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Title: Jerry Allan Rose papers
Date (bulk): 1959-1965
Collection Number: 2015C51
Contributing Institution: Hoover Institution Library and Archives
Language of Material: English, Vietnamese, and French
Physical Description: 18 manuscript boxes, 2 oversize boxes, 5 card file boxes (10.5 Linear Feet)
Abstract: The Jerry Allan Rose papers consist of Rose's personal and work related materials, including writings, correspondence, notes, reports, studies, printed matter, and audiovisual materials. A majority of the materials relate to the Vietnam War and to political and social conditions in Vietnam and elsewhere in Southeast Asia.
Creator: Rose, Jerry Allan, 1933-1965
Creator: Rose, Mary Kay
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Library & Archives


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Materials were acquired by the Hoover Institution Library & Archives in 2015.

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Biographical Note

Jerry Allan Rose was an American journalist and writer and was a member of the United States Operations Mission to Vietnam, which ran from 1950 to 1954.
Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on December 16, 1933, and raised in Gloversville, New York, Rose started his career with the Asia Foundation in Vietnam, where he taught English literature at the University of Hue. He was later hired as a correspondent for Time Magazine and worked with various news outlets including The Saturday Evening Post, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The New Republic. He focused on non-fiction articles, covering topics such as the Vietnam War and its effects on peasants living in the Vietnam countryside. Rose also wrote poetry and fictional short stories, submitting them to various publications. In 1964, Rose took a leave of absence from professional journalism to serve as advisor to Prime Minister Phan Huy Quat.
In April 1962, Rose married Mary Kay Peterson, a secretary at the U.S. Embassy. Together they had two children, daughter Thorina and son Eric Morrow. Although Rose was often in Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries for work, the Roses' permanent residence was in Hong Kong. Rose passed away on September 16, 1965, at the age of 31 in an Air Vietnam plane crash on a flight inspecting refugee camps.

Scope and Content of Collection

The Jerry Allan Rose papers consist of Rose's personal and work related materials, including writings, correspondence, notes, reports, studies, printed matter, and audiovisual materials relating to the Vietnam War and to political and social conditions in Vietnam and elsewhere in Southeast Asia. Rose's writings include both non-fiction and fiction works, such as articles, short stories, and poetry. Also included are various materials relating to Rose, which were compiled by his wife, Mary Kay Rose.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Vietnam War, 1961-1975
Vietnam -- Politics and government -- 1945-1975
Southeast Asia -- Politics and government


Biographical File 1959-2013, undated

Scope and Contents note

Comprised of personal items and documents belonging and related to Jerry Allan Rose and his wife Mary Kay Rose, including passports, certifications, obituaries, and items found on Jerry Rose at the time of his death, arranged chronologically.
box 1, folder 1

Passport and vaccination certifications 1959-1963

box 1, folder 2

Obituaries and remembrances 1965


Personal items circa 1965-2013

Scope and Contents note

Contains personal items belonging to Jerry Rose, including those found on him following the plane crash on September 16, 1965, that ended his life. Also included is a letter addressed to Rose's daughter Thorina from Ted Engelmann regarding the items found at the crash scene.
box 1, folder 3

Passport and plane tickets circa 1965

box 1, folder 4-5

Wallet circa 1965

box 1, folder 6

Letter to Thorina 2013

box 23, folder 1

The Saturday Evening Post, Vol. 238, No. 22 1965

Scope and Contents note

Includes a remembrance of Jerry Rose written by Malcolm W. Brown from the American Broadcasting Company following Rose's death.
box 1, folder 7

The Reporter, Vol. 34, No. 1 1966

Scope and Contents note

Includes an article written by an unnamed author titled "Vietnam Diary: Notes from the Journal of a Young American in Saigon," which mentions Rose and his death.

Journals 1959-1965, undated

Scope and Contents note

Comprised of Rose's journals, which include notes and studies of various countries and topics. The majority of the journals were written during Rose's travels to various countries, including Australia, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Other journals focus on his writings, artwork, and general notes. Materials with titles indicating formats such as photography, slides, or brochures are solely notes and do not actually contain any special formats. The majority of the titles are original titles that have been retained; these are indicated by quotation marks around the title.
box 1, folder 8

Artwork undated

box 1, folder 9

Artwork and short stories 1956

box 1, folder 10

Artwork and sketches undated

box 1, folder 11

The Asia Foundation tourism correspondence and reference materials 1959-1961

box 1, folder 12

Book outlines undated

box 1, folder 13

Communist China notes 1964

box 2, folder 1

Indonesia notes 1962

box 2, folder 2

"Memories & Daily Notes," 1964-1965

box 2, folder 3

Military notes 1962-1963

box 2, folder 4

"These Worlds, This Time," short story draft undated

General note

See also: Writings
box 2, folder 5

Vietnam - "Johnson Taylor Marines," undated

box 2, folder 6

Vietnamese peasants and countryside conditions 1961-1962

box 2, folder 7

"Vietnam General Notes," 1963-1964

box 2, folder 8

"Vietnam, Oct. 1964 'The Boondockers,'" 1964

box 2, folder 9

"Vietnam, 1 March 1965," 1965

box 2, folder 10

Vietnam and American relations 1965

box 2, folder 11

"VN Sout[h] Notes," 1965


Pocket journals 1960-1965, undated

box 19

"The American Role in Vietnam," undated


Australia 1963, undated


Australia [general notes] 1963, undated


"American Immigrants," 1963


"Great Barrier Reef," 1963


"Townsends," 1963


"Wee Waa," 1963


"Background Pre-Republic," undated


"Burma," 1962


"Cambodia," 1963


"Cambodia - Vietnam," 1963


"Chinese Food," undated


"Color Slides," undated


Contacts undated


"Experimental Photography," 1962


Finances and military notes undated


"Furniture & Jewelry," undated

box 19

General notes 1960-1964, undated

box 20

General notes 1960-1964, undated

box 20

"Good Humor," 1963


Hong Kong 1962


"Business," 1962 March-May


"Kadoorie," 1962 September


"Kadoorie & Business," 1962 September


"Japanese-Chicom Trade Opium," 1962 October


"Concubines," 1962 September-November


Hong Kong [general notes] 1962 December


"Hotung Brochure," undated


"Immigrants & Other Australian Notes," undated


Indonesia 1963, undated


"Expenses," undated

box 20

"Indonesia" [general notes] 1963

box 21

"Indonesia" [general notes] 1963

box 21

"An Introduction to American Literature for Foreign Students," undated


Kite notes undated


"Laos," 1963


"Laos - Satevepost," 1963


Military notes undated


"Notes on VN. N." [North Vietnam] undated


Philippines 1962


"Economy & Sacadas," 1962 May


"Soriano Story," 1962 May


"Sugar Sacadas," 1962 May


"Philippines" [general notes] 1962 September-October


"Photography Reference," undated


"Reference Addresses," undated


Research notes undated


Shanghai undated


"Suggest," undated


"Taiwan - Economy," 1962


Thailand 1962-1963, undated


"Peace Corps," 1962


"Thailand" [general notes] 1963, undated

box 22

"Opium Smuggling," 1962


Vietnam 1961-1965, undated


"Vietnam" [general notes] 1961-1965, undated


"Strategic Hamlets, Operation Sunrise, Military Distribution, Education, Vietnamese Party Names," 1962 June-August


"Harkins, Military-General," 1962 June-August


"Montagnards," 1962 August


"Gen. Westmoreland," 1964 May


"The Boondockers," 1964 November


"Hue hospital," 1964 March 3


"West New Guinea," 1962


Writings and artwork undated


Correspondence 1958-1968

Scope and Contents note

Includes correspondence addressed to or written by Jerry or Mary Kay Rose, divided into three categories: career, publishing, and personal.

Career 1959-1965

Scope and Contents note

Contains correspondence related to Rose's military career and work with The Asia Foundation, arranged alphabetically by correspondent. Correspondence related to Rose's writing is located in the Publishing subseries.
box 3, folder 1

Amcocast 1962

box 3, folder 2

The Asia Foundation 1959-1962

box 3, folder 3-5

"Business Letters," 1961-1965

box 3, folder 6

United States Operations Mission (USOM) business letters 1965

General note

See also: Career File, United States Operations Mission (USOM) file.

Publishing 1960-1968

Scope and Contents note

Arranged alphabetically by correspondent. Includes letters to Mary Kay Rose.
box 3, folder 7

ABC 1960-1961

box 3, folder 8

Brandt and Brandt 1962-1966

box 3, folder 9

"Copies," 1961

box 3, folder 10

Lucy Kroll Agency 1964-1966

box 3, folder 11

The New York Times 1961

box 3, folder 12

PIX Incorporated and Playboy 1963-1966

box 3, folder 13-14, box 4, folder 1

The Saturday Evening Post 1962-1965

box 4, folder 2-7

Time Inc. 1961-1962

box 4, folder 8-10

"Publishers," 1961-1965

box 5, folder 1

"Various Publishers - Reported to be Alive," 1964-1968

box 5, folder 2

"Westmoreland Photo Captions," 1964


Personal 1958-1965

Scope and Contents note

Consists of letters from Rose's life, excluding those related to his career and writing, arranged chronologically. A majority are from friends and family, but financial letters are also included. Includes letters Jerry and Mary Kay Rose wrote to each other while Jerry Rose was away from home working in Vietnam as a correspondent.
box 5, folder 3

"Letters from before Vietnam," 1958-1959

box 5, folder 4

"Letters: A-M," 1959-1961

box 5, folder 5

"Letters: N-Z and Official Letters," 1959-1961

box 5, folder 6

"Financial Letters," 1960-1962

box 5, folder 7-8, box 6, folder 2-3

General 1961-1965

box 6, folder 1

Letters from Jerry to Kay 1961-1965

box 6, folder 4

"Outgoing Letters," 1961-1964

box 6, folder 5

"Letters Received," 1963-1964


Writings 1956-2004, undated

Scope and Contents note

Consists of various outlines, drafts, and edits of work written by Rose, the bulk of which are works of fiction. Arranged chronologically, then alphabetically by title. See Printed Matter for publications which include published versions of Rose's writings.
box 6, folder 6-7

Bibliography undated

box 6, folder 8

"Blow, Bugle, Blow," short story undated

box 7, folder 1

"Book Project Outline on Vietnam," undated

box 7, folder 2

"The Cave," short story undated

box 7, folder 3

Character development undated

box 7, folder 4

"Character Studies for In-Work Characters," undated

box 7, folder 5

"Characters - Donald Woodman," undated

box 7, folder 6

"The Chessplay," short story undated

box 7, folder 7-8

Fiction drafts undated

box 7, folder 9

"The Fount," short story undated

box 7, folder 10

"The Great Debate of Educatus," short story undated

box 7, folder 11

"Land of the Sea," short story undated

box 7, folder 12

"The Predators," short story undated

box 7, folder 13

"Short Story Ideas," undated

box 7, folder 14

"A Story in Laos," short story undated

box 7, folder 15

Studies of Vietnam undated

box 7, folder 16

"Tape Transcripts - Vietnam Notes for Novel," undated

box 7, folder 17

"The Transients," short story undated

box 7, folder 18

Untitled fiction undated

box 8, folder 1

"Tran Duy," short story 1956

box 8, folder 2-3

"The Moon and the Street-Lamp," short story 1957, undated

box 8, folder 4-5

"Out of the Silence," short story 1958-1960

box 8, folder 6

"The Falls," short story 1959

box 8, folder 7

"From Use Alone," short story 1959

box 8, folder 8

"Submitted Poetry and Short Stories," 1959-1960

box 8, folder 9

University of Hue yearly report 1959-1960

box 8, folder 10-11

"The Sound of Breaking," short story 1960-1961, undated

box 8, folder 12

"The Light Is as Darkness," short story 1961

box 9, folder 1

"Sampan, The Freeway," short story 1961

box 9, folder 2-4

Short stories 1961-1964, undated

box 9, folder 5-8

Article drafts 1961-1964

box 9, folder 9

Poetry 1962

box 9, folder 10-11

Vietnam peasant article 1962, undated

Scope and Contents note

Includes draft material, correspondence, and photographs of Vietnamese peasants.
box 9, folder 12

Drafts and submissions 1962-1963

box 9, folder 13

"Storm Clouds of Malaysia," short story 1963

box 10, folder 1

"Submitted Articles," 1963

box 10, folder 2

"Story Suggestions," 1963-1965


Reported to Be Alive by Grant Wolfkill (1964) 1964-1966

General note

Jerry Rose worked in conjunction with Grant Wolfkill on this work.
box 10, folder 3

Bound typescript 1964

Scope and Contents note

Includes notes, edits, and personalized inscription from Grant Wolfkill to Jerry Rose.
box 10, folder 4

Publication contract 1964

box 10, folder 5

Book reviews 1965-1966

box 10, folder 6-12

"The Way to the Temple," short story 1964-1969, undated

box 11, folder 1

"Ideas," 1965

box 11, folder 2

"The Osprey," short story 1965

box 11, folder 3

"Pham Sào Nam Di Nhi Tôí," short story 1965

Language of Material: French.
box 11, folder 4-5

All Kinds of Heroes 1991

Scope and Contents note

A compilation of excerpts from journals kept by Rose during his time in Vietnam. Compiled and edited by Rose's sister, Lucy Rose Fisher, and published posthumously.

Karnow plagiarism case 1962, 2002-2004

Scope and Contents note

In 2002, Mary Kay discovered that American journalist Stanley Karnow plagiarised Jerry Rose's article "The Peasant Is the Key to Vietnam," published in the April 8, 1962 issue of The New York Times Magazine. Karnow passed off Rose's material as his own in his book Vietnam: A History, published in 1983.
Includes Mary Kay's collection of source material, including Jerry's notes and correspondence related to his article. Extra copies of important documents were made as back up source material. Also includes Mary Kay's research, featuring clippings regarding plagiarism, and drafts of letters written to Malcolm Browne, John McCoy, and Penguin Books USA Inc.
box 11, folder 6

Source material 1962

box 11, folder 7

Plagiarism clippings and articles 2002-2004

box 12, folder 1

"Kay's Back Up Material," 2003

box 12, folder 2 - 4

Correspondence 2003-2004


Writings by Others 1957-2006

box 12, folder 5

Articles by Stanley Karnow 1998-2006

General note

See also The Saturday Evening Post articles in clippings section of Printed Matter.
box 12, folder 6

Poems by John Haag 1957-1959

box 12, folder 7

Reports by Takashi Oka 1959-1966

Scope and Contents note

Unpublished reports on Vietnam written by Rose's friend, Takashi Oka, likely collected by Mary Kay.

Career File 1959-1965

Scope and Contents note

Contains materials from Rose's time as a member of the United States Operations Mission to Vietnam and as a teacher in Vietnam with The Asia Foundation, arranged chronologically.
box 12, folder 8

Address book undated

box 12, folder 9-10

Business cards undated

box 12, folder 11

Stationery undated

box 12, folder 12

The Asia Foundation, "Travel Information," 1959-1961

box 12, folder 13

Teaching materials on Vietnam politics and coup d'etat 1960

box 12, folder 14

Expense accounts 1960-1965


United States Operations Mission in Vietnam (USOM) materials 1962-1965

box 12, folder 15

"Operation Sunrise," 1962

box 12, folder 16

Invoices and financial documentation 1965

box 13, folder 1-4

Memos 1965

box 13, folder 5

Student military training 1965

Scope and Contents note

These materials were likely compiled by Rose during his time working as an advisor to Prime Minister Phan Huy Quat in 1965.
box 13, folder 6

U.S. Information Service Press Branch special reports 1965


Reference Material 1956-1965, undated

Scope and Contents note

Consists of Rose's reference and research materials compiled throughout his time and career in Vietnam, including reports, clippings, notes, booklets, press releases, and index cards, arranged alphabetically by topic. Original file names have been maintained when present and are indicated by quotation marks around the title.
box 13, folder 7

Bibliography undated

box 13, folder 8

"Cabinet Ministers - Decrees, Actions, Plans," 1965

box 13, folder 9

"Cabinet Ministers - Visits with the People," 1965

box 13, folder 10

"Cam-Ranh Bay and Nha Trang Port," 1965

box 13, folder 11

"Cambodia," 1960-1961

box 13, folder 12

"Chief of State," 1965

box 13, folder 13

"Economic Statistics," 1965

box 13, folder 14

"Faculty of Medicine, Hue," 1964

box 13, folder 15

"Foreign Affairs," 1965

box 13, folder 16

"Government Actions," 1965

box 13, folder 17

"Government and Military Officials," 1965

box 13, folder 18

Indexes 1961

box 14, folder 1

Madam Ngo Dihn Nhu addresses for Vietnamese Women's Day 1956-1961

box 14, folder 2

"Military and Politics," 1965

box 14, folder 3

"Miscellaneous articles on Vietnam," 1965

box 14, folder 4

"Miscellaneous Asian events, statements," 1965

box 14, folder 5

"Miscellaneous events in Vietnam," 1965

box 14, folder 6

"National Legislative Council," 1965

box 14, folder 7

"North Vietnam," 1961

box 14, folder 8

"Peasant Protest in South Viet Nam" draft undated

Scope and Contents note

Preliminary draft of a journal article written by Joseph J. Zasloff from the University of Pittsburgh.
box 14, folder 9

"Political Events in Vietnam," 1965

box 14, folder 10

"Politics and Economy in Vietnam," 1957-1962

box 14, folder 11

"President of the Republic," 1961

box 14, folder 12

"Prime Minister - Decrees, Actions, Plans," 1965

box 14, folder 13

"Prime Minister - Speeches," 1965

box 14, folder 14

"Prime Minister - Visits with the People," 1965

box 14, folder 15

"Programs for Land Reform," 1965

box 14, folder 16

"Radio Vietnam," 1964-1965

box 15, folder 1

"South Vietnam," 1961-1965

box 15, folder 2

"Television in Vietnam," 1964-1965

box 15, folder 3

"U.S. Actions," 1965

box 15, folder 4

"U.S. Statements," 1965

box 15, folder 5-6

"Vietnam Press Excerpts," 1962-1963

box 15, folder 7

"Vietnamese Language," 1958

box 15, folder 8

"War Events," 1965

box 15, folder 9

"War Statistics," 1965

box 15, folder 10-11

"Weekly Military Reports," 1963


Photographs undated

Scope and Contents note

Contains a photo album and photographs taken by Rose during his time in Vietnam relating to Vietnamese peasant life during the Vietnam War.
box 15, folder 12

King Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia

Scope and Contents note

Contains photographs of an unidentified man, possibly a Vietnamese government official, visiting peasants in Vietnam.
box 24



Audiovisual Material 1963-1965, undated

Scope and Contents note

Contains sketches and artwork created by Rose, including designs for jewelry, dresses, and furniture. Also includes sound tape reels, both personal and professional, of letters and interviews with various individuals.
box 16, folder 1-3

Sketches 1963, undated

box 25

Sound tape reels 1964-1965, undated

Scope and Contents note

The majority of the tapes consist of recorded letters between Jerry and his wife, Mary Kay, and daughter, Thorina, arranged chronologically. Item titles have been transcribed directly from the original descriptions written by Mary Kay on the audio tape boxes.

"Jerry's May 13 letter," undated


"Jerry's Notes in Hue/Brief Conversation with Simone in French," undated


"Jerry: Aug letter," undated


"Letter: 2 April," undated


"Letter: 10 April," undated


"Letter: 23 May," undated


"Letter: Jerry's 13 May/Thorina & Me Sept 12," undated


"Jerry with Thorina," 1964-1965


"Letter: 21 July 1965 (From Kay with Thorina)," 1965


Printed Matter 1945-2006, undated

Scope and Contents note

Consists of magazines, clippings, books, booklets, and pamphlets. Included are copies of publications featuring articles written by Rose, as well as clippings of his published articles. Organized by printed matter type and arranged alphabetically, except for clippings, which are arranged chronologically.

Publications featuring works by Rose 1958-1965

box 23, folder 2

The Asia Magazine 1964

Scope and Contents note

Includes Vol. 4, No. 19, featuring "It's Rocket Firing Time in Laos" and Vol. 4, No. 23, featuring photographs taken by Rose in "The Anguish of War."
box 16, folder 4

Audience, Vol. 5 1958

Scope and Contents note

Includes short story "The Leeches."
box 16, folder 5

Clippings 1963-1965

box 16, folder 6

Current, No. 43 1963

Scope and Contents note

Includes a short passage "Should We Threaten Ho Directly?"
box 16, folder 7

IPS Contact Sheet, No. 2 1963

Scope and Contents note

Includes a short passage titled "Viewpoint: Vietnam, A Picture Editorial."
box 23, folder 3

Life magazine, Vol. 57, No. 20 1964

Scope and Contents note

Includes photos taken by Rose for the article "U.S. Bombers Are Blasted in Vietnam."
box 16, folder 8-11

The New Republic 1961-1964

Scope and Contents note

Includes the November 13, 1961 issue featuring "The Fading Strength of Vietnam"; the May 4, 1963 issue featuring "The Elusive Viet Cong"; the October 12, 1963 issue featuring "Vietnam: What Can Be Done Now?"; and the April 4, 1964 issue featuring "Who's Who in Asia: A Certain Verbal Esprit de Corps Is Discernible."
box 16, folder 12

The New York Times clippings 1965

Scope and Contents note

Includes a photograph of Vietnam taken by Rose.
box 23, folder 4-5

The New York Times Magazine 1962-1965

Scope and Contents note

Includes the April 25, 1965 issue featuring "Communiqué from Hill 327 at Danang" and the April 8, 1962 issue featuring "The Peasant Is the Key to Vietnam."
box 16, folder 13

Newsweek, Vol. 63, No. 12 1964

Scope and Contents note

The cover photo of this issue was taken by Rose.
box 16, folder 14-17

The Reporter 1961-1965

Scope and Contents note

Includes the October 12, 1961 issue featuring "The Fight for Rice in Divided Vietnam"; the May 10, 1962 issue featuring "Our Undeclared War in Vietnam"; the January 3, 1963 issue featuring "Burma and the Balance of Neutralisms"; and the March 11, 1965 issue featuring "How Strong is China's Army?"
box 16, folder 18

San Francisco Review, Vol. 1 1960

Scope and Contents note

Includes short story "A World of Winter."
box 23, folder 6-9

The Saturday Evening Post 1963-1965

Scope and Contents note

Includes the March 23, 1963 issue featuring "I'm Hit! I'm Hit!"; the August 24, 1963 issue featuring "Laos: The War that Never Stops"; the November 2, 1963 issue featuring "'We Are Going to Change This Damn World!'"; and the March 28, 1965 issue featuring "Will Cambodia Go Communist?"
box 17, folder 1

Time Inc. 1961-1962

box 17, folder 2

Time magazine, Vol. 79, No. 6 1962

Scope and Contents note

Contains photos of South Vietnamese forced laborers taken by Rose on page 27.
box 17, folder 3

The Western Review, Vol. 23 1959

Scope and Contents note

Includes an author highlight on Jules Supervielle written by Jerry Rose.

Clippings 1945-2006

box 17, folder 4

Grant Wolfkill articles 1945-1965

box 23, folder 10

The Saturday Evening Post articles 1963-1964

Scope and Contents note

Contains articles on South East and East Asian countries by various authors, mainly Stanley Karnow.
box 17, folder 5

Vietnam War articles 1965

box 17, folder 6

Vietnam and veterans articles 1993-2000

box 17, folder 7

Vietnam Wall Visitor Center articles 2003-2006


Books 1957-1960

box 17, folder 8

Introduction to Spoken Vietnamese 1957

box 17, folder 9

The Seventeenth Parallel by Duong Chau 1958

box 17, folder 10

The Study of a Vietnamese Rural Community - Sociology by Gerald C. Hickey 1960

box 17, folder 11

The Work Force in Saigon by James B. Hendry 1960


Booklets 1956-1964

box 17, folder 12

The Constitution of the Republic of Vietnam 1958

box 17, folder 13

Land Reform Failures in Communist North Vietnam undated

box 17, folder 14

Montagnards of the South Vietnam Highlands 1961

box 17, folder 15

Notes from the Underground: The Mystique of the Viet Cong 1962

box 18, folder 1

Operation Exodus undated

box 18, folder 2

Provincial Government in Vietnam: A Study of Vinh Long Province by Jason L. Finkle 1961

box 18, folder 3

Provisional Planning Report on Cam-Ranh Industrial Center 1964

box 18, folder 4

The Review Horizons - Vietnamese Culture undated

box 18, folder 5

Saigon: A Booklet of Helpful Information for Americans in Vietnam 1959

box 18, folder 6

Situation et Progrès 1959

Language of Material: English and French
box 18, folder 7

Speeches by President Ngo Dinh Diem 1956-1959

box 18, folder 8

Student Records from Vietnam 1964

box 18, folder 9

Viet-Nam 1961

box 18, folder 10

Vietnam Culture Series 1961

box 18, folder 11

Vietnamese Legends 1957

box 18, folder 12

What to Read on Vietnam: A Selected Annotated Bibliography 1960


Magazines 1961-1965

box 18, folder 13

National Geographic, Vol. 120, No. 4 1961

box 23, folder 11

The New York Times Book Review 1965

Scope and Contents note

Includes a book review and spotlight on Wolfkill and Rose's novel Reported to Be Alive, titled "Man Does Survive," on page 38.
box 23, folder 12

The Saturday Evening Post, Vol. 236, No. 15 1963

Scope and Contents note

Includes letters to the editor with praise for Rose's "I'm Hit! I'm Hit!" article from an earlier issue of The Saturday Evening Post.
box 18, folder 14

Time magazine, Vol. 86, No. 15 1965

Scope and Contents note

Includes a segment in the "Books" section highlighting Wolfkill and Rose's book, Reported to Be Alive.

Pamphlets 1958-1965

box 18, folder 15

Sheet music 1964-1965

box 18, folder 16

Vietnam tourist guides 1958

box 18, folder 17

Vietnam map 1956