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Binder 1

Physical Description: contains an assortment of photos and brochures on cinematography and the Atlas missile. Notes on cross country missile trip

Binder 2

Physical Description: contains photos, newsletter and notes from 1955 to 1957: flow test at Point Loma, wind tunnel testing, Point Loma Test Site, Hollywood star Mara Corday, missile transport, and Cape Canaveral.

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Binder 3

Physical Description: 3. Binder 3 contains photos and materials dating from 1951 to 1953: F-102, YF-102B, Sea Dart testing, cold weather assignment in Minnesota, Sandy Coggan, and Admiral William F. Halsey.

Binder 4

Physical Description: 4. Binder 4 contains photos, newspaper clippings and other materials dating 1954: photo assignment at Squaw Valley, CA; Decompression/Passenger Safety testing, Convair 240, Convair R3Y Transport Seaplane, Tradewind, DC-4 trip San Diego to Moffet Field, XFY-1 Pogo testing, “Skeets” Coleman, and Donald P. Germeraad.

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Binder 5

Physical Description: 5. Binder 5 contains aircraft and facility photos: PB2Y-2 Coronado, PB2Y-3, B-32, XC-99, B-36, C340, C240, C131, XFY-1 POGO, XF2Y-1 Sea Dart, R3Y Tradewind, F-102, F-106, and AGM-109. Photos of Convair facility: 2 exterior and 21 interior photos on a display featuring assembly, safety equipment, engine buildup, fuselage, and cockpit for F-106. Photo of Arthur Godfrey with pilot in front of F-106 and one of Arthur Godfrey holding model of F-106. Other photos of baseball team, Convair parade float and people, open house for F-106, pilots in front of aircraft, and 2 aerials of Convair facility.

Binder 6

Physical Description: 6. Binder 6 contains photos taken in 1960s. 13 photos of Atlas manufacturing, 9 Atlas transport, 2 photos of Mercury astronauts, Atlas launch with Mercury capsule, newspaper clippings and brochures on Mercury project, drawing of Atlas rockets and Mercury capsule, press release from Western Electric Company of Mercury project, photo of John Glenn launch, Atlas/Centaur launch, 4 photos of filming Mercury Control Center at Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt Maryland, 2 photos of Mercury tracking and ground control charts, photos of stations tracking Mercury: Ops room at Cape Canaveral, Point Arguello, CA; Kauai, Hawaii station; and Kano, Nigeria. 2 photos of Donald “Deke” Slayton visit to San Diego posing with Atlas, Atlas launch photo of Scott Carpenter’s 107D, photo of John Glenn prior to launch, Wally Schirra visit to San Diego with his Atlas, Wally’s 104D launch, 6 photos of crowd welcoming John Glenn and Scott Carpenter to San Diego at airport in 1962, 10 photos of Glenn and Carpenter’s visit to the Convair plant, 6 photos of Atlas transport, 3 photos of 1963 Gordon Cooper at Convair, 1 photo of Saturn rocket, Atlas in launch stand with moon in background, and various newspaper clippings.

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Binder 7

Physical Description: 7. Binder 7 contains images on the Inert Test Vehicle (ITV), Cruise Missile (CM), Space Shuttle and Cape Canaveral launches: 1 photo of ITV 1974, internship evaluation paperwork 1973, film Log for ITV and CM: camera mount, movie department, tig welding job, 6 photos space shuttle foaming tests, 4 photos on flow of fluid test on TC-1, 4 photos of the CM diagram penetration test, 2 photos of equipment for filming CM, 2 photos ITV capsule 1974, CM bulkhead cutting, CM fore body, 3 photos CM fusion welder, 3 photos CM Mandrill and Tail cone, CM fore body section, 2 photos CM Assembly area, 3 photos of Peggy Head posing in with BM, 2 photos of CM fore body in x-ray lab, 2 photos of assembly of flight control box, photo of CM drop test fuel tank, CM training aid, 4 photos of CM E.M.P. Model 1975, 4 photos of CM inflatable inlet tests at high-speed wind tunnel, 2 photos of computer welding, 2 photos CM mid body section with wing slot and access doors 1975, 2 photos of vacuum coating process, 4 photos of assembly area, 3 photos of wing cycle test, 3 photos of air inlet cycle test, 3 photos of BTV section in lathe, CM rollout 8/27/75, 2 photos of body and wing install, 2 photos of film equipment, photo of recovery parachute container, assembly area, 2 photos of CM-STV-5 display, 2 photos of hot bench actuator check, 2 photos of assembly line, 1 photo of wing calibration, 2 photos of capsule sleeve, 1 photo of weld shop, 3 photos of STV assembly, 2 photos of CM trailer of exterior and interior, 4 photos of the Cape Canaveral camera site, 31 photos of launch at Cape Canaveral, 1 photo of STV-5, CM recovery drogue schute, 2 photos of Irwin removing ice cycles, photo of 1958 “Famous Scientist” Lecture Film Series, and photo front of car.

Binder 8

Physical Description: 8. Binder 8 contains 18 photos on the USAF F-106 and manufacturing of the aircraft at Convair and 9 photos of the Shuttle Centaur with people. Box also includes Model B-32 Erection and Maintenance Manual from Consolidated Vultee, Texas plant. Other misc. papers on CM.