarding newspapers spans over 80 years. Newspapers became an integral core component of the "Hoover War Collection" soon after it was established in 1919 as a repository of materials on World War I and the states and societies involved in it. The subsequent widening of focus to cover the themes of "War, Revolution, and Peace" caused the collection to grow further in scope and volume into a variety of directions.
As a result, over the course of 80 years, thousands of newspaper titles from close to a hundred different countries were collected. They document major political and historical events, such as military conflicts and wars, the collapse of political systems, states, and empires, the establishment of radical and revolutionary regimes, and the corollaries of all these developments, including economic crises, famines, and migration for political reasons.
In 2000-2001, the Hoover Library's newspaper collection activities came to an almost complete halt. Around that time, the "realignment" of library activities and collections at Stanford saw the transfer of more than 2,000 newspaper titles from specific (mostly non-European) countries from the Hoover Library to other libraries at Stanford. Moreover, prior to the realignment, a significant but unknown volume of paper copies of newspapers (including many Russian/Soviet titles) were discarded after being microfilmed.
In totality, the remaining paper copies of newspapers at Hoover - excluding microfilm holdings - comprise more than 5,000 unique titles, of which at least many hundreds can be considered rare or very rare. These remaining newspaper collections at Hoover contain materials dating from all periods of the 20th century, with some titles reaching back into the 19th century. While the variety and diversity of papers is considerable, most titles fall into one of three groups: 1) general daily and weekly newspapers; 2) party and propaganda newspapers; 3) newspapers addressing national or ethnic minorities, émigré newspapers, veterans' papers, professional and union papers.
The largest number of newspaper runs include copies from the first half of the 20th century. Newspapers from this period illuminate in particular the two world wars and their consequences as well as political, social, and economic developments in Europe and beyond, including the rise of Socialist, right-wing, and Fascist ideologies and movements. Among the late 20th century holdings, a significant number of papers reflect political change in various regions, most prominently the end of Socialist and Communist regimes in Eastern Europe, but also revolutionary or radical political movements in non-European states, e.g. in Latin America.
Very few holdings of individual newspaper titles possess complete or near-complete runs. However, in cases of gaps, supplementation can sometimes be found in the form of microfilm copies available at the Hoover Library or holdings at Stanford University Libraries.

Scope and Contents

The Nicaragua newspaper collection (1914-1990) consists of five (5) Spanish and English-language unique titles. Further analyzed title information can be found in Stanford University Libraries catalog.

Arrangement Statement

The Nicaragua newspaper collection has been organized into five (5) series, one for each title within the collection. The titles, publication information, and Hoover-held date ranges are: 1. Barricada. (Managua : El Frente, 1979-1994); 2. Barricada international . (Managua: Sandinista National Liberation Front, 1983-1992); 3. El nicaragüense. (Managua: C. Vivas Rojas, 1990-1992); 4. El nuevo diario. (Managua: Xavier Chamorro, 1980-1991); and 5. La prensa. (Managua, 1980-1992).
You will also notice a string of numbers within the series information. These numbers represent the library catalog ID for that particular newspaper title. If input into Stanford's library catalog you will be directed to the full catalog record. We have preserved this information within our finding aid for both the benefit and ease of the researcher, as well as our intention to utilize it via automated linking in the future.
The materials in this collection are part of an Offsite Move Project spanning 2018-2019. The items were acquired from the Hoover Institution Library as "news collections" and were originally housed, unboxed, on shelves via their call number (normally a country) and ordered alphabetically by title. In some cases, newspapers were not assigned a particular country, but instead a language designation.
Upon transfer to the Archives, the collection's materials were housed in archival boxes according to size, and afforded item level descriptive information. Intellectual arrangement was then imposed to each collection both alphabetically by title and chronologically by date. When searching for a title alphabetically it is important to remember that all initial articles, particularly ones used in varying languages, are excluded in alphabetical arrangement, and the title is organized based on the first word (despite the initial article still remaining at the beginning of the title). The formatting of the dates preserves the packet title holdings information, which was the format used by Hoover Library Staff for decades. As a result, some dates may appear out of order by month. In the 1980s, Hoover grew less detailed in their capturing of holdings information, resulting in generalized statements of "many issues missing" or sometimes not recording a missing issue at all.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Nicaraguan newspapers


Barricada. (Managua : El Frente, 1979-1994) 13243553

box 8

Barricada (Managua) 1980

box 17

Barricada (Managua) 1984

box 19

Barricada (Managua) 1985

box 18

Barricada (Managua) 1986

box 27

Barricada (Managua) 1991

box 18

Barricada (Managua) 1994

box 7

Barricada (Managua) 1979:Jul 25-Oct 23

Scope and Contents

Some issues missing
box 7

Barricada (Managua) 1979:Nov 1-Dec 30

Scope and Contents

Some issues missing
box 9

Barricada (Managua) 1980:Jan-Mar

Scope and Contents

Missing:Jan 1-7
box 11

Barricada (Managua) 1980:Jul 16-Aug 31

box 10

Barricada (Managua) 1980:Nov-Dec

Scope and Contents

Missing:Nov 28, Dec 2, 8, 27
box 10

Barricada (Managua) 1980:Sep-Oct

box 11

Barricada (Managua) 1981:Apr 1-14, 20-23, 25-30, May 1-18, Jul 28-31, Aug 1-3, 20

box 12

Barricada (Managua) 1981:Jan 2-Apr 30

box 12

Barricada (Managua) 1981:Jan 2-Mar 30

Scope and Contents

Missing:Jan 6-31, Feb 1-9
box 13

Barricada (Managua) 1981:May 1-Dec 15

box 15

Barricada (Managua) 1982:Jan-Jun

box 14

Barricada (Managua) 1982:Jul-Dec

box 16

Barricada (Managua) 1983:Jan-Jun

box 20

Barricada (Managua) 1983:Jul-Dec

box 21

Barricada (Managua) 1987-1988

box 29

Barricada (Managua) 1989:Dec

box 19

Barricada (Managua) 1989:Jan-Feb

box 26

Barricada (Managua) 1989:Jun-Aug

box 25

Barricada (Managua) 1989:Mar-May

box 28

Barricada (Managua) 1989:Sep-Nov

box 22

Barricada (Managua) 1990:Jan-Aug

box 23

Barricada (Managua) 1990:Nov-Dec

box 24

Barricada (Managua) 1990:Sep-Oct


Barricada international . (Managua: Sandinista National Liberation Front, 1983-1992) 13243561

box 3

Barricada international (Managua) 1983:Jan 10-Dec 26

box 3

Barricada international (Managua) 1984:Jan-Oct

box 4

Barricada international (Managua) 1985:May-Dec

box 4

Barricada international (Managua) 1986:Jan-May

box 4

Barricada international (Managua) 1987:Aug-Dec

box 5

Barricada international (Managua) 1988

box 6

Barricada international (Managua) 1989

box 4

Barricada international (Managua) 1990:Jan-Jun

box 5

Barricada international (Managua) 1990:Jul-Dec

box 6

Barricada international (Managua) 1991

box 6

Barricada international (Managua) 1992:Jan-Dec, 1993:Jan-May


El nicaragüense. (Managua: C. Vivas Rojas, 1990-1992) 13243567

box 1

El nicaragüense (Managua) 1990:Nov-1991:Aug

Processing Information

box 2

El nicaragüense (Managua) 1990-1992


El nuevo diario. (Managua: Xavier Chamorro, 1980-1991) 13243633

box 30

El nuevo diario (Managua) 1980

box 31

El nuevo diario (Managua) 1981

box 32

El nuevo diario (Managua) 1982

box 30

El nuevo diario (Managua) 1983

box 29

El nuevo diario (Managua) 1984

box 33

El nuevo diario (Managua) 1985

box 33

El nuevo diario (Managua) 1986

box 34

El nuevo diario (Managua) 1987

box 34

El nuevo diario (Managua) 1988-1989

box 34

El nuevo diario (Managua) 1990-1991


La prensa. (Managua, 1980-1992) 13243637

box 35

La prensa (Managua) 1980-1983

box 35

La prensa (Managua) 1984

box 36

La prensa (Managua) 1985-1991

box 37

La prensa (Managua) 1988:Apr-Jun

box 36

La prensa (Managua) 1987:Oct-Dec

box 37

La prensa (Managua) 1988:Jan-Mar

box 41

La prensa (Managua) 1988:Jul-Sep

box 38

La prensa (Managua) 1988:Oct-Dec

box 39

La prensa (Managua) 1989:Jan-Mar

box 40

La prensa (Managua) 1989:Apr-Jun

box 43

La prensa (Managua) 1989:Jul-Sep

box 46

La prensa (Managua) 1989:Oct-Dec

box 42

La prensa (Managua) 1990:Jan-Feb

Scope and Contents

Missing:Feb 14
box 38

La prensa (Managua) 1990:Jun

box 45

La prensa (Managua) 1990:Jul-Sep

box 44

La prensa (Managua) 1990:Oct-Dec

box 47

La prensa (Managua) 1991:Jan-Mar

box 48

La prensa (Managua) 1991:Apr-May

box 39

La prensa (Managua) 1991:Jun

box 51

La prensa (Managua) 1991:Jul-Aug

box 49

La prensa (Managua) 1991:Sep

box 49

La prensa (Managua) 1991:Oct

box 53

La prensa (Managua) 1991:Nov-Dec

box 52

La prensa (Managua) 1992:Jan-Feb

box 54

La prensa (Managua) 1992:Mar-Apr

box 50

La prensa (Managua) 1992:May-Jun

box 55

La prensa (Managua) 1992:Jul

box 56

La prensa (Managua) 1992:Aug

box 57

La prensa (Managua) 1992:Sep

box 58

La prensa (Managua) 1992:Oct

box 59

La prensa (Managua) 1992:Nov

box 60

La prensa (Managua) 1992:Dec