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Lagerquist (Roger) Isla Vista history collection
SBHC Mss 107  
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Personal and biographical files

box 6

Aristo slipstick 1954

box 4, folder 1

Family chronology and biography undated



box 4, folder 19

Correspondence - Leslie Baird 1988-1989

box 4, folder 20-21

General correspondence 1968-2008





box 1, folder 1

Santa Barbara County (Calif). Master Plan of Bikeways for Goleta Valley (An Element of the Santa Barbara County General Plan) Santa Barbara: California: The Commission June 1968

box 1, folder 2

Santa Barbara County (Calif). Isla Vista 1968: Analysis of Population and Housing Distribution September 1968

box 1, folder 3

University of California, Santa Barbara. Ward Memorial and the Goleta Slough Santa Barbara, California: University of California, Santa Barbara Office of Architects and Engineers 1968-11-04

box 1, folder 4

Trow, Martin and the University of California, Berkeley. Report of the Commission on Isla Vista. (Trow Report). 1970-10-09

box 1

Santa Barbara County (Calif.). Public Services Allocation Study. Phase I Report Santa Barbara, California 1971

box 1, Folder 5

Committee of Isla Visa Planning Commission. Proposal and Report of Isla Vista Traffic Committee January 1971

box 1, folder 6-9

Niederkorn, John. Incorporation Feasibility Study. Isla Vista, California. Isla Vista Economic Commission February 1971

box 1, folder 10

Hutchins, Eric. Prospectus for a Community Owned and Operated Printing Workshop. The University- Community Projects Committee 1971-03-05

box 1, folder 11

Isla Vista Governmental Study. Preliminary Report to the Community Isla Vista Governmental Study 1971-04-27

box 1, folder 12

Younger J, Evelle. A Summary Report of the Isla Vista Investigation by the Office of the Attorney General: A Summary of the Investigation into Allegations of Police Misconduct during the Civil Disturbance in Isla Vista in June 1970 1971-05-21

box 1, folder 13

Jacobson, Leo J. Report of the Isla Vista Governmental Study Phase I. Isla Vista, California 1971-05-28

box 1, folder 14

McCollum, J. David. Population Diversity in Isla Vista. Isla Vista, California: Planning Office. 1971-11-15

box 1, folder 15-16

Holmes, Byron Jr. Isla Vista: Designs for a New Townscape Isla Vista, California: Isla Vista Planning 1971-12-20


There are two copies of this publication.
box 1, folder 17

Smith F. Benjamin. Isla Vista: Population Holding Capacities Isla Vista, California: Planning Office 1972-04-14


There are two copies of this report.
box 1, folder 18-21

Isla Vista (Calif.). Isla Vista Transportation Study Isla Vista, California 1972-07-14

box 1, folder 22

Belilove, Jim, Jacobson Leo, and Lakey, Ted. Isla Vista Government Study: the City of Isla Vista. Questions and Answers. 1972-08-01

box 1, folder 23

Atwater, Susan Gwen. Isla Vista Zoning Study with Recommendation for Architectural Design Guidelines. Isla Vista, California: Isla Vista Planning Office August 1972

box 1, folder 24

Bollens, John C. and Wilber E. Smith. The University of California, Santa Barbara and the South Coast Region of Santa Barbara County: Local Governmental Alternatives Los Angeles, California: University of California Press 1973-01-04

box 2, folder 1

Henderson, John Robert. Recommendations for Isla Vista Planning Santa Barbara: Vice Chancellor for Student Services and Isla Vista Affairs, University of California. 1973

box 2, folder 2

Simpson, Andrew. Isla Vista Population Study. Isla Vista, California: Planning Office 1973-06-05

box 2, folder 3

Isla Vista Community Council. The Proposal for the Incorporation of Isla Vista 1975-09-10

box 2, folder 4

Biophila Associates. The Future of Isla Vista Transportation: A Comprehensive Analysis of Alternatives Campus Press: A.S Printing 1975-09-15

box 2

University of California, Santa Barbara. University of California, Santa Barbara Long Range Development Plan: Coastal Plan, Draft. Santa Barbara, California: The Office. March 1979

box 2, folder 5

Miscellaneous newspaper clippings found in the University of California, Santa Barbara Long Range Development Plan: Coastal Plan, Draft. Santa Barbara, California: The Office. March 1979

box 2, folder 6

University of California, Santa Barbara. Draft Environmental Impact Report Faculty Housing Project. Santa Barbara, California: The University. 1984-02-08

box 5

Envicom Corporation. Isla Vista Incorporation Feasibility Study with Comments on Draft EIR (84-EIR-22). Calabasas Park, California: Envicom Corporation. 1984-12-05

box 2, folder 7

Santa Barbara County (Calif.) Isla Vista Planning and Zoning Study. Public Hearing Draft March 1986

box 2, folder 8

Santa Barbara County (Calif.) Isla Vista Planning and Zoning Study. Final Hearing Draft June 1988

box 2, folder 9

Santa Barbara County (Calif.) Isla Vista Planning and Zoning Study. Revised Final Hearing Draft 1988

box 2, folder 10

University of California, Berkeley, Santa Barbara (Calif.), Santa Barbara County (Calif.), Citizens for Goleta Valley, Citizens Planning Association, and Isla Vista Association. Proposed Mitigation Implementation Agreement Between the Regents of the University of California and the City and County of Santa Barbara, Citizens for Goleta Valley, Citizens Planning Association, and the Isla Vista Association. University of California, Santa Barbara Long Range Development Plan [California]: The Regents. 1990-12-03

box 2, folder 11

Santa Barbara County (Calif.) Goleta Master Bikeways Plan: Draft Santa Barbara, California: Planning and Development Department 1994-10-13


Organizational Files


Isla Vista Association

box 3, folder 1-2

Meeting Minutes Notes and Flyers 1969-1997

box 3, folder 3-4

Newsletters 1968-10-01-1978-02-01

box 3, folder 5-6

Newsletter Mockup Pages 1975-1985


Isla Vista Community Council

box 3, folder 7

Flyers and Organizational Files undated

box 3, folder 8

Newsletters 1972-1984

box 3, folder 9

Morris, Mona. The Isla Vista Community Council Chapter 1987-09-16


Isla Vista Recreation and Park District

box 3, folder 10

10th Anniversary Isla Vista Homecoming newsletters 1980-02-24

box 3, folder 11

Budget Documentation and Report 1987-07-28

box 3, folder 12

Organizational Files, Flyers, and Clippings 1987

box 3, folder 13

Perfect Park Committee Files 1995-11-08

box 3, folder 14

Isla Vista Housing Project - newsletters and notices 1983-1988




Santa Barbara News Press

box 3, folder 18-25

Newspaper Clippings - Isla Vista Observer 1990-1992


Many of the pieces included were originally submitted by Roger Lagerquist.
flat-oversize 14, folder 1-4

Newspaper pages 1971-1999

flat-oversize 14, folder 5

Goleta Valley Sun. Goleta, Santa Barbara County, Calif: Tom Maurice. 1969-1986

flat-oversize 14, folder 6

Isla Vista Viewpoint 1970

flat-oversize 14, folder 7

Santa Barbara State College, Santa Barbara College, and University of California, Santa Barbara. El Gaucho. Santa Barbara, Calif: Associated Students, Santa Barbara State College 1970

flat-oversize 14, folder 8

Probe. Santa Barbara, California 1970-1974

flat-oversize 14, folder 9

Isla Vista Street Journal 1971

flat-oversize 15, folder 1

Miscellaneous articles on Isla Vista 1972

flat-oversize 15, folder 2

University of California, Santa Barbara. Daily Nexus. Santa Barbara, CA: Nexus Editorial Board 1972-1995

flat-oversize 15, folder 3-4

The Town Crier. Isla Vista, Calif: [Town Crier]. 1973-1975

flat-oversize 15, folder 5

Isla Vista Community Newsletter 1974-1983

flat-oversize 14, folder 6

The Los Angeles Times. [Los Angeles, Calif.]: Times-Mirror Co. 1980

flat-oversize 15, folder 7

University of California, Santa Barbara. The Alternative Newspaper. Santa Barbara: Associated Students, University of California, Santa Barbara. undated

box 3, folder 26-28

Miscellaneous newspaper clippings and flyers undated


Isla Vista

flat-oversize 15, folder 8

Isla Vista maps 1968-1970


Isla Vista burning of Bank of America

box 6, folder 1

Documentation during Isla Vista riots 1970

box 6, folder 2-3

Potter, Robert A., and James J. Sullivan. The campus by the sea where the bank burned down; a report on the disturbances at UCSB and Isla Vista, 1968-70, submitted to the President's Commission on Campus Unrest at the request of Joseph Rhodes, Jr., September 1, 1970. Santa Barbara, Calif: Faculty and Clergy Observer's Program. (copy) 1970

box 6, folder 4

Lundborg, Louis B. 1970. The lessons of Isla Vista. 1970

box 6, folder 5

Gault-Williams, Malcolm. 2004. Don't bank on Amerika. Santa Barbara, Calif: M. Gault-Williams. 13 June 2004

box 6

Loomis, Edward. 1970. Bank burning; a documentary novel from Isla Vista. Santa Barbara [Calif]: Capricorn Press. 1970

box 6

Hanauer, Gary. 1970. The burning of the bank: a white paper on one of the causes. [Place of publication not identified]: [Gary Hanauer]. 1970

box 6

University of California, Santa Barbara. 1970. On the streets of Isla Vista; a study of street and road people in Isla Vista during the summer of 1970. 1970

box 5, folder 3

UCSB policy proposals 1970-1991

flat-oversize 16

Isla Vista Planning Commission. Recommendations for Isla Vista planning. Goleta, Calif: The Commission. 1973

box 5, folder 4-6

Isla Vista incorporation correspondence and reports 1975-1984

box 5, folder 18

Halloween arrest and citation reports 1983-2006

box 5, folder 2

Isla Vista betacam notes 1988 May 30

box 5, folder 9-14

A profile of downtown Isla Vista 1989

box 5, folder 22

General information on Isla Vista 1990-2004


Folder contains general information on the art and transportation of Isla Vista.
box 5, folder 5

UCSB neighborhood support measures for the community of Isla Vista 1990

box 5, folder 20

Perfect Park Memorial Committee - meeting minutes 1995 November 3

box 6, folder 6

Isla Vista mass murder investigative summary 18 February 2015

box 5, folder 23

Self guided walking tour of UCSB and Isla Vista undated

box 5, folder 25

Isla Vista business information and history undated

box 5, folder 1

Isla Vista buttons undated


Folder includes buttons from JIVE, Coast Gaurd, Bikecology, and other political buttons.
box 5, folder 19

Isla Vista flyers and notices undated


Folder contains flyers and notices on politics and health.
box 5, folder 21

Isla Vista slideshow notes and images undated

box 5, folder 16

Isla Vista financial estimates and city statistics undated


Subject files

box 6

Wentworth, G. A. 1892. Wentworth's grammar school arithmetic. [Boston]: [Ginn & Co.]. 1892

flat-oversize 16, folder 4

Railroad air break diagrams April 1917


Brussels World's Fair - Expo 58 1958

box 4

Sudan and Wizārat al-Tijārah wa-al-Ṣināʻah wa-al-Tamwīn. Window on the Sudan. Une fenetre sur le Soudan. Focus op de Soedan 1958


Texts in French, Flemish, English and Arabic.
box 4

Universal and International Exhibition. Planning in the USSR 1958

box 4, folder 4-14

Expo 58 - Brussels World's Fair. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) Pamphlets circa 1958

Language of Material: A majority of the materials are printed in English, Russian, French, and German.


Many of the pamphlets include information regarding the physical sciences.
box 4, folder 15

Expo 58 - Brussels World's Fair. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) Brochures Circa 1958

box 4, folder 16

Expo 58 - Brussels World's Fair. Brochures Circa 1958

box 4, folder 17

Expo 58 - Brussels World's Fair. The Atomium Postcards and Memorabilia 1958

box 16

Putík, Jaroslav. 1958. One day in Czechoslovakia. [Prague]: [SNTL].

flat-oversize 16, folder 1

World fair pamphlets and flyers 1958

flat-oversize 16, folder 2

Woischnik, Bernhard, and Walter Moss. Germany 1958

box 4, folder 18

Clark, Colin. The Real Poductivity of Soviet Russia: A Critical Evaluation. Washington: U.S. Government Printing Office. 1961

box 4, folder 2-3

United States Army and Navy Planes - official photographs undated

box 5, folder 7

Senate bill no. 921 introduced by Senator Lagomarsino 03/15/1972

flat-oversize 16, folder 2

Arend, Guy Franz. Bastogne. 1974

box 5, folder 8

Evangelical Orthodox Church Santa Barbara diocese membership 1984-1987

flat-oversize 16, folder 2

New times a Soviet weekly of world affairs. 1992. Moscow: Newspaper "Trud" 30 July 1974

box 5, folder 17

ARCO coal oil point project undated

box 6, folder 8

West Campus Point University of California Santa Barbara booklet undated

box 3, folder 15-17

Lodise, Carmen, and Carl Sandburg. Isla Vista: A Citizen's History from an Indian Village to the 1990's Isla Vista, CA: Isla Vista Ink. 1990-02-21


Photographs and slides



Album 7

Slides circa 1960s

Album 7

Slides January 1960 - February 1960

Album 7

Slides May 1960

Album 7

Slides June 1960 - July 1960

Album 7

Slides October 1960 - November 1960

Album 7

Slides 1961

Album 7

Slides January 1962

Album 7

Slides April 1962

Album 7

Slides October 1962

Album 7

Slides 1963

Album 7

Fred's wedding slides undated

Album 7

Slides February 1964

Album 7

Slides August 1964

Album 7

Slides December 1964

Album 7

Slides January 1965 - March 1965

Album 7

Slides July 1965

Album 7

Eisen Lutticken, Dudeldorf, Bitburg slides October 1965

Album 7

Wittlich, Rhein, Mossel, Trier, family and friends slides October 1965

Album 7

Miscellaneous slides October 1965

Album 7

Neuland, Baden, Siegelei slides October 1965

Album 8

Germany slides October 1965

Album 8

Kobenhaven, Denmark slides October 1965

Album 8

Sweden slides October 1965

Album 8

Slides December 1965

Album 8

Slides 1966

Album 8

Slides April 1966

Album 8

Slides June 1966 - July 1966

Album 8

Slides January 1967

Album 8

Slides February 1967

Album 8

Slides April, June, and August 1967

Album 8

Slides November 1967

Album 8

Slides 1968

Album 8

Oil spill slides 1969

Album 9

Slides April 1969

Album 9

U.S.S. Princeton slides July 1969

Album 9

Slides July 1969

Album 9

Slides 1969

Album 9

Slides August 1969

Album 9

Manzana slides November 1969

Album 9

Slides April 1970

Album 9

San Francisco slides June 1970

Album 9

Slides September 1970

Album 9

Slides October 1970 - November 1970

Album 9

Slides January 1971 - February 1971

Album 9

Slides March 1971

Album 9

Slides April 1971 - May 1971

Album 9

Slides June 1971

Album 10

Slides July 1971

Album 10

Slides August 1971

Album 10

Slides September 1971

Album 10

Bank burning slides 1970 February 12

Album 10

Disneyland slides 1955, 1971

Album 10

Murals slides 1969-1970

Album 10

Kinkos slides 1971

Album 10

Mural slides 1972

Album 10

Slides 1971

Album 10

Slides October 1971 - December 1971

Album 10

Dome house and Isla Vista curbs January 1973

Album 10

Barbara and Darci Greenwood, Allison Krebs, Jean and Diana Greenwood, Kimo, Leo Jacobson beach walk slides April 1973

Album 11

Slides June 1973

Album 11

Germany (Rhein/Mosel) slides August 1973

Album 11

Tom, Fuher's face slides August 1973

Album 11

Slides August 1973

Album 11

Slides September 1973

Album 11

Slides October 1973

Album 11

Slides 1974

Album 11

Guadalajara, Mexico slides June 1974

Album 11

Kinston, North Carolina; Alexandria, Virginia; Washington D.C.; Tom at Refugio Pass, Dick Forbes, Ruth Hildgard, and flower arrangement slides August 1974

Album 11

Getty Museum slides December 1974

Album 11

New Bern, North Carolina slides November 1974

Album 11

Slides February and June 1975

Album 11

Slides October 1975

Album 11

S.B. shoreline slides October 1975

Album 11

Slides February 1976 - June 1976

Album 12

Slides July 1976

Album 12

AMF police car, Indian painting, Washington D.C. August 1976

Album 12

North Carolina; Boston, Massachusetts; MX missile shelter, neighborhood water fights, Point Sal trip, Parachutists, Tom and Joe November 1976 - December 1976

Album 12

Slides January 1977 - February 1977

Album 12

Cornella, Tom, Barbara, and Jean Hildegard slides April 1977

Album 12

Slides August 1977 - September 1977

Album 12

Slides 1978

Album 12

Ensenada, Mexico slides January 1979 - February 1979

Album 12

NYC Central Park, Harlem, Manhattan, World Trade Center, Statue of Liberty slides February 1979

Album 12

New Orleans and Los Angeles slides March 1979

Album 12

Slides June 1979

Album 13

Paris slides July 1979

Album 13

Germany slides July 1979

Album 13

Slides August 1979

Album 13

Slides December 1979



Album 13

Isla Vista photographs 1964-2014


Photographs include pictures of Isla Vista riots in 1970, Del Playa's foundations in 1998, Halloween in 2009, and Deltopia in 2015.
flat-oversize 16, folder 3

Aerial photographs undated


This folder contains photographs depicting European cities and planes.


Album 10

Bank of America burn images 1970


Audiovisual material

item A29349/CS

21st bank burning anniversary, recorded messages undated

item V9496

I.V riots 1988-05-30


Included in Betacam tape box were notes by Roger Lagerquist regarding tape contents. The notes have been separated and are located in Box 5 within the folder titled "IV Riots. Betacam Notes."
Note alongside tape reads: "5:53-Ch12 Day After. 6:05-Report. 9:25-Vehling Trial. 9:38-KSBY Michelle Gile. 10:11-Kate Bassler pulled off stairway. 10:27-Joe Talamantez Jr shoulder broken. 11:07-Ed Pacino. 11:18-Hal Kopeikin. 15:38-Nuttenback. 16:10-Charge host for costs. 37:00-Reagan Summit Gorbachev "Evil Empire." 42:15-Peter Arnett in Moscow. 42:30-Anti-Moscow Protest. 42:52-Ch 5 Sun, girl shoved. 43:43-Man hit in back. 53:42- Reyt, Sun PM. 54:50-Stormed House. 55:06-Lt Joseph Smith. 55:27-Pulled out of bed. 55:45-White shirt. 56:15-Day after, Scott McKay, Eddie Lambert. 57:02-Justified in any action, felt it was necessary, McKay, asleep in room Michel Gay. 57:50-Capt Ed Piceno decorator brick, talk to I.V community. 58:44-Headers. 59:20-KSBY 63, Capt Piceno, train in psychology of a riot. 1:00:40-Breaking into aprts. 1:00:55-Led Jacobson. 1:03:15-Keyt Team Report. 1:03:15-Matt Markovich halfway house. 1:04:10-Verne Johnson. 1:04:40-noise. 1:05:00-Les Baird. 1:05:20-Judy Malkin, first time. 1:04:40- Dennis Mueller. 1:05:12-Halloween. 1:06:20-Aprts, High rent 1600/mo>2100. 1:07:15-1525/mo Willa Sandmeyer. 1:07:50-Sky Lewis 5% vacant. 1:08:10-Jeff Sutler, density. 1:09:00-UCSB reaction, Everett Kikkelie. 1:10:10-Bill Wallace. 1:11:55-Too Dense. 2:03:38-KEYT Carpender. In house investigation. 2:04:30-Judy Malkin, apts evacuated. 2:05:32-Pressley, asleep. 2:06:00-Ross Blanchard, plans lawsuit, inquiry on 3 issues. 2:05:00-Matt Morkovica. 2:07:35-end."