Finding Aid of the H.S. Church Papers C057757

Finding aid prepared by Lacey Lieberthal
Society of California Pioneers
300 Fourth Street
San Francisco, CA, 94107-1272
(415) 959-1849
June 13, 2012

Title: Church, H.S. Papers
Identifier/Call Number: C057757
Contributing Institution: Society of California Pioneers
Language of Material: English
Physical Description: 1.0 folder (9 checks, 2 envelopes, 2 business cards, 5 letters, 1 authorization, 1 contract, 1 deed)
Date (inclusive): 1882-1893
Abstract: In the folder there are many different types of papers from various dates, most of which fall between 1882 and 1893, although there is one empty envelope from 1929. These papers include: nine checks written from H.S. Church, two empty envelopes (one addressed to Lillie Laddo [?] Church and another to Leonard and McBirney), two of Church's business cards, five letters (four written to H.S. Church and one written to Lillie Laddo Church), one Power of Attorney authorizing H.S. Church as Attorney, one contract for land surveyors, and one warranty deed. Locations included are: San Francisco, Sacramento, El Paso, Texas, and several cities in New Mexico.
creator: Church, H.S.

Existence and Location of Originals note

The Society of California Pioneers, 300 Fourth Street, San Francisco, CA, 94107.

Conditions Governing Access note

Collection open for research.

Conditions Governing Use note

There are no restrictions on access.

Preferred Citation note

H.S. Church Papers. The Society of California Pioneers.


Donor and date of acquisition unkown.

Biographical/Historical note

Since there are so many different types of documents, locations, and people involved in the H.S. Church Papers, it is difficult to discern exactly who he was, where he lived, and what he did from the file. However, it appears as though he spent part of his life in New Mexico (several papers from the cities of Eddy, Roswell, and Santa Fe), El Paso, Texas, Sacramento, and had some connections in San Francisco as well. Included in the folder are two of his business cards from "Metropolitan Theater. Clunie Opera House." in Sacramento. However, he appears to be involved with several surveyors of land, because most of the papers deal with surveys and men who are labeled as such. Included in the papers is also a Power of Attorney, authorizing Church to act as attorney for Charles H. Thomas and William M. Manning. Two of the letters are addressed to Lillie Laddo Church, so perhaps she was his wife or daughter.

Scope and Contents note

There are many different types of papers in this folder; while most of them are dated sometime in between 1882 and 1893, there is one item from a later date (1929).
Eight checks, all signed by H.S. Church: Made out to a variety of people from banks in New Mexico and Texas. The dates of the checks range from 1885-1893, and the amounts range from $16.50-56.59.
Two of Church's business cards ("Metropolitan Theater. Clunie Opera House" in Sacramento).
Empty envelope (April 15, 1888 [?]): Addressed to Lillie Laddo Church, Eddy, New Mexico from the Department of the Interior, United States Land Office of Roswell, New Mexico.
Letter written to H.S. Church, Esq. from John A. Benson (June 9, 1882), Surveyor and Civil Engineer: It appears to discuss issues regarding money and Powers of Attorney.
Three letters written to Church from H.R. Warner (Holden R. Warner): The first letter is from the United States Land Office (May 15, 1885). Warner writes that he should "pull out of here for ?" soon. The second letter is on stationary from Casa del Mar, a hotel in Del Mar, San Diego County, California (March 28, 1887). It is addressed to H.S. Church, Esq. in Santa Fe. Warner writes that he has not spoken to Church in a long time and has something important to discuss with him that also involves their wives. The third letter is from the Office of Warner and Laderer, United States Deputy Surveyors (Santa Fe, N.M., July 9th, 1885). It discusses sales of various items and mutual friends, and it is written that if Church "comes up," he can share a room with Warner.
Check from H.S. Church to F.F. Fetnam (Eddy, N.M., December 2, 1890): From El Paso National Bank.
Letter written to Lillie Laddo Church of Eddy, New Mexico, from the United States Land Office (Roswell, N.M., April 15, 1893): Appears to be regarding a check that she wrote for her "Final Desert Proof."
Power of Attorney (July 25, 1882): Appoints H.S. Church of Eddy, New Mexico the "true and lawful Attorney" of Charles H. Thomas and William M. Manning of Las Cruces, New Mexico. It is signed by the Surveyor General of New Mexico, Thomas, Manning, and two witnesses, and it is sealed and signed by the Notary Public, William M. Hickox.
Contract (August 5, 1882): Between Henry M. Atkinson, Surveyor-General of United States for New Mexico and Charles W. Sawyer and Ralph D. Harding, "deputy surveyors of the other part." It states that Sawyer and Harding will "survey, mark, and establish" certain plots of land in New Mexico that are indicated by numbers and abbreviations. It is signed by Atkinson, Sawyer and Harding, and four witnesses. The way in which Church is related to this contract is unclear.
Warranty deed (April 2, 1885): Between Samuel M. Stevens and Holden R. Warner (H.R. Warner), both of Lincoln County, New Mexico. The deed indicates that Warner paid Stevens $2000 for the described parcel of land. It is signed by Stevens and two witnesses. On the back, the Notary Public, John H. Vaughn, signed and sealed the deed, and there is a certification that the record was filed on April 6th, 1885 and was recorded by E.A. Rusidill "Depy." This certification is signed by Jones Taliafeno (?) and is affixed with the seal of the Lincoln County Court. There is again no indication of the way in which Church is related to this deed.
Empty envelope (May 1, 1929, San Francisco, Calif.): Addressed to Leonard and McBirney, 1124 Fulton Street, San Francisco from the McAllister-Fillmore Branch of the Bank of Italy in San Francisco. The name H.S. Church is written above the address.
Some of the other names included in the papers (either on the checks and/or as witnesses to the signing of documents) are: D.C. Bryant, T.D. Lucas, and A.H. Pascoe (Alfred H. Pascoe).

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Warner, H.R. (Holden R.)
Eddy (N.M.)