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Finding Guide for the Shifra M. Goldman Papers CEMA 119
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Personal and Biographical 1981-2011

Scope and Content

This series has material from 1981 - 2011. It is in three boxes numbered 1, 333, and 385. An extensive 21 page curriculum vitae and two short biographical pieces that she wrote are in this series. Her day planners and address books with their many notes give a broad view of the people she knew and her activities in the Latino art world. (There is also biographical material on Shifra Goldman in the introduction to her book which is in box 385 which is part of the Writings series.) Goldman's obituaries and eulogy are included in this series.
Box 1, Folder 1-4

Address book

Physical Description: (4 boxes)
Box 1, Folder 5

Biography of Shifra Goldman in Encyclopedia Latina

Box 1, Folder 6

Curriculum Vitae

Box 2

Day Planners 1981-1994

Box 269, Folder 32

Goldman collection: Santa Ana College Library

Box 1, Folder 7

Ledger - Accounts Receivable 1992-2005

Oversize 333, Folder 12

L.A. Times Profile - A Wider Sense of History 1995

Language of Material: English
Box 1, Folder 8

Memoirs: Shifra (Article) September 15, 2004

Box 1, Folder 9

Obituaries and eulogy 2011

Oversize 333, Folder 13

Obituaries - L.A. Times and La Prensa San Diego 2011

Box 1, Folder 10-12

Rental 2004-5

Box 1, Folder 13-14

Real Estate

Box 392

Rolodex Address Cards

Box 1, Folder 8

Wearing My Critical Hat - The One I Never Take Off by Shifra Goldman July 1987

Other Descriptive Information

This also appears in Chapter 9: "Portraying Ourselves": Contemporary Chicana Artists. Goldman, Shifra M. 1994. Dimensions of the Americas: art and social change in Latin America and the United States. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Professional Activities 1978-2001

Scope and Content

In this series are materials on organizations and events that Goldman participated in. It spans from 1978 to 2000. There are six document boxes. The series titled Research Documents and Projects overlaps with this series but many of these items were organized in a separate area and are kept together. The folders are organized alphabetically according to the event name.
Box 314, Folder 1-2

Arcodata/Madrid Contract

Box 314, Folder 3

Arco (ARte COntemprano) 97 Latin America 1997

Box 314, Folder 4

Arcodata Workforms

Box 343, Folder 14-16

Art Against Apartheid - Los Angeles

Box 314, Folder 5-7

Austin Curatorial Conference 1999

Box 343, Folder 17-18

Bard College - Center for Curatorial Studies 1998

Box 314, Folder 8-19

CEESTEM: Inventory (Centro de estudios Economicos y Sociales) (Center for Economic and Social Studies of the Third World) - "A Traves de La Frontera" 1983-1986

Box 314, Folder 20-22

College Art Association Conference, NYC "Caucus for Marxism and Art" 1980-1982

Box 314, Folder 23-24

College Art Association Conference, New York City 2000

Box 314, Folder 25-27

Guatemala April - May 1966

Box 343, Folder 19-24

inSITE 1997

Box 343, Folder 25-26

inSITE San Diego - Tijuana 2000

Box 314, Folder 28-32

LASA (Latin American Studies Association) 1983 Mexico City 1983-1985

Box 378, Folder 1-2

Latin American Summers Institute June/July 1995

Box 344, Folder 1

Lists: Colleges and Universities

Box 316, Folder 20-37

Literary Correspondence

Box 315, Folder 1-5

Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Aztlan 2001

Box 269, Folder 28

Master Prints from Puerto Rico - Program

Box 315, Folder 6-14

Mexico Today Symposium 1978-1984

Box 344, Folder 2-5

Mercosur Bienal October 2 - November 30, 1997

Box 315, Folder 15-16

Monterrey UDEM, Mexico 1999

Box 344, Folder 6-7

NAPONOC (neighborhood arts programs national organizing committee) 1981-1982

Box 315, Folder 17-20

Pacific Coast Council on Latin American Studies October 1987

Box 344, Folder 8

Paris, France 1985

Box 315, Folder 21-23

Professional Activities 1978-1980

Box 315, Folder 24

Rita Eder and Ida Rodriguez Prampolini

Box 344, Folder 9-13

San Ildefonso, cuna del muralismo mexicano - Mexico Congreso February 1998

Box 315, Folder 25-33

Sabbatical SAC 1978-1979

Box 316, Folder 1-6

Sabbatical 1986-1987

Box 269, Folder 29

Siete Decadas

Box 269, Folder 18 - 27

"Sources of Distinct Majority" - Carlos Villa 1989-1990

Scope and Content

includes "Sources of Distinct Majority" symposium materials
Box 316, Folder 7-8

Spain July 1999

Box 316, Folder 9-10

San Jose Nov 1999

Box 316, Folder 11-19

UCLA Chicano Show Wight Gallery 1983-1984

Physical Description: (6 boxes)

Correspondence 1971-2005

Scope and Content

This series is in 11 boxes and contains correspondence from 1965 - 2006. It is arranged chronologically and is in two subseries, one for miscellaneous correspondence and the other for project correspondence. Not all of Goldman's correspondence is in this series. There are additional digital letters in other areas of her papers, referenced in the writings section under digital files. There is also numerous correspondence material that is part of her files on individual topics throughout her papers.

Miscellaneous Correspondence Bulk, 1986-2006 1971-2006

Box 3, Folder 1-2

East Los Angeles College (ELAC) LA City Jr. College District 1971

Box 3, Folder 3-26

Correspondence 1986-1991

Box 4, Folder 1-24

Correspondence 1991-1994

Box 5, Folder 1-27

Correspondence 1994-1997

Box 6, Folder 1-24

Correspondence 1997-1999

Box 7, Folder 1-25

Correspondence 2000-2002

Box 8, Folder 1-19

Correspondence 2003-2006


Project Correspondence 1965-2005

Box 9, Folder 1-6

National Endowment for the Humanities 1981-1983

Box 9, Folder 7-20

University of Texas Press

Box 9, Folder 21-23

Galería Pro-Arte (Mexico City) Chicano Art September 1975

Box 9, Folder 24-25

Cliff Joseph: Third World American Revolution in Art

Box 9, Folder 26-33

Larry Hurlburt

Box 10, Folder 1-4

Larry Hurlburt to Correspondence 1978

Box 10, Folder 5

Esther Parada

Box 10, Folder 6-8


Box 10, Folder 9-37


Box 10, Folder 29-34


Box 11, Folder 1-36


Box 12, Folder 1-34


Box 13, Folder 1-13




Scope and Content

The Writings series includes publications and papers from Shifra M. Goldman as well as external resources. The material ranges from the years 1930 to 2005 (with the bulk of the material from 1965 - 2000.) There are may photos from Mexican artists' works which date back to the modern art period. This series is contained in around 90 document boxes, album boxes and oversize flat boxes. There are articles, books, book chapters, exhibit catalogues, magazines and photos used for publishing her books. The Writings series is broken down into three subseries which are Internal Writings, External Writings and La Opinion.
Internal Writings (Authored by Shifra M. Goldman) covers materials from 1966 - 2005 and is in 29 boxes. There are seven subseries: Arte Chicano, Articles and Book Chapters, Contemporary Mexican Painting in Time of Change, Digital Files, Dimensions of the Americas, Schoolwork and Towards a New Millennium: Contemporary Art of the Transnational Americas. These subseries contains much of Goldman's scholarly work in the field of Latin American and Social Art History.
The Articles and Book Chapters subseries contains 225 papers that Goldman wrote. They are arranged by date in descending order from 2005 - 1973, and are housed in 10 document boxes.
Materials, such as photos and negatives used to publish her two books are in album boxes which are contained in the Contemporary Mexican Painting in Time of Change (published in 1981 after her theses) and Dimensions of the Americas (published in 1994) subseries. There are documents connected to the publication of these books. Also, included in these two subseries, for the benefit of the researches, are printed copies of the books.
The External Writings (Collected by Shifra M. Goldman) subseries contains 73 boxes and 24 subseries of publications and writings from other authors and organizations. Most of this subseries is organized alphabetically by country and subject.
Included in the External Writings subseries is a section with notes and materials that were inside the books of her personal book collection, which was a separate donation. This subseries is titled Goldman's library - Material and notes. Her books were donated as a separate collection, however some of them have been included in her papers, especially when they contained extensive hand written notes on the pages themselves, or were deemed to be helpful as research items within her papers.
There are 11 boxes in the Theses and dissertations subseries which is arranged alphabetically by author and dates from 1967 - 2005. Some of the early theses have information on murals in California such as The mural paintings by Anton Refregier in the Rincon Annex of the San Francisco Post Office, San Francisco, California and papers by well know Chicana artists such as Amalia Mesa-Bains and Patricia Rodriguez. In many cases Goldman wrote comments on the theses and was in contact with the students.
Some of the materials in the External Writings series such as exhibit catalogs and articles may be found in other series such as "Research Documents and Projects." This is an effort to reflect how they were collected and organized by Goldman.
The La Opinion subseries is organized in 4 boxes of articles alphabetically and by paper additions chronologically. Many of the articles are written by Shifra M. Goldman. The dates range from 1980 to 1992. Because there is a mixture of articles and complete La Opinion papers, they have been put into their own subseries. Some of the newspaper articles are written by Goldman, some of them she supplied materials for and others appear to be collected for other reasons.

Internal Writings (Authored by Shifra M. Goldman)


Arte Chicano (Includes corrections to be made) 1985

Box 319

Goldman, Shifra M., and Tomas Ybarra-Frausto. 1985. Arte Chicano: a comprehensive annotated bibliography of Chicano art, 1965-1981. Berkeley: Chicano Studies Library Publications Unit, University of California. 1985

Box 320



Articles and Book Chapters 1973-2005

Scope and Content

Many of these articles include information on where they were published. They are organized in descending order by publication date.
Box 277, Folder 1

"Globalization, Privatization, and the Art Market: The Mexican Case" February 2005/March 1998

Box 277, Folder 2

"Signified: An Anatomy of Violence" March-January 2003/September 1999

Box 277, Folder 3-4

"From DNA to Metamorphosis of a Clone: A Strategy of Conflict" October 2002

Box 277, Folder 5-6

"Journey Through a Fabulous Labyrinth: The Paintings of José García Cordero" March 2002/August 1997

Box 277, Folder 7-8

"Between 'Aca' and 'Allá': Thirty Years of the Taller Boricua" February/January 2001

Box 277, Folder 9

"Versions of the South: Challenging the Parameters" January 2001

Box 277, Folder 10-11

"Becky Guttin: An Aesthetics of Conflict" November 2000

Box 277, Folder 12-13

"Art in the Age of Information" June 2000

Box 277, Folder 14-18

"El Vocabulario Subversivo de Enrique Chagoya" June 2000

Box 277, Folder 19-21, 27

"Chicano Art and the Neo-Mexicanist Generation of the 1980s" May 2000/October 1999

Box 277, Folder 22-24

"The Real Rio and the Cannibalism of Brazilian Modernism" November 1999

Box 277, Folder 25-26

"'The Laughing Alligator' Toward Humanizing 'Primitive,' not Primitivizing Humans" November 1999

Box 277, Folder 28-29

"Response: Chicano Art and Neo-Mexicanist" October 1999

Box 277, Folder 30-34

"Significados: Una Anatomía de la Violencia" September 1999

Box 277, Folder 35

"Los Destinos Manifestados de los Artistas Chicanos Puertoriqueños y Cubanos de los Estados Unidos" July 1999

Box 277, Folder 36

"Los Multiples Días de Luis Díaz" April1999

Box 278, Folder 1

"Espejo-Espejo en la Pared" April 1999

Box 278, Folder 2-4

"Mirror Mirror on the Wall....." November 1998/September 1992

Box 278, Folder 5-7

"Social Realisms in Latin America: 1920s-1950s" August 1998

Box 278, Folder 8-34

"Globalization, Privatization, and the Art Market: The Mexican Case" 1998

Box 278, Folder 35-36

"Después de San Ildefonso. Cambios en el Quehacer Muralístico y su Significado" February 1998

Box 278, Folder 37

"Post-Ildefonso: Changing Mural Practices and their Significance" January 1998

Box 279, Folder 1-3

"Post-Ildefonso: Changing Mural Practices and their Significance"

Box 279, Folder 4-6

"The Latin-Americanization of the United States" September 1997

Box 279, Folder 7-8

"Journey Through a Fabulous Labyrinth: The Paintings of José García Cordero"

Box 279, Folder 9-11

"Siqueiros en Los Angeles"

Box 279, Folder 12

"A Meditation on Latin American Manias" August 1997

Box 279, Folder 12

"The Subtle Perfumes of Memory: Cecilia Paredes" August 1997

Box 279, Folder 12

"Un-Obscuring the Photography of Roberto Huarcaya" August 1997

Box 279, Folder 13-14

"Performances in the Danger Zones" August 1997/1996/September-August 1995

Box 279, Folder 15-16

"African America: The Photographs of Héctor Méndez Caratini" July 1997

Box 279, Folder 17-18

"Siqueiros in Los Angeles" July 1997

Box 279, Folder 19-20

"Che, Chicanos, and Cubans: The Struggle Over a Symbol" December 1996

Box 279, Folder 21

"Hugo Sánchez: Theater of Hope, Theater of Torment, Theater of Ideas" December 1996

Box 279, Folder 22-26

"When the Earth(ly) Saints Come Marching In: The Life and Art of Santa Barraza" November 1996

Box 279, Folder 27

"Nationalist and Anti-Nationalist Modernisms in Vanguard Mexican Art" July 1996

Box 279, Folder 28, 30

"Dreams and Themes: A New Chicana Reality" March 1996

Box 279, Folder 29

Performances in the Danger Zone II July - September 1996

Box 279, Folder 31-32

'Siqueiros entre los ángeles y otras influencias/ Siqueiros Among the Angels and Other Influences" February 1996

Box 280, Folder 1-6

"The Mexican School, Its African Legacy, and the 'Second Wave' in the United States" 1996-1995

Box 280, Folder 7-11

"Performances in the Danger Zones" "Art Nexus/Arte en Colombia" 1995

Box 280, Folder 12

"Epiphany, or Revelation in the Theater of Conscience" June 1995

Box 280, Folder 13-15

"Diógenes Ballester" March 1995

Box 280, Folder 16-17

"Modern Art of the Spanish-Speaking Caribbean" February 1995

Box 280, Folder 18

"The Fiery Environments of Mari Mater O'Neill" November 1994

Box 280, Folder 19

"Mari Mater O'Neill" September 1994

Box 280, Folder 20-24

"The Mexican-Latino Connection: The Effective and Affective Representations of AIDS" August 1994

Box 280, Folder 25

"Latin American and Latino Artists in the United States" August 1994

Box 280, Folder 26

"Jose Antonio Aguirre: De las Calaveras Hasta Los Angeles" July 1994

Box 280, Folder 26

"Commentary on David Alfaro SIqueiros Mural" April 1994

Box 280, Folder 27

"'Portraying Ourselves': Contemporary Chicana Artists" 1994/April 1987

Box 280, Folder 28-31

"Latin American Artists of the XX Century: New York Replaying the Past" December 1993- September 1993

Box 280, Folder 32-34

"The Heart of Mexican Art: Image, Myth, and Ideology" December 1993- August 1993

Box 280, Folder 35

"María Enríquez de Allen: Florista, Santera, Artesana" November 1993

Box 280, Folder 36-37

"Luis Jiménez: Recyling the Ordinary Into the Extraordinary"/"Luis Jiménez: Reciclando Lo Ordinario Para Convertirlo En Extraordinario" August 1993

Box 280, Folder 38-39

"Between the Shadow and the Light: Toward a Politics of the Human Spirit" June 1993

Box 281, Folder 1-2

"Luis Jiménez: Recyling the Ordinary Into the Extraordinary"/"Luis Jiménez: Reciclando Lo Ordinario Para Convertirlo En Extraordinario" 1993

Box 281, Folder 3

"Between the Shadow and the Light: Toward a Politics of the Human Spirit" 1993

Box 281, Folder 4-5

"The Critical Decade of the Cuban Avant-Garde"/"La Década Crítica de la Vanguardia Cubana" April 1993- January 1993 and April 1991

Box 281, Folder 6-8

"Seven Decades: Modern Mexican Art From the Bernard Lewin"/"Siete Decadas: Arte Moderno Mexicano de la Colección de Bernard Lewin" 1993

Box 218, Folder 9-10

"Diana Gamboa" November 1992

Box 281, Folder 10

"Isabel Ruiz: The Mythopoetics of Anguish" October 1992

Box 281, Folder 11-14

"Updating Chicano Art" October - August 1992

Box 281, Folder 15

"Mirror Mirror on the Wall....." 1992

Box 281, Folder 16

"Beyond the Boundaries" August 1992

Box 281, Folder 16

"After 1492: Another View" August 1992

Box 281, Folder 17

"Isabel Ruiz: Mitopoesia de la Angustia" July 1992

Box 281, Folder 17

"El Oro y lo Blanco de Colonización" July 1992

Box 281, Folder 17

"Walking the Line Between the 'Folk' and the 'Fine'" March 1992

Box 281, Folder 18-22

'Hidden Histories: The Chicano Experience" February 1992

Box 281, Folder 23

"John Outterbridge: Sculptor of Oppositions" January 1992

Box 281, Folder 24

"Three Thousand Years of Mexican Art" January 1992

Box 281, Folder 25

"The Columbus Quincentenary and Latin American Art" 1992

Box 281, Folder 26

"Mestizo Splendors: Chicanos and Mexicans de Aqui y Alla" 1992/October 1991

Box 281, Folder 26

"Autorretratos" 1992

Box 281, Folder 27

"Mexican Splendors: The Official and Unofficial Stories" December 1991

Box 281, Folder 28

"Quest for Women Artists in 20th Century Mexican Art" December 1991

Box 281, Folder 28

"Chicano Posters in California" December 1, 1991

Box 281, Folder 29

"Contra-Kahlo: The Quest for Women Artists in 20th Century Mexican Art" October 1991

Box 281, Folder 30-31

"Women Artists of Mexico" September 1991

Box 281, Folder 32

"Green America" September 1991

Box 281, Folder 33-34

"Cuba's Focus on the Third World: The Globalization of Multiculturalism" August 1991

Box 281, Folder 35

"Bridging Troubled Borders" June 1991

Box 281, Folder 35

"Word Order vs. World View" June 24, 1991

Box 281, Folder 36

"Metropolitan Splendors" April 1991

Box 282, Folder 1

"Functional Ceramics: Containers for Ideas" January 1991

Box 282, Folder 2-3

"(Re) Marking the Line: The Hidden Landscapes of Latin America" January 1991

Box 282, Folder 4

Biographies 1991

Scope and Content

Folder contains the biographies of David Alfaro Siquieros, José Luis Cuevas, María Izquierdo, Jorge Gonzalez Camarena, Xavier Guerrero, Juan O'Gorman, and Francisco Toledo.
Box 282, Folder 5-7

"Presences and Absences: Liliana Porter in New York, 1964-1974" December 1990/July 1990

Box 282, Folder 8

"Identifying Latin America Art. Are the Lines Accurately Drawn? December 1990/June 1990

Box 282, Folder 8

"John Pitman Weber: Reframing Space and Place" December 1990

Box 282, Folder 9

"The Iconography of Chicano Self-Determination: Race, Ethnicity and Class" November 1990/January 1990/1986

Box 282, Folder 10

"Latino Artists in the Los Angeles Festival" October 1990

Box 282, Folder 11

"Social Illumination: The Art of Guillermo Bert" August 1990

Box 282, Folder 11

"The Art of Responsibility" August 1990

Box 282, Folder 12

"Presences and Absences: Liliana Porter in New York, 1964-1974" 1990

Box 282, Folder 13

"Identifying Latin America Art. Are the Lines Accurately Drawn? 1990

Box 282, Folder 14

"Siqueiros' Censored Mural Being 'Preserved'" June 1990

Box 282, Folder 14

"Art Bridging Boundaries" May 1990

Box 282, Folder 15

"Guayasamin and Kingman: The Elder Statesmen of Modern Social Art in Ecuador" April 1990

Box 282, Folder 16

"Reflections of the Third World" February 1990

Box 282, Folder 16-20

"The Iconography of Chicano Self-Determination: Race, Ethnicity and Class" 1990

Box 282, Folder 21

"John Valadez: A Decade of Dignity and Daring" January 1990

Box 282, Folder 22

"The Second Havana Biennial: Focus on the Third World" 1990

Box 282, Folder 23

"The Reclamation of Identity Through Memory" November 1989

Box 282, Folder 23

"Francisco Ruiz: Architect of Space, Geometry, and Light" November 1989

Box 282, Folder 23-24

"Dissidence and Resistance: Art in Chile under the Dictatorship" October 1989

Box 282, Folder 25

"Clay: A Revisit" September 1989

Box 282, Folder 26-27

"At the Juncture Between the Self and Politics" July 1989

Box 282, Folder 27

"The Booming 'Spirit' of Latin American Art" June 1989

Box 282, Folder 28

"Latin American Art: The View From the United States" June 1989

Box 282, Folder 29-31

"Arnold Belkin: Focus on the Figure" May 1989

Box 282, Folder 32

"Jaime Palacios" April 1989

Box 282, Folder 32

"The Urban Landscape: From the 'Insepultos' to the 'Encorbatafos'" April 1989

Box 282, Folder 33

"Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth" March 1989

Box 283, Folder 1

"A Violent and Loving Return to Earth" March 1989

Box 283, Folder 1

"Living on the Fifth Floor of the Four-Floor Country" March 1989

Box 283, Folder 2

"Hispanic Artists Are 'Overnight Sensations'" February 1989

Box 283, Folder 3

"Re-Estheticizing Mexican Art" February 1989

Box 283, Folder 4

"Carl Cheng: A Synthesis of Contradictions" February 1989

Box 283, Folder 4

"Why Ask 'What is Latin American Art'?" February 1989

Box 283, Folder 5

"Assembling the Capirotada" January 1989

Box 283, Folder 5

"Interpretative Texts" January 1989

Box 283, Folder 6

"Looking Forward From the Past: Chicano Art in the 1990s" 1989

Box 283, Folder 7

"Hacia una crítica de las nuevas direcciones artísticas en los Estados Unidos" December 1988

Box 283, Folder 8

"World of Fantasy; Dream of Reality" October 1988

Box 283, Folder 8

"The Bird and the Serpent: Leo Tanguma's The Torch of Quetzalcoatl" October 1988

Box 283, Folder 8

"Junctures, Disjunctures and Fusions: Asia American Artist" September 1988

Box 283, Folder 9

"Pros and Cons of Coors' Hipanic Exhibit" July 1988

Box 283, Folder 9

"La Casa de Cambio" June 1988

Box 283, Folder 10

"Under the Sign of the Pava: Puerto Rican Art and Populism in International Context" June 1988

Box 283, Folder 10

"Mirando ¡Mira" May 1988

Box 283, Folder 11

"Inside/Outside Mainstream" May 1988

Box 283, Folder 11

"A Contemporary Moralist" April 1988

Box 283, Folder 11

"Latin American Artists of the USA: Introduction" April 1988

Box 283, Folder 12

"Here/Hear Lies Barbara Carrasco" April 1988

Box 283, Folder 13-14

"New Trends in Latin American Printmaking: The 1986 Graphics Biennial of Puerto Rico" March 1988

Box 283, Folder 14

"Rufino Tamayo: Seven Decades of Artistic Life" March 1988

Box 283, Folder 15

"On Feminism and Latin American Women Artists" February 1988

Box 283, Folder 15

"Rescribir la Historia del Arte Mexicano: La Politica y la Economía de la Cultura Contemporánea" 1988

Box 283, Folder 17

"Space—Light—Equilibrium: The Luminous Structures of Richard Godfrey" November 1987

Box 283, Folder 17

"Latin American Visions and Revisions" October 1987

Box 283, Folder 18

"Master Prints from Puerto Rico: Linoleum and Woodcuts by Three Generations of Artists" September 1987

Box 283, Folder 18

"Latin America Where the Marvelous is Real and the Real is Fantastic" September 1987

Box 283, Folder 19

"Wearing My Critical Hat — The One I Never Take Off" July 1987

Box 283, Folder 19

"A Voice from the South in the North Gallery" May 1987

Box 283, Folder 20

"Homogenizing Hispanic Art" May 1987

Box 283, Folder 21

"The Graphics Biennial of Puerto Rico" January 1987

Box 283, Folder 21

"The Puerto Rican "Plena" as Mural and Graphic" January 1987

Box 283, Folder 21

"Muralist Orlando Suarez Dies in Havana" January 1987

Box 283, Folder 22

"Portraying Ourselves: Contemporary Chicana Artists 1987

Box 283, Folder 22

"Space - Light Equilibrium" 1987

Box 283, Folder 23-24

"How, Why, Where, and When it All Happened:Chicano Murals of California" December 1986

Box 283, Folder 25

"Un Punto en Común/Common Ground: Juan Edgar Aparicio and Lisa Kokin" October 1986

Box 283, Folder 26-28

"Pedro Nel Gomez: A Consideration of Social Murals in Colombia" August 1986

Box 284, Folder 1

"Movimiento Muralista Mexicana" June 1986

Box 284, Folder 3

"The Iconography of Chicano Self - Determination: Race, Ethnicity, and Class Janurary 1986

Box 284, Folder 3

"The Function of Aztec Ritual: The Case of Human Sacrifice" 1986

Box 284, Folder 4

"El Arte Mexicano a la Luz de la Especulación" 1986

Box 284, Folder 5

"Las Sombras de los Edificios Religiosas de Nuevo Mexico"

Box 284, Folder 7

"Arte Chicano del Suroeste en los Años Ochenta" September 1985

Box 284, Folder 9

"Painters into Poster Makers: A Conversation with two Cuban Artists" 1984

Box 284, Folder 10

"Popular Prints of Mexico and Cuba" November 1985

Box 284, Folder 10

"Hecho en Aztlan" 1985-1986

Box 284, Folder 11

"Meridian Art of the Americas: Junctures and Disjunctures" August 1985

Box 284, Folder 12

"Frida Kahlo: A Ribbon About a Bomb" September 1985

Box 284, Folder 12

"El Zarco Guerrero: Tradition and Transformation" March 1985

Box 284, Folder 12-15

"The Iconography of Chicano Self-Determination: Race, Ethnicity, and Class" March 1985

Box 284, Folder 16

"Studies in Latin American Pop Culture" August 1984

Box 284, Folder 17-18

"Elite Artists and Popular Audiences: Can they Mix? The Mexican Front of Cultural Workers" August 1984

Box 284, Folder 19

"Art and Politics in the 1980's" March 1984

Box 284, Folder 19

"Vietnam Yesterday, El Salvador Today" April 7, 1984

Box 284, Folder 20

"History and Evolution of the Chicano in the United States" 1984

Box 284, Folder 20

"Chicano Cornucopia in Los Angeles" June 1984

Box 284, Folder 20

"Artemio Sepúlveda, Expressionist" August 1984

Box 284, Folder 21

"A Public Voice: Fifteen Years of Chicano Posters" December 1983

Box 284, Folder 22

"Madre Tierra: A Concept, An Exhibit, A Publication" January 1983

Box 284, Folder 22

"The San Diego Scene: Text and Context" February 1985

Box 284, Folder 22

"Social Realism Revisited: The Art of Domingo Ulloa August 1985

Box 284, Folder 23-25

"Painting, Petroleum, Politics, Profits; United States - Mexico Cultural Exchange" December 1983

Box 284, Folder 25-26

"Pacific Coast Council on Latin American Studies" October 1982

Box 284, Folder 27-28

"Painters into Poster Makers: Two Views Concerning the History, Aesthetics, and Ideology of the Cuban Poster Movement". 1984

Box 284, Folder 28-29

"Chicano Voices and Visions" November 1983

Box 284, Folder 29

"The Cuban Poster Raúl Martínez, Alfredo Rostgaard, René Azcuy" June 1983

Box 284, Folder 30

"Target L.A.: Speaking the Unthinkable" October 1983

Box 284, Folder 30

"The Personal as Feminist" 1983

Box 284, Folder 30

"Women's Images: The Personal as Feminist" 1983

Box 284, Folder 31

"Spaces and Silences The Architectural Photographs of Rosemary Quesada-Weiner" (La Opinion - English Manuscripts) April 1982

Box 284, Folder 34

"El Muralismo Mexicano: Su Función Social en Estados Unidos y América Latina" November 1982

Box 284, Folder 35

"Plural Plural" 1982

Box 284, Folder 36

"Mexican Muralism: Its Social - Educative Roles in Latin America and the United States" 1982

Box 285, Folder 1

"Chicano Art of the Southwest: Into the Eighties" September 1981

Box 285, Folder 2-7

"Critical Art of Contemporary Argentina" July 1981

Box 285, Folder 10

"Brown in Black and White" June 1982

Box 285, Folder 11

"Chicano Art Looking Backward" 1981-1982

Box 285, Folder 11

"Realism vs Realism: The Art of Artemio Sepulveda" June 1982

Box 285, Folder 12

"Artemio Sepulveda, Expressionist" 1981-1982

Box 285, Folder 13-14

"Presentacion Historica y Epresion Critica" 1981-1982

Box 285, Folder 15-16

"Critical Art of Contemporary Argentina" 1981-1982

Box 285, Folder 17

"Quality vs Content in the Photographic Image Commentary" 1981-1982

Box 285, Folder 18-19

"Speaking in Two Tongues: Chicano Murals of the United States" 1981-1982

Box 285, Folder 20-21

"Women in Modern Mexican Art" 1981-1982

Box 285, Folder 22

"Posada en California" 1981

Box 285, Folder 25

"Mas= More + Artists + Women = MAS: Women Artists of Texas" 1981 and 1980

Box 285, Folder 26

"Response: Another Opinion on the State of Chicano Art" December 1980

Box 285, Folder 27

"Thorns and Roses" September 1980

Box 285, Folder 28

"Mexican Muralism: Its Social-Educative Roles in Latin America and the United States" 1982/July 1980

Box 285, Folder 29

"'Chilean Artist in Exile' Exhibition" February 1980

Box 285, Folder 30

"Mas= More + Artists + Women = MAS: Women Artists of Texas" 1980

Box 285, Folder 31

"New Mural in Berkeley" 1979

Box 285, Folder 32

"USA: Tendenzem"

Box 285, Folder 33

"'Siqueiros' America in 1978" November 1978

Box 286, Folder 1

"Another Facet of Frida Kahlo" November 1978

Box 286, Folder 2

"The Intense Realism of Frida Kahlo" December 1977

Box 286, Folder 2

"Mexican Muralist and the WPA" 1977

Box 286, Folder 3

"Resistance and Identity: Street Murals of Occupied Aztlán" August 1976

Box 286, Folder 4

"Affirmations of Existence: Barrio Murals of Los Angeles" November 1975

Box 286, Folder 5

"Children of Tropical America: Siqueiros and Chicano Murals in Los Angeles" February 1975

Box 286, Folder 6

"Chicano Art" 1974

Box 286, Folder 6-7

"Siqueiros and Three Early Murals in Los Angeles" 1974

Box 286, Folder 8

"Chicano Art"

Box 286, Folder 9-10

"Modern Mexican Art: The Graphic Tradition" September 1973

Box 286, Folder 11

"The Arts and Social Change" June 1973

Box 286, Folder 12

"Coloquio Latinoamericano de Fotografia: A Personal View" 1973

Box 286, Folder 13

Planning Materials - New Book 2003-2004


Contemporary Mexican Painting in Time of Change Bulk, 1960-1969 1930-1995

Physical Description: (9 document boxes)

Scope and Content

This series contains 5 albums of images and photos collected for this publication. There are also other materials connected to the different releases of the book in English and Spanish.
Box 146, Folder 7

Nueva Presencia Manifestos

Album 300

Nueva Presencia Photos

Album 301

Nueva Presencia Photos

Album 306, Folder 1

Nueva Presencia Photos

Album 302

Nueva Presencia ( Contemporary Mexican Painting in a Time of Change)

Processing Information note

The section contains materials related to Shifra's published work:
Goldman, Shifra M. 1981. Contemporary Mexican painting in a time of change. Austin: University of Texas Press.
Goldman, Shifra Meyerowitz. 1977. Nueva presencia: the human image in contemporary Mexican art. Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of California, Los Angeles.
Album 303

Nueva Presencia ( Contemporary Mexican Painting in a Time of Change)

Album 304, Folder 1

Nueva Presencia June-July 1975

Album 304, Folder 2

Lebrun at Pomona

Album 304, Folder 3

Jacob Landau and Manuel Ayaso

Album 304, Folder 4

Arnold Belkin Photographs

Album 305, Folder 1

Nacho López

Box 335, Folder 1-5

Mexican Painting in a Time of Change (Spanish Edition- Book)

Album 305, Folder 2

Third World Materials

Box 312, Folder 27-33

University New Mexico Press

Box 385, Item 2

Goldman, Shifra M. 1981. Contemporary Mexican painting in a time of change. Austin: University of Texas Press.

disc UCSB Special Collections Server, Volume R:\Manuscripts\CEMA\cema_119_goldman\

Digital Files

Scope and Content

These digital files are from CDs, Floppies and a zip drive disk from Goldman's computer. There are also files that have been digitized from her collection, such as the slides. Many of the files are not in a current readable format but can be converted. Some of the directories are titled: Arte Chicano Essay, David Alfaro Siqueiros, Dimensions, Essays, In the Spirit of Resistance, Lectures, Letters, Misc, Teaching and Murals.

Dimensions of the Americas

Physical Description: (7 document boxes)

Scope and Contents note

The section contains materials related to Shifra's published work:
Goldman, Shifra M. 1994. Dimensions of the Americas: art and social change in Latin America and the United States. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.
Album 306, Folder 2

Dimensions Negatives and B/W Prints made from color slides

Album 307

Dimensions of the Americas Illustrations

Box 308, Folder 1-49

Dimensions of the Americas Galleys

Box 309, Folder 1-7

Dimensions Spanish - Translations Correspondence

Box 309, Folder 6-16

Dimensions Correspondence - Spanish

Box 309, Folder 17-39

Dimensions Spanish - Preface

Box 310, Folder 1-31

Permissions Dimensions

Box 311, Folder 1-24

Dimensions Spanish

Box 311, Folder 25-37

Chicago Press no. 2

Box 311, Folder 38, 39

Chicago Press No. 3

Box 311, Folder 28, 29

University Chicago Press Dimensions 1990-1994

Box 312, Folder 1-12

Re-Used Lectures

Box 312, Folder 13-14

Lectures 2000-2004

Box 312, Folder 15-18

Slide Lectures No. 18 2001

Box 312, Folder 19-23

University Chicago Press Dimemensions 1990-1994

Box 385, Item 1

Goldman, Shifra M. 1994. Dimensions of the Americas: art and social change in Latin America and the United States. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.


Schoolwork 1966-1986

Box 319, Folder 10

Chavinoid iconography in the art of Paracas - Nazca 1971

Other Descriptive Information

Pre-Columbian Art Central/South America (School work)
Box 299, Folder 6-9

Schoolwork 1986

Box 299, Folder 5

A Study of Two Mexican Painting Movements in the Humanist Tradition: The 1922 Muralists and the 1961 Group Called the "Interioristas." 1966

Other Descriptive Information

A Thesis presented to the faculty of the Department of Art California State College at Los Angeles, by Shifra Meyerowitz June 1966

Towards a New Millennium: Contemporary Art of the Transnational Americas March 2005

Scope and Contents note

Essays, lectures, planning materials, and documents pertaining to a new book.
Box 312, Folder 24-26

New Book - Millennium

Box 313, Folder 1-3

New Book - Millennium

Box 313, Folder 4-5

Planning Materials

Box 313, Folder 6-8

The Social and the Real: Political Art of the 1930's in the Americas

Box 313, Folder 9

John Pitman Weber: Reframing Space and Place

Box 313, Folder 10-12

Art of the Spanish- Speaking Caribbean

Box 313, Folder 13

A Different Vision of the Aztlán Debate Modern and Contemporary Chicano and Mexican Art

Box 313, Folder 14-16

Siquieros in Los Angeles

Box 313, Folder 17

Siquieros in Los Angeles (Final)

Box 313, Folder 19

The Subtle Perfumes of Memory: Cecilia Paredes

Box 313, Folder 19

The Subtle Perfumes of Memory: Cecilia Paredes

Box 313, Folder 20

The Critical Decade of the Cuban Avant- Garde

Box 313, Folder 21

Roberto Cabrern: An Appreciation

Box 313, Folder 22-23

Luis Jiminez: Recycling the Ordinary into the Extroardinary

Box 313, Folder 24

Art Bridging Boundaries

Box 313, Folder 25

From Tacos to Technology and Back

Box 313, Folder 26

John Valadez- A Decade of Dignity and Daring

Box 313, Folder 27

The Urban Landscape: "Insepultos" to the "Encorbatados"

Box 313, Folder 28

Guayasmin's Mural "Imagen de la Patria" and the CIA

Box 313, Folder 29

Contemporary Latin American Art Seen from the U.S.

Box 313, Folder 30

The Second Havana Biennial

Box 313, Folder 31

(Re)Marking the Line: The Hidden Landscape of Latin America

Box 313, Folder 32

Betsabeé Romero and Younger Generations

Box 313, Folder 33

Automobiles: Diego, Magú, and Betsabeé

Box 313, Folder 34

Carl Cheng: A Synthesis of Contradictions

Box 313, Folder 35

Bridging Troubled Borders

Box 313, Folder 36

Greening the Americas

Box 313, Folder 37

Art of Responsibility

Box 313, Folder 38

Assembling the Capirotoda

Box 313, Folder 39

Encountered Briefly in New York: Jaime Palacios

Box 313, Folder 40

John Outterbridge: Sculptor of Oppositions

Box 313, Folder 41

The Fiery Environments of Mari Meter O'Neill

Box 313, Folder 42

Destroying Borders, Building Respect

Box 313, Folder 43

A Meditation on Latin AMerican Manias

Box 313, Folder 44-45

Che, Chicanos, and Cubans

Box 313, Folder 46

The Subversive Vocabulary of Enrique Chagoya

Physical Description: (2 document boxes)

External Writings (Collected by Shifra M. Goldman)

Item UCSBLibraryList-GoldmanBooks.docx

UCSB Library - books donated by Shifra Goldman

Scope and Content

Goldman donated the bulk of her personal library to the UCSB Library. Over 900 books donated by her have been cataloged and added to the UCSB Library. Many of the Chicano Arts exhibit catalogs have been added to the UCSB Art library's exhibit catalogs collection. Some of her book have been saved in her collection.

Book Chapters and Articles

Box 347, Folder 19

"The Fine Arts in America: Images of Labor from 1800-1950" by Patricia Hills

Box 365, Folder 34

John Valadez: "A Decade of Dignity and Daring"

Box 347, Folder 20

Juan Martinez: "Social and Political Commentary in Cuban Modernist Painting of the 1930s"

Box 347, Folder 24-25

Pan American Union. 1945. Contemporary artists in Latin America. 1945. Washington, D.C.: Division of intellectual cooperation, Pan American union. 1945

Box 370, Folder 5-23

José Clemente Orozco, David Alfaro Siqueiros and Rufino Tamayo vs. Rivera and Mexicamisn in New York, 1927-1940 (Chapter 5) uncertain who the author of this chapter is

Box 348, Folder 12

"Latina Feminism and Visual Discourse: Yreina Cervántez's La Ofrenda" by Guisela Latorre

Box 348, Folder 13

"New Directions in Chicano Scholarship" by Ricardo Romo and Raymund Paredes

Box 348, Folder 14

Outcasts - New York Review of Books V XIII No. 11, Page 20 December 18, 1969

Scope and Content

Review of : Tijerina and the Courthouse Raid by Peter Nabokov; University of New Mexico Press; 285 pp., $6.95 Review of : La Raza: The Mexican - Americans; by Stan Steiner; Harper and Row; 423 pp., $8.50 Review of : Uprooted Children the Early Life of Migrant Farm Workers; by Robert Coles; University of Pittsburgh Press; 100 pp., $3.95
Conversation between Edgar Z. Friedenberg and Elizabeth Martinez
Box 348, Folder 15

Garcia, Richard A: "Class, Consciousness, and Ideology - The Mexican Community of San Antonio, Texas 1930 - 1940" 1978

Box 361, Folder 16

Arnold Rubin "Art as technology in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southern California"

Box 361, Folder 17

"Susan Meiselas: La fotografía es el mejor" - La Opinion

Box 362, Folder 2

"The Conventions of Symbolism in European Literature"

Box 366, Folder 24

Wilder Wismann, Elizabeth. The History of Art in Latin America, 1500-1800 Some Trends and Challenges in the Last Decade





Box 336, Folder 1-2

Maritza Álvarez

Box 336, Folder 3

Ines Aponte/Maivivi L.M. Gallery

Box 336, Folder 4

Guy Brett

Oversize 146, Folder 1

1 - Brito Camino / Arte Contemporânea E. Moderna

Box 336, Folder 5

Brito Cimino

Box 336, Folder 6

Alex Flemming

Box 336, Folder 7

Mônica Nador

Box 336, Folder 8

Mônica Nador and Regina Silveira

Box 336, Folder 9-12

Oscar Niemeyer

Box 336, Folder 13

Shirley Paes Leme

Box 336, Folder 14

Carlos Rivera

Box 336, Folder 15

Dhara Rivera

Box 336, Folder 16

Rosangeia Rennó

Box 336, Folder 17

Aaron Salabawís

Box 336, Folder 18

Ana Maria Tavares



Box 336, Folder 19

25° Salão Nacional de Arte de Belo Horizonte

Box 336, Folder 20

Cariforum 2004

Box 336, Folder 21

Contemporary Art 1963

Box 336, Folder 22

Modern Art

Box 337, Folder 1

Modern Art

Box 337, Folder 2


Box 337, Folder 3

Opinião 65 1965



Oversize 333, Folder 17

ARTWEEK Newspapers

Scope and Content

Some of the articles in the newspapers are authored by Shifra Goldman.
Box 364, Folder 12

Archives of American Art. 1998. A finding aid to the Tomás Ybarra-Frausto research material on Chicano art, 1965-1997. [Washington, D.C.]: Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution. 1998

Oversize 382, Folder 9

Artist Call Printed Material - Newspapers

Oversize 382, Folder 3

El Calendario Chicano 1977

Oversize 382, Folder 21

Chicano Research on Grafitti - Newspapers

Oversize 382, Folder 10

Chicano History - Newspapers

Box 323

Chicano Art and Culture in California (CALIFAS) - includes draft and edits 1982

Box 324

Chicano Art and Culture in California (CALIFAS) - includes draft and edits

Oversize 382, Folder 11

Hunger Strike Articles - Chicano history section Newspapers 1993

Box 364, Folder 13

Pinke, Dieter. 1984. Wandbilder der Chicanos in Los Angeles. Kassel: [Dieter Pinke]. 1984

Box 358, Folder 18-19

Alfredo Jaar: Catalogs

Oversize 382, Folder 12

Lowrider - Chicano (Newspapers)

Box 358, Folder 22-24

Research Center for Arts Review

Box 365, Folder 21

Rosaldo Renato- "Assimilation Revised" 1985

Box 365, Folder 22-28

Rosaldo/Villanueva - Chicano Readings

Box 365, Folder 33

Salt of the Earth (screenplay) - 1953

Box 358, Folder 20

Teresa Eckmann Chicano Artists and NeoMexicanists

Box 358, Folder 21

Violeta Parra



Box 365, Folder 1-4

Chilenas-Chilean Women Catalog

Box 337, Folder 4

Mirando La Pintura Chilena

Box 359, Folder 1

Fotografías de Chile

Box 348, Folder 6

Imagenes Recuperadas - Contemporary Chilean Art Exposition

Box 348, Folder 7-10

Justo P. Mellado



Box 361, Folder 7

Banco de la Republica - Colección Permanente Pintura

Box 361, Folder 8

Banco de la República 1985

Box 337, Folder 5


Box 337, Folder 6

Saian Arturo Rabinovich

Box 337, Folder 7-13

Various Artists

Box 337, Folder 14

General Art

Box 388, Folder 1-4

General Art

Box 361, Folder 10

Enrique Grau

Box 361, Folder 11

Colombia Miscellaneous

Box 338, Folder 5-9


Box 338, Folder 10-16

Colombia: Catalogs

Box 348, Folder 14

Colombia Catalogs

Box 338, Folder 17

Góngora, Leonel

Box 338, Folder 18-19

Ramón Caweño- Colombian Sculptor

Box 339, Folder 1-2


Box 361, Folder 9

Fanny Sanin

Box 361, Folder 19

Negret, Edgar


Costa Rica

Box 339, Folder 3-14

Costa Rica Catalogues

Box 339, Folder 15-18

Costa Rica: Miscellaneous



Box 346, Folder 1-18

Banco de Ideas Z Cuba 1994-1995

Box 346, Folder 19

Catalogs and exhibit pamphlets

Box 347, Folder 1-18

Cuban Catalogs 1970s-1980s

Box 347, Folder 21-23

Octava Bienal de la Habana 2003


Goldman's library - Material and notes

Scope and Content

Shifra Goldman donated her extensive research library to the University of California, Santa Barbara. The books were reviewed and over 1,000 of them have been added to the library's holdings. Her library included Art books as well as other subject areas that covered her interest in politics and social history. Cited are many of the titles that included notes and additional information. These notes and accompanying materials and in some cases the well marked up books themselves are part of this series.

Books 1951-2005

Box 270, Folder 1

A traves de la frontera. 1983. México: Centro de Estudios Economicos y Sociales del Tercer Mundo u.a. 1983

Box 270, Folder 2

Questóes em torno de Arte latino Americana

Box 270, Folder 3

Acha, Juan. 2012. Arte y sociedad latinoamericana: el sistema de producción. México, D.F.: Editorial Trillas. 2012

Box 270, Folder 4

Acevedo de Iturriaga, Esther (dir.). 1998. Curare : espacio crítico para las artes : número 12, enero-junio de 1998 / Dir. de E. Acevedo de Iturriaga. México : Curare. 1998

Box 270, Folder 5-6

Acuña, Rodolfo. 1988. Occupied America: a history of Chicanos. New York: Harper & Row. 1988

Box 270, Folder 7

Ades, Dawn. 2002. José Clemente Orozco in the United States, 1927-1934: [Exhibition. San Diego museum of art, San Diego, march 9 - may 19, 2002. Hood museum of art, Hanover, june 8 - december 15, 2002. Museo de arte Carrillo Gil, Mexico City, january 25 - april 13, 2003] . San Diego (Calif.): Museum of art. 2002

Box 270, Folder 8

Ades, Dawn, Guy Brett, Stanton L. Catlin, and Rosemary O'Neill. 1989. Art in Latin America: the modern era, 1820-1980. New Haven: Yale University Press.

Box 270, Folder 9

Alegría-Pons, José Francisco. 1993. Gagá y vudú en la República Dominicana: ensayos antropológicos. Puerto Rico: Ediciones El Chango Prieto. 1993

Box 270, Folder 10

Alloway, Lawrence. 1980. Realism and Latin American painting, the 70's. [New York, N.Y.]: Center for Inter-American Relations. 1980

Box 270, Folder 11

Alvarez, Luis M. 1992. La Tercera raíz: presencia africana en Puerto Rico : catálogo acompañando la exposición. [San Juan?]: Centro de Estudios de la Realidad Puertorriqueña. 1992

Box 270, Folder 12

Amaral, Aracy A. 1987. Arte para quê?: a preocupação social na arte brasileira, 1930-1970 : subsídio para uma história social da arte no Brasil. São Paulo, SP: Nobel. 1987

Box 270, Folder 13

Ambasz, Emilio. 1976. The architecture of Luis Barragán. New York: Museum of Modern Art. 1976

Box 270, Folder 13

Anaya, Rudolfo A. 1999. Bless me, Ultima. New York: Warner Books. 1999

Box 270, Folder 13

Anderson, Howard, Robert S. Young, and Andrew Kilgore. 1981. Amado Maurilio Peña, Jr. Albuquerque: R.S. Young Pub. Co. 1981

Box 270, Folder 14

Arnason, H. Harvard, and Marla Prather. 1998. History of modern art: painting, sculpture, architecture, photography. New York: Harry N. Abrams, Inc 1998

Box 270, Folder 15

Baddeley, Oriana, and Valerie Fraser. 1989. Drawing the line: art and cultural identity in contemporary Latin America. London: Verso. 1989

Box 270, Folder 16

Baigell, Matthew. 1971. A history of American painting. New York: Praeger Publishers.

Box 270, Folder 17

Balakian, Anna. 1959. Surrealism: the road to the absolute. New York: Noonday Press.

Box 270, Folder 18

Ballester, Diógenes, and Taina Caragol. 2003. Intersecting Circles: metaphors of Caribbean and Latin American transnationalism, Drawings and prints. Kraków: Dominik Rostworowski Gallery. 2003

Box 270, Folder 19

Banco Nacional de México. 1980. Images of Mexico: an artistic perspective from the pre-Columbian era to modernism, selected works from the collection of Banco Nacional de México and its affiliates . [S.l.]: Fomento Cultural Banamex 1980

Box 270, Folder 20

Barnicoat, John. 1972. A concise history of posters. London: Thames & Hudson. 1972

Box 270, Folder 21

Barraza, Santa, and María Herrera-Sobek. 2001. Santa Barraza, artist of the borderlands. College Station: Texas A & M University Press. 2001

Box 270, Folder 22

Bartra, Roger. 1992. The cage of melancholy: identity and metamorphosis in the Mexican character. New Brunswick, N.J.: Rutgers University Press. 1992

Box 270, Folder 23

Bayón, Damián. 1977. El Artista latinoamericano y su identidad. Caracas: Monte Avila Editores. 1977

Box 270, Folder 24

Bayón, Damián, and Paolo Gasparini. 1979. The changing shape of Latin American architecture: conversations with ten leading architects. Chichester: Wiley. 1979

Box 270, Folder 25

Beardsley, John, and Jane Livingston. 1987. Hispanic art in the United States: thirty contemporary painters & sculptors. Houston: Museum of Fine Arts. 1987

General Physical Description note: H
Box 270, Folder 26

Belkin, Arnold. 1989. Arnold Belkin: 33 años de producción artística : Museo del Palacio de Bellas Artes, julio-agosto, México, D.F. 1989. [México D.F.]: Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes. 1989

Box 270, Folder 27

Benton, Thomas Hart, and Matthew Baigell. 1974. Thomas Hart Benton. New York: Abrams. 1974

Box 270, Folder 28

Bernal, Ignacio, and Elizabeth Kennedy Easby. 1973. The Iconography of Middle American sculpture. [New York]: Metropolitan Museum of Art. 1973

Box 270, Folder 29

Berrin, Kathleen, and Esther Pasztory. 1993. Teotihuacan: art from the city of the gods. New York: Thames and Hudson. 1993

Box 270, Folder 30

Bienal de Arte de Panamá Cervecería Nacional, and Monica E. Kupfer. 2002. VI bienal de arte de Panamá Cervecería Nacional: Museo de arte contemporáneo, junio-julio 2002 = Sixth Panama Art Biennial. Panamá: Fundación Arte y Cultura. 2002

Box 270, Folder 31

Bienal de La Habana (Havana, Cuba). 1997. El individuo y su memoria: sexta bienal de la Habana = L'individu et sa mémoire. Paris: Association Française d'Action Artistique. 1997

Box 270, Folder 32

Bienal de La Habana (Havana, Cuba), Nelson Herrera Ysla, and Lourdes A. Ricardo Suárez. 2000. Séptima bienal de la Habana 2000. [Havana, Cuba]: Centro de Arte Contemporáneo Wifredo Lam. 2000

Box 270, Folder 33

Bienal de San Juan del Grabado Latinoamericano y del Caribe. 1981. Quinta bienal de San Juan del Grabado Latinoamericano. San Juan, P.R.: Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña. 1981

Box 271, Folder 1

Block, Holly, and Gerardo Mosquera. 2001. Art Cuba: the new generation. New York: Harry N. Abrams. 2001

Box 271, Folder 1

Bourdieu, Pierre, and Randal Johnson. 1993. The field of cultural production: essays on art and literature. New York: Columbia University Press. 1993

Box 271, Folder 2

Brenner, Anita, and George Ross Leighton. 1971. The wind that swept Mexico; the history of the Mexican revolution, 1910-1942. Austin: University of Texas Press. 1971

Box 271, Folder 3

Bucher, Bernadette J. 1992. America: bride of the sun : 500 years Latin America and the Low Countries : 1.2-31.5.92 : Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Antwerp. Brussels, Belgium: Flemish Community, Administration of External Relations. 1992

Box 271, Folder 4

Buchloh, B. H. D., Serge Guilbaut, and David H. Solkin. 1983. Modernism and modernity: the Vancouver conference papers. Halifax, N.S.: Press of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. 1983

Box 271, Folder 4

Burns, E. Bradford. 1975. Latin American cinema: film and history. Los Angeles: UCLA Latin American Center, University of California. 1975

Box 271, Folder 5-6

Buskirk, Martha, and Mignon Nixon. 1996. The Duchamp effect. Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press. 1996

Box 271, Folder 7

Bustamante, Jose Luis, and Jeannette Miller. 1996. Arte dominicano, artistas españoles y modernidad: 1920-1961. Santo Domingo, República Dominicana: Centro Cultural Hispánico, Instituto de Cooperación Iberoamericana. 1996

Box 271, Folder 8

Cabrera, Lydia. 1986. Reglas de Congo: Mayombe Palo Monte. Miami, Fla: Ediciones Universal. 1986

Box 271, Folder 9

Campbell, Howard. 1993. Zapotec struggles: histories, politics, and representations from Juchitán, Oaxaca. Washington: Smithsonian Institution Press. 1993

Box 271, Folder 9

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Box 271, Folder 10

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Box 274, Folder 30

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Box 275, Folder 1

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Box 275, Folder 2

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Box 275, Folder 3

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Box 275, Folder 4

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Box 275, Folder 5

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Box 275, Folder 6

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Box 275, Folder 12

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Box 275, Folder 13

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Box 275, Folder 14

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Box 275, Folder 16

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Box 275, Folder 17

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Box 275, Folder 17

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Box 275, Folder 18-19

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Box 275, Folder 29

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Box 275, Folder 30

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Box 275, Folder 31

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Box 275, Folder 32

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Box 275, Folder 33

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Box 275, Folder 34

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Box 275, Folder 37

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Box 275, Folder 41-42

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Oversize 384, Item 3

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Box 275, Folder 43

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Box 276, Folder 1

Tibol, Raquel. 2003. Nuevo realismo y posvanguardia en las Américas. México, D.F.: Plaza y Janés. 2003

Box 276, Folder 2

Tibol, Raquel, and David Alfaro Siqueiros. 1969. David Alfaro Siqueiros. México: Empresas Editoriales. 1969

Box 276, Folder 3

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Box 276, Folder 4

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Box 276, Folder 5

Tibol, Raquel, and Hermenegildo Bustos. 1992. Hermenegildo Bustos: pintor de pueblo. México, D.F.: Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes. 1992

Box 276, Folder 6

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Box 276, Folder 7

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Box 276, Folder 8

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Box 276, Folder 10

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Box 276, Folder 11

Universidade de São Paulo, Anita Malfatti, and Marta Batista Rossetti. 1977. Anita Malfatti (1889-1964): 10 de novembro a 11 de dezembro de 1977 : Museu de Arte Contemporânea da Universidade de São Paulo, São Paulo, Brasil . São Paulo: O Museu. 1977

Box 276, Folder 12

University of Puerto Rico (Río Piedras Campus), and Galería de Arte Moderno (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic). 1987. La Xilografía en Puerto Rico, 1950-1986: exposición. [Río Piedras, P.R.]: La Universidad. 1987

Box 276, Folder 13

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Box 276, Folder 14

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Box 276, Folder 17

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Box 276, Folder 18

Wallerstein, Immanuel Maurice. 1974. The modern world-system. III. San Diego: Academic Press. 1974

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Box 276, Folder 24

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Box 276, Folder 24

Zea de Uribe, Gloria, and Alvaro Medina. 1999. Arte y violencia en Colombia desde 1948: mayo-junio de 1999, Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogotá. Bogotá: Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogotá. 1999

Box 388, Item 7

Lindauer, Margaret A, and Frida Kahlo. Devouring Frida: The Art History and Popular Celebrity of Frida Kahlo. Hanover, N.H: University Press of New England, 1999. Internet resource.


Books used to create slides

Box 387, Folder 6

Concurso de Arte Eduardo León Jimenes. 2004. XX Concurso de Arte Eduardo León Jimenes: catálogo de obras 2004. Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic: Grupo León Jimenes.

Box 388, Folder 2

Ruz Lhuillier, Alberto. 1982. El pueblo maya. México, D.F.: Salvat Mexicana de Ediciones.

Box 272, Folder 32

Grupo Mira. 1988. La Gráfica del '68: homenaje al movimiento estudiantil. México, D.F.: Ediciones Zurda.

Oversize 384, Item 1

Galería Guatemala. 1998.

Box 385, Item 3

Ferrer, Elizabeth, Edward J. Sullivan, and Suzanne L. Stratton. Modern and Contemporary Art of the Dominican Republic. New York: Americas Society and the Spanish Institute, 1996. Print.

Box 385, Item 4

Elliott, David. Argentina, 1920 1994: Art from Argentina. Oxford: Museum of Modern Art, 1994. Print.

Box 385, Item 5

Ramírez, Mari C. El Taller Torres-García: The School of the South and Its Legacy. Austin: Published for the Archer M. Huntington Art Gallery, College of Fine Arts, the University of Texas at Austin by the University of Texas Press, 1992. Print.

Box 385, Folder 6

Rodríguez, Antonio, and David A. Siqueiros. David Alfaro Siqueiros: Mural Painting. Mexico, D.F.: Fondo Editorial de la Plástica Mexicana, 1992. Print.

Box 385, Item 7

Perrone, Alberto M. Aída Carballo: Arte Y Locura. Buenos Aires: Emecé Editores, 1995. Print.



Box 276, Folder 1

Exhibition Notes

Box 276, Folder 26-31

Miscellaneous Notes

Box 325, Folder 11-15

Notes inside books



Box 349, Folder 1-2

Guatemala: Arquitecture and its Murals

Box 349, Folder 3-7

Guatemala catalogues- miscellaneous

Box 349, Folder 8-11

Guatemala catalogues


Inter-American Development Bank


Central America

Box 317, Folder 1


Box 317, Folder 2



Exhibit Catalogs

Box 317, Folder 3

IDB Cultural Center. 2000. On the edge of time: contemporary art from the Bahamas = Tiempo de cambio : arte contemporáneo de las Bahamas. Washington, D.C.: Inter-American Development Bank Cultural Center. 2000

Box 317, Folder 4

IDB Cultural Center. 2000. Two visions of El Salvador: modern art and folk art = Dos visiones de El Salvador : arte moderno y arte popular. Washington, D.C.: Inter-American Development Bank, Cultural Center. 2000

Box 317, Folder 5

IDB Cultural Center. 1998. A legacy of gods: textiles and woodcarvings from Guatemala = Legado de dioses : textiles y tallas en madera de Guatemala. Washington, D.C.: Inter-American Development Bank, Cultural Center. Oct. 1998- Jan. 1999

Box 317, Folder 6

IDB Cultural Center. 1995. Figari's Montevideo (1861-1938) = El Montevideo de Figari (1861-1938). Washington, D.C.: Inter-American Development Bank, Cultural Center. . 1995

Box 317, Folder 7

IDB Cultural Center and Felix Angel. 1999. L'estampe en France: thirty-four young printmakers. Washington, D.C.: Inter-American Development Bank Cultural Center. 1999

Box 317, Folder 8

IDB Cultural Center and Felix Angel. 1998. Points of departure in contemporary Colombian art = puntos de partida en el arte contemporáneo de Colombia. Washington, D.C.: Inter-American Development Bank, Cultural Center. 1998

Box 317, Folder 9

IDB Cultural Center and Francine Farr. 2004. Vive Haiti!: contemporary art of the Haitian diaspora = Vive Haiti! : l'art contemporain de la diaspora haïtienne. Washington, D.C.: Inter-American Developement Bank.

Box 317, Folder 10

IDB Cultural Center and Jane Sánchez. 1995. Treasures of Japanese Art: selections from the permanent collection of the Tokyo Fuji Art Museum. Washington, D.C.: Inter-American Development Bank. 1995



Box 317, Folder 11

Art of the Americas Collection

Box 317, Folder 12-13

The Cultural Center

Box 286, Folder 14-17




Box 317, Folder 14-23

IDB Cultural Center. 1993. Encuentros. Washington, D.C.: Inter-American Development Bank, IDB Cultural Center. 1993-2003

Box 318, Folder 1-14

IDB Cultural Center. 1993. Encuentros. Washington, D.C.: Inter-American Development Bank, IDB Cultural Center.

Box 318, Folder 15



Other Countries

Box 318, Folder 16


Box 318, Folder 17

Israel and Jerusalem

Box 318, Folder 18


Box 318, Folder 19-21

Latin America


The Caribbean

Box 319, Folder 1


Box 319, Folder 2

Dominican Republic

Box 319, Folder 3


Box 319, Folder 4

Trinidad and Tobago


South America

Box 319, Folder 5


Box 319, Folder 6


Box 319, Folder 7

Costa Rica

Box 319, Folder 8


Box 319, Folder 9

Hispanic Heritage


Latin America

Box 378, Folder 3

Directory of Historians of Latin American Art 1979, 1981

Box 348, Folder 3-5

First Annual Latina/o Art Auction and Symposia Arizona State University, Hispanic Research Center 2003

Box 378, Folder 4-8

F[r]icciones- Literature Reina Sofía Dec 2000

Box 378, Folder 9-12

Fundación San Telmo

Box 359, Folder 2

Leon, Lamgen. 1990. Asians in Latin America and the Caribbean: a bibliography. [Flushing, N.Y.]: Asian/American Center, Queens College, CUNY. 1990

Box 378, Folder 13-22

Luis Camnitzer— Conceptualism Latin American Art July 1998

Box 378, Folder 23-29

Texas Quartely 1965 Art History Braniff Collection 10 South American Countries


Latin American Women Artists Books

Box 369, Folder 1

Biblioteca del Poder Legislativo (Uruguay). 1992. Diccionario de artistas plasticos en el Uruguay: edición facsimilar de "Plasticos Uruguayos", compilado hasta el año 1970 por la Biblioteca del Poder Legislativo. 1.1. [Montevideo]: Librería Linardi y Risso. 1992

Box 369, Folder 2

Biblioteca del Poder Legislativo (Uruguay). 1992. Diccionario de artistas plasticos en el Uruguay: edición facsimilar de "Plasticos Uruguayos", compilado hasta el año 1970 por la Biblioteca del Poder Legislativo. 2. 2. [Montevideo]: Librería Linardi y Risso. 1992

Box 369, Folder 3

Campaña Hancke, Claudia. 1986. Presencia femenina latinoamericana 1986. Santiago, Chile: Galería Epoca. 1986

Box 369, Folder 4

Fontenla, Marta. 1996. Brujas: Politicas Feministas Etica, Estetica y Feminismo. Journal. ATEM 25 de noviembre. Grupo geminista independencia. Salta 1064, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 1996

Box 369, Folder 5

Growel, María. 1992. Presencia femenina en la plástica continental. Montevideo, Uruguay: Barreiro y Ramos. 1992

Box 369, Folder 6

Juan, Adelaida de. 2002. Del silencio al grito: mujeres en las artes plásticas. La Habana, Cuba: Letras Cubanas. 2002

Box 369, Folder 7

Poole, Kristin. 1999. Uncovered and recovered: women artists in the modernist tradition : paintings from the collection of Jeri Louise Waxenberg : February 12-March 22, 1999, Sun Valley Center for the Arts, Ketchum, Idaho. Sun Valley, ID: Sun Valley Center for the Arts. 1999

Box 369, Folder 8

Puerto, Cecilia. 1996. Latin American women artists, Kahlo and look who else: a selective, annotated bibliography. Westport, Conn: Greenwood Press. 1996

Box 369, Folder 9

Tibol, Raquel. 2002. Ser y ver: mujeres en las artes visuales. México: Plaza & Janés. 2002

Box 369, Folder 10

Women in Latin America. 1995. Thousand Oaks, Calif: Sage Periodical Press. 1995


Los Angeles

Oversize 379, Folder 4

L.A. Style - Latin L.A. Beyond the Barrio 1990

Box 349, Folder 12-15

Catalogs and exhibition announcements 1960s-1970s

Box 349, Folder 16

Bowyer, Sylvia, Roberto Bedoya, Jody Zellen, Joshua Decter, and Kobena Mercer. 1992. Inheritance. Los Angeles, CA (1804 Industrial St, Los Angeles, CA 90021): Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions. 1992

Box 350, Folder 1-8

¡Míra! '84, '86, '88

Box 350, Folder 9-11

UC Mexus

Oversize 333, Folder 15

Revista Xhisme Arte 1981

Oversize 379, Folder 8

SPECTACLE - A field journal from Los Angeles 1984



Oversize 382, Folder 2

Avance - The New Latin Entertainmet Magazine

Box 334, Folder 1-16

¡AHA! Hispanics Arts News April- December 1986; november 1983

Box 334, Folder 17-21

Americas 2001 1987-1988 (not complete)

Box 235, Folder 1

Argentina: Art Magazine La actualidad en el arte *(currently in box 78 (4/4)) 1978-1981 (not complete)

Box 235, Folder 2-6

Arribe—Austin, TX 1980-1984 (not complete)

Box 235, Folder 7-14

Caminos 1980-1985 (not complete)

Box 235, Folder 15-21

Chismearte 1976-1984 (not complete)

Box 236, Folder 1-4

Con safos 1968-1994 (not complete)

Box 236, Folder 1-4

Con safos

Box 236, Folder 5-7

Corazon de Aztlan 1982

Box 236, Folder 8


Box 236, Folder 9-15

El Grito fall 1969 - 1973 (not complete)

Box 237, Folder 1-8

El Grito

Box 237, Folder 9-15

El Tecolote 1978-1984 (not complete)

Box 328, Folder 10

Espacio crítico para las Artes

Box 237, Folder 16

Hermanas en movimiento brotando raices Aztlan (HEMBRA) (Austin) Spring 1976

Box 237, Folder 17

Hispanic Arts November 1976-April 1983 (not complete)

Box 238, Folder 1-3

Hispanic Arts

Box 238, Folder 4

Imagenes de la Chicana

Box 238, Folder 5

Juannio 75 (Guatemala) 1975

Box 238, Folder 6

Juannio 77 (Guatemala) 1977

Box 238, Folder 7

Juannio 79 (Guatemala) 1979

Box 238, Folder 8-11

La Gente (UCLA) 1971-1982 (not complete)

Box 238, Folder 12-15

La Raza 1968-1974 (not complete)

Box 238, Folder 16-19

Llueve Tlaloc (Antonio Pazos) 1977-1984 (not complete)

Box 239, Folder 1, 2

Llueve Tlaloc (Antonio Pazos)

Box 239, Folder 3-7

Metamorfosis (Seattle) 1980-1985 (not complete)

Box 239, Folder 8-11

Miscellaneous magazines and booklets

Box 328, Folder 1

Museo Nacional del Arte

Oversize 382, Folder 12

Performance 36 - Arte Magazine

Oversize 384, Item 4

Picture Magazine - Espejo: Reflections of the Mexican American

Box 328, Folder 2-7

Pintores Argentinos del Siglo xx

Box 328, Folder 9

Artes de Mexico Twenty Years of the Taller de Grafica Popular

Box 239, Folder 12-14

Revista Rio Bravo 1980-1981

Box 239, Folder 15-17

Somos 1978-1979 (not complete)

Box 240, Folder 1-5


Box 240, Folder 6-15

The Art Bulletin 1993-2001

Box 241, Folder 1-8

The Art Bulletin

Box 241, Folder 9-15

Tonanzin (San Antonio)



Box 356, Folder 5


Box 325, Folder 7

Casta Painting - Images of Race in Eighteenth-Century Mexico / Ilona Katzew

Box 237, Folder 4

Contemporary Mexican Artists Augustín Velázquez Chavez

Box 361, Folder 12-14

Cultural Booklets

Box 356, Folder 6


Box 348, Folder 1

¡30-30!: Contra la Academia de Pintura 1928 - Laura González Matute 1993

Box 350, Folder 12

Cuerpos Pintados

Box 325, Folder 1

Contra la amnesia - Arnold Berlkin

Box 350, Folder 13

Diego Rivera: Chapingo 1979

Box 237, Folder 6

El Hombre Estética del Arte Moderno y Contemporaneo Justino Fernández

Box 348, Folder 2

El Taller de Grafíca Popular México

Box 364, Folder 10

Fernández, Justino. 1964. La pintura moderna mexicana. México: Editorial Pormaca 1964

Box 237, Folder 5

Figuras en el tropico, Plástica Mexicana 1920-1940

Box 364, Folder 11

Frérot, Christine. 1990. El mercado del arte en México, 1950-1976. México: INBA. 1990

Box 356, Folder 7

Gamboa, Fernando. Embajador del Arte Mexicano

Box 356, Folder 8

Garcia Canclini, Nestor. 1995. Consumidores y ciudadanos: conflictos multiculturales de la globalización. México, D.F.: Grijalbo. 1995

Box 356, Folder 9

Geoglifo de la Sallena Kuyimá (Posters) Francisco Hernández Zamora

Box 356, Folder 10

Guía de murales del Centro Histórico de la Ciudad de México 1984

Box 356, Folder 11

Historia de los museos de México

Box 237, Folder 1

José Hernández Delgadillo Notas Periodísticas

Box 371, Folder 22

José Hernández Delgadillo Colección

Box 372, Folder 1

José Hernández Delgadillo Colección

Box 361, Folder 15

Frida Kahlo: The Brush of Anguish by Martha Zamora

Box 350, Folder 14-23

La Perra Brava: Arte, Crisis y Políticas Culturales

Oversize 379, Folder 5

Mexican Student Posters - Posters From the Uprising 1968, Studies in the Third World Inc.

Box 350, Folder 24-31

Mexican Arquitecture Tlatelolco, UNAM, etc.

Box 356, Folder 12

Pasado y presente del centro histórico

Box 356, Folder 13

Pinto mi raya

Box 350, Folder 31

Ramírez, Frausto. Saturnino Herrán

Box 356, Folder 14

Raya Mónica P. Mayer

Box 237, Folder 2

The Man-Eating Myth W. Arrens

Box 237, Folder 3

Tristes Tropiques Claude lévi - Strauss

Box 350, Folder 32

Walls of Fire

Box 350, Folder 33

Zúñiga, Francisco


Miscellaneous Books and Catalogs

Box 362, Folder 3

Art and People: Latin American Art in Our Time by Clemente Padín 1997

Box 387, Folder 5

ARCO Noticias - International Contemporary Art Fair

Box 364, Folder 6

Arquitectural Publications Index

Box 362, Folder 4

Balfe, Judith H., and Margaret Jane Wyszomirski. 1985. Art, ideology, and politics. New York: Praeger. 1985

Oversize 379, Folder 1

Codex Aeroscriptus Ehrenbergensis

Box 362, Folder 5

Contemporary Art by Women of Color

Oversize 382, Folder 4

Documenta - Versuch einer politischen und ideologischen Analyse ihrer Geschichte

Box 387, Folder 4

DAP - Directorio de las artes plásticas

Box 366, Folder 25-27

Fifth World Tales - Cuentos del Quinto Mundo, series by San Francisco, Calif: Children's Book Press.

Box 362, Folder 6

Figuraciones y Desfiguros de los 80s - Luis Carlos Emerich

Oversize 379, Folder 3

FIRE! An exhibition of 100 Texas Artists 1979

Box 362, Folder 7

History of the labor movement in the United States Vol III and IV 1964 and 1965

Oversize 382, Folder 8

Howard Warshaw

Box 364, Folder 7

Introduccióm a la Pintura Peruana del S. XX

Box 367, Folder 16

Kohl, Herbert R., and James E. Hinton. 1972. Golden boy as Anthony Cool; a photo essay on naming and graffiti. New York: Dial Press. *(currently in box 95(1/4)) 1972

Box 387, Folder 7

La piel de la memoria - Antonio Martorell

Box 387, Folder 9

Latino Weekly Review

Oversize 379, Folder 6

Madre Sierra Press - Los Angeles

Box 387, Folder 1

Marback, Richard, Patrick Bruch, and Jill Eicher. 1998. Cities, cultures, conversations: readings for writers. Boston: Allyn and Bacon.

Box 362, Folder 8

Master Works of Mexican Art

Box 387, Folder 7

Miscellaneous Catalogs

Box 364, Folder 8

On the Future of Art

Box 364, Folder 9

Patterns of Political Participation of Puerto Ricans in New York City

Box 362, Folder 9-30

Patrick Frank - Social Realism

Box 363, Folder 1-9

Patrick Frank - Social Realism

Box 387, Folder 3

Peluffo Linari, Gabriel. 1986. Historia de la pintura uruguaya. [Montevideo, Uruguay]: Ediciones de la Banda Oriental.

Oversize 382, Folder 7

Premiados por El Arte

Box 388, Folder 1

Santonastasio, Magda. 1986. Meinschatz. San Diego, Calif: Tuhana Press.

Box 363, Folder 10

The Robber Barons; the great American capitalists, 1861-1901. Matthew Josephson 1962

Box 387, Folder 2

Zurda - Revista de la Comisión de Trabajadores del Arte del PSUM

Box 380, Folder 9

La Palabra y el Hombre

Box 380, Folder 12

Caminos del Aire, Mexicana- Las alas de oro

Box 380, Folder 20

1982 Datebook of the Americas

Box 380, Folder 21

Frederico Morais, Chorei Em Bruges


Miscellaneous Papers and Publications

Oversize 382, Folder 1

Aesthetic Ideology and Urban Design - Barbar Rubin 1979

Box 361, Folder 20

Cubist Heresies: Diego Rivera and the Parisian Avant-Grande 1913-1917

Box 361, Folder 21

A Guide to Tempura Painting - Clinton Adams

Box 361, Folder 22-23

Horizonte 82

Box 361, Folder 24

International Women's Day Testimonial Luncheon

Box 380, Folder 1

Lecturas - Marí Soledad Gustavo Antonio

Box 359, Folder 3-22

Miscellaneous publications

Box 361, Folder 25

Miscellaneous writings 1980s

Oversize 382, Folder 13

Murals - Miscellaneous Newspapers

Oversize 382, Folder 17-19

Mural Articles - Newspapers

Box 361, Folder 26

"My Adventure in Eucaustic" - Buchanan, Eligene

Oversize 382, Folder 15

Performance Newspaper

Box 325, Folder 18

Social Concern and Urban Realism American Painting of the 1930s / Patricia Hills, Raphael Soyer

Box 325, Folder 19

School Failure: Explanations and Interventions - Guadalupe Valdés

Box 325, Folder 20

The 1930s: Painting and Sculpture in America - Willian C. Agee

Box 325, Folder 21

The Working American



Box 351, Folder 1-17

Jorge Eduardo Arellano Pintura y escultura en Nicaragua 1978

Box 351, Folder 28

Julio 9 - A cualquier costo, cumpliremos con la Patria!



Box 351, Folder 18-21

Peru Catalogues


Puerto Rico

Box 351, Folder 22-27

División de Educación de la Comunidad (DIVEDCO) 1951-1976 (not complete)

Dimensions note: Books from Puerto Rico's Division of Community Education (DIVEDCO), such as: Marqués, René. 1968 . El hombré de la sonrisa triste. [San Juan, P.R.]: Departamento de Instrucción Pública, División de Educación de la Comunidad.
Box 351, Folder 28

Julio 9

Box 351, Folder 29

The Jesús Colón Papers Finding Aid 1991

Box 351, Folder 30

The Ruth M. Reynolds Papers Finding Aid 1991



Box 363, Folder 11-18

Cecilia Klein

Box 363, Folder 19

The Florentine Codex

Box 363, Folder 20-21


Box 363, Folder 21-25


Box 364, Folder 1-5



Theses and dissertations

Box 253, Folder 1

Acosta, Manuel Research File 1988

Box 253, Folder 2

Alvarado, Daisy Valle Machado Peccinini de. 1987. Novas Figuraçoes, Novo Realismo e Nova Objetividade. Brasil Anos '60. 1987

Box 253, Folder 3

Barnitz, Jacqueline. 1986. The "Martinfierristas" and Argentine art of the twenties: volumes I and II. Ann Arbor, MI: University Microfilms Int. 1986

Box 254, Folder 1

Barrera, Mario. 1986. Beyond Aztlan: ethnic autonomy in comparative. perspective 1986

Box 254, Folder 2

Berman-Miller, Cynthia. 1996. Ahora Mismo: postmodernism and Latin American art, the Cuban paradigm. Thesis (M.A.)--University of Florida, 1996. 1996

Box 254, Folder 3

Cabrera, Roberto. 1984. La teoría y la metodología en el estudio e investigación del arte 1984

Box 254, Folder 4

Dollente, Sheila Glee. 2001. Sacred imagery as an expression of resistance along the U.S.-Mexico border: a heritage of visual power form Mexican faith to Chicano art . Thesis (M.A.)--San Diego State University, 2001. 2001

Box 255, Folder 1-50

Favela, Ramón. 1984. Rivera Cubista: a critical study of the early career of Diego Rivera, 1898-1921. Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Texas at Austin, 1984. 1984

Box 256, Folder 1-37

Favela's Dissertation (Cont.)

Box 256, Folder 38

Folgarait, Leonard. 1980. So far from heaven: David Alfaro Siqueiros' The march of humanity on earth and toward the cosmos. Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of California, Los Angeles, 1980. 1980

Box 256, Folder 39-45

Fuentes Rojas De Cadena, Elizabeth. 1980. Three San Francisco murals of Diego Rivera: a documentary and artistic history. 1980

Box 257, Folder 1

Garcia, Marshall Rupert. 1981. La raza murals of California, 1963-1970: a period of social change and protest. Thesis (M.A. in History of Art)--University of California, Berkeley, Dec. 1981. 1981

Box 257, Folder 2

Glick, Paula Florence. 1981. The murals of Paul Sample. Thesis (M.A.)--George Washington University, 1981. 1981

Box 257, Folder 3

González, Jennifer A. 1996. S iting histories: material culture and the politics of display in the work of Fred Wilson, Pepón Osorio, and Amalia Mesa-Bains, 1985-1995 . Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of California, Santa Cruz, 1996. 1996

Box 257, Folder 4

González Matute, Laura. n.d. Escuelas al aire libre y centros populares de pintura. México, D.F.: UNAM. Facultad de filosofía y Letras.

Box 258, Folder 1

Hall, Daniel August. 1974. Federal patronage of art in Arizona from 1933 to 1943. Thesis (M.A.)--Arizona State University, 1974. 1974

Box 258, Folder 2-3

Harris, Jonathan. New Deal: Inter-American and State/Cultural Populism

Box 258, Folder 4

Kosiba-Vargas, S. Zaneta, and Harry Gamboa. 1989. Harry Gamboa and ASCO: the emergence and development of a Chicano art group, 1971-1987. Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Michigan, 1988. 1988

Box 258, Folder 5-18

Kunkel, Gladys M. 1969. The mural paintings by Anton Refregier in the Rincon Annex of the San Francisco Post Office, San Francisco, California. Thesis (M.A.)--Arizona State University, 1969--Art History. 1969

Box 357, Folder 11-15

Lang, Brian Joseph. 1997. Pre-Columbian Imagery in the Works of Frida Kahlo Thesis (M.A.) - University of Denver, 1997.

Box 259, Folder 2

López, Elizabeth Christine. 2002. The Mexican front: artist collectives in México City, 1968-1985. Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of California, Los Angeles, 2002. 2002

Box 259, Folder 2

Loste, Barbara Marianne. 2000. Life stories of artist Corita Kent (1918-1986): her spirit, her art, the woman within. Thesis (Ph. D.)--Gonzaga University, 2000. 2000

Box 266, Folder 1

Lumbard, Paula A. 1980 . Visionaries of the Wicce

Box 259, Folder 3

Majluf, Natalia. 1995. The creation of the image of the Indian in 19th-century Peru: the paintings of Francisco Laso (1823-1869). Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Texas at Austin, 1995. *(currently in box 76 (4/4)) 1995

Box 37, Folder 9

Mesa-Bains, Amalia. 1989. A study of the influence of culture on the development of identity among a group of Chicana artists. Thesis (Ph. D.)--Wright Institute Graduate School of Psychology, 1983. 1983

Box 259, Folder 5

Montoya, José E., John M. Carrillo, José E. Montoya, and Steven F. Arvizu. 1975. Posada: the man and his art, a comparative analysis of Jose Guadalupe posada and the current Chicano art movement as they apply toward social and cultural change: a visual resource unit for Chicano education . Project (M.A., Social Science)--California State University, Sacramento, 1975. 1975

Box 357, Folder 10

Noll, Susanne. 1986. Chicano Murals in Südkalifornien: öffentliche kunst als affirmation der eigenen existenz. Thesis (M.A.)--Lugwig-Maximilians-University of Munich, 1986. ** 1986

Box 260, Folder 1

Ontiveros II, Mario J. 1994. Circumscribing identities: Chicanas muralists and the representation of Chicana subjectivity. 1994

Box 260, Folder 2

Paltridge, Blair. 1992. Carlos Mérida's integration of art, architecture and ideology in the Multifamiliar Juárez. Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of California, Los Angeles, 1992. 1992

Box 260, Folder 3-7

Paltridge, Blair. 1988. Pre-hispanic imagery in the art of Rufino Tamayo, 1941-1946. Thesis (M.A.)--San Francisco State University, 1988. 1988

Box 260, Folder 8

Paquette, Catha. 2005. Patron at a crossroads: John D. Rockefeller, Jr. and Diego Rivera's 1933 Rockefeller center mural. 2005

Box 260, Folder 9

Paquette, Cathleen M. 2002. Public duties, private interests: Mexican art at New York's Museum of Modern Art, 1929-1954. Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of California, Santa Barbara, 2002. 2002

Box 260, Folder 10

Prigoff, Arline Wyner. 1984. Self esteem, ethnic identity, job aspiration and school stress of Mexican American youth in a midwest urban barrio. Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Illinois at Chicago, 1984. 1984

Box 261, Folder 1

Quirarte, Jacinto. 1984. A history and appreciation of Chicano art. San Antonio, Tex: Research Center for the Arts and Humanities, University of Texas at San Antonio. 1984

Box 261, Folder 2-14

Randle, Mallory Blair. 1967. Murals and sculpture of the Public Works of Art Project and the Treasury Section in the Southwest. Report (M.A.)--University of Texas. 1967

Box 261, Folder 15

Rodriguez, Noelie Maria. 1980. The archetypal vision: a Marxist and Jungian study of mural art. Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of California, Los Angeles, 1974.

Box 261, Folder 1

Rodriguez, Patricia. 1979. Selected readings on Chicano art. Berkeley, Calif: P. Rodriguez.

Box 261, Folder 2

Sisco, Elizabeth, Louis Hock, and David Avalos. 1988. Welcome to America's finest tourist plantation. S.l: s.n. 1988

Box 261, Folder 3

Somoza, María Emilia. 1987. Graphic arts in Puerto Rico from 1949 to 1970: a historical perspective and aesthetic analysis of selected prints. Thesis (Ph. D.)--New York University, 1983. 1984

Box 263, Folder 1

Spurlock, William Henry. 1974. Federal support for the visual arts in the state of New Mexico: 1933-1943. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico. 1974

Other Descriptive Information

Spurlock, William Henry. 1974. Federal support for the visual arts in the state of New Mexico: 1933-1943. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico.
Box 263, Folder 2-12

Tío Fernández, Teresa. 1977. Trasfondo y desarrollo del carterl Puertoriqueño. 1977

Box 263, Folder 13

Torres, María de los Angeles. 1988. From exiles to minorities: the politics of the Cuban community in the United States. Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of Michigan, 1986. 1986

Box 263, Folder 14

Torres, Salvador Roberto. 1973. Creative aspects of La Raza inspired by Chicano experience. Aspectos creativos de La Raza inspirados por experiencias Chicanas. Master's Project (M.A.)--California State University, San Diego, 1973. 1973

Box 263, Folder 15-27

Ugalde, Alejandro. 2003. The presence of Mexican art in New York between the World Wars: cultural exchange and art diplomacy. Thesis (Ph. D.)--Columbia University, 2003 2003

Box 264, Folder 1-7

Ugalde (Cont.)

Box 264, Folder 8

Urista, Arturo. 1995. The chicano art world: a study of two art centers. 1995

Box 264, Folder 9

Villa, Raúl Homero. 1993. Tales from the second city social geographic imagination in contemporary urban California Chicana/Chicano literature and the arts . Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of California, Santa Cruz, 1993 1993

Box 264, Folder 10

Venegas, Sybil. 1993. The Day of the Dead in Aztlán Chicano variations on the theme of life, death and self preservation. Thesis (M.A.)--University of California, Los Angeles, 1993. 1993

Box 264, Folder 11-13

Widdifield, Stacie Graham. 1981. The Aztec calendar stone: a critical history. Thesis (M.A.)--University of California, Los Angeles--Art History. 1981

Box 264, Folder 14

Widdifield, Stacie Graham. 1986. National art and identity in Mexico, 1869-1881: images of indians and heroes. Thesis (Ph. D.)--University of California, Los Angeles, 1986. 1986

Box 264, Folder 15

Wilson, Patricia L. 1987. Puerto Rican art in New York: the aesthetic analysis of eleven painters and their work. Thesis (Ph. D.)--New York University, 1984. 1984

Box 264, Folder 16

Ybarra-Frausto, Tomas. 1982. Abriendo Surcos: Chicano cultural expression in the Pacific Northwest. 1982



Box 354, Folder 18-28

Venezuela Catalogues

Box 355, Folder 1

Venezuela Catalogues


La Opinion

Other Descriptive Information

These La Opinion Newspapers are selections by Shifra Goldman and many are articles writen by her. Some correspondence and notes are also included.
Box 284, Folder 8

"Arnold Belkin's New Mural 'Images of Our Time'" (La Opinion) October 1984

Box 285, Folder 24

"Artists in Action at the Chicana Issues Conference" (La Opinion) 3 August 1980

Box 283, Folder 16

"A Tribute to Photographer Nacho Lopez; 1924-86" (La Opinion) January 1987

Box 284, Folder 32

"Builder in the Sun: Juan O'Gorman" (La Opinion) November 1982

Box 285, Folder 8-9

"Califas in Santa Cruz" (La Opinion - English Manuscripts) July 1981

Box 285, Folder 22

"Dear Consuelo: Letter to a Young Venezuelan Artist" (La Opinion) March 1981

Box 285, Folder 23

"Images of Women: Mother, Ruler, Worker, Witch" (La Opinion) June 1980

Box 285, Folder 10

"In Progress: An Artist - Community Dialog" (La Opinion) 1982

Box 284, Folder 33

"The Space Intuitions of Ben Gurule" (La Opinion) November 1982

Box 284, Folder 31

"In Progress: An Artist - Community Dialog" (La Opinion) 1981-1982

Box 284, Folder 6

"1985, 1986, 1987 Dear Sergio" (La Opinion) 1985-1987

Box 284, Folder 2

"Painting as Theatre" (La Opinion - English Manuscripts) June 1986

Box 381, Folder 1

La Opinion 1980

Box 381, Folder 2

La Opinion 1981

Box 381, Folder 3

La Opinion 1982

Box 381, Folder 4

La Opinion 1983

Box 381, Folder 5

La Opinion 1984

Box 381, Folder 6

La Opinion 1988-1992


Research Documents and Projects

Scope and Content

The Research Document and Projects series is in 249 boxes and exhibit poster drawers. There are 22 subseries, some of which are extensive such as the Chicano series and the many subseries focusing on Latin American Countries and Artists. This series ranges from the 1940s to the 2000s, with the bulk of the materials in the late 1970s to the late 1990s. The materials vary from exhibit catalogs, artist portfolio materials, photographs, correspondence, announcements, organization information and various other materials that were arranged in her filing system. The materials are organized alphabetically, by geographical region and by subjects.
Latin American artists both in the U.S. and in their own countries are widely represented in this series. Most of the Latin American countries are covered with material on the different artists, museums, exhibits and projects. There are many exhibit catalogs, representing artist from most of Latin America.
The "Chicano" subseries (64 boxes) has the most detail with some materials saved by cites throughout the United States. Some of the exhibit catalogs within this subseries have been separated, cataloged and placed in the UCSB Library's art exhibition catalogs collection. Special care has been taken in this subseries to note the exhibit catalog names and when they have been separated to join the library's art exhibition catalog collection. Goldman placed much of her research on murals in the subseries contained within the Chicano subseries titled "Murals National." The "Chicano" subseries also contains a subseries titled "Artists" which contains materials collected on nearly 300 Chicano(a) artists.
The subjects area files include information on artist activism organizations that Goldman followed and participated in as an art historian, activist and curator, such as "Artists Call Against U.S. intervention in Central America," and "Chicano Arts: Resistance and Affirmation (CARA)."
The subseries on Siquerios is separate from the other Mexican artists because of Goldman's special interest in David Alfaro Siqueiros and her involvement in the early efforts to restore his mural, América Tropical on Olvera Street in Los Angeles. There are also materials connected with the movie by Jesus Trevino, titled America Tropical (which was originally produced as a television documentary in 1971) which Goldman was also involved in. This subseries contains photos, negatives, correspondence and articles in 9 boxes.

Asian American Art and Exhibits

Box 340, Folder 1

Asian American Arts Centre - New York

Box 340, Folder 2-5

Asian American Exhibits

Box 340, Folder 6

Asian American - Miscellaneous writings and notes

Box 340, Folder 7

Books - Asian American Painting 1994

Box 340, Folder 8

Books - Hmong Textiles 1997

Box 340, Folder 9

Hmong Research

Box 340, Folder 10

Newspaper Articles

Box 340, Folder 11

Rancho Santiago College

Box 340, Folder 12

Various Artists - Ming Fay, Bernice Bing, Akiko Ishii, Masami Teraoka

Box 340, Folder 13

Various Artists - Dorothy Imagire

Box 340, Folder 14-16

Various Artists - Betty Kano

Box 340, Folder 17

Keiiko Kasa Slides

Box 340, Folder 18

Various Artists - Hung Liu, Judy Chan, and Mary Noguchi

Box 340, Folder 19

Various Artists - Carol McCormack

Box 340, Folder 20

Various Artists - Yang Soon Min

Box 340, Folder 21

Various Artists - Hanh Thi Pham

Box 340, Folder 22

Various Artists - May Sun and Sun Yat-Sen

Box 340, Folder 23

Various Artists - Carlos Villa


Artes de Mexico - Includes Mexico: Splendors of Thirty Centuries

Box 329, Folder 1-5

Artes de Mexico

Box 329, Folder 6-9

Metropolitan Museum

Box 329, Folder 10-13

Artes de Mexico - Los Angeles

Box 329, Folder 24-28

Twenty Centuries of Mexican Art - MOMA - 1940


Twenty centuries of Mexican art. 1940. New York: Museum of Modern Art.


Artists Call Against U.S. intervention in Central America

Box 13, Folder 23-24

Artists Call: Central Organizational America 1983-1986

Box 13, Folder 25

Artist Call Exhibit

Box 13, Folder 26

Artist Call Mailing List-Database Updated

Box 13, Folder 27-31

Artist Call Phase II 1984-1985

Box 14, Folder 1-4

Artist Call III 1983-1987

Box 14, Folder 5-6

Artists Call: Publicity and Fundraising 1984

Box 14, Folder 7-15

Artist Call Printed Material 1983-1989


Black Art

Box 295, Folder 1-17

African American Art

Box 341, Folder 1

African American Representation of Masculinity

Box 341, Folder 2

Anthropology 1A 1945

Box 341, Folder 3

Romane Bearden

Box 341, Folder 4

John Biggers

Box 341, Folder 5

Black Art / A Discussion

Box 341, Folder 6-21

Black Art/ Miscellaneous

Box 342, Folder 1-3

Black Art/ Women's/ Spain Artists

Box 342, Folder 4

Black Arts Council 1978

Box 342, Folder 5-7

Black Power

Box 342, Folder 8

Brockman Gallery

Box 342, Folder 9-19

Miscellaneous pamphlets

Box 361, Folder 1

Miscellaneous African American Art

Box 343, Folder 1-11

John Outterbridge 1992

Box 361, Folder 2

Whiteness Race

Box 343, Folder 13-13

Judith Wilson 1987/1988



Box 135, Folder 24-26

Caribbean - Miscellaneous

Box 136, Folder 1-2

Caribbean - General

Box 370, Folder 24-38

Caribbean Visions



Subjects and Indexing Terms

Chicano art


Exhibition Catalogs

For Chicano Artists Series: Currently the exhibition catalogs are noted with the heading "Separated Materials-Exhibition Catalog" if they are not in the library catalog yet. Those labled with the heading "Exhibition Catalog" are already in the library catalog and will remain in the individual artist folders. Catalogs labeled with a Separated Materials note, have been placed in separate archival boxes, but remain with the rest of the collection. They will eventually be sent to the Arts Library for cataloging and storage as soon as the Arts Library has time.
Box 22, Folder 29, 30

Manuel Acosta (El Paso)

Cassette tape

Conversations with Manuel Acosta #1, Both Sides; Interviewer- Roger S. North; 915-581-3850
Cassette is listed under audio series
Box 22, Folder 31, 32

Manuel Acuña (Guadalupe, AZ)

Box 22, Folder 33-35

Laura Aguilar

Separated Materials- Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Gaskins, Bill. 1993. [Bill Gaskins, Gaye Chan, Laura Aguilar]. Syracuse, N.Y.: Light Work.
Box 22, Folder 36-38

Max Aguilera - Hellweg

Oversize 333, Folder 18

Max Aguilera - Hellweg / Photos

Box 23, Folder 1

Luis Alfaro

Comments/ Description

Performance Art
Box 23, Folder 2-4

Juana Alicia

Box 23, Folder 5, 6

Michael Almaguer

Box 23, Folder 7-13

Carlos Almaraz

Separated Materials- Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Carlos Almaraz, The Ronald Reagan Building.1990

Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Almaraz, Carlos. 1991. Moonlight theater: prints and related works. Los Angeles: Grunwald Center for the Graphic Arts, University of California.

Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Carlos Almaraz-Selected Works: 1970-1984 Paintings and pastel drawings. 1984. Los Angeles, California: Los Angeles Munincipal Art Gallery.
Box 23, Folder 14

Cecilia Concepcion Alvarez

Box 23, Folder 15


Box 23, Folder 16-28

Celia Alvarez Muñoz

Comments/ Description

Exhibition Catalog: Personal Odysseys: The photography of Celia Alvarez Munoz, Clarissa T. Sligh and Maria Martinez-Canas. 1990. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Cambridge Multi-Cultural Center.

Separated Materials- Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: New Talent in Texas. January 17- February 17, 1983. Brown-Lupton Student Center Gallery and Moudy Exhibition Space, Texas Christian University.
Box 24, Folder 1-11

Celia Alvarez Muñoz

Box 24, Folder 12

Michael Amescua

Box 24, Folder 13

Bruno Andrade (Texas)

Box 24, Folder 14

Don Anton (CA)

Comments/ Description

Box 24, Folder 15, 16

Vibiana Aparicio-Chamberlin (Pasadena/L.A., California)

Box 24, Folder 17

Valerie Aranda (Arizona, California, Georgia)

Box 24, Folder 18, 19

Teresa Archuleta-Sagel

Box 24, Folder 20

Alicia Arredondo

Box 24, Folder 21

Connie Arismendi

Box 24, Folder 22-27

Alfredo Arreguin

Box 24, Folder 28

Linda Arreola

Box 24, Folder 29, 30

Isaac Artenstein

Box 24, Folder 31

Arturo Artorez

Box 25, Folder 1-6

David Avalos

Box 25, Folder 7

Adam Avila (Photography-L.A)

Comments/ Description

Box 25, Folder 8-10

Judith Baca

Box 25, Folder 11

María Baca (Albuquerque, NM)

Box 25, Folder 12

Walter Baca (New Mexico)

Box 25, Folder 13

Armando Baeza

Box 25, Folder 14

Calvin Barajas (Mexican-American/ San Francisco)

Box 25, Folder 15

Barraza (Kingsville, TX)

Box 25, Folder 16-25

Santa Barraza

Separated Materials- Exhibition Catalog

Exhibtion Catalog: Barraza, Santa. 1992. Santa Barraza: March 8-April 11, 1992, Galeria Posada, Sacramento. Sacramento, CA: La Raza/Galeria Posada.

Separated Materials- Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Barraza, Santa. 1984. New works by Austin artists: Santa Barraza, Malou Flato, Carol Ivey ... : October 12-November 11, 1984, Laguna Gloria Art Museum, Austin, Texas . Austin, Tex: Laguna Gloria Art Museum.

Separated Materials- Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Barraza, Santa. (1991). Alma corazon y vida: Arte multiculturale e multimediale dalle donne dell'emisfero occidentale, Roma, Italia, Dicembre, 1991.

Comments/ Description

Manuscriptions, Book, Essay
Box 26, Folder 1-3

Santa Barazza - Book 1996

Box 26, Folder 4

Benny Barrios

Box 26, Folder 5

Joe Bastida Rodriguez (NEA)

Box 26, Folder 6-12

Alfredo de Batuc

Box 26, Folder 13-19

Jesús Bautista Moroles

Exhibition Catalog

Signed Exhibition Catalog: Graze, Sue, Charles Dee Mitchell, and Phillip Collins. 2004. Essential space: the Belo Foundation Sculpture Series at the MAC. Dallas, Tex: Belo Foundation.

Separated Materials- Exhibition Catalog

Moroles, Jesús. 2004. Jesús Moroles Granite Sculpture, September 17, 2003- May 31, 2004. Dallas, TX: Latino Cultural Center.
Graze, Sue, Charles Dee Mitchell, and Phillip Collins. 2004. Essential space: the Belo Foundation Sculpture Series at the MAC. Dallas, Tex: Belo Foundation.

Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog with notes from Shifra: Moroles, Jesús Bautista. 1988. Moroles: granite sculpture. New Orleans, La: Simms Fine Art.
Box 26, Folder 20

Guillermo Bejarano

Comments/ Description

Note on folder says: "Read 2003"
Box 26, Folder 21-22

Louis Carlos Bernal (Arizona)

Box 27, Folder 1-2

Forrest Antonio Bernal Hopping

Box 27, Folder 3

Marietta Bernstorff (Arizona, California)

Box 27, Folder 4

Chaz Bojorquez (L.A.)

Box 27, Folder 5

Paul Botello (L.A.)

Box 27, Folder 6

Rolando Briseño (San Antonio/N.Y.)

Separated Materials- Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Briseño, Rolando, and Dan R. Goddard. 1990. Rolando Briseño. San Antonio, Tex: Milagros Gallery.
Box 27, Folder 7-12

Robert Buitrón (Tempe, AZ; Geneva, Il)

Separated Materials- Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Buitrón, Robert. (1985). Family: Tradition/Transition. March 11 to April 26, 1985. Katherine E. Nash Gallery, University of Minnesota. Minneapolis, MN.
Oversize 333, Folder 8

Robert Buitrón - Popocatepetl and Ixtaccihuatl Calendars

Box 27, Folder 13-15

José Antonio Burciaga

Box 27, Folder 16-21

Nao Bustamante

Box 27, Folder 22

Alfredo Calderon

Box 27, Folder 23-26

Carlos Callejo (El Paso)

Box 27, Folder 27-28

Francisco X. Camplis

Comments/ Description

1 Photo
Box 27, Folder 29-32

Diana Cárdenas (San Antonio)

Box 27, Folder 33

Rogelio Cárdenas

Box 28, Folder 1-10

Barbara Carrasco

Comments/ Description

Box 28, Folder 11-14

Eduardo Carrillo

Separated Materials note- Exhibition Catalog

Title: California Connections, Sacramento State College, The Early 1970's. Exhibit Shown: January 9- February 4, 1982 at the Joseph Chowning Gallery and March 12- April 22, 1982 at the Laguna Beach Museum of Art. Pictured art includes "Bubbe Bath" by Eduardo Carrillo.
Box 28, Folder 15-19

Graciela Carrillo

Comments/ Description

2 children's books by Graciela Carrillo: El Frijol Mágico, English translation: The Magic Bean; and Como Vinimos al Quinto Mundo, English translation: How We Came to the Fifth World.
Box 28, Folder 20

Sean Carrillo

Box 28, Folder 21-27

Mel Casas

Box 28, Folder 28-42

Mario Castillo

Box 28, Folder 43

Isabel Castro

Box 28, Folder 44

Alma Cervantes (L.A. Flim)

Box 29, Folder 1

Luis Cervantes

Box 29, Folder 2-14

Yreina Cervantez

Box 29, Folder 14

Joseph Chavez (New Mexico)

Box 29, Folder 15

Roberto Chavez

Box 29, Folder 16, 17

Theresa Chavez

Box 29, Folder 18

José Cisneros (El Paso)

Comments/ Description

Exhibition Catalog: Cisneros, José, and John O. West. 1981. Riders of the borderlands. [El Paso]: The University of Texas at El Paso.
Box 29, Folder 19

Carlos Contreras

Box 29, Folder 20-32

Carlos Cortéz

Comments/ Description

Photos: one of Cortéz with Shifra and student, 7 of art with descriptions

Comments/ Description

1 poster in oversize: Native & Chicano Poets

Separated Materials note- Exhibition Catalog

Cortez, Carlos, Leo Gadzekpo, and Ricardo. 1995. Culture, politics & art: expressions in the dance of life. [Evanston, Illinois]: The Printed Word.
Box 29, Folder 33

Sam Costa

Box 29, Folder 34-42

Roberto Delgado

Comments/ Descriptions

Box 30, Folder 1

Daniel Desiga

Comments/ Description

Art Magazine: Burnham, Linda Frye. Spring 1980. High performance. Los Angeles, Calif. [etc.]: Astro Artz [etc.].
Box 30, Folder 2

Jerry Dreva

Box 30, Folder 3

Ricardo Duardo

Box 30, Folder 4

Carlota Duarte

Box 30, Folder 5-7

Ricardo Duffy

Description/ Comments

Exhibition catalog: Ricardo Duffy, Roberto Delgado and José Rodolfo Calderón. 1998. Rock your world: dos chicanos y un tico de los angeles. Novemeber 10- December 3, 1998. Galería Sophia Wanamaker, Centro Cultural Costarricense- Norteamericano.
Box 30, Folder 8

Gaspar Enriquez (El Paso)

Exhibitin Catalog

Enriquez, Gaspar, and Juan Contreras. 1994. Gaspar Enriquez: la rosa dolorosa : FOCUS, El Paso Museum of Art. El Paso, Tex: The Museum.
Box 30, Folder 9-12

María Enriquez de Allen (Chicago)

Box 30, Folder 13

Frances S. España

Comments/ Description

Worked with film and video
Box 30, Folder 14-20

Carlota Espinoza (Colorado)

Comments/ Descriptions

Box 30, Folder 21

Victor Estrada

Box 30, Folder 22

Charles Felix

Box 30, Folder 23-30

Christina Fernandez

Separated Materials- Exhibition Catalogs

2 Exhibition Catalogs: "Lavanderia"- shown at Pomona College Museum of Art, 2003; and "Ruin" shown at the Los Angeles Center for Photographic Studies, 1999.
Box 30, Folder 31-39

Rudy Fernandez (Arizona)

Separated Materials- Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: "Art in the Afternoon" 1982
Box 31, Folder 1-5

Carolina Flores S.A.

Separated Materials- Exhibition

Exhibition Catalog: "Dos Mujeres de San Antonio" shown at the Galeria Chaparral, 1988

Comments/ Description

Box 31, Folder 6-9

Maria de Lourdes (Marilu) Flores Gruben (Dallas)

Box 31, Folder 10, 11

Miguel Angel Flores (L.A)

Box 31, Folder 12, 13

Carlos Fresquez (Denver)

Box 31, Folder 14

Larry Fuente

Box 31, Folder 15

Juan Fuentes

Box 31, Folder 16-19

Tina Fuentes (Lubbock,TX)

Box 31, Folder 20, 21

María Elena Gaitán

Box 31, Folder 22, 23

Margaret W. Gallegos

Box 31, Folder 24

Daniel Galvez

Box 31, Folder 25-29

Diane Gamboa

Flat-file Map Case, Folder 3, Item 2

Diane Gamboa Coming Home Again - One of a Series of Exhibitions Celebrating Our Alumni Artists October 18 - December 18, 1993 and January 3 - 29, 1994

Language of Material: English

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Gamboa, Diane
Box 31, Folder 30-39

Harry Gamboa Jr.

Comments/ Description


Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Getty Center for the History of Art and the Humanities. 1994. Connections 2: exploration[s] in the Getty Center collections. Santa Monica, Calif: Getty Center for the History of Art and the Humanities.
Box 32, Folder 1-15

Harry Gamboa Jr.

Box 32, Folder 16, 17

Harry Gamboa Jr. (Photos)

Box 32, Folder 18

Harry Gamboa Jr.

Box 32, Folder 19

Lorraine and Eva Garcia

Box 32, Folder 20-24

Margaret Garcia

Box 32, Folder 25-41

Rupert Garcia

Comments/ Description


Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Garcia, Rupert. 1978. Pastel drawings: March 3-April 23, 1978, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. San Francisco: The Museum.

Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Garcia, Rupert. 1981. Rupert Garcia: Portraits, six mexican geometric artists, January 15, 1981-March 8, 1981. San Francisco: The Mexican Museum.
Box 33, Folder 1-9

Rupert Garcia

Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog" Garcia, Rupert. 1987. Rupert Garcia: new pastel paintings, 3 mars-4 avril 1987. Paris: Galerie Claude Samuel.

Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Garcia, Rupert. 1988. Rupert Garcia. Stockton, Calif: Haggin Museum in cooperation with Iannetti-Lanzone Gallery.

Exhibtion Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Garcia, Rupert. 1985. Rupert Garcia. San Francisco: Harcourts Gallery.
Box 33, Folder 10

Sal Garcia (Fresno- S.F.)

Box 33, Folder 11

Mary Teresa Giancoli (Mexican- American)

Box 33, Folder 12, 13

Roberto Gil de Montes

Box 33, Folder 14-16

Alma Gómez (Boise, Idaho)

Box 33, Folder 17

Ignacio Gómez

Box 33, Folder 18

Jose G. Gonzalez

Box 33, Folder 19

Robert Gonzales

Box 33, Folder 20

Xavier Gonzalez (b. 1898- Spain)

Box 33, Folder 21

Yolanda Gonzalez (L.A.)

Box 33, Folder 22

Juan Granados (Washington State)

Comments/ Description

Note of folder reads: Ceramic Sculpture
Box 33, Folder 23-43

Glugio Gronk Nicandro

Separated Materials- Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Gronk, Cathy Kimball, and Harry Gamboa. 1998. Gronk X 3: murals, prints, projects : San Jose Museum of Art, November 14, 1998-February 14, 1999. San Jose, CA: San Jose Museum of Art.

Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Gronk. 1990. Gronk: hotel senator. Los Angeles, Calif: Daniel Saxon Gallery.

Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Gronk. 1989. Gronk: grand hotel : paintings and drawings : 3 February-4 March, 1989. Los Angeles, CA: Saxon-Lee Gallery.

Comments/ Description

Original Drawings: Ink on board
Flat-file Map Case, Folder 3, Item 4

Gronk, Self Portrait 1993

Language of Material: English

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Gronk, 1954-
Flat-file Map Case, Folder 3, Item 5

Gronk "Queen of Denial" September 17th 1988

Language of Material: English

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Gronk, 1954-
Box 34, Folder 1, 2

Luis Guerra (Austin)

Box 34, Folder 3-12

Adolfo "El Zarco" Guerrero (Mesa, AZ)

Comments/ Description


Subjects and Indexing Terms

Ceremonial masks
Box 34, Folder 13-16

Raul Guerrero

Box 34, Folder 17-21

Ben Gurule

Comments/ Description


Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Gurule, Ben, Carlo Cattaneo, and Nathan H. Shapira. 1977. From flat to form: an exhibition at the Craft & Folk Art Museum, Los Angeles, California, November 16, 1977-January 1, 1978. Los Angeles: Craft & Folk Art Museum.
Box 34, Folder 22-24

Frank A. Gutierrez (L.A.)

Comments/ Description

Original Art
Box 34, Folder 25, 26

Robert Gutiérrez (L.A.)

Box 34, Folder 27

Gilberto Guzmán (Santa Fe, NM)

Box 34, Folder 28

Wayne Healy (Irish Chicano)

Comments/ Description

Box 34, Folder 29, 30

Adan Hernandez (San Antonio, TX)

Box 34, Folder 31-34

Ester Hernandez

Box 34, Folder 35

Frank Hernandez

Box 35, Folder 1-3

Judithe E. Hernandez

Separated Materials/ Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Hernandez, Judithe E., Nakao, Donna, Pann Cheri, and Betye Saar. 1976, In Search of... Four Women/ Four Cultures, October 15- November 12, 1976. Baxter Art Gallery California Institute of Technology.
Box 35, Folder 4-5

Manuel Hernandez Trujillo

Box 35, Folder 6

Robert Hernandez

Box 35, Folder 7

Sam Hernandez- sculptor

Box 35, Folder 8

Celia Herrera Rodríguez

Box 35, Folder 9-11

Willie Herrón

Box 35, Folder 12

Benito Huerta

Box 35, Folder 13

Leticia Huerta (San Antonio, TX)

Box 35, Folder 14-19

Rosa M. Huerta-Williamson (Mex/Chic)

Separated Materials- Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Baking Cookies. 1994. A Group Exhibition of the Orange County Satellite of the Southern California Women's Caucus for Art.
Box 35, Folder 20-22

Salomón Huerta (TJ/LA)

Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog (ebook is in Library): Huerta, Salomón, and Elizabeth Ferrer. 2001. Salomón Huerta: paintings. Austin, Tex: Austin Museum of Art.
Box 35, Folder 23-25

Juanita Jaramillo

Box 35, Folder 26

Virginia Jaramillo (TX, LA, NY)

Box 35, Folder 27-32

Consuelo Jimenez Underwood (CA)

Comments/ Description

Box 35, Folder 33-40

Luis Jiménez (El Paso)

Separated Material- Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Jimenez, Luis, and John Yau. 1988. Luis Jimenez. El Paso, Tex: Adair Margo Gallery.

Separated Material- Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Amon Carter Museum of Western Art, Palm Springs Desert Museum, and Phoenix Art Museum. 1966. Frederic Remington, Charles M. Russell: two giants of the American West : a loan from the Amon Carter Museum of Western Art, Oct. 23-Nov. 20, 1966 . La Jolla, CA: La Jolla Museum of Art.

Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Jimenez, Luis. 1992. Luis Jimenez: solo exhibition, March 14-May 2. Venice, CA: Social and Public Art Resource Center.

Exhibition Catalog

Luis Jimenez: Sculpture and works on paper. 1984. New York, New York: Alternative Museum.

Separated Material- Exhibition Catalog

Jimenez, Luis. 1983. Luis Jimenez: an exhibition. Austin, Texas: Laguna Gloria Art Museum.

Separated Material- Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Jimenez, Luis. 1975. Luis Jimenez: progress I : November 26, 1974-January 5, 1975, Contemporary Arts Museum. Houston: Contemporary Arts Museum.

Separated Material- Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: National Museum of American Art (U.S.). 1980. Hispanic-American art: el arte hispanoamericano. Washington, D.C.: The Museum.
Box 36, Folder 1-20

Luis Jiménez - (El Paso)

Box 36, Folder 21

Raul Jimenez (deceased)


Box 36, Folder 22

Francisco LeFebre and Bernadette Rodriguez

Comments/ Description

Box 36, Folder 23-24

Francisco LeFebre, Bernadette Rodriguez and Walter Bacca (Albuquerque, NM)

Box 36, Folder 25-26

Roberto "Cyclona" Legorreta (Puerto Rico)

Box 36, Folder 27-28

Liz Lerma (Mesa, Arizona)

Box 36, Folder 29

Louis LeRoy (Arizona)

Box 36, Folder 30

Leo Limón

Box 36, Folder 31-36

Carmen Lomas Garza

Separated Materials- Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog (Spanish): Garza, Carmen Lomas. 1995. Carmen Lomas Garza: 18 de Noviembre de 1995- 18 de Febrero de 1996. Washington, D.C.: Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Smithsonian Institution.

Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Ybarra-Frausto, Tomás, Carmen Lomas Garza, and Terecita Romo. 1987. Carmen Lomas Garza: lo real maravilloso = The marvelous/the real : [exhibition] November 18, 1987-January 31, 1988. San Francisco [Calif.]: Mexican Museum.

Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and Rolando Castellón. 1980. Carmen Lomas Garza, prints and gouaches; Margo Humphrey, monotypes.
Box 37, Folder 1-4

Alma López

Box 37, Folder 5-21

Yolanda López

Separated Materials- Exhibition Catalog

Lopez, Yolanda M. 1978. Works, 1975-1978: Mandeville Center for the Arts, La Jolla, California, December 1978. San Diego: Lopez.

Separated Materials- Exhibition Catalog

Lopez, Yolanda M. 1988. Cactus Hearts/ Barbed Wire Dreams: Media Myths and Mexicans. September 6- October 1 1988. Galeria de la Raza: San Francisco, CA.

Separated Materials- Exhibition Catalog

Lopez, Yolanda. 1995. Puro Corazon: A Symposium of Chicaca Art. February 15-16, 2005. Pomona College.
Box 37, Folder 22-23

Pola Lopez de Jaramillo

Comments/ Description

Box 37, Folder 24-34

Richard Lou (Tijuana/ San Diego)

Separated Materials- Exhibition catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Re: public listening to san diego, an installation by Richard Bolton. The Museum of Photographic Arts. May 22- August 25, 1996. Artists include Richard A. Lou.

Separated Materials- Exhibition catalog

Exhibition catalog: After 1492: Another View. Rancho Santiago College Art Gallery. September 16- October 8, 1992. Artists include Richard Lou.
Box 38, Folder 1-3

Ernesto de la Loza (Los Angeles)

Comments/ Description


Comments/ Description

Box 38, Folder 4

Linda Lucero

Box 38, Folder 5

Michael Lucero

Box 38, Folder 6

Roberto Lucero (Colorado)

Box 38, Folder 7

Pedro Lujan

Box 38, Folder 8

James Luna (San Diego, CA)

Comments/ Description

Native American and Chicano
Box 38, Folder 9

Jesus Macarena (Chicago)

Box 38, Folder 10-12

David Maes Gallegos

Box 38, Folder 13-23

Daniel Martinez

Separated Materials- Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Martinez, Daniel. How to Start Your Own Country. Huntington Beach Art Center, Gallery 3. March 25- June 11, 1995.

Separated Materials- Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Daniel, Martinez. The Peoples of Los Angeles: Holographic Portraits. USC Atelier Gallery, Santa Monica Place. June 25- August 26, 1984.

Separated Materials- Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Martinez, Daniel. Attitudes and Expressions: Classic and Contemporary Portrait Photography. Mills House Visual Arts Complex, Santa Ana College. November 16- January 27, 1985.
Box 386, Item 1

Daniel Martinez - "Obscene is?"

Box 38, Folder 24-26

Esperanza Martinez

Box 38, Folder 27

Linda Martinez de Pedro

Comments/ Description

Box 38, Folder 28

"Man One" (California)

Comments/ Description

"Man One" is nickname. Graffiti artist.
Box 38, Folder 29-32

Aida Mancillas (San Diego, CA)

Box 38, Folder 33-34

Ralph Maradiaga

Box 38, Folder 35

Cheech Marin

Box 39, Folder 1-11

César Martínez

Box 39, Folder 12-19

Manuel (Emanuel) Martinez (Colorado)

Box 39, Folder 20

Pablo (Paul) Martinez (Los Angeles, CA)

Box 39, Folder 21-29

Nora Mendoza

Comments/ Description

Photos and Slides
Box 39, Folder 30-33

Amalia Mesa-Bains

Exhibition Catalog

Mesa-Bains, Amalia, and Tomás Ybarra-Frausto. 1987. Grotto of the virgins. New York: Intar Latin American Gallery.

Comments/ Description

Box 39, Folder 34

Rosalyn Mesquita

Box 39, Folder 35-38

José Meza Velásquez (Nayarit, Mexico)

Comments/ Description


Separated Materials- Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog- Velásquez, José Meza. Catorce Pintores Salon de la Plastica en Nayarit 77. Gobierno del Estado de Nayarit. Tepic, Nayarit. Septiembre de 1977.

Separated Materials- Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Velásquez, José Meza. Muralism Today: New Expressions of Mexican and Chicano Art in Aztlan. May 1- May 31, 1990. La Peña Cultural Center: Berkeley, California.

Separated Materials- Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Velásquez, José Meza. Taller de la plástica nayarita. 1977. Tepic, Nayarit ; México: Gobierno del Estado.
Box 40, Folder 1-12

Judy Miranda

Separated Materials- Exhibition Catalog

A Photography Exhibition Long Beach Plaza. 1988. Long Beach Plaza Salutes Local Photographers. July 1- July 10, 1988. Long Beach, California.

Separated Materials- Exhibition Catalog

University of Colorado Art Galleries. 1992. Chicano/Latino art: images in the age of AIDS = Arte latino. [Boulder, Colo.]: Colorado Council on the Arts & Humanities.

Comments/ Description

Box 40, Folder 13-14

Alicia "Monty" Montemayor (Texas)

Box 40, Folder 15-17

Delilah Montoya

Box 40, Folder 18-21

Emmanuel Montoya

Box 40, Folder 22-23

José Montoya

Box 40, Folder 24-28

Malaquias Montoya and Malaf

Separated Materials- Exhibition Catalog

Favela, Ramón, and Malaquias Montoya. 1987. Del muralismo revolucionario al arte chicano: exposición de la obra de Malaquías Montoya : Museo Nacional de Culturas Populares, México, D.F. : marzo de 1987 . México, D.F.: El Museo.

Exhibition Catalog

Signed Exhibition Catalog: Montoya, Malaquias. 2004. Premeditated: meditations on capital punishment : recent works : an exhibition organized by the Snite Museum of Art at the University of Notre Dame . Notre Dame, IN: University of Notre Dame.

Comments/ Description

Box 40, Folder 29-31

Roberto de la Mora

Comments/ Description

Box 41, Folder 1

William Morales

Box 41, Folder 2

Joe Moran

Box 41, Folder 3, 4

Patricia Murillo

Comments/ Description

Box 41, Folder 5-7

José Narezo (Michigan)

Comments/ Description

Box 41, Folder 8

Manuel Neri

Box 41, Folder 9

Chon Noriega


film history UCLA
Box 41, Folder 10, 11

Ramses Noriega 1982

Comments/ Description

Ramses Noriega: Toward an Understanding of Chicano Art (1982)
Box 41, Folder 12, 13

Sergio O'Cádiz

Box 41, Folder 14

Mago Orona (Gándara) (Texas)

Comments/ Description

Box 41, Folder 15

Victor Orozco Ochoa

Box 41, Folder 16-30

Tony Ortega (Colorado)

Separated Materials- Children's Book

Rivera, George, and Tony Lopez. 2000. Days of the Dead: Aztec adventures of Cholo, Vato, and Pano = Días de los muertos : aventuras aztecas de Cholo, Vato, y Pano. Boulder, Colo: University of Colorado.

Separated Materials- Exhibition Catalog

Crisis, Dreams, and the Aesthetic Imagination, Tri-exhibition: U.S., Mexican, and Chilean Artists. University of Colorado at Boulder and Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Valdivia, Chile.

Separated Materials- Children's Book

Rivera, George, and Tony Ortega. 1994. El sueño de un niño migrante: aventuras campesinas de Cholo, Vato, y Pano. Boulder, CO: University of Colorado at Boulder.

Separated Materials- Exhibition Catalog

Frésquez, Carlos, Tony Ortega, and Carlos Santistevan. 1990. Los Three. Denver, Colo.?: s.n.
Box 41, Folder 31

Patty Ortiz (Denver, CO)

Box 41, Folder 32-36

Gloria Osuna Pérez

Box 41, Folder 37

Ernesto Palomino (Fresno, CA)

Box 42, Folder 1, 2

Ray Patlan

Box 42, Folder 3-7

Antonio Pazos (Tucson, Arizona)

Box 42, Folder 8-12

Amado Peña

Separated Materials- Exhibition Catalog

Peña, Amado Maurilio. 1980. Tierra, familia, sociedad: Amado Peña's themes. Austin, Tex: Laguna Gloria Art Museum.
Box 42, Folder 13

Elizabeth Pérez

Box 42, Folder 14

Irene Perez

Box 42, Folder 15

Jesus Perez

Box 42, Folder 16

Rudy Perez

Box 42, Folder 17

Eduardo Pineda

Box 42, Folder 18

Maria Pinedo

Comments/ Description

Box 42, Folder 19

Monique Prieto (L.A.: Mex Amer)

Box 42, Folder 20

Maximiliano Pruneda (Texas)

Box 42, Folder 21-24

Guillermo Pulido (Bolivia)

Comments/ Description

Photo and negatives
Box 42, Folder 25

Eugenio Quesada (Phoenix, AZ)

Box 42, Folder 26-28

Rosemary Quesada-Weiner

Comments/ Description

Box 42, Folder 29-35

Alfred J. Quiroz (Tucson, AZ)

Comments/ Description

Box 42, Folder 36

Dan Ramirez

Box 42, Folder 37-39

David Ramirez

Box 43, Folder 1

José Ramírez

Separated Materials- Children's Book

Children's Book: Zapata...para los niños. Illustrated by José Ramírez.
Box 43, Folder 2

Jesús "Chuy c/s" Rangel

Box 43, Folder 3-5

Armando Rascon (San Francisco, CA)

Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Rascón, Armando, and Victor Zamudio-Taylor. 1994. Armando Rascon: an inter-cultural cross-disciplinary project. [New York]: Intar Gallery.
Box 43, Folder 6-14

Marcos Raya (Chicago)

Comments/ Description

Box 43, Folder 15, 16

Miguel Angel Reyes

Comments/ Description

Box 43, Folder 17-26

Diego Marcial Ríos

Box 43, Folder 27

Roberto Ríos (San Antonio, TX)

Box 43, Folder 28

Reynaldo Rivera (Los Angeles)

Comments/ Description

Box 44, Folder 1-5

Anita Rodriguez (New Mexico)

Box 44, Folder 6

Anita L. Rodriguez (Long Beach, CA)

Box 44, Folder 7

Carmen Rodriguez

Box 44, Folder 8-12

Eugene Rodríguez (No.) Calif

Comments/ Description


Artist Book

Rodriguez, Eugene. (2003-2004). The Middle of Somewhere. Fastback Creative Books.
2 copies, 1 signed.
Box 44, Folder 13

Favianna Rodríguez (San Francisco, CA)

Comments/ Description

Poster artist
Box 44, Folder 14-23

Patricia Rodriguez

Separated Materials- Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: San Francisco State University Master of Fine Arts Exhibition, 2001.

Separated Material- Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Rodriguez, Patricia. (January 1981). Simbolos y Fantasias Culturales. Galeria Museo Mission Cultural Center. San Francisco, CA.
Box 44, Folder 24

Pedro Rodriguez (Texas)

Box 44, Folder 25

Peter Rodríguez (San Francisco, CA)

Box 44, Folder 26

Reyes Rodríguez (Tropical de Nopal)

Box 44, Folder 27

Tino Rodriguez

Box 44, Folder 28-32

Alejandro Romero (Chicago)

Separated Materials- Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Romero, Alejandro, Teresa del Conde, and Robert J. Loescher. 1991. Myths: recent paintings. Chicago: Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum.

Separate Materials- Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Romero, Alejandro E. (May 1977) INTAR: International Arts Relations Inc. New York.

Separated Materials- Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Romero, Alejandro, and Elaine A. King. 1981. Alejandro Romero new works : Dittmar Memorial Gallery, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, July 21 through August 20, 1981 . Evanston, Ill: Northwestern University.

Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog (signed): Romero, Alejandro. 1982. Alejandro Romero: exposición retrospectiva, 1979-1982. Tabasco?: s.n.

Separated Materials- Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Romero, Alejandro E. (1978). University of Illinois

Separated Material- Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Romero, Alejandro E. (1979). Alejandro E. Romero: Chicago State University May 10- Nov 30, 1979. Presidents Gallery building F.
Box 45, Folder 1-4

Frank Romero

Separated Material- Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Romero, Frank, and Susana Bautista. 1998. Frank Romero: urban iconography = Iconografía urbana. Los Angeles: Harriet & Charles Luckman Fine Arts Complex, California State University.

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Some items moved to Oversize Poster Box
Flat-file Map Case, Folder 2, Item 6

Frank Romero Artist-in-Residence March 12-16, 2001

Language of Material: English

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Romero, Frank E.
Box 45, Folder 5

José P. Romero

Box 45, Folder 6

Pedro Romero (New Mexico)

Comments/ Description

Box 45, Folder 7

Alejandro Rosas

Box 45, Folder 8

Carlos Rosas

Box 45, Folder 9

Sandi Roybal Maestas

Comments/ Description

Box 45, Folder 10

Alex Rubio (Texas)

Box 45, Folder 11

Roberto Salas

Box 45, Folder 12

Jorge Salazar

Box 45, Folder 13-18

Juan and Daniel Salazar (Colorado)

Comments/ Description

Brothers; Chispa Productions

Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center. 1982. Colorado photography one exhibition. Colorado Springs, Colo: The Center.
Box 45, Folder 19

Joseph Sanchez (Arizona)

Box 45, Folder 20

Marta Sanchez (Philadelphia, PA)

Box 45, Folder 21-30

Robert Sanchez

Comments/ Description

Box 45, Folder 31

Olivia Sanchez Brown

Comments/ Description

Box 45, Folder 32-43

Gilbert Sanchez Lujan

Box 46, Folder 1

Carlos Sandoval (Colorado)

Box 46, Folder 2-4

Teddy Sandoval

Comments/ Description

Box 46, Folder 5, 6

Carlos Santistevan (Colorado)

Box 46, Folder 7

Herbert Siguenza

Comments/ Description

Folder reads: "See Culture Clash"
Box 46, Folder 8

Francesco Siqueiros

Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Peppers Art Gallery. 2001. El Nopal Press: mechanical reproductions by Mexico City and L.A. artists : Peppers Art Gallery, University of Redlands, October 24-December 9, 2001, opening reception, Wednesday, October 24 4:30-6 p.m. Redlands, CA: Peppers Art Gallery.
Box 46, Folder 9, 10

Raoul de la Sota (Los Angeles)

Box 46, Folder 11-31

Leo Tanguma

Comments/ Description

Photos and Negatives and Mural Sketches
Box 46, Folder 32

Luis Tapia (New Mexico)

Box 47, Folder 1, 2

Harvey Tarango

Box 47, Folder 3

Joey Terrill

Comments/ Description

Comic Book
Box 47, Folder 4-6

Salvador Roberto Torres

Box 47, Folder 7

Eloy Torrez

Box 47, Folder 8-11

Rubén Trejo (Cheney, WA)

Separated Materials- Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Exhibit Touring Services 1993 Catalog. Eastern Washington University.
Box 47, Folder 12-15

Jesse Treviño

Box 47, Folder 16-38

Jesús Salvador Treviño

Comments/ Description

Film; New Vista Productions

Oversize Poster Box

Poster placed in Oversize Poster Box
Flat-file Map Case, Folder 3, Item 10

Jesús Salvador Treviño - Raices de Sangre 1978

Language of Material: Spanish; Castilian

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Treviño, Jesús Salvador
Box 48, Folder 1

José F. Treviño

Box 48, Folder 2-5

Domingo Ulloa

Comments/ Description

Photos, Negatives
Box 48, Folder 6

Manuel Unzueta

Box 48, Folder 7

Maria Uribe

Box 48, Folder 8-26

John Valadez

Separated Materials- Exhibition Catalog

Exhibitioin Catalog: Fisher Gallery (University of Southern California), and De Saisset Museum. 1987. Sense of place: D.J. Hall, F. Scott Hess, John Valadez. Los Angeles, Calif: Fisher Gallery, Univ. of Southern California.

Comments/ Description

Photos and mural work
Box 48, Folder 27-33

Patssi Valdez

Comments/ Description


Separated Materials- Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Lewis, Louise, and Patssi Valdez. 1998. Patssi Valdez: private landscapes. Northridge, Calif: Art Galleries California State University Northridge.
Box 48, Folder 34-36

Raul Valdez (Texas)

Box 48, Folder 37-39

Patricia Valencia (L.A.)

Comments/ Description

Performance Artist

Comments/ Description

Box 49, Folder 1-14

Linda Vallejo (L.A.)

Comments/ Description


Separated Materials- Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Galeria Las Americas, and Linda Vallejo. 1996. Arte de las Americas, 1996. Santa Monica, Calif: Galeria Las Americas. (2 copies)

Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Ball, Maudette W. 1978. Black dolphin prints. Long Beach: The Art Galleries, California State University.
Box 49, Folder 15

Willie Varela (El Paso, TX)

Comments/ Description

Art medium is film

Comments/ Description

Box 49, Folder 16

Carlos Vargas (L.A.)

Box 49, Folder 17-25

Kathy Vargas (San Antonio, TX)

Separated Materials- Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Vargas, Kathy. (1988). Kathy Vargas photographs, erlangen, 18 juli - 12 august 1988. Erlangen.

Separated Materials- Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Vargas, Kathy. 1990. Priests series and Oracion, Valentine's Day/day of the dead series. Miami: Frances Wolfson Art Gallery.
Box 49, Folder 26-37

Emigdio Vasquez

Comments/ Description

Box 50, Folder 1-7

Emigido Vasquez

Box 50, Folder 8-10

Edward Vega

Separated Materials- Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Vega, Eduardo. 1981. Ed Vega, surface structures: January 25-March 29, 1981, the Albuquerque Museum. Albuquerque, N.M. (2000 Mountain Road, NW, Albuquerque 87104): The Museum.

Exhibition Catalog

Exhibtion Catalog: Roswell Museum and Art Center. 1983. Edward Vega. Roswell, New Mexico: Roswell Museum and Art Center.

Separated Material- Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Vega, Edward. (1979). 1979 Fall Invitation. Roswell Museum and Art Center.

Separated Material- Exhibition Catalog

Exhibition Catalog: Vega, Ed. (1978). Bernique Longley, Ed Vega, Loyce Easley. Governor's Gallery, State Capital, Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Box 40, Folder 11

Theresa Verdine

Box 50, Folder 12-13

Frederico M. Vigil (Santa Fe, NM)

Box 50, Folder 14-15

Veloy Vigil

Box 50, Folder 16

Adolph Villalvazo

Box 50, Folder 17

Andy A. Villarreal

Box 50, Folder 18-19

David Villaseñor

Comments/ Description

Box 50, Folder 20-22

Lawrence Yañez

Box 50, Folder 23-27

Rene Yañez

Box 50, Folder 28

George Yepes

Box 50, Folder 29

Andy Zermeño





Box 365, Folder 1-20

Alfred J. Quiroz

Box 365, Folder 29-31

Ancient Roots/New Visions 1977-1979

Box 365, Folder 32

Murals in Tucson

Box 51, Folder 17, 18



Arizona - Miscellaneous

Box 51, Folder 1

Bilingual Press Spring/Summer 2005

Box 51, Folder 2

Guide to Chicano Resources 1980

Box 51, Folder 3-5

Spring/Summer 2005

Box 51, Folder 6-8

Miscellaneous 2

Box 51, Folder 9-11

Movimiento Artistico del Rio Salado (MARS)

Box 51, Folder 12-13

Movimiento Artistico del Rio Salado - Newsletter 1986-1992

Box 51, Folder 14-15

Movimiento Artistico del Rio Salado - Rasquachismo 1988-1989

Box 51, Folder 16

Settle Publishing Company Arts Printing (Tempe)

Box 51, Folder 19-20

Xicanindio, Inc.

Box 52, Folder 1-2

Xicanindio, Inc.

Box 380, Folder 22

Arizona International Latina/o Arts Festival





Box 52, Folder 3

AOUON Archive

Box 52, Folder 4

Beyond Berkeley



Box 52, Folder 5

Arte Américas / La Casa de la Cultura

Box 52, Folder 6

Bibliography of Aztlán 1977-78

Box 52, Folder 7-11



Los Angeles

Box 52, Folder 12-14

Architects and Designers Opening the Border Edge of Los Angeles (ADOBE L.A.) 1992

Box 52, Folder 15-18

ASCO Art Group I

Box 52, Folder 19-20

ASCO Art Group II

Box 53, Folder 1-2

ASCO Art Group II

Box 53, Folder 3-4

ASCO Art Group III

Flat-file Map Case, Folder 2, Item 2

Asco '86 Presents: Jetter's Jinx, A Conceptual Drama Saturday, May 17, 1986

Language of Material: English

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Gronk, 1954-
Box 53, Folder 5

AURA: Artists Union for Revolutionary Art 1975

Box 365, Folder 35

Arte (Los Angeles)

Box 53, Folder 6-16

Avenue 50 Studio

Box 53, Folder 17-18

Aztlan Multiples

Box 53, Folder 19

Cityscape Photo Gallery

Box 365, Folder 36

Chicano - Eleven Artists' Views of Los Angeles

Box 53, Folder 20

Chicana Issues Conference

Box 53, Folder 21

Chicano Moratorium

Oversize 333, Folder 4

La Comunidad - "El artista chicano dentro y fuera de 'la vanguardia' artística norteamericana"

Box 53, Folder 22

Comision Femenil de Los Angeles 1988

Box 53, Folder 23-27

Concilio de Arte Popular (CAP)

Box 53, Folder 28

East Los Angeles Library

Box 53, Folder 29-36

East Los Streetscapers and Palmetto Gallery

Box 54, Folder 1-2


Flat-file Map Case, Folder 3, Item 3

The Goez Map Guide to the Murals of East Los Angeles 1975

Language of Material: English
Box 54, Folder 3

High School "Blowouts" April 1978

Flat-file Map Case, Folder 3, Item 8

King Zombie - Vincent Price Gallery & Art Museum Collection September 15- October 10, 2003

Language of Material: English
Box 54, Folder 4

LACMA: Los Four Show

Box 54, Folder 5

Los Angeles Street Graphics

Box 54, Folder 6-9

Los Four - Los Angeles

Box 54, Folder 10


Other Descriptive Information

Some material in oversize box
Box 54, Folder 11-12


Box 54, Folder 13

Mexican Cultural Institute of Los Angeles

Box 54, Folder 14

Miscellaneous L.A.

Box 54, Folder 15

Municipal Art Gallery: Aquí e Allá

Box 54, Folder 16-17

National Hispanic Media Coalition

Box 54, Folder 18-24

Plaza de la Raza

Box 54, Folder 25

Plaza del Sol

Box 54, Folder 26

Santa Ana College Art Show 1974

Box 55, Folder 1

Santa Ana College - International Panel of the Arts 1972

Box 55, Folder 2-10

Santa Ana College Mural (M.E.C.h.A.) 1974

Box 55, Folder 11-27

Self-Help Graphics

Box 56, Folder 1-8

Self-Help Graphics

Box 56, Folder 9

Self-Help Graphics - Siquieros Project

Box 56, Folder 10-25

Social and Public Art Resource Center (SPARC)

Box 57, Folder 1-4

Social and Public Art Resource Center (SPARC) and Earlier - City Wide Mural Project (Great Wall)

Box 57, Folder 5-9

The Latino Museum of History, Art and Culture

Box 57, Folder 10

Trópico de Nopal - Reyes Rodriguez

Box 57, Folder 11-22

UCLA: Chicano and Chon Noriega

Box 57, Folder 23-25

UCLA: Chicano Studies Research Center

Box 57, Folder 26-28

VIVA - Lesbian and Gay Latino Artists



Box 58, Folder 1-22


Box 58, Folder 23-24

Chicana Round Table 1984

Box 58, Folder 25-32

Chicana Voices and Visions: A National Exhibit of Women Artists

Box 59, Folder 1-4

Chicana Voices and Visions: A National Exhibit of Women Artists

Box 59, Folder 5-28

Chicano Art

Box 60, Folder 1-13

Chicano Art


Riverside / San Bernardino

Box 60, Folder 14

Artistas Aztlan



Box 60, Folder 15

La Raza / Galería Posada

Box 60, Folder 16-20

The Royal Chicano Air Force Art Exhibition


Santa Barbara

Box 60, Folder 21-23

Casa de la Raza

Box 61, Folder 1

Chicano Poster Collection: "Just Another Poster" 2000

Box 61, Folder 2-6

Tloque: Chicano Art Archives NEH


Santa Cruz

Box 61, Folder 7

Chicanas: UC Santa Cruz / Amor en Aztlán

Box 61, Folder 8-10

Chicano Art and Culture in California (CALIFAS)

Box 61, Folder 11

Chicano Art and Culture in California (CALIFAS) Show 1981


San Diego

Box 61, Folder 12-17

Las Comadres

Box 61, Folder 18-19

Letras y Colores; CCR- San Diego

Box 61, Folder 20-27

Film: Barrio Logan San Diego

Box 62, Folder 1-3

Film: Barrio Logan San Diego

Box 62, Folder 4

Focusing on Mexican / Chicano American Research: A Guide and Annotated Bibliography to Selected Resources 1976

Box 62, Folder 5-26

San Diego 1970-1994

Separated Materials note

5 posters from these folders are located in the poster drawers in CEMA and are listed in the Posters and Large Flyers Series.
Flat-file Map Case, Folder 1, Item 1

Agustin v. Casasola: 100 Photographs of the Mexican Revolution November 8- 30, 1981

Flat-file Map Case, Folder 2, Item 1

All The Way To The Bay April 24, 1982

Language of Material: English

Comments/ Description

Chicano Park Day 12th Anniversary

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Ochoa, Victor
Flat-file Map Case, Folder 1, Item 2

Congreso de Artistas Chicano en Aztlan Presents from the Collection of S.F. Museum of Art Diego Rivera, David Alfaro Siqueiros José Clemente Orozco May 31- June 3, 1974

Language of Material: English
creator: Galería de la Raza (San Francisco, Calif.).

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Orozco, José Clement, 1883-1949
Rivera, Diego, 1886-1957
Siqueiros, David Alfaro
Flat-file Map Case, Folder 1, Item 7

Toltecas en Aztlan Presents its 7th Annual Toltecayolt April 22, 1984

Language of Material: Spanish; Castilian
General Physical Description note: 12 x 18 in.

Comments/ Description

Silkscreen Poster with the following text. Toltecas en Aztlan Presents its 7th Annual Toltecayotl April 22, 1984 at Chicano Park 10 Years of Danza Azteca en Aztlan
"Nuestro sol se ocultó, Nuestro sol se perdió de vista Y en completa oscuridad nos ha dejado, Pero sabemos que otra vez volverá Que otra vez saldrá Y nuevamente nos alumbrará, Pero mientras allá esté en la mansión del silencio, Muy prontamente nos reunamos Nos estrechemos y en el centro de nuestro corazón Ocultemos todo lo que nuestro corazón ama Y que sabemos es gran tesoro. Destruyamos nuestros recintos Al Principio Creador, Nuestras escuelas, nuestros campos de pelota, Nuestros recintos para la juventúd y Nuestras casas para el canto. Que solo queden nuestros caminos y que nuestros corazones nos encierren hasta cuando salga nuestro nuevo sol. Los papacitos y las mamacitas, que no olviden conducir a sus jovenes y enseñarles a sus hijitos mientras vivan, como buena ha sido. Hasta ahora nuestra amada Anauak al amparo y proteccion de nuestros destinos por nuestro gran respeto y buen comportamiento que recibieron nuestros antepasados y que nuestros papacitos muy entusiastamente sembraron en nuestro Ser. Ahora nosotros ordenaremos a nuestros hijos. No olviden informar a sus hijos, como buena sea, como se levantara, y como bién alcanzará fuerza.... y como bien realizará su gran destino esta nuestra amada Madre Tierra Anauak." - Mensaje de Kuautemok
[For the guardians of all the time... for the men of the future. Our sun has gone. Our sun has gone and left us in darkness. We know that it will rise again. Once again it will come to illuminate us. It will be with us in the mansion of death. We will reunite valiantly. We must shield and hide again all those things in our hearts we know are treasures. We will destroy our temples, our places of meditation, our houses of song and dance, our ball courts, our school for our children, our universities. We will close the doors and leave the streets deserted. We will stay hidden until our sun comes out. Our homes will become our temples; they will become our meditation places; they will become our houses of song and dance, our ceremonial ballcourts, our school for our children, our universities. We will wait until our new sun comes. Parents are obliged to teach the culture, the men with his sons, the women with her daugthers. And they will tell the children of their children of their children what our beloved culture has done. They will pass on the lamp of our destiny and our traditions which our ancestors, with love, have given to us. Do not forget to tell your children, that they may tell the children of their children of their children, with proper respect.]
Flat-file Map Case, Folder 2, Item 9

You Are Not A Minority 1987

Language of Material: English
creator: Torero, Mario Acevedo

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Guevara, Che, 1928-1967
Box 366, Folder 18

San Diego Chicano Park Photos

Box 366, Folder 19

San Diego Chicano Park Negatives

Box 62, Folder 27-32

San Diego Centro Cultural de la Raza 1985-2004

Box 63, Folder 1-17

San Diego Centro Cultural de la Raza

Box 63, Folder 18-23

San Diego Centro Cultural, SPLIT 2000

Box 63, Folder 24-27

San Diego: Chicano Park 1986-2003

Box 63, Folder 28-30

San Diego: "Hecho en Aztlan" 1985

Box 63, Folder 31

San Diego Negatives

Box 63, Folder 32

San Diego Photos

Box 63, Folder 33

Taller de Arte Fronterizo/BAW, San Diego 1997


San Francisco

Box 63, Folder 34, 35

Casa Hispana de Bellas Artes 1967

Box 64, Folder 1

Galería de la Raza

Box 64, Folder 2-18

Galería de la Raza - Studio 24

Box 64, Folder 19

In Progress: Galería de la Raza 1982

Box 65, Folder 1-4

La Raza Graphics Center, Inc. 1980

Box 64, Folder 5-7

Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts

Box 65, Folder 8-22

The Mexican Museum 1975

Box 331, Folder 6-9

McBane Margo, "The History of California Agriculture: Focus on Women Farmworkers" 1975


San Jose

Box 66, Folder 1

Mexican Heritage Plaza

Box 66, Folder 2-8

Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana (MACLA)

Box 66, Folder 9

San Jose Center for Latino Arts



Box 66, Folder 10

Mexican American Liberation Art Front (MALAF)


Orange County

Box 66, Folder 11-13

Artistas Latinos de Orange County





Box 66, Folder 14-21

Alfredo Zalce: Toltec Tula/ Image and Myth (Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum)

Box 66, Folder 21, 22

Canto al pueblo

Box 67, Folder 1-34

Mexican Fine Arts Center/ Museum 1987-2005

Exhibition Catalog

Mexican Fine Arts Center--Museum (Chicago, Ill.). 1987. Images of faith: religious art of Mexico, 18th and 19th centuries : an exhibition presented by the Mexican Fine Arts Center - Museum, Chicago, Illinois, March 27-May 13, 1987 = Imagenes de fe : arte religioso de Mexico, de los siglos XVIII y XIX : exposición presentada por el Centro y Museo de Bellas Artes Mexicanas del 27 de marzo de 1987 al 13 de mayo de 1987. Chicago, Ill: The Center - Museum.
Box 67, Folder 35-40

Mexican Fine Arts Center/ Museum - Clippings 1988-1989

Box 68, Folder 1-18

Mi Raza Arts Consortium (MIRA)

Box 68, Folder 19-46

Movimiento Artistico Chicano (MARCH) et. al. (Chicago) Bulk, 1975-1986 1975-2002

Box 69, Folder 1

East Michigan University Film and Art 1983

Separated Materials note

2 posters from these folders are located in the poster drawers in CEMA
Flat-file Map Case, Folder 2, Item 3

Chicanos In Greater Aztlán - National Association for Chicano Studies XI April 14- 16, 1983

Language of Material: English
Flat-file Map Case, Folder 2, Item 4

Eastern Michigan University Second Annual Chicano Film Exhibition and Festival April 14- 16, 1983

Language of Material: English
Box 69, Folder 2, 3

Midwest: Chicanos- History and Society

Box 69, Folder 4-14

Michigan 1978-1986

Box 69, Folder 15



Pacific Northwest

Box 69, Folder 16

Chicano and Latino Art and Culture in the Pacific Northwest 1982

Box 69, Folder 17

Chicano and Latino Art and Culture: National and International Perspectives 1982

Box 69, Folder 18, 19

Chicano and Latino Artists in the Pacific Northwest (Seattle, Washington)

Box 69, Folder 20

Chicano Cultural Expression Project (Olympia, Washington)



Box 69, Folder 21

An annotated Bibliography of Chicano Folklore from the Southwestern United States 1977

Box 69, Folder 22, 23

Chicano Art of the Southwest: Side Collection and Documents

Box 69, Folder 24


Box 69, Folder 25-28

Southwest Art 19th - 20th Centuries

Box 70, Folder 1-10

Southwest Art 19th - 20th Centuries





Box 70, Folder 11-27


Box 70, Folder 28-31

Conferencia Plástica Chicana 1979

Box 71, Folder 1

Coronado Studios Series 93-96

Box 71, Folder 2, 3

Galería Sin Fronteras Gil Cardenas 1992

Box 71, Folder 4

Juárez - Lincoln University 1975-76

Box 71, Folder 5-7

La Peña / Las Manitas

Box 71, Folder 8, 9

Mexic - Arte Museum

Box 71, Folder 10-18

Mujeres Artistas del Suroeste (MAS)



Box 71, Folder 19-27

Dallas Art 2003

Box 72, Folder 1

Latino Cultural Center Juried-Catalogue 2003


El Paso

Box 72, Folder 2

Chicano Moratorium August 24, 1990

Box 72, Folder 3-26

El Paso

Box 73, Folder 1, 2

"Hispanic" / "Chicano" Literature

Box 73, Folder 3-5

Irene Soriano, PhD

Box 73, Folder 6-8

Juntos Art Association 1999

Box 73, Folder 9

Murals and Muralists of El Paso



Box 73, Folder 10




Box 73, Folder 11-20

Texas: Miscellaneous



Box 74, Folder 1-3

Xochil Arts Center 1982-1983


San Antonio

Box 74, Folder 4-6

Chicano Visions 2001

Box 74, Folder 7

Guadalupe Images

Box 74, Folder 8-30

The Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center

Box 74, Folder 31

The National Association of Latino Arts and Culture (NALAC) 1992

Box 75, Folder 1-17

San Antonio



Box 75, Folder 18

De León Centro Cultural 2000



Box 75, Folder 19


Box 75, Folder 20


Box 365, Folder 37-39


Flat-file Map Case, Folder 1, Item 5

Native And Chicano Poets October 14, 1980

Language of Material: English

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Cortéz, Carlos, 1923-2005
Oversize 382, Folder 20

Chicano Poster Show - "Just Another Poster?" Chicano Graphic Arts in California 2000

Box 325, Folder 4

Chicano Borders Frontera

Box 365, Folder 40-41

Chicano/Latino Artists: Addresses

Box 75, Folder 21

Chicano Politics- Miscellaneous (Chicano History)

Box 75, Folder 22

Miradas Cruzadas / Dual Visions: Pintoras Chicanas y Mexicanas 2001

Box 75, Folder 23

Miscellaneous: Chicana

Box 75, Folder 24-26

Miscellaneous: Chicano

Box 76, Folder 1, 2

Miscellaneous: Chicano

Box 365, Folder 42

Pocho Magazine Issue 5 1993

Oversize 379, Folder 7

Rumbos de Expresión - Lozano Taller / Self-Help Graphics

Box 76, Folder 8

Summary: Files


Murals National

Box 76, Folder 9-11

AIDS Murals- Lincoln Park, L.A.

Box 76, Folder 12-14

Catalogs: Environmental Communications

Box 76, Folder 15

Chicano Mural Archive- SPARC and ARC. American Art

Box 76, Folder 16-19

Chicano Mural Articles

Comments/ Description

Good definition of "Chicano"
Box 76, Folder 20

Chicano vs. Bush et. al.

Box 76, Folder 21, 22

Chicago Mural Group

Box 77, Folder 1, 2

Chicago Mural Group

Box 77, Folder 3

Chicago Murals

Box 77, Folder 4

Chicago: Public Art Group

Box 77, Folder 5

Chicago Public Art Workshop Mark Rogovin

Box 77, Folder 6-18

Community Murals Magazine 1977-1987

Box 78, Folder 1-3

Community Murals Magazine

Box 79, Folder 4

Dates: Chicano Murals Nationally

Box 78, Folder 5-7

French Public Art

Box 78, Folder 8

L.A. Walls

Box 78, Folder 9-16

Latin-American Shows in U.S.

Comments/ Description

Photos: Numbered on back with description list included
Box 78, Folder 17

Los Angeles Murals

Box 78, Folder 18-25

"Minority" Mural

Box 79, Folder 1, 2

Metro Rail Commissions

Box 79, Folder 3

Mur Murs

Box 79, Folder 4-36

Mural Articles

Comments/ Description

Paper written by Judith Baca 1985
Box 80, Folder 1-7

Mural Articles

Box 80, Folder 8

Mural Bibliography

Box 80, Folder 9-15

Mural Conservancy

Box 80, Folder 16-26

Mural Maps

Comments/ Description

Maps from San Francisco, East Bay, Los Angeles, etc
Box 80, Folder 27, 28

Muralism- General

Box 81, Folder 1-4

Murals: Chicago

Box 81, Folder 5, 6

Murals of Aztlan, Craft and Folk 1981

Comments/ Description

Photos and negatives included
Flat-file Map Case, Folder 3, Item 9

The Murals of Aztlan Street Painters of "east los"

Box 81, Folder 7

Murals: Minnesota

Box 81, Folder 8-15

Murals Miscellaneous

Box 81, Folder 16

Murals: Placebound/Placeless Dieter Pinke

Box 81, Folder 17

Muros Que Hablan (Denver) April 18-19, 1986


Poster moved to Murals Oversize
Box 81, Folder 18

National Murals Conference

Box 81, Folder 19

Oakland Wallspeak

Box 81, Folder 20

Pan American Bank, East L.A.

Box 81, Folder 21

PLACA: Balmy Alley Murals

Box 81, Folder 22

Quirarte- Exxon

Box 81, Folder 23

Quirarte- Humble Oil



Box 366, Folder 1-3

Chicano Manifestos

Box 366, Folder 4

Chicanos: Presencia y Lucha