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Title: UC San Diego. Center for Research in Computing and the Arts Collection
Identifier/Call Number: RSS 1225
Physical Description: 3.6 Linear feet (8 archives boxes and 1 card file box)
Date (inclusive): 1969-2012
Abstract: The UCSD Center for Research in Computing and the Arts (CRCA) collection documents the activities of the experimental music and computer-based music research unit between 1972-1993.

Admisistrative History

The Project for Music Experiment, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, opened in 1972 under the direction of UCSD professor Roger Reynolds. In 1973, the project became an organized research unit at the University of California, San Diego and was re-named the Center for Music Experiment (CME). Although autonomous, the Center was monitored by an inter-departmental advisory board with UCSD Music Department faculty. The director was nominated by the board and appointed by the Chancellor for terms up to five years. The Center was designed as a performance, composition, and a technological research space for innovations with digital computer music. The Center also facilitated the Studio for Extended Performance, the Extended Vocal Techniques Ensemble (EVTE), and the KIVA Improvisation Ensemble. In 1977, under the direction of Pauline Oliveros, CME received additional funding for a computer music facility designed to integrate technology and research into both the graduate and undergraduate curriculum. Notable faculty included Will Ogden, Robert Erickson, Pauline Oliveros, Harry Partch, Kenneth Gaburo, Thomas Nee, James Campbell, Bernard Rands, and John Silber. In 1991, the UC Regents approved the change of name from CME to CRCA - the Center for Research in Computing and the Arts.

Scope and Content of Collection

The UCSD Center for Research in Computing and the Arts (CRCA) collection documents the activities of the experimental music and computer-based music research unit between 1972-1993. The documents were collected internally by staff and faculty for educational and archives purposes. The materials include subject files representing the development and founding of the department, performance fliers, photographs, writings describing the technological development of experimental music research and performance.
Arranged in four series: 1) SUBJECT FILES, 2) PHOTOGRAPHS, 3) PUBLICATIONS, and 4) WRITINGS.

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Transferred, 2010-2013.

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UC San Diego. Center for Research in Computing and the Arts, RSS 1225. Special Collections & Archives, UC San Diego Library.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Electronic music
Computer music
Avant-garde (Music)
University of California, San Diego. Center for Research in Computing and the Arts -- Archives
University of California, San Diego. Center for Music Experiment -- Archives



Scope and Contents of Series

1) SUBJECT FILES: Arranged alphabetically, the SUBJECT FILES pertain to the department's general administrative duties, policies, and organization of performances. The files include performance fliers, conference materials, bibliographic lists, and comprehensive materials related to the Extended Vocal Techniques Ensemble (EVTE).
Box 9

Archive card file. Includes tape archive card file

Box 1, Folder 1

Archive lists

Box 1, Folder 2

Biographies and lists

Box 1, Folder 3

Campus Computer Policy Committee - Computer Audio Research Laboratory (CARL) equipment 1980

Box 1, Folder 4

Center for Music Experiment Advisory Committee - Meeting minutes 1976-1977

Box 1, Folder 5

Computer Audio Research Lab (CARL) - User policies 1980

Box 1, Folder 6

"Conversations Around the Pacific Ring - Pacific Ring Festival" - Performance materials May, 1986

Box 1, Folder 7

Correspondence - Miscellaneous office 1977-1993

Box 1, Folder 8

"Disklaver Discovery" - Performance July 25, 1988

Box 1, Folder 9

Exhibition and Festival of New Instrumental Resources May 4-6, 1979


Extended Vocal Techniques Ensemble (EVTE)

Box 1, Folder 10

Correspondence 1977-1978

Box 1, Folder 11

Fundraising 1977-1978

Box 1, Folder 12

History and brochures 1977-1980

Box 2, Folder 1

Reviews 1977

Box 2, Folder 2

Harmonics - Bass research

Box 2, Folder 3

International Computer Music Conference October 26-30, 1977

Box 2, Folder 4

International Stravinsky Centennial Symposium - Grant proposal 1982

Box 2, Folder 5

Music Frontiers 1993: Darmstadt - San Diego Theory and Aesthetics Colloquium - Conference materials

Box 2, Folder 6

New York Philharmonic - Roger Reynolds performances 1984

Box 2, Folder 7

News clippings 1972-1980


Performance flyers and brochures

Box 2, Folder 8-11


Box 3, Folder 12, Oversize FB-479-03

Performance posters

Box 3, Folder 1

Planning conference on proposed UCSD computer music facility October 1978


Redolfi, Michel: "Sonic Waters" Underwater concert

Box 3, Folder 2

Brochures 1982-1983

Box 3, Folder 3

Photographs and notes 1982-1983

Box 3, Folder 4

Schedule of weekly events 1972-1974

Box 3, Folder 5

"Seven Compositions" - Performance November 15, 1984



Scope and Content of Series

2) PHOTOGRAPHS: CRCA performances, staff, and faculty from primarily 1976-1977.
Box 3, Folder 6

"Child Birth" - Performance

Box 3, Folder 7

Faculty and staff 1976-1977

Box 3, Folder 8

KIVA group

Box 3, Folder 9

"Loops Console," Ron George - 35mm b/w negatives

Box 3, Folder 10

Performance and events

Box 3, Folder 11

"Rainforest" - Rose Montaño February, 1977

Box 3, Folder 12

"Trans Museq" - LaDonna Smith and Davey Williams 1983

Box 3, Folder 13

"What's Cooking?" - Performance April - May, 1977



Scope and Content of Series

3) PUBLICATIONS: Arranged by title. Contains University-related documents representing annual reports, manuals, informational reports, and brochures produced internally by CRCA.
Box 4, Folder 1

List of publications

Box 4, Folder 4

Computer Audio Research Lab (CARL) - A Prospectus and Retrospective: An Evening in Two Parts - Performance May 16, 1988

Box 4, Folder 5

Computer Audio Research Lab (CARL), 1979-1988: A Report in Two Parts August, 1988

Box 4, Folder 6

Catalogue for the Exhibition/Festival: For New Instrumental Resources I and II May 1979, 1980

Box 4, Folder 7

Center for Research in Computer and the Arts 1992-2012

Box 4, Folder 8

CME Roster 1982, 1984-1985

Box 4, Folder 9

CME Staff and Facilities Manual

Box 4, Folder 10

"Colloquia: Music and Contemporary Society." Bertram Turetzky, principal investigator, and John D. Lauer, editor January - March, 1985

Box 4, Folder 11

"Darmstadt Internationale Ferienkurse fur Neue Musik" 1988

Box 4, Folder 12

Directions - Newsletter March 1977 - December 1979

Box 4, Folder 13

Four Views of the Music Department at the University of California San Diego

Box 4, Folder 14

"Informal Report on the NMCE IV Activities within the Center for Music Experiment, Rockefeller - UCSD" 1973-1974

Box 4, Folder 15

"Project for Music Department: Report" 1972-1973

Box 4, Folder 16

"Report on an Experimental General Music Program" June, 1969

Box 4, Folder 17

UCSD Music Department - Brochure


Annual Reports

Box 4, Folder 2-3




Scope and Content of Series

4) WRITINGS: Arranged alphabetically author and title. Contains journal articles, essays, project proposals, and software documentation reflecting avant-garde, experimental, and electronic music topics written by faculty, staff, fellows and researchers at CRCA.
Box 5, Folder 1

Abbot, Chris. Cleopatra: A Language for ASP's (and Other Snakes) June 20, 1983

Box 5, Folder 2

Abbot, Curtis and Gareth Loy. Programming Languages for Computer Music Synthesis, Performance, and Composition June 2, 1985


Amuedo, John W

Box 5, Folder 3

AP-Lisp Language Definition

Box 5, Folder 4

Paul Lenert of National Public Radio's 'The Sound of Science' - Interviewing John Amuedo at M.I.T. July 10, 1986

Box 5, Folder 5

Analog Studio User's Manual

Box 5, Folder 6

Bachauer, Walter. Avantgarde in Southern California: A Report on the 'Center for Music Experiment' at the University of California in San Diego/La Jolla

Box 5, Folder 7

Balzano, Gerald J. The Structural Uniqueness of the Diatonic Order April 20, 1978


Boulanger, Richard

Box 5, Folder 8

Electronic Violin Project: Documents

Box 5, Folder 9

An Interview with Roger Reynolds, Joji Yuasa, and Charles Wuorinen March 9, 1984

Box 5, Folder 10

Reviews 1979-1983

Box 5, Folder 11

Burt, Warren. Talk and Music: With Three Pieces from Aardvarks IX October - December, 1984

Box 5, Folder 12

Chabot, Xavier. User Software for Realtime Input by a Musical Instrument 1985

Box 5, Folder 13

Chabot, Xavier, Roger Dannenberg, and Georges Bloch. A Workstation in Live Performance: Composed Improvisation

Box 5, Folder 14

Coelho de Souza, Rodolfo. Semiotics of Music in Brazilian 'Tristes Tropicos' February 8, 1991

Box 5, Folder 15

Cohen, Howard. MX-2: A Real-Time Software Synthesizer November 1977

Box 5, Folder 16

Composition of Music by Interpretation of Symbolic Descriptions

Box 5, Folder 17

The Development of the Extended Vibraphone: Appendix B 1966-1977

Box 5, Folder 18

Dolson, Mark. Musical Applications of the Phase Vocoder 1986

Box 5, Folder 19

Dolson, Mark, Abe Singer, and David Rivas. Personal-Computer Microwords for Learning about Signals and Sounds


Dunn, David

Box 5, Folder 20

Mappings and Entrainments: Introduction to Work in Progress 1984

Box 5, Folder 21

Music and the Holonomic Metaphor 1984

Box 5, Folder 22

Erickson, Robert. Loops an Informal Timbre Experiment March 11, 1974

Box 6, Folder 1

EVTE: Index to a Recorded Lexicon of Extended Vocal Technique


Francois, Jean-Charles

Box 6, Folder 2

FYHYT I: Algorithm for the Generation of Complex Rhythms March 1978

Box 6, Folder 3

Perspectives on the Center for Music Experiment and Related Research

Box 6, Folder 4

Gaburo, Kenneth. An Informal Report on NMCE IV Activities within the Center for Music Experiment. Rockefeller - UCSD 1973-1974

Box 6, Folder 5

General Design Specifications for a UCSD RJE Terminal October 4, 1973

Box 6, Folder 6

George, Ronald. Research into New Areas of Multiple-Percussion Performance and Composition 1975


Gross, Robert

Box 6, Folder 7

The CME Patchbay System User's Manual November 9, 1976

Box 6, Folder 8

The CME Synthesizer

Box 6, Folder 9

Generating Pitch Deviation Functions for a Sound Synthesis System June 1978

Box 6, Folder 10

Using the CME Patchbay April 16, 1976

Box 6, Folder 11

Gross, Robert and Bruce Leibig. A Compositionally Oriented Sound Synthesis System August 17, 1976

Box 6, Folder 12

Gross, R., B. Leibig, and J. Goldstein. Timbre Tuning System (Version I) - Operation Manual December 14, 1975

Box 6, Folder 13

Gross, Robert and Linda Vickerman. Preliminary Remarks on Extended Vocal Capabilities with the Artifical Larnyx June 4, 1974


Gygax, Otto A

Box 6, Folder 14

Adaptation of the HVE Engineering Synergist III VME-VME Board to the Requirements of the Inter-Computer Link in the Computer Audio Research Laboratory Computer Music Workstation August 13, 1986

Box 6, Folder 15

VMEbus Interface Bus Circuitry February 17, 1986

Box 6, Folder 16

VMEbus Interface Board Circuitry (VIBC) Design Review

Box 6, Folder 17

Hallock, Don and Richard Stephens. Suggestions Toward a Small Video Facility


Harkins, Edwin

Box 6, Folder 18

Compositional Access Towards Everything Rhythmic

Box 6, Folder 19

Performance and Electronic Instrument Design

Box 6, Folder 20

A Programmable Rhythm Sequencer

Box 6, Folder 21

Harkins, Edwin and Robert Gross. LASAR: A Language for Rhythm Input to a Sound Synthesis System October 1977

Box 6, Folder 22

How Does a Computer Make Music

Box 6, Folder 23

Hybrid IV, Volume I: User's Manual. Second Printing June 30, 1975

Box 6, Folder 24

Inger, Lester. Attention to Attention in the Fine Arts February 8, 1979

Box 6, Folder 25

Kavasch, Deborah. "An Introduction to Extended Vocal Techniques: Some Compositional Aspects and Performance Problems," Reports from the Center November 1980

Box 6, Folder 26

Kobrin, Ed, R. Reynolds, J. Celona and Bruce Rittenbach. Hybrid IV: Volume I - User's Manual 1975-1976

Box 6, Folder 27

Kobrin, Edward and Jeffrey Mack. The Hybrid II: A Real-Time Composing/Performing Computer Synthesis System January 10, 1974

Box 7, Folder 1

Labor, Tim. Report on CME Activities at LIPM May 15, 1991

Box 7, Folder 2

Lanevi, Robert. Towards a World Music: A Proposal


Loy, Gareth

Box 7, Folder 3

Composing with Computers - A Survey of Compositional Formalisms and Music Programming Languages 1987

Box 7, Folder 4

Computer Audio Research Laboratory Software Writers Guide

Box 7, Folder 5

Music Workstation from Musical Imperatives

Box 7, Folder 6

How to Add New Programs to the CARL Software Distribution

Box 7, Folder 7

Introduction to CARL Programming

Box 7, Folder 8

Introduction to the Csound File System

Box 7, Folder 9

LPREV - Configurable Tap-Delay/Low-Pass Reverberator

Box 7, Folder 10

Musicians Make a Standard: The Phenomenon of MIDI June 4, 1985

Box 7, Folder 11

Notes on Installing Software for the CMD Audio Switch

Box 7, Folder 12

On the Scheduling of Multiple Parallel Processors Executing Synchronously 1987

Box 7, Folder 13

Sndpath - A Program to Interactively Create/Edit Sound Trajectories

Box 7, Folder 14

Mahin, Bruce P. Interview with Janos Negyesy from 'String Clinic'. Instrumentalist Magazine June 1987


Moore, F. Richard

Box 7, Folder 15

Applications for an Integrated Computer Music Workstation


CARL Startup Kit

Box 7, Folder 16

1982 June 15

Box 7, Folder 17

1983 January 28

Box 7, Folder 18

The Computer Audio Research Research at UCSD

Box 7, Folder 19

The FRMBox - A Modular Digital Music Synthesizer 1980

Box 7, Folder 20

A Useful Way to Write Tutorials About Computer Programs

Box 7, Folder 21

Mumma, Gordon. Computer Music and the Library November 8, 1985


Oliveros, Pauline

Box 7, Folder 22

On Sonic Meditation 1973

Box 7, Folder 23

On the Need for New Music and Related Arts May 24, 1979

Box 7, Folder 24

A Research Center of New Music for Performers and Composers

Box 7, Folder 25

Software for People January 1979

Box 7, Folder 26

Oliveros, Pauline and Ron George. Project Title: Resources for Acoustic Instrument and Development - First draft 1977

Box 7, Folder 27

Operating Manual: Precision Tone Generator

Box 7, Folder 28

Patrick, A. Digital Signal Processing Project


Reynolds, Roger

Box 8, Folder 1

Explorations in Sound - Space Manipulation September, 1975

Box 8, Folder 2

Manual for the Use of CME Facililties 1975

Box 8, Folder 3

Musical Production and Related Issues at CARL

Box 8, Folder 4

"Some Remarks on a Stimulating Conference" February 24, 1981

Box 8, Folder 5

Rittenbach, Bruce. Aspects of Computer Music Design October 25, 1976

Box 8, Folder 6

Roads, Curt. Preliminary Report on the CME Composing Language Project May 3, 1977

Box 8, Folder 7

Roth, Moira. "Matters of Life and Death" - Interview of Linda Montaño 1978

Box 8, Folder 8

Snell, John. Digital signal processor notes


Sondheim, Alan

Box 8, Folder 9

A Model for the Mathematical Relationships in the Self/World Dyad January-April, 1973

Box 8, Folder 10

Typed Glossolalia: Computer Analysis of Determinism in Man 1972

Box 8, Folder 11

Thompson, Robert. Archive Notes 1986

Box 8, Folder 12

Tobias, Jay. Hardware Selection for History

Box 8, Folder 13

"Two Movements in C"

Box 8, Folder 14

Virtue, Constance. "Virtue Notagraph: The New Music Notation" - Scrapbook

Box 8, Folder 15

Voelkel, Andrew and Thomas Erbe. User's Manual for CARL TMS-VME Signal Processing Card

Box 8, Folder 16

Willey, Bob. "Laboratorio de Investigación y Producción Musical"

Box 8, Folder 17

Wright, Rusty. "The CARL Audio Switch Daemon"

Box 8, Folder 18

Yates, Peter. "Beyond Discord" - Lecture