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Dr. Beyster Papers



Scope and Content of Series

Series 1) BIOGRAPHICAL: Materials documenting the life and career of J. Robert Beyster, including transcripts of media interviews and profiles, appointment calendars, administrative papers, and documentation of his philanthropic activities.
Box 1, Folder 1

Professional history statement 1968 December 7

Box 1, Folder 2

Lists of writings and publications 1960-1989

General note

Includes catalog records for published articles by Dr. Beyster (1948-1976), and a list of 45 publications by year (1956-1967).
Box 1, Folder 3

Resumes and biographical statements ca. 1985-1996, 2005

Box 1, Folder 4

Applications and clearances ca. 1966-1975


Restrictions Apply


Documents are redacted.
Box 1, Folder 5

Board of Registration for Professional Engineers applications 1975-1989

Box 1, Folder 6

Evaluation of Dr. Beyster's personality by Human Edge Software Corporation ca. 1988

Box 1, Folder 7

National Academy of Engineering (NAE) nomination letters, forms and photographs 1989

J. Robert Beyster holding certificate from National Academy of Engineering (NAE), with President of NAE Robert White, and Chairman John Welch, Jr.

Oversize FB-476, Folder 4

National Academy of Engineering (NAE) diploma 1989

J. Robert Beyster National Academy of Engineering (NAE) diploma

Box 1, Folder 8

US Navy Officer Service Record ca. 1946-1950

Box 1, Folder 9-11

Schedules and calendars 1984, 1986-1989

General note

Weekly schedules, logistics for trips and travel itineraries.
Box 1, Folder 12-14

Dr. Beyster appointment books 1982-1985

Box 2, Folder 1-9

Dr. Beyster appointment books 1986-1995

Box 3, Folder 1

Media interview questions and answers circa 1988, 2006-2007

General note

Lists of prepared Q and A for media profiles and interviews with Dr. Beyster. Includes a response to and questions prepared for a Vanity Fair article on SAIC, transcript with Ed Muhlfeld on Dr. Beyster's role in the America's Cup, and a transcript of an interview with Joseph Blasi entitled "Thought Leader Interview."

Sharing Equity profile 1996



Prepared responses to questions from Bruce Bigelow, San Diego Union-Tribune 2006 June 27

Prepared responses to questions from Bruce Bigelow, San Diego


Published interview of Dr. Beyster by Peter Economy, edited by Joseph Blasi 2007

Published interview of Dr. Beyster by Peter Economy, edited by Joseph Blasi

General note

From Owners at Work, the Ohio Employee Ownership Center's magazine.
Box 3, Folder 2-3

J. Craig Venter Institute - Press release and supported programs 2007, 2012

Box 3, Folder 4

Interview transcripts with Dr. Beyster and Mary Ann Beyster with Peter Economy on the SAIC Solution 2007 February 22

Box 3, Folder 5

Talking points for interview with Gloria Penner 2007 April 12

J. Robert Beyster interview talking points with Gloria Penner


San Diego Business Journal interview questions and responses 2008 November 9

interview questions and responses

Box 3, Folder 6

University of Michigan - Bob and Betty Beyster Building and fellowship gift 2010-2012

General note

Press articles, profile, photograph, seminar agenda, and thank you card.
Oversize FB-476, Folder 1

New York Times obituary (oversize color reprint) 2014 December 25

Box 3, Folder 7

Memorial service program and obituaries 2014


Celebration of Life video 2014

Celebration of Life


Dr. Beyster tribute slideshow video 2014

Tribute slideshow to Dr. Beyster

Box 3, Folder 8

Article in La Jolla Light about Beyster collection 2016 January 28

Box 3, Folder 9

Dr. Beyster archives - Original schema undated

General note

The original records schema for the Beyster Collection, prior to its accession by UC San Diego Library. It includes subjects and file numbers. It is indicative of Dr. Beyster's original records management prior to an extensive review by Leidos, and not necessarily the organization and content of the collection at UC San Diego Library.
Box 3, Folder 10-11

Dr. Beyster archives - Original inventory undated

Box 4, Folder 1

Dr. Beyster archives - Original inventory undated



Scope and Content of Series

Series 2) HONORS AND RECOGNITION: Awards, letters of thanks, and recognition for Dr. Beyster's accomplishments and leadership as chairman and CEO of SAIC. Arranged in chronological order.
Oversize AB-11-B05

American Nuclear Society (ANS) certificate of merit 1966

Box 4, Folder 2

American Nuclear Society (ANS) certificates and membership card 1968, 1984

American Nuclear Society Silver Certificate, awarded to J. Robert Beyster

General note

Presented to Dr. Beyster in recognition of 25 years of continuous membership.
Box 4, Folder 3

World Energy Exposition first issue stamps 1982 May

Box 4, Folder 4

Ellis Island Centennial Commission - Certificate of appreciation for restoration contribution by SAIC ca. 1984

Box 4, Folder 5-6

Personal letters of appreciation and commendation 1986-2003, 2019

Box 4, Folder 7-8

Entrepreneur of the Year award judging packet, nomination and correspondence ca. 1988-2001

Box 4, Folder 9

Letter re: Scripps Clinic Board of Trustees 1988

Box 4, Folder 10

San Diego Press Club Headliners award 1990

General note

Letter notifying Dr. Beyster of the award, and a draft of his comments on employee ownership at the acceptance dinner.
Box 4, Folder 11

Republican Senatorial Inner Circle 1991, 1993

General note

Signed letter by George Bush, and an inkjet print of four former presidents.
Box 4, Folder 12

International America's Cup Class certificate 1991

Box 4, Folder 13

Strategic Air Command (SAC) letter circa 1992

Box 4, Folder 14

Government Computer News Gala Awards Banquet programs 1988, 1993

Box 4, Folder 15

Nomination letter for National Commission on the Future Role of the US Nuclear Weapons… 1992

Box 4, Folder 16

CONNECT Lifetime Achievement award 1994

General note

Includes program, clippings, and an annotated outline of an interview with KGTV, KUSI.
Box 4, Folder 17

Letters of thanks for philanthropic support 1994-1995

General note

Letters of thanks from the AFCEA Educational Foundation, the San Diego Space & Science Foundation, and the UC San Diego Human Powered Vehicle competition.
Box 4, Folder 18

City of San Diego proclamations 1994-1995

City of San Diego Proclamation establishing J. Robert Beyster Day

General note

Proclamations establishing SAIC Day and Dr. J. Robert Beyster Day in San Diego.
Box 4, Folder 19

UCSD Engineering newsletter 1995

General note

Article on Beyster and SAIC funding engineering chairs.
Oversize FB-476, Folder 3

Resolution of the San Diego City Council for SAIC Day; UC San Diego Foundation Civis Universitatis certificate (oversize) 1998-1999

Box 4, Folder 20

State of California 1994, 1997

General note

Letters of congratulations to SAIC on its 25th anniversary, signed by senator Dianne Feinstein and governor Pete Wilson; additional letter of recognition signed by Wilson for Employee Ownership Day.
Box 4, Folder 21-22

Father of the Year Award program and related materials 1996

Box 293, Folder 22

Father of the Year - J. R. Beyster 1996

General note

Family video, includes comments on Dr. Beyster's advice and leadership.

Father of the Year tribute 1996

Father of the Year tribute for J. Robert Beyster

Box 5, Folder 1

Presidential message from Bill Clinton congratulating the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee 1997

Box 5, Folder 2-4

"Tribute to SAIC" by the Greater San Diego Chamber of Commerce 1997

General note

Planning materials pertaining to the "Tribute to San Diego's IPOs '96+5" event in May and the "Tribute to SAIC" event in July hosted by Circles of Influence and the Greater San Diego Chamber of Commerce. Traces the development of the idea for the Chamber reception booklet. Includes programs for both events, event planning correspondence, copy of the 1969 SAIC annual report, and reference materials on the growth of SAIC.
Oversize FB-476, Folder 4

American Defense Preparedness Association corporate member certificate 1997

Box 5, Folder 5

Good Scout Technology Award luncheon program 1997

Box 5, Folder 6

San Diego Mediation Center certificate 1998

Box 5, Folder 7

30-year congratulatory messages 1999

Box 5, Folder 8

Miscellaneous awards and recognition 1948, 1988, 1999-2002

General note

Certificates from the San Diego Business Journal, ARCS Foundation, INC., Deloitte & Touche Technology "Fast 50," Computer Consulting Associates, San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation, and San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce. 1948 certificate from the Society of Sigma XI.
Box 294, Folder 16-17

Freedoms Foundation interview video, Parts 1-2 2000

General note

28 minutes. Tape 1: Reason started the FED, principles behind employee ownership, teamwork and the America's Cup, work with educational institutions, importance of entrepreneurship. Tape 2: SAIC start and growth. Qualities that should be fostered in the students of the 21st century. Freedoms Foundation's role in educational improvements in the country. Raw footage. Accompanying letter from AudioVistas states that this video was created for the short video segment about Dr. Beyster in connection with the Freedoms Foundation Next Millennium Awards in March 2000.
Box 294, Folder 18

Freedoms Foundation Next Millennium Award video 2000 March 31


Freedoms Foundation interview and Next Millennium Award - Three .MOV videos 2000

Freedoms Foundation interview and Next Millennium Award for J. Robert Beyster

Box 5, Folder 9

Letters of appreciation and certificates from UC San Diego 2000-2003

General note

UC San Diego Cardiovascular Center Associates certificate and letter; letter from J. Robert Beyster Professor of Computer Science Dr. Joe Pasquale; letters relating to SAIC Scholarship recipients.
Box 5, Folder 10

STARCOM 200 Lifetime Achievement award (San Diego Business Journal) - Acceptance speech and planning materials 2004

Box 5, Folder 11

DARPA Grand Challenge certificate 2004

Box 5, Folder 12

Retirement well-wishes (assembled for scrapbook) 2004

Letter from Trudy H. Clark, Major General, U.S. Air Force, Acting Director, on the occasion of J. Robert Beyster's retirement
Letter from J. O. Ellis, Admiral U.S. Navy, Commander, on the occasion of J. Robert Beyster's retirement
Letter from President George W. Bush, on the occasion of J. Robert Beyster's retirement

Box 5, Folder 13

San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation, Herb Klein Civic Leadership Award - Acceptance speech and program 2006

Box 5, Folder 14

Junior Achievement's San Diego Business Hall of Fame dinner 2007

General note

Includes transcript of Dr. Beyster remarks, email correspondence, planning documents and program.
Box 5, Folder 15-18

Horatio Alger Awards interview and related materials 2007-2008

General note

Includes programs and photographs.
Box 6, Folder 1

2008 Horatio Alger Awards book

General note

Includes biographies of award recipients, including Dr. Beyster.

Horatio Alger Awards photographs and video highlights 2008 April 4

Horatio Alger Awards induction ceremony featuring J. Robert Beyster

Box 6, Folder 2

Sulpizio Family Cardiovascular Center, Heart of San Diego award program honoring Dr. J. Robert and Betty Beyster 2008


For a digital slide show of images shared at the awards ceremony, see the PHOTOGRAPHS AND PORTRAITS series.
Box 6, Folder 3

CONNECT Entrepreneur Hall of Fame 2008, 2011


Dr. Beyster's induction into the CONNECT Entrepreneur Hall of Fame 2008 March 20

Dr. Beyster's induction into the CONNECT Entrepreneur Hall of Fame

Oversize AB-12-C01

CONNECT Entrepreneur Hall of Fame - Framed resolution by the Calif. State Legislature 2008 March 20


San Diego Air & Space Museum Gala. International Aerospace Hall of Fame, Legends of Flight Honoring Dr. Beyster - Induction .MP4 video 2008

San Diego Air & Space Museum Gala - International Aerospace Hall of Fame, Legends of Flight Honoring Dr. Beyster

Box 6, Folder 4

9th annual Greater Washington Government Contractor Awards program 2011

Box 6, Folder 5

Rutgers resolution creating the Beyster Professorship of Employee Ownership 2010

Oversize AB-11-B06

Statement by Hon. Susan A. Davis of California for the Congressional record (framed) 2015

Box 6, Folder 6

California State Assembly certificate of recognition undated


Includes copy of statement by Hon. Susan A. Davis of California for the Congressional record, 2015.


Scope and Content of Series

Series 3) EARLY YEARS. Arranged in two subseries: A) Student Notebooks, and B) Pre-SAIC.
A) Student Notebooks: Dr. Beyster's notebooks from his studies at the University of Michigan. Most are undated, but are labeled with the course title.
B) Pre-SAIC: A small assortment of materials documenting Dr. Beyster's professional activities before founding SAI in 1969.

Student Materials

Box 6, Folder 7

Operational math (Math 147) notebook undated

Box 6, Folder 8

Physics 196 notebook undated

Box 6, Folder 9

Statics and supplemental notes to course 207 notebook undated

Box 6, Folder 10

Analytical mechanics (Physics 208) notebook undated

Box 6, Folder 11-12

Kinetic theory, parts I-II notebooks undated

Box 7, Folder 1

Advanced statistics notebooks 1948

Box 7, Folder 2

Advanced statistical mechanics notebook undated

Box 7, Folder 3

Section counter notebook undated

Box 7, Folder 4-5

Electricity magnetism (Physics 205-206) notebooks undated

Box 7, Folder 6-7

Complex variables (Math 155) notebooks undated

Box 7, Folder 8

Thermodynamics (Physics 209) notebooks undated

Box 8, Folder 1-2

Thermodynamics (Physics 209) notebooks undated

Box 8, Folder 3

Band spectra notebook undated

Box 8, Folder 4

Dynamics (Physics 207) notebook undated

Box 8, Folder 5

Scintillation counters notebooks undated

Box 8, Folder 6

Relativistic quantum mechanics notebook 1948-1949

J. Robert Beyster's relativistic quantum mechanics notebook

Box 8, Folder 7

Relativistic quantum mechanics notebook undated

Box 8, Folder 8

Quantum theory notebooks undated

Box 9, Folder 1-3

Quantum theory notebooks undated

Box 9, Folder 4

Nuclear Physics Laboratory on coincidence work, etc. Notebook D undated

Box 9, Folder 5-9

Nuclear Physics Laboratory II-VI notebooks ca. 1948

J. Robert Beyster's nuclear physics laboratory notebook

Box 10, Folder 1-3

Nuclear theory notebooks undated

J. Robert Beyster's nuclear theory notebook

Box 10, Folder 4-10

Correlation notebooks ca. 1949

Box 11, Folder 1-2

Correlation notebooks ca. 1949



Box 11, Folder 3

Los Alamos 1957, 1962, 1970-1971

General note

Correspondence re: technical calculations, Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, Los Alamos Meson Physics Facility as a neutron source, neutrons (elastic cross section).
Box 11, Folder 4-5

Electron energy loss and range - Research file 1951-1958

Box 11, Folder 6

General Atomic 1962-1965

General note

Correspondence and memoranda re: trip reports, procurement history of liquid hydrogen dewar system for Project 364, technical calculations.
Box 11, Folder 7

General Atomic reports and research - Delayed Gamma Rays from Fission 1965-1966

General note

With acknowledgements to Dr. Beyster.
Box 11, Folder 8

Gulf General Atomic 1966-1969

General note

Memoranda, notes and correspondence regarding Dr. Beyster's resignation; resumes, etc.
Box 11, Folder 9

Gulf General Atomic - Notebooks ca. 1968

Box 11, Folder 10

Nuclear Training Directorate, Field Command, DASA, Sandia Base, Albuquerque - Course materials 1969

General note

Course completion certificates, photographs, reading lists and other documentation.


Scope and Content of Series

Series 4) WRITINGS. Arranged in two subseries: A) Technical Papers, and B) Other. Writings are arranged in chronological order.

Technical Papers

Box 12, Folder 1

Lists of publications undated

Box 12, Folder 2

A low energy neutron research program utilizing an electron linear accelerator. By R. B. Walton, J. R. Beyster, E. Haddad, W. M. Lopez, R. E. Nather and J. C. Young undated

Box 12, Folder 3

General Atomic talk for Sun Valley on neutrons 1955

General Atomic talk on neutrons for Sun Valley by J. Robert Beyster

Box 12, Folder 4

Interaction of 1.0-, 1.77-, 2.5-, 3.25-, and 7.0-Mev neutrons with nuclei. By J. R. Beyster, M. Walt and E. W. Salmi 1956

Box 12, Folder 5

Inelastic cross-sections for fission-spectrum neutrons. By H. A. Bethe, J. R. Beyster and R. E. Carter 1957

Box 12, Folder 6

Measurements of low energy neutron spectra. By R. S. Stone and J. R. Beyster (GAMD-348) 1958

Measurements of low energy neutron spectra (GAMD-348), by R. S. Stone and J. R. Beyster

Box 12, Folder 7

Spatially dependent neutron spectra (GA-2036). By J. R. Beyster, J. L. Wood and H. C. Honeck 1960

General note

Presented at the American Nuclear Society meeting in San Francisco.
Box 12, Folder 8

Measurement of neutron diffusion parameters in water by the pulsed neutron method (GA-1584). By W. M. Lopez and J. R. Beyster 1962

Box 12, Folder 9

Neutron thermalization measurements using an electron linear accelerator. By J. R. Beyster 1962

Box 12, Folder 10

Neutron thermalization in zirconium hydride. By J. C. Young, J. A. Young, G. K. Houghton, G. D. Trimble and J. R. Beyster 1964

Box 12, Folder 11

Neutron thermalization and reactor applications. By J. R. Beyster, N. Corngold, H. Honeck, G. Joanou and D. Parks 1964 May

Box 12, Folder 12

Neutron spectra in shields by time-of-flight. By J. L. Russell, with work done by J. R. Beyster et al. 1964 November 20

Box 12, Folder 13

Preproposal discussion of neutron beam driven boosters. Report prepared for General Atomic 1965 September 23

Box 12, Folder 14

Accelerator pulsed fast assembly. By K. l. Crosbie, J. L. Russell, and J. R. Beyster 1966

Box 12, Folder 15

Feasibility of utilizing a microtron electron accelerator for nuclear materials assay. By J. R. Beyster 1970 June

Box 12, Folder 16

Program for Panel on Pulsed Neutron Research. Vienna 1970 August

General note

Program includes titles of papers presented by Dr. Beyster.
Box 12, Folder 17

Nuclear research in technology. By J. R. Beyster 1971

General note

Paper presented at Conference on Utilization of Low Energy Accelerators in Latin America, Rio de Janeiro. Includes abstracts and papers presented by others at the Inter-American Nuclear Energy Commission meeting: Luis A. Remez, E. Perez Ferreira, G. Dearnaley, and M. W. Thompson.
Box 12, Folder 18

The IAEA catalog for portable safeguards assay techniques. By L. A. Kull, G. M. Reynolds, and J. R. Beyster (JRB Associates) 1971

General note

Paper presented at Symposium on Implementing Nuclear Safeguards, Kansas.
Box 12, Folder 19

Practical applications of nuclear techniques in environmental research. Presented before the IAEA in Vienna 1972 October 23

Box 12, Folder 20

The technical challenge of the oceans to industry. By J. R. Beyster and S. Lupton 1979 September 15

General note

Paper prepared for Oceans '79, "The Technical Challenge of Inner Space."


Box 12, Folder 21

Dr. Beyster's "Salutary address" to his graduating class in the Monguagon 1942, 1998

General note

Includes photocopies of class photos and a personal letter from childhood friend.
Box 12, Folder 22

Managing an employee ownership company 1987 March

General note

Paper based on a talk by Dr. Beyster at the 6th Annual Conference on Employee Ownership and Participation.
Box 13, Folder 1

Employee ownership and high technology service corporations 1987 October

Box 13, Folder 2-5

SAIC book manuscript undated

Box 13, Folder 6-8

SAIC book manuscript - Supporting materials 1986-1987, 2002

General note

Newspaper clippings re: industry trends, company ownership, political events, profiles of SAIC, and correspondence. Includes notepad with Beyster's notes on Network Solutions (NSI).
Box 13, Folder 9

Employee ownership of SAIC. A report based on a speech prepared for "Issues in Soviet and U.S. Defense Conversion: Doing Business Together" 1991 February 16

Box 13, Folder 10

Managing for a high-tech future: Employee ownership gives companies the competitive edge 1991

Box 13, Folder 11

Employee ownership: A key to American competitiveness 1992

Box 13, Folder 12

Capital flows and ownership 2000

Box 13, Folder 13

Creating entrepreneurial employee ownership at SAIC, and Entrepreneurs at the turn of the century 2000

Box 13, Folder 14

Principles and Practices of SAIC pamphlet 2005

Box 13, Folder 15

Strategies for growing an $8 billion business 2007

General note

Published in Leader to Leader, no. 44.

Nine principles of organizational innovation 2007 July

Nine principles of organizational innovation

Box 13, Folder 16

Embracing change through employee ownership 2007 December 12


Embracing change through employee ownership. Benefits & Compensation Digest 2008 March

Embracing change through employee ownership.

Box 13, Folder 17

Dr. Beyster's blog - Supporting materials undated

General note

Drafts of preliminary content for Dr. Beyster blog, including a biographical statement and handwritten notes.

Dr. Beyster's blog - www.beyster.com 2006-2014

Dr. Beyster's blog


Culture of success article undated

Culture of success article



Scope and Content of Series

Series 5) SPEECHES AND PRESENTATIONS: Transcripts, talking points, and notes for Dr. Beyster's speaking engagements, arranged chronologically. Dr. Beyster's prepared remarks for annual shareholder meetings, and Management and Executive Councils, are found within the appropriate series in the SAIC Records portion of the collection.
Box 13, Folder 18

Lists of speeches and talks by J. R. Beyster 1990

Box 13, Folder 19

Company speech ca. 1970

Box 13, Folder 20

Dr. Beyster's notes for a presentation entitled "Who Am I" ca. 1970

General note

Includes notes on the founding principles and ethos of SAI.
Box 13, Folder 21

Transcript of a panel discussion on neutron sources chaired by Dr. Beyster 1971

Box 13, Folder 22

Notes for talk on SAI 1972

Box 13, Folder 23

Presentation notes for Southern Services ca. 1975?

Box 13, Folder 24

Employee ownership: A way to build a modern organization. Talk for La Jolla Twelve-thirty Club 1976

General note

Includes annotated draft, with notes on "Problems for the future."
Box 14, Folder 1

Organizational philosophy of SAI 1978 December 6

Box 14, Folder 2

Paper for panel discussion on system architecture and battle management for space defense ca. 1985

Box 14, Folder 3

Observations on America's Cup ca. 1986

General note

Heavily annotated outline of a speech on SAIC's involvement with the America's Cup.
Box 14, Folder 4-5

Employee Ownership Day talks and remarks by Dr. Beyster 1987-1999

Box 14, Folder 6

Employee ownership in large companies. Speech delivered at NECO's 7th Annual Conference 1988 March

Box 14, Folder 7

Employee owned companies: A key building block in the growth of West Virginia 1988 June 2

Box 14, Folder 8

SAIC today and tomorrow. Speech prepared for the San Diego Chamber of Commerce 1988 September

Box 14, Folder 9

A tribute to the design/technology team for Stars and Stripes 1988 September 7

A tribute to the design/technology team for Stars and Stripes

Box 14, Folder 10

Raising capital for employee owned companies - Opening remarks for FED conference 1988 October 6

Box 14, Folder 11

Portrait of a non-traditional entrepreneur 1988 October

Box 14, Folder 12

Notes for holiday/Christmas party talk 1988

Box 14, Folder 13

SACHSE Engineering speech ca. 1989

Box 14, Folder 14

Employee ownership: A key ingredient for rejuvenating American competitiveness 1989 February 17

Box 14, Folder 15

Opening remarks for FED conference 1989 October 5

Box 14, Folder 16

Increasing employee ownership in the public and private sector 1989 October 20

Box 14, Folder 17

Employee ownership as a stimulating force in the U.S. economy 1989 November 8

Box 14, Folder 18

Honing America's competitive edge - Democratic Leadership Council 1989 November 13

General note

Images from this event are in the PHOTOGRAPHS series.
Box 14, Folder 19

Suggested remarks prepared for Dr. Beyster for legislative teleconference meeting 1990 January 25

Box 15, Folder 1

Introductory remarks for FED Conference 1990 October 3

Box 15, Folder 2

Employee ownership of SAIC / Issues in Soviet and U.S. defense conversion: Doing business together 1991 February 15-16

Box 15, Folder 3

Conclusions: First conference on employee participation in ownership and management 1993 September 30

Box 15, Folder 4

Equity compensation as an effective business strategy - Presentation slides for a FED and CONNECT conference 1994 June 28


Equity compensation as an effective business strategy. FED conference keynote address 1994 September

Equity compensation as an effective business strategy. FED conference keynote address

General note

Reprint from FED Journal of Selected Readings 1997-1995, p. 1-4.
Box 15, Folder 5

Lessons learned on equity compensation - FED Conference keynote address 1995 September


Lessons learned on equity compensation. FED conference keynote address 1995 September

Lessons learned on equity compensation. FED conference keynote address

General note

Reprint from FED Journal of Selected Readings 1996, p. 1-4.
Box 15, Folder 6

Notes for holiday/Christmas party talk ca. 1995

Box 15, Folder 7

The evolution of employee ownership - Remarks for FED Conference 1996-1997

Box 15, Folder 8

Why all the changes at SAIC 1996 October

Box 15, Folder 9

Making employee ownership work - Presentation slides 1998 February

Box 15, Folder 10

Remarks re: William E. Zisch 1998 November

Box 15, Folder 11

Ownership strategies in a rapidly changing world - Remarks for FED Conference 1998 November 13

Box 15, Folder 12

Power of employee ownership (Share the wealth) 1999-2000

Box 15, Folder 13

Remarks upon accepting an award from the American Society of Engineering Management 2000 October 6

Box 15, Folder 14

The SAIC story - Presentation slides 2001 October 16

Box 15, Folder 15

Remarks for ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Scott Technology Transfer Center, Omaha 2003 April


DARPA - Transcript of Dr. Beyster's talk 2004 February 8

DARPA - Transcript of Dr. Beyster's talk

Box 15, Folder 16

Remarks on occasion of National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) recognition 2004 April

Box 15, Folder 17

Unidentified notes 2005

Box 15, Folder 18

Remarks for a reception on the Beyster Institute at the Rady School of Management's Washington office 2005 February 23

Box 15, Folder 19

Remarks for The SAIC Solution book signings, reviews, and related materials 2007 April-May

J. Robert Beyster remarks for The SAIC Solution book signing at Warwick's bookstore
J. Robert Beyster remarks for The SAIC Solution book signing

Box 15, Folder 20

Talk on The SAIC Solution at the Rady School of Management 2007 April 27

J. Robert Beyster on The SAIC Solution at the Rady School of Management

Box 15, Folder 21

Talking points for University of San Diego 2007 April 30

J. Robert Beyster talking points for University of San Diego presentation


Presentation featuring Dr. Beyster, "Lessons learned from SAIC for today's business climate." San Diego MIT Enterprise Forum with CONNECT 2007 May 23

Presentation featuring Dr. Beyster, "Lessons learned from SAIC for today's business climate," San Diego MIT Enterprise Forum with CONNECT

Box 15, Folder 22

Remarks on the SAIC Solution and America's Cup at the Yacht Club 2007 July 11

J. Robert Beyster remarks on The SAIC Solution and America's Cup

Box 15, Folder 23

L. Robert Payne Distinguished Entrepreneur Lecture, San Diego State University 2007 September 26

L. Robert Payne Distinguished Entrepreneur Lecture, events summary and speech by J. Robert Beyster, San Diego State University

Box 15, Folder 24

Extreme employee engagement. World at Work Association - Transcript of Dr. Beyster's talk 2007 October 16

Extreme employee engagement - World at Work Association, transcript of J. Robert Beyster's talk

Box 15, Folder 25

Beyond the ESOP. Remarks and prepared questions and answers for the ESOP Association's Las Vegas conference 2007 November 7

General note

The questions address SAIC history, employee ownership and the publication of Dr. Beyster's book, The SAIC Solution.
Box 15, Folder 26

BIOCOM CEO Roundtable - Transcript of Dr. Beyster's talk 2008 January 31

BIOCOM CEO Roundtable - Transcript of Dr. Beyster's talk

Box 15, Folder 27

1241 Cave Street remarks undated

Box 15, Folder 28

Fragment drafts undated



Oversize AB-25-B01

Artwork - "SAI's Plan." Illustration of Dr. Beyster 1975-1976

General note

Matted and framed.
Oversize AB-25-B02

Artwork - "Vision for the future." Crayon and pencil illustration of Dr. Beyster leading a crowd, by Tania K. Warner 1989

Vision for the future

General note

Matted and framed.
Box 15, Folder 29

Retirement (original folder heading) 1938 and undated

Box 15, Folder 30

Childhood and student years ca. 1925-1947

J. Robert Beyster and U.S. Navy class
J. Robert Beyster and two school friends

Box 15, Folder 31

General Atomics ca. 1955

J. Robert Beyster, General Atomics

Box 15, Folder 32-34

Professional portraits ca. 1960-1995

J. Robert Beyster
J. Robert Beyster
J. Robert Beyster
J. Robert Beyster
J. Robert Beyster
J. Robert Beyster with two associates
J. Robert Beyster

Box 16, Folder 1

SAI employees with computer hardware ca. 1970

Box 16, Folder 2

Miscellaneous photographs of Dr. Beyster ca. 1970-2012

Box 16, Folder 3

Dr. Beyster with the SAI Board 1974

Box 16, Folder 4

Early SAIC offices in La Jolla ca. 1969-1985

Box 16, Folder 5

Joint Strategic Target Planning Staff (JSTPS) Scientific Advisory Group (SAG) portraits ca. 1980-1991

Oversize FB-478

SIA Riyadh/Jeddah Jubail operations areas album ca. 1983

Box 16, Folder 6

Dr. Beyster at White Sands Missile Range luncheon 1983 March 4

J. Robert Beyster at White Sands Missile Range luncheon

Box 16, Folder 7

Beyster family photograph ca. 1985

Beyster family

Box 16, Folder 8

Polaris Poseidon Trident project ca. 1985

Washtucna Naval tug boat and submarine, Polaris Poseidon Trident project
J. Robert Beyster and others abroad Naval submarine, Polaris Poseidon Trident project
Washtucna Naval tug boat and submarine, Polaris Poseidon Trident project

Box 16, Folder 9

Portraits of Dr. Beyster at the reception for the swearing-in of Dr. Donald Hicks as USDR&E 1985 August 6

J. Robert Beyster and others at the reception for the swearing-in of Dr. Donald Hicks as Under Secretary of Defense for Research & Engineering (USDRE)
J. Robert Beyster and others at the reception for the swearing-in of Dr. Donald Hicks as Under Secretary of Defense for Research & Engineering (USDRE)

Box 16, Folder 10

Photographs for book (original folder heading) 1987

J. Robert Beyster giving a speech at "Building the High Performance Company" event
J. Robert Beyster at Foundation for Enterprise Development event

Box 16, Folder 11

FED conference portraits 1987

J. Robert Beyster and others on panel at FED Conference
J. Robert Beyster with colleagues at FED Conference

Box 16, Folder 12-13

America's Cup 1987-1994

J. Robert Beyster at Nissan's America's Cup Museum and Theater Pavilion
Hull detail, SAIC sponsored sailboat and America's Cup building
SAIC sponsored sailboat at America's Cup
J. Robert Beyster holding model of SAIC's sailboat at an America's Cup reception
SAIC sponsored sailboat at America's Cup

Box 16, Folder 14

20th anniversary event and SAIC sail 1989

J. Robert Beyster at 20th Anniversary SAIC event
SAIC 20th Anniversary event and sail
SAIC 20th Anniversary event and sail

Box 16, Folder 15

Democratic Leadership Council 1989

J. Robert Beyster at Democratic Leadership Council event
J. Robert Beyster at Democratic Leadership Council event
J. Robert Beyster at Democratic Leadership Council event

Box 16, Folder 16

Loma Linda University Medical Center Proton Therapy Project 1990

SAIC engineers with the accelerator, Loma Linda University Medical Center Proton Therapy Project
SAIC engineers with the accelerator, Loma Linda University Medical Center Proton Therapy Project
SAIC engineers with the accelerator, Loma Linda University Medical Center Proton Therapy Project

General note

Photographs of SAIC engineers with the accelerator.
Box 16, Folder 17

Dr. Beyster with Tsahi Gozani 1991 December

J. Robert Beyster with Tsahi Gozani

Box 16, Folder 18

U.S. Strategic Command, Strategic Advisory Group portraits 1991-2004

U.S. Strategic Command, Strategic Advisory Group
U.S. Strategic Command, Strategic Advisory Group
U.S. Strategic Command, Strategic Advisory Group

Oversize FB-476, Folder 2

U.S. Strategic Command, Strategic Advisory Group portraits (oversize) ca. 1991-1997

U.S. JSTPS Strategic Command, Strategic Advisory Group

Box 16, Folder 19

Dr. Beyster on a submarine 1993

J. Robert Beyster on a submarine
J. Robert Beyster on a submarine
J. Robert Beyster with submarine periscope
J. Robert Beyster on a submarine

Box 16, Folder 20

Governor Pete Wilson signing defense conversion bills at SAIC 1993

SAIC event for Governor Pete Wilson
Governor Pete Wilson signing defense conversion bills at SAIC

Box 16, Folder 21

Intesa joint venture PDVSA, Venezuela ca. 1995

J. Robert Beyster at Intesa joint venture PDVSA, Venezuela
J. Robert Beyster at Intesa joint venture PDVSA, Venezuela

Box 17, Folder 1

Bellcore acquisition 1996 November 20

J. Robert Beyster, Bellcore acquisition
J. Robert Beyster, Bellcore acquisition

Box 17, Folder 2

Subsidiary Board Meeting, Europe ca. 1996-1999

J. Robert Beyster, subsidiary Board Meeting, Europe
J. Robert Beyster, subsidiary Board Meeting, Europe
J. Robert Beyster, subsidiary Board Meeting, Europe

Box 17, Folder 3

Dr. Beyster accepting DSWA Award for Lifetime Achievement 1997

J. Robert Beyster accepting DSWA Award for Lifetime Achievement

Box 17, Folder 4

Achievement Awards 1998

SAIC employees holding achievement award
J. Robert Beyster at SAIC achievement awards event

Box 17, Folder 5

Employee Ownership Reception 1999

J. Robert Beyster and employees attending Employee Ownership reception

Box 17, Folder 6

Cave Street exhibit snapshots ca. 2000

Cave Street exhibit at J. Robert Beyster's offices
Cave Street exhibit at J. Robert Beyster's offices - SAIC's Board of Directors
Cave Street exhibit at J. Robert Beyster's offices

Box 17, Folder 7

Dr. Beyster with George W. Bush (NSTAC) 2003

J. Robert Beyster (in background) and President George W. Bush (NSTAC)

General note

Low-quality ink-jet prints.
Box 17, Folder 8

SAIC Farewell Party circa 2004

J. Robert Beyster delivering a speech at SAIC Farewell Party
J. Robert Beyster at SAIC Farewell Party
J. Robert Beyster at SAIC Farewell Party


Family portrait slideshow from the Sulpizio Family Cardiovascular Center, Heart of San Diego awards honoring Dr. J. Robert and Betty Beyster

Sulpizio Family Cardiovascular Center, Heart of San Diego awards honoring Dr. J. Robert and Betty Beyster - Family portrait slideshow

Box 17, Folder 9

Dr. Beyster, James O'Toole and Mac Booth at an unidentified UCLA event undated

J. Robert Beyster, James O'Toole and Mac Booth at a UCLA event

Box 17, Folder 10

Dr. Beyster accepting Entrepreneur of the Year Award undated

J. Robert Beyster presenting the San Diego Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award
J. Robert Beyster presenting the San Diego Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Box 17, Folder 11

SAIC booth at convention undated

SAIC booth at convention

Box 17, Folder 12

Aircraft and helicopters undated

Russian aircraft and the Buran reusable orbiter space shuttle
Dassault Mirage 2000 French jet fighter
General Dynamics F-16C Fighting Falcon jet fighter and 87-020 Turkish Airforce F-16C jet fighter aircraft

Box 17, Folder 13

Dr. Beyster on his boat Solutions undated

J. Robert Beyster on his boat Solutions
J. Robert Beyster on his boat Solutions


SAIC Records



Scope and Content of Series

Series 7) BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Agendas, approved minutes, correspondence, memoranda, and reports to and from the SAIC Board, its major subcommittees, and Board members. This series documents high-level management, strategy, and administrative priorities throughout the history of SAIC. Materials are arranged in chronological order within each subseries.
Arranged in three subseries: A) Board of Directors Meetings, B) Executive Council Meetings, C) Other Board Subcommittees (Finance, Incentives, International Business, and Operating Committees).

Board of Directors Meetings

Box 295

Photographic portraits of members of the Board of Directors 1969-2003

Box 18, Folder 1

Index to important contents of Board of Director's meetings circa 1985

Box 18, Folder 2

Board of Directors - Establishment of Board committees circa 1984-1997

Box 18, Folder 3

Board of Directors - Harold Smith file 1969-1981

General note

Notes and correspondence.
Box 18, Folder 4-13

Board of Directors meetings and working files 1970-1976

Box 19, Folder 1

Board of Directors - Profit sharing plan 1976 November 9

Box 19, Folder 2-8

Board of Directors meetings and working files 1977-1979

Box 20, Folder 1

Board of Directors - Report of Reincorporation Committee 1980

Box 20, Folder 2-9

Board of Directors meetings and working files 1980-1981 March

Box 21, Folder 1-10

Board of Directors meetings and working files 1981 June-1983 April

Box 22, Folder 1-8

Board of Directors meetings and working files 1983 June-1984

Box 23, Folder 1-9

Board of Directors meetings and working files 1984 March-1985 November

Box 24, Folder 1-8

Board of Directors meetings and working files 1985 September-1987

Box 25, Folder 1-4

Board of Directors meetings and working files 1987

Box 25, Folder 5

Board of Directors - Compensation Committee 1987

General note

Papers on Dr. Beyster's compensation, memoranda re: CEO pay, minutes of the Nominating Committee of the Board of Directors, etc. Includes redacted document.
Box 25, Folder 6-10

Board of Directors meetings and working files 1988

General note

Includes 1988 Defense Systems Group briefing.
Box 26, Folder 1-9

Board of Directors meetings and working files 1988-1991 January

General note

1990 file has letter from Matthew Tobriner on Board member rotations.
Box 27, Folder 1-8

Board of Directors meetings and working files 1991 April-1992 January

Box 28, Folder 1-4

Board of Directors meetings 1992 April-October

General note

April file includes letters from Director Emeritus Francis Herwood. October file includes Meetings Week materials.
Box 28, Folder 5-8

Board of Directors meetings 1993 January-July

Box 28, Folder 9

Meetings Week working file 1993 July

General note

Includes miscellaneous briefings, notes and agendas, including those related to Board of Directors subcommittees.
Box 29, Folder 1-2

Board of Directors meetings and working files 1993 August-October

Box 29, Folder 3

Washington State operations - Report to the Board 1993 October

Box 29, Folder 4

Board of Directors - Inman and Gates correspondence 1994

General note

Correspondence from Bobby Inman (regarding his withdrawal as a nominee from the Secretary of Defense position) and Robert M. Gates (regarding his resignation from the SAIC Board), a few other letters regarding Board members, and related clippings.
Box 29, Folder 5

Board of Directors - Audit Committee 1994

Box 29, Folder 6-9

Board of Directors meetings 1994 January-July

General note

The July materials include a general meetings week file with agendas and Dr. Beyster's notes on various groups and committees.
Box 30, Folder 1

Board of Directors meeting 1994 October

Box 30, Folder 2

Meetings Week working file 1994 December-1995 March

General note

Folder with various reports, agendas, and Dr. Beyster's notes on various groups and committees.
Box 30, Folder 3-7

Board of Directors meetings 1995

Box 31, Folder 1-5

Board of Directors meetings 1996

Box 31, Folder 6-8

Board of Directors meetings 1997 January-April

General note

Includes agendas for Management Council and Executive Council meetings.
Box 32, Folder 1-2

Board of Directors meetings 1997 June-October

Box 32, Folder 3-7

Board of Directors meetings 1998

General note

Includes prepared remarks and agenda for annual shareholder's meeting.
Box 33, Folder 1-8

Board of Directors meetings and working files 1999-2000 April

Box 34, Folder 1-3

Board of Directors meetings 2000 July-October

Box 34, Folder 4

FY01 performance and FY02 objectives presentation 2001 April

Box 34, Folder 5

Board of Directors - SAIC Venture Capital Corporation (VCC) status report and lessons learned 2002-2003

General note

Includes information on NetworkCar and the history of VCC.
Box 34, Folder 6

Board of Directors - Governance/Nominating Committees 2002-2004

General note

Includes list of Board Committees, their charters and their members, circa 2003.
Box 34, Folder 7

Dr. Beyster's annual presentation to the Board of Directors 2003 April 11

Box 34, Folder 8-10

Board of Directors meetings 2003 October-December

Box 34, Folder 11

Governance model - Board declassification 2004

General note

Statement draft on the stockholder proposal on declassifying SAIC's board as a response to Sarbanes Oxley, and related emails and research.
Box 34, Folder 12

John H. Warner letter 2006 July 24


Executive Council Meetings

Box 35, Folder 1


Box 35, Folder 2-12


Box 36, Folder 1-13

1983-1988 June

Box 37, Folder 1-12

1988 July-1989

Box 38, Folder 1-13

1990-1991 September

Box 39, Folder 1-10

1991 October-1992 April

Box 40, Folder 1-11

1992 May-December

Box 41, Folder 1-9

1993 January-August

Box 42, Folder 1-12

1993 September-1994 April

Box 43, Folder 1-12

1994 June-November

Box 44, Folder 1-11

1994 December-1995 September

Box 45, Folder 1-15

1995 October-1998 June

Box 46, Folder 1-14

1998 August-1999 March

Box 47, Folder 1-14

1999 April-2001 August

Box 48, Folder 1-8

2001 October-2003 October


Other Board Subcommittees


Finance Committee

Box 48, Folder 9

SAIC retirement plan information 1982

Box 48, Folder 10-11

Financial Review Committee meeting files 1983

General note

Meeting notes, proposed charter of the committee, etc.
Box 48, Folder 12

Financial Committee meeting files 1984

General note

Treasurer's report summary, charter and meeting minutes.
Box 48, Folder 13

Finance Committee - Treasurer's and Retirement Committee reports 1985

Box 49, Folder 1-10

1998-2001 June

Box 50, Folder 1-12

2001 August-2004 March


Incentives Committee

Box 51, Folder 1-8

1974, 1976-1979

Box 52, Folder 1-8


Box 53, Folder 1-7



International Board Committee (IBC)

Box 53, Folder 8

International Business Oversight Committee 1991 April

Box 54, Folder 1

International Business Oversight Committee 1991 July

Box 54, Folder 2-10

IBC meeting files 1995, 1997, 1998, 2000


Operating Committee

Box 54, Folder 11


Box 55, Folder 1-17


Box 56, Folder 1-11


Box 57, Folder 1-11




Scope and Content of Series

Series 8) COUNCILS AND COMMITTEES: Records including agendas, reports and meeting minutes of key councils, working groups, and committees within SAIC. Several important committees were responsible for strategic marketing and business directions, monitoring and improving the internal culture at SAIC, and communication across divisions. Many issues and ideas discussed within these councils and committees would then be presented to the Board of Directors or one of its many subcommittees, therefore, the content found in these files compliments materials found in the Board's files and general management and business files. Arranged chronologically within each subseries.
Arranged in six subseries: A) Business Acquisition Council (BAC), B) Management Council, C) National Security Policy Group (NSPG), D) Technical Advisory Panel (TAP)/Brown Panel, E) Technical Environment Committee (TEC), and F) Miscellaneous.

Business Acquisition Council (BAC)

Box 58, Folder 1

Charter ca. 1985

Box 58, Folder 2-11


Box 58, Folder 12-14

1986 January-March

Box 59, Folder 1-8

1986 April-October

Box 60, Folder 1-9

1986 November-1987 April

Box 61, Folder 1-8

1987 May-August

Box 62, Folder 1-8

1987 August-November

Box 63, Folder 1-9

1987 November-1988 April

Box 64, Folder 1-9

1988 May-1989 January

Box 65, Folder 1-10

1989 February-September

Box 66, Folder 1-8

1989 October-1990 April

Box 67, Folder 1-2

1990 May-June

Box 67, Folder 3

BAC - DARPA 1990 June

Box 67, Folder 4-7

1990 July-October

Box 67, Folder 8

BAC - NASA 1990 October

Box 67, Folder 9-12

1990 November-1991 February

Box 68, Folder 1-11

BAC - Kull Segment 1991 March-1992 January

Box 68, Folder 12-15

1991 March-July

Box 69, Folder 1-5

1991 August-1992

Box 69, Folder 6-8

BAC - Science & Technology Segment 1993 April-December

Box 69, Folder 9

1993 June

Box 70, Folder 1-5

BAC - Commercial & International Segment 2002 April-2003 May


BAC Hotlist Archives reports with project notes

Box 70, Folder 6-17

1990 March-1991 June

General note

Incomplete run of reports. Includes notes and summaries on projects beginning in 1988.
Box 71, Folder 1-14

1991 July-1993 June

General note

Incomplete run of reports. Includes print-outs of project summaries.

BAC Environmental (ETG)

Box 71, Folder 15-18

1987-1989 October

Box 72, Folder 1-14

1989 November-1992 September

Box 73, Folder 1-3

1992 November-1993 February


BAC Major Procurements

Box 73, Folder 4-9

1998 January-July

Box 74, Folder 1-7

1998 August-1999 February

Box 75, Folder 1-8

1999 April-November

Box 76, Folder 1-10

2000 January-October

Box 77, Folder 1-10

2000 November-2001 September

Box 78, Folder 1-9

2001 October-2002 June

Box 79, Folder 1-9

2002 July-2003 April

Box 80, Folder 1-9

2003 May-2004 April


BAC Research and Development (R&D)

Box 80, Folder 10-13

1994-1995 November

Box 81, Folder 1-12

1995 December-1998 April

Box 82, Folder 1-13

1998 July-2000 November

Box 83, Folder 1-13

2000 December-2003 April

Box 84, Folder 1-3

2003 June-2004 May


BAC Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI)

Box 84, Folder 4-15

1987 February-1988 August

Box 85, Folder 1-12

1988 September-1989 June

Box 86, Folder 1-10

1989 July-1990 June

Box 87, Folder 1-4

1990 July-1992


Management Council and Management Meetings

Box 87, Folder 5

Management meetings 1973

General note

Includes corporate goals, paper on "management by incentive," a memo establishing a JRB New Ventures Committee and org chart outlining the relationship between JRB Associates and SAI, and Dr. Beyster's meeting notes.
Box 87, Folder 6

Management meetings 1974

General note

Includes reference to formation of Working Groups, the Operational Software Working Group, and Dr. Beyster's presentation notes.
Box 87, Folder 7

Transcript of Management Meeting talk by Dr. Beyster 1975 June 13

Box 87, Folder 8

Management meetings 1976

General note

Includes discussion on SAI group administration.
Box 87, Folder 9

Management meetings 1978

General note

Includes October memo by Dr. Beyster on vision for company entitled, "Looking for Guidance?"
Box 87, Folder 10

Report from group on the three major topic areas discussed at Group Management meeting (Engineering & Software Science Group) 1979 January 25-28

Box 87, Folder 11

Management meetings - Group reports 1979

Box 87, Folder 12

Group Administrator's meeting 1980 March 17

General note

Includes briefing on SAI ComSystems Management Information System (MIS). FY80 analysis and mention of upcoming Executive Council and Management Council meetings.
Box 87, Folder 13

Management meeting 1981-1982

General note

Includes notes and Beyster's memo (entitled "Stupid") on desired behaviors to enhance retention of valued staff.
Box 87, Folder 14

Management Council 1985

General note

Includes staff meeting notes.
Box 88, Folder 1-3

Management Council 1986-1988

Box 88, Folder 4

Management Council - Remarks by Dr. Beyster and Larry Kull 1989

Box 88, Folder 5

Division Managers' Forum 1989

Box 88, Folder 6

Corporate, Sector and Group Management 1989

Box 88, Folder 7

R&D Marketing Report on software engineering technology to Management Council 1990

Box 88, Folder 8

Management Council 1991

Box 88, Folder 9

Management Council - Dr. Beyster's remarks 1992 January

General note

Includes multiple drafts of a talk on employee ownership at SAIC
Box 88, Folder 10

Management Council - Agenda and Dr. Beyster's remarks on Stanfill case 1992 July

General note

Includes transcript of a talk by Larry Kull at the meeting, describing company's actions in response to recommendations made by the Women's Issues Subcommittee.
Box 88, Folder 11-13

Management Council - Agendas, presentations and Dr. Beyster's remarks 1993-1994

General note

Not comprehensive; some quarters and 1998 missing.
Box 89, Folder 1-8

Management Council - Agendas, presentations and Dr. Beyster's remarks 1995-1999

Box 89, Folder 9

Management Council - Dr. Beyster's presentation 2000 January-July

General note

Includes transcript of talk by Arnold Punaro, "It's in our DNA," and presentation by Paul Strassmann on "Economics of Knowledge Capital."
Box 89, Folder 10

Executive Management meeting notes 2000 November


National Security Policy Group (NSPG)

Box 89, Folder 11

Charter 1977

Box 89, Folder 12-13

Updates and procurement summaries 1978

Box 89, Folder 14

Updates and procurement summaries 1979

General note

Includes documentation describing founding of SAI Electro-Optics Council; defense studies.
Box 90, Folder 1

NSPG presentation to Dr. Eugene G. Fubini 1979 June 6

Box 90, Folder 2

Current events in the Military Sciences Group; 9th Infantry Division High Technology Test Bed; Electronic warfare 1983

Box 90, Folder 3

FY 85 planning; International business including Foreign Military Sales (FMS) 1984 January-February

Box 90, Folder 4

Systems application of technology; Military in space 1984 March-April

Box 90, Folder 5

ASW and Arctic operations 1984 June-July

Box 90, Folder 6

Electronic warfare and combat 1984 December

Box 90, Folder 7

Military in space; Submarine warfare; Physical security systems; Image processing 1985 January-May

Box 90, Folder 8

Assessment of SAIC's capability in software engineering 1985 June-July

Box 90, Folder 9

Electro-optics; Computer security 1985 September-December

Box 91, Folder 1

Electronic warfare; Navy tactical models; SDI engagement modeling. 1986

General note

Other subjects and themes include: logistics and management support systems, and underwater acoustic analysis and measurement programs.
Box 91, Folder 2

Data fusion; Conventional defense initiatives; Simulators 1987 January-May

Box 91, Folder 3

Physical security methodology and technology 1987 June

Box 91, Folder 4

Air defense 1987 July

Box 91, Folder 5

Strategic computing 1987 September

Box 91, Folder 6

Smart conventional weapons 1988


Technical Advisory Panel (TAP)/Brown Panel

Box 91, Folder 7

Trends in national security policy transitioning into the next administration; non-nuclear forces 1983

Box 91, Folder 8-10

Role of micro-computers in the military; defense budgets and the role of SAIC; civilian space market and space defense; Joint Tactical Wargaming Center; missile programs 1984

Box 92, Folder 1-2

Training and simulators-related business; DNA; space activities 1985

Box 92, Folder 3-7

DARPA; BM/C3; terrorism threats and projected trends (counterterrorism) 1986

Box 92, Folder 8

SAIC's strategic plan; undersea technology; intelligence; strategic defense initiative (SDI) 1987

Box 92, Folder 9-10

Strategic planning; manufacturing technology 1988

Box 93, Folder 1-2

Government telecommunications; wireless digital access 1989 April

Box 93, Folder 3

Defense opportunities; DoE Nuclear Weapons Complex; the political climate 1989 July-August

Box 93, Folder 4-5

Environmental quality and global climate change; hazardous waste 1989 November

Box 93, Folder 6-7

Health information and medical technology 1990 January

Box 94, Folder 1-3

Large contracts; implication/impact of Congressional budget in major markets 1990 May

Box 94, Folder 4-5

SAIC activities in military, civil and international space exploration 1990 July

Box 94, Folder 6-7

Defense business outlook/budgets 1990 October

Box 94, Folder 8-9

Real-time systems and software; SAIC's five-year plan 1991 January

Box 95, Folder 1-2

Lessons learned from SAIC's support of the National Training Center, CHCS, and Starlab 1991 March

Box 95, Folder 3-4

Testing and training ranges 1991 July

Box 95, Folder 5-8

Transportation 1991 September

Box 95, Folder 9-10

Theater missile defense 1991 December

Box 96, Folder 1-2

Simulation 1992 February

Box 96, Folder 3-4

Maritime programs; electro-optics; container inspection; lightweight computer unit/Army C3 1992 March

Box 96, Folder 5-7

National security environment; science and technology trends and opportunities 1992 July

Box 96, Folder 8-9

Space policy and programs 1992 December

Box 97, Folder 1

Space policy and programs 1993 December

Box 97, Folder 2-3

Simulation 1993 February

Box 97, Folder 4-5

Information management 1993 June

Box 97, Folder 6-7

Defense conversion 1993 November

Box 97, Folder 8

Information infrastructure and networking 1994 January

Box 98, Folder 1-2

Changed political climate and SAIC strategies 1994 March

Box 98, Folder 3-4

Health care 1994 June

Box 98, Folder 5-7

DOD communications and C2 programs 1994 December

Box 98, Folder 8

Congressional initiatives and international business 1995 March

Box 98, Folder 9-10

Changes in the remote sensing marketplace 1995 June

Box 99, Folder 1

Commercial telecommunications and information technology services 1995 September

Box 99, Folder 2-3

Counter proliferation 1996 January

Box 99, Folder 4-5

Undersea warfare 1996 May

Box 99, Folder 6-7

Joint defense programs 1996 August

Box 99, Folder 8-9

Evolution of the internet 1997 April

Box 100, Folder 1

Water problems and solutions 1997 August

Box 100, Folder 2-4

Global climate 1997 December

Box 100, Folder 5

Electronic commerce 1998 March

Box 100, Folder 6

Health care informatics and telecommunications 1998 August

Box 100, Folder 7-8

Energy; SAIC Europe 1998 December

Box 100, Folder 9

Electronic commerce 1999 March

Box 101, Folder 1

Electronic commerce 1999 March

Box 101, Folder 2

Biotechnology 1999 November

Box 101, Folder 3-4

Counterterrorism 2000 September


Technical Environment Committee (TEC)

Box 101, Folder 5

TEC origins - Morale and organizational documentation 1980

Box 101, Folder 6-9


Box 102, Folder 1-16


Box 103, Folder 1-4




Box 103, Folder 5

Administrative Steering Committee 1982-1983

Box 103, Folder 6

CEO Futures Group 1998-1999

Box 103, Folder 7

Decentralization Steering Committee 1980-1981

Box 103, Folder 8-9

Ethics Committee 1985-1995

General note

Includes credo and motto contest and report. Includes redacted documents.
Box 103, Folder 10

Executive Science and Technology Council (ESTC) 1982-1987

General note

Memoranda, meeting agendas and notes.
Box 103, Folder 11

ESTC - Science and Technology (S&T) trends 1991, 1997

General note

Includes documents on the founding of the S&T trend panels and council.
Box 103, Folder 12

ESTC - Candidate nominations 1984

Box 103, Folder 13

ESTC - Publication prize and SDSU student paper competition 1989-1990

Box 104, Folder 1-2

FFRDC (Federally Funded Research and Development Centers) Committee 1991-1993

General note

Working files and supporting documentation, such as white papers and articles, about the competitive role of FFRDCs. Includes a file including a briefing on defense conversion topics, DOD policies on government laboratories, and a memo from CSIS on the role of national labs.
Box 104, Folder 3-4

Global Change Coordination Committee (GC3) 1991-1992

Box 104, Folder 5

Hospitals, Universities, Businesses, Schools (HUBS) Advisory Council 2000

Box 104, Folder 6-11

Information Systems Steering Committee (ISSC) 1993-1995

General note

Includes report on Project Eagle.
Box 105, Folder 1

Rates Committee 1993 July

Box 105, Folder 2

Real Estate/Facilities Management 1992

Box 105, Folder 3

Risk Committee 1986-1987

Box 105, Folder 4

Risk Committee 1993, 1996

Box 105, Folder 5

Software Engineering Working Group 1986-1988

General note

Includes material on Ada, quality improvement, and the Software Productivity Consortium.
Box 105, Folder 6

Special Projects Coordinating Committee (SPCC) 1982, 1986-1987

Box 105, Folder 7

Technical Advisory Group (TAG) binder 1979-1981

General note

Assorted memoranda, agendas and reports from the TAG in a tabbed binder format. Includes the Newsgram article establishing the TAG and its charter, the concept of the annual review conference, and a review of SAI committees. Subjects include space optics, oil shale, the electronic mail system, micro/mini capabilities, alternative energy, and more.
Box 105, Folder 8

TAG - Memoranda 1972-1981

General note

Many documents support or duplicate material presented in the TAG binder. Includes memos on SAI organization and management to Dr. Beyster, in addition to business analysis.
Box 105, Folder 9

Technical Computing Committee 1985

Box 105, Folder 10

Women's Issues Subcommittee - Final report and mentoring summary 1991, 1993



Scope and Content of Series

Series 9) MANAGEMENT AND ADMINISTRATION: Assorted business papers and records including reports, presentations, correspondence, and memoranda documenting all aspects of SAIC's management, culture, business development and administration over nearly four decades of operations. Materials are arranged chronologically within each subseries.
Arranged in twelve subseries: A) Annual Reports and Corporate Overviews; B) Annual Stockholders Meetings, C) Organization and Divisions, D) Policies and Corporate Culture, E) Strategic Planning, F) Business Documents, G) Correspondence, Memos and Emails, H) Lessons Learned, I) Events, J) Financials, K) SAIC Stock Programs, and L) Campus Point.
A) Annual Reports and Corporate Overviews: SAIC's annual reports and, for the early years of the company, overall business summaries which describe research areas and include organizational charts. Some folders also include quarterly reports.
B) Annual Stockholders Meetings: Announcements, reports, remarks and meeting agendas for the SAIC annual shareholders meetings. Dr. Beyster would frequently prepare a public address for these meetings, and some folders include his presentation slides and notes.
C) Organization and Divisions: SAIC was a large, highly decentralized company divided into many business areas, sectors, divisions and groups. This series includes documents that shed light on the history and origin of some of SAIC's specific business areas, including divisional reports, organizational charts, sector overviews, and lists of officers and important committees. Additional complementary material from most of SAIC's units can also be found in the Business Documents subseries.
D) Policies and Corporate Culture: This subseries includes material that documents specific workplace policies (such as risk management, affirmative action, security, and early computer use), and that also reflects SAIC's unique workplace culture of shared employee ownership. Documents that demonstrate efforts to understand and improve SAIC's corporate culture and internal practices, including management, are included here, as well as letters from clients thanking SAIC for services rendered.
E) Strategic Planning: SAIC embarked on several major strategic planning efforts throughout the 1970s and 1990s. This subseries includes extensive documentation of the strategic planning process, especially focused on company-wide values, goals, vision, and mission. It includes meeting files of the Strategic Planning Committee, development of the Principles and Practices of SAI booklet, notes and memoranda by Dr. Beyster, and company-wide plans. As the company grew, centralized strategic planning became a more difficult exercise, as divisions and groups began executing their own business and operational plans and strategic goals. While some sector business plans are included in this subseries, additional business plans may be found in the next subseries, Business Documents.
F) Business Documents: Extensive and diverse records documenting all aspects of SAIC's business activities, including reports, capability summaries and overviews, committee and group meetings, business plans, product development, and memoranda.
G) Correspondence, Memos and Emails: Folders of correspondence, including memoranda and printed emails, primarily to and from Dr. Beyster. While other subseries in this series also include correspondence and memos, this subseries contains folders of materials that were originally filed together and labelled with the generic title "Correspondence," as opposed to specific people or business subjects that may have been interfiled elsewhere.
H) Lessons Learned: SAIC had a formal "Lessons Learned" review protocol for contracts and bids. "Lessons Learned" documents may be found elsewhere in the collection, for example, as part of a contract or client folder, if originally filed that way at SAIC. This subseries includes stand-alone lessons that were not originally associated with other project folders.
I) Events: A small subseries with notes, agendas, and documentation from diverse events both within SAIC and hosted externally.
J) Financials: Documentation of SAIC company financials, especially for the first decade of operations.
K) SAIC Stock Programs: This subseries includes material on SAIC's internal stock programs, including SEC forms and prospectuses, overviews, employee training, internal memoranda, and valuation appraisals.
L) Campus Point: Material primarily relating to the design and construction of the Campus Point buildings, including photographs.

Annual Reports and Corporate Overviews

Box 105, Folder 11-12

Annual reports 1969-1971

1969 annual report to Science Applications, Inc. stockholders
1970 annual report to Science Applications, Inc. stockholders

Box 106, Folder 1-19

Annual reports 1972-1988

Box 107, Folder 1-13

Annual reports 1989-1999

Box 108, Folder 1-12

Annual reports 1999-2012

General note

Missing years 2005, 2009-2010.

Annual Stockholders Meetings

Box 108, Folder 13

Shareholder meeting highlights summary for 1970-1990

Box 108, Folder 14

Special meeting of stockholders 1970 December

Box 108, Folder 15

Annual stockholders meeting agendas and presentations 1971-1975

Box 109, Folder 1

Annual stockholders meeting statements, Q and A, and presentation 1977-1978

Box 109, Folder 2

Annual shareholders meeting presentation 1980 June 6

General note

Includes a report on stock program and internal market.
Box 109, Folder 3

Annual shareholders meeting 1981

Box 109, Folder 4

Annual stockholders meeting file with remarks 1982 June 11

Box 109, Folder 5

Annual stockholders meeting file with remarks 1983 June 10

Box 109, Folder 6

Annual stockholders meeting file with remarks 1984 April-July

Box 109, Folder 7

Annual stockholders meeting file with remarks 1985 June 14

Box 109, Folder 8

Annual stockholders meeting file with remarks 1986 June 14

Box 109, Folder 9

Annual stockholders meeting file with Chairman's report 1987 June 12

Box 109, Folder 10

Annual stockholders meeting file with "The vision for the future" report to shareholders 1988 June 8-10

Box 109, Folder 11

"Sharing the rewards and responsibilities of employee ownership" - Report to shareholders 1989 June 9

Box 109, Folder 12

Notice of annual meeting of stockholders with report to shareholders 1990 July 13

Box 109, Folder 13

Notice of annual meeting of stockholders and "Adapting to a rapidly changing world" remarks 1991 July 12

Box 110, Folder 1

Annual stockholders meeting file with remarks 1992 July 10

Box 110, Folder 2

Annual stockholders meeting file with remarks 1993 July 9

Box 110, Folder 3

Notice of annual meeting of stockholders 1994 July 9

General note

Includes a prepared list of anticipated shareholder questions.
Box 110, Folder 4

Notice of annual meeting of stockholders 1995 July 14

Box 110, Folder 5

Presentation to stockholders 1996

Box 110, Folder 6

Notice of annual meeting of stockholders 1997 July 11

Box 110, Folder 7

Notice of annual meeting of stockholders and "SAIC: A Changing Company" remarks 1998 July

General note

Includes Limited Market Update.
Box 110, Folder 8

Notice of annual meeting of stockholders and "Looking to the future" remarks 1999 July

General note

Includes script for presentation delivered by Jim Idell and Anne Jennings.
Box 110, Folder 9

Notice of annual meeting of stockholders and "Preparing for the future" remarks 2000 July 14

Box 110, Folder 10

Notice of annual meeting of stockholders 2001 July 13

Box 110, Folder 11

Notice of annual meeting of stockholders and report 2002 July 12

Box 110, Folder 12

Notice of annual meeting of stockholders and report 2003 July 11

Box 110, Folder 13

Notice of annual meeting of stockholders and report 2004 July 16

Box 110, Folder 14

Notice of annual meeting of stockholders 2005 June 10


Organization and Divisions

Box 110, Folder 15

List of SAIC early employees undated

Box 110, Folder 16

SAI capabilities brochure undated

General note

Early overview of SAI's research areas and products.
Box 110, Folder 17

Information on the activities of the Applied Physics Division 1972

Box 110, Folder 18

SAI organization 1971-1972, 1974

Box 110, Folder 19

SAI corporate description ca. 1975

General note

A marketing publication that describes SAI's groups, technical specialties, and staff qualifications and backgrounds.
Box 111, Folder 1-3

SAIC management committees overviews and rosters 1979, 1986-1990

Box 111, Folder 4

Corporate organization 1973-1974

General note

Includes SAI/JRB Corporate Planning Concept, list of customers, and memoranda documenting planning and changes.
Box 111, Folder 5

Data Products Division 1973-1975

General note

Interoffice memoranda re: data products and systemsware divisions, project summaries, division organization and history.
Box 111, Folder 6-7

Corporate organization 1975-1976

Box 111, Folder 8

Corporate capability to perform research - Overview 1975

General note

Provides summary of SAI's major contracts and functional areas.
Box 111, Folder 9

Software Group overview 1975

Box 111, Folder 10

Don Owen & Associates 1976-1977

General note

DO&A was a public water projects business; it was purchased by SAI as a division of ComSystems. The file includes memoranda regarding the related environmental business organization (including a recommendation for an Environmental Science Group) and management issues.
Box 111, Folder 11

Status and prospects of an Environmental and Life Sciences Division 1977 January 28

Box 111, Folder 12

Corporate organization and officers 1977

Box 111, Folder 13

Environmental Policy Group 1977-1978

General note

Includes proposals for reorganization and creation of a new environmental division.
Box 111, Folder 14

Corporate organization 1978

Box 112, Folder 1

Corporate organization 1979

Box 112, Folder 2

Energy and Environmental Systems/Sciences (EES) 1977-1980

General note

Includes detailed overviews of the activities of the division, its history, and nuclear power summary.
Box 112, Folder 3

SAI capabilities in nuclear weapon technology (Weapon Concepts Division) ca. 1980

General note

Division overview, including project summaries for: Nuclear Weapon Development Guidance (NWDG) for DNA; stockpile-to-target sequence for MX warheads for the Air Force Weapons Laboratory (AFWL); Long Range Resource Planning Group (LRRPG) and ATSD (AE); support for Los Alamons; and MX missile system basing modes for the Air Force Test and Evaluation Command (AFTEC).
Box 112, Folder 4

SAI Technology (SAIT) history 1980

Box 112, Folder 5

Ocean Science and Technology Division ca. 1980

Box 112, Folder 6-11

Corporate organization and officers 1980-1982

Box 112, Folder 12

Ship Hydrodynamics Division 1980-1982

Box 112, Folder 13

Instrumentation/Experimental Programs Department (I/EPD) ca. 1981

General note

Includes overviews of products, staffing, and projects, and SAI experience and capabilities in nondestructive evaluation.
Box 113, Folder 1

Special Programs Operation 1982

Box 113, Folder 2

Introduction to the Robotics and Automation Division 1983 March

Box 113, Folder 3-4

Corporate organization and officers 1983-1984

Box 113, Folder 5-6

Corporate organization 1985-1986

Box 113, Folder 7

Environmental Technology Group - FY86 Narrative Plan 1985

Box 113, Folder 8

Recruitments 1986

Box 113, Folder 9

Organizational elements guide 1987

General note

Definitions of sector, group, operation and division.
Box 113, Folder 10-13

Corporate organization and officers 1987-1989, and undated

Box 113, Folder 14

Viewgraphs of corporate organization and overview ca. 1988

Box 114, Folder 1-2

Viewgraphs of corporate organization and overview ca. 1989

Box 114, Folder 3

Viewgraphs of company history and achievements ca. 1990

Box 114, Folder 4

SAIC Range Systems 1988-1989

General note

FY90 business plan, marketing reports, and newsletter.
Box 114, Folder 5

Systems Integration Group (SIG) 1988

Box 114, Folder 6

Systems Applications and Technology Sector (SATS) - Overview and business plan 1988

Box 114, Folder 7

SAIC Architects - Rationale for selling or closing assessment 1990

Box 114, Folder 8

Company 6/Technology Services Company (TSC) overview 1989 October

Box 114, Folder 9

Technology, Policy and Operations Sector 1990-1993

Box 114, Folder 10

Oak Ridge Operations overview 1991 October


Commercial and International (C&I) Organization

Box 114, Folder 11

C&I Task Force 1991

General note

Interoffice memoranda re: SAIC core competencies, reorganization to improve SAIC's development of international and commercial business, and MOSAIC (IBM) review.
Box 114, Folder 12

C&I Task Force reports 1991

Box 115, Folder 1

C&I FY93 Plan Recommendation and overview 1991

Box 115, Folder 2

Organizational issues and changes for FY94 1992 September

Box 115, Folder 3

Planetary Science Institute 1994

Box 115, Folder 4

Review of SAIC committees 1995 May

Box 115, Folder 5

SAIC Dayton snapshot 1995 October

Box 115, Folder 6-7

Organization charts for FY96 1995

Box 115, Folder 8-11

Organization charts for FY97-98 1997-1998, and undated

Box 115, Folder 12

Foreign Applied Sciences Assessment Center (FASAC) 1995

Box 115, Folder 13

Corporate administration outline 1996


Policies and Corporate Culture

Box 115, Folder 14

Paper on management, using SAI as a case study. Annotations by Dr. Beyster undated

Box 115, Folder 15

Guide to the financial review of business prospects undated

Box 116, Folder 1-5

Policies and procedures 1970-1995

Box 116, Folder 6

Publication Review System memo 1972 September 29

Box 116, Folder 7-10

Affirmative action plans 1972-1977

Box 116, Folder 11

SAI management analysis and feedback by Harold Leavitt (consultant) 1975-1977

General note

Assessment of the unique environment at SAI, problems and opportunities, and feedback on Dr. Beyster's management style.
Box 116, Folder 12

SAI Salary Administration/Compensation Program 1976

Box 116, Folder 13

Suggested changes in SAI management practices - Sooy memo 1979 December 3

Box 116, Folder 14-18

Quality assurance and quality review 1979-1990, 1996


SAI operating principles

Box 117, Folder 1

Draft guidelines of SAI operating principles 1979 June 20

Box 117, Folder 2

SAI management philosophy 1982

Box 117, Folder 3

Drafts of "Principles and Practices of SAI" and published booklets 1983

Box 117, Folder 4

Principles and Practices of SAI - Paper on essential features of SAI 1984 May 19

Box 117, Folder 5

Computer resources and personal computer policies 1982-1986

General note

Includes the Computer Resource and Network Development Philosophy document.
Box 117, Folder 6

Energy business policy discussion - R. C. Erdmann 1983 March 11

Box 117, Folder 7

SAIC International Trade Handbook 1984

Box 117, Folder 8

Thoughts on SAI investment policy, by John McRary 1984 March 13

Box 117, Folder 9-10

Security briefings 1986, 1992-1993

Box 117, Folder 11-13

Commendations - Letters from clients thanking SAIC 1976-1984

General note

Letters from clients thanking SAIC.
Box 118, Folder 1-5

Commendations - Letters from clients thanking SAIC 1985-1992

General note

Letters from clients thanking SAIC.
Box 118, Folder 6

Rate structure 1987

Box 118, Folder 7

Standards of business ethics booklets 1987-1993

Box 118, Folder 8

Job classification/code system memoranda 1989-1990

General note

Response to DCAA audit.
Box 118, Folder 9

Bureaucracy 1989-1990

General note

Small file of memoranda and notes documenting examples of "creeping bureaucracy" at SAIC. Includes "yellow door" memo (redacted).
Box 118, Folder 10

"JRB Review" notes 1989 August 16

General note

Notes on "what I have done and suggestions for the future" about SAIC.
Box 118, Folder 11

Letters re: issues and complaints at SAIC 1989-1995

General note

Letters are primarily from employees; also includes some thank-yous, ideas, and acknowledgements.
Box 119, Folder 1-3

SAIC Corporate Risk Management Procedures Manual for Hazardous/Mixed Waste 1990

Box 119, Folder 4

Defense Industry Initiative (DII) on Business Ethics and Conduct - Meeting minutes and SAIC questionnaire summary 1990

SAIC review report - Statement of the Reponses to the Defense Industry Questionnaire on Business Ethics and Conduct

General note

SAIC review report: Statement of responses to the defense industry questionnaire on business ethics and conduct.
Box 119, Folder 5

SAIC ethics program briefing 1990-1991

Box 119, Folder 6

Internal quality culture assessment of SAIC: A probe of six divisions 1990-1991

Box 119, Folder 7

Awards to SAIC staff 1990-2000

General note

Includes Dr. Beyster's prepared remarks on Bill Scott.
Box 119, Folder 8

Keystaff deferral plan 1991

Box 119, Folder 9

Proactive risk management guidance - Zumba memo 1991

Box 119, Folder 10

Audio updates - Marketing Communications Center 1992

Box 119, Folder 11

Test and Evaluation Company (TEC) 1992

Box 119, Folder 12

New Hire Orientation Guide 1993

Box 119, Folder 13

SAIC International Business Handbook 1993

Box 119, Folder 14

Quality and the SAIC vision - Presentation by Alvin Alm 1994 January

Box 119, Folder 15

Fixed price completion projects policy 1994 June

Box 119, Folder 16

SAIC's workforce diversity 1994, 1997

General note

Includes a recruitment ad.
Box 119, Folder 17

Thoughts on diversification of SAIC - Penhune memo 1994 September

Box 119, Folder 18

Credo, mission and values statements 1994

Box 119, Folder 19

Group manager interview reports and correspondence 1994

General note

Includes summary and letters on perceptions and challenges facing SAIC managers at the group level; and retention and recruitment of high-level staff.
Box 119, Folder 20

A manager's thoughts on SAIC culture - Presentation by Michael Yap 1995 January

Box 119, Folder 21

Measurement and assessment of SAIC management productivity 1995 July-August

Box 119, Folder 22

Communications regarding Mission/Value statement and Employee Ownership - Tobriner and Rains memo 1995 August

Box 119, Folder 23

FY98 Business Plan instructions 1996 October

Box 120, Folder 1

SAIC support and incentives for socio-economic programs ca. 2002

Box 120, Folder 2

SAIC's CEO (Certified Employee Owner) Training Program ca. 2002

Box 120, Folder 3

Leading and managing in the SAIC culture - Presentation by Mark Hughes 2002

Box 120, Folder 4

Thoughts on SAIC folklore and culture - Idell memo 2003 April

Box 120, Folder 5-7

Policies and procedures binder 2004

Box 120, Folder 8

SAIC history and growth timeline - Website printout 2006

Box 120, Folder 9

Leidos profile and timeline ca. 2013

Box 120, Folder 10-11

Enhancing People Management Skills training guide undated

Box 120, Folder 12

Risk mitigation at the group level: A culture in transition. Presentation by the Environmental Business Area undated


Strategic Planning

Box 121, Folder 1-2

SAI planning and development 1971-1973

General note

SAI summary five-year business plans and projections, papers on organizational effectiveness and strategic management, planning problems, and goal-setting.
Box 121, Folder 3-5

5-year business plan for SAI-JRB Associates 1973

Box 121, Folder 6

SAI planning and development 1973

Box 121, Folder 7

Survey of 40 key personnel 1974

General note

Assessment of the growing pains and issues within SAI, on the basis of an employee survey.
Box 121, Folder 8

Analysis of discretionary funds and thoughts on the future - Dr. Beyster memo 1974 November 14

Box 121, Folder 9-10

FY76 business plans 1975

Box 121, Folder 11

SAI corporate goals and strategies 1975

Box 122, Folder 1-2

FY77 business plans 1975-1976

Box 122, Folder 3

SAI corporate goals and strategies 1976

Box 122, Folder 4-7

FY78 business plans 1976-1978

Box 122, Folder 8

Managing for Strategic Results - Conference materials 1977

Box 123, Folder 1

FY78 Sales projections and corporate strategic planning memos 1977-1978

Box 123, Folder 2-5

FY79 business plans 1977-1979

Box 123, Folder 6

Fricker memos - Charting a Course for SAI; A Future Operational Concept for SAI 1978

Box 123, Folder 7

A Framework for SAI Strategic Planning - Issue paper #1 1978 November 20

Box 123, Folder 8

Organizational Philosophy of SAI 1978 November 27

Box 123, Folder 9

Corporate strategy and overview ca. 1978

Box 123, Folder 10-13

FY80 business plans 1978-1981

General note

Includes annual operating plan instructions, SAI Ecosystems board meeting files, interoffice memoranda re: corporate planning and analysis activities, corporate objectives and handwritten notes.
Box 124, Folder 1

Assessment of perceived problems and strengths within SAI ca. 1979

Box 124, Folder 2

Draft guidelines of SAI Operating Principles: An SAI Constitution 1979 March-July

Box 124, Folder 3

Memo on cooperation 1979 May 30

Box 124, Folder 4

Mid-year summary and analysis of SAI's strategic planning effort for FY80 1979 June 20

Box 124, Folder 5

A Framework for SAI Strategic Planning - Concept Draft 1979 September 3

Box 124, Folder 6

A Strategy for SAI's Future - Talking Paper 1979 September 11

Box 124, Folder 7

Corporate goals and strategies 1979

Box 124, Folder 8

Financial and system development 3-5 year plan 1979

Box 124, Folder 9

Collection of strategic planning documents prepared for SAIC ten-year plan (1980-90) 1979, 1989

General note

Includes a letter from Bob Harris from Strategic Visions, congratulating Dr. Beyster on the company's 20-year anniversary.
Box 124, Folder 10

Dr. Beyster's "six most pressing issues" questions 1980 October 28

Box 124, Folder 11

Strategic Planning Committee 1980

Box 124, Folder 12

Business development plan for senior project management generalists 1980

Box 124, Folder 13-16

FY81 business plan 1980-1981

General note

Includes notes, planning documents and forecasts.
Box 124, Folder 17

FY82 business plan

Box 124, Folder 18

Ideas for discussion on strategic planning - Straker memo 1981 August 19

Box 124, Folder 19

Strategic planning assignments 1981 November

Box 125, Folder 1

Strategic Planning Committee 1981

Box 125, Folder 2-3

Strategic Planning Committee - Annual binder 1981-1982

Box 125, Folder 4

Strategic Planning Committee 1982

Box 125, Folder 5

The future of SAI - Beyster memo 1983 March 8

Box 125, Folder 6

FY84 Group objectives 1983 April 6

Box 125, Folder 7

The coming boom - Higgins memo 1983 May 24

Box 125, Folder 8

Some Principles and Practices of SAI 1983 June 6

Box 125, Folder 9

Energy Systems Group (ESG) operating philosophy 1983 July

Box 125, Folder 10-11

Strategic Planning Committee meeting files 1983

Box 125, Folder 12

Strategic Planning Committee - Annual binder 1983

Box 126, Folder 1-2

Strategic Planning Committee - Annual binder (continued) 1983

Box 126, Folder 3

Investment rationale for IR&D and strategic planning 1983

General note

Discussion of SAIC's discretionary resources (surplus) and how it should be spent. Includes paper on leveraging of EPRO funds with R&D partnerships, and a proposal for funding for a rapid ashmeter prototype and total flow nucoalyzer study.
Box 126, Folder 4

Reorganizing the company: Structural and incentive issues - Foster memo 1983

Box 126, Folder 5

Business analysis and strategic plan 1984 June 4

Box 126, Folder 6

Current SAI strategic framework 1984 July 9

Box 126, Folder 7

Battlefield C3 Strategic Planning Group 1984 December 11-12

Box 126, Folder 8

Strategic planning 1984

General note

Notes for prepared remarks on status of company; memoranda re: SAIC organization issues, driving force, problems facing SAI, and solutions.
Box 126, Folder 9

FY85 planning, development and corporate goals 1984

Box 126, Folder 10

Principles and practices of SAI 1984

Box 126, Folder 11

A vehicle for strategic investing (The Venture Capital Fund) - Paper by A. M. Zarem 1984

Box 126, Folder 12

Technical Advisory Panel (TAP)/Brown Panel - Role in strategic planning 1984

Box 126, Folder 13

Strategic Planning Committee 1984

Box 126, Folder 14-15

Strategic Planning Committee - Annual Binder 1985

Box 127, Folder 1

Three-year Computing Resource Plan 1985

General note

Detailed overview of SAI computer initiatives and computing capabilities across business areas.
Box 127, Folder 2

Strategic planning letter - Victor H. Reis 1986

Box 127, Folder 3

Strategic Planning Committee 1986

Box 127, Folder 4

SAIC 1990: The Future Company, a Characterization - Study and drafts 1986

General note

Includes comments by the TEC.
Box 127, Folder 5

SAIC 1990: Long Range Planning Study and supporting materials 1986

Box 127, Folder 6-7

FY88 business plan 1987

Box 127, Folder 8

Technology Research Group (Penhune) plan review for FY88 1987

Box 127, Folder 9

Strategic planning - Miscellaneous letters and memoranda 1987

Box 127, Folder 10

John McRary - FY89 planning 1988

Box 127, Folder 11

Bill Chadsey - FY89 planning 1988

Box 127, Folder 12

FY 2009 plan (twenty-year projection) exercise 1988

General note

Planning documents, memoranda and drafts.
Box 127, Folder 13

Twenty-year Plan 1988

General note

Includes "The vision for the future" presentation by Dr. Beyster; memoranda and papers about envisioning SAIC in twenty years.
Box 128, Folder 1-4

Staff Twenty-year Plans - Top 3, runners-up, and other employee submissions 1988

Box 128, Folder 5

Vision: What does it mean? Talk by Ed Straker 1988

Box 128, Folder 6

Survey of Technology Important to the Future of SAIC - ESTC paper 1988

Box 128, Folder 7

Strategic planning - Miscellaneous letters and memoranda 1988

General note

Includes discussion of Brown Panel planning analysis; stock information; proposal for Center for Strategic Analysis; and related management meeting minutes and notes.
Box 128, Folder 8-9

Group and sector business plans for FY90 ca. 1988-1989

General note

Includes: Environmental Technology Group; Science & Engineering Sector; Engineering & Software Sciences Group; Information Display Systems; Systems Engineering and Analysis; Technology and Analysis; Defense Technology Group; Energy, Utilities and Transportation; and Architects.
Box 128, Folder 10

SAIC FY90 business plan 1989

General note

Includes letter to Dr. Beyster on corporate strategy by John Toomay.
Box 128, Folder 11

Test and Evaluation (T&E) Group mid-year vision 1989

Box 128, Folder 12

A systems dynamics model of SAIC 1989 March

Box 129, Folder 1

Space, Energy, and Environment Sector - Year 2000 strategic plan 1989 September

Box 129, Folder 2

Long-term planning - Twenty-year plan summer study 1989

General note

Includes historical company revenue summary.
Box 129, Folder 3

Strategic planning - Miscellaneous letters and memoranda 1989

General note

Includes material by Victor Reis, strategic planning for ASTO, and notes on planning and meetings.
Box 129, Folder 4

Company objectives for FY89, 90-93

Box 129, Folder 5

A strategic view of SAIC growth - Presentation 1990 January 22

Box 129, Folder 6

AmSEC strategic focus for the 1990s 1990 February

Box 129, Folder 7

SAIC five-year plans 1990 October

Box 129, Folder 8

FY91 business plan 1991

Box 129, Folder 9

Priorities - Alm memo 1991 December

Box 129, Folder 10-13

FY92-96 Operating Plan (version 1)

Box 130, Folder 1-3

FY92-96 Operating Plan (version 2)

Box 130, Folder 4

FY92-96 Operating Plan (final)

Box 130, Folder 5-8

FY93 plans (various divisions and sectors), with notes 1991-1992

Box 131, Folder 1

Observations and recommendations from TII 1992

Box 131, Folder 2

Comparison to Teledyne Brown Engineering (TBE) strategic planning process 1992

Box 131, Folder 3

Information Systems Architecture 2003 - Mission, vision and principles 1993

Box 131, Folder 4-6

Management personal objectives for FY94-96, 98 1993-1995

General note

Objectives and self-assessments submitted by John Penhune, Vince Cook, John Warner, Terry Fitzpatrick, Robert A. Rosenberg, Al Alm, John McRary, Steve Dalich.
Box 131, Folder 7

SAIC vision discussions - Agenda 1994

Box 131, Folder 8

FY95 Hicks Group business plan 1995

Box 131, Folder 9

Is the federal business subsidizing our commercial business? Presentation 1995

Box 131, Folder 10

SAIC's strategic plan FY 1998-2002 - Briefing for the Executive Committee 1997

Box 131, Folder 11

Strategy development session 1997

General note

Presentations re: environmental, health and safety, information, market directions, business areas.
Box 131, Folder 12

Becoming the Solution Sets company: A vision for SAIC's future - Paper by Bill Russell 1998


Business Documents

Box 131, Folder 13

Miscellaneous memos and contract notes 1968-1971

General note

Includes memos on infrared applications in the ocean, submarine detection and antisubmarine warfare (ASW) with the Navy, NRL, APL, and ARPA; high-altitude nuclear-induced optical infrared radiation, and high-altitude nuclear effects.
Box 131, Folder 14-15

American Nuclear Society (ANS) Shielding and Dosimetry Division - Correspondence 1968-1973

Box 131, Folder 16

Defense activities - Personnel and project summaries ca. 1970

Box 131, Folder 17

Notes for talks/meetings about SAI ca. 1970-1971

General note

Outline/notes for talks with J. Northrup, David Skaggs and Ed Ford. Also includes outline of a plan for "getting into Defense work."
Box 131, Folder 18

Scanditronixs/Microtron Corporation - Microtron patent 1970

Box 131, Folder 19

List of proposal ideas to safeguard 1971 December 20

Box 132, Folder 1-6

Computer and data services 1971-1975

General note

Contracts, memoranda, business plans, fee structures and more relating to this business area.
Box 132, Folder 7

Computer and data services - Systems, Science and Software (S3) 1971-1974

Box 132, Folder 8

Computing Center 1971-1977

Box 133, Folder 1

Product planning development and concepts 1972-1978

General note

Includes notes, summaries, and review of the Nuclear Data MED II system and other products. Additional information on SAI products can be located in the SAIT files in this series and the R&D series.
Box 133, Folder 2

Product Committee meeting files 1972

Box 133, Folder 3-4

Corporate development 1972-1981

General note

Assorted notes, memoranda and agendas (Marketing Committee, Planning Committee, Corporate Development Group) on business areas, group structure, and growth at SAI. Includes notes by Dr. Beyster on issues within SAI and his thoughts on growth and challenges. Includes a report on areas for development by the Applied Physics Group.
Box 133, Folder 5

Dr. Beyster's notes on European trip (Stuttgart, EURCOM) 1972 October

Box 133, Folder 6

John A. Northrup files - Corporate policy and planning memo 1972-1973

Box 133, Folder 7

CBMN nuclear fuel assay service 1973

Box 133, Folder 8

Patent agreement for Vision Diagnostics System (VDS) 1973

Box 133, Folder 9

Survivability/Vulnerability marketing policy and capability analysis 1973-1985

General note

Includes a presentation on Survivability Vulnerability Weapon Effects System Response Hardening; capabilities brochures for C3, aeronautical and missile systems.

Management Information System (MIS)

Box 133, Folder 10

MIS development 1973-1979, undated

General note

Extensive documentation on the development, requirements and evolution of MIS and CIR, SAIC's internal computing and accounting system, through SAI COMSystems.
Box 133, Folder 11

MIS accounting system upgrade 1973

Box 134, Folder 1

Systems planning 1973-1974

Box 134, Folder 2

Development activities 1974-1979

Box 134, Folder 3

Script 1976

Box 134, Folder 4

Review 1977

Box 134, Folder 5

MIS computer needs 1979

Box 134, Folder 6

MIS IR & D 1979

Box 134, Folder 7

MIS meeting files 1979-1981

Box 134, Folder 8

Plan for improvement 1979-1981

Box 134, Folder 9

MIS/ComSystems 1979-1982

Box 134, Folder 10

Requirements definition 1980

Box 134, Folder 11

Executive overview 1980-1981, undated

Box 134, Folder 12

Implementation plan 1980-1982

Box 134, Folder 13

Integrated information system study 1983

Box 134, Folder 14

AIM-4 system overview 1984

Box 134, Folder 15

CIR/MIS plan 1985-1986

Box 134, Folder 16

Performance analysis 1987

Box 135, Folder 1-3

CIR presentations to the Information Systems Steering Committee 1992-1993

General note

CIR (Corporate Information Resources) was the successor to the MIS, SAIC's internal information architecture system.
Box 135, Folder 4

SAI capabilities in Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) ca. 1974

Box 135, Folder 5

Proposal for expanding SAI's computing capability 1974 May

Box 135, Folder 6

Lt. General Warren D. Johnson visit 1974 July 25

General note

Presentation outline, agenda and program, and Dr. Beyster's notes. Topics include underground test program, tactical weapons systems studies, strategic targeting, optical and laser technology, military display system, and others.
Box 135, Folder 7

Trace chemistry capabilities: In-depth review and case studies ca. 1975

General note

La Jolla laboratory facilities overview.
Box 135, Folder 8

SAI and commercial business ca. 1975

Box 135, Folder 9

Policy analysis ca. 1975

General note

Includes paper, "On the use of faulty and decision tree analyses to protect against industrial sabotage," by Fullwood and Erdmann.
Box 135, Folder 10

SAI strategic weapon analysis software 1975 October

Box 135, Folder 11

Solar Program/Solar energy 1975-1980


SAI Technology (SAIT)

Box 135, Folder 12

SAIT products and FY81 business plan 1975-1982

General note

Includes division performance review, key program summary, KDU and DIVAD customer complaints, and other memoranda.
Box 135, Folder 13

SAIT planning 1976, 1978

General note

Includes FY77 goals and overview, notes from a SAIT management meeting, and EVC technology base product outline.
Box 135, Folder 14

UT/Norden contract agreement 1976

General note

Agreement for an OEM discount on SAIT Model 2500 (AN/UYQ-10) Display and RG Displays in Norden catalog.
Box 135, Folder 15

SAIT products marketing 1976-1978

Box 136, Folder 1

Federal Contract Research Centers (FCRCs) 1976-1984

Box 136, Folder 2

Discussion - Tyner, Jackson and Dr. Beyster 1976

General note

Transcript of discussion re: staffing issues and strategy.
Box 136, Folder 3

Technical support for offshore operations 1976 January 29

General note

Capabilities overview prepared for the Western Oil and Gas Association.
Box 136, Folder 4

Range Operations business opportunity at the High Energy Laser System Test Facility (HELSTF)/White Sands 1976

Box 136, Folder 5

Recent risk assessment and consequence analysis experience of SAI 1976 August

Box 136, Folder 6

Nuclear power and environmental programs: Selected capabilities of SAI 1976 October

Box 136, Folder 7

Oceanography-related developments 1976-1979

General note

Includes: notes from meeting at the Naval Intelligence Center on the ODAP program; memos re: APL and SSPO; notes from meeting with head of Naval Ocean System Center (NOSC)/San Diego on the ASW program; Project Church Pedal; hydrodynamics; and WAKE code.
Box 136, Folder 8

Environmental Working Group - Discussion summary ca. 1977

General note

Notes discuss contract opportunities offered by major EPA programs, laboratory work, Alaska, and new business areas.
Box 136, Folder 9

Nuclear policy meeting 1977 April

General note

Internal meeting to review President Carter's policy statement and review energy business areas.
Box 136, Folder 10

Automation systems business plan 1977

Box 136, Folder 11

Laser chemistry business plan 1977

General note

Includes multi-client market study for Laser Isotope Separation project/proposal.
Box 136, Folder 12

Capabilities in underwater acoustics 1977

Box 136, Folder 13

Business data processing overview 1977-1979

General note

Includes draft business plan to implement a transportation systems analysis capability at SAIC.
Box 136, Folder 14

Foreign Systems Research Center (FSRC) 1978, 1997

General note

Memo from G. W. Ray about the FSRC; summary on "The Present and Future" of the Center.
Box 136, Folder 15

Foreign Systems Research Center (FSRC) - Soviet affairs 1977-1986

General note

Correspondence and memoranda re: Soviet studies programs, including a redacted memo responding to FSRC Technical Note, "Soviet Sources on Nuclear Weapons Effects." Mention of Launch Under Attack (LUA), the Pan Power Projection Group, the California Seminar on Arms Control and Foreign Policy (Albert Wohlstetter) and nuclear proliferation.


Restrictions Apply
Box 136, Folder 16

Iveron Pacific Corporation - Sale of assets 1978

Box 137, Folder 1

Utility Services Project Office - Memoranda and reports 1978-1982

Box 137, Folder 2

Invitation to become a corporate associate of the La Jolla Institute (Theoretical Physics) 1978 January 11

Box 137, Folder 3

Energy and Environmental Systems/Sciences (EES) 1978-1979

General note

Includes business summaries, overview of marine science capabilities, Dr. Beyster's notes, correspondence and memoranda, plans, proposals, etc.
Box 137, Folder 4

International business development 1978-1988

General note

Includes resignation letter from Bob Cardenas, citing SAIC's reluctance to pursue international business; memos from Richard Montgomery and C. E. Granger about SAIC's international opportunities; information about security risks in Germany.
Box 137, Folder 5

Focusing growth resources 1979-1981

General note

Memoranda re: corporate-level resource investment, calculating and reporting of employee time sold, and the Independent Research and Development (IR&D) Program.
Box 137, Folder 6

APL contract for software support on FBM weapon systems - Internal audit 1979-1980

Box 137, Folder 7

Project Description and Resume Information System (PRIS) 1979

Box 137, Folder 8

Environmental Science and Technology Group (ESTG) 1979

General note

Profit analysis review and "get-well" plan for FY80.
Box 137, Folder 9

Explanation of corporate management-directed expenditures for FY80 1979 August 24

Box 137, Folder 10

Environmental Management meeting notes ca. 1980

General note

Report of findings and conclusions of Group Three regarding coordination and cooperation within SAI.
Box 137, Folder 11

Products, laboratory services, and business area summaries ca. 1980

Box 137, Folder 12

Summary of SAI's capabilities and experience in environmental studies 1980

Box 137, Folder 13

SAIC inter-company administration 1980-1981

General note

Memoranda re: SAIC unity towards the government at WPAFB; assault breaker inter-group agreement; National Training Center program management; Systems Group MIP upgrade; and BMEWS negotiations (contract with Rockwell).
Box 137, Folder 14

Pressing problems for company discussion 1980

General note

Lists of the most significant challenges facing SAI.
Box 137, Folder 15

Proposal for participation in a high technology multi-media production company 1980 March 25

Box 138, Folder 1

Fossil resource technical development - Group plan for FY81 1980 August

Box 138, Folder 2

Corporate assistance for major business thrusts - Beyster memo ca. 1980

Box 138, Folder 3

Laboratory operating guidance and Combustion Applications Laboratory 1981

Box 138, Folder 4

Alternate energy business - Sooy memo 1981 May 29

Box 138, Folder 5

Financial evaluation of investment opportunities - Sooy memo 1981 July 10

Box 138, Folder 6

Overview of business development status and plans for FY83 - Engineering Science & Technology 1981 November

General note

Fossil energy and related areas.
Box 138, Folder 7

Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) business files 1981-1988

Box 138, Folder 8

FY83 marketing plan for nuclear utility products and related services 1982 March

Box 138, Folder 9-10

SAI data flow analysis 1982

Box 138, Folder 11

Inter-divisional cooperation at SAIC 1982

Box 138, Folder 12

Business perspectives and SAI business areas - Straker memo 1982

Box 138, Folder 13

IFFN IV&V Program review 1982-1983


Manufacturing Technology Program

Box 138, Folder 14

Meeting files 1982-1985

General note

Topics include plant modernization planning, and overview of MT business areas.
Box 139, Folder 1

Manufacturing Technology initiatives 1987

Box 139, Folder 2

Meeting files 1988

General note

Topics include Management Planning and Control Software (MPCS); overview of DOD MTP; and report on SAIC's MT programs.
Box 139, Folder 3

Stanford Institute for Manufacturing and Automation (SIMA) 1988

Box 139, Folder 4

Government publications and draft report by J. T. Schwartz on "Issues in manufacturing" 1988

Box 139, Folder 5

Briefing 1989

Box 139, Folder 6

SAIC Manufacturing Technology plan 1989

Box 139, Folder 7

Meeting files 1989

Box 139, Folder 8

Systems Integration revenues and investment 1983-1984

Box 139, Folder 9

SAI/AMAX interactions reviews 1983

Box 140, Folder 1

Small missile business opportunities 1983

Box 140, Folder 2

Summary description of SAI, prepared for Jet Propulsion Laboratory 1983 February 11

Box 140, Folder 3

Status of the E. F. Hutton/SAI limited R&D partnership 1983 February 24

Box 140, Folder 4

Corporate reviews 1983-1985

General note

Assorted reviews and quality assessment of major SAI projects and reports.
Box 140, Folder 5-7

Corporate marketing off-site binder ca. 1984

General note

Full presentation binder with agenda and opening remarks by Dr. Beyster. Includes materials on GRID SE/T, lightweight man-portable computer products, plasma displays, WIS/Star wars, IR&D overview, command centers, IBM product line, Army C3 programs, Battlefield C3, space programs, renewables, JRB programs, EPA programs, energy, systems integration, artificial intelligence, utilities, chemical warfare, computer security, and others.
Box 140, Folder 8

Corporate marketing off-site binder - Slides ca. 1984

General note

Includes slides of corporate overview and product services for presentation.
Box 140, Folder 9

Systems Engineering Operation status report and plans 1984

Box 140, Folder 10

Measurement Science and Technology overview 1984

Box 140, Folder 11

Defense and Aerospace Fund opportunity 1984

Box 140, Folder 12

Computer facilities business areas 1984-1988

General note

Includes memo by Dr. Beyster ("Dreamers must dream") about Unix; overview of SAIC's capabilities in Computer Facilities Management.
Box 141, Folder 1-4

Small Business Act (HR 2133) and SAIC associations and transactions with small businesses 1984-1988

Box 141, Folder 5

CREATABASE and memos from D. G. Priddy 1985

General note

Includes assessment of SAIC technical staff and idea for greater tracking of government procurements.
Box 141, Folder 6

Legislative issues report 1985

Box 141, Folder 7

Intelligence Community Marketing (Division 399) 1985

Box 141, Folder 8

Studies required by Congressional Committees during FY85 budget review 1985

Box 141, Folder 9

Coordination and integration of SAIC antiterrorism research capabilities 1985-1988

Box 141, Folder 10

SAIT Technology (SAIT) business plan for FY87 and marketing reports 1985-1989

General note

Includes brochure for Portable Communication System, and a summary of SAIT's current business areas and products.
Box 141, Folder 11

Employee Skills Search System beta documentation 1985-1986

Box 141, Folder 12

Competitive procurements - Presentations 1986

Box 141, Folder 13

Foreign payment risk memo 1986 August

Box 141, Folder 14

SAIC C3 Systems Division operations - Meetings in Omaha and Boston 1986-1988

General note

Memoranda, commentary and reports on a variety of programs within the C3I division. Includes material on the Enterprise System Development (ESD) project, meteor burst system, DASH, the System Hardening Division, the GRiDSE-T 1179 computer, and copies of NSIA C3I reports.
Box 141, Folder 15

Typewritten notes with index in alphabetical order ca. 1987

General note

List of talking points for meetings, organized by name of person or subject.
Box 141, Folder 16

Competition Engineering Program - Pre-award site survey 1987 February

Box 142, Folder 1

Technical capabilities in security - Overview memo sent to Melvin Laird 1987 April 13

Box 142, Folder 2

Experience with prime contractors - Memoranda and presentation 1987 June 12

Box 142, Folder 3-6

J. H. Warner files - Marketing and performance reports and memoranda 1987-1988

Box 142, Folder 7

Software Productivity Consortium 1987-1988

Box 142, Folder 8

Strategic System research 1987-1989

Box 142, Folder 9

Proposal Information Exchange (PIE) 1988

Box 142, Folder 10

Telecommunication Systems Operation 1988

Box 142, Folder 11

Briefings - New business development, NPIC Program and Strategic Computing Plan 1988

Box 142, Folder 12

Memoranda re: miscellaneous business affairs 1998

Box 142, Folder 13

Memoranda and reports by Bill Chadsey 1988-1989

General note

Topics include: meetings with Boeing on GBFEL; DARPA X-ray lithography technology; status report on high energy lasers; DNA SREMP Experiments Program; personal objectives; EMP AF Logicon; and EMP survivability of communications assets.
Box 143, Folder 1-2

Weekly reports - Memoranda from Tom Hicks to Dr. Beyster 1988-1990

General note

Bullet-point style updates on a variety of business, contract, acquisition and management issues; often annotated by Dr. Beyster.
Box 143, Folder 3

Ford Foundation grant for report on "On-site Inspection in Future Arms Control Verification Regimes" 1988 August 18

Box 143, Folder 4

Activity report memo - Lou Michael 1988 November 22

General note

Includes mention of smart cards and a critique of the strategic planning process.
Box 143, Folder 5

Business Development Organization (Division 078) budget submittal FY90 1988 December

Box 143, Folder 6

Aerospace Operations - Business and strategic plans 1988-1989

General note

Includes Aerospace & Defense Systems (ADS) sector materials.
Box 143, Folder 7

Memoranda and updates by Gus Hergert 1988-1989

Box 143, Folder 8

San Diego Environmental Chemistry Laboratory 1988-1991

General note

Includes assessment paper by Higgins.
Box 143, Folder 9

Why logistics? Business presentation ca. 1989

Box 143, Folder 10

Review of special projects - Advanced Technology and Analysis Sector (ATAS) 1989 January

Box 143, Folder 11-12

Memoranda and reports by J. J. Martin 1989

General note

Material covers the National Security Studies and Systems Group (NSSSG), including business plans and objectives.
Box 143, Folder 13

Status report on SAIC plan to achieve SEI level 2 compliance 1989

General note

Documents SAIC's commitment to software engineering, development, and quality assurance.
Box 143, Folder 14

RU 486 - Cooper memo 1989 January 31

Box 143, Folder 15

Corporate marketing activity 1989

Box 144, Folder 1

Systems Integrations Group marketing reports 1989

Box 144, Folder 2

SAIC Commercial Company and Consulting memoranda 1989

General note

Outlines for commercial consulting practice at SAIC, and "rules of the road" for business units within SAIC.
Box 144, Folder 3

Environmental business 1989

General note

Correspondence and memoranda re: risk assessment, environmental councils and committees, drafts of business plans. Includes plan for SRI/SAIC Joint International Environmental Venture (undated).
Box 144, Folder 4-5

Systems Technology Group (STG) marketing reports, business plans and presentations 1989

Box 144, Folder 6

Government Communications Group 1989

Box 144, Folder 7

Activity reports - D. R. Heebner 1989

General note

Material focuses on International Marketing efforts.
Box 144, Folder 8

Activity reports - Beth Garrett 1989-1990

Box 144, Folder 9

Maritime Technology Group business plans, marketing and summaries 1989-1992, 1996

Box 144, Folder 10

Marketing plan for Exxon Corporation 1990

General note

Prepared by the Information Systems and Technology Analysis (ISTA) Group.
Box 144, Folder 11

Activity reports - John McRary 1990

Box 145, Folder 1

Weekly reports - Memoranda from Jim Idell to Dr. Beyster 1990

Box 145, Folder 2

Bid and proposals reports 1990

Box 145, Folder 3

Review of inter-company management administrative support costs and bid proposal costs between Company 1 and Company 6 - Audit report 1990

Box 145, Folder 4

Novations strategic alignment - Scott memo 1990

General note

Notes on a conference with Novations and corporate strategies for outsourcing R&D.
Box 145, Folder 5

Senator Jeff Bingaman visit 1990

Box 145, Folder 6

Lt. General George L. Butler visit 1990

General note

Includes notes on the meeting, and a copy of Butler's speech to the Center for Defense Journalism at the National Press Club.
Box 145, Folder 7

SAIC work related to the Iraq crisis 1990

General note

Includes memoranda and a report on Iraqi weapon development.
Box 145, Folder 8

Law enforcement/public safety automated systems marketing update 1990

Box 145, Folder 9-13

Weekly reports - Memoranda from Sam Carroll to Dr. Beyster 1990-1992, 1996

Box 145, Folder 14

SAIC San Diego and Campus Point personnel directories 1991-1995

Box 145, Folder 15

Strategy for the development of the hazardous waste market 1991

Box 146, Folder 1

Ford Foundation grant for report on "If the bomb spreads: Contingency planning for global order" 1991

Box 146, Folder 2

Systemic Process Improvement Services briefing 1991

General note

Includes SAIC overview and ASSESSOR demonstration.
Box 146, Folder 3

Del Vecchio discussions 1991

General note

Notes on transfer of John Shannon division, contract violations and reorganization.
Box 146, Folder 4

Bechtel memos 1991

General note

Includes memos from R. R. Monroe on the Comprehensive Test Ban and the national database of ionizing radiation exposures incurred in cleanup of DOE's Nuclear Weapons Complex.
Box 146, Folder 5

SAIC ComSystems - DMF marketing plan 1991

Box 146, Folder 6

Operations Support Systems (OSS/telecommunications) - Business opportunity assessment by Monitor 1991

Box 146, Folder 7

Environmental and Health Sciences Group 1991-1993

General note

Management reports and strategic plan.
Box 146, Folder 8

Group Marketing Performance analysis and memoranda 1991

Box 146, Folder 9

Re-engineering initiative - Software technology 1991

Box 146, Folder 10

ADL, Inc. v. SAIC decision 1991 July 31

Box 146, Folder 11

Washington area real estate strategy 1991-1992

Box 146, Folder 12-13

Marketing performance (PMS) reports 1991-1993

Box 146, Folder 14

Energy business plan 1992

Box 147, Folder 1

Commercial nuclear power plant capabilities overview 1992

Box 147, Folder 2

Technology, Policy and Operation Sector (TPOS) - Software improvement plan 1992

Box 147, Folder 3

Overview of SAIC as a systems integrator in the information systems, technology and services enterprise 1992

Box 147, Folder 4

BDM International, INC. 1992

General note

Dr. Beyster's notes and clippings.
Box 147, Folder 5

U.S. economic competitiveness: A paradigm shift for the country and the laboratory. Presentation by Roger W. Werne to the Director's Advisory Committee 1992

General note

Focus on the Technology Transfer Program at LLNL.
Box 147, Folder 6

EDS team (Dow Jones GNMS) legal affairs 1992

Box 147, Folder 7

Commercial and Industrial (C&I) review and briefing 1992

Box 147, Folder 8

Commercial Systems Operations assessment 1992

Box 147, Folder 9

International trip reports 1992

General note

Includes summaries of business trips to Germany (John McRary), and Russia (Tom Albert).
Box 147, Folder 10

TMD business strategy 1992

Box 147, Folder 11

Business development plan for modelling and simulation 1992

Box 147, Folder 12

Craig Ventor Institute of Genomic Research pitch 1992

Box 147, Folder 13-20

Hicks & Associates, INC. reports 1992-1999

General note

Correspondence, reports and memoranda relating to SAIC strategy and management, the business climate, and DOD policies, communications, and budgets. Includes frequent mention of the SDI, international security issues (particularly Russia and China).
Box 148, Folder 1

Activity reports - D. R. Heebner 1992-1993

General note

Variety of activity reports, on meetings, products, task forces, the DSB Summer Study, and a summary of a meeting with Russian military personnel.
Box 148, Folder 2

Weekly reports - Memoranda from Steve Dam to Dr. Beyster 1992

Box 148, Folder 3-6

Hot list archive reports 1992-1993

Box 148, Folder 7

Stanfill case verdict 1992 June

Box 148, Folder 8

Monthly marketing reports (various groups) 1992 June-July

Box 148, Folder 9

Beyster memos - Conversations with Gary Denman 1992 August 4

General note

Memos mention OCI, SETA and DARPA, and manufacturing technology.
Box 148, Folder 10

Business strategy for Electronic Systems Center 1992 August 13

Box 148, Folder 11

Post-Mortem report for period 8 FY93 1992 October 2

Box 148, Folder 12

SAIC Information security capabilities. Presentation to the National Computer Security Center (NSA) 1992 October 20

Box 148, Folder 13

Stanford Defense Conversion Project update 1992 November 3

General note

Research on Russian defense conversion.
Box 148, Folder 14

Notes from Washington, D.C. trip 1992 November 8-13

Box 148, Folder 15

Future Marketing Environment for SAIC. Speech to Washington Area Manager's Meeting by John McRary 1992 November 9

Box 148, Folder 16

Foreseeing and forestalling trouble with path gaming - Memo by Kleber S. Masterson, Jr. 1992 November 9

Box 148, Folder 17

Memoranda - Tom Albert 1993-1994

General note

Includes summaries and trip reports from Russia.
Box 148, Folder 18

Memoranda - Jack Thorpe, Simulation area updates 1993

Box 148, Folder 19

Review of the Defense Analysis Group - Internal audit report 1993

Box 149, Folder 1-2

Professional Services Council (PSC) files 1993

General note

Includes agendas, clippings, industry overviews, and white papers on FFRDCs. Also contains transcripts of testimony of Bert Concklin on Military Depot Contracting, and James Hostetler on the elevation of the EPA to Cabinet Level.
Box 149, Folder 3

Ocean Sciences - Strategic business development ca. 1993

Box 149, Folder 4

Telecommunications Technology Group (TTG) monthly reports 1993 May

Box 149, Folder 5

National Security Studies and Systems Group (NSSSG) - Monthly status report 1993 June


SAIT Systems and Technology Products Group (STPG)

Box 149, Folder 6

Monthly hot list report 1993

Box 149, Folder 7

Government investigation of SAIT LCDs - Kull memo 1994 March 5

Box 149, Folder 8

SAI Technology (SAIT) Descriptive Memorandum 1996

General note

Briefing prepared to solicit investor proposals for SAIT. Includes a profile, executive summary, growth prospects, etc.
Box 149, Folder 9

Working file 1995-1996

General note

Includes memoranda and notes on: Brighteyes; Field Emission Display (FED); Mobile Medical Monitors and Mobile Computing Technology; the Tactical Advanced Computer (TAC-4) program; Geographical Vision Systems (GVS); and a Computational Sciences Division overview.
Box 149, Folder 10

Working file 1996

General note

Includes: FY97 business and strategic plans; documentation on Alphabet; notes; and buyer lists.
Box 149, Folder 11

Working file - Divesture 1996-1997

General note

Includes: sector updates; notes and documentation on Alphabet; and sale of SAIT to Litton deal.
Box 150, Folder 1

Review of the Environmental Compliance Group - Internal audit report 1993

Box 150, Folder 2

SAIC Intelligence Business Area - Strategy panel discussions 1993 July 6

Box 150, Folder 3

Return on investments (ROIs) of discretionary resources memo 1993 July 12

Box 150, Folder 4

Cost reduction study 1993 September 22

Box 150, Folder 5

Litigation trends memo 1993 September 27

Box 150, Folder 6

Technology Applications Sector (TAS) - Defense Conversion and Technology Development presentation 1993

Box 150, Folder 7

Review of the Environmental Services Technology Group - Internal audit report 1994 January

Box 150, Folder 8

A plan for enhancing SAIC's competitive posture - Group Manager's Forum 1994 September 16

General note

Focus on cost-cutting.
Box 150, Folder 9

Weekly reports - Memoranda from Jim Idell to Dr. Beyster 1994-1995

Box 150, Folder 10

Lewis Dunn writings 1995

General note

Includes: High noon for the NPT, published in Arms Control Today; Proliferation incentives: From acquisition to use (prepared for the France-US Working Group on Counter-proliferation); and Confronting proliferation: A spectrum of strategies (prepared for National Defense University's WMD Proliferation Working Group).
Box 150, Folder 11

Shifting sands of the environmental business. Presentation by Alvin Alm 1995 January

Box 150, Folder 12

Marketing performance reports 1995

Box 150, Folder 13

Business process assessment 1995 April

Box 150, Folder 14

Advanced Technology Products Group (ATPG) - Monthly hot list report 1995 June

Box 150, Folder 15

Overview of electro-optic activity 1995

Box 150, Folder 16

Patent application - Shatz and Bortz Irradiance Redistribution Guide 1995

Box 150, Folder 17

Counter-proliferation and force protection capabilities 1995

Box 150, Folder 18

Advanced Distributed Simulation (ADS) strategic business plan 1995

General note

Primarily a DOD area, but plan summarizes all business opportunities.
Box 151, Folder 1

CableWeb business plan and marketing sections 1995

Box 151, Folder 2

Federal business development briefing - Health Care Technology Sector (HCTS) 1996

Box 151, Folder 3

Invention disclosures 1996

General note

Includes summaries for the Electron Cooled Storage Ring; algorithms for calling alleles in repeat polymorphisms; Phase Separating Crucible and Static Processing, Dual Tilting Hearth; and High Etendue Imaging Fouruer Transformer Spectrometer (HEIFTS).
Box 151, Folder 4

Patent applications 1996

General note

Includes the Plasma Hearth Process (PHP); PYRUC darioactive shield concept; and Integrated Combat Location and Tracking (ICLT).
Box 151, Folder 5

US patents owned by SAIC 1996

Box 151, Folder 6

SAP R/3 1996

General note

Unsigned letters to JRB from staff re: implementation of SAP under Project Eagle.
Box 151, Folder 7

Internal subject audits 1996

Box 151, Folder 8

Outsourcing information services - Response to APL's RFI 1996

Box 151, Folder 9

Technology exploitation: A new business paradigm for SAIC 1996 March 29

Box 151, Folder 10

Strategic plan for oil reserve modeling 1996 July

Box 151, Folder 11

Energy and Environment Group (EEG) monthly report 1996 August

Box 151, Folder 12

Performa (Process Facility Performance Monitoring) software presentation 1997

Box 151, Folder 13

Business Intelligence Systems for the petroleum industry 1997

Box 151, Folder 14

SAIC's Instrumentation product business overview 1997

Box 151, Folder 15

Computer Misuse Detect on Systems (CMDS) analysis 1997

Box 151, Folder 16

Applied Technology Group audit report 1997-1998

Box 151, Folder 17

Leadership targeting constraints - Yengst memo 1998 April 29

Box 151, Folder 18

SAIC return on investment presentation 1998 August

General note

Analysis of the relative contributions of IR&D, B&P, and capital investments to sales and profits; macroscopic view of SAIC growth.
Box 151, Folder 19

SAIC historical value creation - CEO Futures meeting presentation 1999 November 8

Box 151, Folder 20

Y2K compliance 1999

Box 151, Folder 21

Y2K rollover executive binder 1999

Box 152, Folder 1

Certificate of Authorization from the State Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors 2000 May 1

Box 152, Folder 2-3

British Petroleum (BP) files 2000-2003

Box 152, Folder 4

Homeland Defense force protection: Ports and borders 2001

Box 152, Folder 5

Integrated energy strategy - Presentation to SAIC Energy Advisory Panel 2001

Box 152, Folder 6

Security products summary 2002

Box 152, Folder 7

SAIC Corporate Port Program 2003

Box 152, Folder 8

Succession planning 2003

General note

Correspondence and internal memos regarding the Board's approval of a succession plan for Dr. Beyster.
Box 152, Folder 9

Kenneth C. Dahlberg file 2003-2005

General note

Dahlberg was selected as the CEO to replace Dr. Beyster. The file contains some memoranda, notes on various aspects of SAIC's business, articles, and a document entitled "Draft re-design of SAIC: Building the next great growth engine" by S. Rizzi.
Box 152, Folder 10

List of SAIC spin-offs undated


Correspondence, Memos and Emails

Box 152, Folder 11-14

Correspondence and memoranda 1969-1977

Box 153, Folder 1-8

Correspondence and memoranda 1978-1986

Box 153, Folder 9

Dr. Beyster's email print-outs 1987

Box 153, Folder 10-13

Dr. Beyster's email print-outs 1988-1989

Box 154, Folder 1-4

Correspondence and memoranda 1989-1991. 1993

Box 154, Folder 5

Reactions to Dr. Beyster's 9/11 letter 2001


Lessons Learned

Box 154, Folder 6

Strategic C3 Dedicated Division 1987

Box 154, Folder 7

Fixed price completion contracts (Policy A-20) 1991-1992, 1996

Box 154, Folder 8-9

Operations Desert Storm and Desert Shield, Iraq 1991, 1996

Box 154, Folder 10

PGMs used in the Gulf War 1991 September 30

Box 154, Folder 11

OTH-T 1992 June 6

Box 155, Folder 1

Reclassification of Grades 11 and 12 1996

Box 155, Folder 2

Period 13 2000 March

Box 155, Folder 3-8

Periods 2, 4-7, 13 2002-2003

Box 155, Folder 9-14

Periods 6, 8-12 2003-2004

Box 156, Folder 1

Period 13 2003-2004

Box 156, Folder 2-5

Periods 1-4 2004



Box 295, Folder 11

Ephemera - Buttons, pins and coin

Box 156, Folder 6

Oceans '79 - The Technical Challenge of Inner Space 1979

General note

Event organized by the San Diego Section of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc. and Oceanic Engineering Council. Includes planning materials, program, and paper abstracts.
Box 156, Folder 7-13

Employee Ownership Day/Week planning and ephemera 1987-2002

General note

Not comprehensive; some years missing.
Box 156, Folder 14

Symposium on Science, Government and the Economy at UC San Diego - Summary 1988 April 12

Box 156, Folder 15

SAIC 20th Anniversary 1989

General note

Includes Dr. Beyster's notes for his remarks.
Box 156, Folder 16-17

General Atomic "spin-off" party 1989

General note

Materials related to the Beysters' planning and execution of a GA/Fred de Hoffman dinner celebrating entrepreneurship in San Diego as a result of the formation of GA. Includes the program, invitation list research, photographs and a paper entitled, "The Blue Brothers, an act to watch...transforming a pattern of venturing by defecting scientists into fruitful corporate-sponsored ventures" by Daryl Mitton. Includes draft comments by JRB at a recognition event about his recollection of working at GA. A sound recording from this event is in the Audiovisual Materials series.
Box 157, Folder 1

General Atomic "spin-off" party - Photographs 1989

Box 157, Folder 2

CSIS Seminar for Senior Corporate Executives 1989

Box 157, Folder 3

SDSU Student Paper Awards dinner 1990 May

Box 157, Folder 4

Most Innovative New Product Awards Luncheon (CONNECT) - Keynote address on Innovation by Jim Bixby 1990 November

Box 157, Folder 5

Remarks by Robert Carswell (Shearman and Sterling) at his retirement dinner 1991 January

Box 157, Folder 6

Christopher Columbus Quincentenary 1991 March

General note

Solicitation by the Technical and Administrative Services Corporation for SAIC to support publication for a space station themed comic book to celebrate the quincentenary. Includes sample comics.
Box 157, Folder 7

Telecommunication Association Conference - Recognition for Ron Scott's paper on Automated Help Desk Interactive Voice Response (IVR) 1991 October

Box 157, Folder 8

Fairfax County Public Schools tour 1992 January 17

Box 157, Folder 9

National Council on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) student tour, James Madison University 1992 March 18

General note

Includes brochure on careers at SAIC.
Box 157, Folder 10

Joint luncheon meeting of the National Space Club and American Defense Preparedness Association - Speech by Brian D. Dailey (Executive Secretary of the National Space Council) 1992 July 29

Box 157, Folder 11

International Workshop on Radiometeor Science and Engineering (meteor scatter) 1992 August

General note

Includes white paper for support of US-FSU cooperative program for meteor scatter communications by R. Desourdis. Conference co-sponsored by SAIC.
Box 157, Folder 12

SAIC Small Disadvantaged Business Day 1993 July 29

Box 157, Folder 13

Frederic de Hoffman memorial 1994-1995

General note

Correspondence re: memorial to Frederic de Hoffman, founder of General Atomic. Includes an issue of GARA News.
Box 157, Folder 14

NetDay (school sponsorship) 1996

Box 157, Folder 15

Republication National Convention 1996

General note

SAIC provided computer security services for the event.
Box 157, Folder 16

Global Issues Conference 1996 September

General note

Includes agenda and Dr. Beyster's notes on presentations.
Box 157, Folder 17

Resignation of William A. Owens 1998 March

Box 157, Folder 18

Bankers Day at the Races - Meeting agenda and program 1998 August

Box 157, Folder 19

Women's Business Forum Alumni Dinner 1998 October 9

Box 157, Folder 20

30th Anniversary 1999


For a video skit performed at the 30th anniversary festivities, see the AUDIOVISUAL MATERIALS series.
Box 158, Folder 1

European Headquarters' office opening 1999

Box 158, Folder 2

Young American Broadcasters - Solicitation for support 2000

Box 158, Folder 3

Employee Recognition ceremony (Barbara Schmidt) 2003-2004

Box 158, Folder 4

35th Anniversary - Staff reminisces and quotes 2004

Box 158, Folder 5

Grand Challenge - Robotics vehicle "Sandstorm" 2004

Box 158, Folder 6

Memorial service and program for Victor Verbinski 2005

Box 158, Folder 7

SAIC San Antonio - 1st Annual Memorial Day "Massacre" Reunion 2013



Box 158, Folder 8-11

Early SAI financial statements 1969-1970

Box 158, Folder 12

Original personal continuing guarantee loan paperwork and release letter 1970-1973

Box 158, Folder 13

Balance sheets 1970

Box 158, Folder 14

Consolidated SAI financial picture - Report 1971

General note

Report with analysis of SAI's profit picture, manpower history, contracts, and balance sheets.
Box 158, Folder 15-16

Balance sheets 1971

Box 158, Folder 17

Audited consolidated financial statements for SAI and subsidiaries 1971-1972

Box 159, Folder 1

Memo re: accounting procedures and internal controls 1972 June 8

Box 159, Folder 2

Sales history 1972-1984

Box 159, Folder 3

Financial information 1973-1974

Box 159, Folder 4-8

Financial information 1974 January-August

Box 160, Folder 1-9

Financial information 1974 September-December

Box 161, Folder 1-8

Financial information 1975

Box 162, Folder 1-10

Financial information 1976-1978

Box 162, Folder 11

SAIT Technology (SAIT) income summary and report; Financial and other operating data 1979

Box 162, Folder 12

Long-term financing 1980

Box 163, Folder 1

Financial information 1980

Box 163, Folder 2-3

Financial information 1980-1981

Box 163, Folder 4

Corporate valuation report 1981 February 23

Box 163, Folder 5-9

Financial information 1981

Box 163, Folder 10

Financing meetings files 1981

General note

Includes Ad Hoc Finance Committee meeting notes and cash flow summaries. Includes memorandum on issues related to long-term financing and employee ownership.
Box 163, Folder 11

SAI financial history, income statement and balance sheet chart 1981

Box 164, Folder 1-3

Financial information 1982-1984

Box 164, Folder 4

SAIC and subsidiaries consolidated schedules of reserves 1983 December 2

Box 164, Folder 5

Investments/Financial impact of alternative uses of cash 1984

Box 164, Folder 6

Hot issues - Joe Kosheff memo 1984

Box 164, Folder 7

Valuation reports 1988

Box 164, Folder 8

Bond rating analysis 1988

Box 164, Folder 9

SAIC capital structure memoranda and papers - Joe Kosheff 1988-1990

Box 164, Folder 10

Understanding SAIC financials - Leadership training presentation 2001


SAIC Stock Programs

Box 164, Folder 11

Chronology of significant events in the history of the SAIC stock program 1990

Box 164, Folder 12-15

SEC forms, stock prospectuses and related documents 1981-1987

Box 165, Folder 1-12

SEC forms, stock prospectuses and related documents 1990-2004

General note

Incomplete; some years not represented.
Box 166, Folder 1

SAIC stock programs 1984

General note

Bonus compensation plan, and summaries of SAIC stock and real estate holdings.
Box 166, Folder 2

SAIC stock programs 1985

General note

Memo on 15% stock growth objective; correspondence and presentation on dilution; ESOP.
Box 166, Folder 3

SAIC stock programs 1986

General note

Includes stock price objectives reports.
Box 166, Folder 4

Recapitalization proposal 1986

Box 166, Folder 5

Stock survey and All Employee survey results 1986-1987

Box 166, Folder 6

SAIC stock programs 1987

General note

Includes briefings on the stock programs and internal market; objectives pamphlet; repurchase targets; and meeting minutes from the Stock Policy Committee and Stock Working Group.
Box 166, Folder 7

Presentation to the Stock Policy Committee on HLHZ valuation 1987 May 8

Box 166, Folder 8-9

SAIC stock programs 1988

Box 166, Folder 10

Duff & Phelps stock valuation appraisal 1988 April 1

Box 166, Folder 11

Stock system re-examination report draft 1988 April-July

Box 167, Folder 1

Stock system rolling report Vol. 1 1988 September 1

Box 167, Folder 2

Formula stock price 1989

Box 167, Folder 3

ESOP materials 1989

Box 167, Folder 4

Sample offer package 30% ESOP transaction 1989

Box 167, Folder 5-6

SAIC stock programs 1989

General note

Includes paper by Bill Scott.
Box 167, Folder 7

Briefings: Alternative SAIC stock pricing methodologies, and Stock program overviews 1989

Box 167, Folder 8

SAIC stock programs 1990

Box 167, Folder 9

Valuation report 1990

Box 167, Folder 10

SAIC stock programs 1991

Box 168, Folder 1

Stock programs group menu user guide 1991 December 20

Box 168, Folder 2-3

SAIC stock programs and Working Group 1992

Box 168, Folder 4

Stock price history - Scott memo 1992

Box 168, Folder 5

SAIC stock programs 1993

General note

Includes valuation report.
Box 168, Folder 6

Stock compensation plans 1994

Box 168, Folder 7

Stock Policy Committee meeting files 1994

Box 168, Folder 8

FASB stock options disclosure policy 1994

Box 168, Folder 9

SAIC Stock Programs 1994-1995

Box 168, Folder 10

Briefings on SAIC stock programs 1997-1998

Box 168, Folder 11

Stock Policy Committee meeting files 1998 April

Box 168, Folder 12

"Taking stock in our company" brochures 1998-2003

Box 168, Folder 13

Bonus formula and F factor considerations for FY02 and beyond - Presentation 2001 September

Box 168, Folder 14

Stock Strategies Group - Task force memorandum 2002 October 22

Box 169, Folder 1

Officer ownership guidelines and survey 2003

General note

Interoffice memoranda, agenda notebook, plan comparisons, ownership demographic highlights and trends.
Box 169, Folder 2

SAIC financial and investment performance and their impact on SAIC stock price - Town Hall meeting presentation 2003

Box 169, Folder 3

Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) documents 2005

Box 169, Folder 4-5


General note

Includes Hallmarks report.

Campus Point

Box 169, Folder 6

Construction photographs - Presented by Richard Arendsee (Four Winds Enterprises) 1984

Box 169, Folder 7-9

Construction and building photographs ca. 1985-1987

Box 169, Folder 10

8x10" photographs of the site and campus undated

Box 169, Folder 11

Ground breaking and dedication 1984-1988

Box 169, Folder 12

Preliminary planning and lease documents 1980

Box 169, Folder 13

OliverMcMillan pitch ca. 1982

Box 170, Folder 1

Nielson Construction pitches ca. 1982

Box 170, Folder 2-4

Planning and design 1981-1982

Box 170, Folder 5-9

Planning and design 1983-1987

Box 170, Folder 10

Directory of Campus Point administrative services 1988 October

Box 170, Folder 11

Campus Point Realty Corporation - Board meeting file 1991



Scope and Content of Series

Series 10) RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: Files pertaining to SAIC's independent research and development program, which sponsored technologies, product and instrument design, and strategy papers across a wide spectrum of business areas and divisions. This series consists predominantly of work developed for the private business sector or unidentified government customers. Additional research and development files pertaining to specific government departments, major contracts, and the DOD may be found in those series. General subject and client files are arranged alphabetically; technical papers and reports, and materials from the Research & Development Program are arranged chronologically.
Arranged in three subseries: A) Subject, Product and Client Files, B) Technical Papers and Reports, and C) Independent/Internal Research and Development Program.

Subject, Product and Client Files

Box 170, Folder 12-13

Accelerator Technology Division - Capabilities and business development 1988-1989

Box 171, Folder 1

Ada 1988

General note

Synopsis of SAIC's Ada capabilities, current development, and project descriptions.
Box 171, Folder 2

Aging aircraft 1989

General note

Meeting files, advanced inspection techniques, NDE centers concept for improved commercial aircraft inspection.
Box 171, Folder 3

Arsenal exchange model (AEM) - Papers by John Battilega 1976

Box 171, Folder 4

Artificial Neural Systems (ANS) 1990

General note

Meeting files, product enhancement proposal, and current business status.
Box 171, Folder 5-7

ATP photometer 1971-1977

General note

Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) photometer development materials.
Box 171, Folder 8

ATP photometer - Sale 1981

Box 171, Folder 9

Audio-visual entertainment system - Whiz Bang system 1990

General note

Letter and response from Broadway State Partners.
Box 171, Folder 10

Automated revenue collection and transportation management 1992

Box 171, Folder 11

Backlights (Outdoor Display Applications) 1995


Biomedicine and Biotechnology

Box 171, Folder 12

The future of biomedical/biotechnology capabilities at SAIC. Briefing 1995

Box 171, Folder 13

Emerging trends and opportunities in biomedicine: The SAIC Frederick perspective. Presentation 1997

Box 172, Folder 1-3

Biotechnology opportunities 1992

General note

Proceedings and working group files.
Box 172, Folder 4

Breast cancer diagnosis 1992

Box 172, Folder 5

Broadband services and wireless IP networking 2001

General note

Telcordia Technologies presentation.
Box 172, Folder 6

Bubble memory technology 1990

Box 172, Folder 7

C4ISR networks (maritime and coastal) 1997

Box 172, Folder 8

Californium 252 utilization 1973

Box 172, Folder 9-10

Center for Information Systems Engineering - Briefings for Dr. Beyster and Sam Carroll 1994

General note

Topics include: information technology, telecommunications, force projection, computer mentor program mentor and mentee handbooks, Automated Research Systems, Ltd., ISEC organization, Exercise Atlantic Resolve '94.
Box 172, Folder 11

Coal analyzer products 1991-1992

Box 172, Folder 12

Cogeneration energy systems 1981

Box 172, Folder 13

Computer systems and related studies - Project descriptions 1984

Box 172, Folder 14

Constructive occlusion 1996

Box 172, Folder 15

Control Data Corporation - CDC MARC II Remote Batch Terminal and CYBERNET services contract 1971-1972

Box 172, Folder 16

Corporate Data Processing (Division 921) 1978

Box 173, Folder 1-3

Corporate Software Technology 1993-1994

General note

Includes reports on analysis and testing, the internet, COCOMO 2 and NII by the Corporate Software Technology Panel (CSTP).
Box 173, Folder 4

Crossed delay line intensifier - Electronic Vision Systems Division 1994

Box 173, Folder 5

Demilitarization 1982

General note

Topics include: Microsensor Technology, INC. trip notes, Litton, chemical warfare, and marketing plans.
Box 173, Folder 6

Digital Equipment Corporation 1985-1986

General note

Topics include: VAX, Ingres, comparison study of WORD-II and WPS-PLUS, and node names.
Box 173, Folder 7

Document Management Facility (DMF) 1990

General note

Overview by the Commercial Software Group.
Box 173, Folder 8

Drones (RPVs and UAVs) 1988, 1996

General note

Includes material on Predator and business development strategy.
Box 173, Folder 9

Eidophor projector 1985, 1988


Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

Box 173, Folder 10-12

Miscellaneous 1973-1977, 1983

Box 174, Folder 1

Proposal for fault tree evaluation and risk assessment of nuclear reactors 1973

General note

Box 174, Folder 2-3

Master agreement 1985

Box 174, Folder 4

Market assessment of EPRI 1985

Box 174, Folder 5

Electronic mail (TELL) 1982

Box 174, Folder 6

Electronic toll collection and traffic management systems 1992-1993

General note

Includes promotional brochure and presentation on the Orlando-Orange County Expressway.
Box 174, Folder 7

Electrostatic motor 1985-1988


Redacted document.
Box 174, Folder 8

Ethernet (Gigabit) 2000-2001

Box 174, Folder 9

Explosive detection systems - Aviation and airports 1987-1992

Box 174, Folder 10

Explosive detection systems - Thermal Neutron Analysis and Pulsed Fast Neutron Analysis (TNA and PFNA) 1996

Box 175, Folder 1-2

Explosive detection systems - Nonintrusive detection technology 1993

General note

Includes synopsis of technologies for contraband detection.
Box 175, Folder 3

Fluorimeter 1995

Box 175, Folder 4

Fossil energy 1975

Box 175, Folder 5

Fuel cells 1993

General note

Includes overview of the Advanced Energy Systems Division with list of current projects.
Box 175, Folder 6

Fuel cycles (Nuclear) 1976

Box 175, Folder 7

Fusion energy workshop 1979

Box 175, Folder 8

Fusion reactor technology: Research and development background and capabilities 1972 May

Box 175, Folder 9

Gauging (non-destructive testing) 1990, and undated

General note

Includes papers on XRF and Alpha Radiac device.
Box 175, Folder 10

Geographical Vision Systems (GVS) 1996

General note

Business development plan.
Box 175, Folder 11

Geothermal energy 1978

General note

Qualification statement for research and development project evaluation of hot dry rock geothermal economics and systems; capabilities overview.
Box 175, Folder 12

GRiDSET - Portable computing 1984-1986

General note

Includes marketing materials.
Box 176, Folder 1-2

GRiDSET - Marketing materials 1984-1986

Box 176, Folder 3

Hovercraft 1974-1975

General note

Bell Aerospace Canada contracts, agreements, and supplementary materials.
Box 176, Folder 4

Hurricane tracking probe (Wind Lord) 1993

General note

Report and memoranda re: Falcon Division IR&D proposal.


Box 176, Folder 5

Proposal for a computer study of flow and wake hydrodynamics 1971

General note

Box 176, Folder 6

Studies of wake development in a stratified fluid. Submitted to Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics laboratory (APL) 1975 September

General note

WAKEVM computer code. 1-020-71-760-17.
Box 176, Folder 7

Status report of the FASTWAKE code and further comparisons with experimental data. Presented at the APL/JHU Hydrodynamics Contractors' Meeting 1976-1977

General note

Includes notes and memoranda on related APL projects, such as BODYIW.
Box 176, Folder 8

Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) contracts 1973-1979

General note

Includes: SSBN threat evaluation; submarine research program outline; wave and wake studies; proposal to provide analyses and planning support for APL/JHU at-sea measurements program (SAI-140-71-002-74).
Box 176, Folder 9

Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) contracts 1977-1979

General note

Includes documentation on FASTWAKE, WAKEVM, and other APL projects. Includes report: "Full scale numerical simulation of turbulent wake and internal wave field generated by a submarine," by J. Meng (SAI-77-847-LJ).
Box 176, Folder 10

Fluid/structure interaction calculations white paper by Michael Gross 1982

Box 176, Folder 11

Development of hydrodynamic performance prediction computer codes 1985 February

General note

Research focuses on 12-meter yacht hulls.
Box 176, Folder 12

Hyperspectral Digital Imagery Collection Experiment (HYDICE) 1992

Box 177, Folder 1

Idento-Card (card identification system) 1973

General note

Agreement and new product evaluation report.
Box 177, Folder 2

Imaging and scanning technologies - Electronic Vision Corporation (EVC) ca. 1974

General note

Topics include diode arrays, digital image tubes and the Digicon D-40.
Box 177, Folder 3

Information warfare - AIAA C4I speech by Duane Andrews 1993

Box 177, Folder 4

Integrated Combat Location and Tracking (ICLT) 1995

Box 177, Folder 5

Interim Vehicular Mine Detection System (IVMD) 1996

Box 177, Folder 6

Laser technology 1970-1973

General note

Includes notes and references to DASA and ARPA proposals.
Box 177, Folder 7

Lasers in medicine 1978

Box 177, Folder 8-9

Merlin support for IBM - Presentation binder 1991

Box 177, Folder 10

Molecular biology ("Gene gun") 1992-1993

Box 177, Folder 11

Neurocomputer Corporation 1988

General note

Files on a joint venture with Du Pont.
Box 177, Folder 12

Neurocomputing - Artificial Neural Systems (ANS) 1988-1989

Box 177, Folder 13

Neurocomputing - Artificial Neural Systems (ANS) and financial forecasting 1988-1990

Box 178, Folder 1

Nuclear instrument industry undated

General note

Plan for Program Leap/Co and a transcript of a speech by Lyle Packard on the goals and problems of the nuclear instrument industry.
Box 178, Folder 2

Nuclear power industry (utilities) 1973-1981

General note

Includes extensive trip and meeting memoranda, JRB Associates materials, and an overview of SAI's capabilities to provide emergency response facilities for the nuclear power industry.
Box 178, Folder 3

Nuclear power services 1968-1980

General note

Includes correspondence and memoranda on the business area, and proposal for support to the Institute of Nuclear Power Organizations (INPO).
Box 178, Folder 4

Oceanography 1977-1980

General note

Topics include: deep ocean mining study, deep dredge, and modular mining; OTEC; physical oceanography, and nuclear waste repository concepts.
Box 178, Folder 5

Offshore Technology and Engineering - Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion(OTEC) project 1980


Oil shale

Box 178, Folder 6-7

Oil shale development program 1975-1981

Box 178, Folder 8

Capabilities in oil shale technology assessment 1977

Box 178, Folder 9

Eastern Gas Shales Project 1979 October

Box 178, Folder 10

Capabilities to support oil shale development 1981

Box 178, Folder 11

Olympic Games security systems projects 2003-2004

Box 179, Folder 1

Ozone calibrator 1978

Box 179, Folder 2

Particle beam weapons 1968-1977

Box 179, Folder 3

Particle beam weapons 1983-1988

Box 179, Folder 4

Passport control/Document control - Jordan 1988

Box 179, Folder 5-6

Plant modernization 1984

Box 179, Folder 7-9

Plasmascope 1974-1979

General note

Extensive business files, with topics including: microprocessors, IRAD project, digicon demonstration system, graphic communication console, re-entry control system, plasma panels, RADeCO plan, panel prototype facility, PLATO system, photographs of plasmascope models, advanced display technology research project.
Box 179, Folder 10

Plasma displays 1982-1984

Box 180, Folder 1

Project 1 - Phase 2 controller demonstration 1991

Box 180, Folder 2

Propulsion (AIAA) 1990-1992

General note

AIAA papers with input from John Fragola on launch vehicle propulsion systems and commercial reactor safety analysis.
Box 180, Folder 3

Reliability analysis 1975

Box 180, Folder 4

Robotic technology 1981-1989

Newsgram, SAIC publication Vol. XIII, Issue 6
Draft trip report, Robotics Discussion, by T. M. Knasel
Factory automation: An analysis of the business environment, SAI draft report
Robotics seminar, lessons in Japanese productivity - Study synopsis of report on "productivity, automation, and Japanese manufacturing"
Development Plan, Robotic Application Center, Science Applications, Inc. (SAI)

General note

Includes material on robotics for the National Standards Bureau and NASA; plan for a Robotics Applications Center; Ferret; Japanese productivity; and factory automation.
Box 180, Folder 5

Robotics and Manufacturing Technology survey 1983

General note

Briefing was presented at a joint meeting of the ESTC, IR & D, and Strategic Planning committees.
Box 180, Folder 6

SAI Level I Alpha-Graphic Function Module and ASCII Access Protocol - System reference manual 1978

Box 180, Folder 7

Simulation technologies - Illgen 1994

Box 180, Folder 8

Snow gage 1971

General note

Includes materials on additional watershed management instrumentation and products.
Box 180, Folder 9